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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 15, 2017 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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nyet. >> and thank you for all for buying my book, "the scamp", it's on the best sellers list for the second straight week. it's everywhere books are sold. have a great week. elizabeth: president trump is back in the u.s. after visiting france and facing new revelations who was in the room with donald trump, jr. in june of last year. and the u.s. golf tournament is again today. leland: and the president's travel ban, this time, whoever who is considered immediate family. now the trump administration wants the supreme court to weigh in. elizabeth: the clock is ticking down on g.o.p. efforts to repeal and replace obamacare with brand new cbo numbers next week. can senate majority leader mitch mcconnell get to 50?
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welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. happy saturday, i'm elizabeth prann, thank you for joining us. leland: great to be with you at home, i'm leland vittert. president trump is spending this saturday in new jersey attending the women's u.s. open golf tournament. he doesn't have to go far. it's held at his golf club. meantime, here in washington, his white house is dealing with fallout from another round of revelations about his oldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer and former soviet military man, kevin cork in new jersey. kevin, we know the white house was hoping that the transcript would be a reset. are they trying to go down that path or realize now they've got to deal with this russia issue? >> i know you know the answer to that. for the folks at home. white house officials are going
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to tell you this repeatedly. in virtually every conversation about this russian story line and a campaign aide meeting with a russian lawyer. they'll say listen, this has nothing to do with the day-to-day lives of american, that this is a media-driven story. the president has to follow and deal with the drip-drip. it is what it is. even as he returns from that trip to france. instead of talking about issues on capitol hill, say, health care, for example, we're talking about russia. much to the frustration of the former aide corey lewandowski. >> listen the democrats never want it to end because they have no message, no narrative, no leader. if you asked right now who is the leader of the democrat elk party, there is no consensus. if the leader is nancy pelosi we need to keep her there. because she's the best and chuck
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schumer. they have no agenda and they're afraid that president trump is successful on the things he pledged to accomplish, reduce taxes, repeal and replace. >> that's obviously the company line, right? but the president still has to deal with the russia story because it's not going anywhere soon. he's here obviously for the weekend enjoying the women's golf and booked long before he became president. now that he is president it's gotten more attention, good and bad, depending on your perspective. even as he heads to washington, i want to show you the star ledger here. this says trump visit fires up fans at u.s. women's open. yes, it fires up the fans in ways you can imagine and in interesting ways. a lot of controversial why it's held at his golf club, some people say it shouldn't be there, it should move and some
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say they should have moved the tournament. listen, it's about the golf. can't we all just enjoy the golf. we'll talk more about the agenda moving forward, as we wrap up and head to washington and once again dealing with the russia story, i have a feeling. back to you. leland: can we all just enjoy the golf. elizabeth: a lot of people living by those words. and how much executive authority the white house has over immigration matters. of course, an ongoing dispute over president trump's travel ban. and the legal wrangling over whether the restrictions can go into effect while they're resolved. alison joins me with the latest. >> the trump administration is making another appeal over the controversial travel ban. last month, the highest court handed a partial win to the administration. and that it was reasonable for the government influence travel
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restrictions on people who did not have, quote, a credible climb of a bona fide relationship with somebody in the u.s. did they adequately define this, and familial relationships that people can use to get into the u.s. if they're from one of the six muslim countries in the order. the government's utilization of the specifically visa provisions of the immigration and nationality act constitutes cherry-picking and restrictive reading of close familial relationship and others define a close family in a much broader manner. attorney general jeff sessions says the decision undermines national security and shows a lack of respect for the celebration of powers. some say the supreme court's ruling was narrow, but unclear. and because of that, the
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administration narrowly defined close family. >> they did not include fiancees and at the last minute that same day, that evening, they changed it and allowed fiancees to be included. there's confusion who is in and who is not, but it seems like there is a strong argument from the state of hawaii's point of view now to say, how do you say the grandparent is not a close family member. >> the justices are on a three-month summer recess, but would likely deal with an emergency filing like this sooner rather than later. and they deal with the constitutional questions like this in the fall. >> a lot going around that definition of family. >> thank you so much, we'll keep an eye on it. >> we have the health care debate and the travel ban that we talked about. across the country people are spending the saturday protesting not about the issues, but four were against president trump, brian ennis live in new york ahead of some of the protests. hi, brian. >> well, summer of protest
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continues. today at least 15 anti-trump protests are scheduled nationwide. a rally beginning in atlanta, following in chicago, los angeles, san francisco, tucson to name a few cities. the demonstrations are the quote trump protests must go here, they're scheduled at 4 p.m. in front of trump tower and will eventually march to times square tonight. they are marching against what they call a cruel anti-muslim and anti-climate administration. and the currently propose sta stahl-- proposal is hatred of women. and there are some in bedford, new jersey where the president is attending the women's golf
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there. and a women's group is protesting there this entire weekend, too. as well as some of the protests in the past, they have turned violent. you'll remember in berkley, california, for instance, usually these are instigated by extreme violent elements at these protests from the so-called anti-fascists that look to start violence. >> this group is a very, very dangerous group. and there are calls of anti-fascist, but it's really anti-first amendment. social media is turning the tide on them and everybody can see with their own eyes on video how violent and dangerous they are and seeing public opinion turn on them. >> leland, will be reporting live from new york city later today and monitoring all of them nationwide. >> be careful out there. thank you. liz. elizabeth: the trump white house and senate g.o.p. leadership are making an aggressive push for a revised health care proposal.
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president obama says republicans are close to ending what he calls the health care nightmare, but some republican lawmakers still don't seem to be too convinced. garrett has the latest. there are some who are on the fence even today. >> yeah, we know a the least five on the fence about you there have already been two defections as you know, three strikes and you're out especially with mitch mcconnell. and some are voting no even when the bill goes up to debate. one more republican, if ne say no, the g.o.p. health care plan will be object the month. the senator from nevada, alaska, west virginia, and holman of north dakota. all five met with mitch mcconnell to ask for changes that could help them support the bill. specifically, a more generous formula that would tie the growth of medicaid spending to the rate of reflation. the source tells it's doubtful
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that mcconnell will give up on those, and they do have leverage and president trump is using leverage in his weekly address to get republicans on the health care plan. >> the senate health care bill stops the obamacare disaster eexpands choice and drives down costs and i want to tell you, the republican senators are working very hard to get something that's going to be really, really good. the opposite of the big lie, which was obamacare. >> and the senate leadership camp, and advisors are calling for the repeal and replace after it's separated into two bills. they said the president told them this week that he's very interested in that idea. >> if it didn't happen. if the senate leadership can't put it together, my hope is that he steps into the fray and helps
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push this along. and separated into a clean repeal, the democrats and republicans could vote on the spending plans and the rest of us, including the moderates can vote on a clear appeal. leland: and the congressional budget office will have on the revised beal, a number of lawmakers who were on the fence says that will play a part where they go on that. elizabeth: they're really looking for that. leland: undecided moderates on the medicaid cut, that's formed much of the negotiations around the bill and mitch mcconnell. let's bring in former arizona governor jan brewer. governor brewer was one of a handful of executives who signed medicaid expansion into law and now, here to talk about it, nice to see you. >> thank you. good to see you. leland: jeff slake one of the
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undecided from arizona, are you voting for him to vote for it or the-- >> the way that the bill is written currently, i know the pain that everybody is going through. and it's a difficult subject. to get my hands around what they'll do. i do know in arizona, the current bill, the way it is, it's devastating to our state and across the country. i agree a lot with the idea that we ought to separate medicaid from the exchange. separate that out and apart from each other. i think i'd get more bipartisan help. and medicaid has been here for years and years and years, and we have-- >> governor, i think-- i take it in its current form, no, you don't support this bill and it brings up an important question because you're an ardent supporter of president trump and this is something he has pushed for and tweeting even
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on the way home from france, about the need to pass this bill. he's been whipping votes. he's been calling not only senators, but governors to try to get them to put pressure on their senators. where is the disconnect, do you think, between president trump and supporters like yourself now who don't support this bill? >> i seem to feel that everybody is paying a lot more attention to the exchanges, which is just absolutely terrible. the exchanges out there, the people that are depending upon that exchange for their health care is devastating. prices are going up. insurers are pulling out. et cetera, et cetera. it's a problem within itself and then they're trying to deal again with the elephant of medicaid, which is, you know, something that has been in place, in fact, forever. arizona did a terrific job. we've delivered services better in arizona with medicaid. the majority of the other states. we're a gold standard and the
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bottom line, there are no free lunches, there are no free lunches. somebody is going to pay for this health care and we've got to determine just how. >> obamacare changes in arizona have had huge issues. as you point out, not only with the potential cuts to medicaid be devastating to are low income families in arizona, but the health care now in arizona, rates are skyrocketing the way they are in very few places in the country so this needs to get done for the people of arizona. why have the republicans in the senate been so unable to exert the kind of pressure they need. for example, jeff flake cut out of being a part of the drafting of the bill. >> i have no idea why he was cut out. you have to ask a congress person there, or leadership there. it ought to be bipartisan, that's what we did in arizona: it's not only health care, it's
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the jobs, the economy. our rural hospitals completely closed down. for the record, i'd like to say the exchange that arizona had, we did know the do our exchange, we did the federal exchange. it's horrible, absolutely horrible, but they have been talking about it for seven half a years now, they're going to repeal and replace. let's try to separate the bill and do it in a bipartisan manner, every time you move something, something else shifts. it's very difficult. but somebody has to take the leadership and move it forward. people in the-- people across the country are feeling as if they're terrorized. every day, every day. >> it seems as though you feel some of the frustrations as so many citizens with their lawmakers and we've heard from rand paul about a clean repeal bill. i don't think that's going to get any bipartisan support. at least it hasn't so far. governor brewer, thank you so
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much. >> thank you so much. >> good to see, liz. >> you're going to take a live look at the leadership summit. right now, counsel to the president, kenllyanne conway an those attending are watching a message from senator chuck grassley. it emphasizes the relationship between christian faith and government. the theme for the summit is principle over politics. coming up tomorrow on america's news headquarters, senator joins us 1 p.m. to talk about the revised health care bills in the senate. and talking to anthony scaramucci about the coverage of donald trump, jr.'s meeting with russian people. and the administration's handling, of course, of the latest controversy. and chris wallace talks about don, jr.'s e-mail and
9:17 am
allegations of collusion with the president's personal attorney jay secu low. a new list that congress may want to talk to after the donald trump, jr. meeting revelations. and more on the grisly killing of four young men killed in pennsylvania. and another person charged. and a person is in prison in venezuela for a year. for months, they worry their son could end up like the captive in north korea. >> that i want to see him again alive. after watching the family went through.
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the first victim with a backhoe before burying him. he's on the left. and help from his cousin sean kratz, the one on the right. and the bodies were discovered on the dinardo family farm. here are the victims. dinardo's attorney says he confessed in exchange for the prosecutors not to seek the death penalty. >> the steady drip of revelations about donald trump, jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer back in 2016 of june overshadowing his father's international trip to paris this week. and by the time air force one touched down on american soil, fox news confirmed at least eight people could have been in the room during that meeting. thank you for joining us, sir. i want to put up a full screen,
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we have confirmed through our own john roberts, covering the white house, was in the room during this meeting in june of 2016. so, there's been lots of drip, drip, drip. i want to ask you, with your reportering, is this embarrassing or illegal and has your answer changed in just the last 24 hours? >> i think they see it much more on embarrassing among-- in the white house and among the president's allies. they insist that nothing illegal took place here, but the problem is, obviously, democrats have been attacking the president for a long time, partly on the issue of credibility when it comes to these russian links. now, we have this rather spectacular story about which there was not immediately fool disclosure. so now the credibility question is part of this picture even though, as i say, people loyal to the president emphasize they see no wrongdoing. elizabeth: how does that affect what's going on the scenes of the reporting of the white house. does the white house have a
9:24 am
strategy moving forward and what is it? because this is a-- regardless of whether or not it's embarrassing or whether there's illegality, it's distracting. >> it is distracting. they believe that the way out of it is to really act on their agenda, they believe that their supporters don't really care overly much about the whole russia business period. they think that, for example, if they can get the obamacare replacement bill passed, that would be a big achievement and that their supporters would react and respond much better to that and that that would get the russia stuff off the front pages and out of the headlines. >> we have learned that there was an increase members of the administration's legal team so i do want to ask you, as far as resources are concerned, you know, a lot of folks want to see a legislative win, but perhaps the white house, folks in the administration are using some of their time and resources to possibly defend themselves, to lawyer up.
9:25 am
is that a big concern? >> it's definitely a concern to some of the people i speak to, elizabeth. they're worried about it as a distraction, they're worried that it essentially gums up the works in a central way. there's also a morale question here, yes, senior people have resources to employ their own personal lawyers, but that's not necessarily true if you're talking about a 25-year-old press aide who is not, generally speaking, going to have the finances to hire some team of personal lawyers. so, there is a morale question here, as well as the other questions swirling. elizabeth: i have seen on some of your reporting, correct me if i'm wrong, this is the gravest crisis you've seen at the white house been in so far. what makes you say that? because there are people who will disagree, the president has overcome bigger challenges. >> what makes me say is that the white house's defense has for a long time been built on, yes,
9:26 am
russia may have meddled, but there was no collusion or communications between the trump campaign and the russians. i think that this meeting calls this into very, very grave doubt. the key thing we learned this week, with this e-mail exchange, where donald trump, jr. was promised damaging information on hillary clinton in an e-mail that indicated that that was part of a russian government effort to help his father. and not only was he not reluctant to take that meeting, he was positively enthusiastic about that possibility. that is what makes it, in my opinion, such a major crisis. elizabeth: and my last question, are you more concerned about the names you learned in the past 24 hours than the list when we heard of the meeting? i understand that you're saying it's the greatest crisis next. >> to me, the names don't necessarily make it worse on a substantive basis.
9:27 am
it's not good news that things are trickling out, but the e-mails that we found out earlier on this week are the major difficulty and damaging things. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, we appreciate your coverage of the white house. thanks. >> thank you. leland: while north korea continues to show no signs of stopping their nuclear development program, president trump now says he wants more help from china. coming up, california congressman john garamendi who returned from the korean peninsula with his thoughts on u.s. action in the region. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> the trump administration, of course, continues to talk about getting tough with north korea, saying the chinese need to be tougher as well. any part of that involves cutting off the hermit kingdom's access to hard currency. a new report though says that kim jong-un is still rolling in
9:32 am
the cash, thanks to tens of thousands of his citizens shipped abroad and essentially slaves. they work building soccer stadiums in russia. work in construction in qatar and send the money back to north korea. california congressman john garamendi sits on the armed services committee and returns from a trip to the korean peninsula. nice to see you, sir. glad you're over the jet lag, hopefully i should say. >> we're past that. leland: are the south koreans wondering why this administration isn't doing more, cracking down on russia, cracking down on qatar for using north korean slave labor? >> i can't speak for the south koreans, but there's enormous concern there about what is the united states position in the korean peninsula. there are some really strange things going on, part of it as a result of the chaos in the white
9:33 am
house, the uncertainty as to exactly what the american policies are and then, the apparent infatuation with president trump and the russian and putin. keeping in mind that the most recent effort by the u.n. to ratchet up, to increase the sanctions, was vetoed by the russian government. so this lack of clarity, this uncertainty is what has really got everybody concerned throughout the entire pacific region. leland: but connect these dots for me. is it that people in the pacific, i assume you mean our allies, south korea, japan, the australians, they're worried that the united states isn't doing enough because of the trump-putin relationship? i'm seeing the correlation, but not the causation. >> well, it's hard to get it altogether. certainly the -- i think bottom line, the white house and the administration has not yet put together a clear policy.
9:34 am
the men and women that are necessary to carry out that policy are not in place. the one thing that we have gog for us is a strong military in all of the various departments. that seems to be the one thing that provides the policy that there is. but, in the issue of diplomacy, relationships with china, it's not enough to say china, you've got to do more. exactly what is the administration doing vis-a-vis russia, which is the other major player in that region. we need to have charity across the government agencies and frankly, it just doesn't exist with the exception of the american military. >> as you note, china and russia, both have a veto at the security council. a lot of options that the u.s. has in terms of banking. to the point of the u.s. military, pictures of you there with the u.s. military.
9:35 am
30,000 or so troops stationed in south korea, many more in japan. the big discussion, at least the at the pentagon level. there is no good military option. the motto, ready to fight tonight. from a defensive standpoint. but from an offensive standpoint, they kind of say, and now what do we do? did you get a sense they're trying to come up with an option or is it still playing defense? >> there's certainly still an option anthes a total war on the peninsula and frankly, the americans are ready to fight that if necessary. it would be bloody, it would be horrendous, nobody that i'm aware of wants to do that. and so, a lot of that is defense, to get rid of the nuclear weapons, that just is a-- almost an impossible task except through diplomacy. unless you want a total war on peninsula. keeping in mind that the north
9:36 am
koreans have long-range artillery that can rain down tens of thousands of artillery shells on seoul and they have-- >> we understand the risk. i'm wondering what your take away is. what specifically? you went and visited and you're back now and you said the administration doesn't have a clear plan. what two or three things that you want them to do that they haven't done that they can do in the next month, say. >> well, not in the next month, but over the next several months, we have to increase our defense against the ballistic missiles that could seriously jeopardize americans and american assets on the peninsula. that that's a program that is one. there are other defensive missile systems that can be put in place and augmented and that's one thing that needs to be done immediately. the second thing, we have to have clarity in our diplomacy putting regional pressure on north korea.
9:37 am
you talked right at the outset about north korea's continued ability to maintain their economy. that has to be changed and that's with are it takes the regional effort at the u.n. and others to put the sanctions and the enforcement of the sanctions. >> the trump administration would say now, there's one chinese bank and beginning that, i know there's some that say there's not enough. congressman, we appreciate your trip out there. come talk to us about health care next. all right? >> we'd be happy to do that. >> good seeing you, sir. liz. elizabeth: coming up, video you have to see to believe. a home crumbles as the latest sinkhole in florida forced more evacuations. and i'll sit down with utah senator orrin hatch to talk about the latest health care bill and the latest on an american born missionary from utah who, with his wife, are
9:38 am
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or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> more than a year ago, venzen authorities arrested a woman missionary from utah and his wife on what many say are phony weapons charges and while there's an ongoing fight to get joshua holts released from prison he's not getting proper medical care and may have a severe back injury. today his mother, laurie holts is reacting to the news of a conditional release of the
9:43 am
couple before the trial. i sat down and talked with senator hatch about the ongoing situation. >> been to jail on trumped up charges, it's pathetic because his parents are in utah and of course, they're just beside themselves. and he's got a wife and she has two children. and she's been locked up, too. so it's been a really, really tragic thing and complicated because of the political situation in venezuela. maduro is the current president is in difficulty and he has been difficult to deal with. he claims he'll try and resolve some of the problems. we'll see. elizabeth: are there calls for the president to step? >> the president has and so have a number of people at the state department. frankly, we've had a pretty good group of people to step in and
9:44 am
asked venezuela to, you know, show some compassion here, and let this young man go. he was more of a missionary down there and he speaks spanish and he married this woman who had two children and they locked her up as well. and it's pretty pathetic and we're just hoping that we're reaching a point where they're going to be willing to let them go and get them up to utah and live their lives out. >> they're able to see oecher once a day and the mother hasn't been reunited with her children in well over a year. i do have to ask you the elephant of the room. you're in the center of a pretty big battle on capitol hill. on the senate committee, it's not your first rodeo, or what you've seen on capitol hill. what do you think we'll see. we'll have the cbo numbers, but
9:45 am
boy, there's serious divisions. >> if we don't pass it we'll have centralized medicine in the country and what the democrats are pushing for. why, i don't understand. it's never worked. they want the government to control. and i can tell you, the state and local governments do a far better job on medical care and hospital care than the federal government does. this is a really big issue and we have-- we have very slim majority to be able to win. we've got to have every republican to be able to get it through. elizabeth: you look at conservatives and you have to latest proposal by senator mitch mcconnell and senator cruz to like it and senator rand paul doesn't seem to like it, those are some of the toughest conservatives in the senate. you're not trying to make two parties happy, you're trying to make six people happy at the same time. you have to get it through.
9:46 am
>> most are conservatives, but they'll taken it to extremes and my colleague mike lee is in the middle of this, too. and i think that senator cruz is trying to work it out and have successful conclusion. how can the republicans not want this done. there are some that democrats that are weighing in and they're not voting. and if they have their way we'll have centralized medicine. it's a problem. it could fracture and hurt this country for decades to come. elizabeth: it gets away from problems like tax reform. i know there's something and you can't talk about tax reform until you get this done. >> tax reform is the big issue and frankly, we should be working on that right now. but it's impossible to do anything on tax reform until they get this solved or at least out of the way. tax reform is going to be crucial to this country and
9:47 am
we're going to have to-- we're going to have to really work on getting that straightened out and i believe we can do it. elizabeth: well, senator hatch, we'll leave it on that optimistic note and we hope that you come to us in your future with very positive news about joshua holts and his wife and wish you the best of luck in the weeks ahead to august recess. thank you so much. protests as you know and unrest in venezuelan shows no sign of holding up. if you want to look at ways to help them go to their go fund me page, justice for josh. leland: when is prayer allowed in a north carolina county meeting. it took a federal court to rule on that. that's coming up. one frightening time in florida after a giant sinkhole opened up. >> in a very short time, it's taken in a house and took in
9:48 am
about 80% of another house. the sinkhole right now is continuing to grow. we were just walking around it and there are chunks, you know, 18, 24 inches that are continuing to fall into the sinkhole. what's the best way to get
9:49 am
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>> check out this unbelievable video. a sinkhole just north of tampa, florida has swallowed two homes and a boat. officials say a depression was noticed under the boat in the back yard of one of the homes, within a few minutes, the hole opened up and the boat fell in. firefighters were able to get two dogs out of the home and retrieve some of the belongings before the first home started collapsing quickly into the expanding home. and about a dozen other homes have been evacuated. it's unbelievable. leland: a federal appeals court now sending north carolina county commissioners meeting to not open with a christian prayer. the commissioners used to invite the audience to join in, but the court says that's unconstitutional as well. religion correspondent lauren green with more on the significance of this ruling. this changes things just in north carolina or nationwide as
9:53 am
well, lauren? >> for now it's just in north carolina. this has been a tradition for 50 years, now, as you said, the federal court ruled that the commissioner prayer and meeting is unconstitutional. it could pave the way for a showdown in the supreme court. they had opened the commissioner's meeting with prayer that often ended with "in jesus' name" and invited people to join in. >> if it opens in a way that makes me feel like i'm not one of those people that this board of commissioners is speaking to and for, i feel sort of disenfranchised in a way. >> on friday, the 4th circuit court of the u.s. court of appeals ruled 10-5 against the prayer and giving the majority opinion, the prayer served with
9:54 am
the government with christianity and citizens of minority faiths exclusion. and an ascending opinion, it's to out law prayer, even though it's been a part of our democracy and civic life. with the ongoing lawsuit, the county commissioners still have a chaplin open with a prayer, but the board chair defended the tradition. >> start with two things with the pledge of allegiance and we're going to have a prayer. the prayers are calling a solemnizing prayer, an opportunity for the commissioners to reflect and these are for the commissioners, as we look for wisdom as we do business on behalf of the county. >> now, the county hasn't decided if it will appeal to the u.s. supreme court. the high court has allowed such prayers in limited situations, but in a previous case the lawmakers themselves were not
9:55 am
participating. leland. leland: have to see if it comes to the court and what neil gorsuch's affect might be on it. thank you, lauren. liz. elizabeth: u.s. forces killed a key member of isis. that's in the next hour of america's news headquarters. we'll update you on the wildfires in the west, keeping crews and families on their toes as new warnings are issued. >> and had a bag and then some. the most important things were the papers and all of momentos and keepsakes.
9:56 am
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ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. hour one was so much fun i say we do it again. here is what is making news right now. the meeting with the russians back in june of 2016. we are going to take a look at how congress and the president are responding to the most recent revelation. the republican leaders and fight to get enough votes to repeal and replace obamacare before they have out for vacation. in the fight against the british courts.
10:00 am
an experimental treatment made in the usa may offer new hope. we left love to you on that. president jeff is hitting the links today but to watch one. the u.s. open is been held at trump national. the way has said the quick trick --dash make trip to paris was a successful one. it brings a new set of russia resolutions to do with. hi kevin. it's great to be with you guys. usually we talk about the president being off message with his tweets. he's doing what he can to stay on message. now let me tell you what he is tweeting right now. the president also tweeted this. another all-time high yesterday despite the hoax story also jobs numbers are
10:01 am
starting to look very good. the russia story continues to play out in the headlights not because of what the president did or may not had .-dot but because of what his campaign aides did specifically someone meeting with someone from russia that claim to have damaging intel. that meeting was speaking of don junior of course. the new details are kicking a lot of it much to be desired. they want even more discovery. now we know our counter intelligence person in the meeting as well. it's important that we see all of the communication whether it's a direct messaging whatever it happens to be among the members of the trump family and within the trump administration. >> i would laugh because i'm from washington and i know the likelihood of that ever
10:02 am
happening is another story. as for the president. he has been tweeting today he will be over at his club talking about the women's u.s. open today as is customary there had been demonstrations both pro- and anti- truck. i should be so surprised by that. it's actually pretty far away for most major cities. the demonstrations themselves had been pretty far a couple of days of r&r here. before the president makes his way back to the white house and yes he will still have to deal with the russia story but also he will try to keep applying the pressure on congressional lawmakers to come up with the repeal in replace of obamacare. that they had have over the last year you will be blue. on the straight that we talked about. thank you so much. we appreciate it.
10:03 am
it's a good one. and that's where we pick up the story on these new russian revelations. the white house how it plays into healthcare. the national political reporter at the washington post. we have seen the president try to change the conversation tweeting out about the market at an all-time high. this is not what americans care about that this is going to bog them down for weeks and months to come. there's certainly a distraction. what you see on the hill is a lot of republican lawmakers were trying to comport to mental eyes they will express some exasperation with this. they've gone along with this because they see them as a vessel and someone who could bring things to the finish line. a lot of their long-standing priorities including the health care bill. initial line has proven
10:04 am
elusive. never ending in the movement forward. chris brought up this point. he compared in a way the russian meeting and the drip drip drip that happened and the new revelations that happened to the way that they dealt with that monica lewinsky scandal. by dragging out the horrible process of his admission. clinton wore down democrats and their sense of outrage. by the end of the facts didn't matter. in a way planned or unplanned are republicans see -- pulling the same page out of their playback book. i'm not sure we know the internet. that donald junior saga has been going on for about a week now. last saturday was when the revelation started coming out.
10:05 am
is that because the administration and the powers that be whether it be reince preibus did they not know the truth are they not been told the truth by don junior's is been a conservative effort to allow it to happen so perhaps everyone is less overwhelmed by some big break. what is a strategy here if any. i certainly don't think that they're they are trying to prolong the drip drip. they will tell you that it's best to get everything out at once. an answer as many questions. they knew everybody who was at that meeting. we have a graphic of who we at least now you know who was at the meeting. but about a week ago when they admitted to this meeting they only said the one russian lawyer was there and it only lasted 20 minutes and it was about this adoption law so why
10:06 am
is this happening. i think there are two things. it seems that they thought they could get away with providing less than a full account and people would move on. and also this was more than a year ago now. and part of their pushback has been that we did not see this as a very significant meeting so it's hard for a number of details of something that just came and went. as you talk to folks inside the white house. they have some time at least in our taking to digest things. are they retooling the strategy for dealing with the russia investigation. that talking point is dead. are they retooling do they have a new strategy are they worried what is your sense. kelly and conway said the other day. the goal goalposts have been moved. that the critics had been portraying this as a prolonged
10:07 am
set of interactions with the campaign and russia and that we've seen nothing we see nothing of the sort to this point. this whole episode really opens the door to a whole lot of questions. questions that they have assured us that there was nothing there. more questions for you and your comrades at the washington post to go after. john and i appreciate i appreciate your insights. it's good to see. the revised travel been it's supposed to go there early. more clarification has been sought. allison barber joins us now with the most recent developments. the trump administration is
10:08 am
making another appeal to the supreme court. writing in an emergency filing. the supreme court's decision as it encompasses not just close family members but virtually all family members. they are close out of the court's decision. it was reasonable for them to enforce the travel restriction. for people that did not have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship already in the u.s. according to a hawaii court adequate to define close family. they expanded the list of relationships. if there from one of the six muslim majority countries.
10:09 am
the government utilization of the specific family based constitutes cherry picking in a predetermined restricted reading. the federal immigration statutes is a lot that already caused plenty of it. whether it is going to go through the ninth circuit court. the hawaiian court ruling is in effect. it would likely deal with an emergency filing like this sooner rather than later. allison barber reporting live.
10:10 am
it continues this weekend as senate republican leadership tries for 50. they cannot lose another republican. and still pass their latest version of health care reform. they are holding out to see if they can't get more medicare funding. all it takes to derail this latest revised health care bill is just one more republican who comes out against it. some of the biggest concerns over the revised plan have come from senators representing states that expand medicaid under obama care and who are concerned about the cuts to the program. that includes a five moderates who we learned met with majority leader late yesterday to request increased funding for medicaid going forward. mcconnell is not likely to give in on that request. but could make changes to help revise this.
10:11 am
even if it's not perfect the revised bill is already significantly better than the last. it repeals the individual mandate. this is much better. there is a lot of pressure on republicans to get this bill passed and we know president trump has been adding pressure of his own on republicans working the phones. they are tweeting that republicans must get this done and praising the revised bill in that weekly address. with these much-needed long-term reforms to strengthen the safety net for our citizens the repeal and replace plan would significantly reduce the
10:12 am
federal deficit. so it would be good for the federal government it will cost you less money by a lot. it will be a much better plan. you can't do better than that. that would be for the senate to debate the actual bill. but if one more republican comes out against it that debate won't even have the votes it needs to happen. now we wait. thank you. liz, we've got more. let's bring in our political reporter. think you so much for joining us. i want to get your take on this most recent proposal because we are still waiting for that score but am i wrong when i say i don't see the same backlash. we did see a lot of senators come out last time that they cannot a little bit more weekly. our people waiting a little bit more. they came out a lot more forcefully. they are really holding their fire.
10:13 am
he was the first to come out against the bills last time. he has not said much about this other than he is still looking at it. it is still expected that he will not support this. i think we are waiting to see what is can happen here. that will be a big thing. are they waiting to see if we are get a seat one mark hard know. nobody wants to be that third person or we can see two at once or three at once. let's have a vote on this. well had to wait and see on that. are you optimistic with your reporting. i don't expect this. the only reason i can see it going forward is that some of them say we can't even get to the debate if we don't have the 50. we might as well have the debate and if it's not what we want then we can vote against it later on.
10:14 am
are you optimistic about this week for the or the whole proposal. is your optimism does it shift the longer we wait. you have the amendment that came out. he was one of the people that helped off there this. but a form of this. and he's not even come on board yet. that is a problem for them. you have a lot of moderates in medicaid states. a bunch of those types who are going to be major barometers to see whether this will actually pass or fail. regardless there can move on and it's probably get a b tax reform what scenarios do you see. let's say it doesn't. what happens to momentum and
10:15 am
they will probably have some pretty heavy momentum. can we still see tax reform and is that can be something that is gonna be as tumultuous as this healthcare fight. i think something will get done on tax reform eventually. especially if healthcare does not get done. they need to get a win on the board. in tax reform is something he cares more about. i expect tax reform to get done in the nuts and bolts of what happens. a lot of administration folks big fans of that. they are still early critics. even with soft proposals and ideas. with the ideas that are getting tossed around. overall with the party is a welcome think but the nuances may not be. i just went to get your take also on the debt ceiling.
10:16 am
i expect that to get done before the august recess. they have a bunch of demands on how you pay the debt down. they don't want to clean the debt ceiling. when they get the clean debt ceiling bill. i expect that to happen again in the nuance. thank you so much. it is going to be a busy week ahead and into august. thank you. keep it here for all of the weekends news. we are gonna speak with them about the senate health care bill. they would sit down with senator rand paul a very vocal opponent. check your local listing for time and channel. howie kurtz talks to anthony's chemistry about the coverage of the 2016 meeting with the russians at trump tower.
10:17 am
just confirming now that the have of an islamic state group has been killed u.s. forces. it happened during a coalition airstrike he was fatally wounded along with other members of what is called the islamic state course on group is a lunch in the offensive. the death could set the group back weeks or even months. coming up after the break. the fight for the life of little charlie. an american dr. is headed to the united kingdom. we will go live from london with the very latest. the firefighters are still going room for room for looking at survivors. after a deadly fire. we will have an update for you after the break. and you may know this firsthand. a surge in temperatures could spell new trouble for firefighters. it could be leading to more
10:18 am
evacuations. at the fire department professionals say i would rather err on the side of caution then come home and have everything i own burned to ashes never to be able to recover it. four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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leland: original high-pressure out west is fueling more severe hot and dry conditions. it's making it even harder for fires and parts of not only california but oregon, utah in montana as well. finally now some good news in santa barbara. in santa barbara county. the fire is now. over 13,000 acres had burned since a fire broke out we could go. the cause is still under investigation as we begin wildfire season. speak to the parents of the 11-month-old have new hope in the battle to save their dying
10:23 am
child. a neurologist from columbia university hospital is being allowed to examine the boy permission came after a long and difficult legal struggle. kitty logan is in london. it is he is open to reviewing this new evidence about charlie's condition has given the parents another chance to keep their baby sent a life after initial court rulings which ordered his life-support to be switched off. an american specialist was sent to travel to the uk next week to review his condition he has already testified by video link to see it would be worthwhile to try a new treatment. eleven months old he suffered a very rare genetic disease which means he can't breathe on unaided. his parents insist he is not suffering. he has treated other children with similar condition.
10:24 am
it has given them reason to hope. those parents had been fighting and fighting in court to be allowed to take their baby sent to the u.s. but the hospital in london which is currently caring for charlie has raised doubts about whether this may be effective. their doctors have also argued that it should be allowed to die and dignity. this legal struggle has as you said attracted international attention even donald trump and pope francis has shared their views on this case. the new evidence will be presented to the judge over the coming days and he said he will review that later this month in me will the parents await decisions on the fate of their baby son. we will keep an eye on the story. thank you so much. this was a scene last july in nice france the chaotic aftermath of a terrorist attack there.
10:25 am
how the city is remembering the lives lost a year ago. and as a site hold up out all of the stops we've appear and balanced debate about what the impact could be on republican majorities whether they win or lose. they will get every peel and replace done. before the august recess. i know that the six president and expects them to be done. before or after. they expect the senate to fulfill the promises it made to the american people.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
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with reduced redness,... thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight... and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea,... nausea, upper respiratory tract infection... and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. leland: republicans in the senate did not agree on repeal and replace and now on version 2.0 mitch mcconnell has already lost two of his caucus
10:30 am
one more deflection. our political panel is here. chairman of the great american pact. first to you. what are the reasons that this is having such a difficult time is that republicans themselves don't really a grill --dash make agree on repeal in replacement look like. is it time for them to get in line or is it worth having this debate. the one thing that they do agree on is repealing obamacare. they all agree on repeal. there is not a u.s. senator that thinks that it has been working. so they do agree that it has been feeling and the one area
10:31 am
of agreement is that we need to repeal this program immediately. i think the replacement is gonna take time. if we can't reach consensus than let's put it into two bills. let's go back on offense. is there any one inside of missouri. do they really believe that it has been helping americans i bet you they don't. let's go back on offense from a political standpoint the electoral map looks good. if they want to run on maintaining it. we're happy to have that debate. should they say to folks like that. if you want to vote no. here is the bottom line. i don't see any way it gets through. the real killer is medicaid.
10:32 am
there is no way rob portman goes back to ohio and tells them you don't have any coverage anymore. what would happen in reality would be the worst thing that can possibly happen to the republican party is that they would pass this bill because they would get wiped out in 2018 and 2020. that seems to be the fear about repealing and then not actually having a replacement bill. this is what the president tweeted about. he also ran on that. before he flew home. under leadership of senator mcconnell. they are working hard to get their failed replacement approved. i will be at my desk pen in hand. all of these years of suffering through that. they must come through as a promise.
10:33 am
they were talking about mitch mcconnell. to you eric. the president is the president the buck stops there. who faces the political cost of failure of obama care repeal and replace. do they hold the congress do they hold the president responsible. it's definitely in the congress. he is putting this into the debate. he will push it through into the house. going back to what he said. where you can find of the votes. look at some of the states where it has been feeling. ninety-nine counties aren't even getting covered. it seems to me like we want to have a state sponsored program. only 5% of their residents are even covered by health care. the rhetoric in this debate we need to take our time and i understand there is a lot of that.
10:34 am
i have yet to hear and all of the healthcare discussion anybody talking about the russian healthcare system. that could be can be something that people bring up next. to that point do democrats let republicans fail on this or at some point do you try to throw them a lifeline in the run up to 2018. the fact of the matter is there are some issues that do need to be addressed i think the best that they can do is to do it with honest policy and say these are the holes and these are the areas that need to be fixed. the problem is repeal and replace was never a policy it was always a talking point. when it came time to come up with a policy to match that they couldn't do it. we appreciate it. great talking to you. a good discussion.
10:35 am
fireworks lit up the paris sky near the eiffel tower as france celebrated a field day. it was a moment of silence observed for the victims of the attack a year ago friday. at least 86 people were killed. over 400 were wounded when a truck plowed into a crowd of people. he is traveling there to honor the victims. he bowed to fight without mercy against terror. a high rate of fire in hawaii leaves three people dead. why are officials say the building age is the reason. drying up the debate on health care could prevent a major funding. what one former governor represent -- represents. i'm pleased to report that the new senate health care bill provides unprecedented new
10:36 am
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senate lawmakers allocated a billion to fight the growing opioid addiction. the list of former governors who had states wracked by this abuse they are just true --dash make it two of the many steps in the fight against growing abuse. thank you for joining us. i want to start right off the bat. what are the recommendations that you have for the commission and why are they so important to you. this is a time in our nation's history when all states are
10:41 am
facing a real epidemic of abuse. my first campaign for governor i talked about it then. i lodged the introduction of treatment and recovery. citing dramatic numbers at the time in 15 years later they had continued to escalate. that's happening all across our country. a group of former governors to the bipartisan policy center has offered a number of recommendations. first the interdiction to combat the illicit trade in opioids. prescription drug abuse is a greater problem of course then easily and we need better training. you talk about prescription drug abuse. i want to follow this train of thought that you're going on. drawing a parallel between the american health care act the medicaid expansion and then
10:42 am
the spending and the access to pharmaceuticals. there are two arguments here there are those that say it was supposed to serve very small population and now it's serving something more. therefore contributing. they have expanded medicaid be on the populations. and with it there has been very generous marketing of pharmaceutical products. a lot of over prescribing. one of the recommendations is to ensure better training for physicians to make sure that they have this concern in mind when they prescribe. there is a prescription drug monitoring program that most states have implemented. there are number of steps that
10:43 am
we can take. i was pleased to see a recommendation this week to increase training requirements. in 2015 there was seven states with the highest drug overdose death. among the states there are 31 states that have expanded medicaid through obamacare. there are some democratic senators are saying they have to increase spending to medicaid. what you say to the senators right now. what i would say is that is unsustainable. we have to get the cost of medicaid under control. we can do it. we saved over a quarter billion dollars during the five-year demonstration time while reducing the uninsured
10:44 am
rate in our state. and how we do it it is what governors are seeking across the political spectrum. more flexibility from the federal government. we spend money on preventative care now. if they could be empowered by the congress to have greater levels of flexibility they can get the job done. you really have some very commonsense points. we appreciate it. important question. do you have a right to leave a dissenting comment. the first amendment and the deadly fire at the high-rise apartment building. answer virus now telling about their harrowing escape. to make mick at one point i said zero my god the fire was just going right there.
10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:48 am
leland: victims comparing a high-rise fire in honolulu to a scene in a horror movie.
10:49 am
four of the injures. authorities say the fire started friday afternoon you can see way up on the 26th floor. our hearts go out to the families. they have lost in their apartment. i'm also happy that the fire starters will all go home today and go back to their families tomorrow. because the complex is built in 1971 i did not had sprinklers because at the time evidently they were not mandatory. they were not mandatory. did you know your first amendment rights when you come to social media.
10:50 am
it's a violation of their free speech protection. the digital equivalent. constitutional attorney. there are three tweets i want two-point out. the same guy that doesn't proof read his twitter handles this is from eugene. the second one is obviously there. the same user there. blocked by the president of the united states. yes trump blocked me today this one might have sent him over the edge march for truth. can you explain the argument and obviously they are following the tweets that got them blocked by the president. can you explain the arguments. they are very disagreeable tweets.
10:51 am
i may strongly disagree with your content but i will fight to the death to write to sadie. this is a public speech in our new digital square. these seven plaintiffs who are from very different walks of life met with the same common denominator. after they got many reach weights and they were in that venue of discussion and debate. then they were blocked. they are now suing in federal court to that they are violation of the first amendment rights. you can turn up the social media like you can turn up the tv. as not being forced upon you and when i read that i was reading this by one of the plaintiffs and it felt like it was more personal. like their feelings were hurt. if my twitter feed is blocked
10:52 am
and i can sue someone it just seems preposterous. it's a fair point. the difference is we are talking about the president of the united states. and they had been a few federal courts over the last couple weeks that had recognized that when someone in an official capacity wearing a government hat blocks someone from a social media account than they are acting under color of law and that raises constitutional issues. i understand the concern by many that this is potentially a frivolous case. it's funny i actually had this debate with my son josh this morning. he said i need to understand why this is not frivolous. you have the president of the united states the most powerful federal official blocking people out of his twitter feed because he doesn't like what they have to say. some of the statements are going to be less socially relevant than others. there was a statement about power over the nuclear button and things like this. it is one of the inherent aspects of our constitutional
10:53 am
democracy. this is the first time a court has ever drawn the constitutional line of presidential power in the world this is the first time a court has ever drawn the constitutional line of presidential power in the world there not been taken off social media by being diving blocked by the president. how can you argue that their rights are being violated as opposed to them just getting their feelings hurt. i think the answer is because the cases that are on this level talk about the importance of being in the right time in the public square of opinion it is not okay for someone to be told you can't be in the public square. you have to jump into the closet enclosure door and then you can figure the rest out later. has to be a reasonable time place and if you are not within the conversation especially when you are dissenting you are not going to be in that electronic public square. this is the first of its kind
10:54 am
to make as a court ever ruled on something like this. a couple of weeks ago the federal district court redone the road here ruled that a local politician was asking -- acting unconstitutionally when he threw them out of their facebook account. it will be very interesting to see. thank you so much i appreciate it. that is interesting. let's see what happens. be careful what you do it to liz on twitter. the controversy even to the golf course into a one bolton center court. whatever happened to venus williams. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste.
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see mick under the roof. the battle for the experience of the 37-year-old venus williams was no match for the use and power of marissa. i think i said that correctly. he defeated -- she defeated her in seven straight sets. she said she grew up watching venus and she calls her and inspiration she was graces in
10:59 am
the defeat saint she thinks there will be other opportunities i had practice it sometimes. i think on twitter people should weigh in. did she say it correctly or not. the teatime for the third round of the u.s. open is just minutes away. president trump getting a firsthand look at the action on friday. the first time a sitting u.s. president has watched the women play. the fact that they head at the golf club probably have something to do that. he plans to be back again today as they tee off on the final round. a little controversy over him being there. a busy weekend for president trump this guy is busy he does it sleep much.
11:00 am
and we know he has been calling senators and governors as well to talk about that. when he called the last time around. he is going to be on tomorrow on the show. 1:00 eastern to talk about his boat. we will see you tomorrow. president trump returning now from his third trip overseas. he is facing a slew of pressing issues including the bush -- the push to repeal and replace. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. the president is taking a step back from the russia controversy rush of controversy in this weekend he is attending the u.s. women's open golf tournament is being held at his own trump national


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