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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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his daughter had to track down we did because he wouldn't talk about it. thanks so much for watching. "watters world" is coming up next. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight ... president trump doubling down on his promise that mexico will pay for the border wall. in a "watters world" exclusive the chief of the u.s. border patrol sits down in her first on tv interview. >> don't tell us you are crew crusading for an equal place at the table for women because you are not. jesse: women all over america
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very angrily about this. president over in france commemorating the 100th anniversary of the americans in what war? >> the cold war. jesse: ? true "watters world" tradition we hit the shores. welcome to "watters world," i'm jesse watters. politics and patriotism is the subject of tonight's watters word. did donald trump, jr. give the left ammo by taking this meeting with the russian lawyer? but has the left taken the ammo and shot themselves in the foot with it? yes, of course they have. >> this is moving into perjury, false statements and potentially treason. >> it's the white house in disarray. you have a mafioso.
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the family is in charge and we keep tonight our clan together. >> it led to this on "the five." i am sick of the press calling the trump family unpatriotic. let's remember what party defeated the soviet union while the democratic party was trying to mimic comp number of. the left has been cozying up to dictators for years giving out billions of dollars. the children tons were taking money from chinese nationals and selling satellite technology to the chinese that enabled their missile program to blow up. the media excluded with hillary clinton. president obama palling around with domestic terrorists.
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sitting in a church with an american-hating preacher. let me finish, juan. this country, any democrat elected official, he has created more jobs. he has created more wealth than anybody. and he's called far yeah and unpatriotic and it's absolutely shameful. this family is a patriotic family and what's happening now is a coups. jesse: newt gingrich pointed out the blatant hypocrisy perfectly. >> after nine months all is these hearings and investigations is
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the best we can couple with is a 20-minute meeting with a lawyer who had nothing to say there will be is zero relationship. by contrast we do know that a democratic national committee person flew to ukraine, worked with the ukrainian government and sought to get information on donald trump. and about paul manafort. i don't see mule per putting that on his list of investigation. i don't see that collusion bothering anybody. you want to talk emails? how about the 33,000 emails hillary clinton destroyed. how come that's not a crime. how about the fact that comey leaked documents that belonged to the f.b.i. in clear contravention of f.b.i. rules. how come that's not a big problem. how come bill clinton is getting a half million from a moscow bank. that's not a problem. how about the chairman's brother
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was a registered agent. how about millions going to the clinton foundation while the secretary of state approves 20% of our uranium being sold to the russians. the media is is a frenzy riding it to desperately seek something. jesse: during the campaign president trump promised to build the border wall, a promise he's sticking to. >> we'll build the wall. we already started planning. it will be built. i'm a builder. that's probably what i do best. i'med a builder. jesse: president trump said mexico would pay for the wall, he's making good on that as well. >> you want mexico to pay for the wall? >> i do. jesse: the president said that to the mexican president's face.
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he's coming up "new information to maximize safety. the wall will be see-through to give border guards more visibility. they are expected to construct 4 to 8 prototypes by the end of the summer. joining knee for her first on-camera interview the acting chief of the border patrol. many americans don't live close to the border so they don't understand the danger involved in the environment down there. please describe to them the cartel activity, the drug smuggling and the dangerous environment that poses such a threat and why it's so important to neutralize it. >> or men and women on front lines put themselves at risk every day as they are trying to protect this great nation. as you said, the cartels, the transnational criminal organization.
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they are worried about getting their product across the borders. whether it be people or narcotic. and it is an environment that our front line employees are at risk. they do a great job of protecting this nation and putting them their lives on the line day in and day out. jesse: which cartel is operating primarily down on the border region? >> we have numerous cartels that work in the area. but that is something we work closely with our partners in the intelligence community as we work to try to impact those cartels. jesse: the drugs being smuggled across, what are the top three drugs coming across. >> the largest numbers of marijuana, though that has been dropping. meth am get mine, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl are coming
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across the border. jesse: the border wall is going to go up pretty soon, we believe. now it could be see you-through to give people on the border some transparency so they can see things flying across. we have a picture of an incident, i believe it was in nogales, the border town. the woman was being dangled by smugglers over the top of the border wall. when the border patrol showed up, the smugglers dropped her there and left her hanging. the border wall will be much taller and it will prohibit digging under ground 6 feet deep. >> that's something we have used in the past to prevent digging underneath. i'm not certain what the height will be. i'm looking forward to see what
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fools we bring to the tool kit. jesse: president trump wants to make the side of the wall aesthetically pleasing that faces the united states. what is the main issue for people who are not familiar with the border that you would like to share with them. >> the great work our men and women do day in and day out to protect this country. they have a tough job to do and they do it to the best of their ability with limited resources. jesse: we are hearing the funding for the border wall may be held up by democrats in congress who don't want to fund it and they may shut the government down to stop funding the border wall. what would you say to them? >> i don't get involved in the funding portion of it. as accounting chief border patrol my job is to set requirement of what we need.
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jesse: but if you don't get the money, you won't have what you need. >> certainly. jesse: i hope they get that message. i want to play a quick sound bite from acting i.c.e. director who said this about president obama. i made it clear when you enter this country illegally you have committed a crime. those who enter the country illegally, in the past you had a feeling i am home free because i got past the border patrol and nobody is looking for me. we are going to enforce the law without apology. ess that's the message, enforcing the law. is that something you are hearing as well? >> we work closely with i.c.e. and that's the key to the success. we see enforcement works, that it has certainly had an impact.
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jesse: i wish and your colleagues safety down there. you have the support of "watters world." when the wall is under way i may go down there with a shovel and break ground. one of the leaders of the anti-trump movement is calling on americans to get violent and fight the right. the president kicks off france's bastille day parade. how much do americans know by the? >> what is your favorite french food? >> french fries of course. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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jesse: angry anti-trump protesters demanding the trump-pence regime must go.
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the protesters are part of a group called anti-fa short for anti-fascist. there they call for americans to get violent to out of president trump. the author writes it's time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about our tactics because you have no one else willing to fight for you. kevin who doesn't want to give his last name represents the anti-fa branch of boston. why don't want us to use your last name. what are you afraid of. >> you saw what happened with cnn. jesse: you are afraid if your name is out there, people will come to your house? >> of course.
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jesse: you told our producer, if violence is what it takes to bring about our goal, so be it. what do you mean by that? >> you are kind of taking my words out of context there. jesse: what did you say? >> you claimed i'm promoting violence. we only want violence in self-defense from people hop attack us at our peaceful protests. jesse: who has been attacking you guys. >> racists. >> clan members have been attacking you. >> right-wing trump supporters. jesse: how do you know if they are racist if they are trump supporters. >> because trump is racist. jesse: we don't see a lot of hand-to-hand * combat. we just see a lot of your crew
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smashing things and lighting things on fire. are you familiar with the violent actions your group perpetrated? >> you have got to take my word for it. it's in self defense against right-wing aggression. jesse: was it in self-defense when you firebombed a limousine during the inauguration? >> yes. jess report owner of the like seen is a muslim. >> a lot of violence is committed by right-wingers who seek to make us look bad. jesse: the muslim who fire bammed the limousine was trying to make you look bad how? >> it's the right-wing infiltrators. jesse: what about when one of your members stabbed a police
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horse in the neck with a knife. was the horse a racist trump supporter. >> the horse is a tool of the police, and the police under the trump administration have been increasingly intolerant, militarized. there have been so many cases of unarmed black men and women, our fellow pocs who have been shot, attacked and killed by these racists under the trump administration. jesse: i think they are trying to protect the safety of the citizens. why can't you peacefully protest like gandhi or martin luther king. >> we do peacefully protest. in the case of martin luther king. jesse: not from what i see on the video. >> when they were attacked they defended themselves.
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when martin luther king was shot and assassinated. jesse: i'm not comparing you to martin luther king. i was saying maybe you should try to adopt some of their tactics. ways your bottom-line goal? >> i like to keep it plain and simple. we want to smash the fasc. fascism, racism. jesse: who is the fascist? >> mainly right wingers who attack us. they are all over the internet. they have been emboldened by this aadministration. jesse: so you guys are like a self-defense group. who did you vote for in the election. >> i voted for hillary clinton. jesse: i'm sure she is proud to have you as a supporter.
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i don't know if the secret service is watching. maybe they should take a closer look at you. i wanted to vote for bernie sanders, the nomination was stolen from him. i could not let trump take the presidency. jesse: that's one thing i agree with you on, the nomination was stolen from bernie sanders. speaking of sanders, millennials flocked to a socialist platform during the election. but do they even know what socialism is? [♪]
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introducing xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. jesse: last year millennials across the country were feeling the bern in hopes of freeing everything under socialism. but do america's young people even if know what socialism is? our friends went to the campuses to find out. >> how do you define socialism? >> that he gets thrown around a lot. >> how would you view what socialism is? >> hmm -- >> economically. >> economically -- i will think about that for a second. i guess just specifically getting rid of that wealth gap
5:25 pm
in the united states. >> how would i describe it in as few words as possible? reporter: how would you define socialism? >> it's more an open form of government, and it feels like a lot more accessible to a lot more people. that's how i see it, being more accessible and people ground. reporter: what does that mean necessarily? >> to be quite honest i don't know. reporter: is socialism a good thing or bad thing. >> i think people throw that word around to scare you. >> trying to spread the wealth is a good thing in america. jesse: joining me now, the man with the microphone, cabot phillips. they don't know what socialism is but they love it.
5:26 pm
>> it's funny, but it's scary. they are the largest voting bloc in america. they are going to the polls without a view of what socialism is. president obama made mainstream this concept of spreading the wealth. and we have a liberal professor teaching revisionist history. jesse: i say where has socialism worked? if you look at venezuela, toilet paper is a luxury item. and for a while they had to go to a 2-day workweek because they wanted to save electric. >> the average venezuelan lost 3 pound -- lost 36 pounds in the last year.
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joe go to venezuela, and stop at cancun on your way. professors are not teaching what it is. they are teaching that socialism is social equality. jesse: i will not be sending my children to venezuela for spring break. msnbc trashing ivanka trump for wearing a pink dress at g0. jesus, kid rock and fake news coming up. and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through...
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pennsylvania. prior criminal records involve minor burglaries and traffic violations. dinardo and kratz are being held without bail. a hawaiian airlines inflight manager and his mother were killed in the blaze in a high-rise apartment building in honolulu. the building was built in 1971. it was not required to have a sprinkler system so it did not. i'm rob schmitt. now back to "watters world." ess type for real news you probably didn't hear this week. we begin with good news for house majority whip steve scalise who was shot by a deranged democrat.
5:32 pm
we wish steve scalise and his family a speedy recovery. if you haven't checked your 401k lately, give it a glance. the stock market is up 17% since election day. but course the trump boom is not covered by the mainstream media. a democrat threatening president trump on facebook. scott ham posting, i can't deal with you unintelligent people any more. go back to cling to your guns because you are afraid. trump is a half-term president, at most, especially if i ever get within 10 feet of that [bleep].
5:33 pm
the secret service is aware of the posting and is launching an investigation. shia labeouf going on a racist rant against the african-american cop who arrested him for disorderly conduct. he apologized saying he's been struggling with addiction for a long time. a painting of jesus was left hang in front of a mosque in new york. but police are investigating it as a hate crime. a picture of jesus is a hate crime. even the mosque leaders are not offended by the imagery of jesus christ. they say it's a teaching moment between muslims and christians.
5:34 pm
a startup company in china which allows people to pay a deposit and rent an umbrella just announced they lost just about all of their 300,000 umbrellas in the first week of operation. aren't the gps trackers worth more than the umbrellas themselves? communism, ladies and gentlemen. now some fake news. a photograph of president trump rinsing to president putin has gone viral. the trouble is the photo is fake. putin wasn't even present and was photo shopped into the photo. here is the real photo. president putin was nowhere in sight. but the fake photo is views by hundreds of thousands of people. kid rock announced he's going to run for senate in michigan.
5:35 pm
kid said the following on his website. once again the press is wrong. first of all, i have got 15 days from my announcement to file paperwork with the fec. i'm not signed to warner brothers. simple fact-check would go have revealed. trump can be president, surely kid rock can be senator. last week ivanka trump sat in briefly for president trump and held his seat as one of the g-20 meeting. many people got madh a mad -- gd at her for sitting in his seat and said they are dress was too
5:36 pm
girly. >> i don't he mean to sound sexist and comment on what women wear. the fact that she sat in for her pathher -- for her father in a s that's so ornamental. that's a dress designed to show off your girliness. god bless her, show it off. but don't then tell us you are crusading for women with an equal place at the table because you are not. joe * can you only not wear pink if you are a liberal? and can feminists wear pink? jesse: when you start with i don't mean to sound sexist, but
5:37 pm
usually what follows is not good. >> she contradicted herself. not only her make comments about how girly ivanka trump's dress was according to feminist terms. but joan walsh called for rex tillerson and hr mcmaster to quit their positions because they as men didn't sit in for ivanka, a one and. jesse: i'll be waiting for those resignation letters. what's wrong with wearing pink if you are a feminist. >> i don't think there is anything wrong with wearing pink. if you do talk to liberals and democrats and people who are self-defined feminists, they talk about the policy issues, and the policy issues are clear. she has made inroads on issues like paid maternal leaves.
5:38 pm
but on on ther issues this administration is anti-feminist. who in their right mind as a democrat will expect to support ivanka trump. she is part of the administration that is anti-democrat. jesse: i think ivanka is considered more of a moderating influence on her father. wouldn't you agree, katie? >> so-called feminists wants to define feminism in way they see fit while claiming to represent all women. it's all about anti-capitalism big government socialist policies. the number one policy they care about, they don't care about the economy or jobs for women, they care about abortion. because ivanka trump hasn't come
5:39 pm
out as a staunch supporter of abortion, they can't support her. family leave gives woman hand up instead a handout. feminists at the beginning of the movement claimed that was the goal. >> this president came into office and issued an executive e order revoking the fair pay act. he revoked the fair pay and equal work act. you can talk about what you want about defining feminism but you can't say the trump administration has a feminist agenda. jesse: all i know is i am wearing pink and i consider myself some of what a feminist. still ahead. bastille day. we hit the jersey shore for a classic "watters world" quiz on
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jesse: bernie sanders made big
5:44 pm
waves in the 2016 election, leading his campaign with promises like this. >> i'm not a fan of the bank. they trample on the middle class. why do they chain all the pens to the desk? who is trying to steal a pen from the bank. jesse: that wasn't bernie sanders. >> that idea is to make public colleges and universities tuition frye free for every person in new york state, in vermont, and in america. i am fighting break up the large banks upon wall street. as soon as we defeat this disastrous bill, i will be introduction a medicare for all single payer program. jesse: but our guest says those
5:45 pm
promises were fake and all he did was steal votes away from hillary. i want to lead with the news here. bernie's wife under f.b.i. investigation. if felt guilty do you think she deserves to go to jail or do you think they are getting special treatment? >> i don't think they are getting special treatment. the f.b.i. is investigating. whether or not she goes to jail it's not something i could say or would have the right opinion. the degree of guilt and what was done, and if it is true she defrauded the banks pore made promises or statements which weren't true, but that's something that prosecutors were have to decide and i trust they are doing their job.
5:46 pm
jesse: maybe that's why bernie said he didn't care about hillary's emails. i want to move on. you are running against bernie sanders because you say he's a phoney. why is bernie a phoney? >> i'm not sure that's the central word i would use. i was listening to the clip you said when he said he was fighting for, to break up the banks. yet when i read the daily news interview and they asked him about that, he said i don't know, i haven't looked at that. he talked about single payer. it's a great idea. i would like to promise free healthcare, preprescription and tuition and cars, but if i don't have a plan or working to enact those things, then what good are they?
5:47 pm
it's just rhetoric. jesse: i have been to vermont so many times and it, such a beautiful state. and they elect some socialist like bernie who has crazy ideas, what's going on in vermont? >> vermont is a wonderful state and the people are wonderful and intelligent. i think bernie represents an ideal. jesse: an expensive ideal. >> but it's an ideal. i don't think people really support bernie sanders. most of people who know bernie or try to work with him have been put off by his arrogance and unwillingness to work with people. jesse: why do you think he's so arrogant? >> he represents to people as someone who stands up and speaks truth to power and represents the lit portland man.
5:48 pm
jesse: you are saying bernie doesn't really represent the little man? >> i don't he does. he has wonderful rhetoric that would help the little man, but he hasn't enacted any of these plans. he hasn't given plans how he's going to do it. when i talked about caring for the homeless. it's not just saying the homeless ought to be cared for. i started five homeless shelters. jesse: it looks like you may be coming up in the polls. bernie may be feeling the bern. good luck. we asked bernie sanders to joins on "watters world" but we never heard back. president trump back in france this week celebrating bastille day in paris. "watters world" hit the peach to see what americans know about our french history. who did america fight in world war i. >> the french.
5:49 pm
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jesse: president trump in france this week to celebrate bastille day in the city of lights with french president emmanuel macron. it commemorates the start of the french revolution. we have a long history with the french. but how much do americans know about it? i head to the jersey shore to find out. happy bastille day. >> thank you very much. i don't know what you mean by that.
5:53 pm
jess require' the french july 4. >> that sounds cool. jesse: president trump over in france commemorating the 100th anniversary of americans in what war? >> the cold war. jesse: the cold war ended 20 years ago. >> maybe the revolutionary war? jesse: why would trump go to france to commemorate the revolutionary war. >> i embarrassed myself already on that. >> world war ii. >> world war i. jesse: very good. >> unseasonture -- one century ago the united states entered world war i. jesse: who did america fight in word war i. >> the french. jesse: they are on our side. >> france is america's oldest ally.
5:54 pm
many people don't know that. >> world war i? jesse: tell me about napoleon. >> dynamite? >> what are you doing? trying to make me look like a frigin idiot. he thought he was better than everyone else. there is and syndrome everyone named that after. my bops is like that. jesse: you are on television right now. >> probably not a good idea. jesse: you speak in french. >> i speak the language. just try. jesse: what do you do really well that's french. >> french kiss. jesse: what is your favorite french food?
5:55 pm
>> french fries of course. >> tasty waves and cool buds and i'm fine. >> your freeze are very good. appreciate you bringing them to america. jesse: i don't think the french fries are french. jesse: do you know who i am? >> no. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. >> really? jesse: really. i don't know if you noticed, the collar wasn't up. i am thinking about retiring the pop collar. follow me@"watters world" and hashtag bring it back or rip
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ess type for your tweets of the week. the best bumper music on fox news is "watters world." squirrel master writes. jesse is the kid in class who raises his hand for every question because he thinks he knows the answer but he gets it wrong. finally, you have all been making comments on twitter about a maroon blazer i wrote calling me ron burgundy in anchorman. i don't see the resemblance at all. stay classy. that's all for us tonight.
6:00 pm
follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice," washington judgment on russian collusion. >> i have dubbed them the criminal clan along time ago. judge jeanine: the establishment and the left in a feeding frenzy, but the double standard has me fuming. it's tonight's opening statement. >> we have a lot of issues. judge jeanine: the president's deputy assistant come out fighting in defense of his commander-in-chief. >>


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