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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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were offers made to get him out if he would sacrifice his men. >> all right. never miss an episode of "the five." hannity is up next. >> thanks. welcome to hannity. president trump today calling out senator republicans for failing you the american people. breaking their 7-year promise to repeal and preplace obamacare. kellyanne conway and dr. sebastian gorka and joe concha and lou dobbs have reaction. we will expose the anatomy of fake news after the media went into a feedy frenzy because president trump spoke to vladimir putin at the go-20 dinner which is what he is
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spaceed to do. -- supposed to do. senate republicans met with the president at the white house today. the commander in chief let them have it. >> i have been here just 6 months. i am ready to act. i have pen in hand, believe me. i am sitting in that hand. i have pen in hand. you never had that perfect. for 7 years, you had an easy route. we will repeal and replace and he will never sign it. but i am signing it, so it's a little bit different. for seven years you promised to repeal obamacare. people are hearth. -- hurting. inactions not an option. >> sean: the president is 100% right. we have every right to be
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frustrated. these republicans have let us down. instead of looking backward, i will offer them free market capital solutions that even a u.s. senator should be able to understand. the republican party, are they supposed to be part of the freedom party? don't they believe in capitalism and free markets? isn't it time to embrace the things on the campaign trail they say they stand for? for example, i have interviewed with a doctor in kansas. he runs atlas md. one of the most cost-effective medical practices in the country. he explains how this great system is working for people. take a look. >> the idea is direct primary care. the new model going forward. we don't take insurance. we don't need it for common things. $50 for most unlimited for
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unlimited visits. no co-pays and up to 95% savings on medications and labs by going wholesale. >> sean: you even have your doctor's cellphone. add a catastroppic plan if you have a heart attack, you are covered for so much less than what you are paying now. this is the type of real solution washington is needing. government, it's never the solution. the free market is. capitalism is. think about how miserably obamacare failed everybody in the country. we were all supposed to save on average $2500 per family per year. the opposite happened. premiums went up 5 to 8 thousands. -- $8,000.
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then the promise, keep your doctor and your plan. one of the biggest lies ever told in american politics. instead of trying to fix the disaster that is obamacare, republicans it's time to offer up conservative, free market, capitalists solutions for the american people. more free market competition. that means letting customers buy insurance across state lines and job to job. i talked about health care savings accounts. there is a great book about health saving accounts. add to that price transparency and getting rid of strict and unnecessary government mandates that will drive up costs. in other words, the opposite of obamacare. our friend senator ted cruz offered up a great out of the box amendment. it allows people to buy health
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insurance they want instead of what the government is dictating. it's simple: you know what you need a lot more than these bureaucrats in washington. according to a new analysis of senator's cruz amendment, enrollment would increase more under his plan than obamacare. premiums would be lowered. if you get sick or hurt, you could use your plan which so many people can't do. ideas like these, this is what republicans need to get behind. we will put them out there. in spite of yourselves, we won't let you fail the american people that are suffering. frankly, republicans, you need to answer a simple question: did you want to be the party of freedom? did you want to be the party of liberty? free market, capitalism or not? you say you do. it's as simple as that.
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our other top story, the latest fake news scandal that destroy trump media created and it spread like wild fire last night. a story broke about president trump what the media falsely claimed was a secret meeting with vladimir putin. >> there is always another shoe to drop. this evening one more piece of foot gear went trump in the night. >> when this story first crossed, trump and putin held a second undisclosed meeting. this caused an oh my god.
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>> donald trump believed the vip section at the dinner. >> this is beyond pathethic. -- pathetic. it shows how lazy these journalists are. look at this head photo. this was not a meeting. it wasn't secret. the conversation happened at a g-20 dinner in front of world leaders, the media and other guests. what is worse, the media were allowed into the room before the meal began. you are looking at the video they shot. the media was in there. how can you say the meeting is secret? those are pictures that show the conspiracy of the press.
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at some point donald trump does something so shocking that never happened before. he actually walked over and talked to another guest. in this case, vladimir putin who is sitting next to his wife. and president trump and other leaders they also got up. they also talked during the dinner. that's the entire point of the g-20 summit. look at all of the people that were there. i know the black tin point hat conspiracy threorists are foaming at the mouth. it took less than 5 minutes for us to disprove all of their lies. all of their accusations. the destroy trump media is psychotic. they need to be committed. it's laughable. they are suffering beyond trump derangement syndrome. they need help.
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it doesn't matter what president trump does, they will find a conspiracy webb that shows russia collusion. russia and the media they bubble and fizz and foam at the mouth. it doesn't matter how big the story it. wait until next week. they will be losing it. donald trump, jr. and jared kushner and paul manafort have been called to appear before congress. guess what? if this is the way they want to go, let's get these panels to investigate real scandals and real crimes we have been telling you about. the iranian-1 deal. my advise to the detroit trump media is simple. you have to stop. your credibility is already in the toilet. or don't stop because i will keep laughing at you.
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you are a bunch of lazy, over-paid left winningers programed to hate the president. you know what you are not doing? this is the shame of all of it with your 24/7 conspiracy threo tv, you are not helping the american people. you are not talking about getting people out of poverty and off food stamps or creating jobs or talking about how to keep america safe. all you care about russia, russia, russia. it's psychotic. i spoke to kellyanne conway. let's start with health care. i am trying to put aside my anger and be more solution oriented. i have known you for over 20 years. we talked about health savings accounts for 20 years. i had a doctor from wichita, he's helped 400 other practices
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with these cooperatives. $50 a month. ted cruz's amendment drops premiums. why after 7 years are we having such a hard time with congress? >> today's lunch with the republican senators showed the president at his finest. real leadership to go in and to say, stay in washington and do your job. the president said i have been here 6 months. you have been here for 7 years. promising to repeal and replace obamacare. the president has done his job. he ran on that and he is waiting in hisov pen in hand ready to sign it. today he had a frank but respectful conversation with the senators and said to them: to do their job and recognize that a no preceded the yes vote for
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obamacare. we are doing this because obamacare failed many americans. 83 insurers fled the exchanges. premiums predicted to go down that have gone up $3,000. 6.5 million americans willing to fork over $3 billion to the irs in penalties rather than to pay in obamacare. over 1300 counties will have 1 provider and 14 counties have zero providers. you mentioned health saving accounts. under the current senate bill, for the first time ever people can use that money to pay for their premiums. that's the problem with obamacare. people don't have access to insurance because they don't have an insurance card.
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they can't use it because of the premiums. aha money to pay for premiums it's a bigger market per people to get the care they deserve. >> sean: i wasn't the biggest fan of the house bill, but it's a big step in the right direction. it allows catastrophic care which is illegal under the obamacare law. and health saving accounts. the cruz amendment is helpful to lower premiums. i don't know. it's so obvious. does the republican party want to be the party of freedom? to me it's that basic and fundamental. >> that was discussed today. this could be a very, very big moment for the party and more importantly for the country. we need to look americans in the eye and say when we had a chance to pull back on the government
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standing between the doctor and the patient, you and health care for your family affordably, this congress told the nation we stand with you. let's review a couple of the other great things on the bill. this is important. you have the stability fund with billion dollars more in it now. you have to stabilize markets to help cover those with pre-existing conditions. you are saving medicaid which and unaffordable in its current configuration. you give the governors flexible. 44 million dollars for the op open -- opiod epidemic. if you don't like the bill, do what ted cruz did. offer an amendment and go to the senate floor and say how to
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improve it. >> sean: back to the merkel dinner because of the bubble and fizz hysteria on nbc and cnn. all the press new that melania was sitting next to vladimir putin. everybody knew all of these leaders were in the room. everybody knew everybody would be talking. what do you make -- it's like i want to say to everybody in the media. if donald trump drank and he doesn't, they would say that's russian vodka because they are so obsessioned. >> we talk about made in america. they talk about russia, russia, russia. this is over the top. it was a concert and dinner hosted by merkel. we don't do the seating arrangements. melania trump seated next to
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vladimir putin. her husband went over to speak to vladimir putin. the upshot was any description of this as an undisclosed secret second meeting is complete nonsense. that was part of the public schedule. this is what leaders do: they talk to each other just as president putin and trump did. this is just another attempt to bring russia into the conversation. here at the white house they were talking about made in america. these people with their services made in america. very proud from all 50 states here. the president doing a great job putting american workers and keeping these american factories open. >> sean: they will never report on the good news. >> but we will. >> sean: they don't care about getting americans out of poverty and back to work.
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it's a constant 24/7 obsession. >> the president is more popular than the congress or the media. that's true. >> sean: we are not the media. the rest are all sheep. kellyanne conway, thanks for joining us. tonight on this busy breaking news tonight on hannity. because what donald trump has done in the past, reporters, foreign policy analysts and our allies can safely assume the worst. the establishment destroyed trump media. they are in a state of psychosis over the fact that the president spoke to vladimir putin at a dinner everybody knew. dr. sebastian gorka will join us next and then another example of rib lollerate. -- liberal hate. rosie o'donnell tweets with a game involving killing the
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> it is abnormal and not appropriate. what is donald trump's obsession with vladimir putin? >> because what donald trump has
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done in the past, reporters and our allies can safely assume the worst. they can safely assume the worst of donald trump. they can safely assume the worst of vladimir putin. >> sean: i safely assume the worst about liberal joe beging to keep his job on liberal conspiracy tv msnbc. the media is in full meltdown mode. the president and russian president vladimir putin spoked at a dinner everybody knew they were attending earlier this month. we talked to dr. sebastian gorka earlier tonight. everybody in the media knew who was in the meeting, right? no surprises here? >> i spoke to the president. the president told me and the media knew all about it. they were outside. this was an opera meal and
7:23 pm
a good-bye for merkel hosting the heads of state with their wives. a massi i have nothing -- mass e massivenothing. >> sean: should you only talk to the people you are seated next to? >> that's an excellent question. can i break a story on your show? >> sean: of course. >> maybe cnn and the "new york times" doesn't know, but john kennedy met with nikita khruhchev. it wasn't 2017. it was 1961. not only that fdr, historic
7:24 pm
president meet with joseph stalin at the conference. >> sean: this is an important question. we have get liberal joe on it first thing tomorrow. whether or not they served vodka. if they did, was it russian vodka? was it tainted in some way? did donald trump take the first sip of alcohol in his life? >> can i tell you how we react to these stories in the white house, we love it. you know what? because it's just an indicator of one thing: they are desperate. they are desperate. we recaptured mosul. illegal immigration is down. the economy is breaking records and this is what they want to talk about. this is how you have articles that cnn is collapsing and
7:25 pm
zucker will loose his job. -- will lose his job. that's their own fault. they created a crisis of credibility for their own lack of news. >> sean: you have this beat down in the media. it was brutal. you talk about the cartoon net it work and 50-year-old reruns beating cnn's fake news. you have been invited back? >> not yet. i think they are licking their wounds. when they want to talk about real news, i am ready and waiting. my team is ready to book me. >> sean: dr. sebastian gorka, always go to see you. when we come back on this busy breaking news of hannity. more reaction to the media meltdown over president trump speaking to vladimir putin. and rosie o'donnell more left wing hate tweeting out a sick game about pushing the president
7:26 pm
over a cliff to kill him. i have a monologue about hollywood hate and tomi lahren the final word tonight. ceries, unclogging the sink, setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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the revelation that senator john mccain has an aggressive form of brain cancer. former president bush said the hanoi hilton could not break mccain. and former president barack obama said cancer didn't know what it's up again. our own fox colleague meghan mccain said my love for my father is boundless. my fears for him are overwhelmed by:
7:31 pm
from everyone at fox. our thoughts are with the mccain family. now back to hannity. >> the president tweeted something is fake news. we consider that to be a day that ends in why? >> the president refuses to acknowledge his own political reali reali reality. >> i am not trying to make this look sinister. >> it's the president himself who may have made this look sinister. >> liberal joe, we can count on you. keeping your job at msnbc. another example of the establishment to destroy trump media freaking out that the president at a dinner spoke to
7:32 pm
vladimir putin. joining us rick and the hill media reporter. maybe i am wrong. 22 years on fox. 30 years i have been in radio. i have not been to one washington correspondent's dinner. i don't like those people and they don't like me. i don't want to hobnob with the elitest in the media. did they cover creating jobs? america's safety and security? nope. it's all this 24/7. >> you have only been on fox for 21 years. >> sean: 21.5. >> okay, that's fair. this is the media cried wolf
7:33 pm
again or the media that ryed nit. would this be a story if president trump met with the leaders of germany, france or england? of course not. how do you have a secret media with the media in plain state. the media is confsuffering from russian fatigue. even allison on cnn said she is suffering from russia fatigue. her show covered russia 93% of the show. >> sean: when you go to dinner, do you talk to the other people at the dinner? or only talk to the people next to you? is there a rule i don't know about? >> there is a rule, that we put our phones in the middle of the
7:34 pm
table. the first one to grab it has to pay for the dinner. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: rick, you worked with the un ambassador. i assume when people talk to each with cameras in the room, maybe there is a new rule. you only talk to this person and that person but nobody else. >> i have been at hundreds of these diplomatic dincer. -- dinners. get up and move. they chat.ners. -- dinners. get up and move. they chat. journalists at the state department and look at substance didn't find anything wrong with this. it was just the political media.
7:35 pm
now the political media gets on the front page of the paper and gets all of the headlines. the editors and the news director needs to say this kind of gossip reporting is not substance. i am tired of listening to the analysis ofave handshake? >> what was discussed? did we make progress on syria. but substance is pushed off the page. >> sean: if we go to dinner, i am not talking to you two. >> with what you make, you are paying. >> sean: no, i will grab my phone because i am obsessed. i am tweeting as you know. good to see you both. when we come back, hollywood
7:36 pm
liberals won't stop there their hate and nonsense. advocating violence. this time the culprit rosie o'donnell tweeting a game that allows people to push the president off a cliff and kill him. i will explain. also lou dobbs with reaction. >> the left is at it again. rosie o'donnell wants us to push the president off the cliff and laugh about it. >> sean: and the time word as we continue on hannity. progressiv. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! wait a minute. whole wheat waffles?
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>> welcome back to hannity. rosie o'donnell latest hatred of the president is not going away. she joined many unhinged hollywood friends and promoted a game called push trump off a cliff again. why are so many hollywood elitists rooting for violence against the president of the united states? we explore this in tonight's minimonologue. this past weekend rosie o'donnell tweeted out a link to a sick anti-trump on line game that encourages user to push president trump off a cliff or an open manhole in new york city
7:41 pm
or the mouth of a dinosaur. it's a disgusting game. it's meant in gest, but is it really. rosie o'donnell now joining the growing list of hollywood elite that dehumanize president trump. this includes kathy griffin who pose wednesday this picture. so disturbing. we have to issue an warning. it's an isis style photo shoot with kathy griffin holding a bloody head of president trump. and madonna talking about blowing up the white house. >> i am angry and outraged. i have thought a lot about blowing up the white house.
7:42 pm
>> sean: and this snoop dogg music video. it featured a mock execution of a person dressed as president trump. look at this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: imagine if that was barack obama or hillary clinton or any liberal. manson also released a music video with trump's likeness and what johnny depp said. take a look. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> [cheering]
7:43 pm
>> i am not an actor. >> however it's been a while. maybe it's time. >> sean: and shakespeare in the park where a president trump look alike was stabbed to death during a new york city performance. hollywood hates president trump and rosie o'donnell and her liberal friends are normalizing violence against our elected president. tonight while congressman steve scalise is hospitalized after being shot. rosie o'donnell tweets out a game urging users to push the president off the cliff. that will i ever see through this blind, psychotic hatred and
7:44 pm
realize their actions have consequences? will hollywood every stop rooting for the president to die and fail and to get impeached? and start rooting for this country to succeed? i doubt that's ever going to happen. up next. right here tonight on hannity, we are so close. >> we have no democrat help. they are obstructionists. >> sean: that's all they are good at. that was president trump going after democrats. lou dobbs will join us reaction. >> you can imagine if a conservative promoted a game like this about barack obama or hillary clinton? imagine the liberal outcry and the labels. racist and sexist. >> sean: tomi lahren has the final word tonight. on this busy breaking news night
7:45 pm
on hannity. >> a fox news alert. senator john mccain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. president trump said melania and i send our thoughts and prayers to senator mccain and their family. vice-president pence tweeted caron and i are praying for senator john mccain. he will is a fighter and will win this fight too. we will break in with more news throughout the night and a live edition of tucker carlson at the top of the hour. now back to sean hannity and hannity. >> sean: we will have news throughout the night as it warrants.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424 to learn more.
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>> we are so close. the way i looked at. it we have no democrat help. they are obstructionists. that's all they are good at is obstruction. they have no ideas. they have gone so far left, they are looking for single payer.
7:49 pm
that's what they want but it will bankrupt our country. >> sean: that's the president talking about how democrats are offering zero help to fix the problems in the country. nothing to fix the disaster they created known as obamacare. here with reaction, lou dobbs. i am watching them all celebrating and really happy. hang on a second. millions lost their doctors and their plans. what percentage of counties in the country that only have 1 option? they are mandateed to buy. at this time average increase in premiums is 6 to $8,000 a year. this support -- is not fun toe me nor the american people. >> nor should it be. one thing i fault the republicans for is they are not
7:50 pm
telling the american people of the truth of what is going on. we have seen the number of people covered by obamacare drop by 20%. we have seen the cost of expanding medicaid, it's 40% higher than the federal outlays in the exchanges for obamacare. while prem iums are spiralling. deoctibles are bone crushing to families. the democrats and schurm are acting like they are cute. >> sean: they created the mess. acting like they are cute. >> sean: they created the mess. they think canada's single payer system is so great. if so why do they flock to the united states for heart surgery
7:51 pm
or cancer treatment? >> and the left wing media their stories are about the obama legend airlines. -- legacy. obamacare is more difficult than president trump thought it would or mitch mcconnell. that part is probably true, but they are talking about punishing millions of americans who can't afford obamacare. they are losing access to obamacare. fewer americans by the millions are able to afford and find some way to get obamacare. >> sean: the next question: look. i have known you for years. you have been on the air for a long time. i am proud of you. have you done really well. >> thank you, sir. >> sean: here's the truth: how
7:52 pm
many times have we discussed health saving accounts? how many years? and talked about health cooperatives and free markets and the party of freedom and competition? driving down prices and increasing services? where is this republican party? they are nonexistent. >> there is no talk about providing insurance and allowing competition and insurance companies competing across state lines. talking about how to do what the president promised we would do which is reduce premiums for health care and improve the quality of care in this country for all americans. he said and not in my judgment entirely jokeingly that we oft just let the obamacare mess spiral to a complete and final resting place and just wait for
7:53 pm
the democrats to come to the table and get serious. it may take that for the democrats to join republicans to care about americans. >> sean: do you care if it's repeal and transition as long as they don't blow the budget out on it? or do you care if they do repeal and replace with the cruz provision? which i like a lot. it drives premiums down. i will take either one. i don't know if they can get that done over the finish line. >> as long as we all understand. repeal means eliminating higher taxes put in place. those taxes have to be eliminated. we have to see any real intelligent free market solution to health care in this country. that's the future. we won't be -- >> sean: is there a party that
7:54 pm
represents free markets? >> we are hanging on in the republican party to our principles. we have to energize some of the leadership in the house and the senates. >> sean: all right, lou dobbs. you know what? we should go to congress and the senate. you and i can solve all of their problems. freedom works. >> let's go get them. >> sean: you are dead serious. lou dobbs. he is right. up next on hannity. >> funny and pathetic and disturbed. >> sean: tomi lahren is back with the final word for the rest of the week. next. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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what are all these different topped & loaded meals? it's an american favorite on top of an american favorite, alice. it's like rodeos on top of rollercoasters. get your favorites on top of your favorites. only at applebee's. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." this week, tomi lahren gets the final word on the program.
7:59 pm
here is tonight's final word. >> final word tonight dedicated to another case of trump derangement syndrome. the left is at it again. rosie wants us to push the president off a cliff and laugh about it. just when we thought the hollywood liberals may have learned from kathy griffin, johnny depp, madonna and the other psychos, they are still in their bubble and displaying their true colors. rosie has the audacity to say trump is mentally unstable? really? can you imagine if a conservative promoted a game like this about barack obama or hillary clinton? imaginal labels. racist, sexist, deplorable. i am sick and tired of being called those things for being a supporter of the president. meanwhile, hollywood hate gets a pass. these people are pathetic and disturbed. our prayers really do go out to
8:00 pm
them to them. >> sean: well said. that's all this and we have. thank you for being with us. this show will always be fair and balanced. we are not the established media. thank god. see you tomorrow night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are alive back in the studio for the second hour. there is breaking news. senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, the same cancer that killed senator ted kennedy in 2009. mccain underwent surgery last week to remove a blood clot in his brain. doctors discovered a aggressive tumor. dr. said mccain remains in strong overall health and is considering treatments. washington