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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 17, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> there is more of this, stay right here. i find us on facebook. we will continue a conversation there, send us your questions. "happening now" starts right no now. >> julie: we start with a fox news alert, emergency crews in arizona now searching for one person who is still missing in those devastating flash floods. >> jon: at least nine people died after heavy rains unleashed virtual wall of water there. >> even on the basis of emails, donald trump, jr., laid them out, were not violations of statute. >> jon: the president's attorney defending donald trump, jr.,'s controversial meeting. or did he the law? in a police officer opened fire, killing a woman who called 911 for help.
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plus, a threat from a city bus after someone snatched her away from her parents. what the suspect said as she was led away and handcuffs. it's all happening now. we began with president trump showcasing the power and potential of the american worker, welcome to the second hour of "happening now" ." >> heather: nice to join you. talking about the american workers and american initiative, jobs and the economy front and center at the white house this week as president trump kicks off is made in america showcase. the president also defending his son donald trump, jr., amidst more follow up from that meeting with a russian attorney. >> in the face of all this media uproar over donald trump, jr., the administration is hoping to get its agenda back on track, it
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is hosting a "made in america" showcase on the white house lawn this morning. among the items up being showc, a piano made in a new york city, golf clubs made in arizona and soto made in north carolina. yet, the donald trump, jr., story is still very much alive. he tweeted this morning -- experts differ on that, some believe this is the classic case of the dangers of nepotism. you can't fire them or distance yourself from them if they are your family. political opponents are saying that his meeting is about violation of campaign finance
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laws. >> you don't prosecute the candidate or the candidate's so son, if the material was obtained unlawfully, you could prosecute if you can. there is a first amendment right of the candidate to use information. >> jay sekulow took to the sunday talk show yesterday to defend the meeting. >> i have wondered why the secret service allowed these people in, the president had secret service protection at that point, that raised a question with me. >> that in turn prompted the secret service to respond just today, it set on our background statement. all to be continued, heather, back to you.
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>> heather: cheerwine, i am from north carolina, shout out to them. >> jon: the controversy surrounding president trump's son raised new questions about how the involvement of family members may be impacting his administration. in an opinion piece today, a george washington university professor cites the issue surrounding donald trump, jr., as well as jared kushner as examples of why nepotism can often end so badly. joining is now with his take, former press secretary for president george w. bush and a fox news contributor. is there something here we are
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not seeing? the president obviously trusts his son and his son-in-law. >> the president has the right to pick whoever they want, there is a lot of benefit to having somebody the president is comfortable with. to the problem is that when it is a family member, there is a tendency to gunk up the works. if something goes wrong, how do you deal with that person if they are a family member? how do the lawyers separate staffers from the president? it can lead to many complications. >> jon: jfk famously appointed his brother bobby to be attorney general. other presidents have brought family members into their administrations in that regard this president is no different. >> that is correct, and that is why i say presidents have the right. bill put hillary clinton in charge of health care reform.
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other people in the white house have a disagreement with that person, they are no longer disagreeing with a coworker, now you are disagreeing with the president's daughter, the president's son-in-law. white house is strengthened by having clear lines of authority in a pyramid style structure. if you don't know what your role is, it can be very tricky and this is where family members can complicate things. >> jon: that is where this muddy water is, if it's jared kushner issuing a policy or making a request, people down below him might not necessarily know who made the request. >> it is trickier if it is a family member, that is the point. the benefit is that the president has the counsel of people who he relies on and
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trusts the most. they have served the president well. there are two sides of this. my point here is that it is messy. that is inherently true if something goes wrong with family members in the white house. >> jon: they moved to washington to be close and offer their advice and support. it's not as though the president can suddenly say "i think you ought to head back to new york." >> that's where it gets messy and tricky, harder for a family staffer. it is tricky. i want to make that point clear. presidents have the right to get advice from the people they believe in the most. you have to be careful here. if you say never a family member, i don't know if that works, it can work if the family members never get in trouble.
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the problem with modern-day white houses is everybody gets in trouble. >> jon: the president put out a tweet essentially saying that hillary clinton got away with much more in terms of deleting the emails and getting questions in advance during the debates. how do you see it? you were a white house press secretary, is she getting a pass or did you get a pass from the media on incidents that were as serious? >> the press covered the email scandal very intensely. they did not go easy on her during the campaign. what you have to say is if hillary had won the question, with the press still be banging on her about the emails? she lost and she does not get the scrutiny that donald trump will get, presidents get the scrutiny. i do wonder if the press after she got elected as she did would
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be as tough on her as they are on donald trump and i think the answer is no. >> jon: are you eager to go back to the podium in the white house? thank you. >> heather: not even thinking about it. turning now to health care reform, the revised republican bill now on hold in the senate. mitchell, delaying action until senator mccain recovers from surgery. all of this while protests against the plan continue today on capitol hill. mike emanuel's life for us with the latest on that. hi, mike. >> health care reform is on hold after a key senator is on the mend. at john mccain out for at least a week according to capitol hill sources. i am told that he is in good spirits and is eager to return to the capital but doctors do not want him flying at this point. mitch mcconnell announced
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consideration of the health care reform package would be deferred. another end of member of the leadership team says they are working to round up support. >> we are continuing to work to get all 50 votes. at the cbo score will come out in a day or two. what we are going to see is that our plan lowers premiums for the american people which is what people were so concerned about. you continue to see the headlines that say another obamacare rate shock. >> the bill may be on hold for now but protests continue on capitol hill, we expect another one this afternoon. democratic senators are sounding the alarm. >> this is real, this is personal. they are talking about taking away nursing home care, care for children. it is shocking and when the public looks at this they go wait a minute. this is not about politics, this
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is about my family. >> right now there is more time for everyone with senator mccain on the mend, that gives the congressional budget office more time to work on its analysis of the price and impact of this bill. >> heather: thank you, mike. >> jon: big trouble overseas for a princeton grad student, the american citizen now charged with spying and sentenced to prison in iran. how our state department is responding. plus, an american doctor arrives in london, giving new hope to the parents of a critically ill baby. a live report on the latest developments regarding charlie gard just ahead. >> had they been not ordinary people but wealthy parents, they could have gone to a private hospital in london. if they didn't like the treatment there, they would have said thank you very much but we need special care.
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baby charlie would not have come -- and these are my words -- a prisoner of the stat state.
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♪ >> jon: an american doctor is in london now, meeting with the parents of critically ill baby charlie gard and examining the 11th-month-old for the first time. benjamin hall live from our london bureau with the latest. >> good afternoon. many people are saying this could be the last hope for a little charlie gard, 11 months old in a hospital bed here in london, very ill. a renowned american doctor has flown to the u.k. hoping to give him life saving treatment. the doctor specializes in rare genetic diseases such as this. he arrived in london and has now seen charlie. he believes the chance of
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successful treatment is anywhere between 11 and 56%. he would be trying to improve charlie's muscular strength. he suffers from a rare disease that has left him brain-dead and unable to move, breathe, or -- the case has ignited major role over who is able to choose the best course of care for a child. his parents have also been fighting an amazing battle against the courts for much of the last year. evidence in the coming weeks will be determined whether charlie will be given this chance. he has treated another child with condition and that child
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remains alive, though on a respirator. >> heather: of princeton university grad student charged with spying in iran, sentenced to ten years in prison. our next guest says it's the work of iranians trying to sabotage ties with the west. plus, a mysterious police shooting in minneapolis. how an officer shooting a woman from a squad car has the city on edge and the victim's family demanding answers. >> any shooting in the city of minneapolis.
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>> heather: and american
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student studying at princeton university has been arrested while in iran doing research for his thesis. iranian government charged him with spying for the united states and sentenced him to ten years in prison. joining me now is a former speechwriter for the secretary of defense and secretary of state, thank you for joining us. first, let's talk a little bit about what we know about this student. we know he is an american citizen, he is not of iranian descent. he would have had to have been granted a visa to travel there, meaning authorities would have had to have approved his visit. he was engaged in typical historical research. how do you explain his arrest? >> i think you hit on some incredibly important facts.
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he's an american academic setting the history of iran by forces who were fearful of a more open future. he was a graduate student at princeton university, a brilliant academic by all accounts, he volunteered with the red cross in afghanistan as a translator. what has happened in this case as he is caught up in a push and pull between the hard-line forces associated with the supreme leader and the moderates who are aligned more with the president. i think you see in this arrest, these hardliners are saying they are still here, and they are not happy with the direction they are trying to dig around in.
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i think it really lays it out in stark relief. even though he was arrested back in august, it is being brought up now because his family is trying to work with the state department and because we have renewed attention on what security services and the judiciary is doing to try and show that they are in charge. yes, his brother was involved in the note negotiations with the nuclear deal and by all accounts on the nuclear deal -- it is the second anniversary of the deal and the world is a better place because a country like iran does not have a nuclear weapon. >> heather: the deadline for the white house to decide whether to issue a waiver on the
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nuclear sanctions is it today, what do you think of that? >> the hardliners are trying to tempt the administration and the global community to do something that is against their interest. or they thrive on isolation, that is what gives them their reason for being. iran is a very difficult situation, in many ways it has a schizophrenic foreign policy but i think trying to continue to engage and have an outlet so we can talk to some of the moderates is probably the best course of action. >> heather: back in january, the chief prosecutor said there were as many as what they referred to as the spies being held in the city presents, many of those having passwords from europe and the united states. do you expect any of that to change in the future? >> that really speaks to to go things. we need to have some sort of back channel so that acts like these do not result in some kind
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of miscalculation or provocation. we saw how that back was affected, not just on the nuclear negotiation but when the secretary of state helped get for four hikers release. or when the u.s. navy ship was captured by the iranians and sailors were released. right now, it seems like the hotline that we have has gone cold and i think it's important that we keep those communications going so that an act like this doesn't lead to escalation provocation. >> heather: it will be interesting to see how the trump administration handles all this moving forward. thank you so much for joining us. >> jon: detectives investigating the death of a toddler at a las vegas timeshare resort, police say a 3-year-old boy died saturday night when he was left in a hot car in the parking lot in 114-degree heat.
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investigators believe his parents left him in the car for over an hour. he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died. the family was visiting from out of town for a family reunion. >> heather: coming up, the house going above and beyond, surpassing the president's proposal for defense spending. the measure now moving to the senate. in the senate, lawmakers already have their hands full with a health care process. the process is temporarily pause but tom price says it will move forward. >> i worry about the current system that makes it so 40% of the counties only have one choice in terms of an insurance coverage policy. that is obamacare and that is what we are going to get away from.
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♪ >> jon: the u.s. senate is delaying action on health care while lawmakers wait for senator john mccain to recover from surgery. the sources close to the senator say he should be home in arizona for at least a week. republicans need mccains vote because at least two republicans say they will not support the revised bill. >> this bill keeps most of the obamacare taxes and regulations and creates something republicans have never been before, a giant insurance bailout superfund. the one thing we should do is try to repeal as many of the taxes and regulations and as
10:31 am
many of the mandates as we possibly can. >> a lot of us have concerns about the bill, on the senate side i would estimate that there are about 8-10 republican senators who have deep concerns about how this would all translate. i am never going to estimate leader mcconnell's skills. >> jon: joining is now a republican strategist and cochair for the pro trump great america pac. welcome. they have hit the pause button in washington at least until senator mccain can recover and get back there and perhaps cast a vote, a lot of observers have said that the longer this obamacare repeal and replace effort stays out there, the less
10:32 am
likely it is to actually occur. how do you see a? >> i hope senator mccain recovers well. i would not underestimate the speaker. i think if we can't come to a consensus on this, the one thing we can agree on is republicans as we need to repeal this bill. the other thing we need to do is go on offense. we keep mentioning the two republican senators and i think mitch mcconnell knows how to work that but at the end of the day, i would like to know where the democrats stand. do they want to hang their hat on obamacare or do they want to try to fix a broken system. we have not asked that question in the media or as republicans and i think we need to go back on offense and understand -- is congress going to do their job? the president has done his job. it is at the senate, congress needs to act. >> jon: it is true that obamacare is entirely a democratic creation, no republicans voted for the thing. are democrats willing to say
10:33 am
this is working great? >> as my grandmother would say, two wrongs don't make a right. the way this is going right now, we are going to have the same sort of push on the republican side, fully supported only by republicans. i also want to join in and wish senator mccain a speedy recovery. rewind back to 2010, the house and drag to the late charlie wilson out of the hospital to vote. i do want to agree with my colleague as well, democrats need to come to the table. i don't think it's enough to say look, let's just continue to run the clock. there are strengths and weaknesses to the affordable care act and democrats and republicans alike need to come to the table in order to govern. i suggest as a former state
10:34 am
legislator and a coauthor of medicaid reform in ohio to listen to the governor. look at models like ohio and what we have done, see how we can utilize and replicate some of the things we have done for improving health outcomes and how we can translate that into solutions because just a repeal without a significant replace is not going to work and what ted cruz has proposed to have a slimmed-down plan sounds great but guess what, even the insurance company say it's not working. >> we haven't heard anything from the democrats. we have not heard one word on how to come to a resolution on obamacare. i just had to assume that they agree and they want to hang their hat on it. >> that is why democrats are making a mistake by not stepping up and offering some kind of solution. if the republicans don't want to join, that is on them. i agree, each group needs to
10:35 am
come to the table. >> jon: as you watch these states where obamacare exchanges are collapsing, you can hardly call it a success and democrats right now own it. >> they could just let obamacare fail. he ran on having a solution to this broken and failed system. don't forget, in 2010, this was a government takeover of our health care system. to try to roll that back and fix it up, it is darn near impossible. president trump ran on a coalition to build a wall, tax policy, and also in health care reform and i believe congress needs to act. >> jon: you said democrats and republicans should work hand-in-hand to get this thing fixed. that doesn't seem to be the
10:36 am
washington of 2017, at least not the way in washington. >> it wasn't the washington of 2010 either when the democrats controlled everything. we had a very similar combative nature, republicans did not want to participate and i think that was wrong in 2010 for the republicans and it is wrong for the democrats now. i get a lot of comments from folks back in ohio that asked what is wrong with washington, why aren't people coming to the table, why is it always in this way for them? there are shortcomings of the affordable care act but there are strengths in it, creating the innovation plans for medicare and medicaid services, giving a lot of things in medicare including performance, we never hear about the good things in the affordable care act but that doesn't take away the shortcomings either. and that's why democrats, particularly those in 2010 who were part of the original process to create this legislation understand its intent and where it fell short, those of the people that need to
10:37 am
come to the table and unfortunately i think democrats and republicans alike are more focused on 2018, looking inwards inside the beltway instead of looking outwards. >> jon: thank you both. >> heather: meanwhile, the house has approved a bipartisan spending bill at close to $700 billion, that is about $30 billion more than the president requested and now the measure goes to the senate. some actual work getting done. >> even though the defense bill gives more money for defense then president trump was asking for, some republicans are scratching their heads because not all that extra money is allocated for things like more troops or new equipment. for example, there is a program in their to pay for gender
10:38 am
transition for servicemen and women and that is something that a congresswoman from missouri tried unsuccessfully to take out of the budget. >> surgical costs alone can top $1.3 billion over the next ten years. these resources could fund 13f35 aircraft. 14 f-18's to fight isis. >> democrats do not think that is fair because it singles out one group is seeking treatment over others requiring care for different physical or mental conditions. >> it wouldn't just target transgender surgery it would target some of the hormone drugs which cost $100 a year, they cost virtually nothing in the military. >> this budget has also sparked a g.o.p. fight over whether to
10:39 am
ask the pentagon to study how military bases are impacted by climate change. here is one republicans argument. >> we would be remiss in our efforts to protect our national security to not fully account for the risk of climate change poses to our bases, our readiness and fulfillment of our armed forces mission. >> there is a completely different argument being offered by other republicans who do not think climate change is high on the list of national security priorities. >> we have let the men and women that wear the uniform and defend our country focus on the enemy. if the enemy is climate change, they will focus on that as well and they will submit information so we can make decisions. >> the provisions for climate change and gender transition stay in this budget for now and next up will be a senate consideration of the bill sometime in the first week of august.
10:40 am
>> heather: do we know how much the climate study would cost? >> once it gets to the senate they are going to decide and then they will take it back to the house and then president trump gets the final say. >> heather: thank you so much. >> jon: a 6-month-old girl is safe after she was kidnapped in san francisco. it happened a short distance away from her father. what police are saying about the suspect. plus, the secret service reacting to questions about its role in donald trump, jr.,'s meeting with a russian lawyer last year. our legal panel will weigh in. >> it lasted for a short period and nothing came of the meeting and i think it's a meeting most people in politics would have taken.
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>> jon: police in california calling the kidnapping of a 6-month-old baby a crime of
10:44 am
opportunity. >> why were you with a baby? why did you have a baby? >> jon: witnesses helped police tracked the suspect to a public bus about 30 minutes after the baby was reported missing. police say the baby's parents left her in a car while the father prepared a bottle for her. of the child now reunited with her parents. police say they are looking at how long the baby was in the car before the kidnapping. >> heather: the secret service responding to questions about their role in donald trump, jr.,'s controversial meeting with a russian attorney, saying the agency did not vet to those of the meeting because they were not tasked with protecting the candidates son during the campaign. this comes as president trump's attorney jay sekulow made the rounds of the sunday talk show, saying no law was broken here.
10:45 am
>> even on the basis of these emails as donald trump, jr., laid them out, the facts were not violating a statute. when you talk about russian collusion, colluding to do what? colluding to violate what law? the president's engagement in this was he was not aware and did not participate in any of this. we are looking at what law may have been violated and again, the meeting in the place of the meeting, based on all the information you just said, was not a violation of any law. the president was not engaged in this or aware of it. donald trump, jr., made statements of this was everything, he said that on the air and i think -- it speaks for itself. >> heather: let's bring in our legal panel. they are both former prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, thank you both for joining us. you are shaking your head, nodding your head. was anything wrong with
10:46 am
donald trump, jr., taking this meeting? >> no, jay sekulow is 1000% right. was there something wrong with taking the meeting? perhaps, it is now embarrassing and nothing productive came from it. was it illegal to take the meeting? absolutely not. i'm going to take it one step further and say this. if you had some evidence of a crime and you investigate further, that is justice. when you have no evidence of a crime and you investigate anywa anyway, that is a witch hunt and that's what we have going. >> heather: we were speaking earlier about this in the first hour and saying it may be bad p.r., it may be that optics but that is not illegal. >> bad p.r. is not illegal. taking a meeting with a foreign government in order to have them in some way impact an election is illegal. whether or not we can make that conclusion, i don't think we can actually make that conclusion right now. what i do think is that there is smoke here.
10:47 am
it is not witch hunt, there is evidence out there that needs to be found at this point. >> heather: from what we understand, ultimately no information was given. or being a part of getting that information. >> i don't even think there is any smoke here. i think people are looking at are the matches but nobody struck one. there was nothing wrong with trying to get opposition research on an opposing party during a campaign. to try to take that square peg and cram it into a round hole is nothing but a waste of time. there is no evidence of any crime. no law has been broken, why are we still hear? speak to you both mentioned, you were talking about election law 301 to one of title 52. >> it essentially says that as a
10:48 am
candidate, you cannot go and solicit our foreign government to have an impact on the election. there can't be up quid pro quo and that is what they are investigating. if there is a conspiracy to commit a violation of that code section and whether there was an overt act. >> i think quid pro quo is too broad of a definition. you cannot accept something of value. truthful words may be valuable to all of us but they are not something of value within the meaning of that particular statute. >> heather: what should they have done? it seems to make sense to me that anyone running a campaign, if someone from the outside says they've got information, you would have that meeting? >> i will tell you what my clients would do in a situation like this, call your lawyer.
10:49 am
as they are lawyer, i would tell them absolutely not, do not take this meeting, this is a disaster. >> heather: do you think this speaks to their inexperience and being involved in campaigns? >> you hit that right on the head. nobody thought they were doing anything wrong that they did not think to make sure that somebody else came in and gave the opinion as to whether to have the meeting because they really did walk away with nothing more than egg on their face. >> heather: there is the question after the fact, how do you not remember this meeting when you are being asked about all these meeting specifically, have you had any meetings with anyone involved with russia, at the time it wasn't a big deal but after the fact. >> inconsistency will destroy your client's credibility. when you have a client, somebody like donald trump, jr., making
10:50 am
completely inconsistent statements trying to clean up the mess that he has made, all it does is make him look more guilty. >> heather: give him the benefit of the doubt, he did forget about it. moving forward, would you advise at this point, think again and go through and release everything, any meeting you think is insignificant? >> he needs to go through his lawyer and get a really strong opinion on how he can handle it at this point. i don't remember every dentist apartment i've ever had, he didn't remember that meeting. >> heather: thank you very much and we will be right back, stay with us. help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
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>> hello everyone, i'm
10:54 am
melissa francis. two events at the white house, one a briefing with reporters and one showcasing "made in america." in the meantime, republicans health care bill delayed. the highly anticipated cbo report card is also deployed. plus, new poll numbers out for the president. one critical issue that many americans are confident about could be key to moving this agenda forward. all of that on "america's news headquarters." ♪ >> jon: the family of a minnesota woman is now demanding answers after she was fatally shot by police officers responding to her call for help. officials say justine damond dial 911 saturday to report a potential crime behind her home. at some point after their arrival, one of the officers fired at her, killing her.
10:55 am
>> we have late information coming from the minneapolis "star tribune," that organization has identified the officer who fired the fatal shot. according to their sources, the officer was the first somali american officer to work that precinct on that side of the city. she was identified by people on the scene is the musical who was shot. she went by that name justine damond because she took the name of her soon-to-be husband. she worked as a spiritual community center and top meta- meta-meditation and yoga. she called police about a disturbance around 11:30 saturday night. while speaking to the officers of the driver side door, the officer in the passenger seat fired this weapon.
10:56 am
>> i know she heard a sound in the alley and called the police. the cops showed up and she was a very passionate woman, she probably thought something bad was happening and the next thing i know, they take my best friend's life. >> both officers who responded to that 911 call are on administrative leave. that is not an indication of fault, it is simply a matter of protocol. both officers were wearing body cameras, however they were not turned on at the time of the shooting. >> jon: what a tragedy. thank you. we are back in just a moment.
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>> time now for the final 30. a team of specialists patting themselves on the back after successfully performing emergency surgery on a 38-year-old gorilla from a washington state zoo. >> this is a boy stands for very important primate that was
11:00 am
infected with a infection from a hernia. he was sluggish and losing weight. he is recovering well. the doctors say he will be just fine. >> and "planet of the apes" is number one in the box office. >> between nine starts now. bill and a fox news alert. the daily white house briefing off camera today. said to start right. we're not allowed to have any audio until it is complete. hello, i am old so the. with president trump promised to repeal and replace obamacare handing in a balance, republican leaders need every vote. john mccain recovery from surgery is a delay for the expected vote on the health care bill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel as i and capitol hill and mike, what is the latest on timing for this health care bill? >> melissa, timing s


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