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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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scholar. they go over to oxford. they study. they get all these fancy degrees and i get to go visit over there at oxford. >> dana: amazing. good job. >> kimberly: set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of the five. hannity next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. welcome to hannity tonight. a major update in the hannity investigation into the left's massive double standard on election interference. we have newt gingrich, jay sekulow, monica crowley will all be here with reaction. first, finally the political left the destroy trump media are waking up to what we have been telling you few for months. now, we are forcing them to cover stories that they have been ignoring. that is tonight's very important opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: if you watch this program you know unlike the destroy trump media, the establishment media all group think and think alike every day. we think the truth is important and that you, the american people, you deserve to know what's really going on. and for weeks we have been
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covering massive scandals and we have been calling on the media on congress to start investigating them. for example, there is this explosive report. remember politico back in january. look at the headline we have been telling you about. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump back fire. kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president elect after quietly working to boost clinton. this scandal revolves around a one-time dnc operative named alexander chalupa. she along with government officials worked during the campaign to hurt donald trump and help hillary clinton. it's in the politico article. just read it we put together a chart to better illustrate what has happened. according to politico chalupa, a former clinton white house employee worked for years to try and expose former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. now, this includes by meeting with ukrainian diplomats at the ukrainian embassy and that loop that said those ukrainian diplomats were helpful when
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it came to finding information. then there is this damaging quote about chalupa in the article. she occasionally shared her findings with officials from the dnc and clinton's campaign. so, from what politico reported back in january, chalupa tried to share information with the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign. oh, sounds like collusion. now, we did once again, we reached out to this dnc operative for comment. we have yet to hear back. now chalupa did provide a statement to make news cnn. here's part of it during the 2016 u.s. election, i was a part-time consultant for the dnc running an ethnic engagement program. i was not an opposition researcher for the dnc and the dnc never asked me to go to the ukrainian embassy to collect information. by the way, during the period of time she made $412,000, according to politico. chalupa did admit that she did meet with the you rainyian officials at the ukrainian embassy but now
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claims six months later that the topic had nothing to do with the election. okay. now, putting chalupa's denial aside, six months after this article comes out, there are so many questions that we need answers to and our continued coverage on this scandal is now starting to get the attention of the destroy trump media and democrats. and, yesterday, even congressman adam schiff was asked, finally, about ukrainian election collusion. take a look. >> i understand hillary clinton lost. i understand this effort was not as elaborate as the russian effort but was it acceptable or wouldn't it have been acceptable for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government in this campaign? >> no, it would be appropriate for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government. if you look at the politico article and talking about a single article here. if you accept all the facts in the article, the scale of what the russians did is not comparable to anything in that article. it would be problematic to get any kind of support from a foreign government but,
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again, i think to compare the two is a bit like comparing bank robbery with writing a check with insufficient funds. both appropriate money from the bank improperly but a very different degree of seriousness and involvement in this case by a foreign government. >> sean: not comparable? it's far worse. president trump's attorney jay sekulow who will join us later tonight was also bringing up finally this weekend, this very important issue on the sunday shows. take a look at this. >> opposition research in campaigns happens all the time. you had the situation with the ukrainians doing the same thing with the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. we know for a fact as reported extensively in an investigative journalist piece by politico that crew rainyians were in direct contact with dnc officials and traded information back and forth. the fact is, you know, the ukrainians at the very same time were working with the dnc and clinton campaign to get what, opposition research on donald trump and his associates. go back to the ukrainian
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officials you say you don't want to discuss it because it's not being investigated which raises a question. here they actually exchanged documents from a foreign government. >> sean: finally got media to start talking about ukraine interfering with the american election. debbie wasserman schultz the head of the dnc, she needs to be put under oath and testify before congress about what she knew and when she knew it and the same goes for former clinton campaign officials like john podesta, because that dnc operative testified that she tried to share information with both the dnc and the clinton campaign. also former clinton campaign manager robby mike. hmook. he should be seated right next to op-ed under oath to tell you what he knows. this is a serious issue far worse than anything trump/russia. going off my facts and my opinion, it is worse than the black helicopter tin foil hat conspiracy theories
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you have been hearing about for 11 months. and with ukraine, we have real evidence of collusion, we know real information was passed along. and may have ended up in the dnc and clinton campaign. we know it did impact the election because paul manafort ended up resigning at trump's campaign manager and chairman. all that evidence is why we are not going to stop covering this story until you, the american people get the answers that you deserve. also another massive scandal that the media, establishment media has not paid much attention to and congress needs to start investigating. talking about uranium one deal that we have been calling the real conspiracy. secretary clinton signed off giving 20% of america's uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons to who? vladimir putin, to russia, the russians. and while that was going on, people involved in that deal, kicked back over
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$145 million to the clinton foundation. doubled the speaking fees in moscow. that must sound like something the establishment media, congressional investigators, robert mueller should be focused on, at least beginning to look into? and then there is the fake news dossier. remember the op. research firm fusion g.p.s. that has ties to the hillary campaign, the democratic party, planned parenthood, well, according to those reports, that phony dossier, quoting russians and the ritz carlton and hookers was originally commissioned, okay, by republican donor, but, eventually, a clinton ally ended up funding it christopher steele, the former mi 6 agent put this disgusting hit piece together cited russian government sources or sources tied to the russian government. doesn't that sound like collude wag foreign government to interfere with an election to you? then there is the law firm that has ties to both fusion g.p.s., the russian lawyer in that june 2016 meeting
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with donald trump jr. what's disgusting about all of, this the democrats faining, moral outrage about the idea of russia collusion were perfectly willing to repeat information from that phony christopher steele dossier that used russian sources in some cases, doesn't that make democrats complicit in this? well, we will let you decide. take a look at what they were saying about this phony dossier citing russians. take a look. >> do you believe anything about that dossier? >> oh, i think it should be taken a look at. i think they should really read it, understand it, analyze it. and determine what's fact, what may not be fact. we already know that the part coverage they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. they have said that that's absolutely true. >> i want to take a moment to turn to the christopher steele dossier, which was first mentioned in the media just before the election and
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published in if you feel by media outlets in january. my focus today is to explore how many claims within steele's dossier are looking more and more likely as though they are accurate. well, the dossier definitely seems right on these points, a quid pro quo relationship seems to exist between the trump campaign and putin's russia. >> there is a lot in the dossier yet to be proven but increasingly as we will hear throughout the day allegations are checking out. >> sean: all three of these issues, ukrainian collusion, the uranium one deal, the fake news dossier, all involve actual concrete evidence, real collusion. real wrongdoing, real law breaking. now, it's why we are not going to stop reporting. we're not going to stop covering these very important issues on the show and we will demand the media do their job. the establishment media. msnbc, cnn, fake news, 24/7 the same opinion all day. that's not the same here on the fox news channel. joining us now author of the
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number one "new york times" best seller several weeks in a reon the list, "understanding trump" former speaker of the house fox news contributor newt gingrich. we have been trying to get an answer from this chalupa lady. the article was written back in january. you have quotes from her in there. doesn't deny it until tonight to cnn? i want her, wasserman schultz, op-ed, mook and hillary under oath. >> even in the story tonight, there are other people who are saying that she had told them that she thought she could get material that would hurt trump. so even her denial, i think, may, in fact, not hold up when people look into it in more detail. it's interesting, you know, there is this huge shock in the elite media that this russian lawyer came to trump tower, et cetera. well, there is not shock that this dnc operative went to the ukrainian embassy. oh, no, that's problem
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because of this and the that. the double standard is so gigantic that i think the average american very obvious that it is a double standard. again, notice the difference. we don't have any evidence that anything was done to include. this icollude. where is the collusion. where is the russians working directly with trump. there is no evidence of it. as several liberal lawyers have said, harvard professors of law, under the first amendment, you are allowed with your free speech rights to try to learn whether or not your opponent as a weakness, as long as you are not stealing anything. >> sean: jonathan turley. >> he is saying, both of them are saying to try to turn this into a criminal case, would be a direct assault on the first amendment right of free speech in a campaign. and i think that the degree to which the elite media has tried to puff this up is just almost unbelievable.
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>> sean: so you have the ukraine issue where real meeting took place with a real dnc worker, operative, whatever position she wants to say that she had, saying in the politico that, in fact, information was passed on. that had an impact on the election. we have the corrupt uranium one deal. i won't give the details. everyone in this audience knows them. phony dossier citing russians fusion g.p.s. democrats all hooked into them and paying money to this guy. comey even wanted to pay this guy $50,000. it was citing russian sources with bad information. why aren't the republicans putting as much emphasis on this and saying okay, if you are against outside countries influencing our elections, then we have got to investigate these issues. >> well, they should be. as i said before, in talking with you, i do think there's a very real grounds for the congress to look at the totality of foreign
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influence peddling, foreign campaign influence, not just russia, not just ukraine, but as we have become the most powerful nation in the world, there are a lot of people around the planet who give grants to universities, to shape what they're doing, who give grants to individuals, who hire lobbyists. you can use this "new york times"/"the washington post" hysterical language to describe anything. but the one that i think is the most intriguing, now that you put your finger on it, i cannot understand why the congress has not dug into it. is the scale of secrecy involved in the uranium deal, the fact that apparently there is this canadian foundation which doesn't have to disclose what it does with its money or where its money comes from. as you pointed out, it gave millions and millions to the clinton foundation. >> sean: 145. >> the fact that that hasn't been investigated strikes me
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as almost unbelievable. >> sean: it's breath-taking. as bad or worse as russia being our enemy as the democrats keep telling us, you were kind enough to point something out to me today in a private conversation we had about two reporters writing a book called"shattered." expected hillary to win and shatter the glass ceiling. didn't work out the way they wanted but there is an interesting side note to this. i will let you explain. >> it's a fascinating book. anybody interested in politics. these two reporters had gotten, obviously an advance to write a book about the election of hillary clinton. suddenly election night like everybody else they are faced with having to write a different book. instead of having shattered the glass ceiling it, became how hillary clinton shattered her own campaign. towards the end of the book there is a whole section i'm thinking about writing one of minus letters on this. there is a whole section where hillary the day after the election suddenly figures out since it can't be her fault, it must have
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been comey's press events and the russians. >> sean: the russians' fault. the russians made me do it. >> had to be the russians. >> sean: we have more with newt gingrich right after the break. when we come back, i have my own list for the republican party. if they want to be successful in 2018, four to five things they need to do. we will ask newt what he thinks they need to get done. president trump's attorney jay sekulow react how the media being forced to finally answer questions about ukrainian collusion and also tonight. >> he is nothing but a con artist and a liar. and he is not a businessman. >> sean: anti-trump protests taking place across the country this weekend. our cameras were there. mini monologue tonight. i will expose how deep and psychotic this trump hate has become. all that and political conservative commentator gets the final word on the
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♪ >> for decades washington has allowed other nations to wipe out millions of american jobs through unfair trade practices. wait until you see what's up for you. you are going to be so
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happy. we will protect our workers, promote our industry, and be proud of our history because we will put america first. >> sean: that was the president earlier today at the white house during a made in america showcase of companies and products from all across this great country of ours. and if g.o.p. lawmakers who beg to be elected, if they want to be successful, in 2018, four key things they better get moving with some sense of urgency and accomplish by november of next year. i would say by the end of this year. they need to have completed, show they mean they are going to secure the border. at least 300 miles of the border wall need to be built. they also have to finance it and have a plan in place for the rest of the wall to be built. second, obamacare. i understand senator mccain is sick. when he gets back, it needs to be repealed, replaced immediately. third, there needs to be an energy revolution as secretary rick perry said today so we create millions of high-paying career jobs
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in this country. and, fourth, we better get that middle class, that corporate tax cut, that multinational corporation repatriotation for these companies to build manufacturing centers. if they don't get that done, they won't deserve re-election in my opinion. fox news contributor author of the best selling book understanding trump, mr. speaker, those are the -- add neil gorsuch and have you five. the president handled the originalist. i would argue those four things are not done. that there is a very strong possibility 2018 could be a shock election for the country. novelty good for the republicans. >> i think that's right. i think that the left clearly is going to turn out the left hates trump. they will do anything they can to beat him. the question is, one, can we have enough energy and drive among other base that they turn out and, two, can we perform well enough that independents decide that they want to reelect us?
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i think this comes down in a sense to your list but also to a deeper sense of do we represent prosperity, economic growth, higher take home pay, more jobs or not? trump, you just said the president a minute ago talking about what he wants to do to make america great again. i think he is in the right general direction. i personally believe that they ought to do as much as they can on healthcare right now. they shouldn't spend the whole rest of this year on one issue. they have also got to pass, i think, by thanksgiving, and get signed into law by thanksgiving, a very large tax cut. retroactively designed back to january 1, to make sure we have enough economic growth in 2018 that republicans can run as the party of prosperity of jobs, of higher take home pay and of economic growth. and i would say the highest focus ought to be on getting the tax bill through because if we don't have economic growth next year, i think we're in real danger of having speaker nancy pelosi
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in 2019. if can he do get enough economic growth, i think frankly we will probably get reelected. >> sean: i think that's where the millions energy jobs come into play. you are right. i love the tax cuts being retroactive that will flood the economy with money and investment opportunities. manufacturing centers we talk about. i will take a first step on healthcare. i will take health savings account opportunities. getting rid of the taxes associated with it i will take the opportunity for cooperative and then getting it better or just repeal it. if that's all they can do for now, do it. how important -- look, we have been friends for 25 years. i was there emceeing the night you became the speaker of the house. that's how far we go back. even further. my first interview, i think it was in 1990 with you. and here's my question. you have been urging me to be patient. >> you were a mere child. >> sean: you have been urging me to be patient. i have run out of patience
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with these republicans. they asked for this opportunity. >> i agree. i agree. i surrender. we have had six months of patience. it's time to perform. and i agree with you. i think that they have to go to -- first of all, have you had six months to look at what happened. what worked. what didn't. it's like a football team at halftime. it's like a military operation in the middle of -- you have got to take steps. you have to learn lessons. i think they hav have got to figure out how to do things faster, more simply. i like what you just said, frankly, about healthcare. if you can't pass the gigantic bill, tell me what you can pass. but get something done that starts to move us away from obamacare. and i think on each of these things, whether it's infrastructure or it's controlling spending or it's reforming the bureaucracy and, by the way, the veterans administration is a great success story. i think it ranks second only to conservative judges in terms of how the president is starting to really move
7:25 pm
the country. deregulation, be success move in the right direction. i met last thursday with secretary zinke of interior. he has a great plan movinged in the right direction. former commander of seal team 6 bringing that kind of tough military approach to it. i see things moving in the right direction. but the congress has got to pick doable things that they can actually get done and not just beat their head against a wall without getting anything done. so i'm on your side. >> sean: okay. it just took you a little longer because you are a more patient person. i will cede that point back to you. i will say. this i hope that you just heard what you said, they don't get it done, they put their own power in jeopardy. you know, keeping your promises is important. mr. speaker, good to see you. thank you. congrats on the book. when we come back, president trump's attorney jay sekulow weighs in. he will respond to the media finally being forced to talk
7:26 pm
about the issues we are. ukrainian election interference, for example, and the phony dossier and, of course, the uranium one deal and also tonight: >> trump, without a question is, more dangerous than hitler. he has a greater arsenal. he has nuclear arms. he is the head of a sole super power. >> sean: several anti-trump protests this weekend. cameracameras were there. we have our special hannity coming up. get reaction from conservative columnist our friend monica crowley and all of that our friend and political commentator tomi lahren gets the final word every night of the program this week. so stay with us.
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7:31 pm
senators mike lee and jerry more ran issuing separate statements joining senators rand paul and susan collins in opposition. with just a 52/48 majority in the senate. this means the majority leader mitch mcconnell no longer has the votes needed to move ahead on the bill. president trump reacting by calling on republicans to repeal obamacare and start from a clean slate. the search for a 27-year-old man missing in a deadly arizona flash flood has been suspended due to a severe thunderstorm. the father of three children who were among nine relatives killed in rushing waters in tonto national forest. they were all trying to cool off in a creek when it happened. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. ranking member of the house intelligence committee democrat congressman adam schiff shed it would be problematic if democrats colluded with the ukraine during the election. he tried to down play the
7:32 pm
connection with possible russian collusion. one of trump's attorneys chief council for the american center of law and justice jay sekulow. >> hi, sean. >> sean: what's fascinating about this. you did the five sunday shows. you have my sympathies, appreciation and apologies. i don't think anybody should have to suffer through all. >> it was like arguing a supreme court case every 15 minutes. >> sean: you do it in rapid succession. people don't know that you did the five sunday shows. >> yeah. >> sean: you were able, in four of the five you brought up the cre ukrainian issue which there is far more evidence of adam schiff is forced to cover it. it is worse, isn't it, than anything alleged about trump. >> what does this establish? this is what i have been arguing on the sunday shows and what i have been talking about for a week have you this transaction going on you crepians and operatives from the dnc. major report in politico.
7:33 pm
six months later they have tepid denials. six months ago when it came out, not so much, right? the president today send out a statement on twitter that, you know, politico campaigns would have been opposition research. politico campaigns do take opposition research. they are perfect example of it not only was it opposition research. but set-ups regarding media questions to be asked to go after the -- then the republican nominee for president donald trump to go after his political campaign operation. so when you look at what was actually going on it's much deeper, right? >> sean: chalupa gives a statement to cnn. she won't respond to us. but by the way she let's the article go the whole time from what i have seen and i have saw no other quotes. begging her to come on this program. and then have you got the uraniumian one deal. and then you have the phony dossier where fusion g.p.s. funding this thing and it cites russian operatives
7:34 pm
with false information. all these cases. can i make a strong argument of russia democrat collusio collusion. can you? >> you look at the fusion g.p.s. situation. there you have and this is, you know, have you covered this but most the outlets are ignoring it the individual involved in the meeting. with russia. work with fusion g.p.s. and the law firm that was affiliated with it on various matters including the ole maginski act. remember when the substance of the meeting was about adoption. that's what the substance of the meeting ended up being about. the reality is they may have said it was going to be opposition research but it ends up being this act and the whole issue of russian adoption which wasn't even a campaign issue. take it a step further, where does the -- you know, draw the lines here, it's not very difficult to see what this is everybody is ignoring the fact that this
7:35 pm
is, you know, politics is a rough and tumible sport. that's the nature of the living in a constitutional republic. so, for all this, you know, angst that's going on right now, look at what really happens in the real world. and you see this kind i have jousting going on all the time. >> sean: i expect the establishment destroy trump media. i have no expectations. they are 24 hours a day. it's the same nonsense. it's only -- we're forcing this story because the facts are so damning. but now they have opened up the door. now we have got the dossier. now you have got ukraine. and now the uranium one deal takes on far more importance than ever before. if they really care about the truth. if they really care about other countries outside influence of our elections. so where are the republicans demanding and setting up hearings, subpoenas, influencing the -- asking these people questions under oath? >> well, here -- you know, here is the reality. those issues, as you just laid them out, should be
7:36 pm
part of what is going on not only in the political discussion but in the political world we actually live. in so here's what you have got. you have got political operatives that are, you know, operating in the world as they would like it to be, rather than the world as it is. facts are facts. you know, in the law, when the facts are bad you argue the law. when the law is bad you argue the facts. all these additives. here's the reality. when you look at the facts here, of what you have just outlined, and what's been on the record for over six months now, ask yourself why it's not getting the right coverage or why it's not getting coverage. and here's what it is. as on so many issues, it doesn't fit into the narrative. it doesn't fit into the real narrative. you can go back and look at what was going on during the iran negotiations, the so-called negotiations with iran and this, you know, reset with the russians, all of these issues, it doesn't fit into a narrative. therefore, it's not covered. fortunately you are covering it. but the reality is if you don't fit into the particular narrative of the
7:37 pm
media. as you did, sean, i did five of them yesterday. it was amazing to me to see both the inconsistency and the consistency of what they are trying to get to you say verseversus what they're actualy saying. are the american people seeing through and understanding that facts are facts? and do you know what i think the american people really do get it much more than what goes on inside the beltway. >> sean: i'm glad to see that the alt left media, the destroy trump establishment media, that now is going to have to deal with these issues, whether they want to or not, that's a little progress. we're going to keep pounding it until they get it right. jay sekulow, thank you for being with us. up next on this busy breaking monday news edition of hannity. >> he is nothing but a con artist and a liar. and he is not a businessman. >> sean: all right. this past weekend, liberal anti-trump protesters gathered at multiple cities across the country. most don't even know why they were protesting. and we have the proof and
7:38 pm
turnout is pretty small. i have got a mini monologue for them and the establishment media. monica crowley joins us and also tonight: >> let's make the g.o.p. work again. yes, let's absolutely start with the border wall. for every hour our republican representatives sit around and talk about this, thousands more illegal immigrants and who knows what else pour into our country. >> sean: conservative political commentator tommy lehner gettomi lahren gets the l word this week. that and more straight ahead. when i look
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. over the weekend so-called anti-fascist activists organized what they hoped would be huge, massive wide-spread anti-trump organizations all across the country. so how did the protests go down? well, and just why are so many of these liberals just so angry at president trump? we decided to send our cameras all across the country to find out the source of this deep, rooted trump hate and that is the subject of tonight's mini monologue. all right, so the mainstream alt left establishment media goes on and on about how unpopular president trump is with you the american people. this weekend's protests tell a very different story. small sparsely attended rallies across some of america's most liberal cities, barely garnered news coverage. those in attendance, they seem to be protesting a variety of issues that they attributed to the election of president trump.
7:43 pm
and, of course, the anti-trump hysteria is being pushed by cnn, msnbc, and other fake news outlets. it was all front and center. in case you had better things to do with your weekend, which i imagine you probably did, rather than march around with a sign and mindlessly chant rhyming slogans. well, have you got to want to take a look at what went down at saturday's sad, antifascism rallies and the failure that they were. watch these prefers from new york, chicago, seattle, take a look. ♪ >> we will not accept the cruel and brutal future of the trump-pence regime. they must go. [chanting they must go] >> trump without a question is more dangerous than hitler. >> putting people in danger? we have to organize because our lives where are at stake. >> i would like to see him dragged screaming and kicking from the white house. >> trump and pence are completely illegitimate. >> if you look at the statis particular call analytics, impossible that he won florida. >> he is nothing but a con
7:44 pm
artist and a liar and he is not a businessman. i'm deeply concerned about the russian involvement. >> i'm just so upset because of this whole stupid thing about handshakes. >> when i saw trump get elected i knew we were going to lose ground in the fight against aides. >> with the french president's wildfire and holding on to people's hands for too long, the disrespect for people. the party before people, just, i don't know, fanny help me out here. what's wrong with trump? >> he demonizes muslims. he demonizes immigrants. those are common things that under hitler and fashion ismg that they demonize the jewish people. >> i think the lawyers and journalists are going to save us. >> sean: woodstock revisited. let's go back to the old days. why were they so small and disjointed? why do these protests even matter to you? let me tell you why. maybe the establishment media, 24/7, nbc, cnn, maybe
7:45 pm
they have it wrong yet again with more fake news. perhaps, most people in this country the people that get up every day and work hard and play by the rules and pay their taxes, maybe they don't really care about this phony made up russian collusion conspiracy theory that they have been shoving down your throat for the last, what 11 months. maybe the people in poverty, 50 million, the people on food stamps, 50 million. 94 million out of the labor force. the worst recovery since the 40s. worst home ownership. maybe americans care of about that. great people that get up every day and make this country great. maybe they are really hoping the forgotten men and women of this country are actually hoping that president trump and his agenda work and get the country back on track again. and the country becomes great again. they don't care about these stupid signs, slogans. coming up, monica crowley reacts to this monologue on trump hate.
7:46 pm
later tonight conservative political commentator tomi lahren, she will have the final word each and every night this week. she will be on the specialist later this week right here tonight on hannity. ♪ ♪ because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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♪ >> he has no interest in the constitution. he has no interest in the job. he has no interest in the
7:50 pm
people. he wants to make money. and he knows that he can make money wheeling and dealing, which is why he's more interested in vladimir putin and russian ole oligarchs than he is in governing. he doesn't know anything about the real problems in this country. >> sean: all right. that was more from the weekend's anti-trump protests. joining us with reaction to this weekend's events and much more conservative commentator monica crowley. one lady we actually showed this on saturday, trump is worse than hitler. that's how crazy they are. worse than hitler. not even hitler. >> you know, sean, the protesters in the 1960's actually had real cause. civil rights, vietnam. these protesters are motivated by nothing except a personal hatred for donald trump. and when they are asked specifically what is it
7:51 pm
about donald trump? what is it about his agenda? and what is it about his policies? they can't really come up with anything except for a lot of the lies and mistruths that they are hearing from the fake news. >> sean: you know, dr. gorka did a real couple of beat downs last week and is he referring now to the fake news industrial complex and the media is the opposition party. i'm thinking of this to what extent? it's 24/7. they are not covering ukraine interference in our election. they are not covering uranium one and kid pro-quo and pay to play. they are not covering the phony dossier to confuse our election. is this people that are motivated and indoctrinated by these 24/7 one note charlie establishment media people, the sheep in the media? >> well, certainly some of them are, sean. some of them are professional protesters. we know the left has had these armies of degre concrete
7:52 pm
tons that have come out to protest anything has done since richard nixon ronald reagan and george bush. that element of it is not new. what is new is the level of intensity and activism against this particular president by the mainstream media as well as some of these protesters that you're seeing on the street. they so hate donald trump and they so hate what he represents, as something new and different. somebody going to come in and smash the existing system and then reform it i think they see him as a unique kind of threat. and that's why you get the seeping over from the media into the streets, into these kinds of protests. >> sean: you know, i will say this. if the president gets the items of the agenda that i talked about earlier in the show accomplished, and the congress finally moves and does their job, all this noise won't mean a thing if people are back to work, out of poverty, and off of food stamps and buying homes it
7:53 pm
won't matter. >> that is exactly right, sean. he needs to do one thing and the help of the congress to do it. that is to deliver a booming economy. if he can do that it forgives all else. just ask bill clinton. he had the same kind of situation a booming economy in the 90s and guess what he survived. >> sean: build the wall and keep your promises. >> exactly. >> sean: congress, roll your sleeves up and get your job done. monica, thank you. and coming up next on this busy breaking news tenth night. tonight on hannity. >> many of our g.o.p. leaders rode into office on trump's coat tails. it's time to get to work and put america and americans first. >> sean: political commentator tomi lahren gets the final word every night this week. tonight she is going to take on the d.c. establishment. and we will find out what she has to say. that and more straight ahead.
7:54 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." this week, our friend tomi lahren is going to have the final word on the program.
7:58 pm
here is tomi tonight. >> my final word is let's make the g.o.p. work again. let's start with the border wall. for every hour our republican representative sit around and talk about this, thousands more illegal immigrants pour into our country. sean, i am so sick about hearing about the 11 million illegal immigrants living here. priority one has to be to secure the border. we know physical barriers work and that's why democrats and even some republicans don't like them. it's not a money problem or a policy problem. it's a priority problem. the mandate on november 8 was clear. repeal and replace obamacare. replace it with liberty. let's figure out a common sense solution to health care. solutions that don't involve a blank check. energy independence is another nonnegotiable. to think we are taking full
7:59 pm
advantage of science, technology and innovation because snowflakes want to stage a protest. ludicrous. we need middle-class and corporate tax cuts. the silent majority has waited long enough. hard-working americans are sick and tired of working their tails off. it's about time we give them some relief. the government pays for nothing. the american taxpayer pays for everything, and it's time to make america open for business again. many g.o.p. leaders rode into office on trump's coattails. it's time to get to work. that's the final word. >> sean: tomi gets the final word every night this week. don't miss tomi. she will be on the fox news specialists wednesday at 5:00 eastern. don't miss it right here on the
8:00 pm
fox news channel. that's all the time we have. thank you for being with us. this show, always fair and balanced, especially against the establishment media. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." crime doesn't pay, that's what they tell you in school, though there is increasing evidence that maybe it does in fact pay. consider all the career politicians who somehow wind up rich in the end and then there's omar khadr. if he lived on your street, he would be the richest guy in a he joined the taliban during a firefight with u.s. soldiers in 2002. he killed a delta force medic named christopher speer. he went to guantanamo bay, he later pleaded guilty to murder there. lucky for khadr, he was born a canadian citizen, so after being released from gitmo, he sued the government of canada