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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks the my panel. thanks to you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope cow to see you finish hope to see you right here next week. eric: this is a fox news alert. there's been a summertime tragedy, at least seven people reportedly swept to their deaths after flash flooding wiped out a swimming hole in central arizona. we're told at least two of those who were killed were children. three people at this hour are still missing as search and rescue efforts continue to be underway. this all happened inside the tonto national forest at the cold springs swimming hole. there apparently was a thunderstorm that hit 8 miles upstream. those folks had no warning, the water suddenly started rushing down through the canyon and the rocks and just overwhelmed them. we are now waiting for more information from the sheriff's department, and we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we
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get it. ♪ ♪ eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn, and this is "america's news headquarters." arthel: and i'm arthel neville. senator john mccain undergoes surgery, forcing majority leader mitch mcconnell to delay a vote on the revised gop health care bill. the legislation already hanging by a thread with no votes to spare. eric: and, you know, the relations keep coming about that -- revelations keep coming about that meeting at trump tower last year with some of those russians as now we learn there were at least eight people in the room, this as president trump again is criticizing the media coverage of the whole russia investigation. arthel: plus, the battle for mosul is in the books after iraqi forces claim victory over isis. what does it mean for the big picture in the fight against the islamic state? ambassador dennis ross will join us. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. ♪
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♪ arthel: and we begin with the up certain fate of the gop's revised health care bill. several lawmakers voicing reservations about the plan, but republicans cannot afford to lose any more support because two senators already oppose it. now a few application in the mix -- a new complication in the mix. a key vote put on hold as senator john mccain recovers from eye surgery. garrett tenney is live in washington with the very latest. >> reporter: this means the senate won't be holding a vote for at least another week while senator mccain is recovering. in the meantime, majority leader mitch mcconnell also has now some additional time to win over his fellow republicans. we know he's already made a number of changes to try and sweeten the deal for several undecided lawmakers. this morning senator susan collins, who plans to vote against the bill, said there are still 8-10 republicans with deep concerns about the revised plan,
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and at this point she thinks it could go either way. >> i don't know. i think it would be extremely close. there are many of us who have concerns about the bill, particularly the cuts in the medicaid program. but there are other problems with the bill as well. it could lead to insurance plans that really are barely insurance at all. >> reporter: this afternoon the congressional budge office announced that, with the delay, it will now also be holding off on releasing its analysis of the revised health care bill. that will also give senate leadership more time to tweak the bill and get a better score which may be helpful, because this morning the administration seemed like it was not expecting that report to come back very positive with hhs secretary tom price calling it flawed. >> the cbo doesn't even capture those individuals who say to the federal government i don't want the plan that you think i need,
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i want the plan that i know i need for myself and for my family. so those numbers are so flawed in terms of what actually happens in the real world when people act for themselves. >> reporter: while this delay certainly could be helpful to senate leadership in getting the health care bill passed, it also has the potential to hurt those efforts as critics now have more time to pile on those undecided lawmakers trying to convince a single one to vote no which could turn the whole thing down. arthel? arthel: garrett tenney, thanks so much, garrett. eric: meanwhile, senator mccain is doing well at this hour, resting comfortably at his home in arizona after he underwent that successful surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye. will carr has more on the senator's progress from our west coast bureau and his recuperation. hi, will. >> reporter: eric, this was unexpected. senator mccain went in for a routine annual physical and found out he had a blood clot above his left eye that led to surgery which will keep him on
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the sidelines that has now delayed a vote on the health care bill. mccain, who has battled melanoma at least four times over the years, is resting comfortably at his home according to his staff. the mayo clinic in phoenix says surgeons successfully removed the five-centimeter blood clot during a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision. senator mccain tweeting: thanks to mayo clinic for its excellent care, i look forward to getting back to work. his daughter, meghan, a fox news contributor, tweeted: thank you to everyone more all of your well wishes to my father and family. i'm here in arizona with him, he's doing very well, fiery as ever. that could be good news for senator mitch mcconnell who needs mccain's vote, mcconnell releasing a statement that says in part: there are few people tougher than my friend, john mccain, and i know he'll be back with us soon. mccain has not pledged yet he will vote yes on the senate health care bill and in recent days expressed reservations about the revised bill.
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his partner from arizona tweeting: senator john mccain is the most tenacious and resilient man i know. i look forward to seeing him back at work soon. mccain is now waiting for pathology results on the tumor before he decides on his next step. eric? eric: all right, will. of course, we wish the very best for a speedy recovery for the senator. he's been through a lot worse in his life, we know he'll be back in washington soon. will, thank you. >> reporter: absolutely. arthel: we do wish him well. meanwhile, president trump defending his son and denying any collusion with russia as new information comes to light about donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer at trump tower in june of 2016. turns out there were eight people in the room, not just the four the president's son originally mentioned. kevin corke is live from new jersey near the trump national golf course where the president is attending the u.s. women's open. hi, kevin. >> reporter: you're right on the money there, 504.
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i want you to think of this as sort of a love-hate relationship, only in this case the divorce lawyer is on speed dial. we're talking about the president's love-hate relationship with the mainstream media, and it was in the news once again early sunday morning of after a presidential twitter storm. the protagonist in this case, the folks that his base just love to hate, we're talking about the press. let me take you to the fist of many tweets -- first of many tweets we can share with you. this one with all of its phony, unnamed sources and highly slanted and even fraudulent reporting, fake news is distorting democracy in our country. another tweet that i thought was really interesting, hillary clinton can illegally get the questions to the debate and delete 33,000 e-mails, but my son don is being scorned by the fake news media? now, those tweets coming in the wake of a barrage of stories criticizing his son, don jr., for taking that now-infamous meeting with a russian lawyer and others in search of opposition research on hillary clinton during the campaign of 2016.
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a controversy that at least so far has not reached the president himself. >> nothing has changed since when james comey told the president he was not under investigation on three different occasions, and we have no notification of any investigation going on of the president of the united states. >> reporter: and response to the probe, the white house has added ty cobb, special counsel, former federal prosecutor and part of the investigative practice area of a major law firm in washington, d.c., harvard grad, also georgetown law. but lawmakers like virginia senator mark warner aren't so sure this controversy won't go all the way to the top of the white house. >> i think it's really important that that we get documents from these individuals first so we can ask them the right questions. clearly, if we don't have all the information, what we'll see and what i'm afraid of is these individuals don't seem to disclose everything or don't tell whole truth until they have evidence put in front of them.
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>> reporter: now, keep this in mind, this is a very serious circumstance because you're going to hear words like obstruction, even words like perjury thrown around, and that's why the white house is circling the wagons here and getting someone with a great deal of experience in ty cobb. as for the rest of the day, the president relaxing, of course, watching the final round of the u.s. women's open before heading back to the white house tonight looking forward to made in america week. the white house announcing that today as the president and the administration focusing its energy and its praise on american products, companies and, of course, the people that make the made in america brand the global leader. all right, back to you for now. arthel: we'll take it back here, mr. kevin corke. thank you very much. eric? eric: meanwhile, next in the russia investigation we'll explain what russian bots are. this as both critics and allies of the president are speaking out about the new revelations from donald trump jr.'s meeting with that russian lawyer and the russian-american lobbyist.
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more than 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate in santa barbara county, california, west of l.a. as a week-old wildfire continues to burn. it's less than 50% contained at last report. that's thanks to dry heat. the associated press reporting new jersey governor chris christie sought hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the renovation of the statehouse months before the project was ever approved. jersey lawmakers accuse christie of, quote, rigging the project. the governor says it has all been handled legally and appropriately. and after months of violence, often-deadly protests over chronic shortages of basic goods, thousands of people lining up across venezuela for a symbolic protest vote against the socialist president and his plan to rewrite the country's constitution. >> here's the reality, the meeting in and of itself, of course, as i've said before, is not a violation of the law. but i think it's important that as counsel to the president, the president was not aware of the
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meeting and did not participate in it. eric: that, of course, is president trump's attorney jay sekulow defending donald trump jr.'s meeting with natalia vessel knack sky ya. the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff, disagrees with sekulow. he says the meeting was, quote, clear evidence of the president's sons intent to -- son's intent to collude with the russians. >> we have to rely on don jr.'s representation of what happened in that meeting, and we've already seen many times we can't rely on that because, of course, he first said no such meeting happened, then he said the meeting was about adoption, then he admitted it was about getting information on hillary clinton, and then he wasn't forthcoming about who was in the meeting. eric: is that true? we'll find out more. katie glick joins us with the mcclatchy newspaper chain. katie, welcome. >> thank you. eric: i mean, the most virile information, potentially, could
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come if and when donald jr. testifies before the intelligence committee. he has offered to cooperate. do you think he will to do that, and what would we expect? >> well, great to be with you. certainly, we are hearing bipartisan calls to have him testify before a number of committees, whether it's intelligence, whether it's judiciary, and, you know, certainly donald trump jr. has said that he would like to cooperate, be forthcoming in any way possible. and, of course, he did take the initiative to release on his own those e-mails that are, that set off the inquiry and sort of the interest in more detail about meeting. but at the same time, lots of people do note that the story has evolved, certainly, over, you know, certainly the course of the last week in terms of the reason for this meeting, who was at this meeting -- eric: yeah, they keep on adding people. then we have an interpreter now and an eighth person, they don't have an identity of this eighth person apparently yet. >> exactly. and we're hearing growing calls
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on capitol hill for everybody who was involved inside that meeting, who knows about that meeting to, ultimately, testify. and, you know, you're hearing republicans, you're hearing democrats say it's really important to have don jr. and others and, of course, manafort was in that meeting, the former campaign chair of the president's campaign. and jared kushner was in that meeting as well as other names that are coming forward. eric: you know, there's apparently the ap is reporting or has reported that natalia had a plastic folder, supposedly, with information that, it was claimed, showed illicit financing going from the russians to the dnc. we have of no ed of that. do we know anything about that folder, if indeed that folder exists or whether that's just a spurious claim? >> well, i don't know if i can speak to maybe the specific details with regard to that folder, but certainly lots and lots of interest in natalia who, of course, has been described as a kremlin-linked lawyer and, you know, of course, she's pushed back on that characterization.
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but, you know, this was a person that was described to don jr. as someone who might be able to offer information that was helpful to the campaign, that would be damaging to hillary clinton. and so, you know, the e-mails suggest that he went into that meeting with that understanding even if he later says that that was not the ultimate subject -- eric: yeah. and some people have often questioned her motivations. there's links to fusion gps, a democratic consulting group. they deny it. i mean, that's out there. the suggestion that this potentially was a set-up. any ed of that? >> well -- any evidence of that? certainly lots of interest in who she is and sort of the lead-up to this meeting and who, of course, ended up being in the meeting. other questions about whether there were other meetings. and, of course, the president's lawyer on shows earlier today suggested he wasn't aware of other meetings that donald trump jr. was present at but, of course, he is president trump's lawyer, as he also made clear. so lots of interest about what specifically happened at that
1:19 pm
meeting with this lawyer and who else was there. eric: yeah. and there are also other questions, at mcclatchy you have been doing some breaking news work in this dealing with russian bots. it's basically this, you know, computer-generated stuff, those, quote, fake news stories that actually were fake news stories going out there, and investigators apparently, according to your company's reportings, they want to investigate to see if there was any connection between the trump campaign and the russians on disseminating some of that on the computer data. the digital director for the trump campaign has been called to testify. he he has denied, there is a picture of him. he ran the digital operation. he has denied any type of collusion. he said he didn't know anything about any coordination with russia. he basically dealt with, you know, google and facebook and the internet. but here's what mcclatchy reports. quote: russia's operation used computer commands known as bots to dramatically heighten the
1:20 pm
reach of negative or fabricated news about clinton including accusing her of running a pedophile ring at a washington piecely ya. investigators -- piecely ya. -- pizzeria. eric: do we have any indication of where that part of the investigation is going? because that's a whole other area, not dealing with this meeting, but of the cyber internet use of these stories that apparently targeted the voters that someone wanted to reach. >> right. and you make a good point that this is actual fake news. you know, we hear that term tossed around a lot, but this is referring to actual fake and damaging stories in this instance about hillary clinton. so the question that some investigators, house and the senate and the justice department, have is whether some of the people who were controlling these twitter bots that were disseminating these
1:21 pm
fake stories, whether they got any guidance from are people in and around the trump campaign, perhaps the digital operation in terms of where to target those damaging stories and whether it would be most effective to have such stories land in swing states and in other places where there was perhaps soft clinton support. so that is the question on the minds of some folks who are looking into this issue. eric: well, this apparently is part of the investigation. you'd think there'd be computer fingerprints, perhaps, they could trace back if, indeed, there was any which they deny. all part of the continuing investigation. katie glick of mcclatchy newspaper chain, thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. great to be with you. eric: of course. arthel? arthel: a summertime tragedy, at least seven people reportedly swept to their deaths after flash flooding wipes out a swimming hole in central arizona. at least two of those kill were children. three people are still missing. search and rescue efforts are
1:22 pm
underway. now, this happened inside the tonto national forest at the cold springs swimming hole after a thunderstorm hit 8 miles upstream as people were swimming. officials say they had no warning. joining me now is detective sergeant david hornon at the hila county sheriff's department. sergeant, thank you very much for joining us here, and if you could fill us in on the very latest from the search and rescue efforts. >> presently, we are on scene trying to search the area below where the incident happened. the search area is approximately 4-5 miles long along the river. arthel: and, of course, this location is about 70-75 mails from phoenix -- miles from phoenix. do you have all the resources that you need? who's helping out? >> well, we have the local
1:23 pm
search and rescue with about 40 individuals out here. they've been out here since about 6:00 this morning, and they've been methodically searching the shoreline. and we also have a department of public safety helicopter flying the river to assist the people on the ground. arthel: and if you would, take us back to how all of this started. what do you know about that, sergeant? >> well, this is, in central arizona this is the monsoon season, and thunderstorms and heavy rains can develop very quickly. yesterday we had a large cell that that developed north of payson, and to compound things, it hit a area of a wildfire that we had about a month ago. and the heavy rain flooded the creeks, and this large family
1:24 pm
unit was down by the river and had practically no warning that this flash flood was coming down the river, and 14 people were swept away. arthel: that's really, really so sad, sir. >> yes. arthel: how are the family members who have suddenly lost loved ones? i mean, are they even able to hold up in the face of such a tragedy? have you had a chance to speak with them? >> yes. they, these -- the family members have been here all day, and when we arrived at 6:00 this morning, they had already been down walking along the river looking for their loved ones. arthel: well, sergeant, thank you so much for joining us here, sir. we wish you and the rest of your crews the best in terms of the search and rescue efforts and, of course, our thoughts are with those families who are now suddenly without their relatives. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you for having me. arthel: of course. eric: that is so sad, especially on a summer day. well, drones, if you've
1:25 pm
noticed, have been in some places taking over the sks, doing everything from crop the to sur or vail lance. how the unmanned aircraft are trying to change our lives, and that is sparking new concerns. and the republican health care bill facing that new setback, the key vote delayed following john mccain's surgery. some are wondering can majority leader mitch mcconnell keep the plan on track and win over skeptics in the gop over the next week? ♪ ♪ >> so we do need to fix the significant plays in the current law. but the way to do that is through the normal process of committee hearings, expert witnesses and writing a bill with bipartisan support. ♪ ♪ phone with our allstate agent,
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pushed new the affordable care act without a single republican vote. i don't want us to make the same mistake in reverse and push through bill without a single democratic vote. arthel: and that was moderate republican senator susan collins of maine voicing some of her concerns about the revamped gop health care bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell is now delaying a key vote to advance bill to the floor for debate while senator john mccain recovers from eye surgery. without senator mccain, republicans would find it hard to round up enough shot votes needed -- enough voted to move forward. a new poll finding most americans prefer obamacare to the republican plan by a margin of more than two to one. joining me now is republican congressman drew ferguson of georgia. mice to have you here. >> good afternoon. nice to be with youd today. arthel: thank you very much. so we'll start here. as a member of the budget as well as the transportation and
1:31 pm
infrastructure committees, you, i understand, are assessing the repeal and replacement of obamacare from the standpoint of spending. so with that in mind, congressman, where do you stand on the current gop senate health care bill? >> well, the thing that i want to emphasize as much as we can is that we've got to recognize that the affordable care act continues the fail. right here in my home state of georgia we have 96 counties that only have one insurer, and we are looking at almost 40% increases in our rates for next year here in the state of georgia. so we have got to get some relief. every time that i come home, our small business owners and and our families are telling us that the affordable care act is hurting them, and they have got to have some relief. so what we're looking for, we are looking for bills to come from the senate that repeal the taxes in obamacare and do things to shore up the safety net system in medicaid. and i believe that the house bill did that, and that's what we support. arthel: and, of course, you know
1:32 pm
the senate bill, sir, would trim $772 billion in federal medicaid funding over a decade. what do you say to the millions of americans who would lose health care coverage as a result of that, those deep cuts to federal medicaid funding? >> well, arthel, i respectfully disagree with that position. i will tell you that what we're doing is slowing the growth of medicaid, and that's something that we haved to do. we are $20 trillion in debt as a nation, and we have a real serious issue with our mandatory spending curve and continuing to grow medicaid and expand it the way that the obamacare legislation did, frankly, is unsustainable. and it will create a situation where we won't be able to to keep any of our promises to the most vulnerable in our community, and that's just not right, and think we've got to correct that. arthel: what do you think, sir, about having more control in your state in terms of what happens to medicaid, how it's funded and where it's provided in, especially in rural areas of
1:33 pm
georgiasome g georgia? >> we know states know better how to take care of their own populations, much more so than the federal government. we know here in georgia if we can create competition, we know we can do things in a very innovative ways to address the health care needs of georgians. the solutions are found more at the state and local levels than they are in d.c., and any legislation that comes from the senate we want to make sure that states have the flexibility to address the needs of their citizens. arthel: so in addition to that, when you're talking about cuts, additions and compromises, what would you like to see tossed back the to the house, and are you confident the senate will actually seat on something to hand over -- vote on something to hand over? >> what i want to see is something very close to what we had in the house which repeals $1.2 trillion worth of taxes and goes through and does a significant reduction in medicaid funding which is something that's important to do not only from a budget standpoint, but quite candidly,
1:34 pm
it's the right step in restoring the dignity of work to so many people who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. and, yes, i do believe the senate will get us a product that the house can consider, and i'm excited about getting that bill to the president's desk, because he's said he is sitting there with a pen anxiously waiting to sign it. yes, i do think that they will, and i think that the senators on the other side are going to work very, very hard, they're going to find that very sweet spot that's the first step in rebuilding our american health care system the same way the house did. arthel: now, if there is not a resolution at this point in terms of health care, is there a clear road for congress to begin to tackle infrastructure? not to mention tax reform. without health care first being checked off. >> well, i'm optimistic that the senate will get us a bill. they're going to work very, very hard. the senators, just like the house members, are working to represent their constituencies, and i think that they're going
1:35 pm
to, i think they will, in fact, get us a product to vote on. that will, of course, lead to the very, very important topic of tax reform. we've got to grow our american economy, we've got to get past this 1.9% gdp growth that we've seep for the last several years, and we have got to put americans back to work. people want to go to work, and we're going to do things in tax reform that make this most competitive place on the planet to do business. right now our current tax code does everything it can to transfer wealth from the united states to other places in the world. we need to create fairness for our business community so that we can see job and wage growth, and we can begin, we can begin to balance some of the trade issues that we've seen throughout the world. arthel: i can imagine some people at home clapping to what you just said just now, congressman. let me ask you this though, you know, there's no vote in the senate week on a floor debate on health care. from the viewpoint of the gop house, how is repealing and replacing obamacare looking?
1:36 pm
>> well, first of all, as you know, the senator mccain had surgery this morning and leader mcconnell decided to delay the health care vote -- arthel: right. >> our prayers are with the senator as he recovers from surgery. arthel: yes. >> i think, i think what that does in the house is it's giving us time to continue to work on some really important issues outside of health care. as you mentioned, we have tax reform, we're doing major work on infrastructure, we've got a, an amazing bill coming through transportation and infrastructure that looks at a new way of doing air traffic control in the nation. we've got real work to do in our, on education and really working to create an educational environment that prepares the work force for the 21st century job market. and so there's a lot of work yet to be done, and the senate's going to have to continue to work and, hopefully, they can catch up to the good work that's been done in the house. arthel: and is bipartisan support crucial to get all that work done, sir?
1:37 pm
>> well, you know, we've seen a lot of good bipartisan bills come out of house already. one of them was the reauthorization of the perkins cte program which bolstered technical college. you see a lot of positive work being done in the area of veterans affairs and veterans' health care. very strong bipartisan efforts there. we would welcome, we would welcome democrats coming over and vek nicing that we've got to to -- recognizing that we've got to go in a different direction on health care. and i believe the democrats will come onboard with tax reform because i can tell you one thing we don't have, we don't have a single person coming up to us begging us to save our current tax code. we all know that it's broken, and we all know that it's got to get reformed. arthel: congressman, very nice to talk with you, and good luck with everything. [laughter] thank you very much, sir. >> nice for the chance to be with you. arthel: thank you. and when we come back, eric, we're going to tell our viewers about a horrific crash as a car goes airborne and then slams into the roof of a home, if you
1:38 pm
can imagine that what started all of this? we'll tell you. b eric over in iraq they're celebrating an historic victory other isis. they took over mosul, the last iraqi stronghold for the terrorist group. ahead, we'll look at what this means in the global fight. ambassador dennis ross on deck, the fight and win against isis. ♪ ♪ david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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1:43 pm
another reason to go to the gym. arthel: that's what i was thinking. eric: meanwhile, overseas -- [audio difficulty] after retaking mosul. one of terrorists' last and largest strongholds in iraq. meanwhile, u.s.-backed syrian forces face a similar and difficult battle in raqqa where we are told they have now gained control of more than half the old city there in which, of course, was the de facto isis capital in syria. so what do these successes mean in the global fight against isis and radical islamic terrorism? ambassador dennis ross joins us, author of "doomed to succeed." ambassador, good to see you. we just -- >> good to be with you. eric: we just saw the video of iraqi folks and forces celebrating, but i guess in some way now comes the hard part. what challenges do the iraqis and american advisers face in the wake of isis being routed in mosul?
1:44 pm
>> well, the challenges are huge. obviously, the challenge of getting them out of mosul, which took about nine months, displaced probably 800,000 people, that was an enormous challenge. but now what you face is the need for massive reconstruction, because the level of devastation looks like images that you've seen from any city that's been complete willedly bombed out. so, first, there's a immediate for reconstruction. reconstruction at a time when the -- because oil revenues for iraq have drop not because their production is lower, their production is high, but because oil prices are low. their budgets are stretched. there's going to be a need for help from the outside so that reconstruction can take place -- eric: yeah, but they talk about a price tag of like $1.3 billion. that's the u.n. estimate. who's going to pony that up, and will it happen? >> well, the state department is hosting a major conference here to try to mobilize and solicit
1:45 pm
what will be contributions from countries around the world. i don't -- i have to say i don't have high expectations that that conference will necessarily produce not just pledges, but actions on those pledges that you'll be able to act on quickly. one of the things you need if you're going to -- any of the people who have been displaced, they have to be able to return. reconstruction is a must. now, you don't have to get everything all at once, but there has to be enough so that water's available, electricity's available, and then there has to be security. people have to feel safe enough to return to the their houses -- eric: do you think they will get to that point? is that possible after the destruction and devastation there? >> well, i'm worried about it. i do think there's going to have to be some kind of of american presence along with iraqi military forces. one of the big concerns i have is that the shia militias, even though they didn't play a major role in the liberation of isis, they were active all around the suburbs. and every time we've seen the popular mobilization units,
1:46 pm
these are the shia militias in particular, every time we've seen them active in an area that was formerly sunni, we've seep them act in -- seen them act in a way that basically creatings deep suspicion and insecurity on the part of the sunnis. we need sunnis to return home, we need sunnis to the feel there'll be governance there, that there'll be security there, that there'll be reconstruction there, that they'll be included there. if that doesn't happen the very conditions that produced isis in the first place are going to be recreated. so, eric, the first question was really about the nature of this challenge. in many ways, the challenge -- as hard as it was to liberate mosul, the harder part of the challenge comes now. because the harder part now begins to deal with what are the political realities in iraq going to be. are we going to see a kind of governance that allows for real coexistence between shia and sunni and kurds, or are we going to see the kind of sectarian
1:47 pm
politics that have roiled iraq and have made it difficult to produce the kind of governance that would have precollude the emergence of -- precluded the emergence of isis in the first place? eric: and some of the history is not encouraging. >> no, look at fallujah today, ramadi today. they were remember rated over a year ago. reconstruction there is really quite limited. the number of people who have actually returned, some have, but the numbers are still relatively small. many people outside of mosul are in very difficult to live in camps run by theup. the heat is unbearable -- by the u.n. and you have people who prefer the security of those camps to the uncertainty and insecurity of going back to mosul right now. they need to hear stories about people who have returned and things are working out. you know, it's like anything else. in a situation like this, you need some signs of successful the good news is that i think
1:48 pm
sunnies are prepared to grant -- sunnis are prepared to grant the government more of a license than they have in the past because isis was so horrible. it gives you some license, but you've got to produce. and that's why i hope the administration has not just a plan for reconstruction, security, governance and the like, but also has an immediate set of actions it can take with the iraqis to show that, in fact, they're carrying out the plan, it's being implemented and, in fact, we see a change -- eric: and are you optimistic about that, finally? are you confident that that will, indeed, happen, or it will be the status quo? >> i'm, i'm not optimistic, i'm worried. but one thing i would say that the trump administration does not want to be in a position where the son of isis remerges during the lifetime of this administration. so i think it has a very strong incentive to get things done. the conference that's being planned here for this coming week is a good first step if there's an action plan for what
1:49 pm
follows it. it can't just be hold a conference and hear a lot of good words. there has to be a plan for translating words into action. and the sooner we see that, the better for everybody. k everything well, the president is a builder, so we'll see if, indeed, there can be an action plant to prevent, as you call it, the son of isis. ambassador dennis ross, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. arthel: and, eric, we'll take a turn when we come back as brides suddenly turning into bridezillas across the country as a bridal store chain suddenly goes out of business, leaving hundreds -- if not thousands -- of brides-to-be in a desperate situation. ♪ of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain
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♪ ♪ arthel: so a sudden bankruptcy is sending brieth-to-be across the country into a panic. alfred angelo bridal filing for bankruptcy on friday. the chain's 61 stores nationwide closing down without notice, leaving hundreds, even thousands of future brides and bridesmaids with no dresses even if they have already paid for them. bryan llenas is live with more from our new york city bureau. more details, please, bryan. >> reporter: the sudden closure of all 61 stores
1:54 pm
nationwide has left brides scrambling, panicking, crying and now are in full-on bridezilla mode. they filed for bankruptcy on friday after failing to find a buyer for the company, leaving countless brides-to-be and bridesmaids without their dream dresses before their weddings. customers found out only when they went to pick up their dresses at the stores. many are now left dressless, without refunds and heart broken. >> i drove all the way here from work, i'm hoping my dress is in there. the wedding's in three weeks, and half the bridesmaids don't have their dresses. >> she was in tears, and i'm like, calm down, it's only a dress. and the more i thought about it, this was the dress. we've spent a lot of time and money, and it's a big deal. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the bridal dress company has not posted anything on social media or anywhere about their sudden closure: corporate offices have left employees and is customers scrambling on their own.
1:55 pm
>> it was nationwide, and no one's answering any phone calls. >> the chances of of us gettingr dresses and/or getting our money back, who knows? right now i'm like do i start looking for another dress? am i out $1,000? what does -- i mean, what kind of business practice is this? >> reporter: now, the good news is bridal dress companies are stepping in, offering as much as 30%, david's bridal, a 30% discount to crush customers who are now in a pinch and, really, the advice here, arthel, if you have a local bridal store, check to see what they're offering to see if maybe you can get a deal if you're affected by all of this. arthel: good idea. i cannot imagine the stress these poor brides are under right now. thank, bryan yen nas. eric: well, picture this, there's an art exhibit, a lot of expensive objects and tiny tables close together, not much room to spread around and you want to take a selfie. disaster waiting to happen, right?
1:56 pm
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer >> a woman taken a selfie leans on a column at a los angeles art exhibit. an accident over. starting a domino style chain reaction. >> the role of columns rolled
2:00 pm
over causing about $200,000 in damage. since this has been posted about 300,000 people have seen it. something it was a stop but the artist says it was an accident and he forgives her.epn? we will see you in an hour. >> are you a republican?come an >> i am but i am not going to be one anymore. i'm going to become an independent. >> the independence don't want you either. [cheers and applause] greg: silence. another day, another russian appears with a name that i can't pronounce. [laughter] and the media clutches their pearls like a nun eyeing crop tops at forever 21. [laughter] here's


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