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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 18, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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colleagues on republican side. to stabilize the marketplace and approve the cost and quality of care. we want to do via regular order, the process that they've used time and time again to produce consistent, bipartisan, historic legislation. the majority leaders said in 2014, in a speech entitled "restoring the senate" when the senate is allowed to work, the way it was designed to, it results acceptable to people all along the spectrum. when it is one party, it creates instability and strife, rather than good, stable law. i want to repeat that. these are the words of mitch mcconnell. i hope he is listening and remembers these words. he has a for the last six months, and have only lead to
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trouble for him and his colleagues for let me read it again. 2014 speech. "restoring the senate." author, mitch mcconnell. when the senate is allowed to work the way it was designed to, it arrives as a result that is acceptable to people all along the political spectrum for one party's partisan legislative agenda, it creates instability and strife rather than good stable law. leader mcconnell, i couldn't agree more. it's time to start over on health care, abandon the idea of cutting medicaid to give tax break to the wealthy, abandon this new appeal and run and use the regular order to arrive at an acceptable decision for the people all along the political extract is in a mcconnell once said.
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it would create a much better result for the american people as well. thank you, mr. president and i yield the floor. >> jon: there is chuck schumer of new york. as you probably know by now, the republican plan to repeal obamacare and replace it has officially failed after two conservative senators announced last night they are no longer on board. so this fox news alert on the fallout after the efforts to repeal and replace obamacare, they flatlined in the senate and now there are new plans emerging. good tuesday morning to you, i am jon scott. >> heather: and i'm heather childers. we are alive on capitol hill.
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as you just saw, following the implosion of the senate health care bill after two g.o.p. senators sealed its fate as john just said after announcing they will join two other republicans and vote no call now he's pushing for a straight repeal with a delay. that gives lawmakers time to pass a replacement for the president seems to have some other ideas and g.o.p. lawmakers are less frustrated by the whole process. >> i'm tired of waiting. the american people are tired of waiting. how long do they have to wait to repeal obamacare? how long do they have to wait to get relief on their taxes? how long do they have to wait for congress to act and actually get something done? i can tell you, their answer is, they waited too long. >> jon: we have live team coverage. john roberts that the white house, but we begin with peter doocy on capitol hill.
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>> this new plan to repeal appears to already be in trouble. mitch mcconnell says he wants to bring this to the senate floor, that bill that passed back in may and then add on an amendment to repeal obamacare like they did in 2015 and take two years to figure out what their placement should be. some republicans are telling us now that they are going to need to be convinced to go along with that. >> i don't know what that would entail. i assume there something behind that, i don't support it. if it's a process to get a replacement, then as i said all along, i'm willing to work with members of my party and democrats to try to figure out a replacement. >> portman isn't only one.
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my position on the send shoe is driven by an impact. with that in mind, i cannot go to repeal obamacare without a replacement plan. president trump had dinner with opposing senators last night. one of the attendees tells me there was no hint there that failure was coming. he also said he was fully supportive of the strategy. >> i voted for the bill once before, so it's important that we do repeal obamacare. we've made that promise the american people. >> the senator rand paul tells me straight repeal is what he has wanted all along. senator mike lee said he wants to vote on the 2015 bill if possible, but gaining conservative support is needed. >> will have to pull our ranks together it seems to be.
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there's been a lot of infighting and the democrats haven't really been involved. we need to get the republicans together, and i think we can. >> all the republicans are getting pulled together for lunch next hour, so we expect to know a lot more about the way forward including the timing of a possible repeal vote very soo soon. >> jon: peter doocy on capitol hill, thank you. just a side note, it was senator jerry moran of kansas, republican who joined with senator mike lee of utah announcing their opposition to the republican repeal and replace bill last night. mike lee will be our guest later on on "happening now." snyder moran saying he would be open to a "yes" vote on simply repealing obamacare and then iron out some kind of replacement plan. he also says he would want to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions are oka okay.
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this thing is a cauldron still bubbling. >> heather: we know the cbo report was on that plan, so we'll see what he has to say to that. president trump in the meantime taking to twitter, as you might expect after the republic in health care bill collapsed and the senate. john roberts' life for us at the white house with more on that. >> good evening, afternoon to you. i'm still in paris time. the president wasting no time switching to plan b encouraging senators to vote on this plan and then replace it later on. the president took to twitter last night saying republicans are just repeal filling obamacare now and work on a new health care plan that will start from a clean slate. democrats will join in. the white house was blindsided last night by that moved by mike lee and moran. what how sources tell me they think it was more of a protest against how mitch mcconnell was handling the process than anything particularly against the president. now the president is reminding
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senators who fall into this category, you voted to repeal obamacare in 2015, explain to your constituents why he won't do it again. the vice president was speaking just a short time ago and said they need to get on this, inaction is not a option. you'll hear this refrain, hang on, the 2015 but was merely a shell vote. we knew the president obama was going to sign it, but the white house is going to make the case. wait a second, you are voting for something you know what it happened in 2015, but now in 2017, you won't vote for something you know will happen? the white house is talking about a two year, maybe even a three year sunset for obamacare and order to get a replacement package. the president certainly looking forward to moving this process
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along tweeting this morning, we were let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans. most republican's were loyal, terrific, and worked really hard. we will return and also tweeting, as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. the white house wants to get this done by the august recess, which is going to be a very heavy lift to try to put everything through the senate and the house, but they feel pretty good about it. they think they can convince everyone who voted in 2015 to vote again. they think they've got 51 votes, but here's the catch. you can at least partially repeal obamacare with at least 51 votes, but there may be a lot of things in there that would actually take 60 votes to completely erase obamacare, so that may be another problem.
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>> heather: it's a long and tangled road. thank you so much, john. we'll see what happens. thanks. >> jon: as john just reported, president trump is now saying the g.o.p. should let obamacare fail and then come together as james langford insists reform needs to be done. >> we don't have enough votes. we've got 60 votes to do a feel repeal obamacare, so we're trying to do with what can we get done and how far can we go to be able to protect people? i don't want to lose track of that. this is something that has to be done. it's a "no" fail moment that you have to be able to resolve all these issues. my focus for weeks has been let's get all the people who disagree into one room and let's hammer this all out. for whatever reason, we have not been allowed to do that. we've all been negotiating one at a time. you can get everyone together at one time, i think we can get it done. >> jon: joining us now, michael warren online editor for
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the weekly standard. they voted in 2015 to repeal obamacare. the senate passed it 52-47, with a do it again? >> no, apparently there are some who are not willing to do that. whether it's because there's a chance it could actually pass, i think it's a very difficult road to hold. i think senator langford is talking about, let's get them ready together and sort of hammer out some kind of compromise. that's a lot of voters thought republicans had been doing for the past seven or eight years, ever since obamacare was passed. i think that is where you're seeing a lot of frustration over this, why haven't the republicans in congress been able to get their act together on this? the other element of this is because it's so important, where has the president been on this? the president is not been as
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involved with numbers of congress or making public statements of support for this law. >> jon: 82015 vote passed with only a couple of republican names at the time and a past in large part because everyone knew that president obama would never sign a repeal of his own legislation. now you do have a president in the white house who says he would sign such a thing, all of a sudden, some republicans are getting cold feet? >> right, but it's also difficult to -- he go back to that 2015 bell, a lot of the biggest problems with obamacare have to do the regulations. that bill would not repeal any of them. that's a very simple task to do unless you have 60 votes in the senate. that's why you are now hearing from president trump, why does the senate have these 60 votes, they should just have 50 simple
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majority vote. that might wrangle some senators to have control over their own body. that's where the party is right now, trying to figure out how to get something done in this very unfortunate situation. >> jon: mitch mcconnell has been talking about bringing democrats on board with the something. it seems like whatever the democrats might want any new proposal would help the rest of republicans out there even those who are wavering for whatever reason. >> that's right, we go back to remembering in april, the president was threatening that he would or could democrats this. it was a huge hole between democrats and republicans. the president really hasn't done anything to try to bridge. he is not given them any reason to support it.
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the president could go back to january. i think he might have considered pushing forward first and trump finds something he could actually get a lot of democrats on board with. this is what republicans in congress wanted and they all went along with it. >> jon: republicans have a big goose egg when it comes to their efforts to repeal and replace. mike warren, weekly standard, thanks very much. >> heather: asking for two more years after working on it for 8 already. in the meantime, homicide investigators in indiana realizing and releasing this, some new information on the murder of two young girls who vanished from a hockey trail. are there any closer to catching the suspect? plus a dangerous situation with little relief in sight.
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wildfires bring across several western states, the latest on the progress crews are making against the flames. >> it was horrible. the whole sky was orange. luminous, everything was luminous. the rash is falling.
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>> heather: welcome back, happening right now, some new details on crimes we are watching. place in indiana releasing this sketch of a suspect in the murder of two teenage girls who disappeared from a hiking trail in february. the bodies were found the next day, you may recall. he is described as a white man with reddish brown hair between 5'6" and 5'10". place in florida say that a body found in a nature preserve has been identified as that of a missing teenage girl, 13-year-old janessa shannon was reported missing on july 3rd. officers are treating the case as a homicide. after multiple delays, a trial date for the woman accused of killing her fiance on a kayaking trip back in 2015 is now set. she is pleaded not guilty to
8:19 am
charges of second-degree murder and second degree manslaughter. jury selection begins august august 15th. >> jon: breaking details on the wildfires raging out of control in the west. 1 out of nearly 40 fires tripling in size overnight and central california, forcing emergency evacuations and crews fighting them say weather conditions are not on their sid side. >> is bad, you know is bad, it was complete liotta control. it was a very, very emotional situation. >> it was hot, dry. we have dead vegetation, dead trees. >> you mentioned those nearly 40 wildfires bring right now, keep this in mind. there are nearly 800,000 people in the western part of the country where ready to evacuate, if necessary. let's start with california where there are several going right now.
8:20 am
15,500 acres have been destroyed by what's being called they get wilder fire. this is east of lake my core. this one grew by 4,000 acres overnight. the fire took one home and damaged another and crews say it's only 5% contained. and nevada, 50 miles south of reno, firefighters are trying to stop the relentless advance of the wild valley fire. this month's are in the border of california a week ago. it's already burned 83,000 83,0s across both states. >> they've done a great job slowing it down to get more personnel involved and to get into areas that we are having trouble getting into. who >> in northwest oregon, about 70 firefighters jumped in a quick burning fire, it burned 30 acres and is now fully contained. those who live in is part of the state are worried. >> this is the second fire we saw northwest oregon and then last week or so and this is to
8:21 am
live. we got along fire season to go. >> she makes a good point. the national weather service has issued warnings for parts of california, nevada. to make things worse, they're saying it's going to continue being hot, windy, dry. bad combo. >> jon: no relief in size as sounds like. thank you. >> heather: coming up, a woman's family want some answers after she was shot and killed by police after she called 911. her grieving fiance saying he is desperate to know why she was killed as new questions arise about the officers involved. plus, the battle to defeat isis in syria with u.s. and british fighters now on the front lines. the progress they have made against the islamic states and just last month. we are live in the region. >> to me, this is a chance to absolutely go to the heart of darkness and get rid of them.
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> heather: right now, new progress and the fight to defeat isis in syria as u.s. fighters approach the capital of raqqa. british volunteers doing their part in the front lines as well. >> if you support these locals, that we can build a democratic framework for the country and see a much more peaceful future for syria. >> heather: john huddy is telling the story for us in jerusalem with more. john? >> heather, not only are british fighters on the front lines, but america volunteers are being seen increasing more on the front lines in the fight to
8:26 am
retake raqqa, isis is de facto capital. it was described going to the heart of darkness and fighting isis, grabbing it and getting control over the heart of darkness. we're seeing hundreds of volunteers and we have seen hundreds of british and american volunteers on the front lines, not only in syria, but as we've seen and in iraq as well. some have even lost their lives. in fact, last month, to american and one british fighter were killed in battle. that said, as the fight to retake raqqa, let's pivot to that. u.s. backed fighters have encircled the city and have made advances. they make advances along the euphrates river boarding raqqa. this is a fight that's been going on for weeks. it will likely take several more weeks, if not longer. as an indication, if mozilla is
8:27 am
an indication, fighting iraq. a vicious fight that continues as we speak. as it does, a cease-fire in syria also continues, ultimately aimed at ending the country's civil war or leading to something broader and remember, it was brokered by the u.s. and russia and now sunday, is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that israel opposes the cease-fire. initially he said that they welcome it, but they have their redlines including venting iran from a military establishment and syria in particular along the border with israel and the prime minister's views, the opposition for the cease-fire is a departure from what they call his staunch and unwavering support of the trump administration and the trump administration policy. u.s. officials haven't commented on the prime minister and the opposition to the cease-fire, but sergey lavrov said that
8:28 am
israel's interest will be considered in the ongoing cease-fire discussions and also, he said control of the so-called de-escalation zones along the borders of jordan and israel. >> heather: john huddy live for us, thank you john. it >> jon: a heartbroken family want answers after a one was shot and killed by police officer who responded to her 911 call. now that the senate health care bill is dead, republic it's are trying to figure out their next options for repealing and replacing obamacare. >> i thought the original plan was to do what we did in 2015, to repeal and then replace it over time. they caused this disaster, certainly affecting my state, so i think we are in good position now.
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it was >> jon: with the g.o.p. health care bill dead in the senate, republicans looking for a way to move forward on their promise to dismantle obamacare. president trump reiterating his call to repeal now and replace later. lawmakers are on board. >> remember our repeal legislation had a two year wind down, salute to your fades in, gives us time to work on the replacement, this is what we told the american people we were going to do. this is what we passed last congress comest let's put the same thing on president trump's desk that we put on then president obama's desk. then we can come together and
8:33 am
work on a replacement to deal with those key issues that will bring down premiums for middle-class families. let's simply do what we said. repeal it, then replace it. >> jon: what are the prospects for all that question i questionnaire (josh holmes, former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell. also, ♪ ♪ lacey. josh, i guess you would say it's a big defeat for mitch mcconnell. he thought he was getting together the votes for this new legislation, the better care reconciliation act when jerry moran and mike lee, senators from kansas and utah bailed out. there were simply not votes they are. mitch mcconnell has said, let's repeal it now and take two years to put together a replacement. is that realistic? >> it's a big defeat for the
8:34 am
american people to have some action here for higher premiums and a broken insurance marketplace for the last seven years. i do think there's a path forward. the good news is, they're going to be voting on a bill that had passed and sent to president obama in 2015. but it provided the opportunity for a two-year window we can work across party lines to actually fix the system and provide results for the make and people. i think it's a perfect solution. >> jon: that was an easy repeal vote because everybody knew president obama would veto it. they could go on record as being in opposition. now, they have a president who would actually, apparently repeal this thing. isn't that a different kind of vote? >> yeah, that's right. it's an all hands on deck perspective from the republican party in my view. the blast radius surrounding the fellow from not getting something like this done
8:35 am
envelops everybody. i think the american people are going to look at which senators and congressmen and members of the administration are working hard to try and get this to the finish line. they've all had a chance to vote on it. >> jon: democrats are kind of sitting back and watch them handle this political hot potato, but your party can't be pleased with what's going on with obamacare, you've got nine states that are essentially down to only one insurance exchange come out one insurance company offering policies. >> i think there's a couple layers here. first of all, i don't know a single democratic member who said there are flaws in the system and we should not work together to fix them, but we shouldn't go all out and just repeal it. then there would be millions of americans who would lose insurance, people would lose their protection against pre-existing conditions, et cetera and so forth.
8:36 am
you see a lot of democrats out there who are saying, let's work together to fix this. i think josh would agree that this is a politically tenuous moment for the republicans who are in control. they've had seven years, talking about repeal and replace and now in the rubber hits the road, they cannot seem to come together in the war is not with democrats here, edit was within the different factions of the republican caucus. every time leadership took a step to appease the conservatives who had concerns, moderates were upset. now you're saying a good enough number of senators stand up and say, hold on, we are not on board with repeal without a replacement. that would cause a lot of problems even with a two-year window, not the least of which, throwing the insurance market to further chaos, as insurance companies can prepare for the
8:37 am
long-term. >> let me interject on that point where this is republican problem. the reason is because democrats have had six long years to fix whatever they thought was wrong with it and refuse to do so. here we are with insurance premiums, they've got one or less than one insurer and 30% of the counties across the country, we are left with an incredible mess here and democrats refused to do anything. there's not a single democrat who is saying, hey, here's a plan. they're just sitting on the sidelines and frankly, in actio action, while the health care system complete the collapses is an extremely regrettable action to take. >> jon: they do domestic stomach to my stomach should there be some kind of a bipartisan effort to get this
8:38 am
thing back on the rails? >> 100%. 100%. i think one of the most disconcerting comments that the majority leader made recently was when he issued a threat to his caucus members saying if we don't get this done now, we'll be forced to work with democrats. i can understand why they would be a threat to purists, but i don't think bipartisanship -- maybe this is because i'm out of the game now. i sit at my ivory tower and i can say this is okay, but i don't think there is a such a bad thing there. why is it a threat that we are working with the other side? we ought to be working together and when you have both sides saying let's fix it, both sides own up and take responsibility and work to fix it? >> the problem is they don't make a lot of democrats like mo anymore. they've got a single parent or nothing, stomach to my
8:39 am
stomach >> jon: thank you both. >> heather: still to come, the u.s. recertifying that iran is standing by the nuclear deal, but the trump administration also announcing new sanctions on the islamic republic. so what's next? to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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>> heather: the trump administration certifying iran's compliance with the nuclear deal despite criticism from president trump on the campaign trail, but at the same time, the administration is also announcing some new sanctions against tehran. joining me now forward on this is tom rogan covering policies for the "washington examiner." thank you for joining us. let's talk a little bit about what we've heard happen last night specifically. we heard there was a lot of give a lot of give-and-take, some strong words aside, but at the end of the evening, the president did decide to certify
8:43 am
that iran was in compliance. do you think this was the correct move to make? >> i do, i agree with the president that it is a bad deal, but you are where you are. the focal point has to be how do you address the weaknesses of the deal, but in a way that takes a broader strategy in the region? how do you get the europeans to pressure iran alongside the united states and a ballistic missile developments and how do you deal with iran's malevolence? >> heather: one of the arguments in terms of making the case and to certify that iran was and compliance is when you look at what has already happened and much of the money that was frozen from the foreign banks that brought about all the money, that's already gone to iran, so pulling out of the deal would now leave iran cash rich and under no obligation will
8:44 am
allow international expections. >> exactly, the europeans are in there, there in a position where they would pull out now, frankly because of president trump's unpopularity and european political leaders might look for a reason to buck him. behind the scenes, it's become more aggressive and making iran understand that the days of the obama administration seizes on things like the persian gulf, lebanon, iraq are over. it's a double-sided thing that you can do and i think that is important. you simply say, you're dealing with a different president now and if you are not going to take ballistic missile issues seriously, especially, then you should expect us to, and 90 days' time, come to a different solution. >> heather: why did i not happen at this point? people at home are saying you're
8:45 am
dealing with a different president this time around, but at the same time, the promises that president trump made during the campaign trail which was to rip up this deal, he said it was a bad deal, he is now certified them twice. >> realism in foreign policy demands that you deal with an issue at the moment. of course, he said a lot of things during the campaign. the focal point, again, has to be what drives american security interests into a positive direction? at this point, to pull out, as he suggests, the money is already there, the contracts are already there and we don't yet have a strategy. the one thing the trump administration needs to do is to actually take the decisions that are necessary in terms of covert action, whether it be cia or the military, and terms of pressuring iran behind the scenes. if you just pull out at this moment, you are not going to affect the arena economy.
8:46 am
ill isolate the united states with europeans and that's the ballistic missile issue which won't be addressed. if you take a more balanced approach, you can get the europeans to agree to a tougher affect in terms of countering that ballistic missile. >> heather: how do you pressure them in that regard and how does it work because it's so far has not really worked with north korea? >> that is the urgency. we don't address the ballistic missile issue two or three years and i'm from now, maybe four years from now, we'll have the same crisis that we've had with north korea, so we need to prevent ourselves from getting there. we've recertified, but we need to see a timetable. we need to see an action on your part to engage with european companies, with a sanctions
8:47 am
regime. especially that if iran continues if you do not do that, the nics will put you missed >> heather: had their economies in the same way we are talking about hitting the economy of china and regrets north korea. thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. bye-bye. >> jon: the family of the woman killed by police after she dialed 911 are calling and speaking out now saying they're trying to understand what happened. what they've learned so far. >> our hearts are broken and we are utterly devastated by the loss of justine. without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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>> sandra: coming up on "outnumbered," now that the g.o.p. health care has collapse collapsed, the president is saying to repeal obamacare now, and replace it later, but cannot really happen? >> melissa: and a commentator refusing to call mr. trump her president. it is that a step too far or does improve some of the media only wants to delegitimize president trump? >> sandra: all that plus our #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered," can't miss it at the top of the hour. >> jon: mitch mcconnell pulling the plug now on public and health care bill and mounting opposition within his own party. that sets the stage for a vote that would repeal obamacare. congress should simply let obamacare fail. joining us now, the one g.o.p. senator who opposed, mike lee.
8:52 am
take me back to the time of all this, it's my understanding that president trump is meeting with some of your fellow republican senators within the white house, having a dinner, trying to push forward with support for this better care reconciliation act. all of a sudden, you and jerry moran come out with your opposition that essentially blew up the chances for passage of the bill and the senate. why do it then? why announcer opposition? >> when this bill was first released to us on thursday and over the weekend, when it concluded over the weekend is that this bill complied with the promise with promises that have been made over the last several years. he campaigned on the promise of repealing obamacare. obamacare has made health care unaffordable and inaccessible. we've promised it for the last seven years and we didn't do it. >> jon: mitch mcconnell has said he will call for a vote to
8:53 am
simply repeal obamacare, like the one that passed the senate in 2015. would you vote for it? >> i will vote for any bill to repeat obamacare this is what i have been calling for a four months. i love to repeal obamacare, bring up a bill that does that and only that, let's see if we get that past. it's a step forward and we can decide what comes next after that. >> jon: two of your fellow republicans have already said they are not on board with a repeal only bill. rob portman has indicated he is not on board. if you lose those three, you don't go forward. >> i don't know where any of my colleagues will go. what i'm saying is i'm giving an opportunity to repeal obamacare, i will do it. it would surprise me if you are not able to do that. that would be a sad reflection
8:54 am
on our party given it's what we campaigned on for the last seven years. it's what we ought to do first. >> jon: the president has said that republicans should repeal failing obamacare now, this was a tweet this morning, work on a new health care plan, but will start from a clean slate. he says democrats will join in. >> that would be up to them. i don't speak to them, i certainly hope they would. i've been disappointed to this point that they've chosen not to participate in this process. those who have spoken out on it have, as i understand it, said we don't want to be a part of anything it repeals any part of a bone care if that's the case, let's move that obstacle out of the way. we'll invite them to join in the discussion as to what comes next. >> jon: voters gave you and your fellow republicans control of the body in which you serve, the senate. the house, as well as the white house largely on promises that republicans made, that you would repeal and replace
8:55 am
obamacare. it looks like that is not going to happen, at least not in the near term. when you go home to utah, what do you say? >> i want us to repeal obamacare, it's will have been saying for seven years. it's what the market people demand. in many cases, people have health insurance that they are no longer able to use, they can afford to use it because of the high deductibles. this is an urgent problem and it demands urgent action. that urgent action necessarily involves full repeal. >> jon: the votes don't appear to be there for a full repeal. it leaves the existing system in place, so what is that doing anybody good? >> i refuse to accept the suggestion that the votes wouldn't be there. we wouldn't have a 52 seat majority in the senate, we wouldn't have the authority in a house, we would have a republican in the white house right now. but for campaign promises made
8:56 am
over and over again essentially by every republican saying they would repeal it. it's time for us to do that. >> jon: does the president need to get more involved? >> i would always welcome the president's involvement. it's always helpful. if he wants to continue being involved, that's a great thing. >> jon: senator mike lee, republican of utah, senator, good to have you on, thanks, come back. >> heather: coming up in the next hour of "happening now," the man who confessed to killing four people has a poorly told police that they weren't his only victims. a lab report from pennsylvania. plus, jared kushner under fire for not disclosing all of his foreign contacts on the first application for his security clearance. did he break any laws? our legal panel will weigh in.
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>> jon: will republicans vote
9:00 am
to repeal obamacare and come up with a replacement over the next two years? that's the question today. >> heather: then what happens during those two years if there's nothing to replace it? >> jon: there are big concerns about that on washington. we'll talk about it and our second hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news like my president trump are to republicans to repeal obamacare now and deal with replacing it later. this after senator mitch mcconnell pulled the plug on the revised senate bill, following two key defections. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, also from fb on, cohost of after the bell, melissa francis is here and today's #oneluckyguy, former republican presidential candidate, fox news contributor, and radio talk show host, herman cain and we are so glad to have him back. you are outnumbered. >> herman: happy to be here, happy to be outnumbered. >> sandra: are you though?


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