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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you can dvr the show if you think you might be doing something else on sunday morning. we are back next sunday 11:00 a.m. eastern with the latest buzz. [♪] character * consideration of the healthcare bill has been delayed for a week while senator john mccain is recovering from a medical procedure. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. arthel: majority leader mitch mcconnell was planning a vote to advance the bill to the floor. but without senator mccain's vote it could go down to defeat. reporter: republicans have had two of their own who say they man to vote against this bill,
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and any more defections would essentially kill this bill. senators have expressed concerns over the bill and tried to make changes swinging the deal. it may give mitch mcconnell more time to make those deals and give the administration more time to convince republican governors who have come out against the revised bill. here is tom price on "sunday morning futures." >> our concern is to make sure every single american has access to the coverage they want for themselves and their families. the bill has changed significantly. so there is significant opportunity for that goal to be accomplished. the. arthel: there has been a full-court press across the board.
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is the gop leadership any closer to getting the votes they need for this to pass? >> we know of a number of amendments that have been add to win over those conservative lawmakers. but at this point ensue and collins of maine who is one of the two senators who plans to vote against the bill says she is not ready to rule out mitch mcconnell. >> there are a lot of us who have concerns about the bill. on the senate side i would estimate there are about 8-10 republican senators who have deep concerns. but how this would translate out i'm not certain. and i never underestimate leader mcconnell's skills. >> the white house has been heavily involved in this effort as well. and it will give them more time to lean on republicans to come in and support it.
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arthel: joining us is congresswoman marcia blackburn. of course we want to start and say we wish senator mccain a full recovery. a very strong man and we want him to heal well. let's start here with you, how do you think this delay affects the senate's healthcare bill? >> i believe it gives the senate the opportunity to work a little bit more on the bill. they will get their cbo estimate tomorrow. and that will give them a few days to do some fine-tuning. once senator mccain is back to full health and returns to d.c., they will be able to call their vote. i know they are looking forward to it. we want to begin the process and arthel, it's important to realize it's a process it's going to take us a couple years to get everything off the books and retore our nation's
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healthcare understand and healthcare delivery systems to full health and centered on the patient instead of the government. >> do you support the latest draft of the senate gop bill or are there areas of concern for you? >> there are areas of concern for me as there are for many. i'll also want to make certain that the states who have been telling us for years, our governors and our state, elected officials saying send medicaid to us. we can deliver a better product at a more affordable cost and take better care, making certain individual have access to affordable care. our states, we want to make certain we do send medicaid back to the states. >> you are no fan of obamacare. given the uphill battle to to repeal and replace it, is it
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time to start looking at fixing the faulty elements of obamacare? >> what we have learned is that this is structurally flawed. there is no way to fiction this marketplace except to take the health insurance aca marketplace down. right now when you are looking at in the 2018 insurance year. 44% of the nation's counties will have only one or no provider of a marketplace understand plan. so that means that you are putting individual in those counties in the cross-hairs, if you will, for irs penalties and with lack of access to a marketplace compliant plan. so it's unfair to penalize them. and it's unfair to turn to them and say others have subsidies, but you don't because you have no marketplace plan. it is 44% of our nation's
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counties that would find themselves in that position. so preserving the status quo doesn't work. this is structurally flawed. we voted 26 times to amendment portions of the affordable care act. what that has not done is fix it. because you can't fiction this. you need to take it off and start over. arthel: are you willing to work with democrats on a new healthcare bill? >> absolutely. we continue to invite and encourage our democrat colleagues to work with us on this so when we do the repairs that are necessary for the affordable care act and move to a new posture, it's something that's going to be workable and provide certainty and stability for the health insurance marketplace and the delivery systems, and also for the reimbursement systems for our healthcare providers.
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so doing this in a bipartisan way is something that's much preferred rather than having it be something that is just a partisan battle? arthel: right now you have got all the democrats saying no to the current draft of the gop bill. >> it's disappointing to me. many times they will come to you and say we know something has to be done. understand marketplace is imploding. health insurance premiums in my state, tennessee, have gone up 176% since this went into effect. you cannot sustain that. we also talked to constituent. yesterday in my district talking with individuals that are self-employed who would say i can't afford this insurance. i talked to one family with their premiums and deductibles combined together, they are out of pocket $30,000 before anything kicks in. now their combined household
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income is just over $75,000. it is very unaffordable. so you have to do something. our democrat colleagues. they are hearing the same thing. they know something has to be done also. i find it so unfortunate that it's become such a partisan debate, we are ready to do the fizz one items. let dr. price handle phase two with the things he can do. arthel: you know president trump cast doubt on the cbo scoring of healthcare. do you have confidence in the cbo score? >> we have a doubt about cbo because they were so far off base when they did the first scoring for obamacare. their estimates of the number of people they expected to be in the marketplace were so far off base. i know that i expect their estimates are going to be off again.
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bear in mind, 19 million americans chose to opt out or pay the penalty and not go into the affordable care act marketplace. cbo -- they just have not estimated that properly, and i don't think they are going to estimate it properly this time around either. but i look forward to hearing what they have to say. arthel: congresswoman marcia blackburn, enjoy the rest of your day. eric: president trump is criticizing the media and its coverage of the russian investigation. this as we keep learning more about who was at the meeting between donald trump, jr. and the russian lawyer. prime minister was joined by jared kushner and paul manafort, and by the russian lobbyist,
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rinat akhmetshin. and the rub sift rob gol goldste who set the meeting up. and one unidentified person. kevin corke near the trump national golf course where the president is attending the u.s. women's golf open today. the president keeps trying to compare hillary clinton's situation with his son's. can you explain? reporter: white house officials will tell you it's the clearest example of media hypocrisy. consider what happens there with the media treatment of his son. it was the clinton campaign that was accused of colluding with the ukraine government. and they say this just a clear example of hypocrisy to say the
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least. i want to say this. the white house will tell you hillary clinton is the subject of a lot of tweets by the president. hillary clinton can illegally get the questions to the debate but my son don is being scorned by the fake news media? and speaking of. it's i think pretty clear that questions remain about what don, jr. hoped to achieve by taking that meeting in the first place and whether it may have violated the law. chris: wasn't it soliciting something of value, the kremlin's effort to tip the election to donald trump. >> it's not a thing of value. there is never a case that says opposition research is a thing of value. reporter: it would be illegal to
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try to obtain something of value in that circumstance. this is one of those situation to be completely honest with you, it's a gray area of law. you heard jay sekulow say this has never been the case, at least legally speaking. eric: as far as the ukraine, it was a dnc consultant. they denied that. the democrats are ratcheting you have the pressure. what is the response to that? reporter: the white house is well aware at least from their perspective that this is political, it has been political, it will continue to be political for the foreseeable future. but they say they have to be mindful of the fact that this can get serious and ratchet it up quickly. in particular when you are talking about words being thrown around like obstruction and perjury.
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>> the meeting at first was only about russia, immigration policies, then adoptions. then he said there were 3 or 4 people. now we know there are many more people. i'm not sure why we take anybody in the senior level of the trump administration at their word. that's why it's important to question these individuals. reporter: very strong words from mark warner, the snore from virginia. now the implication is this is a serious matter that has to be managed very carefully. we are only at sunday and i think this will become bigger as we go throughout the day. trump is at the u.s. nationals women's final round.
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>> if the russians were going to hack the u.s. election system, the great spies of russia, vladimir putin, is he going to reach out to some television or movie producer or talent and put it in the pun email system and bring as many people as possible to a meeting at trump tower? give me a break. eric: that's corey lewandowski questioning whether this was orchestrated by moscow. bowters are saying it fits a pattern of secret propaganda to influence u.s. policy and it did that perfectly. chairman of the gatesstone institute in new york. how do the russians do it, how does this type of approach,
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could it potentially fit that strategy or not? john: i think the russians and chinese will try anything they can think of to gain access to key decision makers for all kinds of purposes. that's why this debate, those who say this was -- fits the pattern of a classic fsb operation. others say it looks like a bunch of much clowns trying to organize a clown convention. this is the world of counter intelligence. this is why people develop paranoia trying to determine whether somebody is a double agent or a mole. we don't know enough about any of this to come to a conclusion. the real issue is what exactly this lawyer, the lady who came to talk about had in mind.
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this is a serious issue for the russians. forget the 2016 elections. this an issue they have been concerned about ever since it was adopted. they retaliated in various forms. and it would not surprise me just like many lawyers with clients try to approach presidential campaigns, that they would try to approach the trump campaign. eric: in that email to donald jrp 0 to gold sphoan, she says she is a government lawyer. here is what a harvard professor is saying about this this morning. this was in the "washington post." from what we know about the meeting is in line with what intelligence analysts would expect an overture of a russian influence operation to look like.
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it bears the hallmarks of a russian intelligence soft pitch leaving room for plausible deniability in case it is rejected. you hit on the issue that goes beyond the magnitsky act. john: they worry it's a precedent for other sanctions that could be imposed against them. it accompanied the repeal of the janzen amendment. so they didn't get relief they wanted. look at this particular approach, if the quote you just read were accurate and they were looking for a response to see if
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people were open to a soft pitch, you have jared kushner leaving the meeting after 7 minutes. paul manafort work away on his blackberry. the meeting ending inconclusively. if it were an fsb operation be it obviously failed. as a government official and private citizen, over the years i talked to cia, fbi counter-intelligence people on any number of occasions when they asked me about people who contacted me. it comes in all different shapes and sizes. the meeting shouldn't have taken place. when they got the email it should have been sent to the campaign counsel. i think that would have stopped it right there. but for god's sake. at some point you have to ask what precisely is it they have done so far that we know of that they have done wrong? have they mishandled the communications strategy dealing with it? sure.
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but what is the underlying wrong they committed here? there is no answer to that. that's why you see democratic senators and others saying we have to get these people up here to testify under oath. eric: from your experience, how do you know what we are dealing with? john: i don't. people talk to me all the time. i guess i'm in trouble right now. i talk to all kinds of foreigners. i was just in berlin over the weekend and perhaps some of them were intelligence agents. i wish they would wear it on their foreheads because it's hard to tell. eric: i'm a fox news anchor journalist. that's all. arthel: a terrifying balancing act caught on camera. how a car ended up damaging from an overpass. a travel ban showdown. how the trump administration is
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fighting back against a judge's ruling that would let thousands of refugees in the country.
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[♪] eric: massive flagged outside of chicago today as the fox river
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continues to rise. they are desperately stacking sandbags and they have a long fight ahead because the waters are not expected to peak until tuesday. a heart-stopping image of a carper muched on the edge of a bridge. thankfully nobody was hurt. the car was recovered before it was fall off that overpass. congressman jim heinz introduced the free press act to rear on-camera briefings at the white house. he says the trump administration has held fewer briefings than the previous three administrations. arthel: the trump administration is asking the supreme court to step in to impose it travel ban.
9:25 am
it's fighting a ruling that could allow thousands who come in from largely muslim countries. >> the department of justice filed the petition asking the supreme court to step in and black the ruling of a hawaii judge and clarify the decision made by the supreme court last month. the supreme court handled the administration a partial win ruling it was reasonable for the government to enforce travel restrictions on people coming from those muslim majority countries if they did not have a claim of relationship with a person? the u.s. thursday judge derek watson
9:26 am
expand the list of family relationships to allow them to get in. and the department of justice says the court overstepped and they want the supreme court to settle it. the department writes quote, only this court can definitively settle whether the government's reasonable implement take is consistent with this court's stay. this is not the first time the travel ban has resulted in confusion. protestersed inned airports on the west and east coast when the first version of the ban went into effect. some expressed frustration again. >> i'm working here. my two kid are born here. my son is 16 years old.
9:27 am
and this is my country. why can't they come? why they are not allowed to come. reporter: the justices are on a three-month recess but will likely make a decision on this before they are back. they will answer the bigger questions on this ban in the fall. eric: as the russia investigation heats up, one of president obama's top officials susan rice is due in the hot seat on capitol hill. we'll have details on her expected testimony in russia and the unmasking of sources. we'll have the latest update on senator john mccain who had surgery that has delayed the vote to repeal and replace obamacare. we'll take a look next.
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arthel: welcome back to fox news welcome back the box is that when president obama's national security by sir susan rice is expected to testify on capitol hill tuesday. the house intelligence committee due to price rise on the unmasking of trump associates caught enter mailing during the 2016 election and whether she did anything illegal. let's bring in josh proctor, politics editor for the national journal. good to have you here. i was really focused on your last name, setting i missed her first name, which is the easy part. let's start here with the significance of ambassador rice testifying under oath. >> this is the first time she's testified before congress since leaving office. as we know, she was well known for not being fully truthful when she was national security adviser about the role or the origin of the benghazi attack. this is the first time shall be under a and under the gun before
9:33 am
the house intelligence committee. there's a lot at stake here for her credibility. it also, her comments that she made to msnbc a few months ago underscore the reason there may have been some unmasking was not for political reasons. it will also raise issues on whether there was a legitimate national security reason why she may have unveiled some of the names of people with of people at the time transition during the transition. arthel: what would be correct about the national security advisor being concerned about national security of the american people. >> that's a $64,000 question. if she did anything wrong and there's no proof she did, it would be for leaking information for strictly political reason if she wanted to basically smear the reputation unfairly of the trump administration. but it's also possible she saw some legitimate concerns she had national security adviser. she was being possible
9:34 am
connections perhaps with russian officials and russian representatives in the last week that she may have had some legitimate national security concerns about. there may have been a legitimate reason for her to unmask the names that we don't know the back story. she hasn't been fully open about it. keep in mind this is a closed-door hearing. we will not be watching this on fox news. the political impact may also be muted. >> let's talk about what will the house intel committee want to know. is there anything to discover that ambassador rice has in her dissent publicly? >> there's a lot to discover. she gave one major interview when it was revealed that she did in fact unmasked names about possible trump campaign officials. again, devil is in the details. did she have a legitimate reason to do so? what was the context for those revelations? that makes a difference if we are doing something legally and perfectly appropriate or something suspicious. what is going to be what the
9:35 am
republicans on the house intelligence committee will be trying to find out is whether this is about politics are legitimately about national security. arthel: she has some time, stop the identity of people so he's seething with the trump tie in a few well, with foreign connections. is there anything wrong with that again, ambassador rice wasn't the only national security adviser, the only person in higher government that had the same concerns. >> the reality is the past week as we find out more details about donald trump junior's meeting in jared kushner's participation in that meeting with certain russian representatives to find out more about what actually went on, whether there were more meetings, whether this is a legitimate scandal. it puts a lot of context into why rice was so concerned. we don't know the facts of what was going on with the trump
9:36 am
campaign and what was going on at the time of the transition, but it's certainly possible right of legitimate national security worries and i was the reason for some of the unmasking. without further facts and knowing publicly it's hard to know. arthel: are you concerned because you mentioned a couple times this committee is going to be held behind closed doors. they ask you what the potential in your mind a process of interviewing ambassador rice, breaking a long party divide and perhaps we the public not knowing what really happened. >> the political impact will probably take a little while. it might come from republicans on the committee. it may come from revelation in so far as the investigations are taking place. the political impact will really change the narrative about the obama administration handling that do not team in the trump white house possible connections to russia. that will be dealt with. we'll have an immediate
9:37 am
political impact from the hearing. arthel: i was really asking if you think the questions will be more due to their political unlike this? >> of course. this is the house intelligence committee. the former chairman was scrutinized for his partisan ties. adam schiff has taken heat insult for the committee has progressed less aggressively, which is looking at the same allegations. it will be part of same. there will be the polarization wasting for quite some time. arthel: i have to leave it there. josh crown sir, is that right? >> you got it. arthel: take care. eric: john mccain is in good condition after a sudden surgery on friday. we are told the doctors removed a blood clot about the senator's wife died. he's resting at home right now, looking forward to getting back to work they say. will carr has been tracking the story from los angeles.
9:38 am
>> .x-ray, eric. it started when senator mccain went in for a routine physical and found that he had a blood clot above his left eye. to keep them on the sideline now on the senate health care bill. mccain who has battled melanoma at least four times over the years is in good. in arizona according to his staff, the mayo clinic in phoenix releasing a statement that surgeons successfully removed the five-centimeter blood type during a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision. senator mccain treating last night thanks to mayo clinic for its excellent care. i appreciate your support and look forward to getting back to work. and so does mitch mcconnell released a statement that reads in part there were a few people tougher than my friend john mccain and i know he'll be back with the same. our thoughts are with cindy and his family, staff and the people of arizona. the senate will delay consideration on the gop health
9:39 am
care bill. mccain's vote which he has yet to pledge is crucial to the bill survival. senator mccain expressed reservation about the revised senate bill, but there is no doubt it is critical. senator jeff flake treating john mccain is the most tenacious and resilient man i know. i look forward to seeing him back to work soon. mccain is now waiting for pathology results before he decides on his next step. eric: of course we wish the senator the very best in stays and watches the fox news channel all day. thank you. >> we were senator mccain well of course. despite the latest health care delay, the trump administration is standing behind a confident that it will pass. our panel weighs in on the bill's chances straight ahead. and first, it was memos. now we could be getting a whole
9:40 am
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everything computes. arthel: former fbi director james comey is looking to cash in with a book deal. "the new york times" reports comey has been talking with different publishers who were willing to pay big money for his memoirs. the book will reportedly cover for his dealings with the trump administration with the search for truth. eric: the senate pushing back a vote on the health care bill yet again. this of course after senator john mccain is recovering from surgery and successfully removed a blood clot above his left eye. the gop's margin in the senate is just to razor thin without anyone missing and delaying it. can they get it done? a former executive director which is the principal procrit and super pac and 2016.
9:45 am
adam goodman, republican strategist, fellow at tufts university. welcome, both. let me start with you. they treat the bill. they are offering the bare-bones policies. they kept the obama obamacare taxes. does this delay and for the senate we wish them well, but in no way does this delay helped him get past the finish line? >> it just may because right now we've got in the health care system, a car with bad brakes. fairly down the road. just a matter of time before the brakes don't work him in the back seat of that car are her children because is our children who will get it right between the eyes in terms of a health care explosion that is out of control. medicaid is more than doubled in eight years. we have medicare 77 million baby boomers coming in with what they will receive in benefits than $20 trillion national debt.
9:46 am
we have to get something done to control the spiraling cost of whatever happens here, we've got to get that under control for everything else in the american experience frankly. >> how they get that done? susan collins. a no vote because of those who rely on medicaid. the democrats now potentially could work with the republicans. we will finally get a bill together. >> yes, i think they have been making notes for a while msn msn sure you both remember wasn't that long ago, but two or three weeks ago the democratic leader in the senate divided republicans to a meeting to talk about what they could do to fix the aca, to move forward, to fix any problems with it. i think it was senator mccaskill, perhaps a democrat who followed the rule this week they said we should open up. if there is a county anywhere in
9:47 am
america for the entrance exchanges don't offer a plan to an american citizen in the exchange, they should be allowed by the same health care in same plant that are members of congress get. i hope republicans would have democrats in the solution. >> the bill needs a lot more than that. it's compromised is really impossible. >> i don't think there is a choice. the question is what they are compromising on. democrats want to go back and look at the aca, all the good it's done. the fact that right now since records have been kept the lowest number of americans left uninsured in this country in the history of our nation. more people today have access to life-saving health care than ever before. we should look to continue that trend in how the problem is with it. not scrap it and start over at the outset it will discontinue 20 million americans are getting a health care access. >> what about the premiums that have gone out.
9:48 am
>> that is the problem here, eric. it comes down again to the costs that are out of control. i kind of like the compromise -- you might call a compromise that we don't get the 50 votes to the senate that senator ben sasse came up with, which is repealed now and taking the year ahead to get it right because when americans want, they want to pick obamacare and frankly they want to fix health care. i disagree with the comment before the democrats have not been to the table, but they need to be because they need an american solution. not a partisan one. for some reason we don't get the 50 votes in the senate, that becomes more probable if not more likely. >> rand paul has been another blow vote. let me see what rand paul said about that and get your reaction. >> we should repeal as many taxes and regulations and
9:49 am
mandates as they possibly can. i still think the entire 52 of us could get together on a more narrow clean repeal and i think it still can be done. >> it's possible they can actually work it out. >> a straight repeal of the so many americans without access to health care and would put the burden of medicaid entirely on the financial burden entirely on this day. i think that's part of the problem item in the folks looking are not taken into consideration. some of the those that are so critical and important right now from nevada, from ohio, west virginia. this is the joint economic committee. if you do away with the aca, that means you don't even have this gap in those states to make up for shortfalls. the whole scare -- health care would cost 25 to 50%. trade to rewrite out of time,
9:50 am
adam. >> eric, everyone coming to the table, providers, patients, pharmaceuticals, everybody. fielding lives you get a system that will protect the health of the american people. eric: they have another week to work on it. 50 votes right now. we'll see if some democrats come along. thank you. arthel: they said yes to the dress and now they are paying the price. will they make it to the altar runtime after a nationwide bridal chain declaresith an bankruptcy. copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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arthel: going to the chapel and they're going to get married, perhaps about a wedding gown. hundreds of brides to be looking forward to their dream wedding now facing a nightmare of a nationwide bridal chain suddenly shuts down. brain dns has more. this does not sound good. >> this is not good for anyone. angelo bridal stores nationwide have left bright crying and many are now in fulbright philomel this weekend. the dress retail abruptly filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in west palm beach on friday after failing to find a buyer for the company leaving countless brides
9:55 am
to be an brides maids their dream dresses before their wedding. customers finding out about the clothing only when they went to pick up their dresses at the stores. many are now left restless without refund than heartbroken. >> this is the day that most girls imagine from the time they are three years old. this is not something you mess with your >> air to disney collection and am getting married in december. that was the dress. it breaks my heart because that was the one when i put it on. that dress made me cry. reporter: to make matters worse, the bridal dress company has not posted anything on social media or anywhere. corporate offices have left alfred angelo employees and customers scrambling on their own. >> nationwide no one is answering any phone calls through their entire corporate office is empty. >> they can't get any information instead of the lawyers number. they won't get a refund and addresses won't be shipped.
9:56 am
>> i don't think it's right to take people's money and say you're not going to get a refund. reporter: did write a dress company nationwide others are sapping given us much does a 30% discount. we are pulling for them and their husbands as well. eric: good point. thank you very much. we will be right back. nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast).
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man first landed on the mood in july and may 1069. a red carpet gala at the kennedy space center buzz aldrin, second and two walks and wonder what the next step will be by 2040. want to go to mars? >> octavian s. we are back -- >> thought as the senate delays health care reform and john mccain gets back from surgery. elizabeth: meanwhile, president trump says fake news is distorting our democracy. so i made a fake news media over the infamous meeting with last year. we'll break it all down. >> plus, the supreme court case tuesday at noon to answer president trump the motion on the repealed. we'll break down what it means at the nation's borders.


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