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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 20, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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his life. >> reporter: one of the most pivotal figures in american history has had a lifetime of near-death experiences, now john mccain is in a brand-new fight. the arizona senator undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot but doctors at the mayo clinic sound a tumor, the same type that killed his close democratic colleague, the late ted kennedy and joe biden's on blow. news spread, so did words of encouragement, the emotional statement from senator mccain's daughter, he is the toughest person i know. the toughest enemy could not break him so he is meeting this challenge as he has every other. it may afflict a man anyways but it will not make him surrender, nothing ever has. his presidential running mate sarah palin saying he will face his latest battle with courage and strength. >> if he is a fighter and if i were going to war i wouldn't
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want mccain on my side, i would want him leading the charge. i appreciate the strength he is showing and he will continue to show and thankful for it. >> donald trump offering support saying john mccain has always been a fighter. we send our thoughts and prayers to the entire family. republican lawmakers were in late-night healthcare meeting on capitol hill. >> it was very emotional and always kind of stunned and then we asked james langford to lead us in prayer. >> we will stay here a little longer. i will be back, going to be a tough way forward but i have been through worse. >> he is considering treatment which usually includes radiation and chemotherapy. the average survival 14 months. if anyone can beat the statistics it is this american
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hero. >> 80 years old, the life he has lived and the battles he has endured are incredible, 1967 shot down in vietnam while dropping bombs, captured five years, tortured, went through hell, he is truly a national hero and someone to be very respected and has given all his adult life to this country serving in one way or another, everyone fighting for him. >> this is not a forgiving type of brain cancer. we had a death in our family as a result of this. and great strides in treatments, very difficult. >> we hope for the best and our thoughts are with him and his family and his friends and everyone he works with.
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.. rob: other news remains, the final victim of a deadly flash flood just discovered in arizona. hector went missing saturday when torrential rains flooded a swimming pool and flash flood during a family birthday party. his wife and 3 small kids, 5 other relatives killed as this flood rushed into the swimming hole they were in. officials conducting dna tests to confirm the body of hector. >> o.j. simpson could soon be a free man after serving 9 years behind bars for armed robbery. the former nfl star facing a parole board in just eight hours. >> a lot of eyes will be on this. at the correctional center in nevada with more. what would you expect from today's hearing? >> reporter: this hearing is expected to start in eight hours, could last an hour, most if not all of the people
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connected to the botched armed robbery that landed o.j. simpson in nevada prison behind me, believe that he will and in fact should get parole later on today. poll after poll shows americans by vast majority believe o.j. simpson got away with murdering his ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman, they think it is, when he was sentenced to 9 to 33 years for robbing sports memorabilia dealers who had some of oj's of, the prosecutor asking -- offered a plea deal of 21/2 years but oj gambled and lost big-time. david rogers, retired now, thanks for this crime simpson has paid his debt to society. >> he has done we 9 years on a robbery charge, he is 70 years old now, a low risk to commit a
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violent crime. >> reporter: the hearing will be done by video teleconference with simpson at the lovelock prison in four members of the nevada parole board in carson city. he will plead his case. a few years ago he describes himself as a model prisoner and said he was sorry for his crimes and according to a defense attorney the key is showing the board that he has changed. >> please sit down. >> reporter: simpson's victim is also expected to be at the hearing. he could testify and he might join the chorus of people who say oj has done enough time and should be released. if he gets parole later today, he will not be sprung right away. the earliest he could be
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released is october 1st. heather: we will have more later in the show. turning to washington donald trump urging republican senators to postpone their august recess until obamacare is repealed as brand-new fox news poll numbers show most americans want both sides to come together to find a compromise. the latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: it is called bipartisanship and it is something we have not heard a lot about, both sides coming together and working things out, republicans promising to replace obamacare for seven years but lawmakers in washington better take notice of the latest fox news poll, 74% ones the gop to reach out to democrats on healthcare and try to find a compromise. the poll shows 60% want to keep obamacare and make it better. 5 fewer, 33% for throwing it out
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and starting over. this as donald trump admonished gop senators, the white house did not -- until they send a bill repealing obamacare. >> people are hurting. in action is not an option and i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great healthcare. we are very close. >> support for the repeal only those isn't there yet. 2 dozen gop senators met in secret with administration officials, tom price trying to find a path forward was one of the gop holdouts from the beginning had this to say. >> what i think we need to do and what i recommend to lamar alexander, who is the chair of the health committee, is that we
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start a hearing on how we can fix the many egregious flaws that do exist in the current law. >> reporter: so much work to be done and back to the numbers donald trump's lowest marks in a fox news poll come on the handling of healthcare, 42% approve of the job he is doing. heather: a lot of blame thrown around. >> numbers on healthcare are not good for anybody. >> donald trump get serious with senate republicans on healthcare or at least tries to. mike stein says the democrats are not the only ones hoping the president will fail. >> trump's main problem in a way is there is a republican party, significant parts of the leadership of which have no interest in seeing the trump presidency succeeded in a sense inflicting quite a lot of damage and obstruction on him and that in itself would be an interesting enough story for cnn
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to cover. instead they say he went to the g 20 summit and he was supposed to be sitting next to the argentine first lady and desert, he wandered over and headed talking to vladimir putin. go to the summit to meet vladimir putin and apparently that is now aikins he received. >> donald trump heading to the pentagon to truck terror. the national security team briefing the commander-in-chief on the fight against isis and global deployment of our troops the meeting coming hours after donald trump tapped a new army secretary, a gulf war veteran and retired army lieutenant colonel who currently works as vice president of the us defense contracting company. you must now be approved by the senate. >> reporter: the supreme court will allow the travel ban with some exceptions, the administration cannot block grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives in the us.
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the president to get a partial win on another issue, just as with lifting or exempting a category of refugees from the travel ban. >> the memo made famous recommending james comey be fired, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says he still stands behind that recommendation in that memo. opening in a fox news exclusive on the story with martha maccallum last night openly said he stood by his decision and disapproved of leaks such as the ones admitted by comey. >> i testified several times about this. we take confidentiality seriously. we have in the more and the about ongoing matters and an obligation to do that. >> rosenstein said if the department decides not to prosecute it does not make disparaging comments about those of under investigation. >> sebastian worker was on
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hannity talking about people love the mainstream media and their focus on russia because it is helping the president. >> a huge ratings boost. >> and helping the president because more people are recognizing the mainstream media is flawed. >> we love it because it is just an indicator of one thing. they are desperate. they are desperate. we have recaptured mosul, illegal immigration is down. the economy is breaking records and this is what they want to talk about. this is how you have articles in vanity fair is that cnn is collapsing. that is their own fault because they created a crisis of credibility. otto warmbier from -- rob: i'm not sure the white house love that but here's a look at the news coverage this
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july 9th. trump and russia broke, trump/russia probe, the health care bill, 44 minutes compared to trump and russia, one of the biggest stories domestically. isis and their defeat in mosul, 13 minutes, another huge story and looked down the line, some really big stories. killing of the isis leader in afghanistan, the va firing. officials trying to improve health care for our veterans. >> compares that's what people say they care most about, healthcare would be number one and look at the time spent on that and it is insignificant compared to the time they spend on russia. and the investigation. coming up, 12 minutes after the top of the hour, airline security, we will talk about that. >> we tested it on a real airplane on the ground, pressurized and it destroyed the
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>> republicans trying to increase military spending to keep america safe but nancy pelosi says they are trying to incite violence with this proposed budget. >> we took an oath to protect and defend whatever the mission is, whatever we need as president kennedy said, fight any file but that is not the point of this. this is supposed to be a budget that prevents the spread of violence. instead they have a budget that
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stirs it up. rob: it calls for $700 billion for national defense, $50 billion of that would be pulled from foreign aid. that is the point she is trying to make. heather: conservatives under fire at uc berkeley again, the university announcing it will not host daily wire editor ben schapiro saying they are unable to identify an available campus venue too much in advance. this is not the first time berkeley has blocked conservative speakers, the cancellation of and coulter's lecture sparked protest and demonstrators against milo you topless's speech turned violent. >> the guy is back. a foxbusiness alert, stock market set up for success today after another recordbreaker yesterday thanks to technology.
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heather: good morning. >> we saw record close across the board yesterday, the tao gave 66 points, the s&p climbed 13 points and the nasdaq was up 40 points, tech stocks have been the top winner in the market in 2017 advancing more than 22% and beating the all-time high sets during the boom. microsoft and facebook reached all-time highs during the session as did amazon and chinese e-commerce giant ali baba. >> we will watch that is new security measures at the airport involve everything larger than a cell phone. >> this is laptops and tablets on us bound flights from mexico that are subject to and carry on security measures which mexican officials announced the change which was made at the request of the spartans of homeland security, regulations could include asking passengers to show their electronic devices for inspection and prove they can be powered on. in march a laptop ban was
2:19 am
announced for several airlines and airports in the middle east and slowly been lifted, new protocols are in place for hundreds of airports. after the tsa tested a bomb on a ground plane. >> we tested it on a real airplane on the ground pressurized and it destroyed the airplane. there are people who work hard to knock down an airplane in flight. they would like to knock down the us airplane in flight on the way to the united states. that is the stanley cup world series if you will. >> reporter: these changes went into effect yesterday. rob: immelt are for bank of america. >> if you couldn't get into your bank of america account yesterday you are not the only one for hundreds of customers shut out for hours due to a system outage impacting the apps and website operations in several branches, and some customers reported receiving fishing emails from the bank. the system was back up and running last night. no cause as to what happened.
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>> 19 minutes after the hour, armed, dangerous and undetected, the horrifying moment the man strolled into an event packed with people carrying three guns, a shotgun and combat knife and nobody bats and i. >> o.j. simpson up for parole today. next guest was in the courtroom during his first trial. ♪ ok a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah!
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yeah, and i can watch thee bgame with directv now.? oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included. and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. >> welcome back. the trial of the century and the verdict that stunned the world. >> rental jameson some not guilty of the crime of murder, not guilty of the crime of
2:24 am
murder. a felony on ron goldman. >> o.j. simpson in prison and a different conviction but could soon be a free man facing a parole board later today. heather: royal oaks on the sidelines of the first trial, and played a major role getting cameras in the courtroom. thanks for joining us this morning. let's begin with what we expect to happen today. you were involved with getting cameras into the courtroom the first time around with the murder trial. cameras will be allowed for this particular hearing, do we expect a decision today? >> we do expect a decision today. the parole board is in carson city and o.j. simpson will be in prison in lovelock, they will be on camera. he will make a speech about how contrite he is and we will get a decision, we think it will be
2:25 am
televised live probably an hour after the conclusion of the hearing and there is a lot of pressure on the board, a lot of pressure to let them out because most people think he was overcharged and it was payback for the two killings which is why he got 9 to 33 years in prison. >> most people if you commit a burglary like that don't get 9 to 33 years. you hear about people killing people, manslaughter charges get less than that. it seems like an outrageous sentence but certainly appears in this conviction and sentencing they did look what happened in the past and most people say he killed his wife and ron goldman and even wrote a book about it after the fact. can they consider that at all in today's hearing? >> good question. they are not supposed to consider the fact that he killed
2:26 am
these two people because that was the conclusion of the civil jury in santa monica, unanimous decision but we all know the jury in the murder case found him not guilty. what this panel is supposed to consider is the fact that he was a model prisoner for these nine years, they are supposed to consider the fact that he doesn't have any criminal convictions on his record and most people in his situation were told by parole experts do get released. people are wondering what his life going to be like for o.j. simpson? people have to decide how to respond on the street? do they yell at him? will they have a smiling selfy? like the old song addicted to love, oj is addicted to fame and he will wind up on tv in a reality show even though if they pay him it has to go to fred goldman. $52 million is what is owed. >> in terms of payment that he
2:27 am
receives this he is let out of prison this particular charge just so people know is from 2008 and this is the armed robbery charge along with kidnapping, two and other charges on top of that. when he does get out of prison if that does happen, anything he earns will go to the goldman family. >> there is an nfl pension, $19,000 a month goes into oj's pocket and nobody can get it even though they have a judgment against him. if he loses to a state like florida that is friendly to folks who owe money you might have a house but in terms of making money it is going to go to them. >> he spent most time between that conviction from robbery and after he got off for the murders he was still a orion and spent most of his time in south florida playing at the same golf course i played at in miami. it will be a little friendlier but interesting they can't touch that $19,000 pension.
2:28 am
>> exactly. he will have the money but if he tries to get out and have a tv show or something, any new money that is and a pension will go to the creditors. nobody seems to be objecting at this parole hearing, the victim's representatives are not objecting it is you reported the former district attorney who put him away, he kept his nose clean for nine years, might as well let him out. a lot of people have a problem because people say if we take into account his age and take into account his sex and whether he was a good guy behind bars why shouldn't we take into account that he killed two people and the paroles don't allow the board to consider that fact. heather: greg jarrett mentioned the domestic violence charge that he was found guilty of. there is that. it could be considered. >> thanks for coming on and thanks for the cameras in the courtroom all those years ago, that was great tv.
2:29 am
heather: let's keep talking about o.j. simpson but a majority of people think he will become a free man come october. what do you will have another hearing? log on to the facebook page after the show, live debate hashtag keep talking. >> live coverage and complete analysis of the parole hearing as well as you can see the decision. >> it starts at 1:00 eastern. the time is 30 minutes after the top of the hour, breaking overnight awful news to wake up to, john mccain diagnosed with cancer. the reaction pouring in from both sides of the aisle up next. >> doesn't get lower fences with an army sergeant has his truck stolen while defending the country. 's public plead to get the truck back. ♪ but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want
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2:33 am
with brain cancer. >> national hero who bears a lifetime of military as well as political scars now facing one of his toughest battles yet. here is reaction from washington this morning. >> reporter: one of the most pivotal figures in american history has a lifetime of near-death experiences, john not john mccain is in a new fight. the arizona senator recently undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot but doctors at the mayo clinic also found a tumor, the same cancer that killed mccain's colleague the late ted kennedy and joe biden's on statement from megan mccain, he is the toughest person i know, the cruelest enemy could not break him, he is meeting this challenge as he has every other.
2:34 am
cancer may afflict him in many ways but it will not make him surrender, nothing ever has. john mccain's presidential running mate in 2008, sarah palin reiterating the same word saying he will face his latest battle with courage and strength. >> obviously he is a fighter. if i were going to war i wouldn't want mccain on my side, i would want him leading the charge. i appreciate the strength he is showing and he will continue to show and thankful for him. heather: donald trump offering support in québec john mccain has always been a fighter. melania send our thoughts to their entire family. republican lawmakers were in a late-night healthcare meeting on capitol hill when they learned the tough news. >> it was very emotional. we asked james lankford to lead us in prayer. >> might stay here a little longer, make some improvements
2:35 am
and i will be back. i have been through worse. >> john mccain considering treatment which usually includes radiation and chemotherapy. the average survival 14 months. if there's anyone who can beat the statistics, it is this american hero. >> people are living longer. as they get more aggressive treatment, many times blues people with a fighting attitude like john mccain tend to be better. >> reporter: from everyone at fox our thoughts and prayers go to the mccain family. shocking news to wake up to this morning. >> never would have appointed jeff sessions if he knew sessions would recuse himself from the russia investigation. the commander-in-chief's remarks revealed in an interview with the new york times. >> he should never have recused himself. if he was going to recuse
2:36 am
himself he should've told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. it is extremely unfair and that is a mild word, to the president. >> sessions recused himself in march following public scrutiny over his meeting with a russian ambassador during the campaign. the fate of the clinton email investigation remains unknown. in an exclusive interview with martha maccallum deputy attorney general rob rosenstein declining to say whether he would reopened that clinton email case. >> i won't comment about any of our investigations. every decision we make about whether to prosecute is based on facts in the law, based on independent determination within sight and investigative work in our careers as prosecutors and execute our best judgment what to do. >> rosen duberstein was not satisfied with the publicity around the clinton investigation but not necessarily the outcome. >> transcripts shedding new light on the deadly shooting of
2:37 am
justin damon -- justine damon by minneapolis police officer. it details the possible sexual assault that prompted damon to call 911 showing the 40y first called at 11:27 saturday night saying she heard a woman screaming for help in an alley behind her home. eight minutes later she confirmed her address with police. moments later she is shot by officer mohammed more, saying he was startled by a loud noise or the officer that was with him because he is still refusing to be interviewed. the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. brand-new surveillance video showing the man who believed to be on a mission to kill officers at phoenix comicon with four fully loaded guns, knife and pepper spray. this happened in may. you can see him wandering in, a struggle and his arrest, not on camera but it took 5 officers to get him down. he is in jail on $1 million
2:38 am
bond. rob: i'm serving no police, that is what one woman said her husband was told after being denied service at a mcdonald's in virginia even though he had already paid for his food. kathy knapp expressing her outrage on facebook saying this is such an eye-opener to me as to what people who protect us have to go through on a daily basis. that employee has been fired from that mcdonald's. >> time to check with janice dean to talk about our weather forecast, it is thursday. how's it looking? >> friday evening. definitely grab an ice cream, you will need air-conditioning if you live across the mid-atlantic, northeast and central us, an area of high pressure across the central us and around that area of high
2:39 am
pressure showers and thunderstorms, some of those could turn severe later this afternoon into the evening. large hail, damaging winds across the northern high plains and the eastern great lakes and tornadoes on the eastern great lakes, slight risk for twisters, heat index, what it feels like with the humidity, well over 100 °, 108 is what it will feel like in kansas city, 107 in peoria and the mid-atlantic, 100 in richmond, that is why we have heat advisory's, watches and warnings for millions of folks, people need to take precautions. back to you, heather and rob. >> 20 minutes until the top of they are, hollywood hate reaching fever pitch, kathy griffin pretended to assassinate our president and rosie o'donnell is pushing him off a cliff as the hysteria in hollywood hit a new low. >> basketball backlash, professional women's basketball team partnering with planned parenthood of all places.
2:40 am
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>> said breaking news john mccain diagnosed with brain cancer. heather: carly shimkus is here with the outpouring of support online. >> reporter: this sad news rocking one of our nation's great heroes, messages of support and solidarity pouring in for john mccain, he is on everyone's mind today. let's start with this statement from george hw bush who said the hanoi hilton couldn't break john mccain's spirit so barbara and i know with confidence he and his family will be this battle with courage and determination. ted cruz chiming in on twitter
2:44 am
saying heidi and i are listing john mccain in prayer. he is an american hero who fought, bled and suffered for the nation, a true patriot. messages of support also coming from the other side of the political aisle, bernie sanders says john mccain is a hero, one of the most respected senators and a friend, the hopes and prayers of the nation are with him and his family, very nice message and bill clinton showing his support saying as he has shown his entire life, don't bet against john mccain. best wishes to him for swift recovery. i saw his daughter megan mccain posted a truly beautiful tribute to her dad on social media last night and said of everyone in the family john mccain is most confident and calm regarding his diagnosis, no surprise. >> no matter what side of the oil you are on, an american hero.
2:45 am
wnba taking people off because of planned parenthood. >> something cool on the court, they are supporting planned parenthood. get this. the wnba seattle team giving planned parenthood $5 of every ticket sold for two - tuesday's game which amounted to $42,000 in donations. reaction to this, i thought this was an interesting tweet, better than federal dollars, let hollywood and its supporters fund it. run tweeting one word, said. you could read that in the trump voice. this is the first professional sports team to publicly support planned parenthood, no surprise in seattle. heather: the number of democrats willing to give alcohol versus those who one to see trump
2:46 am
impeached. >> bar owners sometimes say business is good because people drink when they are happy or sad. how about not drinking at all? a new survey of 1000 active drinkers found 73% of democrats would give up booze if donald trump was impeached. are you kidding me? these people don't like red wine is much as i do. we get to some reaction. you need to stop -- calling this mentality sickening and this person says we are to believe them when they promised to move out of the country of trump won the election. i don't think anybody is giving up their cocktail. >> wasn't done in a bar in the beginning of the evening. >> after a couple drinks. >> wouldn't have given up booze to see obama impeached. i thought the apology tour was more fun. >> a good time to go out with. thanks so much. >> time is time to check in with "fox and friends" to see what is
2:47 am
going on. in clay city, kentucky, the heartland of kathy's country kitchen, a good breakfast with friends. >> reporter: having a great time here, trump got 71% of the votes to become president here. overall in the state donald trump won this area by 30 points. we will get reaction to that and talk about healthcare. theory is huge in terms of senators rand paul, very conservative, did not like the healthcare proposal, mitch mcconnell was in charge of hurting task on that proposal and we have biscuits and gravy, and big-time uk country and a lot of fun people to talk about. we worked on it all morning long, have a good time, "fox and friends" at the top of the hour.
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heather: is the healthcare of hundreds of veterans in jeopardy, you see the remnants, crippled a va hospital in new hampshire, 250 veterans are impacted. on top of that facility workers alleged terrible conditions from operating rooms with flies to veterans becoming permanently disabled from neglect. a top to bottom review of that facility. army sergeant's truck is stolen while he is in afghanistan risking his life to serve our country. james neeley's beloved pickup truck, his wife says the family is devastated. >> took the kids and got ice
2:52 am
cream and couldn't have called down about it. it does make me mad. >> i hope they do. violent anti-trump, this photo shoot with the bloodied head of donald trump was quite file to rosie o'donnell advertising a game allows players to push donald trump off the bullet. here to way and editor-in-chief chris bedford. kathy griffin photo to me was just in shock. it did look like isis propaganda. looks like a beheading of a president, this rosie o'donnell thing i don't think it as dramatic.
2:53 am
just her being stupid. what do you make of this? is this as far as a beheading photo? >> no, this won't make barren trump cry or isis propaganda, not completely crazy but rosie is and she is an absolute gem. if she didn't exist donald trump would have to invent her to be his foil. rob: he likes to have an enemy and likes the back and forth of it. >> sick again, republicans are shot at because of this violent rhetoric. she does whatever she wants, she will tweet about pushing donald trump off a cliff and she should pipe down a little bit. >> a little bit ridiculous,
2:54 am
donald trump in the past made fun of her weight, called her a loser, pick this fight a couple times where she went too far as in 2016 when she questions whether his son was artistic which i think that was far more ridiculous than this game where you push the character of donald trump off a cliff. >> donald trump has been on tv for decades and they got possible in their attacks. if you watch these videos, i like that. it to go after the sun who qualifies as a civilian and a little kid. rob: entirely too far. publicly similar people, personality, both taipei people who like to but heads sometimes.
2:55 am
would like to have somebody to go back and forth on. in another life we would be friends. thanks for coming in. over to you. heather: thank you very much. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour, like a scene out of a hollywood action movie, the crazy moment a car ended up on top of an suv, the unbelievable video from the beach that you have to see, stay with us. ♪ there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. c'mon, gary! your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy.
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