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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  July 16, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice," washington judgment on russian collusion. >> i have dubbed them the criminal clan along time ago. judge jeanine: the establishment and the left in a feeding frenzy, but the double standard has me fuming. it's tonight's opening statement. >> we have a lot of issues. judge jeanine: the president's deputy assistant come out fighting in defense of his commander-in-chief. >> what we are not entitled to
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do is say it's so illegal when we hear all of that. judge jeanine: liberal lawyer alan dershowitz joins me. i'm here at the bible museum in washington, d.c. we'll see what it looks like even before it opens. we'll have an exclusive sneak peek at this incredible spiritual experience in our nation's capital. "justice" starts now. welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. sebastian gorka and alan dershowitz are my special guests. the museum of the bible is under construction in washington, d.c. the democrats in this country
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are so freaked out we elected a president who calls it the way he sees it and not the way the so-called mainstream media and political establishment on both sides of the aisle do that they wake up hysterical every day welling, the russians are coming. russians are coming. there is collusion everywhere, america is under attack. our way of life is coming to an end and chicken little in the sky are falling. >> you see that's how we got to america. >> the russians have landed. >> we are under attack by russians. >> the russians are attacking the airport. >> we haven't got a chance. >> get out of the way. judge jeanine: his hysteria has nothing to do with russia and
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everything to do with donald trump. their hatred and intolerance and venom for him. if it doesn't stop, the democrats will be responsible for the demise of a workable and effective government for the people. we cannot go four more years with russia, russia, russia, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. nancy pelosi in the thick of it. >> after these latest revelations it's becoming clear we suffered a desecration of our democracy not seen since watergate. judge jeanine: a december kraiption of our democracy. say what? so donald trump, jr., a political neophyte gets an email from a friend saying he has information that would incriminate hillary and her dealing with russia that would
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be useful to his father who is running for president. he has a meeting. and the suggestion end up with rescinding the ban on russian adoptions. but now the hug hue and cry, int him for treason and finance campaign donations. there is no law that says a campaign cannot accept information from a foreign government. if that were the case, everyone on a campaign who talks to a foreign national is committing a crime. for you geniuses out there, there can be no treason since we are not at war with russia. by the way, the dnc and hillary excluded with the ukrainians to get information on trump at the same time. and real covert operatives who understand meddling in other country's elections say this is
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not how russia would meddle in the election. >> it's not how it's done. the russians are masters at this kind of thing. they know exactly what they are doing. and it would be done in the dead night and you wouldn't see any evidence of it. it would not happen in the midland of a senate office building in broad daylight. judge jeanine: now done jr don,s at fault. if the devil called me and said he wanted to set up a meeting to give me opposition he search on my opponent, i would be on the first trolley to hell to get it. any politician who tells you otherwise is a bald faced liar. hillar -- barack obama impose
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sanctions on russia for hacking the dnc. he knew what the russians were up to but kid nothing because he and the pollsters thought hillary would win. he thought there was no need to jeopardize his great relationship with russia. it was obama in 2009 who gave it reset button to make nice with russia. and he knew about the hacking and possible impact on the election, he says he told putin to cut it out. i don't even think he said that. so the russians hacked the dnc emails exposing two-face hillary and her lies. donna brazile giving hillary questions for the debate. and barack does nothing.
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why? for your information, meddling in another country's election is not new to the united states. barack obama's state department gave $300,000 to a not-for-profit in israel to defeat netanyahu. for all you snowflakes out there the u.s. has been middling in other elections in other countries for decades. >> we staged a coups in guatemala a number of decades ago where we overthrew the government god malla. we replaced the elected government of iran with the shaw in 1953. we have literally deposed leaders and replaced them with people who would do what we wanted them to. jess require was obama who reneged on the missile defense plan for polled and europe.
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he thanked for the gift he gave russia. what did obama prr mean when he said this. >> after my election i'll have more flexibility. >> i will transmit the information to sli to vladimir. judge jeanine: what message was he sending to peninsul sending ? you tell me. consider this. after drawing red line in the sand should assad use chemical weapons on his people in syria. he goes out like a wurks se and does nothing. he then puts putin in charge of
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overseeing the plim nation of chemical weapons in syria. putin puts pressure on obama to let him but continue handle the situation for his friend and ally assad. and we put the fox in charge of the hen house, and clearly failed since chemical weapon elimination dead lines were missed repeatedly. so folks, it's barack obama who is pals with putin. he watched as russia invaded in the ukraine and the crimean peninsula in 2014. and it was his department of justice that let in the russian lawyer veselnitskaya without a visa, and aloud her to sit in the front rove a congressional hearing.
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it was under barack obama that 20% of our uranium was sold to putin with $145 million kickback to the clinton foundation that was a criminal end price with a money laundering operation and a $500,000 speech fee paid to bill clinton by a kremlin-connected company. i for one am sick and tired of russia, russia, russia. put up or shut up. and a message to those republicans in congress. you have did nothing when the democrats assaulted our democracy with fast and furious, the sales of weapons to the mexican cartels, the clinton town case, the safe our uranium to russia. susan rice lying about benghazi. i want loretta lynch, and
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hillary clinton and the rest that gang under oath. start working for us the american people. that includes healthcare. otherwise, you are no better to us than the democrats. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter hashtag judge jeanine. good evening, dr. sebastian gorka. >> let me take my blood pressure medicine. that was quite an intro. judge jeanine: you had quite a week. you and the mainstream media have been going at it. >> we had some fun. we have a great team. but i'm glad to support them and it was fun this week. judge jeanine: you told cnn that
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"nick at night" beats them the ratings. cnn13, fox of course is number of one, and nick at night. comedy shows and reruns are ahead of cnn in if the fake news industrial complex. judge jeanine: the president is a man who works 20 out of 24 hours a day. you guys i'm sure haven't had sleep since he got in there. it's got to be frustrating that you can't get out to the american people what they are doing and they are doing to help us out because of this meddling by the mainstream media. >> i see it a little bit differently. we live inside the bubble. but if you get out of the bubble. the mainstream -- america that
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elected the president to be the commander-in-chief. they know exactly what they are doing, and they couldn't care less. this russia, russia collusion delusion is irrelevant. people seat jobs coming back and the price of gas. they see the fact that this week we destroyed the caliphate. that should be the news. cnn, the rest of the mainstream media, it's russia, russia, russia. they talk more about russia than america. it's like photograph today than the cold war. that's why the president temperatures twitter feed is so important. he jumps over them and tells the american people, we are making america great again. judge jeanine: there is no fear or concern on the part of this president working with putin. it's like he can let all this noise around him, he can go like
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this and brush off his shoulder and do business. it seems if we can work with putin to fight isis, we are doing it. >> the president is a patriot and pragmatist. he looks at relations with moscow with a steely eye. my father was arrested and tortured and imprisoned by communists. along with america we are the two most of powerful nuclear nations in the world. and we would like to have some kinds of cooperation with key issues like syria and isis. if people think that's a bad idea, then they don't understand how the world works. judge jeanine: the nuclear deal obama did, the $150 billion, they are yelling death to america.
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the media could care less. their hatred for donald trump is so intense it's almost prior to thenning. >> think about all these people obsessing on fake news. literally lies. not one piece of evidence of anything done illegally by the trump campaign or this administration despite hillary clinton, her husband, the dnc, ukrainian government totally complicit in shady deals. but what do they want to talk about? the people criticizing us now were for the iran deal, told mitt romney during the debates, russia? really? the 1980s want their foreign policy back. these people have no integrity. but we don't care because we are keeping to the agenda that got donald j. trump elected. this isn't a distraction.
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people think this what we talk about in the west wing. we couldn't care less. we are pushing forward to make america great again. judge jeanine: colonel david hunt is still ahead tonight with a closer look at the progress the administration is doing in taking down isis once and for all. liberal lawyer and hillary clinton supporter alan dershowitz is with us with a take you might find surprising. i invite you to join me for what was truly a spiritual experience for me. a sneak peek inside the museum of the bible in washington, d.c. i put on my hard hat for a tour of this incredible building. >> 150-foot long digital ceiling. the future isn't silver suits and houses on mars,
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it's right now. think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. ian * republican senator john mccain's office says he's resting comfortably after undergoing surgery to remove a
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blood clot from above his right eye. operation was a success and the information will be back soon. the big question, what effect will this have on the senate healthcare bill. meantime, the liberal feeding frenzy continues with nonstop attacks on the trump administration over the russian controversy. my next guest is a prominent harvard law professor and liberal author who was also a hillary clinton supporter, and he says he doesn't see any crime at this point in donald trump, jr.'s behavior. good evening, professor. >> i'm shocked as a civil libertarian how liberals are prepared to stretch existing laws and talk about treason and other kinds of crimes that just don't exist when it comes to the facts as we know them about this
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meeting. so i'm going to keep insisting we stop accusing people of crime when there is no evidence of crime. judge jeanine: let me be a little more specific. under the campaign finance laws, there is a claim that if you get something of value -- and they are alleging information from a value from a foreign national could be stretched out to mean words, is that something that's ever been prosecuted? >> of course not. if it were to be prosecuted the first amendment would trump. candidate has a right to get information from whatever source the information comes it's like the "new york times" publishing the pentagon papers or the washington post publishing material stolen by snowden and manning. you don't prosecute the newspaper and you don't prosecute the candidate or the cad's son. if the material was obtained unlawfully you prosecute if you
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can the people who obtain the material. but there is a first amendment right of a candidate to use information. you can't include information under the campaign finance law, that would be unconstitutional. judge jeanine: let's talk about treason. how can they even use the word treason in you have got nancy pelosi and the rest of them. nancy pelosi said after these latest revelations it's clear we suffered a desecration of our democracy conclusion has been proven. >> collusion is not a crime unless it's committing a criminal act. but the treason thing upsets me. when we with wrote our constitution the british were using treason broadly against their kings. so the writers of the
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constitution put a very narrow definition of treason. it is waging war against the united states. it's inconceivable that anybody with knowledge of the constitution or american history would argue a private citizen by securing information from for a campaign created treason. we ought to stop talking about it. we are miseducating american people. we are mix educating young people. young people could to me and say is it really treason? young people are looking at the constitution these days. a kid asked me about the emollients clause. she thought it was a facial cream. so we are going to learn a lesson. but it's so dangerous to democracy to throw around these
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criminal law terms and accuse people willy-nilly it was just as bad in my view when they did it to hillary clinton when they yelled lock her up and tried to expand the espionage clause. judge jeanine: because we need to go, i want to tell everyone there is no doubt you are an equal opportunity critic. tell us the name your upcoming book. >> it's called "trumped up" and the criminal zaiftion politics and how dangerous it is to democracy. it will also be about congressman delay. and stanley what's his name. this can't be a crime. judge jeanine: professor alan dershowitz, thank you so much
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for being with us tonight. colonel david hunt is still ahead. the resistance and its russian obsession. we are standing by with the real news making news out of washington this week. i'm here at the museum of the bible about to go in. we are at the hard hat stage. going forward this place is going to open in november.
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i'm robert gray, now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: president trump taking to twitter earlier today to slam what he labels a russian hoax story and hailing the surging stock market since his inauguration. political analyst amy holmes and chris hahn.
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one of the things i want to talk about is the fact we have this breaking news that senator mccain following a routine physical underwent a pro see diewr to remove a blood clot from above his left eye it appears he's in good health. but in light of what's going on with the healthcare bill, i'm not sure how it affects it. if there are only 99 instead of 100 senators. and if senator mccain was one of the senators with a reservation about the healthcare bill. it's quite possible if the vote is held this week, it might actually go through. 50 out of 99. >> i don't know. judge jeanine: do you think he will come out of the hospital to vote? >> they have wheeled people in to vote.
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it happened before. >> mitch mcconnell won't let that vote go. judge jeanine: he's a republican with a reservation. >> they can only afford to lose two republicans. judge jeanine: if we lost someone we didn't have in the first place. >> you want to change the world with 49 votes? judge jeanine: they changed the world with the nuclear option. i'm going to ask you to look at a full screen we have got. nominations and con per nations sent to the senate first term through june 30. obama had 336 nominations and got 186 approved through the end of june and president trump 50. are you proud of that, chris? >> the president has to send the nominations to the senate. judge jeanine: he has, 242.
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>> if you look at where he was in may, it was 120. most of of these people are not filling out their paperwork the proper way. judge jeanine: so everybody was a genius in the obama administration. >> it's a stated strategy of the democrats in the senate to obstruct this president. that's what you are seeing happening to president trump with his nominees. but you know who hurts the most? the american people who don't have the nominees in their positions to do the work. >> we had this conversation many times. he is not sending the nominations in a timely way. way. president obama -- judge jeanine: you are saying these numbers are not accurate. that we don't have 242 in front of the senate? >> they just got there.
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if. judge jeanine: how do you explain chuck schumer and the resistance? >> it worked for mcconnell and it will work for them. judge jeanine: the numbers defy our saying. republicans agreed with 186. >> the republicans had 59 votes. >> which means democrats had more power to obstruct the president's nominees. we saw democrats particularly again senator schumer who didn't like that president's nominees and was raising the possibility of a religious test. >> i worked for him and it never happened. >> he said catholic nominees on the abortion issue of should have to explain that on roe versus wade and it was raising the spectre of a religious test.
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>> when you and i worked in the senate the republicans and democrats talked to each other and a republican president would work out ther to the democratic leader and say let's work on this together. judge jeanine: donald trump has invited them all to the white house. he brought them there, and barack obama didn't even have his own team in the white house. >> when gorsuch was taken up to the hill there were democratic senators who refused to meet with him. >> i don't agree senators should not see a cabinet nominee. there were some of them taking stances for ridiculous reasons on that. judge jeanine: did you hear alan dershowitz saying there is no such thing and treason conclusion, nancive pelosi it's
12:37 am
clear sean expires within reince priebus, paul ryan are liable for aiding and abetting and could be prosecuted and go to jail. what's wrong with your party. what's wrong with them? >> i'm a st. john's lawyer so i don't like it when harvard lawyers try to tell me about the law. judge jeanine: he's brilliant. >> it's absurd. we couldn't even charge johnny jihad with treason. thanks for being with us tonight. my exclusive look inside the museum of the bible coming up. museum of the bible coming up. isis and north korea, and
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you won't see these folks at the post office. museum of the bible coming up. isis and north korea, and they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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judge jeanine: a big win over isis in iraq. u.s.-backed iraqi forces were able to recapture that's one trims second largest city mosul after a month-long siege. joining me now for what's ahead in the fight. we are look at this map. january 2015, what appears in red or orange is the isis caliphate. >> the other part of the caliphate was in syria. but this shows how much territory iraq lost to isis in a three-year period. over a third of the country was gone. judge jeanine: and the big cities. why don't you tell us what's going on.
12:43 am
>> they were within 60 miles of baghdad. iraqi army ran off the battlefield. it took almost three years to get them up to where we are in mosul. difference had been the administration took a lot of the restrictions off. let the commanders do a lot more bombs and more aggressive. and we got through mosul probably 60 days ahead of schedule. judge jeanine: at least now we have a president who gives the men and women in the field to do what they need to do. give them more decision making and he's following through and what he said he would do. >> he's not interfering with the secretary of defense. it's a big deal it hasn't happened in my lifetime. what's happened is you have got a restricted battlefield with
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rules of engagement that get guys killed. i'm hoping the example being set will be carried through the chain of command. one of the reasons the battle ended so quickly is the military was allowed to do a lot more. judge jeanine: what happens now, is iraq in a position to defend itself? >> that is the question. here is the military with the kurds and the iraq and military with all the bombs we dropped, it was never in doubt we would eventually get isis out. the question was what do you do with the failed state of iraq and syria. a failed state equals terrorism. and that question has not been answered. judge jeanine: what does this mean to americans? >> isis on the run is good for us. it makes it a little bit safer.
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without solving what happens in iraq and syria it won't go away. judge jeanine: you were stations for six years in korea. and what was that that we were doing? >> i was a company commander and i worked on the staff during the olympics. judge jeanine: this week the president of south korea, moon jae-in suspended the defense system the pentagon rushed to give hem in north korea hit them. >> it's a terrible political decision made by south korea. china didn't like the and it may have been provocative to north korea. but the issue is this black line.
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137-mile line. along that is 155,000 pieces of artillery and rockets. the city of seoul, 10 to 30 million people is 30 miles from that. there is more artillery than anywhere in the world. seoul is held hostage to anything we decide to do. judge jeanine: wouldn't the president of south korea say i need every protection i can get? and if he thinks kim jong-un is going to see -- >> you understand the politics better than i do. but we had a brand-new president kicked out of south korea. politically probably a lot of pressure. and as you know, the south koreans aren't nearly as concerned about north korea as
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we are because they have been doing it for 50 years. we have 30,000 soldiers in south korea. judge jeanine: your exclusive look at the yet to open museum of the bible. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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ian * this week i toured the museum of the bible in washington, d.c. i want you to take a look at this. i was blown away. they gave me this scarf and hard hat. >> we all need to wear a hard hat. so i made this glitzy hat. judge jeanine: it's going to open in november, you are not going to believe what you are about to see. what are we seeing here? >> 150-foot long digital
12:52 am
ceiling. judge jeanine: is that noah's ark? >> we have all kind of biblical art. this could be the sistine chapping or it could just be a nighttime sky. anything that would bring to mind the bible. judge jeanine: the whole idea of the last supper and sistine chapel will be reflected in the ceiling here? >> right. judge jeanine: what is the significance of the dark marble, then it gets lighter. >> you can see it gradually turns into lighter marbles. the further we go into the museum it turns darkness into light, just like the bible. judge jeanine: year on the
12:53 am
impact floor where it will show the bible's impact on all areas of life. western concepts of justice are road in the bible. but god continually forgive. in that vein there are career criminals we are seeing up here who devoted themselves to the bible, and studies show recidivism rates are lower when they study the bible. for those of you who may not not, i love fashion. little did i know the bible has such a big impact on fashion. a number of fashion designers use the bible as a source to generate ideas. the museum of the bible
12:54 am
nicaragua ram women's silk scarf, displays the calligraphy compiled forly turning cal use. you are going to see for the first time its unveiling. the liberty bell. it has scripture from leviticus. it's 3,300 pounds and it's beautiful it was cast in the same foundry as the original liberty bell. this as close as you get to the original. i'll ring it, i think. does it ring? it does ring? what you just heard is a perfect e flat which the original liberty bell was tuned to as well. but no one has heard that since
12:55 am
846. the liberty bell is cracked. it was last heard in honor of george washington's birthday. but today at the museum of the bible you can hear it as though you were there hundreds of years ago. >> this is the finished theater. the walls are weavey. the most of fun part is the walls and the ceiling are digitally mapped which means we can create whatever atmosphere we want in this theater. just at the touch of a button. judge jeanine: absolutely beautiful. i'm so blown away by this. this is just spectacular.
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>> before we end the show tonight, i wanted to share an experience i had a a few weeks ago in nevada where sheriffs from around the country gathered and where i was privileged to speak. for the first time in a long time, now under president trump, members of law enforcement are finally starting to to feel that they are a part of what makes america great. that's it for us tonight. remember to the friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter and on instagram at judge underscore janine.
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thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld's show is next. see you next saturday night same time, same place, same me. ♪ ♪ >> aren't you a republican? >> i am a republican, but i'm not going to be a republican anymore. i've got to become an independent. [applause] greg: guess what? the independents don't want you either. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: silence. another day, another russian appears with a name that i can't pronounce. [laughter] and the media clutches their pearls like a nun eyeing crop tops at forever 21. [laughter]


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