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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 20, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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"the five" is next. see you tomorrow night. >> i am jesse waters. welcome to dane fife. welcome to the "the five." senator john mccain was diagnosed with brain cancer. a tumor was discovered when he underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot. president trump son and son-in-law are schedule to testify before senate panels next week as part of the russia inquiry. a new president trump interview
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is making headlines. >> sessions gets the job and then recuses himself. >> was that a mistake? >> well, sessions should have never recused himself. if he was going to, i would have picked somebody else. >> ed henry joins us now from washington. how is senator john mccain? >> well, his family is saying tonight that they are weighing their options to deal with what is a very aggressive form of brain cancer. this is something that they are dealing with because a few days ago we learned that john mccain had a blood clot and there was a mass they were checking on. it was cancer. they are weighing whether to move forward with chemotherapy or radiation.
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tonight there are leaders in both parties who are saying this is an american hero, that they want to rally around as he deals with this fight. former president barack obama said john mccain is an american hero and one of the bravest fighters i have ever known. cancer doesn't know what it is up against. give it hell." that from barack obama. hillary clinton said john mccain is as tough as they come am thinking of john and cindy and their children and whole family. we should note that meghan mccain is not just part of the mccain family but also part of the fox news family. she put out an emotional statement. i will read it in part: my love for my father is boundless. like any daughter i don't want wish to be in a world without him. i have faith those days remain far away. my fears for him are overwhelmed by gratitude for our years
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together and the years still to come. he is a warrior. one of the greatest americans of our age. but to me he is something more. he is my strength, my example, my refuge, my teacher, my rock, my hero, my dad." that's from meghan mccain our colleague at fox news. the mccain family will figure out the way forward with the senator's treatment. there was talk in washington about when senator mccain would come back because of the health care debate. senator mcconnell said that's the furthest thing from their mind tonight. they are focussed on the family and they hope he has a good recovery in the days ahead. the family rally around him tonight to figure out what treatment they want to have for what is a very aggressive form of brain cancer. >> he fought as hard as he could
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fight as a pow in vietnam. we hope he mcmahon -- maintains that fight against cancer. dana perino? >> that was a beautiful statement, meghan mccain. the breaking news, i don't think anybody knew that the president called the "new york times" into the oval office. not talking about health care or tax reform, but laying into his attorney general jeff sessions and bob mueller talking about the russian investigation. the president has a brand new league team. ty cobb is a giant of lawyers in washington, d.c. was this part of his advice to move forward? >> you can't craft a scenario where this would be part of what ty cobb would want the president of the united states to do. the reason to bring in ty cobb
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a seasoned washington attorney is to bring in someone who is seasoned and says, look, mr. president, stop doing interviews and stop talking about the investigation and lashing out at robert mueller or people on your own team like jeff sessions the attorney general. let this play out. there is nothing you can do to stop the special counsel right now. we have the president attacking his own attorney general. saying if he knew jeff sessions was going to recuse himself from all matters involving russia, he would not have picked jeff sessions in the first place. that's coming out of nowhere. in this "new york times" interview, the president leaves the door open to fire robert mueller if this investigation expandas into the trump family and their finances. he was asked that question. he said that would cross a line.
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this will add more fuel to the fire from the president's critics who wonder why he is lashing out at various people. remember before the donald trump, jr. meeting and the news of that, this investigation had been settling down to some extent. that obviously ratcheted up in recent days. but when you talk about the legal advice from list team. part of the frustration is rather than letting this settle down the president is riling it up. >> that is true. >> you mentioned that the president opposes the idea of x expanding this investigation into his family business and finances. but we heard there are congressional committees that will be looking at that issue. what is the response from the white house? >> well, look, you have -- that is part of the problem as well for this president. that may be why he is lashing
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out. it's not just about robert mueller. you are right. there are various congressional committees in the house and senate investigating this. the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee with james comey and jared kushner will go behind closed doors with the senate judiciary commit. invitations went out to paul manafort and donald trump, jr. to testify in public under oath. that could raise the stakes in this. it could dwelve into the family and finances. on the other hand, i think to be fair to the president tonight, part of what may happen next week if donald trump, jr., and paul manafort and others testify is that after leak after leak, attacking this president, there may be an opportunity for people
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close to him to tell their side of the story. if as the president says in the "new york times" interview tonight, i have done absolutely nothing wrong, if that is true, they get to tell their story, maybe all of this will settle down. >> some of the transparency would help president trump. that remains to be seen. >> what a night to be on "the five." first off fascinated by this story that he did it. summoned to the "new york times" and said come to the oval office. i want to talk. they do this thing they have not done since he won the election. they printed a cover and they said he was aimable and it went on for 50 minutes. it showed the human side of the president. the other thing that came up is that he also mentioned that mueller wanted the job.
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came in here for the job to be the fbi director. he doesn't get the job and the next day gets a special counsel position. he might be ticked off he didn't get the nod. mueller came in to be the next fbi director the day before he was there before special counsel. i have never heard that angle brought up. >> it's been mentioned a little bit before, but giving all of this breaking news not just tonight, some has gotten lost. robert mueller was a candidate to replace james comey. it seems odd because robert mueller was the fbi director already. james became the fbi director. gets fired. the president of the united states was interviewing people including robert mueller. i think you are right. the president believes that robert mueller didn't get the
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fbi job and thinks maybe heap has an agenda. the president in this "new york times" interview was not shy about saying given some of the hires, attorneys on robert mueller's staff now, supporters of hillary clinton, this president doesn't feel like he will get a fair shake. >> do we know why jared kushner opted for a closed door with the senate intelligence committee on monday where as donald trump, jr. and manafort are schedule for an open door meeting? >> in the case of jared kushner, some of the questions involving him are about technical issues of paperwork. why didn't he initially disclose meeting with various foreign dignitaries during the campaign? all of that. maybe some of this is his attorneys saying these are
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paperwork mistakes. things he connected. why drag him in front of the cameras when he can come behind closed doors and explain this is what i did. i learned i didn't disclose all of the meets. i quickly tried to fix that. but if there are more questions, special counsel and the senate and house intelligence committees, there are other forms where jared kushner may have to testify publicly in the days ahead. >> president trump has a statement about john mccain. before i get to that, it seems like a lot of this recent testimony has been borne out of the breaking news of last week. it appears to be like the mueller investigation didn't have a lot to sink its teeth into until this meeting broke.
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now, everything seems to be coming to the forefront. this system seems to be now the major breaking news situation on cable news. is that your understanding? they didn't have a lot to work with before this breaking news situation with the meeting with the russian lawyers? >> as a reporter as we chase the facts here, many of us do not know what the special counsel is doing. they are trying to keep that as secret as possible. we have to be careful about speculating. attorneys who are getting notices from the special counsel have told us in recent days that they are asking questions about that meeting at trump tower in the summer of 2016, during the campaign. after donald trump got the presidential nomination. the e-mail came into donald trump, jr. with dirt about hillary clinton. robert mueller asking about that. if he is asking questions about it, he is investigating it.
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this gets back to the bottom line question that dana perino asked about ty cobb the new counsel come into white house. if donald trump as president of the united states says in the interview with the "new york times," i have done nothing wrong. his son told sean hannity and others i have done nothing wrong. i wanted to hear these guys out and nothing came of it. if that is the truth, they need to tell that story quickly. as you suggest, there is nothing here for the special counsel -- there is no actual crime. the question is: is there something else we do not know tonight that the special counsel is looking at that goes beyond all of this? that's a question we can't answer tonight. >> it's interesting. we remember how good attorney general sessions did. he silenced a lot of critics and things calmed down and then other incidents came forward. >> didn't sessions offer his
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resignation and trump said no but the bitterness lingers>> i the president can't let go of the fact that these investigations expanded in recent days because of one thing in his mind which is if jeff sessions had not recused himself, this would have been contained at the justice dept. but since there were not many other senior officials who had been confirmed, it went to rob rosenstein who decided to kick this to a special counsel. the dominos fell so quickly. this president believes that was jeff sessions's fault. if it had been contained at the justice department it would not be escalating. if there is something they are not telling us, this
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investigation is just beginning. >> what was the trigger when he fired comey and he released this information that prompted the appointment of a special prosecutor. >> the president says the triggering event was jeff sessions losing control by recusing himself. you are right, juan, the thing that poured gasoline on the fire is the commander in chief firing the fbi director. we can't leave this within the administration. ever since that happened it got more and more difficult and put this white house more and more on defense. clearly in the "new york times" interview, the president is still angry about that. >> dana perino? >> well, do we have a statement from president trump on john mccain? >> we are working on that. >> we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. >> actually, we have it right now. >> senator john mccain -- john
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mccain has always been a fighter. we send our thoughts and players to senator john mccain and their entire family. get well soon." know. >> john mccain is a lion of the senate. inherited that from senator ted kennedy. if anybody can beat brain cancer, it's john mccain. the house intelligence committee said they have known since april about this donald trump, jr. meeting with 8 people. i assume the special counsel had it. we should set that aside. >> right. >> when it comes to senator sessions, how could we have predicted the future that he was going to recuse himself about
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a russia issue if all of that happened after he was already confirmed? i don't understand why jumping on senator sessions tonight makes sense. he's been a pretty good attorney general. he is talking about the president's agenda. filed that huge lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies trying trying trying trying to bilk medicaid out of money. >> he can't predict the future. jeff sessions was the first senator to stick his neck out when the rest of the republican senators would not support donald trump. he's been loyal since the beginning. he must be disappointed about how all of this played out. from the president's perspective, i think it's simple. the president believes that jeff
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sessions, by recusing himself, they lost control of this investigation. it was no long controlled by trump. >> i feel like the attorney general recused himself not to protect himself but to protect the president, to ensure the integrity of the investigation. >> sure. there were no crimes, the president himself should not be worried. that's why, as this plays out, if there is nothing to hide, the recusal in the longs run doesn't matter. >> right. >> it's a president who wears his heart on his sleeve and expects loyalty. thank you very much. next the countdown is on. o.j. simpson's parole hearing is hours away in nevada. geraldo rivera made his way there and will join us with a preview next. whoooo.
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in the 1990's double murder trial. >> it's a foregone conclusion that o.j. simpson will be paroled. for the crime he commited in arizona is a just sentence for a 9 years of a 33 year possible. it was a bungled robbery. >> one o.j.'s victims is hoping he walks. the memorabilia was taken. he said simpson spent enough time. we need to go to geraldo rivera live from carson city, nevada. he can speak to this a lot better than i can. catch us up to speed. >> first, erica, my wife and i see our love and prayers to senator john mccain.
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what will happen behind me in the nevada state parole board tomorrow. i covered this double homicide in california from 1994 to 1997. i have to tell you that i came to loathe o.j. simpson. i feel deeply that the former football great got away with double murder by playing the race card. he said i am not black i, am o.j. jay-z has a new album condemning o.j. the victims families feel that justice demands that o.j. simpson remains in prison. the 9 to 33 years sentence was excessive. they really sentenced o.j. for the murder raps that he beat in l.a. it's carma but want justice.
12:25 am
-- but it's not justice. simpson is 70 years old. case closed. it will be a 4-0 ruling in favor of parole. o.j. simpson will be paroled and a free man on october 1st. >> there is no one better at any channel to cover this story. we are lucky to have you. thanks for saving my bacon there and explaining that. appreciate it. what does the sports world think of this? >> fascinated. this is beyond sports. after the mini-series a whole generation are fascinated by it. my son who is 20 and his friends were talking about it. they will stream it live. it will last about 15 minutes. he will be out october 1st. this goes beyond the sports world. people will forget he killed 2 people. they will say 9 years is enough.
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he murdered 2 people. chris, i don't understand why people want him to get out. >> he is not in jail for murder. he is in jail for a botched robbery. if you are looking at it from a legal standpoint, he should get parole. >> he should, but we want him to stay in jail for the murder. i was out on the streets for the weekend show. i asked younger people what do they think of o.j. they said who is that, martin luther king? they had no idea who only was. there is a whole generation of people who did not grow up with the o.j. phenomenon. if you are over 30, you look at this guy and think he deserves to be stay in prison. he skated on a double homicide.
12:27 am
he had the cash for the dream team to skate. they had the jury in downtown l.a. if they held it in brentwood, there would have been no way. it was held on racial lines. he will be such a phenomenon. tmz will be there. taking selfies with o.j. it will be sick. i want the victim's family the goldmans to understand that a lot of people understand your plight. >> he got into repeated trouble after the murders. one thing after another. if he is paroled and gets out october 1st, do you think he can stay out of trouble? >> the key here is something that the goldman lawyers said the other day. not just october 1st but october
12:28 am
2nd. they will go after him. there is no way they will get his penetration money or land in florida. that's all protected. fred goldman and nicole brown's simpson's family will be more in demand. there is still a divide. i looked it up. guess what? more whites think he is guilty but 60% of blacks think o.j. simpson committed those murders. >> it's not as racially divided as i thought it was. it's not black-and-white. there is a significant portion of the black community that thinks that o.j. did do it. >> oh, yeah. >> and are not supporting him. >> let's be honest. o.j. simpson is a horrible person. convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. likely got away with murder. i am sick and tired of athletes
12:29 am
feeling like they are invensible which allows them to commit h r hoarrend us act. sandusky and michael vick. athletes punching their fiance on in elevators on camera. mike tyson. these athletes feel like they can do whatever they want. a lot get away with it. it's disgusting to think about the fact that o.j. simpson will cash in on this. book deals and interviews. >> really show on e, i am sure. >> that money goes to the goldmans. goldmans. >> more on senator john mccain
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>> back now with breaking news. senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. we are all praying for him and so is president trump. the president put out a statement. senator mccain has always been a fighter. melania and i send our thoughts and prayers. get well soon. now the fox news medical correspondent. thanks for rushing over. can he survive this? jimmy carter former president had brain cancer and is cancer free now. could we see the same thing with senator mccain? >> i have to be honest. the type of brain cancer here, it tends to infiltrates the tissues. it's hard to get it out. they will try with radiation and chemotherapy. that's the standard. as president trump said, senator mccain is a fighter. i believe that courage plays a role in fighting especially him.
12:35 am
with what he's been through as a war hero. that will play a role. there is an experimental vaccine at duke. i am sure all of these things will be explored. this is a really, really tough one. >> is there a new technology that is deployed? there are so many cancer treatment advancements. we heard about one last week. the young girl cured of leukemia. it was just approved by the fda. is that what you are talking about? >> two things. first the imageing of the brain improved. last year i went to detroit and they can find how deep into the brain this cancer goes. that helps to know how to get it out. the second thing is this new experimental vaseen. -- vaccine. they look for a protein abnormal in the plain and targ -- brain
12:36 am
target it. >> where are we in terms of the fight against cancer in america? we have so much money in this country. are we doing enough to fight this horrific disease? what more can be done? >> we are turning a corner. we are into immuno therapies. you take selus out of the body and program them to fight cancer cells and reinsert them. that hasn't know used in this kind of cancer but showing potential with leukemia like with jimmy carter's cancer. >> we know senator mccain has the support of meghan mccain and the rest of his family. what are the next steps for the senator in this fight? >> the next steps will be chemotherapy. that's standard. we have been giving that since
12:37 am
the '80s and radiation. that knocks you back. i would suspect -- again i can't say this for sure given what a fighter he, he might take time off. >> at 80 years old. glioblastoma. it's not curable but treatable and a lot of people live their lives for years as they go through treatment. can you see that scenario? >> that's a small percentage of cases with this type of cancer. maybe one of these experimental treatments will be turned to or maybe he will be a super responder and he has that courage. if anyone is going to beat this, it's him. >> what is the mayo clinic's reputation in phoenix suns for this? do you see him being transferred
12:38 am
somewhere else? >> he got stellar treatment out there. i would not be surprised to see him going to the top couple of cancer centers in the country. duke and anderson. there are a bunch of places he might try if the standards don't work. >> doctor, i will jump in here. a new statement from former president bush: the hanoi hilton could not break john mccain's spirit. barbara and i know with confidence he and his family will meet this late battle with courage and determination. to me, you hear all of these statements. i am just in awe of his life. his service to our great country. i think that given what you are describing and the chemotherapy especially, it's hard to imagine he will continue working.
12:39 am
>> i would think that. if anyone would try, it would be him. but this type of chemotherapy and the way it knocks you out, i don't expect him to come back. president bush is right. i believe the courage and the fight he will show will play a role. this will be the toughest fight of his life and most people don't win this. >> there are more diagnoses of brain cancer? even joe biden's son who passed away. are we hearing more about it now? there are people across america and the world who are dealing with loved ones that have brain cancer. >> it's on the increase and we are discovering it more. >> do we know why it's increasing? >> we don't know why. it may be due to more radiation in the air. with senator mccain it may be relateed to his melanoma.
12:40 am
we are definitely finding more now with the mri. before that we never caught it until the very end. >> i am not saying the democrats or republicans divide the line on something like this. he goes across party lines. one of his statements to reporters over the last 3 week, i wish we did the health care thing on regular order. so many democrats feel he split parties. joe biden should a statement too. he is strong and he will beat this. his son just succumbed to brain cancer. >> and vice-president biden is part of the moon shot. how close are we being able to cure cancer. >> it's part of this immuno-therapy idea. that's part of the moon shot and the cure for cancer act that was just passed.
12:41 am
that's a big role. there are experimental treatments showing response in some people. i believe he will look into that. >> i think it's important to remember that john mccain is not a republican, he is an american. when we talk about the differences between health care and tax relief or anything like that, the russia controversy, john mccain is an american hero. it goes beyond parties. which things like this happen, it's important for everybody to recognize that this man dedicated his life to this country. not the party, but to the country. we owe him a debt of gratitude. >> and a good father and husband as well. >> i saw him at the baseball game and he stood up with the troops when the troops were honored. you should heard the outpouring of love in washington, d.c. mostly a democratic crowd.
12:42 am
pure love. tonight all of us are praying for you and send our deepest love. more next.
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>> come back. we change gears. rush limbaugh is fired up about the establishment trying to take down president trump. >> it is clear that the career republicans in washington don't want to touch obamacare. they don't want to repeal it! and, they don't want to do tax reform. and, they don't want to build a wall! they don't want to do any of the trump agenda. the democrats, the republicans, it doesn't matter what the party divisions are. we are not talking about that. we are talking about the elite club known as the establishment.
12:47 am
no way this establishment was going to permit an outsider to come in and clean house and show how washington can work and blow their cover for the last how many decades? this is a silent coup. these people are trying to take this government out. >> repeal and replace, they said it would be easy to do in january. he said there is a plot from his own party. did you see that? >> i think there is distrust on both sides. establishment republicans didn't want president trump that was evidence in the general election. no other republican that ran for the 2016 nomination could put together the states and coalition that president trump was able to do. president trump and congress's fates are linked together in hea
12:48 am
2020election. >> i don't know if it's a coup as much as incompetence. >> you don't see a big plot? >> i don't see a plot. i don't think anybody can repeal and replace obamacare in the senate. they don't have the votes. they want tax form and obamacare repeal. they can't get it done. >> dana perino? >> this is a huge spotlight on the party being split. they need a deal make tore bring them together. president trump has to put more muscle behind it. he has to get more involved. >> juan, maybe it started today. the president was direct and looked like a leader today at the white house. >> he had lunch with the republicans. he can dean looking like he was a captive there sitting right to his right. >> that's what dana perino said
12:49 am
you should be doing for the president. >> maybe no deep plot but a lot of frustration on those people that want to see donald trump be successful. ahead, rosie o'donnell off her rocker again. i am not sure she ever got back on her rocker.
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>> this is not russia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> donald trump and his pathetic friends are like kremlin crim analysis. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i would like to say to him, nit, nit! >> [shouting]. >> it's over. >> that was rosie o'donnell back in february. america's loudest trump haith liberal is encouraging her twitter followers to play a sick on line game to harm the president. players can push a virtual mr. trump off a cliff. the comments madonna made and cathy griffin. does it hurt the liberal movements. i don't think it helps at all. it's offensivive.
12:54 am
griffin it's a little bit much. it seems like the right really thinks this is great. we will milk the anger. it's like culture warriors. they are back at it. okay. does anybody care what she says? >> i don't. i don't think jesse does either. >> people are pushing obama off a cliff. come on! we are covering the story. >> wait a minute. ted nudgent is saying horrible things. >> that's all you have. >> no, no, no. >> [overlapping talking]. >> all right, all right. what do you think of this video>> i i think of rosie o'donnell of not a fan of the president. >> [laughing]. >> we would have never give you that idea. >> she is looking for attention
12:55 am
and unemployed. she had talent but lost her way. put that can johnny depp and madonna and snoop dogg, this is not helping them. >> president trump is reinvigorating ward up hollywood carries. it's proportional to how much president trump will win the reelection. >> it's a video game. >> [overlapping talking] >> can he get some profit from it? >> if he can,
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>> final thoughts in our final moments. senator john mccain, we would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. we wish you a recovery and hope you fight the good fight against cancer. i know it will be tough. we all believe in you and know how much of a fighter you are. >> one of the things that stands out to me about senator mccain is the fact that unlike many politicians, this is someone who put his life on the line for america. suffered for america and would not leave his own men behind despite the fact his father was an american leader and there were offers made to get him out
1:00 am
if he would sacrifice his men. >> all right. never miss an episode of god. see you tomorrow night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are alive back in the studio for the second hour. there is breaking news. senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, the same cancer that killed senator ted kennedy in 2009. mccain underwent surgery last week to remove a blood clot in his brain. doctors discovered a aggressive tumor. dr. said mccain remains in strong overall health and is considering treatments. washington was


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