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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 14, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> leland: great hour, a lot of news, i say we do it again in an hour. >> julie: i'm going to take a bathroom break and be right back. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: this could be a make or break next few days for the republicans to plan to replace obamacare. all it will take at this point is for one more no vote to pull the plug. this is "outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner. here today, meghan mccain, host of kennedy, kennedy, former state department spokeswoman under president obama, marie harper, today's #oneluckyguy, a couch first timer, author of political commentator and a host of the mark stein show. he is outnumbered. welcome on a very busy news friday. >> mark: great to be here and honored. i love this show.
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>> harris: president trump on his way back from paris, his twitter account making it crystal clear come out republicans get health care done now and in the senate, they have released a revised health care bill. and the cbo is expecting to tell people what it costs. counter to the president, kellyanne conway is confident they will deliver. >> a new health care bill happened in the senate yesterday. it's very exciting and i think that if the senate does its wor work, he will sign it into law. vice president pence has been our greatest asset on capitol hill all along. >> harris: first, they have to vote to even debate the thing, do they even have enough votes for that?
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on the revised bill's language right now on the moderates aside, senator susan collins is a "no," senator rand paul explains why he is also a "no" " >> i think it's worse. the old version repealed most of the obamacare taxes, this repeals about half of obamacare taxes. she continues to keep the majority of regulations. we are keeping obamacare as much is anything and that's not our promise. our promise was pretty explicit. we were elected in four different elections, give us the house, give it the senate, give us the white house. we were elected on the message of repeal and this is not repea repeal. >> harris: chuck schumer is critical. watch this. >> the meat of this bill is exactly the same as it was before and in some ways, they have somehow managed to make it even worse.
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any republican who votes to proceed on this bill next week will have to look constituents square in the eye and explain why. it's no wonder republicans don't want to go home and face their constituents. the core of this bill is just as rotten as it was before. >> harris: the current party, do they get something else? the >> mark: he has a point that this isn't some ways is worse because it has the gop's finger prints on it. i'm with rand paul. i think the problem in america right now is that it is no longer a private health care system or a public health care system. you have a pantomime horse composing the two rear ends. chuck schumer would like to have a genuine public system and rand paul would like to have a genuinely private system and i would be quite happy to have both.
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this thing just takes obamacare and hangs around the republicans next. they get the blame for when it collapses. >> harris: meghan, eve talked about the deal breakers here for making america great again. this is one of them. >> meghan: anybody who saw president trump with pat robertson sees how angry he is. he was talking in that interview how for 8 years from republican's have been talking about repeal and replace way before he ever had anything to do with politics whatsoever and he's willing to sign anything, you just have to get it through. while there are obviously very extreme ideological differences, we have two people who want to get rid of the entire thing and people like lisa murkowski -- the thing i don't understand about people like her, you see premiums up over $1,000, i don't understand at this point why she won't have a debate which makes me ask people like that, was this not genuine? was running on repeal and
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replace, all the lip service of the past eight years, was this not something you actually intended on repealing and replacing? that's what i think a lot of republicans are at right now. >> harris: it that's a double-edged sword question for republicans because he wants to answer, we weren't serious or we were serious, we just don't have an idea of how to get there? >> marie: you can only lose one more senator before this republik and bill ghost on the tube. they're getting pressure from republican governors like john kasich, lake dominic i keep saying, for 8 years, we heard, we are going to repeal this and replace it, as soon as we get the white house and that happened and they had no plan that could pass. >> harris: named him a couple of former presidential candidates who also used the very same language. am i hallucinating?
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>> kennedy: this is been a tool of convenience for both sides. that's what democrats are trying to do now is process of both health care and chaos. to marie's point, you are right. they needed a much better conference of plan, but that speaks to the cool complexity of obamacare and in that way, it was meant to be very difficult to dismantle and because of that, it's going to take the economy down with it. when i hear chuck schumer saying things like, we have to maintain this, for the sake of maintenance? so we can keep president obama's legacy intact? that's not enough and that's when people get into real trouble. they don't get proper health care and we've talked about this. innovation goes down the toilet -- >> harris: it's a bigger bill at that point. a >> kennedy: if it goes to a single pair, it will be so expensive. even with the taxes that are maintained in this latest version, it's way too much and senator paul is absolutely righ
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right. >> harris: you have some people out there, and let's listen to senator lindsey graham. you've got people out there who have some ideas. i don't know if it's too late, let's watch. >> how about those good simple republic an idea. we take all the money we've got around obamacare and all the policy, get it out of washington, send it back to the states, so south carolina can come up with its own way of dealing with health care for south carolinians, california can do something else, you can't stand it on roads and bridges coming up to spend it on health care. if we do this, that's the interesting thing about health care. if we don't do this, one day the government will take over all of health care. a >> harris: i'm in the camp it is never too late for a great idea. now they just need to find a great idea. >> mark: that's not bad, but i think a simpler one would be to restore private health care insurance in this country because there is no private health insurance in this country. if you want to get it now,
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insurance is meant to be something that ensures you against catastrophe. right now, the insurance is the catastrophe because you've got huge deductibles, you've got huge premiums, its destroyed any genuine market pricing mechanis mechanism. my view would be simpler than that, i would say leave a residual obamacare public system in place and restore private health care in this country. he's on his way back from france, the president. american conservatives, make jokes about france. france has got a genuine private health care system that america does not have. >> harris: i broke my foot in paris and saw how that system works. you can choose your doctor. >> kennedy: can i say one thing very quickly?
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>> harris: i went to the american hospital, but it's all one system. >> kennedy: very quickly about senator graham and cassidy's bill, why not make that apart of this senate health care bill instead of making it something up with a separate? >> meghan: asked mitch mcconnell that. >> kennedy: he's talk about federalism and these ideas, and essentially, ed's granting money and giving that money and feeding the bloated bureaucratic state, which is very inefficient, very ineffective. allow people to choose their catastrophic plans. >> harris: is not what we are kind of trying to do with veteran affairs with health care for veterans? that was one of the ideas. >> meghan: that's why socialized medicine doesn't work, but going forward, when i never understood about this,
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they didn't want to have open debates and they are still against it, i think the most average americans, it should be pretty rational. why is the leadership so averse to having -- 's before they have self-imposed deadline. they had a deadline that they missed a couple months ago. this is so complicated, get rid of these deadlines, actually have a debate. i'm sorry, bring in some democrats who now realize republicans won't have the votes. >> harris: part of the problem is the president said this was the first number and getting the lock to open up on the economy and then he got a tax reform and then he go to. this was the first place -- >> mark: that's a nancy pelosi on steroids argument. we have to pass this bill to find out what's in two bills down the line. that's a stupid argument.
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to meghan's point, the politics have changed. people got used to this. you can stay on your parents plan until you're 26, you can fall off a roof until the ambulance to stop at the insurance agency on the way to the hospital and people have gotten used to the goodies. if you look at polls now, polls show there is a narrow majority in favor of single payer country. politics are not to the republicans advantage. >> meghan: people who are more moderate, they don't want to debate because they're scared of the politics of it. when i raise the question, you are not genuine, is a because this is too complicated? >> harris: that they don't want to talk about the expansions of medicaid that they put forth in their state. >> kennedy: and the graham-cassidy bill which should be an amendment would take care of that. the money that they need for states like maine and alaska would be much better spent if the governors there could dole it out properly and set of relying on the federal
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government. >> harris: they have to vote to get to the debate that megan was talking about. get to the part where we're doing it for free! >> meghan: it's why americans hate congress so much. >> harris: will debate it, you don't have to focus on it. new developments of focusing on the trumps meeting with the russian attorney in the heat of the presidential campaign. the questions facing the president's son now as we learn that at least one more person was present at that meeting that wasn't disclosed before. drip, drip, drip. it will have the latest. president trump is talking up one of his biggest campaign promises, a border wall with mexico. whether it will meet expectations. we'll talk about that, stay close. ♪
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♪ >> meghan: new questions with the white house regarding a trump team meeting with a criminal link to lawyer at trump tower last june. donald trump, jr.,'s attorney confirms for fox news that there was another person who nbc has identified as a lobbyist with dual russian-american citizenship and a former soviet intelligent counterintelligence officer mr. trump's lawyer would not provide fox news with the name of the man, but said trump, jr., only learned his name when he
9:17 am
introduced himself. joining us from paris from where president trump departed earlier today, chief white house correspondent john roberts. >> the problem for donald trump, jr., and the trump white house is this story is changing out again and it's already changed at least a couple of times. a couple of names and want you to remember here. first, rinat akhmetshin. he is a person to whom you are referring. he called the associated press, contacted him today. he is a russian-american lobbyist who works mainly on issues dealing with the magnitsky act. he said he was in that meeting in june 2016 with donald trump, jr., jared kushner, paul manafort, and natalia veselnitskaya. he is described in court papers that were filed in new york as a former soviet counterintelligence officer. he said to the ap that he was in the soviet army from 1986-1988, but that he was never with
9:18 am
counterintelligence. we are learning from donald trump, jr.,'s attorney that there may be someone else was in that room. he will not disclose his identity, but he says he has a russian-american, has u.s. citizenship and he has no ties at all the russian government. another layer of complication, another layer of unclarity, i guess or lack of clarity in this meeting in the story changes yet again. we'll see what donald trump, jr., has to say about this as the hours where on today. not to president trump he says he is going to the women's u.s. open championship at his golf course there after spending about 30 hours with the french president, ed manual macron most recently where the president celebrated bastille day.
9:19 am
the two of them also held a bilateral meeting together and faced the press yesterday after which president trump gave a spirited defense of his son done, jr., and the meetings he had with this russian attorney. listen here. >> i have a son who is a great young man, he's a fine person who was meeting with a lawyer from russia. it lasted a very short. mac and nothing came of the meeting. i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> the president saying nothing much came of this, a lot of people who were associated with president trump saying everyone should take a deep breath, there's a lot less here than many of you will think there might be. adam schiff, the ranking member of the intelligence committee took a look at this idea that this alleged of former soviet counterintelligence officer was in the room and says he want to do more. here's a statement just a short time ago. today's report that a former
9:20 am
soviet counterintelligence officer was also in the room, it's accurate and it adds another deeply disturbing fact to the secret meeting. it paints a portrait of consistent dissembling and deceit when it comes to the campaigns meeting with russian officials and intermediaries. clearly it's a partisan statement on the part of shift, but there is a growing chorus of voices on capitol hill among republicans who think that more needs to be done to get to the bottom of all this either to continue along with results that come of that or to clear president trump's name. >> meghan: that's all very interesting. have fun in paris. this is a lot to unpack. you want to start with this drip of the new person being in the
9:21 am
new meeting? >> mark: the drip, drip, drip is bad, but we heard him say -- adam shifts a that counterintelligence, that was back in the '80s. who was the one running the bureau? he was given u.s. citizenship, this guy. so donald trump, jr., is in a room with a u.s. citizen. i'm the only immigrant here. when your immigrant to the united states, america's only question that asks this, are you engaged in espionage activities? if you say yes to that, generally they don't give you immigration. fortunately, a lot of us are highly trained kremlin agents know enough to say no, i'm not engaged in espionage. this is a guy who's been given u.s. citizenship and suddenly he's being described by the democrats as a top kremlin
9:22 am
intelligence operative. >> harris: that's only because there's nothing on the other side. there is a report and political out this moring that jared kushner has been trying to get them to go into combat mode on this very issue so that there can be another side to the story. the drip, drip, drip only hurt you because you're in a vacuum. >> marie: jared kushner failed to report to over 100 foreign contacts. if i had done that when i worked at the cia, i would have been fired. this story isn't just bad because there's another side, the story keeps changing. i worked on a presidential campaign -- >> meghan: so did i, watch that. >> marie: would you have taken that meeting? >> meghan: now, and i said that my brothers would have been court-martialed. that being said, we were
9:23 am
reacting. >> kennedy: is constant and so on going and it feels like done, jr., had been a little more straightforward before his transparency, you don't have to keep asking questions if you get all the answers upfront. when you give the complete picture, it's much more useful for everyone. i also want to know, where does this come from? do we know how this leaked? >> marie: a white house official. >> kennedy: that's a little vague. how did all of this come out? >> marie: this is in a need for a better communication strategy. it's a problem with the campaigns behavior how they have repeatedly lied about it for months and months. it's on a p.r. problem that can be spun away. >> mark: it's not a national security problem.
9:24 am
this is a president who previously coproduced the miss universe pageant all around the world, including in moscow where he's done business in moscow, you are in bed with some people who are now mysteriously billing errors the billionaires son in this case, happens to be a bad pop music star. when you add up all these people, there's not a national security thing, there's a guy who produces the miss universe pageant who is in bed with a sleazy russian oligarch, a bad pop singer, a goofy lawyer that loretta lynch let into the country, it's not -- there is still no they are, they are. >> kennedy: what about people
9:25 am
who are attracted to power? at first they were attracted to money and now they're in very close proximity and these opportunists and some are in the united states. they figure out a way, they are self preserving and they figure out a way to weasel in. >> meghan: they know, they never had any indirection with russian officials. then it comes out and he says i would love to meet with a russian government official. if there is a god in heaven right now, i begged the white house to come out with everything, every shot of vodka that was taken with any russian. >> marie: i'm sorry, but we talk about america first, everything you just said -- >> meghan: this makes me laugh so hard because you guys have never, ever cared.
9:26 am
>> kennedy: >> mark: hillary cld a canadian cut out to collude for 20% of american uranium. >> meghan: we have to move on. the 1980s foreign policy will hunt obama and democrats forever as the g.o.p. faces a make or break moment and our health care, some are accusing the white house of not doing enough to help seal the deal. now the president is pushing back. the latest in the obamacare showdown, plus saying the wall with mexico is being built, but it may not run along the entire border. a broken promise or a practical solution? will debate that next.
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♪ >> kennedy: welcome back to the curvy couch, the best hour of your friday. the clock is ticking on health care reform. president trump tweeting four times today urging g.o.p. senators to get the health care bill approved. one of those tweets reading after all of these years of suffering for obamacare, republican senators must come through as they have promised. but political suggesting it's the white house that could be putting in a little bit more effort. we aren't seeing an all-out push from the white house to get the legislation passed. mike pence has been on the hill, but he always is. reince priebus is in paris. anyone here from tom price? jared and ivanka are in sun valley. counselor to the president kellyanne conway defending her boss on that front. >> as you know, president trump is very hands-on. we had any number of members of
9:32 am
congress -- it took seven and half years. that said, it's up to the senate. he's made very clear that he's all in. >> kennedy: fox news was told the president was making calls just yesterday pushing for support from the health care bill. meghan, obviously there are so many factions within the republican party. if this doesn't go through, if they don't pass this bill, whose fault is that question worked as it fell on mitch mcconnell or the president? >> meghan: mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. i'm one that doesn't think president trump's anger is always valid. he's 100% valid in his anger over this. again, i bring up the pat robertson interview. you were trying to do this way before i was the presidential candidate back when i was hosting television. the fact that you can't pull yourself together at this point is absolutely ridiculous. i feel bad for president trump on this because he says i'll sign anything, anything you
9:33 am
want. just bring me something. and they still can't bring it together. >> kennedy: is not enough? is that enough for the president to go on social media and talk and control lawmakers that way or should he be making a more active and personal push? >> mark: obama never did that. the trouble with trump or the good thing, depend on how you look at it is at some point, the worst thing you can do with trump is be a loser. at some point, the struggling bits of legislation have the lizard i'm hanging over them. at that point, he checks out. at some point, he is to check out of this bill. >> kennedy: what do you do? do you start promising massive concessions and billions of dollars to spend on sitting senators?
9:34 am
>> marie: i've heard some republicans including mitch mcconnell don't want president trump out there, because he's not as helpful with the caucus. they may not want him to be lobbying as much on this. i think they won't have the votes to proceed. hold the bill back, get everyone in a room. i know this is a pipe dream, but including some democrats were willing to sit down like joe manchin and others and start over on how to fix obamacare, how to fix some of the things that we've identified in this couch because this bill is not going anywhere. >> harris: before they go anywhere, they have to debate it. it would be great if they could get into that same room and agree that everyone's opinions count. that's where it starts and may be an makes the second room where they meet a lot easier to have. if you can't agree that you disagree in person, that's a sad place to be. >> meghan: people like
9:35 am
kennedy, no offense, they don't want obamacare lite which is the great ideological fracture that's going on. >> kennedy: >> harris: e don't m to get to the bigger debate? a >> kennedy: when democrats get chosen too much, it gets closer and closer to single-payer. >> mark: it's two separate problems. as the public division problem and it's the liberation of private health care problem. that's the divide in the republican party. that's susan: and ran paul's point. >> meghan: president trump proposing a shift for the border while in mexico. he's telling people you don't need 2,000 miles of all because
9:36 am
you have a lot of natural barriers. you have mountains, you have some rivers that are violent and vicious, and you have some areas that are so far away that you don't really have people crossing's you don't need that. meantime, the nst program protecting so-called dreamers may be in jeopardy. john kelly telling hispanic caucus members, the administration was not likely to defend state challenges to the program which differs in deportation of immigrants were brought to the states as children. the president says he'll make the final call and is a very, very hard decision. i feel like i remember us talking about the terrain on the border of arizona and saying there is no way to physically put a wall. >> kennedy: if you go down to san diego and see some of those border crossing points, it's physically impossible to build a wall and the president is coming to terms with that. it's not just the geography that is going to be most problematic for the wall building. as the legal issue.
9:37 am
it's the eminent domain issue and some of the private ranchers and farmers who have had lands for generations on the border. >> harris: one of the things that we have known all along from the president was that in those areas that couldn't be walled up, those corporations who also talk about putting extra border control or doing some things that would be better acclimated for those parts. those of us who live down by the border, we know there's water there. some areas you can't put a wall. there is a lot this president has done to shine a light on those areas in terms of keeping them safe, and terms of keeping them viable as an actual border crossing and that's a good thing. who cares if it's an actual wall or one of the other options as long as it gets done? >> meghan: do you think his core supporters will care? >> mark: i think he needs a wall in place somewhere. >> harris: he can do that, he just can't do it for my 2 miles
9:38 am
long whenever a property starting the border comes across, they buy it and they put a huge trench down the middle and so they catch every single person. i'm not entirely persuaded that the southern border, given how they wrecked the 49th parallel is a big obstacle. >> marie: president trump also said he wanted to put solar panels on the wall. i don't know that's him doing his research or putting ideas out there coming to his head. as long as there is a wall he can stand in front of and take a photo and do a photo op, i think
9:39 am
that will be enough. >> mark: he has actually put a brick, laid the foundation. >> harris: that can happen and probably well, but it can't be done all along and i've never understood the president to actually be saying that's what he would be doing. >> kennedy: you know it's really funny? that issue that you bring up, that's where you could have a lot of bipartisan support and it certainly was there 11 years ago. the landscape may have changed a little bit, but if there is a rational revisiting of what people voted for in 2006, maybe would have a bipartisan solutio solution. >> meghan: sounds like an oxymoron. we have to move on, some of the mainstream media are ridiculing
9:40 am
this photo of evangelical christians laying hands on president trump as they prayed over him. cnn anchor calling it very strange, does the media does not get people of faith and our reporters out of touch with america? i don't know, we'll debate it next. ♪ think again.
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fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ♪ >> harris: there are some new questions on whether the mainstream media are out of touch with much of america. after this reaction to a photograph. evangelical leaders laid their hands on president trump as they prayed over him at the white house earlier this week, but cnn anchor aaron burnett appeared bewildered by the site. >> a pretty stunning image appeared let me give you a quick peek of it. the president bowing his head in prayer at the oval office and all these people sort of touching him. it's very strange, we are going to tell you what happened there. >> harris: and "the huffington post" reporter
9:45 am
even question the president's faith and why christians would support him. trump who identifies as a presbyterian has demonstrated a basic lack of understanding about the christian faith, including what constitutes evangelical, but as christian supporters are unfazed. exit polling from the presidential race showed 81% of self identified evangelicals voted for president trump. let me start with this. there are black terraces across america. i don't get it, who thinks that it's not a good idea? armani says in god we trust, why wouldn't we pray for our leader? >> mark: on the left particularly, there are secular elites -- it's creeped out by ostentatious displays of faith, so a little residual episcopalian is him is okay, but when you've got laying on hands, that's way too much.
9:46 am
>> harris: i like that southern turn coming out of your british mouth. >> mark: that's what it is here. they find that strange, it's not strange to millions. and trump has an odd way of talking. when he addresses religious meetings and he goes, i love evangelicals, their fabulous, did you hear the one about two corinthians walking into a bar or whatever? it's not a normal way to talk to evangelicals, but they respond to his sincerity and they understand the real opposition to them are people like aaron burnett who find them creepy and weird. >> kennedy: and she should employ a little bit of curiosity and maybe this is a fact of someone's life that is most important to them and something that's very sacred and using pejorative words like strange is sort of off-putting. if it's a block of voters that are threatening to democrats, my
9:47 am
guess would be maybe don't criticize them ultimately if you're interested and bringing them to your side. >> mark: they went into it with muslims. >> meghan: they would into it with scientologists, let's keep it real here. we were talking that cnn and a week has said it's bizarre to have someone pray for a president and couldn't reckon isa asterisk bannerman is being played on national television. i just say, may be spend a little time outside of new york and d.c., and might help you understand that people like their bible and their guns and it's part of the reason why president trump won. >> harris: wears the criticism coming from that he didn't deserve it based on his presbyterian belief? that sounds made up and crazy. >> meghan: i hate people who faith shame. i'm a person of faith as well and it comes in different packages and the idea that maybe you're not displaying it as overtly as some people, i don't like dictating who is a good
9:48 am
enough christian, who is not good enough. you can see my tattoo here. you don't think faith comes in different packages, people are always surprised by how pro-life i am. is it because i went to columbia and went dominic live in new york city? stop putting in boxes. >> harris: marie, the other thing i pops into my head is that back in the campaign, evangelicals just wanted somebody who listen to them and that's why they like this president. >> marie: as a person of faith myself, it's not that trump is from new york that makes some people question it, it's his behavior that he is exhibited. it goes against a lot of the teachings of the bible. let me get this point out. there is a legitimate question to say that something donald trump has done don't meet the faith.
9:49 am
>> harris: remember the one thing that hillary clinton could name about donald trump when she was asked at that debate some of those great about him? his offspring, his family, interesting. the fruit that they bear. we'll be right back. the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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>> kennedy: democrats may need to watch out for generation z. the rising wave of college students born from 1996-2010 differs politically from millennials and they're more likely to vote republican. politically generation z is liberal, moderate with social issues like american equality and civil rights and moderate conservatives and security issues. while many are not connected to the two main parties and lien independent, generation z inclinations generally fit moderate republicans. are you worried about this? this is a group of young people. >> marie: there are three moderate republicans left in washington who will get their votes. i think it's interesting. the republican party has embraced a fairly conservative social platform and the interesting part to me -- >> kennedy: this is 7-21-year-olds.
9:54 am
>> marie: i've here very old at the moment. they're more liberal on things like gay marriage, liberal rights and the party has not been trending in that area. there are a product of what they grew up in and they are different. i don't think the republican party should take it for granted >> kennedy: they still sound libertarian. >> mark: when it says a 9-year-old is socially moderate moderate, -- >> kennedy: they do all have smartphones and e-trade account accounts. >> meghan: i don't have children, but seven is a very. whoever wrote this is trying to read the teen views of what's coming into the future, but the best thing about politics is how highly unpredictable it is, no one could have ever predicted
9:55 am
obama and president trump. it's a party that resonates with people. >> kennedy: we are talking of the people who make up generation z, 19, 20, and 21 and they are developing their political philosophies and they are not bernie sanders cookie-cutter progressives. >> harris: i'm under the impression that kids see us as their superheroes up until a certain age. it's our value system, our policies, we raise them to be independent and strong and make their own choices when the time comes to vote. it is not how it's supposed to work? >> marie: i think so, hopefully this generation takes something from this era we are living in and maybe it's a little more respectful. this may be the pollyanna coming out in me, but we have to do better.
9:56 am
>> kennedy: this is possibly a group of people who aren't tethered to either party. maybe they will sour on the chaos and that's not the worst thing in the world. >> mark: the cultural trump the fiscal conservatives. i bet that's what will happen. >> kennedy: more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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>> come on, you know your friday is better now.
10:00 am
>> it was thrilling, i loved it. >> all right everybody, have a fabulous weekend. we are back here on monday at noon eastern, as always "happening now" now. >> leland: a fox news alert, we are awaiting new details on what is a gruesome mass murder in the passel vania. >> julie: the district attorney about to give an update on the case after the suspect in custody makes a shocking confession. we are covering all the news, happening now. >> it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> julie: the president heading home as new questions are raised about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. plus, the iran nuclear agreement two years later. president trump once vowed to rip it up, now the administration may be at odds over what to do about


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