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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: heather and i are back in an hour, speetwentyeight three stomach to my stomach speed to the attempt to repeal obamacare seems and appears to be doomed. president trump has invited all g.o.p. senators to the white house for a 12:30 p.m. eastern lunch. this is the president implores his fellow republicans to keep their promise to the american people. mrs. "outnumbered" ," hump day says already. i'm harris faulkner coming here today, sandra smith, meghan mccain, former national security staff or under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, we like the same
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style, it's on fire, the political editor of the daily halftime report, chris stirewalt is here, he is outnumbered. >> sandra: harris, your saucy today. >> harris: we got our girl back. we've been professing her love to you the last few days. our prayers, thoughts, everything with her family right now. >> meghan: thank you, they really appreciate it. my dad is doing very well in phoenix, recovering, eating his favorite cheese enchiladas. >> gillian: what is he watching? >> meghan: i try to make him watch the crown, he's not interested. we watched "game of thrones" ." he found it boring. >> harris: he wants us to do the show. >> meghan: he was like come and get back to work right now. >> harris: we will. let's get started. lunch may be on the agenda, may be when president trump has g.o.p. senators over at the
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white house at the bottom of the hour. i can tell you right now, health care is on the menu. they are boarding the bus right now. the latest republican bill appears to be in trouble. the president is not giving up hope. he tweeted this morning, maybe this is a little motivation. the republicans never discuss how good their health care bill is, and it will get even better at lunchtime. the democrats scream death as obamacare dies. the president also tweeted the republicans must keep their promise to the american people, but the senate's g.o.p. new plan to repeal obamacare now and replace it later already appears doomed. why? the three republican senators immediately announced their opposition. g.o.p. leaders can only an ford to lose two members of their caucus. mitch mcconnell vows to plow ahead with the repeal first. the vote is just days from now. >> at the request of the
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president and the vice president, and after consulting with our members, will have the vote on a motion to proceed to the obamacare repeal bill early next week. >> harris: mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. they're on the bus. >> that's right and the pressure will be on a lunch today with the blessing of the white house. mitch mcconnell intends to bring up his latest plan, a partial repeal to put his senators on the record. >> the obamacare repeal legislation would ensure a stable two year transition period, which would allow us to wipe the slate clean and start over with real patient centered health care reform. this is the same legislation that a majority of the senate voted to send to the president in 2015. now we thankfully have a president in office will sign it. so we should send to him. >> that puts a number of his senate republicans on the spot,
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they all voted for the repeal bill in 2015 when then president obama vetoed it, they are against it or our expressing concerns this time around. one key senator says it's important to focus on repealing the legislation and not just rounding up support. >> it's very difficult to find a solution. the one thing that can happen in these negotiations, trying to get 51 votes, it begins to shift to not what is in the bill, but how to win the senator 's vote and that generally involves money. that's not a good way for us to develop health care policy. >> today, senate democratic leader is not blaming congressional republicans, he's blaming the white house. >> president trump's promise to let our health care system collapse is so-so wrong on three counts. it's a failure morally, et cetera failure politically, and it's a remarkable failure of
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presidential leadership. >> unless there's a breakthrough at lunch, it's expected the motion to proceed on mcconnell's fan will play a -- plan will fail. >> harris: it may be there will be some shark this time. okay mike. chris stirewalt, i saw you chuckling as a representative moran was talking. he's done full aerial gymnastics through the last 72 hours. where are they now? >> chris: what's funny is, he's quite right. this is the most foolish possible way that you could devise a system to provide health insurance for american people. doing it basically with a gun to your head, and then it's, can we bribe your state with a certain number of things? nobody liked obamacare when it was passed because of exactly
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this junk. they say, just pass something. you've got to hurry up and pass it no matter what. >> sandra: it's so messy that the american people are having a hard time seeing what's in front of us right now. what is actually on the plate as far as what may be voted on, what may not be voted on? >> chris: there's a simple way to think about this which is their need to be about eight or $9 billion provided to the insurance company to prop up these failing individual market markets. those are 12 million customers. if relief does not arrive for them, because they have dropped out, what's going to happen is americans are going to see their coverage skyrocket 200% increase, perhaps, 100% increase. you are talking about millions of people losing their insurance. all republicans have been negotiating amongst themselves,
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we should point out, not with democrats. they came to agree on their own number. what can they get in exchange for that? we'll bail out the insurance industry for one year, we'll prop it up for one year, which we get in exchange? now they're walking away from the table empty-handed. >> harris: perched at the table also, but by far our people you saw in your home state of arizona who have seen some of the worst of obamacare is rate increases. what is the mood, what's the message? >> meghan: people collectively are very angry because they elected president trump on repeal and replace, one of the major issues and yesterday, i thought the messaging was very strange. they said we are going to let it fail. there are no -- what is it when you get a trophy question my participation trophy for this. a lot of people, as you just pointed out are going to feel very hard lined ramifications. when we were on the couch and they did that photo op?
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and i said this makes me very anxious, i'm superstitious. that's an attack ad at midterm but they said they could get this done and they didn't. i don't have a lot of high hopes that you'll get something out o. >> harris: the senators loading up, we'll stay on this picture because they are headed to the white house before their 12:30 p.m. eastern, just about 22 minutes away lunch at the white house. julian, as i'm hearing meghan speak, i'm wondering within all of this, what is going on inside that bus? >> gillian: i think we're being generous and we're talking about his new plan to repeal now and replace later. that is called failure. it's not a plan, it's congress doing again what it does best, which is kicking the can down the road and living under this
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delusion that if they could just delay, delay, delay, somehow magically all their problems will be solved at some unknown later date. time is not getting any more votes. this is something they did a few years ago during the obama administration and it turned out to be the most horrible thing to ever happen to this department. and now they're trying to do it with americans health care. it's an abomination. >> harris: i sort of get why they did it this way because everyone has skin in the game. us before it's on a plan to let it fail, that's a political move that you can make and hope it pays dividends later, but don't fool the american people by trying to tell us that this is a new plan.
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>> meghan: that's a hard reality that it's already dead in the water. they don't have enough votes to even make that happen. i don't know why we are discussing this. >> gillian: this is about counting noses. you said when he voted for it before one is inconsequential. it was just a veto bait for obama. >> harris: they knew he was going to do that. >> chris: now when it can become a law, they can be intelligent. >> gillian: is on about the actual people who need relief, it's about politicians. >> harris: what does letting the affordable care act look like when it fails? what will that feel like? >> sandra: that's where julian gets off the train and starts talking talking about the dysfunction. >> harris: what does that feel
9:11 am
like the american people? they want to know. >> sandra: this question we posted, and was asked of newt gingrich. the american people are looking at this and they are so frustrated with what they are witnessing right now. >> chris: they have ten weeks in between now and doom. ten weeks from now, the federal fiscal year comes to an end. if by that time, they have not raised the bar to the new highest ever trillian and trillian and trillions of dollars, if they don't say they're going to allow more borrowing, you know, as a business brain, what happens then to markets to everything else. and then, they have to do defense authorization which is no joke. it's a serious matter that you understand very well. if they don't get defense authorization done, our troops in the field have a serious problem.
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>> gillian: there is much division over the draft. >> chris: and then they have to pass a budget. not only will the government shutdown, but also, they won't have the tax cuts they want and they can't do anything on obamacare. >> harris: eve here republicans talk about the next thing on tax reform. house speaker paul ryan said yesterday that they did move ahead, at least in the house, it comes up with higher pay for the military servicemen and women. there is some movement on the hill about those issues with regard to defense. i can't imagine and i found my twitter feed, who will vote against that? there's always somebody. i want to get back to this because i think it's important. you see it all over social media. harris, what's going to be like if obamacare just implodes? what does that look like?
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politically, i understand what you're saying, but you've got a child who has leukemia. you have a loved one who needs know it's going to happen after the next enrollment. back in november, what does it look like if they can get their act together after repealing it if that were to happen? >> chris: for 80% of the country, it's fine. 80% of the people who don't get their insurance through obamacare, it's fine. >> sandra: your echoing herman cain's comments yesterday. >> chris: here's what happens with welch's 12 million people get their insurance through the obamacare exchange, they paid for direly uncertain futures. they say, if you can't afford the health insurance, democrats assail kill people, that is a bunch of malarkey. its potential malarkey, we have no idea what things will look like in a decade. over the next year, people have
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six families, they can afford to buy insurance, people will suffer. >> sandra: i'll give you the answer that newt gingrich provided. they are capable of providing, but not in the current style. something has to change and you wonder when that tipping point is. >> gillian: >> meghan: i want te gets the blame. that's what's interesting. >> gillian: that's the question, among conservatives, among republicans and conservatives or moderates who get the blame, that's more interesting, i think. >> harris: we have set up the stakes for what's happening for those of senators getting on the bus right now. we will of course cover it all when the bus starts to move towards the white house, we will show it to you live. can't miss that. big picture they're on fox news channel. this is an important pivotal moment, you've heard them say we've got about ten weeks left
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until the end of the fiscal. are they watching fox news inside? they're all hungry. they are 16 minutes early, but they're going in there heading to the white house. we are going to take a quick break and head back and continue to cover the action on capitol hill. health care, can they get it done. they say come on over to the people's house, let's talk about it. stay close.
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>> sandra: we are awaiting the arrival of those 52 some odd senators who were invited to the white house, let's see how many arrive to have lunch with the president and you can assume that surely, health care will be on plates, maybe not shark. >> harris: you don't think so? >> sandra: we are told obviously to discuss health care among other things on the president's agenda. we will get to that as soon as we see them arriving at the white house. meantime, president trump laying the blame at the feet of democrats for the gop's health care bill failure. >> ed would be nice to have democratic support, but they are obstructionists. they have no ideas, they have no thought process, all they want to do is obstruct government and obstruct period. in this case, think of it. so many good things, we didn't get one vote and their plan has
9:20 am
failed. by the way, obamacare isn't failing, it's failed. it's gone. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell, not ruling out working with members from across the aisle. >> i think we'll have to see what happens. we will have demonstrated that republicans, by themselves are not prepared at this particular point to do a replacement. >> sandra: chuck schumer says his party is up for working with republicans as long as obamacare repeal is off the table. >> rather than repeating the same failed partisan process yet again, republicans should work with democrats on a bill that lowers premiums, provides long-term stability to markets, and improves our health care system. >> sandra: let's see, g.o.p. senators arriving at the white house as we speak. 52 of them were invited to the white house to discuss health care with the president.
9:21 am
we are told their arrival -- here they come. obviously, a very big and serious moment for the country, as we see those senators arrive at the white house. we talk for the first 10 minutes of this show, what may be discussed come out that might go. the blame game continues to be played. >> chris: i think doing this is a musical medley someday -- you should do a medley of different pop tunes about this. >> meghan: a live-action play. >> chris: if it's good enough for grace, it should be good enough for you guys. the blame game. the blame will fall overwhelmingly on republicans because people aren't stupid. they know who controls both houses of congress and they know who the president is. >> sandra: go back to chuck schumer, we've heard him the past several days say how willing democrats have been to
9:22 am
work with republicans. >> chris: a big part of the job of a politician as you say things that aren't true. not everyone, but a big part of a politician's job is saying stuff is not true. what chuck schumer was saying was absolutely welcome. the reason people hate washington is we sit around and look at each other and say, i love egg salad sandwiches, this is so good. me too! >> meghan: i actually do love egg salad sandwiches. the problem right now is going back to your constituents and saying will repeal, but we don't have anything to replace, why would anyone have faith that there will be a replacement at this point? you can get rand paul and susan collins on board with the same thing and it's taken seven years in the past several months to get this done. i think this is all political theater at this point.
9:23 am
the problem is, midterms are coming and i fear that we are going to leave the house over this because you can't go to the american public and say give us the house, senate, and the presidency. we'll get everything done except the first really big one. >> harris: i want to lean on something the president said that we haven't talked a lot about and i think he meant it. he wants to see more republicans elected in 2018, but not just more republicans, his kind of republicans i won't say no to a plan. >> meghan: of a freedom caucus or moderates? >> harris: know, people who hand him something. he is that picky. here's the thing. what he's saying is we won't handed over to democrats, will have more people, but they'll be people that give me something to sign. i find that fascinating. until you consider the fact that he is willing to go after them in arizona. >> gillian: we have a majority
9:24 am
into branches of government including both the house and the senate, but that's not a big enough majority to get anything done. >> harris: he handpicks these republicans. >> chris: went to cannes on something you're saying. how asinine the moment for the republican party is where the step toward enacting desired red legislation is to first engage in a vicious round of throat cutting is as dumb of an approach. so we're going to take out this guy come a primary this other guy, will spend money on this other guy. >> meghan: we cannibalize each other. >> chris: democrats do so much better than republicans, they stick together. they eat it when they don't like it. >> meghan: he should put more heat on mitch mcconnell. this is his fault as well. he should take total ownership of this. we had mitch mcconnell on, -- his former campaign manager.
9:25 am
all much mcconnell has proven is he is basically a toothless leader that can't get anything done. paul ryan, the same way. those people should take ownership. >> gillian: the language on this bill includes a two-year window for them to get that thing done. meghan is exactly right, you've had seven years. what makes you think that we are now going out on a limb, giving you an additional two years to completely deconstruct under the weight of infighting? the base is draining out of the drain pipe. >> sandra: you're looking live in a picture of the white house where republican senators have arrived by indication of the president to have lunch with him and discuss this health care situation that we are in. you're going to have more on the ascent of this break. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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>> harris: our perspective right now was the bus pulling up to the white house with u.s. senators on board to go have lunch and talk about health care and outside the white house, we sit, all of us, wondering what that conversation is like. i can tell you that we will get an inside view for a full camera coming up at some point, hopefully in the next few minutes. sometimes we get some audio, some comments, you may hear from some of the senators, usually that tape is fairly silent. with president trump, not always. we will bring you that live as that camera sets up to give us an inside look. the president, health care with the senators. boy, it has to be interesting in there. meanwhile, those senators that help sink the g.o.p. health care bill could be facing some serious blowback politically. reports major conservative donors are threatening to scout and fund potential primary challengers to those senators. the article mentioned the texas businessman and trunk backer who
9:31 am
specifically points to republican senator, susan collins, and jeff flake. collins and o-uppercase-letter are one of 23 members who came out of the latest repeal only effort. meghan, i'm coming to you on this. we were tossing out those names and i you see there could be campaigns against them. >> meghan: moderates tend to be the ones who get targeted. for whatever reason, i'm not totally surprised by this. president trump's people had a meeting with jeff flake's primary challenger, made a lot of news in arizona, let me tell you. one woman who ended up trying to primary my dad, possibly planned on running against him. it looks very petty. i'm a fan of jeff flake's and there are much larger issues than talking about these three people. there are many other people in the party who said they wouldn't vote for this bill.
9:32 am
for some reason, frida's caucus members, there is never any onus on them. never any responsibility on them. this is a collective problem and just because you get rid of moderates, you would have had enough freedom caucus members who would have voted for this bill and it would still not have gone through. there's a lot of ownership in different places. that's confusing to me. >> chris: true fact. >> harris: thanks for the correction, i appreciate it. >> chris: even made the same mistake that dick cheney did, i remember this when i was in west virginia covering her there. and he was up there and said i would like to also, introduce my dear friend, shirley capito. >> harris: where did we get to the point when this really started? it didn't start within the last couple of years, it didn't set with a tea party. i'm with megan on this. this almost seems baked into politics.
9:33 am
>> chris: unfortunately, the perverse incentives of duopoly. when you only have two options, you have r or d. sometimes it's better to fail than it is to succeed. one of the reasons republicans don't have a health care plan after having seven years as they all thought trump would lose, but they thought he was going to lose and they would be off the hook again and they could keep being out there, they'd have senate majority or close to it and they could prattle on endlessly. then, they say, congratulations. you are the dog who caught the car and what are you going to do with it? the answer right now is gag on the tailpipe. >> gillian: it's the same old falling victim to the rosy future. next year, i'm going to be better and faster.
9:34 am
it becomes delusional when you're playing around with something that's important in health care. it becomes more than self-delusion and you're actually my sling the american people. it's not just a lesson, there are a few other issues that parallel what's happening here. it's a lot harder to govern that it is to be in the opposition. real leadership requires compromise and working with the opposition, whether they're moderate, extreme, whatever. the president team is learning this on nafta. it's a whole come-to-jesus moment. >> sandra: it seems like seeking short-term again for a
9:35 am
long-term problem to threaten members of your own party. >> chris: all said. the famous action is politics, you're never as far up as you think you are and you're never as far down as you think you are. republicans think they are higher than they are. they can afford lunch right now. >> harris: a quiz at 2:00 p.m. eastern. i'm kidding. i tell you what, we are wondering -- i sound like you. we are wondering what will come out of this luncheon, whether or not they can get any closer to bipartisan that some senators are talking about outside of the white house meeting, or if they can get together as one party inside the white house with president trump. as soon as the camera steps up to give us a view and maybe some audio, will bring it to live. stay close, you're watching "outnumbered" on a fine hump da day.
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>> sandra: 52 republican senators starting with the president of the white house right now discussing the future of health care in this country. they may make comments, we may hear from the president himself. there will be a camera eventually in that room. we will bring you anything that breaks on that meeting as it happens. meantime, new developments amid the controversy over donald trump, jr.,'s meeting with the russian lawyer during the presidential campaign. dianne feinstein says robert mueller has given the all clear for the president's son and former campaign manager paul manafort to testify in an open session. no word yet if either will accept the invitation. meantime, newt gingrich was asked about these significance of allowing these two men to testify and the middle of the russian probe. watch. >> what does that mean? >> beats me.
9:41 am
i assume it means that the special counsel doesn't think there is anything they'll say that will affect his ability. there is no evidence of collusion, no evidence of official ties between the campaign and the russians. there was one meeting one time with a woman who didn't have very much to offer and it was so inconsequential, but initially, i think they thought it was a serious meeting. >> sandra: chuck grassley said he invited trump, jr., and manna for to testify as early as this week and is willing to subpoena them if necessary. listening to it newt gingrich, you get the sense that this is overblown. >> chris: a lot of people do think this is overblown. i will tell you this. if it is overblown, if this is as the former speaker said,
9:42 am
nothing and it's not they are, then it will be the saddest story of a mishandled scandal in the history of mishandling scandals. it's sort of like, you watch how the press responded. after dinner at the g20, the president, who saw that his wife was seated next to vladimir putin went over there and he took her seat and he sat down and they lingered over dinner for an hour. "the washington post" reports this as a secret meeting. it was in secret meeting. it was a lengthy lingering over dinner together. the question from the white house is, why not let that be known so doesn't get found out later? >> meghan: is in the concern that they used a russian translator? that's the sticking point that everyone is caught on right now. >> sandra: what about don, jr., and paul manafort being able to publicly testify?
9:43 am
>> gillian: i think donald trump, jr., will 100% accept that invitation. you don't think so? >> chris: that's a hot ticket. >> gillian: you think that combing hearing was remote, this will be the show of the century. he has a lot to potentially benefit from this because if it is a nothing burger, and he wants to be transparent -- and it's not my phrase, as you well know. i think manna for it as a other situation. we can see that anything he says publicly and anything he says to the congress can and will be used against him, so that's a little more. >> chris: jillian is 100% rice. if your meal or, you say to
9:44 am
manna fort, go ahead, comrade. he's not getting immunity, he is a goat in this thing. >> harris: democrats have got to be just jealous over this. they sat and lingered over dinner. this is how the president gets his deals done. he's having lunch right now. the interpreter, not withstanding because that's a problem. if you don't have people represented in a way that everyone understands what's being said without that, i do find it interesting that it's a problem for democrats every time summing like this happens going forward that -- >> sandra: don, jr., this would be the biggest ticket in town. >> gillian: sander only want
9:45 am
to talk about a potential hearing. >> sandra: that's what we're supposed to be talking about, not dinner. >> meghan: we talked about this last week, i have never in my life seen a worse communications team from a political family in my life. the cover of "people" magazine, the bible of america because everyone reads it. it's a cover about don, jr., saying he can't wait for the four years in office to be over. there are communications people -- they could have helped him with these objects that are going on. it's not a good look for the white house. he's hating this left and right. he is being coerced into this meeting, who is the real victim here as well? the ducks are somehow still not in a row. i would clean house as soon as possible. and get some people who can do real communications work because right now, you're letting the narrative completely spin out of
9:46 am
control. democrats are taking this and running with that whether or not the facts are in line or not. >> harris: going back to what sander was talking about is this hearing. they've got to be prepared for what could come out of this. they probably want to get the narrative going in, they want to own that with their communications people. >> gillian: part of the problem is everyone is hiring their own p.r. people. maybe that's why the messages and coordinated. >> sandra: we've got our eye on the white house as you see. that lunch is continuing with the senators and president. meanwhile, democrats continued to rally to fight trump. a new poll finds more than half of american voters find the party stands for nothing but resisting the president. our democrats lacking a message heading into the midterms? we shall debate. ♪
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first let's get to jon scott without coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: next hour, president trump meeting with republican senators of the white house. they are talking about the way forward on a multitude of issues including talking about repealing and replacing obamacare and a big tax overhaul. could we get one more hail mary on health care? plus, the latest on several major wildfires out west and a preview of tomorrow's o.j. simpson hearing. >> sandra: thank you john. so much on this couch. we'll see you then. >> meghan: growing questions about the democrats resistance strategy, a new "washington post" abc poll finds that more than half of americans believe the democratic party doesn't stand for anything except being against president trump.
9:52 am
this as the house a fourth ranking democrats admits they don't have a clear message for voters. joe crowley telling the ap, that message is being worked on. we are doing everything we can to simplify it, but at the same time, provide meaning behind it as well. let's come together now. i can see you rolling your eyes from the side of my eye. that's kind of a lot of, right? >> chris: what did you say -- is eloquent, but the average american knows that that ain't true. >> chris: the democratic party had a contest where they ask people to pick a sticker, which stickers should we launch? you could put it on a vespa or whatever.
9:53 am
one of the answers -- choices was seriously, have you seen the other guys? it was a nice single moment when he looked at the democratic party and said, do you see all these republicans are gagging and dying us are trying to legislate right now? the way that they won the senate, the way they won the house, the way that they won the presidency was pointing out that was wrong with the other people. when you seek to govern, you have no mandate noc mono plan, if you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for anything. >> gillian: i thought the fact that they were designing bumper stickers for the big rollout was kind of telling. bumper stickers are so 2008. does anyone buy bumper stickers or order bumper stickers in the mail anymore? did we see them in the last election? >> sandra: yeah. you need to get outside more.
9:54 am
>> meghan: i saw quite a few trump ones. >> gillian: i'm going home now now. >> harris: democrats are thursday for some of all caps. they're going old school with a bumper sticker. my question is, why are they asking for a contest to come up for a message? i don't understand that at all. i'm with her didn't work out, what was it on they had? my point is, you talk about party division, you have the tom perez of the party, bernie sanders, and then you've got elizabeth warren who is her own brand. they still don't have an
9:55 am
identity. there depending on barack obama. >> meghan: if you go by fundraising, i would point to kemal harris that clinton backers. she is the person -- that seems to be -- i don't think she has a message at all, but she underestimates the power of the resistance movement. we were the party of no. >> sandra: i don't know what kind of message still have if they don't even have a bench. >> gillian: the one thing that strikes me, it's equally important or more important is who is delivering the message? they don't have the next generation of leadership lined up. >> meghan: i live for a bumper sticker. more "outnumbered" in just a
9:56 am
moment. people would stare.
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my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. >> the president and the u.s. senators have wrapped up. we are waiting for tapes to come out and as soon as that does we can give you an inside look at what is going on. here's what some of the news coming out. the president telling the senators that we are closer than people understand and have to
10:00 am
pull through. they are here to deliver on our promise to repeal the aca. "i'm ready to act, i have a pen in hand." stay with fox news. >> heather: that's where we begin, with this fox news alert. awaiting for a reaction from those republican senators gathered at the white house. >> jon: as president trump says, don't even think about leaving town in the heat of august without taking some action on health care. new information on president trump's encounters with vladimir putin at the g20 summit, what happened during a second meeting that eluded cameras and of and of the press? plus, more than 1,000 homes burning down near one of the nation's most treasured national parks. >> you never think something with like this would happen in your


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