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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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yourself? if you would have recused himself before the job, i would've said thanks jeff, but i'm not going to take you." this is more, and the "the sto" goes on tomorrow. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." by the end of this week donald trump will have been president of the united states for a total of six months. it seems like ten years, that's because from a news perspective there's been about a decade's worth of drama packed into a bewilderingly short period of time. donald trump is dominated virtually every story in america since the day he was inaugurated. almost all of them have been hostile. given that, it is amazing, it's remarkable how many people voted for him in november tell people they still supported. how is that possible? trump may be badly flawed, you
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can make the case, but the people who hate them have gone crazy, sometimes hilariously so pure it here's the latest attack. not only is the president and immoral russian stooge, he's fat. >> is the president fit, and i want to read part of it. in the modern history of american presidents, no one's had less interest in his own health. he does not smoke or drink, but as fast food, red meat heavy diet, his aversion to exercise and a tendency to gorge on television for hours at a time put him at odds with his predecessors. is this ultimately in keeping with the personality that is about a lack of discipline? he not only takes golf courses where they're not supposed to be, but he takes golf carts to places where other world leaders are walking. >> tucker: the same media figures who told you it was sexist to ask about hillary clinton's health after she passed out in public, or member
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that, the same reporters who ignored obama's marbury will have it for years, and are fretting that trump doesn't spend enough time on the stair master. sitting in a golf cart is now a sin. but you know it's even worse than sitting in a golf cart? sitting next to vladimir putin at dinner. today the press expressed shock that during an event at the g20 in germany, he voluntarily spoke to his russian counterpart. >> i don't think there's anything abnormal about -- outside the presence of any american presence. >> is suspicious when he appears to be coddling vladimir putin, as he did as a candidate and no president. mrs. vladimir putin, it's a dangerous game is playing. >> tucker: eating with equals coddling, dangerous indeed. not just for the country, but for the white house staff that could literally die because of it. louise mensch, a former member of poll, is now on the major
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source of news. she announced that members of the trump administration will be executed for the kremlin test. according to her, my sources say the death penalty for espionage is being considered for steve bennett. i am pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting this. but it's not just ban and imperil. the president himself could be headed to the death chamber. "the evidence against donald trump is significant. the video and audio's overwhelming fear he may indeed face the death penalty." keep in mind that just a spring, louise mensch wrote about russia for "the new york times," the paper of record. just a year ago just considered a fringe and embarrassing it is now totally mainstream among liberals. could this get crazier? trainings now, a man who has met study of crazy, author and columnist mark stein comic steyn first of the president's fitness level. given every thing that's going on, is this a legitimate
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critique do you think of the trump presidency that he has no visible apps and to high percentage of body fat? >> i think it represents his cultural offensiveness to his opponents. he would call that when he was on the stump in iowa, barack obama said to his audience, have you seen what the price of arugula is today. as you know barack obama -- that did really happen. he was in that sense the first arugula and american to be elected president. and he had advised his people around him, if they wanted a burger that should take the salad. i take this idea of presidents us occasionally jogging and working out as rather preposterous. i never saw winston churchill jogging and i didn't think it affected his performance.
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he was surreptitiously filmed in the gym, supposedly bench pressing, and in fact he was lifting a dainty little pound and a half wait in a -- and groaning, i've got the pound in the quarter wait, i'll try to see if i can go at it. oh, i can't do it. i would much rather trump, who is a man at ease with himself, and demonstrated on the stump that he had incredible energy. we all know hillary clinton lost because in the last two comments of the campaign she hardly campaigned. trump had to mend his energy, was flying all over the place. he was doing his campaign staff. this is a cultural issue. they want to force trump into eating arugula and jogging because he represents, and that sense, the other side of the cultural divide. >> tucker: i think takes exactly. fast food and three musketeers
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bars. louise mensch, i am still want to single out any one person because there are some the conspirators on the left. but she was a member of poll, a published maritimes author, and kind of a serious person, i thought. and somewhere along the line in the past year, she's taken statements like she did this year that the death penalty was about to be applied to stephen bannon. two questions. what happened, and second how can she be taken seriously by mainstream figures in the press? still given that she read stuff like that. >> i don't think there is any level of derangement that is too far to go. everybody throws around the word "treason" with relation to trump and the russians. the penalty for treason is deat death. if you think about it, the left isn't invested with that tell a man guy who shortly after capture and afghanistan, shortly
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after 9/11. they were interested. he was actually fighting with america's enemies. and afghanistan. but nobody wanted to hang that guy. because treason of that kind isn't serious to the left. whereas if you have tiramisu with putin at a g20 banquet, you should fry for that. that's the position of the left. if you think about it, once you follow that path, somehow meeting with any russian as you were talking about the other night, tucker, if it's a crime to meet with any russian, if it's treason to meet with any russian, if the penalty for treason is death, then louise mensch is right and trump is headed to the chair. that's the logic of where the left is on this. >> tucker: i think you are younger than i am, but i think you are old enough to remember when russia, then the soviet union, swallowed up half of europe. it was under a cloud of darkness and depression. i seem to recall for 70 years the left taking their side and making excuses, attacking people
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who attack them. how did this happen? how did russia become the enemy among people who defended russia? >> because in the end, as with all these things, the left's real enemy is domestic. the left is quite happy to make common cause with islamic radicalism when islamic radicals have an objection to right-wing americans. in exactly the same way, they have no interest in russia until it quite opportunistically served their needs in terms of getting trump. as you said, where were these guys 40 years ago? 40 years ago, they were seriously are going -- and some would argue just the other day, they seem to think the berlin wall was the equivalent of the mexican wall because to leftists, the purpose of the berlin wall was to keep west germans from flooding inside and enjoying the benefits of life behind the iron curtain.
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[laughs] so we now have -- the east germans had to build that wall to keep all the western europeans from flooding into it. we all know how they were. frenchmen, italians try to get inside the warsaw pact. that was what the left did at the time. now they are saying that if trump goes to a summit of world leaders and he's seen talking to a world leader, the man is somehow treason, and he is headed for the chair. >> tucker: the health care initiative just failed, at least for the moment yesterday, and you can lay part of the blame on the white house i think. there are cases you could make against the trump white house, but they are making any of them in favor of something that is so ludicrous that it humiliates them when they articulated. who is making the strategy over there? it's insane. >> is actually an interesting
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story. trump's main problem, in a way, the republican party, significant parts of the leadership have no interest in seeing the trump presidency succeeded. in a sense, they are inflicting quite a lot of damage and obstruction on him. you would've thought that in itself would be an interesting enough story to for cnn to cov. look, he went to the g20 summit, and he was supposed to be sitting next to the argentine first lady comedy set there for two core courses, then for dessert he wandered over and he started talking to putin. can you believe that? the russians have -- they are so deep into the sky, they've arranged to have a clandestine meeting at a world summit. it's the equivalent of prince william and kate being seen talking together at their wedding. that's what it is. you go to the summit to meet putin and apparently that is now a conspiracy. there's actually a fascinating
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story here of what happens when an independent president who in effect hijacks the republican party for his own purposes wins over 17 candidates, takes the white house, and then finds that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell somehow don't seem to be able to advance his policy in congress. if we had a sane media and the united states, that's what they'll be talking about. >> tucker: it's an amazing story. not necessarily pro-trump, but they don't care because it's not putin related. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: i've just been handed something, something i'm going to reach you right in front of us. the interview with "the new york times" the president of the united states just did. peter baker men and maggie were two of the reporters, and in it he was asked if the recusal of the attorney general jeff sessions, formerly a senator
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from alabama and not insignificantly one of the first members of the senate to endorse donald trump in his bid for the republican nomination, which would be -- took a huge amount of grief to do that. but he did it anyways. mr. trump, president trump is asked about his attorney general and here's part of what he said. "sessions should have never recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself he should've told me before he took the job and i would have asked somebody else. "president donald trump about his own attorney general. it's possible there is context we are missing. certainly there will be follow-up stories. but it looks like a direct attack by the president on one of his first supporters, and a widely respected men in washington in the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions. we'll tell you more only get it. we have another fox news alert. some sad news to report tonight. i met a writer on the poetical's second, senator john mccain
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has been diagnosed with brain cancer. the cancer was discovered when mccain underwent surgery at the mayo clinic last week to remove a blood clot above his eyebrow. in a statement, the mayo clinic said mccain's underlying health is excellent, and they were reviewing treatment options, which would include both chemotherapy and radiation. john mccain, senator from arizona, diagnosed with brain cancer. we are sorry. about that. century city fans say that the policies of such receipt or need to fight crime, but a recent study found violent crime plunged in the city of phoenix after they abandon sanctuary policies. how does that work? we will discuss the evidence with the head of the pro-illegal immigrant group next. plus cups in new york said that caught the ms-13 gang members responsible for the gruesome quadruple homicide being reported last april. we will get an update on the fight against what may be the most dangerous gang in america. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.
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>> tucker: in the debate over century city's, a lot of the argument has centered on the question of crime. sensory cities encourage locals to cooperate with the police, thereby lowering crime rates, to simply hold the deportation of illegal aliens. that has been the argument. sunlight has been shed on it by a couple of recent studies. one from the university of california riverside found no statistical significant gap in increments between century citizen law-abiding citizen of phoenix, the study found that crime fell substantially after phoenix repealed its sanctuary city policies nine years ago. ricky is the founder of border
5:18 pm
angles, and he joins us. henrique, thanks for coming back. we've had you a couple of times. one of the reasons i want to talk to you, is because science has weighed in on the conversation you and i have about the effect of sanctuary policies on crime. you and a lot of others have made the case, look, if we crack down on the legals, they are going to report crimes to police. now we know that that didn't happen and that in phoenix crime went down when the city stopped ignoring federal law. heidi responded that? >> first of all, i don't advocate for illegals, i call people people. they are human beings. the fact that they -- >> >> tucker: i'm saying that they are in the country illegally. >> they are not legal aliens. >> tucker: : what you want, we are talking about the same group of people. >> i like to use humane terms. phoenix is probably the same size as san diego, the city of my birth, the city than i am in right now.
5:19 pm
in san diego, which is kind of comments that officially a century city, it's a safe city, which is a most exactly the same, here crime is been very low. law enforcement here overwhelmingly across the country -- and talk about police and sheriffs, they don't want to act as immigration agents. they want to have trust within the community. like they have in san diego. one of the safest cities in the country. the same size as phoenix, except we are right next to the board. i was in tijuana today, for example. it's only 15 minutes away. >> tucker: let me ask you this. why on the subject of illegal immigration liberals want police to make the rules? i don't want cops to make the rules on stop and frisk a racial profiling, when it comes to thi this, the cops want to. in our country, lawmakers make the laws. that question is, will the police carry out their duty to enforce the laws are not? and you are saying they don't want to. that tells me nothing. should they. >> nothingness make the policies. the policies as you stated are
5:20 pm
made in washington. the overwhelming majority of the country did not vote for trump, did not support trump, because he is unqualified and look at the mess is making across the country. what i'm saying is we should have humane policies. if you want to talk about law enforcement, talk to law enforcement across the country. get their feedback. see what they think. they are opposed to a lot of these policies, the wall. >> tucker: and who knows whether, lyrical pressure, no extra, but it's not relevant to the question. i'm confronting you with social science that shows that sanctuary city policies do not make cities safer. i want you to acknowledge that science is real and that you are wrong. >> i acknowledge that science is real, that's why one study versus ten studies, and with the ten studies that say just the opposite. i'm using studies from the cato institute, the pew institute, the cato institute -- they had one in general.
5:21 pm
look at "the new york times," january this year. the article is right there. the pew institute, they say the same thing. study after study that says this. she could pick and choose one study or one case and use that, as you often do, but let's look at the real numbers. let's look at the overall situation, not only a few cases. >> tucker: just for those at home watching and maybe you don't have time, you're not an expert on this, let me say there are no studies of the kind you are referring to. they don't exist. >> the cato institute, the pew institute. >> tucker: those without sanctuary policies and their crime rates, thus the only one i've seen. are you saying that the study is wrong? and on the basis of what are you saying that? >> i'm saying that the overall majority of people undocumented to not commit crimes. >> tucker: i'm not saying they do. >> a citizen is five times more likely to commit a crime than an undocumented. let's look at the issue.
5:22 pm
let's not be liable when people and blaming people >> tucker: you like the law, there are a lot of laws i don't like, a lot of laws that only, but i have to obey them because i'm a citizen and everything. why don't you put pressure on your lawmaker, the congressman who represents you, the senators you have, other elected officials in washington to change the law? that way we can actually obey the law, but the law would be more to your liking. that's how the system works. why not try that? >> we are doing that pit as a matter of fact, that's why california the state is considered a sanctuary state. it would be the fifth most powerful country in the world if it was a country. you and i want to get back to -- >> that starts in california, that's how -- >> tucker: it can have whatever laws it wants, but we're talking about federal law passed in washington by congress. you don't like those laws, i don't get that, but why not change them rather than ignore
5:23 pm
it? >> if 70 commits a crime, they should be arrested. no doubt about it. donald trump should be on rested for the crimes he is committed for example. he should get a pass. so i'm saying -- >> tucker: you want a lot to be different, why not try to change it? how about this. what if alabama decided, you know what, we are sick of enforcing federal voting rights law. would you say -- >> we see that in alabama. we've seen that in alabama. a lot of those things really haven't changed. look at alabama today, we have a long ways to go in alabama. >> tucker: from the san diego school of debate. new york police just arrested more than a dozen alleged members of the ms-13 can come
5:24 pm
out of next we will talk to a police chief for an update on what happened there. plus president trump's border wall is not funded, maybe not even close to being funded. one congressman in iowa has a plan to fund it. not from mexico, but money from an organization that probably shouldn't be getting federal dollars anyways. we'll tell you his plan coming up.
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ms-13 gang continues in the state of new york. today federal prosecutors and local police announced the arrest of more than a dozen alleged ms-13 members. they said the group is responsible for a whole list of crimes, including the brutal murder of four teenagers last april who appear in a disrespect of the game. overall more than 170 alleged gang members have been arrested since attorney general jeff sessions was there in april. he joins us tonight. excellent for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: tells the scope of this rest, who they are, what they are. >> this is a huge blow against ms-13. the stench of indictment charges three criminal incidents. the quadruple homicide that occurred, one of the most brutal murders we've had in the county. it also charges of murder in a bodega were in ms-13 gang member brutally shot a individual in the head right there in the bodega. it also charges to go
5:29 pm
individuals with an attempted murder, also a shooting. this is a great case. we were able to arrest over a dozen ms-13 gang members. we are going to keep the pressure on. >> tucker: i ask this because the gang was formed outside this country, and central america, and all of its member appeared to go back and forth. what's the immigration status of these guys? >> of the eight individuals indicted in the unsealed indictment, those are illegal immigrants. >> tucker: all eight of them? >> eight of the individuals indicted, and the indictment charges of murder, they are black status. as the gang that recruits illegal immigrants. they prey on their own communities, which makes them particularly depraved. we are going to keep the pressure on in the county and the hard-working them of the place to permit have done a terrific job. since september of 2016, we've
5:30 pm
made over 230 ms-13 arrests and over 170 individual ms gang members. we were out to large rico cases in collaboration the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office, we work with the department of homeland security to target active ms-13 gang members for deportation. as a result of those efforts, crime is down, and we are solving murders. so this is certainly -- we are certainly making great progress. we're going to keep the pressure on. >> tucker: there's a huge debate nationally, we just had it in the last segment, over federal role in law enforcement. especially when intersects with immigration. have the feds been helpful to you? >> waive an outstanding relationship with our federal partners. this case could not have been made without the assistance of the fbi, particularly the gang task force, as well as the attorney's office for the eastern district of new york. the prosecutors in that office have been terrific. we also have a great working
5:31 pm
relationship with our local police department throughout long island, as well as the department of homeland security. we do to eradicate a gang like ms-13, you need to recruit, collaboration. he need collaboration among law enforcement agencies, but most importantly did collaboration with law enforcement agencies outside of your jurisdiction. you know at the outset, this is a gang that moves around. it started in l.a., then was grown in el salvador, guatemala, and honduras. for started on the west coast, and in the past couple of decades they develop themselves on the east coast. we have to make sure that we are all sharing intelligence about our ms-13 gang members. the name of the game is intelligence. >> tucker: a lot of these guys shouldn't be here in the first place. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> a few years ago back before humor was banned, people used to make jokes about the wnd appeared we are going to do that tonight, mostly because it's no longer allowed. we don't face the consequences.
5:32 pm
instead we want to congratulate for finally taking the lead in something in the ongoing infection of professional sports by silly political fads. tuesday night, the seattle storm engaged in a special promotion in solitary with planned parenthood, the country's largest abortion chain, they had pink signs and bandannas to pink out of the arena. $5 merit ticket was donated to planned parenthood which already consumes half a billion dollars of tax money. the team managed to sell at 49% of the arena. strong players said that the emotion was important because all women and girls do deserve to feel respected. that's true, of course. those who are born, anyways. spring and plan parenthood, the republicans in congress still haven't defunded that group despite repeatedly promising to do so back when obama was president. maybe several hundred times. back then the g.o.p. said they would, but they haven't come in they have in cap the promise to rebuild the wall either. so is another broken promise really surprising?
5:33 pm
that the question he is king of iowa has asked himself. he is propose this. take away plan parenthood funding and is it to build a border wall, combination designed to offend progressives. spirit decimated? he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks remi on. >> tucker: mrs. like a fever dream in santa monica. >> it's a solution to a complex prom. sometimes people say two birds with one stone. it's about that, it might actually be the whole flock with one rock if we can do this. >> tucker: do you have security? >> i don't answer that question for fear someone will figure out how to crack my security. i feel pretty safe around this town. it's beautiful kind of response has this idea received? >> a lot of pushback from the liberals. i know that our leadership will often make a comment about his own he can have a twitter storm surrounding you today. but i think it's important -- >> tucker: so republican leadership is embracing it? >> there a little slow to come to these. >> tucker: kind of weird since
5:34 pm
i remember, at least a year ago and the leadership was saying we want to build a wall and we want to defund planned parenthood. you provide annoyance to both of those things simultaneously and yet they are congratulating you are buying you a beer? >> you think that they would say wide and i think of that, let's do that right away. another thing on this is at the planned parenthood proposal, if we could even get this done, is only for a single year instead of a perpetuity which is what i prefer. but it's worth half a billion dollars. the government funds run about $554 million a year, and if we take that first half a billion out of there, apply it to the wall, and by the way the wall is way overpriced. if we can build it for 10 billion or less. i've spent 42 years in the construction business. i'm not interested in building it myself, but we could do that. there's a start on it. and when you look at the rest of this, another thing that caught their attention was the snap program, the food stamp program as we've long known it, and when you look at the numbers on that it's just astonishing. when i came to congress in 2003,
5:35 pm
there were 90 million people on food stamps. that number elevated all the way up to 47 million, and inspect on the 46 million now. 40% of them are obese. so we addressed the food stamp program under lyndon johnson, starting in about 1962, the program in 1965, and then back then 13% of our population was obese and we're trying to solve the malnutrition problem. we've absolutely solved the malnutrition problem, and i we have an obesity problem. i interviewed it to buy >> tucker: there are some perverse and unintended consequences. to the wall, if there is one thing the president ran on, i watched it, i was building a wall. a big, beautiful wall. his campaign was not run on funding medicaid. you are a truth teller. tell us why it hasn't happened? >> the wall itself? >> tucker: why hasn't congress moved separate from everything
5:36 pm
else defund and build the wall that their leader, the president, promised repeatedly during the campaign? >> all democrats oppose it. the never trump opposes it, and they're looking for other ways to try -- and it's been pulled off a number of different ways. i keep making their meant that a wall as well. it's concrete in the minds eye of the american people that voted him in. it's not a balloon, it's not a patrol, it's not a virtual anything. it's a wall. >> tucker: that's what was promised. policy ought to flow from the election results because it is a representative democracy. do you think the speaker is for the wall? >> i don't believe the speaker is for the wall. he is way short of the enthusiasm that i have. but he has said to me that as recently as january that we need to get the president the resources he needs to secure the border. when i hear that, that tells me build a wall and put whatever
5:37 pm
you need on it to make it necessary. on top of that, you saw the white house asked for $1.6 billion of the upcoming 2018 budget year. that's a start. if they were serious about this i think there would've been $5 billion ask instead of a $1.6 billion estimate >> tucker: they didn't believe the border security staff, the wall is the perfect solution but it is a permanent step. he can't pull the wall down when the administration changes. >> one of the right to say it is that walls don't have prosecutorial discretion. >> tucker: steve king of iowa. thank you. a horrible murder in new york, a homeless man claims it was self-defense when he shoved another man and front of a subway train. a jury believed him. really remarkable story. looks like a man just got away with murder. we will talk about a criminal defense attorney. plus james sanders is suspected of committing bank fraud, but
5:38 pm
says the real reason is sexism. we will explain that shortly.
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we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> tucker: a homeless man has gone for you new york after a jury decided that he acted in self-defense when he shoved a drunk man in front of a subway train. this all began in 2012. he moved here from africa shoved -- also an immigrant, but watched as a train arrived and crushed them to death, then walked off as if nothing had happened it went upstairs and began begging again. after being arrested, davis claimed he was acting in self-defense from the menace of the much smaller man. the jury apparently believed him, they acquitted davis yesterday. he wrote a piece about this in "the new york post" this morning. jonathan, thanks a lot for coming.
5:43 pm
to those of us who weren't at the trial and are just looking at the facts, a much larger man murders another, admits that, clearly feels no remorse at all, does not report the crime, and then gets acquitted. how does that happen? >> thank you for having me. i think he could've done a lot more. he could've walked away, he could've called the cops, there was no gun to his head. there is no fists to his face. no reason he couldn't of gotten rid of the situation without the violence. i think what happened was the jury emotionally decided the case as opposed to applying the legal standards to the facts, and that was the problem. it was not a justified killing, so to say, and new york. unfortunately the jury got it wrong. that's an opinion that we can have, but we have to follow what the jury says. they are the law. once they make that ruling. >> tucker: i'm not going to try to arrest the guy, but i've a right to be shocked and upset
5:44 pm
by it. just reading the newspaper accounts, the jury for woman whose some academic and new york, hugged this man after reading the verdict. have you seen anything like that before? what is it suggest? >> i think it's unusual. i don't know if it suggests anything in particular. maybe she felt, i don't know how she felt. maybe she felt very happy about the verdict. she has a right to hug. afterwards, her service is over. i can't attack her on his own personal life in that situation. >> tucker: and i'm not suggesting anything but a personal life, i'm suggesting a level of emotional involvement that may have clouded her judgment. because i couldn't in reading this understand how you could be -- i understand people get in fights and somewhat times someone is killed. neither involved as a bad person. but to watch a man get crushed to death by train, do nothing to help, and then walk off as if it's no big deal seems to me evidence of, i don't know, bad
5:45 pm
character for a start. >> i think it was a depraved murder. at the very least it was negligent homicide. i think a defense lots very important important that defense attorneys for their own credibility, when they are not on the job, say this is a case of guilt. the more we understand guilt the more we understand how to defend people who are innocent. we can't do our jobs effectively as criminal defense lawyers if we don't look at the cases and say "this person was guilty. this person -- >> tucker: that's a smart rule to live by. jonathan, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: a woman in saudi arabia narrowly avoided punishment for the grave crime of wearing a skirt. that still happens there. is this the way to story of the day? we will decide. stay tuned. weeks taking probiotics! days and nights of laxatives,
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>> tucker: were in a money back news leopard senator john mccain of arizona has been diagnosed with brain cancer tonight. the senator underwent a procedure last week at the mayo clinic to remove a blood clot, and during the surgery doctors discovered that tumor. we are joined by fox news national correspondent ed henry. right here in the separate >> obvious a lot of people in washington all around the country in the world thinking and praying for senator john mccain. as we get this news. our own kelly, meghan mccain, of course daughter of senator mccain has just built a very emotional statement, i just want to read it. "the news has affected all of us in the mccain family. my brother, sister, we've all endured the shock of the news and now we live with the anxiety about what comes next. as an experience familiar to us given my father's previous battle with cancer, it is familiar to the countless american families whose loved ones are also stricken with the tragedy of disease and the inevitability of age. if we could ask anything of
5:51 pm
anyone now it would be the prayers of those of you who would understand this all too well. we be so grateful for that." that is for meghan mccain. she had said "don't be surprising to learn that in all this the one of us who was most confident and calm as my father. he is the toughest person i know. the coolest enemy could not break in. the aggressions of political life could not bend him. he is meeting this challenge as he has every other. cancer may afflict them in many ways, but it will not make him surrender. nothing ever has." megan complains that "my love for my father is boundless and like -- do not wish to be in a world without them. i have faith that those days remain far away. even in this moment my fears for him are one thing above all, gratitude for the years together and used to compute he is out while you're at dusk, one of the greatest americans of our age. and a worthy heir to his fathers and grandfathers name. to me, he is something more. he is my strength, my example, my refuge, my confidant, my teacher, my rock, my hero, my
5:52 pm
dad." a very emotional statement from our colleague at fox, meghan mccain, daughter of senator john mccain. a public servant who, tucker, to say that his public services about time in the senate and chairman of the senate armed services committee would be obviously a vast understatement. a man who served this country with such heroics, particularly during the vietnam war. a prisoner of war. >> tucker: as you are reading megan's statement, we got statements from basically every american political figure of note. saying the same thing. i will say one thing. what do you -- truly a tough m. >> as megan laid out, he was not scared by his captors in vietnam, and he is going to take on this challenge like is taken on every other challenge in his life. spent ed henry, thanks for that. we will be right back. (male announcer) are you ready to take the trail less traveled?
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>> our panel and its best to settle the weirdest choice of the day. catherrin lyon and the manager editor from olympic media. welcome both. the first story: a woman in saudi arabia retained by police because she was walking around in a mini-skirt with her hair uncovered. unacceptable. surprised? >> yeah. these are the issues a feminist should be talking with. why are they marching for women in countries that they can't represent themselves and don't have rights? >> they don't get you headlines and it's boring.
5:58 pm
>> a follow subsidy of half a million dollars a year. i have a bunch of daughters. i love women. this is outrageous. i wonder why you don't hear statements about that? >> you should. it is a big deal. my concern, the video was leaked without her permission. something bad could happen to her. this would not be the first time something like this occurred and someone attacks that woman based on their belief. you are worried about her safety and a lot of things. again, no one is saying anything about this and they should be. >> tucker: that's the most retrained outfit i saw today. snails are gross. women are using them to grow more beautiful. using snail slime as a skin care product is popular in korea and now taking off here. shops across the country are offering more and more snail products. >> excuse me while i throw up in my mouth.
5:59 pm
>> tucker: would you put snail slime on you? >> well, i would not say no. i am on the record here. but i think that people are starting to make things up now. i want to meet the person that saw a snail and said i will put this on my face and see what happens. >> tucker: the first person that ate a pineapple. who is that person? >> yeah. >> tucker: if you knew snail slime was the key to youthful beauty and vigor? >> yes, now that i hit 25 and everything is downhill. i will stick to eating snails as opposeed to putting their snot on my call. >> tucker: the weirdest story? >> snails. >> tucker: i disagree with you both. people will do anything. they will inject bottulism into their faces. the fact that nobody said anything about a saudi woman getting arrested for wearing a skirt.
6:00 pm
weird. >> who is representing the snails? where is peta. >> tucker: that's it for us tonight. "the five" is next. see you tomorrow night. >> i am jesse waters. welcome to dane fife. welcome to the "the five." senator john mccain was diagnosed with brain cancer. a tumor was discovered when he underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot. president trump son and son-in-law are schedule to testify before senate panels next week as part of the russia in


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