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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 18, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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green. >> greg: set your dvr. never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks to our friends on "the five." at this a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." president trump is responding to the senate republicans failure to deliver on a key promise. need to you, the american people. it's to repeal and replace obamacare. herman cain, jay sekulow, tom fitton, jim jordan, mark meadows, they are all here tonight with reaction. but first, enough is enough when it comes to congressional republicans breaking their word and failing to deliver. no more excuses. it's time, the g.o.p., you either step up and get the job done or get out of washington. that is tonight opening monologue.
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in an epic failure, the senate g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obamacare has now sadly, tragically completely fallen apart which breaks a major promise they have been making to you. not a one year seven years. he now says the plan going forward is to do a clean repeal of the disastrous health care law and we will see how that plays out. i'll be happy without. earlier today, president trump reacted to the news of the latest failure from congress. the lack of urgency and accomplishments. take a look. >> absurdly disappointed -- for seven years, i've been hearing repeal and replace from congress. when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace, if they don't take advantage, that's disappointing. >> sean: we will have a lot more in president trump's reaction later on the show but pay very close attention if you are in the d.c. swamp. i'm a very important message for
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you, i and so many of us in the country, we have run out of patience with you. you are the do-nothing g.o.p. lawmakers. to be very, very honest, it's really sad, you are pretty lit useless. you just have excuses and broken promises. vote for us, give us the house. we will get rid of obamacare. you got the house in 2010. in 2014, he said give us the house and the senate. we delivered. the people delivered. in 2016 he said give us the house and senate. the white house and then, once and for all, we will repeal obamacare. okay, let's remind the audience exactly what they were promised. so there's no ambiguity here. take a look. >> there's only one way to truly fix obamacare. only one way. a full repeal. a full repeal, that's been our goal from the start. that's our goal now.
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and we plan to achieve it. >> it's clear that any serious attempt to improve our health care system must begin with full repeal and replacement of obamacare. he mission and remain fully committed to fighting on behalf of the people of arizona. >> repealing obama carries poorly crafted and misguided mandates and replacing the laws with a physically responsible reform bill that contains cuts and provides more choices is the best path forward. >> you can't repair this monstrosity. you have to tear down and start all over. >> how to get to that point, though? >> when they lose elections. >> from that point you can have a different strategy? >> the ones that survive in 2016 will have a different attitude. >> sean: this was the republican's by chance. up until now, they've completely blown it. since 2011, remember the control house?
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they have voted a whopping 68 times ten repeal, defund, delay parts of obamacare. guess what? they were all phony show votes. they never used the power of the purse. raise the decisive action? was this all a giant fraud perpetrated on the american people? well, now you face a moment of truth. this is a tipping point. as i said last night, if you want to be successful and hold onto your seats in 2018 and the midterms, their four keep things he better accomplish before the end of this year. remember i said last night, we need to have completed at least 2-300 miles of the border wall and have a plan in place and found the rest of it. in other words, build a wall. this is not an option. obamacare repealing is not an option. you don't do your job. many of you will be fired and deserve to be fired. third, you need to have an
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energy revolution. energy independent. millions of high paying career jobs to americans that desperately need it. the fourth and most important aspect of it after you get the trillion dollar savings from repealing obamacare, or at least trying to start repealing and replacing, that trillion dollars -- then you at the middle-class tax, the corporate tax cuts. that's got to be done soon as well. maybe make it retroactive. also, the repatriation and multinational corporations, so they can invest trillions of manufacturing centers and factories here in america, we've got to get the 50 million americans out of poverty. awful food stamps. back in the labor force. and buying homes. how do accomplish goal number three? repealing and replacing obamacare? he is with republicans in congress need to do. you are all pretty lazy. both chambers need to get together. get in a room.
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turn off the air conditioner. it starts sweating like the rest of america. use fans like our founding fathers and framers did. how about order some pizza, some fast food, some kfc or wendy's? i will even send beer and coke and sprite. don't leave the room until you do your job and say we have come to an agreement and we have a bill that we can put on president trump's desk. serve the american people. put up a big sign. america's promises. your promise to the american people. we are servants of the people. if you can't get this done, the new leaders need to be elected who can do your job. for the senate, mitch mcconnell, if you can't get the job done, step aside. put somebody in your place. to his credit, paul and i did get a bill passed. not what i wanted but at least it was a great first start.
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this is beyond pathetic. it's now july 18th. all these years, only republicans promised, promised, again and again and again. and the nightmare that is obamacare. millions have lost their health care plans, their doctors, paying on average 6000-$8,000 a year because of obamacare. it's an epic failure. coming close doesn't count. you are pampered and overpaid. you are spoiled. listen to all the perks these senators get to break their promises. $174,000 a year. three times higher than the median household income. i know you have two homes. i get the whole argument. you get free parking at work. at airports. an average allowance of $3.3 million to maintain your offices and higher assistance. if you get taxpayer subsidized haircuts. why do i have to pay for your
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haircut? at the senate barbershop? you have access to the congressional gyms. guess what? until you can keep your word and do your job, all these benefits need to go away. the most important, stop with the vacations. you are in recess for 77 week days per year. i get it, some of you need to spend a little time back in your districts, but not playing golf. do what you need to do. stay at work. stay in work all of august and when you are in the middle of negotiating a bill, don't take off and go on vacation yet again. you know what? it doesn't make sense. it's exactly why the american people, me included, i'm fed up with all of you. this is why your poll rating is in the gutter. you are at 20%. congratulations. you earned it. while republicans continue to drag their feet and fail to rid the american people of the burdens of obamacare, maybe it's time to think out-of-the-box. tv and radio, i interviewed this
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doctor, i've been interviewing him since 2012, the guy is a genius. he runs a cost-effective health cooperative. concierge care for anybody they can pay $50 a month. on call 24/7. $50 a month. ten dollars for kids. maybe you should listen to real solutions. take a listen. >> the idea is direct primary care. the new model going forward where we don't take insurance because we don't need insurance for the common things. our care is ten dollars a month for kids. $50 a month for most adults. unlimited visits, no co-pays, up to 90% savings on medications, labs, imaging, et cetera by going wholesale. we were able to take that full value and go back to an employer and decrease their premiums by 60% in the first year. this could dramatically change the scope of medicine in this
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country. >> sean: wow. at such a simple concept. instead of arguing over subsidizing health care, why don't you work on new paradigms and new ideas? things like this doctor has been doing in wichita, kansas, to control costs. he has duplicated that model in 600 other offices around the country. for the record, i will accept the 2015 repeal of obamacare. i will accept a two year transition period back. which is their plan b but only under this condition. you can't spend billions of dollars in new spending. here with reaction, herman cain. herman, i am angry. how is this possible? seven years. give us the house, the senate, the white house. how is this even possible? >> first of all, sean, the baptist church, i would say amen, amen, amen. i agree with everything you said with the same amount of passion with which you said it.
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now, when you talk about that dr. -- let me tell you, necessity is the mother of invention. the american people are going to be seeking more of these concierge health sharing approaches. they will continue to take this in action on their part. secondly, you can't blame the four centers that said they won't vote for it. all of them are responsible and secondly, one of the reasons they met this deadlock is because they are still trying to protect the insurance companies. it remember under care, they had the risk, the sweeteners for the insurance companies. they had stabilization funds, that's another sweetener for the insurance company. the health insurance companies play both sides. with the doctors did was, he took the interns company out of the middle and that's what a lot of people are going to do. i would encourage every few of
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your show, every listener of my radio show, let your senators know that you are disappointed and discouraged with how this ended up. newt gingrich said it last night. give us something tangible. i would describe it in baseball terms. he didn't hit the home run, give us some singles and doubles or people are going to stay home. >> sean: the house didn't pass either. not for the freedom caucus, we would have nothing passed but at least the cbo said it was going to lower rates of 30? the american people desperately need that relief. after losing their doctors plans and having no options in rural counties all across the country, here's my next question. do you like my idea? let's put a few fans in the room, take the air conditioner away, dining room privileges away.
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let's take their barbershop privileges away. there health care privileges. how about they eat pizza -- godfathers is fine. free pepsi. coke. i know you work for pepsi. >> no, you got it right. >> sean: kfc, wendy's, mcdonald's, pizza. don't leave the room until you've got it done. seven years is long enough. >> here's one other thing they should do in that hot room. forget about your supporters that you are trying to appease and please. remember your constituency and the public that you ought to be pleasing and appeasing. here's a statistic they ought to keep in mind. it was shared with me by senator purdue of georgia. in 2014, 8 million people -- nearly 8 million people -- chose not to take obamacare and pay the penalty.
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50% of those people make less than $50,000 a year. those are the people they ought to be thinking about in that hot room. not who is supporting them. not who is going to give the money for their pack. that sort of thing. >> sean: the free market works. health savings accounts. dr. josh's health care cooperative. this is not brain surgery. all right, 999. we remember your plan. when we come back, we are going to check in with the freedom caucus chairman, mark meadows. along with former chairman of the freedom caucus, jim jordan. they will react to the epic obamacare failure and what needs to be done. it later, you don't want to miss a very important mini monologue. we have new information. the fbi released emails related to the clinton server investigation. it was there a grand jury impaneled? did she obstruct justice?
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because again, even as a civilian for seven years, i've been been hearing about health care. and i've been hearing about repeal and replace. i've been saying for a long time, let obamacare fail and then everyone's going to have to come together and fix it. and come up with a new plan and a plan that's really good for the people with much lower premiums and costs. i've been saying that, mike, i think you'll agree. let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier. let obamacare fail. >> sean: that was the president over today, repealing and replacing obamacare after sn long years? he is disappointed. what they did in 2015, telling us now with reaction, mark meadows, former chairman -- they fired him, jim gordon of ohio. they didn't get fired, i'm kidding.
7:20 pm
we are friends. i know the endless hours in you all worked to make it happen. it wasn't perfect but it was a single, may be a double if i'm being generous. it was progress. it was a seven-year promise. i like the clean repeal idea. you have collins, three others saying they are against it. we don't have the votes for that. congressman meadows. two of those senators you just mentioned said they voted on this very same bill last year. to suggest they are going to vote no now when they voted yes to sent it to barack obama then, why not send the bill to president trump? we will get a different result. we've got to get it done here. enough is enough.
7:21 pm
a clean repeal, if we can't find repeal and replace, now is the time to act, sean. >> sean: yeah. congressman jordan? >> it never hurts to do what you said. let's pass the same thing we passed in 2015. it's a very different animal when you actually called the vote up. i always tell people if you never kick the ball off, eight you will never know who wins. sometimes the conventional wisdom doesn't hold true. they might say they're going to vote against it. call it up both in-house and senate. let's say, are you really going to vote different just 15-16-17 months ago? something different than you told the american people you were going to do in the last six years? this was a central issue where we promised to repeal. let's call it up and see what they say now -- if they are out there on the floor, casting a
7:22 pm
vote. >> sean: is there anybody on the democratic side of the aisle that is willing to help? joe mansion? any democrat you can think of? are they just literally sheep? >> if you repeal it at first, then maybe you can put together a coalition with some democrats and republicans to address the things that need to be addressed. there is no incentive for the democrats, they love obamacare even though it's been a disaster. repeal it first. then you might be able to put together the coalition. >> sean: congressman meadows, this could actually work out better. you repeal it first and, they all voted for it as you said. then you could really add the cooperatives and the health savings accounts we've been talking about. the catastrophic care have been talking about. it could work out better. >> all those points, the president made that point last
7:23 pm
night when he commented on the scum of the very first time, he said we will get some democrat involvement. when we are talking about repeal, it's very difficult for a democrat to vote on anything that repeal something that has their president's name on it. once it's repealed, it's all about coming together and finding what works best and my good friend jim just mentioned that. it's about that constitution across state lines. a group policy that would drive premiums down and protect those pre-existing conditions. having failure is not an option right now. whether it's on the senate or house aside, let's go ahead with a clean the straight repeal and let's get it down and make sure we send something to the president so he can sign it. >> sean: i have to say something publicly. i've set it on my radio show. without the freedom caucus. i have zero confidence in anybody in d.c. that's so sad. you are the only guys that are
7:24 pm
fighting and have a sense of urgency and are trying to thread the needle and get the job done. i give you guys a lot of credit. really, the freedom caucus, you guys are the ones fighting. there are those of us that appreciate it. thank you. when we come back, i have probably more evidence of hillary corruption in our mini monologue because the fbi released a batch of emails related to hillary's server scandal. wait till you hear what we have discovered. nobody is reporting it. gregg jarrett, tom tom fitton,y sekulow. and tomi lahren is here with the final word. all coming up on "hannity" tonight. by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply.
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what are all these different topped & loaded meals? it's an american favorite on top of an american favorite, alice. it's like rodeos on top of rollercoasters. get your favorites on top of your favorites. only at applebee's. >> lifted from america's news headquarters. i am jackie ibanez in new york. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling for a straight up vote early next week on the request of president trump and vice president pence.
7:29 pm
no votes from three republican senators. at the can only afford to lose two votes to pass the measure. president trump and president putin spoke during a world leader dinner at the world summit t20 in germany. trump is fighting back at the media tonight by tweeting... all g20 20 leaders and spouses e invited by the chancellor of germany. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines come in and on to >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we have a big breaking news scandal that the -- we've been following three major scandals that the media doesn't care to cover because it doesn't fit into their bias and ideological agenda. tonight, we are going to add a
7:30 pm
fourth scandal with new evidence emerging that hillary clinton in fact may very well have obstructed justice. if you haven't heard about it before. it's tonight's important mini dialogue. before i get to the new breaking scandal, let me explain everything we have now been telling you. we start with the major issue of ukrainian election interference. unlike the black helicopter tinfoil hat collusion conspiracy theory, the left has now been pushing, we have real evidence of collision. we know that there is an effort. we know there is an impact on the election. remember? paul manafort resigned from the trump campaign. let's look at the fax back in january. politico published. the ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfired. key avenue, ukraine officials are is scrambling to make amends after trying to boost
7:31 pm
hillary clinton. one-time dnc operative, alexandria children above. officials according to political, they worked to undermine and damage the trump campaign to assist hillary clinton. collusion according to politico, alexandra tried to expose the trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. and chalupa told politico that they were helpful when it came to finding leads and digging up dirt. then there is this quote about chalupa in the article. she occasionally shared her findings with the dnc and clinton's campaign. that's pretty shocking. that's why if you, the american people need information about what chalupa discussed with the clinton campaign in the dnc. once again, we reached out from chalupa. we have not heard back from this
7:32 pm
dnc operative. chalupa, big surprise, she gave a statement to the fake news network, cnn. here's part of the quote. during the 2016 u.s. election, i was a part-time consultant for the dnc running in ethnic engagement program. i was not an opposition. research for the dnc. during a long period of time, she made $12,000. she also admitted that she did meet with ukrainian officials at the ukrainian embassy. here's the thing, if the politico story was wrong, why did chalupa wait six months to now correct the record? could it be that we are covering it every night? there's another major scandal. the uranium one deal. this is the real russian collusion conspiracy theory that the media doesn't want to pay attention to. during her tenure as secretary of state, hillary clinton signed off a waiver approving, giving up to 20% of uranium in america.
7:33 pm
to vladimir putin in the russians. while this was happening, those that were involved in that deal kicked back $145 million to the clinton foundation. bill clinton doubled his speaking fees in moscow. i don't know about you but where i'm from, that's called bribery. it's called pay to play. the third scandal we've been telling you about, the fake news dossier. put together, the group connected to the clinton campaign -- fusion gps. the opposition research group has ties to the democrats, liberal groups like planned parenthood. this dossier first commissioned by a republican donor but eventually the clinton ally ended up paying for this. what's so disturbing is christopher steele, the former mi6 agent from great britain, she, -- he put this dossier together. sources with ties to the russian
7:34 pm
government. a law firm connected to both fusion gps and that russian lawyer who met with donald trump, jr., in 2016. this is a massive double standard from democrats on this big news dossier. they've been hyperventilating. so emotional about the idea of russian collusion and other countries try to influence our election. remember, ritz carlton, hooker, open urinating on a bed. this new scandal involves possible obstruction of justice. the media didn't really report on this a lot. the fbi did release 42 heavily redacted pages about the criminal investigation into hillary clinton's email server. the mom and pop shop, the bathroom closet, several of the documents have sections that were marked as grand jury
7:35 pm
information. here's the potentially criminal part. one of the pages in the fbi, it leaked details about how clinton's lawyers handed over one of hillary's ipads and to have her blackberry devices to the fbi. she said i only wanted to keep it on one device. here's where it gets really interesting. fox news is pamela brown connected the dots for us. in a separate document obtained, buried in a footnote is the fact that two blackberries that the clinton team handed over to the fbi, they didn't have any sim cards. they were worthless to the fbi. what if they do with those sim cards? did the fbi demanded that they be turned over? is this obstruction of justice? the person who did this because she wanted the convenience of one device, well, she also deleted over 30,000 emails.
7:36 pm
she used -- she acid washed her computer. on at least two occasions, they took a hammer and destroyed her old mobile devices. this is beyond information and needs to be investigated further. where is the call for the special counsel and congressional committees that are issuing subpoenas? where's the outrage and hysteria? from democrats that have been russia, prussia, russia? the people involved in all of this, they all deserved to be put under oath and explain exactly what happened here. if you did it at home, he would be in handcuffs, perp walk. mug shots. we have justice under the law. restore the rule of law. hold hillary clinton to the same legal standards as us.
7:37 pm
you, the american people, you deserve better. we will continue to fight for the truth. coming up, we will get reaction to our mini monologue. gregg jarrett, tom fitton, jay sekulow will all join us next and later tonight, tomi lahren gets the final word tonight and all week as we continue on this busy breaking news night edition on "hannity." chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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awe are proud to be one of the most affordable providers of high-quality online education. we're non-profit and have kept our tuition the same for the last five consecutive years. find your online program today at >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we just laid out in our mini monologue, the pure investigation into hillary clinton is raising
7:41 pm
serious questions that the media is ignoring. gregg jarrett, tom fitton and jay sekulow. jay, let me start with you, i wanted to leave this out. you have uranium one, the dossier and the ukraine issue. no one paid attention to the documents by the fbi. how damning are they? >> you look at the nature of the transaction, the laws that could be implicated here. what took place, you would think you know, this would be subject to scrutiny. the question is, is it? that's the question that you have to ask right now. as the fbi actually investigating it? we may not know. we may not know when the fbi is conducting an investigation. if you look at the evidence that's out there -- this is what we talked about, with the email
7:42 pm
deletions and the server, all of these issues and james comey give that a punch and a pass. you talk about equal justice under the law. >> sean: gregg jarrett, remember the entire issue? hillary clinton was telling us that everything was predicated. i only used one device. and then the video came out. what do you use? oh, and iphone, blackberry, an ipad? they took a hammer and destroyed them. and those that don't have sim cards. maybe i'm not a lawyer like you are but she, i feel i could be going to jail and calling you from a payphone. >> you would and i would pick up and help you out. the truth is, they only handed over to smartphones. without sim cards. basically saying i want your computer.
7:43 pm
oh, okay. here's my keyboard. good luck with that. what's also noticeable is that they failed or refused to hang over 13 mobile devices. failure to cooperate and comply with an fbi request and destroying things, that's obstruction of justice. let's not forget, she destroyed 33,000 emails on march 4th. she received a subpoena from congress saying preserve those emails. what does she do? three weeks later on march 25th 2015, she destroys 33,000 emails. that's destruction of evidence. that's obstruction of justice. >> sean: tom fitton, he spent a lot of time taking these freedom of information act request. great job putting that together. what does it tell you from your perspective and what you developed? >> we would be getting these fbi developments. team comey made a big show
7:44 pm
saying i will release the clinton investigation files. the slow rolling information's, we would get this if the investigation was still rolling. the fbi, they didn't care they can get the computer records and they just moved it along. in the meantime, they are dripping out, a slow drip of these documents, month by month. they're telling us it's going to take well over a year -- maybe longer. >> sean: jay, it's the opposite of the deep state leaking on the president. what do you of the grand jury? >> was a grand jury impaneled? possibly. i ask this question. it looks like the standards at play here, both the legal standards but also the way in which the case was apparently investigated, investigate isn't
7:45 pm
the right word. cheryl mills was an employee but also secretary clinton's lawyer, they allowed them at the same time -- none of these rules would be allowed for anybody else. we've got a situation. you talk about equal justice. here's the real fundamental issue. why is it that the two standards are so clear before the american people and everybody asks like it's okay? everybody says okay, that's fine. >> sean: gregg i will ask you that same question. we will have more will come back. and later tonight... >> when they were out campaigning, they were pretty confident they could repeal obamacare. and when we voted for them. but now what? republicans, the honeymoon is over. now is your time. >> sean: tommy will run is here with the last word tonight. and all week. "hannity" continues.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424 to learn more. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with gregg jarrett, tom fitton, jay sekulow. the leaking comes out fast and furious. there is a slow drip on hillary information and release of fbi information. what do you make of the grand
7:50 pm
jury footnote? >> there such a double standard, every time hillary clinton or democrats do something wrong, the media yawns and then proceeds to ignore it. if donald trump so much as hiccups, they go apoplectic and crazy over it. as he pointed out in your monologue, it's a perfect example. my goodness, it's a crime. a felony to cues or public office to confer a benefit on a foreign government in exchange for money. it's also arguably racketeering, to use a business as a receptacle for illegal money. all of those are crimes. it the justice department should reopen the hillary clinton investigation not just enter emails but into a pay to play, s he described it in your monologue.
7:51 pm
>> sean: tom, is there anything else you can share that you've gotten from the freedom of information act request? >> we just had another batch of documents to gregg's point that came out that show the clinton foundation was actually talking to the state department about ambassador ship, trying to push donor issues. the clinton foundation, classified information was sent to clinton's assistant. this is more information, more classified information mishandling. more pay to play information. more scandal related to the clinton foundation, the intersection with the clinton state department. all of this screams for the need -- as president, to tell this justice department to take a look at the clinton investigation was handled were mishandled and if they need to
7:52 pm
be reinvigorated or re-started. with all this information. and fbi mishandling the information, giving everyone immunity. where records are destroyed. the necessary restarting. >> sean: jay, i agree with gregg. we have to reopen these cases. this is obstruction of justice. with the mom and pop shop and deletion of emails and this new information. does it take to get an investigation into multiple, serious felonies if your last name isn't trump or sean hannity or jay sekulow? >> you have to look at it right now. this is the reality. we left off the famous tarmac discussion between the former president and the then current attorney general of the
7:53 pm
united states, loretta lynch. that's all going on simultaneously. here's the commonality. who was the director of the fbi when all of this was going on? james comey, who we now know is the leaker in chief and all of this. james comey is the commonality that was there and all of this. he's the leaker in chief and brags about that you leaked information, information that includes conversations that -- a special counsel, which he got. how is that okay? the answer is, it's not. >> sean: ukraine, uranium one, the new information from the fbi tonight. of course, the ridiculous dossier. i want everybody under oath in investigations and stop the hyperventilating. the double standard. the preface reporting and ignoring real crimes. that's what i want. up next on this busy breaking news night, tonight here on "hannity"... >> there is no reason we can't repeal and replace obamacare.
7:54 pm
president trump is serious about this. when will our republican senators get on board? when will they put aside the self-righteous b.s. and do what we sent them to washington to do? >> sean: amen. tomi lahren is up next with the final word, tonight and all night this week on "hannity." probiotics? enough! (avo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six, and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools.
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>> sean: all this week, political commentator tomi lahren gets the final word on the program. here is tonight, tomi. >> republicans, you work for us and you are not hard enough. it's funny, leading up to november 8th, it looks a whole lot different from the republican party of 2017. the party that can come together to promise what they said they would do. it repeal obamacare. yes, when they were campaigning they were pretty confident they could repeal obamacare. they were pretty confident when we voted for them but now what? republicans, the honeymoon is over. now is your time.
7:59 pm
if you work harder trying to get elected then you are right now, we have a major priority problem. sean, the democrats won't beat us in 2018 or 2020 with their protest and resistance and pink hats or their russian nonsense but if we sit back and waste our time, if we let this golden opportunity slip away -- the american people won't forget the g.o.p. doing that. if there there's no reason we can't repeal and replace obamacare. when will our republican senators get on board? when will they put aside the self righteous b.s. and do what we sent them to washington to do? don't let us down. remember who you are fighting for. the average everyday hard-working americans count on you to get rid of the failed obamacare and give us a common sense health care picked that doesn't crush the middle-class. thus the final word here, sean. >> sean: tune in tomorrow, tomi will be on the fox news
8:00 pm
show, the specialists. that's all the time we have left this evening. this show will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump-media. thank god. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for months you've watched a politicians and journalists assert with confidence that last november's election was in fact a sham. it was not a wake-up call to the political people. t it was not a cry for help from a crumbling american heartland. it certainly wasn't a sign that the ruling class is corrupt where the government was in need of reform. it was none of that. it was a fluke engineered by the russian government because they are evil and they hate our values. so far there has not been much proof that any of this actually happened or any proof at all, but we did learn tonight was that the president trump sat with vladimir putin at dinner, but in any case all of this