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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 19, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house, where there are tiny people washing the roof. there are. there's also news. president trump meeting with republican senators to talk healthcare, and to blast obamacare. >> president trump: obamacare was a big lie. you can keep your doctor, lie. you can keep your plan, lie. it was a lie directly from the president. >> shepard: huh. president trump putting new pressure on republicans to get something done. he had quite a warning for one particular senator. the president also firing back after new reports he had a second conversation with the russian president, vladimir putin, what that we didn't know about and still don't know about.
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he says it was just part of a dinner with world leaders. we'll look at the facts. let's get to it. >> announcer: now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox newsdesk. >> shepard: first, summer vacation under assault. president trump says republicans should not leave washington for the holiday, unless and until they reach an agreement on healthcare. he made the comment today a short time ago while hosting a lunch with g.o.p. senators at the white house. this is the last-ditch effort to rally support for their now-dead healthcare bill. the measure collapsed monday night. yesterday the president said he wanted to force a deal by letting obamacare fail. but today, he told republicans, to get going and send him a bill. >> president trump: i've been here just six months. i'm ready to act. i have pen in hand, believe me. i'm sitting in that office. i have pen in hand. you never had that before. you know, for seven years you had an easy route.
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we'll repeal, we'll replace and he wouldn't sign it. i'm signing it. it's different. >> shepard: part of the problem is the president has stayed on the side lines through much of the healthcare debate in the senate. he has not been out selling it. explaining to americans why he believes it's better for them and better for the nation. this week he did lash out at democrats and some republicans after two gop senators said they would not vote to bring the healthcare to the floor for debate two. other gop senators came out as against the thing. cincinnati majority leader mitch mcconnell can afford to lose but two doubts as you know by now, and still pass the measure without democratic sub port. the majority leader backed the plan that he says would repeal obamacare and leave it to be replaced later in a couple of years. but that plan does not have the votes to pass right now, either. nevertheless, leader mccome announced 20 minutes ago they will vote on the motion to proceed on the bill next week. and if it fails and if taken
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today it would, it's dead. keep in mind, today the president said, the best opening is to repeal and replace, as he's said forever. of course that's not what the cincinnati gop healthcare bill actually does. killing the bill would take 60 ts votes. they're not close to that, they aren't even trying. what they are proposing is to defund the affordable care act leaving the regulations in place, leaving the structure of obamacare intact. that's all they can do with a simple majority. as we reported, today they don't have it. chief white house correspondent john roberts is on the lawn, president trump made a hard push on healthcare today. >> no question about that. more detail, this is done under the rules of budget reconciliation in the senate which dick dates you only have to have a simple majority of 51 as opposed to the filibuster-proof 61 votes. but there are only certain things can you do, all have to do with brujtry measures. a lot of the regulations
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embedded in obamacare, you can't touch those. defunding it, leaving to it die, is really the only thing the cincinnati can do. unless they vote to repeal and replace at the same time. why it's so interesting to see the president, even though he said just the other day instead of repealing and replace let's just repeal it and replace it at a later date, pivoted back to his original position of repeal and replace. basically embarrassing the senators to say, what have y'all been talking about for seven years, you said you wanted to get rid of obamacare, now that you have an opportunity to do it with a president who's willing to sign it you balk at it? let's see what else the president said when he was trying to win those senators over with some tough love. listen here. >> president trump: for seven years you promised the american people you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. inaction is not an option. frankly, i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we
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can give our people great healthcare. we're close. we're very close. >> the president is taking aim at recalcitrant republicans, among them lease sa murkowski of alaska, shelley moore copoto. there was an interesting moment when the president called out republican dean heller of nevada who he had sitting right beside him, heller a little while ago said he wouldn't support the repeal and replace idea which caused an outside group, supporting the president, to say we're going to spend millions of dollars to defeat you in your re-elect in 2018. watch this exchange between the president. and senator heller. >> president trump: no, you didn't go out there. this is the one we were worried about, you weren't there. but you're going to be, you're going to be. [laughing] look, he wants to lee main a senator, doesn't he? and i think the people of your
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state, which i know well, are going to appreciate what you hopefully will do. any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling america that you're fine with obamacare. >> the problem for heller, neither repeal nor repeal and replace really work for him in his re-elect. it will be tough to win over. mark short, white house legislative director briefing in the briefing room right now, though you wouldn't know it, shep that, briefing is off-camera, has said there will be a meeting tonight for republican senators who are having some difficulty with the current bills that are up for debate, having some difficulties getting to yes. the white house will be there, represented, i imagine, short will be there and the vice president could always be there as well. he is the main legislative conduit between the white house and congress. >> shepard: indeed, there's going to be more healthcare in a second. you mention the briefing, news from the briefing, we get to listen to the briefing they just won't let you listen to the briefing 24e6789 made an announcement.
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there will be a meaning meeting in the senate nor members still having challenges coming together, the moderates and the more kaes can't get -- conservatives can't get on the same page for this for obvious reasons. they will have a meeting on capitol hill. sounds like the administration will be represented in that, a meeting in the cincinnati tonight, more -- in the senate tonight. the white house is responding to reports that president trump had a private meeting with the russian president vlade putin at the g-20 summit in germany, a conversation we didn't know about. honestly we don't know anything about it now. the only american there was the president. white house press secretary sean spicer and the spokesman for the national security council confirmed president trump and president putin spoke at the dinner for world leaders and their spouses. the national security council spokesman said it was casual discussion not a meeting. wouldn't say how long it lasted. the president of the consulting firm in washington reports people who were there told him it lasted about an hour.
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in other words president putin and trump and a russian interpreter, but no american, had a conversation for an hour. president trump lashed out at the media on twitter last night, after the news broke, and he wrote fake news story is sick. all g20 leaders and spouses were invited. press knew. we knew the dinner happened. we knew the meal happened. we didn't know the president and the president of russia sat down for an hour-long chit-chat with no other americans. top russian american called the report sick, the russians did. as far as president clump claim that the press knew about the dinner, media outlets published photos of melania trump speaking to president putin. the german officials seated them next to each other and briefly let reporters into the room. other photos showed president trump seated across the table from the russian leader. not until yesterday we learned they had a discussion during the dinner. we're told president trump and president putin spoke through
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the russian leader's translator. should say interpreter, you translate written words and interpret spoken words. that administration official says president trump had an interpreter with him as well but his interpreter didn't speak russian, spoke japanese. president trump was seated next to the wife of japan's prime minister. you're supposed to talk here. the dinner came after president trump and president putin had their first face-to-face meeting. we knew about that already, lasted nearly two hours longer than scheduled. president trump pressed president putin about american's concern over russia's interference, but putin denied he did it. john roberts at the white house. they chatted it at this meal. we didn't know about it, only a russian interpreter. that was unusual? >> i don't know that it's, to be completely honest with you, shep, i don't know it's that unusual. a lot of people make it out to be. i've been to the g20s, g7, g8,
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sum of it of the americas. the leaders chat with each other, of the same way as people do when they go to the white house correspondent's dinner. no one is sitting down eating. only allowed to have one interpreter per couple, that was the president and melania trump. their interpreter was chosen to be somebody who spoke english and japanese, the president was near the prime minister of japan and melania trump was seated next to putin, it seems that the president would likely go over and say hello to his wife and likely have a conversation with putin. they talked about it, news is just breaking in the "washington post," the president has decided to end the cia program of arming moderate syrian rebels. that is something that russia
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was looking for. so did the two of them talk about that at dinner? did the two of them talk about that in the by lat cal meeting, did they not talk about it at all? we don't know, we do not know what the con effect and the content of the -- context and the content of the conversation was of the president likely smoke with 18 other people at that dinner and we don't know what was said to them either. we're asking questions, trying to get answers, so far none have been forthcoming. >> shepard: john roberts, live from a sweltering north lawn this afternoon. we'll never know what happened in that sit-down. not to say there's anything nefarious about it flshgs was one american there, president trump, everyone else was a russian translator or the russian president, vladimir putin, of the former kcht gb. more ahead on the republican's last ditch effort to get healthcare covered. there's a push on the hill, we live with what lawmakers are saying about the chance have getting done. lots of news today. glad you're with us. pain can really be a distraction.
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dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia >> shepard: mitch mcconnell says he will take a vote next week. republican leaders had lunch with president trump short time ago.
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gop does not have the votes to start debating the vote. the white house announcing in is off-camera briefing that a healthcare meeting on the hill tonight will be open to not just republicans but also democrats. mike emmanuel on capitol hill now. they're trying everything they can. >> right, shep. top administration officials, mike pence and secretary of health and human services dr. tom price will be here on capitol hill trying to meet with reluctant senators. some subject they may be offering sweeteners, senator so and so what do you need to get to yes. mccome emphasized they will be voting next week even though they struggle to get 50 in support. that first vote will be critical. >> we cannot keep the commitment we made to the american people, to repeal and replace obamacare on the bill. next week, we will be voting to get on the bill. i would remind those of you who don't cover capitol hill, that
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this particular type of bill, is totally open for amendment. in way i or anyone else can prevent members from having amendments. >> the message if e don't like the bill as-is they will offer improvements in the way of amendments. one thing really loyal to majority leader mcconnell will appreciate when he addressed the cameras there were two members of his leadership team with him. he wasn't going solo. >> shepard: he needed the bill to be more conservative after finishing in the senate, all of those amendments are allowed, he might be able to if i michael something where they make it more conservative to possible through the house. >> right. that's a wildcard, delicate balance, if he makes it more conservative he could lose moderates. if he makes it more moderate you could lose conservatives. nobody is speaking quite confidently. some of the senators i've talked to aren't sure what bill they may be considering next week. that seems to be up in the air at this juncture.
12:17 pm
democrats are taking a different approach today, though, they aren't going after the potential bill or senate republicans. they're going to the president trump. >> elections do of consequences. one of the consequences, mr. president, one of the consequences mr. trump, is that you're in charge. and you've got to make things better. not simply point fingers and tweet. >> republican sen norse say it was good, productive meeting at the white house. we will see if it changes any votes. shep? >> shepard: mike emmanuel, thank you. i'll speak to a journalist who said democrats claim president trump's weekend get-aways are hurting his party's call. the supreme court weighs in on the latest challenge to the travel ban. what it means for grandma and grandpa and other family members, straight away.
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> shepard: the battle over healthcare, president trump putting pressure on republican lawmakers during lunch this afternoon to get a deal done. turn tolize a collins congressional reporter with "usa today." in the rotunda, i guess there's demonstrators out there today? >> there are a lot of demonstrators. i don't know if you can hear them. every floor all spread out. we're hearing, like, hundreds. >> the president is applying pressure on these senators, is there anything that can bring the two sides of the republican party together to come up with something? >> that is not clear, yet. i'm not sure how much president trump has weight on susan collins or lisa murkowski. but we did hear today when he gave his little press availability, it was not a veiled threat. he said dean heller, a moderate
12:22 pm
holdout, he wants to remain a senator, doesn't he? and heller laughed. but there's definitely pressure. that seems like a threat. >> on the left side of the screen, protesters with the zip strips being detained. >> shepard: what is the offense here? >> in the hallway, capitol police can do something. they've been coming for weeks. today was a day of drigs. i've seen them in rob portman's office. his thing is he lets them protest as long as they're inside they can't be arrested. once they fan out, disturbing maybe if they resist call police. >> advertised online and on social media. >> it was, they were expecting upwards of 500 people. can you hear them all over. >> shepard: back to healthcare. the president said you got to get something done.
12:23 pm
many people on capitol hill are suggesting to the president where were you when we needed you. as given an explanation of which parts of the healthcare bill he likes, which parts of the healthcare bill he wants, specifics that they can focus on. >> i think president trump likes broad, he wants a win. he wants to be able to say that they repealed obama care. he doesn't really care or at least has not said how specifically he'd like them to do that. in the past 24 hours. he's offered multiple openses. he said they can repeal it and then replace it, which is what he said the ideal situation. most senators agree they'd like to have a plan in place. if that doesn't work they can repeal it and replace it later. that's something some one like senator rand paul, conservative libertarian minded has kwauld for. then last night, he said we can also just let it fail. democrats will be forced to figure something out. sounds like he just wants that win. he's open to how it happens much. >> shepard: you know, it's
12:24 pm
interesting to me that they have the whole world using that word "repeal" when that's not what this is. under the rules, the procedure that they're using, you need 60 votes to repeal this. they don't have 60 votes. they don't even have 50 vote. what they're trying to do is defund the law. they cannot repeal it. that is 100% impossible. they're trying to defund it. but the structure off bam a care would remain in place. i'm curious, i guess you could spin night a win but a repeal it is not. >> exactly. what are you talking about is reconciliation, means it has to be a budgetary procedure. there's questions even, they stress the defund of planned parenthood in there. there are questions in that will qualify as reconciliation. it does have to be only budgetary. so we will see, if this bill is brought up for a vote, that's when they go through and say this qualifies, this qualifies. the reason they're doing that, so they can do with it a simple majority, of course 51 votes. they don't have that right now.
12:25 pm
>> shepard: these protesters is it all about healthcare? >> yes, 100% healthcare. they're moving off of the capitol, camping out in offices, as i said. chanting things like healthcare for all, all kinds of things. shgs it's god to talk to you, thank you. >> thank you. eliza collins. if you go to washington and you should, my god, what a city, rich in history and interesting to see so many beautiful places there. >> shepard: can you advice that it rotunda. it's loud on the quietest of days, where all of the reporters do their live shots. you put in screaming protesters it's hard to think. as it was with this ear piece in. anyway, they're out there, protesting the law which can't be passed, at least not for today. they don't have the votes for it. but i parentally they want to keep obamacare, not get the new bill. nd police are doing what they do. the supreme court will not block
12:26 pm
grandma and grandpa from coming to the united states not for now. the justices did not rule on a lower court decision to expand the list of relatives allowed into the united states under president trump's travel ban. that ban of course blocks people from six muslim majority countries entering the united states unless they have what the rules say is a bona fide relationship with somebody here. supreme court also ruled that trump administration can move ahead with planle to impose a ban on a broad group of refugees. the court is set to hear arguments on the travel ban in the month of october. judge andrew napolitano is here to talk about president trump's son, don jr., infamous russian meeting. and the possibility he can testify in congress. also, what the judge says about potential criminal charges coming up. first meteorologist adam has an extreme weather alert. hot outside in the big city. >> yes, it is, 120 million
12:27 pm
people dealing with 90 degree temperatures today. as can you tell lots of other spots, temperatures hotter than that, up into triple digits. plenty getting up 102, 105 in the tulsa area. with the heat index as a result. heat advisory stretching from portions of south dakota, areas of louisiana. farther out off the east, indiana, kentucky as well. temperatures in the low 90s in a lot of spots along the east coast. this isn't going anywhere, the next couple of days. here's your eye highs on thursday, back into triple digits. i'll get out of the way for the east coast, looking at temperatures running up that direction, 97 degrees tomorrow in d.c. 94 degrees for you in new york. it stays hot on friday as well, again temperatures piling back up getting close to triple digits in the middle of the country. while all of this is going on, yes, we ee still paying attention to the tropics. here's what we have, what was tropical storm don, that fell apart last night. we could see, what's that,
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>> shepard: fox report headlines from the fox newsdesk. iran's president is promising to retaliate against the united states after the trump administration announced in sanctions against the iranian e jeem. u.s. officials have said that iran is technically complying with the nuclear deal. they accuse iran of undermining security in the middle east in part with the missile program. an explosion after balloons collided with powerlines. look! that's long beach, california, south of l.a. the explosion knocked out power to homes in the area. and police say a self-described drug dealer ended up behind bars after he called 911 claiming somebody stole his cocaine. happened in florida, in the panhandle. the sheriff's office reports the deputy found coke in the
12:31 pm
suspect's car along with a crack pipe. he called the police. don't mess with fwb. the news continues after this.
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>> shepard: 32ments past, waiting to hear whether donald trump jr. and paul manafort will testify on camera before the senate judiciary committee. lawmakers are investigating the russian interference in the 2016 election. and possible ties between team trump and moscow. special counsel robert mueller leading the justice department russian investigation has given the go-ahead for paul manafort and donald trump jr. to testify in open session, according to dianne feinstein. both men attended trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer last year who was offering, purported, damaging information about hillary clinton from the russian government. democrats say this is the clearest evidence yet of possible collusion between team trump and russia.
12:34 pm
trump administration officials refer to the meeting as standard opposition research. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. what's your take on this? >> the independent end counsel has probably, i would say for sure, commenced an investigation of the who, what, where, when, how. >> shepard: a criminal investigation. >> it's not a matter, it's a criminal investigation. he has control of the investigation, the senate judiciary committee said we want to speak to two people who were with its or targets of the investigation and he said yes. if he was not involved in the investigation he would have said i don't think there's anything to investigate. >> is there potential of a crime? >> yes, i think so. there is a crime to receive something from a foreign government when you are running a federally legislated election.
12:35 pm
>> is opposition research, a, quote, thing of value? >> yes, people pay for it. campaigns outcourse opposition research, pay money for it and it comes in. we don't know if the opposition research that the russian lawyer said she had or the british publicist said the russian lawyer said she had ever came n was there an attempt to reach it? was there an agreement to reach it? was there material step taken in furtherance of reaching it or did it never materialize? these are the things that rob mueller will investigate. it doesn't mean that the people who were there committed a crime. it is not a crime to have a conversation. if there's no agreement coming from the conversation. first amendment protects speech. the issue is, what happened, if anything, a result of this conversation. >> shepard: i guess the bigger question, did the russians say
12:36 pm
we want these sanctions gone, we need to sell oil, we want our spy castles back. in exchange for that, we'll give you this hilary stuff. it's quid pro quo. >> that would be a very, very, very serious issue. >> shepard: i'm not saying it happened. >> if bob mueller were to come upon that, it would be a very serious issue for everyone involved. a number of federal statutory implications. federal laws violated if that scenario, which we pose just as a hypothetical, actually happened. >> shepard: don jr. doesn't work for the federal government, jared kushner does. >> yes, he declined to to the fbi of the meeting with these people. that is a serious issue. he has had to amend his application, 127 page application, you can't fill it out in a day. in order to get his national security clearance. he has a very, very high national security sheerns. the fact that he didn't tell the russians -- excuse me, strike that, the fact that he didn't
12:37 pm
fell tell the fbi about the russians until this was made public, causes the fbi -- >> shepard: close to when it was going to be made public. but i hear you. >> the fbi says why didn't he tell us, let's look into it. when you try to frustrate the government, keep something tr them and then they discover it, it causes them on get more cuious than if you told them about it in the first place. >> shepard: we get volumes of e-mails saying there's no evidence, no finding, there's no -- we don't know what this is. -- what there is. >> there is no kriep in the conversation. but the things that bob mueller is looking for involve nuance. often third people, the original people might not have known about. 24 is not like a stick where it has a beginning and an end. these are flex relationship. did -- these are complex
12:38 pm
relationships. >> shepard: great to see you, welcome back. >> thank you. >> shepard: think your rent ties high? the u.s. government is spending $130,000 a month for office space in trump tower. according to the wall street jurm which got a copy of that lease. the journal and fox news channel share common ownership. the department of defense is leasing the space for a military office that supports the white house although president trump hasn't spent a night in the tower since he took office. the $130,000 a month makes this one of the most expensive residential ren falls in all of new york city. a government official said the property is privately owned by some one not affiliated with the trump administration. the rent money isn't going to the president. lauraingle with the rest of this story, live at trump tower. chilly new york city afternoon. [laughing] what more do we know about the lease? >> well, it's a 149 page lease. we got our hands on it, heavily redacted, all of the black lines
12:39 pm
through it. what we can tell you, reading between the lines, is that it's a lease sent out for the white house military office as you mention. those operations provide medical, food, transportation, and communication services that need to be close to the president. and is separate from what the secret service does. now the team also safeguards who is called the football, top secret launch codes the president needs to order a nuclear attack. this space is not his as you mention, the president isn't making money off this deal according to the general services administration. which negotiates leases for the government. we reached out to the gsa for comment, he what is they told us. gsa acquired this particular space for the use of a single agency. no other agency have been assigned to this space. gsa worked to ensure all contracts we execute respond to the needs of the agencies we support and provide the best value for the american taxpayer. as the trump organization owns the commercial space, that is floors 1 through 29, everything else above that is private
12:40 pm
residential area. the only thing, only exception there is on the. 6th floor which -- 66th floor the president owns, the penthouse. >> shepard: laura engles. does the president have any plans to come back there soon, do we know? >> not that we know of. as we know he's been traveling, spending time at his place in new jersey. we have checked in with our produceers with the white house and they say there are no plans for him to come here. the president telling fox news earlier in april, you might remember, that it makes them all feel a bit remorseful travelling to new york in the first place. >> president trump: i love new york. but going back is very expensive for the country. they close up fifth avenue and they close up 56th street. i live in trump tower which is right smack, great location, right smack in the middle of everything. i always feel a little bit guilty when i go there. >> bottom line is if he does show up this summer the white house military office will be here behind us in trump tower ready to go.
12:41 pm
>> shepard: laura, thank you. the pork barrel spending in washington, increased by more than 100% over the last five years. that's according to citizens against government waste. that's a group that monitors what it calls patientful spending. it released its annual congressional big book today. we cover this every year and it's always interesting has a big on the cover, makes us think of bacon, we love it. the book highlights certain ear marks where lawmakers put language in the bill to direct money to specific projects in their own districts often. one of the most famous, the bridge to nowhere. 2005, congress earmarked hundreds of millions of money to alaska to build a bridge connecting a small town with an island that held its airport. the bridge to nowhere. fox business network gerri willis is here. lots of bacon? >> there's bacon, pork, a lot of fat. $5 million for something they call save america's treasures. what that is, a historic program.
12:42 pm
it sounds so nice, preserve properties n reality what they're doing is backing businesses that are run out of old houses. and i have to tell you, looks like a lot of wasteful spending to me. $15 million for alternative energy research sounds good. but guess what. there's a whole program that spends billions of dollars for it. this one i'm talking about is for combat vehicles, don't know if they put solar panels on jeeps for the army. but the energy and army spends billions and billions on this. i don't know. there's in the east-west, east-west center in hawaii, $6 million, every single year, gets more money through ear marks every year. let me tell you, the state department hates the thing. tries to get spending stopped. they can't do it. it is intended to promote better relations between pacificnd asian nations. why we're in the business of doing that, i don't know. but somebody is making a mint off of it.
12:43 pm
>> shepard: there is a moratorium on ear marks, right? >> 2011, con grems got shamed into putting a morer toerium on earmarks. don't think they're not still doing it in a sneakier way. instead of having a list of earmarks, here are the earmarks, they don't that, that is too public. they call up the agency and say, hey, i got an extra million for this and i want it to go to this project in my district. very different. much on the qt. but what do you expect out of congress? >> shepard: i don't know. i don't know what to expect. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: after iraqi forces declared, quote, total victory in the city of mosul, top u.s. officials briefing the senate on the next step in the fight against isis o that we'll get a live report from the pentagon, next. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours.
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>> shepard: jeff mattis briefing congress on the strategy for
12:47 pm
moving forward to defeat isis. a week after iraq declared total victory over the islamic state in the city of mosul, its last stronghold in iraq iraq. mosul was iraq's second strongest city, but air strikes and heavy fighting destroyed a lot of that city. we have pictures of what mosul looks like now. this first one, i mean, it's just rubble. this is an aerial shot of the destruction on the western side of the old city. here, u.s. packed iraqi forces round up suspected fighters. as you can see, a lot of them here. refugees in these pictures fighting, forced thousands of them from their homes no, where to go. this is the mosque where the isis leader first declared the cal i fate there. iraqi military claims isis fighters blew it up, on purpose, as they retreated. jennifer griffen at the pentagon. these briefings with general mattis and the lawmakers are closed to the public, right?
12:48 pm
>> that's right, it's closed because mattis has said repeatedly he doesn't want to share his plans to, quote, annihilate isis with the enemy. this briefing was scheduled at the senate's request. a similar one for the entire house tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. mattis will be joined by the chairman of the joint chiefs and secretary of state. the senators want to ask about plans for next steps including the importance of integrating military operations with political and diplomatic efforts in the fight against isis. the president's current budget adds 52 billion to the defense budget while drastically cutting the state department and u. aid's budget. the head of the world food program told congress why it's dangerous. >> if a family can't feed their turn after 2 or 3 weeks they turn to every available resource they can. that usually is extremism. if you want to spend another half a trillion dollars on military operations, cut the
12:49 pm
world food program. we're the first line of offense and defense on the ground against extremism and terrorism. >> expect questions about this and also about concerns mattis has already voiced that isis military plans simply push the group from one location to another. what others before him have called whack a mole. >> shepard: any word on whether secretary mattis plans to talk about the strategy in afghanistan? >> not per se. mattis had promised senator john mccain when he testified last a strategy for afghanistan by mid-july. but that date has slipped as the white house and president have question idea the u.s. needs to send more troops. there's an outstanding request for nearly 4,000 troops from the top general in afghanistan, top u.s. general there. expect questions, but few answers about sending more troops to afghanistan. president trump has yet to weigh in on it. but held a lunch yesterday at the white house with former veterans of the afghan war
12:50 pm
seeking ideas for how to defeat the taliban and isis that popped up there as well. just this week the pentagon announced it had killed the head of isis in an air strike f the u.s. pulls out its troops many fear the vacuum would resemble that that was created in iraq which led to the rise of isis. also, basically the white house is toying with another plan presented to the pentagon to send contractors, defense contractors and replace soldiers and troops on the ground in ofgs. but that's not getting a lot of traction here at the pentagon. >> shepard: you're the best, thank you. o.j. simpson's parole hearing is hours away. analysts say the juice has a good chance of getting out of prison. like tomorrow. after nearly nine years behind bars. what exactly will happen tomorrow? and when could he walk free? that'snent. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> shepard: o.j. simpson less than 24 hours away from a parole hearing. analysts say looking good for him. parole officials say the earliest a former football star and pitchman could be out of prison is october 1. he spent nearly nine years behind bars in nevada for the armed robbery of two sports memorabilia agents at a hotel in las vegas. his defense team argued that o.j. was trying to take back items that somebody stole from him. to, quote, get his stuff back. the jury didn't buy it. i will be anchoring live coverage starting 1:00 eastern, 10:00a.m. pacific. but first, jonathan hunt with a preview from outside the prison in lovelock, nevada. hello, jonathan. >> hey, shep. by this time tomorrow o.j. simpson and for that matter the
12:55 pm
rest of us should know whether he's going to spend at least a few more years behind the razor wire here at the nevada correctional facility, or whether he will soon be free to resume life outside. he will not actually leave this prison tomorrow for the hearing which is taking place down in carson city. insteads he did at his last parole hearing in 2013, he will appear via video link. and will appeal to the four parole board members to free him finally, and parole him on the armed robbery and kidnapping charges, the most serious of the 12 charges on which he was convicted. according to fox legal analyst bob massey the parole board members will take many things into account. listen here. >> they're going to look at the history of him as criminal. how cooperative us a was he. how engaging was he. what types of things did he get involved with. was he a model price nor.
12:56 pm
>> if parole is granted, shep, o.j. simpson will have to spend a few more months here. we are told that if he does get paroled he'll be out on or around october 1. >> shepard: thank you. more than 60 countries did not show up for the olympics. and it happened on this day in history.
12:57 pm
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>> shepard: on 24 day in 1980 the olympics kicked off in moscow and dozens of countries refuse to go. theenes united states led a boycott of more than 60 nations protesting the soviet union's invasion of afghanistan. some american athletes sued the feds to compete but lost their case. the government threatened to take away their passports. soviet athletes destroyed the competition, winning 08 gold medals the most for a single nation in decades.
1:00 pm
after the games began without their american rooifgs 37 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in, breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" a neil cavuto coming up next. >> neil: thank you, you're watching "your world"nd a world of difference 24 hours later, president of the united states taking a different tack how to proceed on the healthcare thing. remember this yesterday? >> let obamacare fail, it'll be a lot easier. we're probably in that position to let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it, i'm not going to own it. >> neil: this was the president of the united states today. >> inaction is not an option and frankly, i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great healthcare.