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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 18, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that wraps it up for now. >> "america's news hq" starts now. >> melissa: a fox news alert, president donald trump says congress should let obamacare fail. he promises that he'll be waiting head and hand to sign a better deal for america. hello, i am melissa francis. the president speaking a short time ago after the revised g.o.p. health care bill was scrapped in the senate, saying those republicans who are against it were not disloyal, they had their reasons. meanwhile, the focus is quickly shifting to a full obamacare repeal, but already three republican senators are publicly opposing that. that is enough to block it. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now. what a mess, john? >> good afternoon. the president has quickly switched to plan b, and not something he hasn't been thinking about, because a couple weeks ago, he tweeted, at thesee
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connected together to repeal and replace obamacare, they should repeal it and replace it later, and that is the direction. giving up on the idea simultaneous to repeal and replace obamacare. just repeal it and we will let it drag out for maybe even three years, and in that time, we will find a something with which to replace it. the president was blindsided last night with the plan. he finished dinner with like-minded republican senators come up with lee and jerry moran that killed the plan. military veterans today, from the war in afghanistan, the president was clearly frustrated with what had happened last night. listen. >> we are disappointed. i am very disappointed, because again, even as a civilian for seven years, i have heard for seven years about repeal and replace obamacare, and it is a total disaster. let obamacare fail, it will be a
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lot easier. i think we are probably in that position, where we will let obamacare fail. we are not going to own it. i will not own it. >> this thing, melissa, it may be dead before he gets out of the gate. the three republican senators, collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska, and others say they cannot support this plan. back in 2015, susan collins voted against repeal of obamacare but the other two did. you can bet that this white house will twist their arm same, if you voted for it then, why now? >> melissa: you had to stand behind it i know is the answer, to come up with something else. let me ask you. what does the white house think can pass? anything? >> they did this morning think there was a pretty good chance, and does before lisa murkowski came out against it. they knew they working to get
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susan collins. it lisa murkowski in the last hour, said this needs to be a bipartisan effort, if you get the democrats on board with this, whenever built they come up with, they can agree to, it will never pass muster with the house. it does not look at the moment. the white house still thinks they might be able to twist arms for the 49 senators, who were there in 2015 come up voted for this once, it's very difficult to come back and say, i voted for it then, because i knew it would not pass, but i won't both for now, because i know it will become law. if they can get the 49 on board, they think todd young of indiana and john kennedy of louisiana will come on board. they may have 51 votes, but this will be a tough one, melissa. >> melissa: john roberts, what a mess. thank you for staying on top of it for us. we appreciate it. for more on all this, mark meadows, chair of the house written caucus, and he joins me
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now. sir, thank you for joining me. a lot of americans watching this are very frustrated and feel like with respect, you guys would win. you are unable to stand up and do your jobs, deliver what everybody promised when they were elected. you will face a lot of frustration. what do you say to that? >> they have every right to be frustrated. the president is frustrated. i am frustrated. how long do americans have to wait for us to deliver on a campaign promise, that some of us made as much a six or seven years ago. i can tell you that it is all hands on deck. not necessarily the death knell in a coffin right now at this p. if you're a member on the house side, it was dead four or five times on arrival. conversations had been going on. i just left the speaker's office a few moments ago, but it is all about making sure we deliver. we cannot go home in august if we have not delivered on this. >> melissa: you better not.
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you will face -- i'm afraid for you to go back without doing this. for a lot of people, it looks like they group all of you together, and you look like you are afraid to rock the boat. you can say a lot of things about president trump. you are frustrated and he has. he does not look like he is afraid to rock the boat. we know that. looks like you guys are. >> that will make news if someone suggests that i am not afraid to rock the boat. sometimes, when you look at rock the boat in the dictionary, it has my picture. i'm with the president on this. we have to make tough decisions for the american people. lower premiums, allowing it to collapse, not voting on it, to have 49 senators, who have already voted for this, and send it to president obama and suggest they will not do the same with president trump, and that a very difficult position and not one that will hold over the weeks and months to come. with that being said, we have
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about seven or eight days to make sure this works here. i am going to the senate side to work with some of my senate colleagues today i'm trying to find something. we will get it done. failure is not an option. >> melissa: let me pick out something you said. you're about to go to the senate side and talk to them, but shortly before, you came out of speaker ryan's office. what message are you hearing over there? >> we don't honestly talk about conversations we have privately, but i can tell you he wants an answer to this. at this point, it will take both the house and the senate to come together to together to try to reconcile the differences to make sure that only to be repealed as, but we come up with a path and how we will replace it, whether it is now or next year or the following year, we have to find a way to do that. >> melissa: what you mean we get some answers on that? when he says, we need answers? what is i mean? >> he is sending me over for answers. i have had a number of
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conversations with senators over the last several weeks as we look at the differences, some of them are not as monumental as are made out to be in the headlines. that being said, though our are real differences, we have to come together. rather it is moderates or conservatives and the house or senate side, getting us all together to find out what works to get 51 votes in the senate and and 218 on the side. pre-existing conditions is what the president cares about. we need to put something on his desk. spirit was the difference can make big differences, small differences. what are you going to start changing that would get us over the hump? >> obviously, senator cruz came up with an amendment originally that if adopted, would get a lot of conservatives on board. some of the pushback was, well, we need to make sure we cover
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pre-existing conditions. when you look at that, some of the changes they made to his amendment was a $29 billion cost of shipping. there is more than enough appetite to make sure we cover those pre-existing conditions, where we can bring those two go together. i don't think we are as far apart as the to make would suggest, but it is imperative that we stay here and make sure we get it done, whether that is in august or not. >> melissa: it sounds like you don't think a straight repeal is where to go, which is what we heard a lot today. it is in the repeal in the place right away. >> 218 republicans in the house, and 51 senators in the senate, who voted for a straight repeal, and we ought to do the same thing again. if we are coming to an impasse, and you are reporting that three senators are saying no, they will not, meaning to it senators have changed their position, what we have to do is figure out
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a way to do it. a straight repeal is what we voted on, it would not have a problem voting for it again. >> melissa: what would you say to the two senators that voted for repeal when it was not a real possibility, and now that it is a possibility, they will not vote for. what would you say? how do they explain that they change their mind now that it is real? >> obviously, i don't represent them, but i would tell you what would happen in north carolina. if i came there and they said, you are you willing to vote for it and send it to a president, when you know it would be vetoed and you're not willing to do it now? what is this, a double standard? it is a difficult question to answer. i would leave it up to them to answer it to their respected constituents. >> melissa: and i think people might use much stronger language than you did. at the same time. thank you for coming on. have a good day. we are awaiting a briefing this
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after the trump administration slept iran with the new sanctions rich edson is live at the state department, and rich, what are the details of a new sanctions? >> good afternoon, melissa, and the details, 18 individual sanctions for supporting the ballistic missile program and the activities of the iran revolutionary guard. announcing this this morning. heather nauert road, they will target those for the destabilizing behavior, and he will never allow the regime and iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. treasury department also announced sanctions against two iranian zisman, who they said were responsible for stealing u.s. and western software and selling that to the government of us before. the government also noted there support for extremism, human rights effort, and detention of
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americans. >> melissa: the administration is still upholding the nuclear agreement, right? >> then announced the sanctions hours after certifying for the second time that iran is complying with the nuclear agreement. the administration officials say they will continue to adhere to iran nuclear deal, while they undergo a policy review to look at all of iran's behavior. they have not said when that will be announced, and when they will finish it, but these new sanctions then announces morning are separate from iran nuclear activity. these are part of their approach. more sanctions and repercussions against iran for some of the behavior, and when it comes to the nuclear deal, try to get european allies to come along with tighter enforcement, tighter interpretation of that nuclear agreement, but that can be difficult, because are already european businesses that are doing business inside of iran, profiting off of that, because of the list of sanctions
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in the iran nuclear deal. a tough task ahead for the administration. >> melissa: rich edson, the thing you said that the end, that is a key point. the other countries that we want to go along are making money off the change that is happened, if they do not want to go back and tell the corporations, no, you cannot do business there and exploit the market, because you're back to isolating them. very good point, rich. thank you for that. we are monitoring the white house, white house briefing, which is about to start at any moment. we'll bring you highlights, just as soon as we can. plus, the unmasking probe expanding on capitol hill. we are learning when the former national security advisor at the heart of it will meet with lawmakers behind closed doors. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> melissa: wildfires continue raging out west toward california central valley ignited yesterday with flames exploding. covers more than 11,000 acres north of fresno. evacuations ordered in several communities as firefighters deal with rugged terrain. in the meantime, 25 homes evacuated in utah, as helicopters help firefighters try to contain a burning mountainside. in one of the driest summers on record. cruz and oregon also hitting the mountains to mop up of a 30-acre wildfire from the weekend. investigation heating up in the unmasking of some of president trump's associates, who are caught up in foreign surveillance. former national security advisor, susan rice, will testify in front of the senate intelligence committee, and she will not be the only one from the obama administration in the
11:17 am
hot seat. cheap intelligent correspondent, catherine katherine harris has more. >> i am on the senate side right now, we expect action with this between seven testimony in an hour from now, and i just want to situate you, because we are 20 yards over to my right. this is a secure facility, where this testimony will take place, that is because many elements are expected to be classified. it has been really tough to pin down when exactly people are coming, but the expectation is, the senate intelligence committee will be hearing from the former national security advisor, susan rice, as well as the chief of staff under president obama, dennis mcdonough in judgment testimony under the obama administration, including director of national intelligence, james clapper, who
11:18 am
testified to senate intelligence committee and others on monday. what we understand, since a line of questioning will be b's requests to identify during the election cycle ester. this is often referred to as unmasking. in april, susan rice defended those decisions. >> >> melissa: thank you, katherine harris. we want to go to rand paul, who was talking about health care. >> it is the death spiral. that is what we need to fix. it is that we don't have enough votes, so we'll have to move forward, and i am in favor of a partial repeal, and continue to work on getting rid of the rest of the bad elements of obamacare, that have driven prices up. i am for a vote, and those republicans who promised to repeal obamacare ought to vote the same way they voted in 2015. if you're not willing to both the same way you voted in 2015,
11:19 am
the new -- need to go back home and explain why. >> melissa: della senator rand paul out there, talking about what comes next for republicans. you might know it at the beginning, i thought that was interesting. partial repeal right away. repeal, i don't know what that means. he also brought the question we had for mike meadows at the beginning, if you voted for full repeal before, and not now, you need to go home and tell your constituents what a change. join now former utah governor, jason chay for scum he is a fox news contributor. sir , there's a lot americans looking out what is going on in washington and thinking some of these guys either look like wimps that are afraid to do it they said they were going to do, or they cannot get together and agree. however you describe it, it is not a success. what will they do now? >> listen, when i was in the
11:20 am
house of representatives, i forwarded four to 50 times to repeal obamacare, and that is the kind of bill or exact bill they should bring up. i think rand paul is actually right on this. to go back and explain to your constituents, why you would vote for it 50 times in the house, and you would not vote for it once it came up and actually for real. yes, there is no reason why they cannot take the individual components come on a daily basis. start to repeal item after item after item. drop your hands in mid-july does not work. >> melissa: will take a break and come back to, but let me ask, is that what you think partial repeal is -- item by item? >> i would like to see all of it, but if they're going item by item, at least do that. start that process. start knocking down those dominoes. >> melissa: we want you to stand by, and when we come back, we will talk to some more. the trump administration is
11:21 am
saying iran is complying with the nuclear deal, even though it is violating the spirit of it. that is not enough for some critics that say that you must need to pull out of the deal right now. >> i think a straightforward way to approach this in america to make americans interest is to treat iran as the threat remains two years after this deal was agreed to.
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>> melissa: the trump administration says iran it may be in compliance with the letter of the nuclear deal, but is still defying the spirit of it. the president recertifying that 2015 agreement, despite his campaign promises to back out of it. that white house also hitting iran with a new sanctions, tied
11:25 am
to their missile program. let me bring back former u.s. congressman, jason chaffetz, he is a fox news contributor. was your reaction? >> i am frustrated. the president says he was going to tear up the agreement. he is in the white house, and it is certify unit. they are now going to put new sanctions on appeared by certifying, you loosened up sanctions that were previously in there. it makes no sense. the president missed this one. spoon does not make a lot of john bolton explained it like this. let's listen. >> the president should make a decision in the bureaucracy, you carry out in the campaign, military counterparts, you speak to your intelligence counterparts. we will do this, because right now, this deal does not constrain around the neck iran. it is a big highway to allow them to do it. >> melissa: they are looking to go out to the allies to let them know, this is going to end.
11:26 am
you have to go up through the diplomatic channels, and get it rolling. do you buy that? >> he already made a decision when he was candidate trump. he said he was going to tear up at the deal this is the largest state-sponsored terrorism in the world, according to our own state department. they are working and testing ballistic missiles. yet, we have given them more than a hundred billion dollars. by the way, nobody really knows what was in that deal in the first place. the obama administration never came clean, and one of the things that come administration needs to do is to reveal what obama administration did and that we gave $100 billion and put them on a pathway so they could develop a new nuclear we. now are putting them on a path to get new weapons. this is crazy. it is a nutty path. >> melissa: they need to
11:27 am
gather more weapons even though they are cheating, but they seem they need to gather more evidence. you can see in terms of the heavy water they are storing and keeping on hand. some indication. in the meantime, senator todd cotton says they are not complying with the nuclear agreement, and granting iran a new slate of sanctions is not vital. to u.s. national security. i welcome the new sanctions, the trump administration issued against iranian entities. is this the answer that they need to going to see what's going on? tiff to allow any expections? >> secretary carrie walked that back. you cannot have somebody go over and do inspections for jeff to give them a certain number of notice, people can go on it. senator tom condon he's spot on. he is exactly right. he is very good, strong, knowledgeable on this issue.
11:28 am
in in the center is correct. spilt week appreciate your time. >> melissa: let's go ahead and listen. senator lindsey graham is standing at the podium. let's see what he has to say. >> being generous having spent back home delivering health car health care. it will sell on the republican side, and i think some democrats would have a hard time going to their state insane, we do not want you to get the money, but lance beat as i ducey anything on a plan b? >> we can go all the way to plan z. plan b, i think the plan is to take the vote on repeal and replace in two years. i don't know how the vote turns out, but what i am doing is trying to find an alternative. we owe that to the public. obamacare is collapsing. the reason we are having the
11:29 am
issue, it is not working. one one in three counties only e one insured. in my alternative, it makes sense to me and nobody else, take all the money, and power that you would spend, and send it back to closer to the patients. >> which version of the bill will be voted? >> i think it is plan b. do not hold me to that. >> i know you have it ton of respect for mitch mcconnell, but is a frustrating that we've had some votes get to the brink, and potentially fail? >> no matter how smart you are as senate majority leader, you have a hard time with politics back home. if your governor are hostile to the bill, it does not matter what mitch says. you have say, i do not like this bill. put you in a bad spot. you have several governors that are not on board.
11:30 am
our problem is the solution does not have a whole lot of support. now, what if you flipped it around and said, we will be generous with money, but we will spend it at the state and not the federal level. more control over the states when it comes to health care decisions. i think you have more governor support and more rank and file republican support, and some democrats would support the idea of giving the money to their states. >> would you like to see more from the president on this? >> i would like to see a bill that people actually like. there we go. >> thank you. >> melissa: della senator lindsey graham, saying he would like to see a bill that people actually like. i thought they were in charge of writing those bills, and everyone laughed. we will get reaction from the rest of that in the latest on health care with our political panel that is next. plus, a team of young girls from
11:31 am
afghanistan competing in a robotics competition after president trump intervened. how did they do?
11:32 am
>> melissa: we have senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to talk about health care. >> the same boat we had in 2015. i would remind anyone, in that proposal, there is a two-year delay. i two-year delay, which would give us the opportunity to workt on a bipartisan basis with the democratic friends. that is a vote i think we are very likely to have in the very near future. >> we have a sense of what the future may look like. we are unsuccessful in repealing and replacing obamacare. we saw for the second time in a few days, democratic senators coming to the floor, asking for tens of billions of dollars in tax dollars for insurance companies to bailout. no reform, no change in the status quo, and after seven years, i think we can safely
11:33 am
conclude, the structure of obamacare is a failed experimen experiment. that is why we want to change the structure of the health care delivery system as we stabilize markets, protect people from premium increases, and pre-existing condition exclusions. we want to continue down that road, because the alternative, i fear, is going to be a democratic effort, strictly to bailout insurance companies with no reform whatsoever. >> after seven years of obamacare, the american public knows what they have. that fewer choices, higher premiums, less control over their own health care. a number of years ago, i voted to do a repeal of the obamacare health care law. i am ready to do that complete repeal vote again. of course, that is not enough for people of wyoming, they want more than that. they want to buy the insurance they want that works correct for them, not what the federal government, washington, d.c.,
11:34 am
says they have to buy. i am ready to vote to repeal. we need a medical system, not just as good as what it was before obamacare past, but a medical system and health care system in this country even better than that. >> the only thing i can add to this discussion, at some point, we need to find out where the votes are. this is important work to be done. it affects families, health care, and we need to find out where the votes are, but there are other things we need to do too. the president this week is talking about manufacturing "made in america." they can pay the utility bill, transportation system. those are the two boxes you check when you start talking about jobs. the best place to get insurance is still at work. where somebody does the negotiations, somebody else reads the policy, ways that more people can it get insurance at work is important for tax important. this has had had a considerable amount of time, and sooner
11:35 am
rather than later, we need to find, where the senators and move forward. >> there are a lot of people out there that seem to be spiking the football, trying to celebrate a moment that for now, seems to leave the affordable care act in place for today. let me tell you what happens if you continue to spike the football. in the state of colorado last week, it was announced that the average premium rate increase for the next year would be 27%. that is if you're lucky to live in the front range of colorado. if you live in the eastern plains are the western slope, you will pay 30% or more. for those who pay more under the affordable care act that is collapsing. we will continue our work, to get our job done, to make sure that the status quo no longer stands, and we provide relief to the american people.
11:36 am
>> we heard from some of your members, they were very critical of the process. senator ron johnson specificall specifically. do you feel and your leadership advance in this process, and now commit you can consider those criticisms? >> this is been a very, very challenging experience for all of us. it is pretty obvious, we do not have 50 members, who can agree on a replacement. a lot of people have been involved in the discussion. very passionate discussion. everybody is giving it their best shot, and up to today, we do not have 50 senators i can agree on what ought to replace the existing law. what we do have is a vote that many of us have made two years ago at a time when the president of the united states would not sign the legislation. that would repeal obamacare, and
11:37 am
a two-year delay, give us an opportunity to build something better on a bipartisan basis. that is what i said, and most of our members would like now, and we will be doing that in the near future. nancy? >> if that goes and fails, do you begin working with democrats? >> we will have to see what happens. we will have demonstrated that republicans, by themselves, are not prepared at this particular point to do a replacement. that does not mean that problems go away, and you will have to look at our committee chairman, and the ranking members. my suspicion is, there will be hearings about the crisis that we have, and will have to see the way forward is.
11:38 am
>> seven months have been wasted with no accomplishments. how will the voters next year -- >> we have a new supreme court justice. we have 14 repeals of regulations, and we are only six months into it. last time i looked, congress goes on for two years. we will be moving onto comprehensive tax reform, and infrastructure. there is much work left to be done for the american people, and we are ready to tackle it. >> melissa: that was the republican leader in the senate trying to explain why they have been so far unable to do what they have promised to do in terms of health care. chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike, boy, what will they tell
11:39 am
their constituents by saying they have some accomplishments. you heard senate majority leader mitch mcconnell listing off the supreme court justice and the regulation repeal. what do you think? >> that his rights. senators are looking at going home at some point in august with very few points on the board, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell explaining that they are in front of reporters that they have accomplished something, getting just as no-go such and they have two proposals collapse. for moderate republicans coming out against the latest one, which of the 2015 bell that said, we will repeal obamacare, much of it, and replace it. susan collins of maine opposed that two years ago, and three other moderate republicans join her. that led the leadership to draw this conclusion. >> my guess is, we are now headed towards normal committee activity, that will take 60 votes on the floor.
11:40 am
to try to solve these significant problems one at a time. the most significant problem is the total collapse of the individual market. we have been seen that happen an accelerated pace for a few years now. >> units and the frustration is building as they are wrestling with health care reform, after a promising since 2010. >> melissa: thank you so much for that, mike emanuel. let's bring in simon rosenberg. president and founder of the new democrat network, and former clinton campaign advisor. we also have katie pouch. she was editor of town hall democrats are spiking the football, and happy that this failed, bed the same time, i don't think anybody looks good at this right now. as premiums continue to go through the roof? >> we need our american
11:41 am
health care system better, and my hope is, we will return as john mccain said yesterday to regular order, go through the process, and have them when. not allowed in very hard-line person approach that we have seen, and i think my hope is, what comes out of this is frankly, the presence of today, they'll be more likely, the two parties can come together to make some significant changes. the one can you say that with a straight face? >> melissa: i'm not putting blame on either side. they do not seem like they can come together when one of the major differences is that one side wants the taxpayer and the government to pay a lot more in the other side does not. those are very big differences. >> right. >> melissa: and katie? >> i would say that obamacare was not passed in a bipartisan fashion. it was passed by democrats
11:42 am
alone, and we have heard the argument from some republicans that, if we are going to shove this through with 51 votes, at which they, it will only create a bigger problem of not coming together. i agree. i don't think it is possible for both sides to come together, because there are fundamental ideological differences. >> melissa: and to that point, katie, standby one moment and we will listen to chuck schumer. >> we democrats believe that the time has finally come for our republican colleagues to take us up on our offer of working together to improve the health care system rather than sabotage it. evidently, president trump is proposing a different path. he wants to throw up his hands rather than roll up his sleeves. to work with us and solve the problem. let's be very clear about what the president is proposing and where that path would lead.
11:43 am
the president would not be letting obamacare collapse. he is actively, actively trying to undermine the health care system in this country using millions of americans as political ponds in a cynical game. by continuing to deny the insurance markets their certainty that they need to function, the president's plane a dangerous game with health care and the country. i republicans colleague have a choice to make. they can follow the president, down a path that will lead to higher premiums, less care, and millions of americans losing coverage. they can join president trump and trying to sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent americans to try to make a political point that has failed already.
11:44 am
or they can start today working with democrats. we can work together to lower premiums. we can work together to stabilize the markets. we can work together to improve the quality of health care. this is not a radical idea. a group of 11 republican governors called for exactly the same bipartisan cooperation that we are calling for. a bipartisan group of governors. we democrats have held the door to bipartisanship open to our republican colleagues for months. it is time for the republicans to walk through it. senator call bashar >> melissa: simon, he stopped short of calling the prt darth vader. who is going to come together and work. this is not a group that feels like they will come together.
11:45 am
he proved your point, my friend. >> i have been here for a long time, and i have worked with republicans on many issues that have passed over a long period of time. it can happen, but i think it will require president trump and the republicans to change their strategy. the strategy of the first six months when they try to jam things through with a republican only vote. lowest approval rating in polling history, the history of pulling, right? one of the things you will see, melissa, house republicans are about to fail to pass a budget resolution in the next few weeks. they already do not have the votes for that. there will be more legislative failures. the reason why, they do not -- cannot work in a party only wake and have to come back and work with the democrats paired my hope is, democrats will work constructively with republicans facing the country. >> melissa: katie, i hope the tooth fairy israel let me ask a
11:46 am
serious question. do you think this is the right strategy, because they do not have the right numbers. get some democrats on board, or what is a strategy to succeed at something here? >> considering the only thing democrats have been doing and saying since president trump was elected is that they are part of a resistance movement. everything they can to oppose him. >> melissa: what do they do connect speak i doubt they will jump in and help, and i also want to say but for chuck schumer to blame democrat republicans for blowing up, that is some nerve to accuse republicans of ruining the health care system. >> melissa: what is a winning strategy? >> come in and help. republicans have to come up with a better way to get their own pockets together. they can pass this thing with 51
11:47 am
votes, but obviously, they need more time. i think repeal only that is on the table that most senators voted for, by the way, two years ago, is something they can do today, tomorrow, by the end of the week, and then they can work over the next two years as mitch mcconnell suggested, to come up with a replacement plan. the overall lesson, this is what happens when the government gets involved was something that should be in the private sector. >> melissa: they do that repeal, then, they put democrats and the driver's seat, because they will have them over a barrel. repeal and not have to come up with a replacement. they would need democrats to come to the table. that would be where what you are talking about. the cooperation, the rubber hits the road, because politically, it would be very tempting to let the republicans out to dry, but at the same time, their constituents would be out to dry. what do you predict they will do? >> i want to be clear. i believe what happened this morning is that, the repeal option has also failed and we do
11:48 am
know that. >> melissa: i don't think so. katie's suggestion is that she thinks that what would work. what would happen after that. >> i do not agree. >> melissa: i get that. >> i want to say what the republican senators said this morning against it. this would create more instability, make the markets crash further. what chuck schumer said was we need this entity that the current system will be in place, so we can make changes on it to make it better, right? spill and simon, you have to answer the question. >> i am. i'm rejecting the premise, because the second already crashed. >> melissa: obamacare is crashing. >> i'm not debating this, because we have disagreed before, but my point, it democrats have a lot invested in that it succeeds. we are anxious to come to the
11:49 am
table to make this better, and so once republicans have is, challenge us. come to the table peerless what we can do. we can come up with nothing, shame on us. >> melissa: we have to go. i'm sad to say, the three of us did not do any better then those people before us. it is a difficult problem. thank you both for joining us. the mayor of minneapolis answers to why justine justine damond t after reporting a possible crime g ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. ssports trophies now. sports trophies have changed, our standards haven't. made with premium cuts of 100% kosher beef that every athlete will love. hebrew national.
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we remain strict.
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>> melissa: after last-minute intervention by president trump, afghan robotics competition was allowed to come to compete in
11:53 am
the competition. jennifer griffin has a story, and jennifer, you spoke to the team today and you watch them compete. how did they feel about being here? >> alyssa, we hear so much about the war in afghanistan, and to see the look on these girls faces and talk to them about robotics, really, really challenged stereotypes of afghanistan. there are 16 all girl teams are more than 150 countries competing at the first global stem olympia had. their robot can sort blue balls from orange balls and i asked one member why she likes robotics. >> she's always robot walking, and wondered how this robot is not a human, how it can walk and talk. it was weird that nobody answered, and she heard about the competition, and she wanted to join, and now she built her own robot, so she feels really
11:54 am
proud. >> the u.s. embassy rejected their visa application not once but twice until american high school students starting a petition, and the president intervened two days later before the competition began. these afghan girls had to drive 500 miles to kabul and returned. today, they completed three as a bucket trump watched. yet remember. when the taliban had afghan symbol the. full enrollment to 6% for girls in afghanistan. one of the things that u.s. i did 16,000 schools. now 40% of those attending school are girls. i asked if they are worried that if the u.s. military pulls outcome of the tele- pan could return and deny girls access to education. >> yes, there's an opportunity. many of the families do not want
11:55 am
girls in education, because of the problems in afghanistan, but she is happy that her parents allowed her education, and she can get to learn more learn more. >> at the closing ceremony is tonight, and no matter what happens, both team usa and afghanistan won. back to you. >> melissa: thank you for that. new information now on the shooting death of justine damond in minneapolis. the police officer, who allegedly shot her after she called 911 to report an assault, she thought was happening outside her house. trace gallagher is live with more. what a story. >> at the family is very frustrated, three days ago, information still limited. the minneapolis police department is deferring all to that state bureau of criminal investigation, and they will not comment until both officers had been thoroughly interviewed. we do know, 11:30 saturday
11:56 am
night, 40-year-old justine damond called police, she thought she heard a woman being sexually assaulted in the alley behind her home. one of the safest areas of minneapolis. when police arrived, she met them in the alley. she was in her pajamas, unarmed, standing at the driver side door, talking to one of the officers when suddenly, officers mohamed noor, a two year veteran, fired from the passenger seat and's and shot her and died. the police officers are the only witnesses, and a body cameras were turned off. the county attorney said, they should have been on. the dash cam it was also off, and there is no audio recording. her death has been ruled a homicide for now, but there's been no explanation. justine damond, who was from australia, engaged to be married and teaching yoga in the twin cities. her fiance and her family in australia say, they are trying to understand what happened.
11:57 am
the attorney for the officer has offered condolences to the family. >> melissa: thank you so much for that trace gallagher. i am alyssa francis. it has been quite an hour. thank you for joining me. cap next is shep. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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12:00 pm
>> shepard: noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c., we're following two developing stories. first, president trump says it may be time to let obamacare fail. after the republican healthcare overall collapsed. >> just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. >> we will try a different way to bring the american people relief from obamacare. >> shepard: we'll show you what senate republicans are working on. why the efforts are in trouble and one man as a brand new plan. the other developing story, mystery solved. the eighth person in the russian meeting identified. a businessman working for a russian company. ahead, what more we know about him. and breaking this afternoon,


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