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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 16, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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train to nearly 40 years since man first landed on the mood in july and may 1069. a red carpet gala at the kennedy space center buzz aldrin, second and two walks and wonder what the next step will be by 2040. want to go to mars? >> octavian s. we are back -- >> thought as the senate delays health care reform and john mccain gets back from surgery. elizabeth: meanwhile, president trump says fake news is distorting our democracy. so i made a fake news media over the infamous meeting with last year. we'll break it all down. >> plus, the supreme court case tuesday at noon to answer president trump the motion on the repealed. we'll break down what it means at the nation's borders.
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huge news overnight about senator mccain about health care. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. i have leland vittert. elizabeth: i elizabeth prann. thank you for joining us. a trip to the operating room puts the senate health care bill on hold admits mcconnell says he will defer about what senator john mccain recovers from surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye. the vote on health vote on health care as two republican senators have birdie said they won't support the current bill. garrett tenney has the latest. what can you tell us? >> this delay really puts a lot of question on the future of the health care bill. the mayo clinic in phoenix that senator mccain will be recovering at home and he could be out longer depending what the report says in the next couple days. in the meantime, the delay will also give senate leadership in the white house more time to take over republicans with
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concern of the revised health care bill. mitch mcconnell couldn't afford to have any other vote. this morning, senator susan collins said by her account there is still about eight to 10 republicans who have deep concerns that the bill. the delay also gives critics of the bill a kentucky senator rand paul more time to work on the undecided lawmakers. >> the real problem we have is we won four elections on repealing nevada care, but this bill keeps the obamacare taxes, most of the regulations, most of the subsidies and create something republicans have never been poor and that is a giant insurance bailout superfund. that's not a republican idea to give taxpayer money to a private industry that or he makes $15 million in profit. >> the administration pushing back on the bill as obamacare light in today's hhs secretary tom price says it's important to remember this bill is one part of the republican plan to roll back obamacare regulations.
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>> i worry about the current system that makes it so 40% of the counties only have one choice in terms of insurance coverage policy for them. that's obamacare and that's what we're going to get away from. >> where the congressional budget office tomorrow. today secretary price was preemptively dismissing the report and hoping it doesn't sway anymore. >> alive he said she said. we will see. thank you so much. leland: one of the votes mitch mcconnell will need if they do manage health care senator luther strange of alabama. nice to see you, sir. >> great to see you. leland: déjà vu all over again. version one point out, fair to say you're skeptical. how do you feel about to point out? any closer? >> we are making progress and progress is good. our thoughts and prayers are with senator mccain. i hope we will use this week
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added to make progress and i'm looking forward to that. >> what needs to happen? would you need to make progress on? >> well, we are getting closer. i'm proud of ted cruz's effort for consumers. i want to make sure alabama is protected. states that handled their medicaid program with efficiency and creativity shouldn't be penalized in this process. i guess my bottom line is i want to see a looming obamacare disaster. failure to do that would be a promise to the american people and that is what concerns me. >> you talk about reneging on a promise to the american people. someone who is a firm that was senator rand paul talks about the very same thing. take a listen. >> i don't think republicans should keep their name on it. we are going to be blamed for the rest of the unwinding of obamacare. it's a strategy and will not fix the problem.
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>> you're an unusual position. you face the you face the primary, special election coming up. are you worried that if this is not enough of the repealed that you're going to be stuck without around your neck? >> i don't think there's going to be dealt with the the promise. i'm for repealed bill out of congress and democrats to the table over a period of time to figure out how to fix the disaster. that's my first choice but unfortunately that option is not on the table. i agree with most everything he says. what are we going to do about the people who are suffering in the individual market trying to do the right thing with increases in premiums? what will we do about a looming disaster in the medicaid system intended to help the poor women and children disable to fail on its own weight if we don't address that. it is a tough decision we have to make, but the decisions we sign up for convoys got to make them. >> so fair to puts you in that eight to 10 senators susan collins talked about those
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skeptical of this? this is the to be whatever senator in your position once to balance, which is on one side you are having the exchanges with huge premium increases at 300%. those constituents you got to take care of. on the other side, you've got constituents who are counting on the medicaid dollars in medicaid expansion that happen. how do you balance that or does there have to be a winner and a loser? >> we are all losing right now. that is clear. we have to figure out how to improve on that. my message would be to repeal the whole thing, bring and market reforms and fix the system going forward and make it stable. that is not given her 52 senators what their state interest realistic it seems to me. i again think progress is better than no progress. that's what i'm hoping to see come out of the debate this
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week. my bottom line is protecting alabama which is the right thing under obamacare who are getting crushed by individual premiums. they have insurance but they're not going to see the doctor they want. >> access another issue that is yet to be dealt with. you may does the last time you were here with your staff as well that the president had called the day before trying to get your vote on version one plano. has that happened on version to point out? has he tried to woo you yet or is that yet to come? >> we have another week for debate. i'm glad to do that. a yes and involvement personally would be critical. leland: very quickly, do you think he's doing enough on this? it seems to be this is after republicans in the senate. do you still believe he's firmly behind the end putting his weight behind it? >> i think behind the scenes
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it's going to be very hard. so that's a ridiculous russian business. we would keep what's really important to her citizens around the country. >> if he does call you, make sure you call us. >> i will, i promise. leland: good talking to you. you saw part of rand paul's interview on sunday and you can watch the entire interview with senator rand paul right after this show 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. hope you stick around. a lot of news tonight show. elizabeth: president trump expected to attend the final round of the u.s. men's open today in new jersey. he started on twitter blasting the media while his legal team works tirelessly out of head of the russian media story. kevin corke is live with the very latest. hi, kevin. >> always good to talk to you. the president's favorite
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punching bag or in this case the media on the receiving end once again. we expect the president to get out on monday let me share with part of what he's talking about with all of this unnamed sources and highly slanted and even fraudulent reporting. hashtag fake news. he adds this one. this is really important. hillary clinton cannot legally get the questions to the debate and my son john is being scorned by the fake news media. those tweets coming in the wake with a russian lawyer and others in search of oppositional research. a controversy that so far has not reached the president himself.
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>> james comey told he was not under investigation. we have no notification of an investigation. reporter: in response to the program in the program in the white house has added a very big name in washington legal circles with the special counsel come a formal federal prosecutor and part of the investigation practice in a major firm in d.c., a harvard grad and georgetown law school, graduate as well. lawmakers like virginia senator mark warner aren't so sure at this controversy won't ultimately reach all the way to the white house. >> i think it's really important that we get documents from individuals first so we can ask them the right questions. clearly if we don't have all the information, what we will see in what i'm afraid of is these individuals don't seem to disclose everything or don't tell the whole truth until they have been in. >> it would make for a very interesting week once again. it will spend part of the day
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over at trump national and joined the u.s. open golf championship at his club. they should be announcing the president will talk about the people, companies that make the made in u.s.a. label the gold standard the world over. looking forward to that. back to you. elizabeth: camden county thank you so much. i want to talk more about the message coming out of the white house and how the administration is handling all of this. white house reporter peter nicholas. thank you for joining us. we love having you on the show. kevin tee it up personally. i read a "wall street journal" piece about the made in america campaign, really getting this message out there. this is the first time we've seen the white house take a message and go with it. >> they are trying to stay more focused on.
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infrastructure week, energy and they are trying to do what white houses do, which is stay on message. they are treating about other subjects. they are made in america before they highlight products in america. they are completing the russian investigation and protesting supporters in the golf club. it's been a challenge and there's been some frustration that they are not really working as desired. >> bear with quite a few tweets about what was making headlines, which in different capacities with the band, the travel ban. i want ask you how frustrating it is for the white house communication because this week they were really hoping for some progress on health care. >> yes.
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health care was supposed to be the topic and the president's agenda. his promise to repeal and replace obamacare. the russian investigation just intruded as it has for months and with new developments come in new disclosures involving don junior, his eldest son with the russian lawyer. so it's been very difficult for the president to stay on message and he has at times taken the bait. he has diverted himself and his white house such as focusing on the russian investigation and this comes at a high price because we are going into the mid-terms with no health care bill passed, no tax reform passed in the budget priorities not in place. people may wonder whether beginning from the republican-controlled congress and white house. that is something the president will have to deal with. >> where is the agenda going and
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i want to ask you from your observation, is very clear and concise communication at the white house? what is that they like from administrations you've covered in the past? >> it is fragmented from administrations. the obama administration a little bit more unified. it is easier to understand. this is a little different in the sense that their senior white house officials that have their road expectations and teams in place that is separate from the team that involves sean spicer, press secretary, we have communications there re-signed several weeks ago. it is much more fragmented communications and it makes you wonder if all the principal players are really knowing what others are doing.
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jared kushner -- elizabeth: we have had twitter, so we have a president in the past, not in the capacity we see now. that's what americans wanted. we thought a different administration and they voted for this. they wanted this. >> polling shows that they want them to treat last. it is sort of a double-edged sword. that is a nice kind of way, and i'm sheltered way and spontaneous way to communicate with the american people. but there is a backlash starting to set in. people are wondering if you should be spending this much time on twitter. elizabeth: that's interesting. thank you so much. leland: now to the president's travel ban to will expect the supreme court ruling a few weeks ago. now they have given the state of
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hawaii until tuesday to respond involving its appeal of the ban. as you remember the ban prohibits new leases for people from the six countries you see here. libya, egypt, sudan, yemen, somalia. lebanon, exterior and iran. the latest around who exactly count as a family member for those seeking exemption. ellison barber with the latest on that site. trade high, leland. giving the state of hawaii until noon tuesday to respond about the decision by the department of justice on friday. be a filed the petition in stepping the ruling of the hawaii judges made by the supreme court last month. ruling that it was reasonable to resource travel restrictions
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from muslim majority said they did not have a bona fide relationship with the person already in the u.s. credible claim and bona fide relationships are what is at issue now. the government is not properly implementing the court's ruling and their definition of those terms is far too narrow. on thursday, they expanded the list of familial relationships people can use to get into the u.s. if they are from one of the countries listed in the executive order. he also ordered the government to allow refugees and if they are formally working with the resettlement agency here in the state. the department of justice says they overstepped in the supreme court to satellite. only this court can definitively settle whether the government's reasonable implementation is consistent with this court. this is not the first time the travel ban has resulted. protesters flooded an airport on
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the east and west coast when the first version went into effect after the ruling last month, some expressed frustration all over again. >> this is my country. my son is 16 years old. [inaudible] >> the justices on a three-month recess but will likely make a decision before they are back in session. set to enter the bigger constitutional questions that fall. leland. leland: ellison barber, thank you. it lives. elizabeth: coming up, more details on senator john mccain's recovery after surgery to remove a blood clot. we'll have the latest. plus a freak accident sends a metal paper going down on top of
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this man. walking away shocking those on the scene. >> obviously one spot they could be to survive. but i was surprised. >> scrambling for plan b after major bridal dress change suddenly exposes without any warning. ♪ ♪ more kinds of crab than ever, new dishes, and all your favorites. only while crabfest lasts. red lobster. now this is seafood.
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elizabeth: a miraculous survival story the driver of this man able to walk away with only minor injuries. a truck driver on the overpass above the vehicle was losing control swiping the guard rail in overturning a massive metal pipe was thrown over the side. police say a hit just about a foot to the left. the driver would not be alive. >> actually wondering if the person that passed away. i found out later he survived, thank god. elizabeth: case you're wondering, truck driver has been ticketed for careless driving.
10:24 am
>> senator john mccain after surgery to remove a blood clot. it's absence means a week delay for the senate with a lot of questions about how much longer the senator might be out and what that means here in washington. will carr tracking for my west coast bureau. >> this is dead. senator mccain winning four of physical and found out he had a blood clot above his left eye. the surgery will keep them on the sidelines and is now delayed a key vote on the senate health care bill. mccain has battled melanoma four times over the years they removed a five-centimeter blood clot during a minimally invasive craniotomy. thanks to mayo clinic. look forward to getting back to
10:25 am
work. mitch mcconnell release in part there are few people tougher than my friend john mccain and i know we'll be back with us in. our thoughts are with indiana's family and the people of arizona. mcconnell then announce the senate will delay consideration in the gop health care bill, mccain's vote which he hasn't pledged yet is crucial to the survival. senator mccain expresses reservations about the senate bill. senator jeff flake is treating john mccain to look forward to seeing back at work soon. the tumor before he decides on his next step. li lin. >> will await those with the senator and her good wishes. thank you. as it would have been promoted so does does end with an update. trade through the senator's daughter mccain.
10:26 am
thanks for all your well wishes. my father and family. he's doing very well, fiery as ever. we wish a very quick recovery. after the break, after more than 100 days, in venezuela, people are trying to send big government a message. we will tell you what they want the leaders. elizabeth: helped her on hold to repeal and replace obamacare. the leaders come up more support for the bill before they go on a bill with the extra time. we will have a fair and balanced panel. >> they will repeal as many taxes and regulations in as many of the mandates as they possibl. can. f stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best.
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elizabeth: back to our top story. to delete the debate. mitch mcconnell's decision may give him more time to gain supporters. chris wallace asked senator rand paul about that this morning. >> the senate majority leader mcconnell have the votes to pass this revised bill? >> you know, i don't think right now he does. the real problem is he's won four elections on repealing obamacare. this bill keeps most of the obamacare taxes, most of the regulations, most of the subsidies. >> so what is next? our fair and balanced political panel. the washington director is the executive director of america raising pac. thank you for being with us. >> i want to say this is a do or die time for a lot of republicans and some are saying this is an advantage in other sandisk cutbacks as a disadvantage. what do you think?
10:32 am
>> first time i want to say that senator john mccain is an american hero and really glad to see he's doing well. i don't think that this delay changes anything for either side. for the republicans, they still have an obligation to repeal and replace obamacare. a signature issue they ran on. this is a broken law they put into place and they have an obligation to help fix that. i don't have a whole lot of confidence that's going to happen when you have the de facto leader bernie sanders really pulling a lot of these democratic senators and hopefuls, basically demanding the health care. >> i want to hear if you think of its an advantage or disadvantage, but also one should respond to some paint because basically also on the democrat, the democrats seem to be standing by right now. i can imagine that a hate
10:33 am
watching us. >> i think almost every american hates watching debate over a law that could strip tens of millions of americans of their health insurance coverage. that is why this delay is a victory for all of the millions of families up late warning that their coverage should be shipped away. elizabeth: i'm just assuming you're specifically replying to the cbo report. >> yeah, elizabeth: so i assume you are applying that to the cbo report out of the house version? >> there is no independent effort he thinks the cbo report on the new bill could possibly result in less than 10 million. >> are your referring because they don't have to pay the penalty because they are not in medicaid expansion, what are you referring to? >> 15 million people do their coverage because of the callbacks. in addition to 7 million because
10:34 am
the subsidies and supports paying for health insurance gone and premiums skyrocketing, suddenly they want for their coverage. elizabeth: i let alexander respond because you will have some who say medicaid isn't necessarily being used as it was originally intended. >> sure, look, so many unintended consequences when it comes to health care law. as a young american, many friends are ending up because premiums are too much to afford. we see that in more than 50% of the counties and only one health insurer in the obamacare marketplace. so everyone really agrees that the health care bill at a minimum for the health care lawn needs them with some overhaul. i think it is going to be incumbent upon to come to the table on that. a number of different ideas of how we get there that we need to repeal on the law.
10:35 am
what is really interesting to watch is the 10 democratic senators coming from states that trump one. they are caught in a vice grip between their donors in new york and san francisco and the people in those states partially because of obamacare because of this law. and do you see any democrats because when it is repeal and replace and not change, we don't see democrats. >> a majority of trump voters on the latest polling rejects repealing the affordable care act and won a bipartisan solution to improve and fix it. that is what democrats want. that's at most a republican senators in their hearts want. but as long as mitch mitch mcconnell keeps driving forward with an attempt instead of trying to bring down premiums and make coverage better, that is not going to work.
10:36 am
they will negotiate to rip away coverage. frankly, if this fails, we'll have an opportunity for the kind of bipartisan conversation country really deserves on how to improve health care rather than take it away. elizabeth: we will see what the conversation does this week. thank you so much. i appreciate it. leland: despite a vicious government crackdown, protests continue in venezuela. opponents of the socialist president setting up 2000 sites across the country today for a symbolic vote against the government. and it comes just two weeks away until about by the president to rewrite the constitution that would give himself near absolute power. anger over the president's mishandling of the oil-rich nations economy boiled over in the streets now per month clashes between protesters and
10:37 am
police have left 93 people dead, 1501 did and so far that we know of at least 500 people behind bars. >> curious to see in the sunday one of the world's holiest sites. we will tell you what precautions officials are taking days after the attack. president trump expected to say iran has held its fair end of the obama era nuclear deal. this news has republicans wondering just when he'll follow through. a policy panel coming up. >> my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. i know dealmakers. let me tell you here, this deal is catastrophic. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now.
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that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers elizabeth: the temple holy site in jerusalem is back open today.
10:42 am
but measures in place after a deadly ambush on friday, security cameras are now hooked up. metal detectors also installed at entrances. the site is a frequent flashpoint for violence in the israeli-palestinian conflict. israel opposed aside on friday for the first time ever in decades that there they open fire they are killing police officers. the three attackers were killed on sight but is raising concerns about why there's unrest. leland: despite his campaign promise to get rid of the iran nuclear deal, donald trump expected to certify iran as compliant on their end of the agreement come monday. they have to certify this every 90 days. four republican senators, perdue cited for violations by iran as reasons to declare noncompliant
10:43 am
read in a joint letter even if we managed to chronicle at each violation and is highly questionable whether the united states can never gain high confidence that iran's nuclear weapons development. here's to a income is stevie g, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for homeland security and traveling fellow at the heritage foundation. marie harrop, former state spokesperson, now fox news contributor and as you can see from this picture, she was there when the iran nuclear deal was made to the american people. there she is watching john kerry watch president obama announced the deal. an expert in every sense of the word. >> we were debating this earlier. digital memorials last a long time. two years later come you're still happier with it. >> even happier. there is a question a lot of people had in their mind about
10:44 am
whether iran would hold a tentative deal. despite all the other very bad behavior, which we agree on, when it comes to the 169 pages of the nuclear deal, they uphold their end of the bargain and everything else they do in the region is bad. hezbollah, support for terrorism would be more dangerous if you're backed up by an iranian weapon. today while we have many, many differences, the nuclear issue and they will tell you that. >> you make an interesting point. how terrible this deal was, yet he's twice certified it in so far we don't see it doesn't mean or your gift is to renegotiate. >> the problem is i'm glad mary pointed out all of the things iran is doing. those are not insignificant and those have been enabled by the agreement because of the release
10:45 am
of the funds that allow them to better support terrorism, better do ballistic missile technology with people like the koreans who also have additional bullets to ballistic missile weapons, they can behave on the nukes and as long as they have shenanigans we are still at risk. leland: what was the balance here. you give iran a lot of money. not like they will give it to the poor and help them with food programs that educate their masses. they educate them in terror, >> look him in the main idea of diplomacy here, which a lot of republicans and democrats supported was to use sanctions under pressure from that to get iran to the table to curb their nuclear program. that is exactly what they did. sanctions releases always part of the equation and the money they got back. it's not american money we gave them.
10:46 am
the key point here is we have tools to clamp down on the ballistic missiles are support for terrorism. we see them spending money. we can plop our sanctions on this. the obama administration did after the deal and the trump administration. we can increase security with the israeli and saudi partners which both administrations have. >> was he the trump administration working with the saudis, qataris, everybody getting along. john bolton, never a fan of this. we heard a lot during our time, writing an op-ed on the hill today. the last six months iran has made six more months of progress towards posing a mortal threat to america allies carried about north korea and now consider the cost of betting wrong. steve, since you brought up north korea, how much of a bad is this? do you still think there's about north korea may be developing a
10:47 am
nuclear weapon, that iran is developing a nuclear weapon behind her back? >> yeah, i think they still are. they did a pretty good job to think that they are not going to have something downloads since the agreement is kind of high in the sky. when you had their cooperation with north korea and use their nuclear weapons come at things like our ballistic missile defense technology becomes that much more important as a backstop. i understand president trump has problems getting rid of this deal, so he's going to have to do some of to back up data and protect those like the redesign and other things to protect us from the ballistic missile technology in the nukes that north korea is developing and iran cooperating with them. >> we know to missile defense technology is at best. as ambassador bolton have a point here? >> i don't think he has a point. where we can agree is the ballistic missiles are a
10:48 am
problem. leland: everybody has that problem. >> they present a threat to friends and allies in the region. working with israelis to develop technology with the saudi's, those are things we need to focus on. because of this, they can put a nuclear warhead which should be an even graver threat. if they are doing something in secret, every option we had before the deal including military action. we can still take that. we just had two more years without one. leland: at least it's worse than understand they have to broken the deal. we will find out on monday whether they certify us or not. good conversation. thanks for being here. elizabeth. >> gray panel. the closing of more than a thousand wedding dress stores across the country. hundreds of bright to be are without their dream dresses. perhaps the definition. we will explain coming up.
10:49 am
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leland: over the edge, the police department in elizabeth, new jersey. evidently lost control on an overpass saturday. there was a chain-link fence that was strong enough to hold the front half of the car. we can joke apart this because no injuries were reported. there is a driver worst venue in the world. how do you explain that. >> this story is also impressive. the wedding dress retailer closes its doors on friday said an brides across the country into a last-minute scramble. there are so many one-liners here. i stop myself. i'm going to let you take it. leland: i will say no to the dress. all 61 alfred angelo stores nationwide have left brain
10:54 am
scrambling, panicking, crying in our manyfold one bright villa mode this weekend. the dress retailer abruptly filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in west palm beach on friday after failing to find a buyer for the company, leaving countless bright to be and bridesmaid blake or dream dresses. customers found out about the closing. many are now left restless without refund and heartbroken. >> this is a day most gross drama from the time they are three years old. >> i ordered a disney drives and i'm getting married in december. that was the driest. it breaks my heart. that was the one when i put it on. it made me cry. >> the bridal dress company has not posted anything on social media about their closure. corporate offices have let it customers to fend for
10:55 am
themselves. >> nationwide and no one's answering any phone calls or their entire corporate office is empty. >> they can't give me any information. they won't give a refund and they said the dresses will be shipped. >> i don't think it's right to take people's money and not give them a refund. >> the good news is the company nationwide are stepping in offering as much as a 30% discount to crush offered angelo customers. they don't office is enough. godspeed to all the families and has been to be now doing with all of this. elizabeth: the soundbite were you just don't mess with it. you do not mess with the bride. am i right? thank you. leland: coming up at the top of the hour, sitting down with jay sekulow to talk about the russian investigation.
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11:00 am
2040. would you go? >> more than anything i would want buzz aldrin in that tux. there you go. "fox news sunday" is up next. >> i am chris wallace. new revelations about a meeting between trump family members and russian operatives shape washington. just as the senate gets ready for a make or break vote on health care. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. most people would've taken that meeting. >> there is just an air again and disregard for what is ethical. >> comedian affects the potential case against the president with jacek eula, a member of the trump legal team. chris: republicans make changes


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