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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 19, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> sandra: assume so. >> bill: a lot of tears there. make it a great wednesday, remember tomorrow is oj day, so we'll see what happens. we've got to roll. >> bill: anyone start right now, bye-bye. >> jon: the gop's next move after what conservatives are calling a historic political failure. this is the president gets ready for a working lunch, you might call it. with republicans senders of the white house, good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> heather: working lunch and then some. >> jon: maybe he's taking them to the woodshed of the white house white house. >> heather: will find out. i'm heather childress. we are of course live on capitol hill for you where republican senators are about to head to the white house as we just said with a white palace president to just let obamacare fail altogether. he urged mitch mcconnell to
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delay a last ditch repeal until next week. meantime, vice president pence is pressuring congress to get something done. >> the senate should vote to repeal no and replace later or return to the legislation carefully crafted in the house and senate, but either way, inaction is not an option. congress needs to step up, congress needs to do their job, and congress needs to do their job now. >> jon: we have live fox team coverage. john roberts is at the white house, but we begin with peter doocy on capitol hill. >> the majority leader the white house has more time to pitch repeal and replace two republican senators who may be
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skeptical. that includes this white house lunch that they are going to depart the capitol for about a half hour from now. we were just inside one of the office buildings catching up with a few of the republicans and asked them how they think this lunch could possibly advance repeal then replace. >> i'm not going there to make demands, i'm going to listen to see how we can find common ground. >> hopefully he's going to be persuasive and let the people know that republicans refuse to vote. that means therefore obamacare and they have to understand that and hopefully that message gets across. >> i think the president and vice president are so committed to moving forward to try and improve the health care system.
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that's a very helpful thing. we'll see what that produces, but it can't be harmful. >> a source close to mitch mcconnell says he is ready to bring a repeal vote to the floor, even if he knows it will fail. he says he wants to do that even though it would show everybody that republicans can't figure out how to make obamacare better on their own. there is enormous pressure to do something with the health care system, the lesson republicans got together for lunch at the capitol yesterday, they had a spirited discussion, according to senator rand paul who is there. now we wait to see how more or less spirited this lunch is when the president gets involved. >> jon: the press is not going to be there for that lunch, is that right? >> sometimes when i get all the senators together, they let us pop in for a quick look, not sure what exactly we are going to see from that end, but the
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bus is about to pull up here and we can catch people on their way to and from what could be a make or break day for the repeal and replacement of obamacare. >> jon: to let you in for the appetizer, to but not main course. >> jon: peter, thank you. >> heather: and maybe a little desert after the fact. president trump also taking aim at democrats for the collapse of the senate health care bill and vowing to work even harder to advance. >> it would be nice to have democratic support, but really they are obstructionists. they have no ideas, they have no thought process, all they want to do is obstruct government and obstruct period. in this case, there are so many good things we didn't get one vote and their plan has failed. by the way, obamacare has been failing, it's failed. it's gone. i think something's going to happen. we'll find out, stay tuned. >> heather: john roberts is
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live on the north lawn with more on this, high john. >> good morning to you, heather. what we do know is the president will let the cool cameras and so will get a shot of the presiden president. not sure exactly the number, but it sounds like a good number of them will come down. the president is hoping to begin to set the table at lunch time for a compromise deal that will repeal obamacare, if not replace it. the president tweeting out, i will be having lunch at the white house today with republican senators concerning health care. they must, capitalized, keep their promise to america. he's also saying the republicans never discuss how good their health care bill is, and it will get even better at lunch time. the democrats scream death as obamacare dies. the president is rhetorically going to twist some arms today, remaining 49 senators will come out that two years ago three of
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them voted to repeal obamacare when they knew the effort would go nowhere and will now ask those three specifically, if they show up, why they would oppose an appeal now. the president also lamenting the fact that after seven years of winning elections based on obamacare, the senate appears to be going soft. listen here. >> i am disappointed because with so many years i've been hearing repeal and replace, i'm sitting in the oval office right next door, pen and hands, waiting to sign something and i'll be waiting and eventually we'll get something done and is going to be very good. obamacare is a big failure and it has to be changed. >> the president also weighing in today on the second meeting and will put that in quotation marks for the g20 dinner in hamburg last friday with the russian president, vladimir putin. the president tweeting this morning, big news story of
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secret dinner with pollutant is "sick." all g20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. press knew. going on to say the fake news is becoming more and more dishonest. even a dinner or arrange for top 20 leaders in germany is made to look sinister. we heard that the president was mingling and then went over to where his wife, melania was sitting, which happened to be next to vladimir putin and sat down to chat with putin for a few minutes. they were only allowed one interpreter per couple. the presidents interpreter spoke japanese, so they used putin's translator who spoke russian. the white house rejects reports that the meeting was anywhere near an hour-long saying it went on for a few minutes. we do not of the dinner itself was about two hours in length. no word yet on what the two leaders talked about. >> heather: john roberts come alive for us, thank you.
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>> jon: >> jon: syndicated colu, charles krauthammer not holding back on the g.o.p. health care reform. >> this is an epic fail. this is historic. this is an argument going down the drain and i think at the end of the road, at least for this phase on obamacare. the idea that they're going to get a repeal bill when repeal and replace was meant to mitigate the effects was ridiculous. it's not going to pass, they know it's not going to pass. >> jon: let's bring in jake sherman, the senior ready for politico and co-author of politico's playbook. does the playbook say that charles is right, that repealing all by itself is simply a bluff? >> it's not going to pass. i don't know whether it's a bluff or not, is not going to pass the senate or the house. at some point, everybody needs to get -- join reality and
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figure out an impasse. i don't mean that in the pejorative way, but repeal straight up. the reason republican leaders didn't do that was because of outside pressure and it wasn't going to pass. at some point, there needs to be a meeting of the minds about what should happen. republicans proceeded on a path without democrats. when the president said, democrats obstructed, that's not true. republicans chose the mechanism that didn't require democratic support. i think at some point, everybody needs to join a conversation that's more rooted in reality. >> jon: explained to us if you can, mitch mcconnell knew that he didn't have enough votes to pass some of the earlier repeal and replace versions and he yanked them from the floor knowing he didn't have the votes, so what's the exercise here in proposing this repeal only legislation when only three republicans have come out flat against it and others are wavering. he will not make it pass.
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>> two things. he said publicly, the president asked him to put this on the floor. that's number one. number two, he said all along that they wanted to put people on the record, they wanted people to be on the record politically and they have to have a vote at some point. maybe they go to this lunch today with the president and everything turns around. i myself am skeptical about tha that. mcconnell wants people on the record and the president's right in some aspects. they have been talking about this for seven years, but you can't have a repeal without an immediate replace which has already failed as well. that's a difficult political issue, something that republicans on both sides in the house and the senate, have a bump that they don't think it's good politics or policy to repeal something without an immediate replacement. >> jon: the ideal for peeling would not pull up the roots of obamacare as well. there are a lot of parts of it
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that would have to be left standing on the way the law was written. >> if you put republicans, if you talk to them behind the scenes, most republicans say, obamacare is a place that is tough to take up from the roots. a lot say they want to do fix-it's. they want some serious tweaks to the lotto and with that closer to republican ideology. democrats really don't have enough critical incentive at this moment to get it done according to democrats i spoke to you. the president seems to be taking the consolation that democrats will be blamed for this if obamacare continues to chug along and there continues to be problems. polls show that that's not the case. a lot of republican's are skeptical of this will get done at all. >> jon: the president's announcement that they should just let it fail and what the democrats accrued the blame for
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passing a law that is teetering in a lot of states, your indications are that is not going to necessarily fly. republicans are going to get some of the blame, maybe all of it. >> if you go out, maybe all of the members up for reelection in 2018, a lot of republicans i speak to don't believe the democrats will get the blame. donald trump himself, when he was a private citizen in 2012 said that barack obama should stop trying to deflect blame. republicans told the public that a lot of people who voted for republicans, they said listen, can you give us the senate, the house, and the white house, we will govern. it will be on us and it's up to us to get things done. to walk away from that now would be difficult it doesn't ring true to a lot of voters. >> jon: interesting times.
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jake sherman, author of politico's playbook, thank you. >> heather: who is really to blame for the failed effort of repeal meant and replacement of obamacare? will take a look at the winners and losers and the capitol hill health care battle. plus some brand-new details about would lead to a deadly police shooting of a woman after she called 911. what one officer said happened at the minneapolis community searches for answers. >> let us remember we are together in our grief, here and around the country, and around the world.
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>> heather: right now, the blame game will underway in washington as a senate fails to replace obamacare as members of congress look towards the next step in health care reform. >> at the request of the president and vice president, and after consulting with our
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members, will have the vote on the motion to proceed to the obamacare repeal bill early next week. >> democrats want to work with our colleagues, to stabilize the marketplace. we want to do it in regular order. processes this body has used time and time again. >> heather: joining us now, the democratic strategist and former national spokesman for the presidential campaign with al gore, howard dean, and senator chris dodd and the former chief of staff to senator mike lee and the president at a southerly institute. thank you both for joining us. just to let you know, we are continuing to monitor the vice president who will speak at the presidential advisory commission and when he appears, we'll take our lives so you may have to interrupt you, but in the meantime, let's begin. boyd, and we start with you.
8:18 am
senator mike lee is a "no," he is opposing this health care bill. is he a winner or a loser to do that? >> i think he's a winner because he's doing what president trump said he was going to do and that is to stand up for the forgotten man and woman in america. the current bill has nothing in it for hard-working americans. there is lot in there for hard-working insurance companie companies. it's really a bailout for the insurance companies, so he is standing up for the right things. he's not looking for anything other than how do we help middle americans were working hard, who may have had insurance for the first time under obamacare, but having assets access to health- they simply can't afford health care. >> heather: christie, i'll get to you. in congress overall is what the loser or the winner? >> i think the republican congress is certainly a loser on this because they have been
8:19 am
promising for 8 years that they would stop obamacare and they would repeal it, and this has obviously been a historic loss for them on all levels. which really difficult and embarrassing position as they've said they've been working on this for eight years, it turns out they are shockingly short on both ideas and votes for how to get rid of it. >> heather: you're leaving out democrats, you don't think they are to blame for getting us in this position to begin with? >> i honestly don't because the republicans don't need any democratic votes to pass something here. the failure to get something passed, yes, it is entirely congressional republicans. they've actually said that they don't want to work with democrats. that was mitch mcconnell's threat to his republican colleagues which was if this fails, we might have to work with the democrats, oh, no, !
8:20 am
i think it's really hard to put the blame on democrats. >> heather: boyd, she is right, especially in terms of getting any sort of vote at this point. it is up to republicans and right now, there doesn't appear to be enough votes to put on the table to repeal without a replacement. >> i think the failures on both sides of the aisle. deftly senator mcconnell has not been able to lead through this and neither has senator schumer. it's very much the way of the swamp. this is with the american people are tired of. both sides of the i'll use the same process, the democrats implement obamacare in the first place and now the republicans are following the same model. they're doing it behind closed doors, you throw it out, no votes. both parties have raised hundreds of millions of dollars off of health care as a wedge issue. >> i'm sorry, but is it wise to put it up for a vote if you know that you can get the vote? if you know it's going to fail?
8:21 am
that's where i'm having a difficult time understanding why mitch mcconnell would do that as he is now threatening to do. what would be the benefit of that? >> i think getting everybody on the record and moving as i look forward. you can either make progress or excuses, but you can't do both. it's coming along on both sides to get to the table and yes, democrats need to be invited to the table. chuck schumer admitted yesterday that obamacare is failing and it needs dramatic fixing. he's clearly ready. he said there are some things that need to be fixed. >> of course they have said that, again,
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okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> we cannot compel the officer to make a statement. i wish we could. i wish that he would make a statement is what i want to say. we can't compel him by law, but i wish that he would make that statement. there are big questions left that we still have and that we hope to have answers soon, why did officer noor draw and fire a gun question mike what happened from the time the officers arrived on the scene two when she was pronounced dead? why don't we have footage from
8:26 am
body cameras, why were they not activated? >> jon: that's a minneapolis mayor, betsy hodges pleading for the officer who shot and killed an australian born woman to break his silence as new information emerges on the moments leading up to this tragedy. matt finn live in chicago with the latest. >> officer mohamed noor is not speaking out, but his partner who is in the car that night is, telling state investigators, the pair was startled by a loud noise just as justine damond approached the car and that's what caused noor to fire his weapon. the officers responded to the women's 911 call about a potential sexual assault in her neighborhood around 11:30 saturday night. the pair pulled up in their squad car and an alleyway with with their lights off. they heard a loud noise and that's when noor fired his weapon over here ready and
8:27 am
struck damon's. it's protocol for officer involved shootings that they are on administered of leave. the mayor of minneapolis and australian prime minister are demanding answers. >> this is a shocking killing and it's inexplicable. our hearts go out to the family. how can a woman out in the streets and her pajamas, seeking assistance from police be struck like that? >> family and friends gathered for a vigil on sydney bache with a late flowers in her favorite color, pink. here ready, the officer who did not pull the trigger spoke to the bureau of criminal apprehension. that agency has released its details. the minneapolis to p's apartment also launching its own internal review into this use of force. >> jon: matt finn, what a story. >> heather: coming up, a courageous family pushing through hardship together with love and determination, we
8:28 am
check-in for an update on kayla's health and their beautiful quadruplets. we are just learning about a second meeting president trump had with vladimir putin at the g20 summit. should americans be concerned about another secret meeting or as a mainstream media overplaying the story? >> jon: that's fox news alert, mike pence speaking out now and washington, let's listen. >> welcome to the white house. and welcome to the inaugural meeting of the presidential advisory commission on election integrity. just over two months ago on may 11th, president trump signed an executive order to create commission to in his words, help to promote fair and honest federal elections. the foundation of our democracy. election integrity matters to every american.
8:29 am
president calvin coolidge remind us that the whole system of voters rest on the ballot box. the right to vote is a crown jewel of american liberties. by establishing this commission, president trump is taking action to ensure the ballot box remains fair. at the president's direction, i'll have the honor to serve as chairman of this commission and it's an honor to convey in this first meeting today. president trump knows that the integrity of our electoral system transcends party lines and i'm grateful this commission has brought together a distinguished group of bipartisan election experts and public officials from state and local level. together, this bipartisan group will perform a truly nonpartisan service to the american people. i would especially like to thank our vice chairman who will learn more from after the president's remarks, a man whose long service has established him as a national leader integrity very,
8:30 am
chris colborne. as a point of personal privilege, i want to access my thanks and privilege to the indiana secretary of state, connie lawson who joins us as a part of this panel. president trump knows that the principle of one person, one vote is foundational to the american system of democracy. this commission has been charged to study the registration and voting process is used in federal elections pair the commission will identify the laws, rules, policies, strategies, and practices that enhance the american people's confidence in the integrity of our electoral system. we'll also explore the vulnerabilities in our system that could lead to improper voter registration and even improper voting. this commission, let me be clea clear, this commission has no preconceived notions and no preordained results. we are fact finders. in the days ahead, we will gather the relevant facts and data and at the conclusion of our work, we will present the president with a report of our
8:31 am
findings. i'm confident this commission will have a healthy and robust debate the president and i expect nothing less because a respectful debate is also a hallmark of our democracy. i know we'll find many areas of common ground as well. i'm pleased to report the commission has already started its work, requesting publicly available data and we are grateful for the more than 30 states that have already indicated their intention to provide this information pursuant to the law of their states. today is just the first of several meetings at the commission will hold in the coming months. today, we'll hear from each of the commission members, each of you bring a unique perspective based on your experience and research and we welcome your participation and your insights. i would like to note that our commission includes five current and former secretaries of state and we look forward to working with each one of you as the chief election officers from across america to foster collaborative and respectful relationships that will benefit states voters and the electoral process.
8:32 am
finally, as the commission on electoral integrity begins as work, i would like to personally invite the american people to offer their public comments and input on our work and the challenges and opportunities that face our electoral system. we want to hear the voice of the american workers because that's what this is all about. it's the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to a president care so deeply about the integrity of america's elections and the right of each and every american. to see the sanctity of their vote protected. this president knows that this depends on the american people's confidence in his electoral system. and the president and i are both confident that this bipartisan commission will make the strongest democracy in the history of the world, even stronger. and so with gratitude for his commitment to a fair and honest elections, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to all of you, the 45th president of the united states of america,
8:33 am
president donald trump. >> thank you very much. thank you. please, be seated. mr. vice president, distinguished guests and member of the media. i'm honored to welcome you here today as the bipartisan presidential advisory commission when election integrity prepares to conduct its first official meeting, very, very important. this commission is tasked with the sacred duty of a pulling the integrity of the ballot box in the principle of one citizen, one vote. every time voter fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy. we can't let that happen. any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by
8:34 am
noncitizens or the deceased and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped. i'm pleased that more than 30 states have already agreed to share the information with the commission and the other states, that information will be forthcoming. if any state does not want to share this information, one has to wonder what they are worried about, and i asked the vice president, i asked the commission, what are they worried about? there's something, there always is. this issue is very important to me because throughout the campaign, and even after, people would come up to me and express their concerns about voter inconsistencies and irregularities. in some cases, having to do with very large numbers of people in certain states. all public officials have a profound responsibility to
8:35 am
protect the integrity of the vote. they have no choice. we want to make america great again, we have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters. this is not a democrat or republican issue, it's an american issue. it's about the concern of so many americans that improper voting has taken place and canceling out the votes of lawful american citizens. that is why president theodore roosevelt once said, it is the affair of every honest voter, where were born, to see that no fraudulent voting is allowed. anywhere. i want to thank vice president pence for chairing the commission, i also want to thank kansas secretary of state, chris cole bought for serving as vice chair. it's going to be a lot of work, they'll work very hard over a
8:36 am
fairly short period of time. chris and mike, i want to thank you both. this is a bipartisan panel consisting of both republican and democrat éclairs and experts for voter integrity. i want to personally thank each of our panel members for serving, i really do appreciate it. in addition to the chair and vice chair of this distinguished bipartisan panel includes indiana secretary of state, connie lawson. new hampshire secretary of state, bill gardner, thank you. maine secretary of state, matthew dunlap. ken blackwell, former ohio secretary of state. election assistance commissioner, kristi mccormick mccormick. a former arkansas state reside representative, david dunn, thank you. wood county west virginia clerk, mark rhodes.
8:37 am
heritage foundation, sr., legal fellow and manager of the election law reform initiative, a real expert, hans von sapolsk sapolsky. jay christian adams, and jefferson county alabama probate judge alan king. thank you. thank you very much. each of you has been entrusted with the great responsibility of helping to advance the cause of the fair, honest, in lawful elections. your work will help protect our democracy. this will be a very transparent process. it's going to be very open for everybody to see. we will approach this important task with a very open mind and with no conclusion it's already
8:38 am
drawn. you will fairly and objectively follow the facts wherever they may lead. i look forward to the findings and recommendations your report will produce and i share your report, as soon as i can, and as soon as possible, with the american people. so the full truth will be known and exposed, if necessary, and the light of day. we call on every state to give its full support and total cooperation in this effort, most of them have really done brilliantly and we appreciate it and the rest will have that information forthcoming. thank you very much. mr. vice president, thank you and chris, thank you. panel, thank you very much, we appreciate it. do a great job. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] >> jon: of president and the vice president before him, announcing the convening of the
8:39 am
panel that the vice president heads, charged with determining the task that the election process in this country is full, fair, and filled with integrity. obviously, the president has the concern that illegal voting are those who should not be voting could have been counted and the last election. it will continue to follow the progress of the committee. >> heather: in the meantime, some more breaking news for you. just moments ago, attorney general jeff sessions announcing a policy shift, reversing the obama era relaxation on the policy surrounding the civil asset seizures at the department of justice. listen to what he had to say. >> i went to thank all of you for attending. i see many faces that i've gotten to know over the years and in the last few months in particular, and i especially want to thank our law enforcement partners, the
8:40 am
national sheriffs association, major city chiefs of police association, international chief of police group and many other officers from all over the country that are here today. i know that this issue of forfeiture is probably your top issue, the thing that you talk to me most about and the thing that president trump has indicated that he understands and supports you in. thank you for your service to the country and all that you do to make it a safer place. as any of those law enforcement partners will tell you and us president trump knows well, civil assets is a key to that helps law enforcement defund crime, take back ill gotten games from them and prevent new crimes from being committed and weekends are criminals and their cartels. it weakens the criminal
8:41 am
organizations when you take their money. it strengthens the law enforcement we can share it together and use it to further our effort against crime. even more importantly, it helps return profit to victims of crime. it makes it material support for law enforcement. funding priorities like new vehicles, bulletproof vests, opioid overdose, reversal kits and training are all paid for by asset forfeiture is. and departments across this country, funds that were once used to take lives are now being used to save lives. it removes the inter-instrumentalities of crimes such as illegal firearms, ammunition, explosives, and property associated with child pornography from criminals,
8:42 am
preventing them from being able to use these tools to further their criminal acts. president trump has directed this department of justice to reduce crime in america. we take that seriously. i know that's a challenge. we intend to meet it and i know you do too. we continue to encourage our civil forfeiture whenever appropriate. at the same time, we must protect the rights of the american people in this country, the people that we serve, law-abiding people whose property is used without their knowledge or without their consent to not be punished or taken because of crimes that someone else has committed. i know we all agree on that. we have to be careful and do this thing the right way. let me just say and the vast majority, this is really not an issue. evidence is usually very clear. our law enforcement officers do a an incredibly great job. in fact, over the last decades,
8:43 am
4 out of 5 administrative civil assets and forfeitures filed by the federal law enforcement agencies were never even challenged in court. they're not challenging them because it's usually drug money and they know it was drug money and they have no basis to the forfeitures. even so, going to take every precaution. and so, today, the department of justice is continuing issuing legal guides the board clarified doj policy on the adoption of city assets. it will return us to long-standing doj policy. that's all we're doing is returning to the policies that existed for over three decades that i used -- >> heather: as you expected, you heard jeff sessions making the official announcement right there, restoring asset seizures.
8:44 am
for more on this, let's bring in keisha heaven and eric custer. thank you both for joining us. some breaking news, let's get your response. >> i have a problem with this reform of the forfeiture laws because it allows forfeitures of people who are not yet convicted of a crime. you are violating the due process of all citizens of this country, so if someone is going to trial and then they were acquitted, what do you do? you can't go back and say, we spent your money, so here it is. i think the reason why the obama administration curtailed it is because of the possible abuse of people's rights. >> heather: what about what we just heard the attorney general say. only 4 out of 5 were never even challenged in court. it's primarily drug money. >> it takes money to challenge them.
8:45 am
you're talking about a court hearing and you're dealing with people who may not be skilled or not have a degree of any sort. now they're taking their assets in saying what he going to do about it? they don't even know how to ask for it back. what we've seen in this types of cases, we have innocent people who have been forfeited. for example, they'll take their cars, they'll take their money, they'll take their houses. they have no cash to hire a lawyer and defend them even if they are innocent and that's putting them in a very bad position. that's why the obama administration and bold that back. >> heather: there were some added changes, but amongst them, one of the key changes, it will be much harder for them to receive less than 10,000 versus less than 5,000. that amounts to other things. >> i think that will help in the fact that it has to be run by the prosecutor. the prosecutor will say yes,
8:46 am
there is probable cause and may be that will eliminate the possibility. >> heather: the eighth person in the meeting between donald trump, jr., and the russian lawyer, he works for russian real estate developer, with ties to president trump. going back a number of years. what is your take on this? could this put donald trump, jr., and more jeopardy? >> i think so. his credibility at this point is in question because initially, they were just talking about adoption, then it was okay, we want to talk about sabotaging hillary clinton. now you have this eighth person, who i believe was accused of money laundering in the past and at this point, the fact that this meeting was more about how do we get donald trump to win? >> heather: according to his attorney, the eighth person involved in this meeting, he was only called to be what he believed was a translator for the russian attorney and he
8:47 am
didn't even say anything for the full 20 minutes of this meeting. >> that person may not have said anything. one of the problems we have right now is donald trump, jr., said i have no items or collusion, he released his own emails which indicate there may have been some kind of leak, and it does warn. they need to get people under oath. what was given, was transferred to other people and see what really happened in that meeting. >> i'm not buying this, apparently the person he was supposed to interpret fork had her own. it's very fishy and the citizens will want an investigation which is why robert mueller is asking for it. >> heather: you mention his possible background as a money laundering. he put $1.4 million through a series of banks, billions actually. >> and you have a person like that who knows how to launder money and there are allegations
8:48 am
kind of floating around saying this may have occurred, and information passing -- >> heather: he was never charged, i'm should say. >> as -- that's what donald trump, jr., is doing. he was smart to lawyer up, he was smart to be quiet at this point, and let the system play out. >> heather: keisha? >> i think with all the information that's coming out and the suspicions of the ties to russia, it doesn't look good and it's not going to help the credibility of trump, jr.. >> heather: do you think it's fishing at this point and it won't stop? >> it could be fishing. >> heather: will it stop if they become completely clean and release every meeting they've ever had with anyone who could possibly have a tie to russia? >> yes, that's what they are supposed to do in the beginning and that's one of the problems. even my friends who are staunch, hills and the ground, g.o.p. people, why didn't they tell
8:49 am
about this meeting? it's one of those things, why didn't you tell me you're in san francisco or chicago? why are you lying? >> heather: think you both for joining us. john? >> jon: o.j. simpson's parole hearing set for tomorrow, why our legal panel says he is likely to walk free. d minerals. for the strength and energy. to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. so, your new prescription does have oh, like what?ects. ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪
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8:53 am
attorney who argued before judge ito to keep cameras rolling during the original oj trial and david will, the a defense attorney that represented alfred beardsley. he is one of the memorabilia dealers involved in the theft. thank you both for being here. david, you first. the presumption seems to be that after nine years of a 33 year sentence, he is going to get paroled, do you agree? >> that's based on his behavior which has been exemplary while he is in. he's got domestic violence against nicole brown simpson, the double murder which he was acquitted of, but found responsible for in the civil trial. after that, he was saying oj got away with murder. there's no way he's going to get a parking ticket now. what did he do 13 years later? he committed an armed takeover robbery, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon. there is no reason to believe
8:54 am
that this man is going to do anything but continue a violent rampage. i would not want to be the next person who crosses him, i'll tell you that much. >> jon: royal, do you believe he's going to be paroled and what about his propensity for further violence? >> i think this case is baked. it's the same parole board that -- i think they feel pressure because the whole world is looking at them and saying, there was a payback judgment, 9-33 years for something that didn't really fit that crime. now, are you going to go along with that or be fair? the rules say, you'll get a guy's age. he's over 41 and by nevada rules, ad 70, he's very unlikely to commit another crime. then you look at the fact that he is a model prisoner. look at the fact that he didn't have any criminal convictions. my point is, why don't you look at the fact that he slaughtered two people in the unanimous
8:55 am
opinion of the santa monica dirty? people will have to make a choice when they see them on the street, will they go over that selfie on the hug or will they treat him like a pariah? a lot of people are expecting he might have a reality show. if he makes any money, fred goldman will be right there because he's still owed $52 million. >> jon: let's talk about that, david. if simpson were to get out, there are two families, the goldman family and nicole brown simpson's family who have a judgment standing against him. could they somehow collect if he is released? >> he's not going to to go to prison and suddenly go away, hide somewhere and lie low for the rest of his life. he is going to get back into tv, he is going to get back into movies, reality shows and they could collect between 25% and 50% of his proceeds. he does have his $25,000 a year
8:56 am
pension which tragically, the families cannot touch, but he will get back into entertainment, we know that. this is the good news, if there is any for the goldman's browns is that they will collect money from his proceeds. to that extent, it's the lesser of two evils. they're going to be going after him very strongly, they're going to enforce the judgment. well he'll get out, he won't be living high on the hog, he'll be thinking the goldman's for letting him out, but he'll be paying plenty of money to them. >> jon: sorry our segment got truncated by some breaking news. we'll be watching tomorrow, thank you. >> heather: don't miss our special live coverage tomorrow of the o.j. simpson hearing live from nevada with shepard smith right here on the fox news channel. new in the next era
8:57 am
"happening now," the fight to contain a raging wildfire near yosemite that has already forced the evacuation of an entire town. also threatening some key power lines. stay withh us. they need to go s. they need to go s. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> jon: heather and i are back in an hour, speetwentyeight three stomach to my stomach speed to the attempt to repeal obamacare seems and appears to be doomed. president trump has invited all g.o.p. senators to the white house for a 12:30 p.m. eastern lunch. this is the president implores his fellow republicans to keep their promise to the american people. mrs. "outnumbered" ," hump day says already. i'm harris faulkner coming here today, sandra smith, meghan mccain, former national security staff or under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, we


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