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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  July 20, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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on the ninth consecutive day at again and in record territory. russell 2000. we will explore that on fox business network tomorrow. don't miss it. >> eric: hello, everyone. i am eric bolling with kat timpf and eboni k. williams. we are "the fox news specialists" ." well, the juice will soon run free. oj simpson facing his parole hearing today and getting a big build up to arguably the best news he's heard since being acquitted of murder more than two decades ago. >> mr. simpson, you have organized this crime in which two victims were robbed at gunpoint. it was a serious crime, and there was no excuse for it. you'd deserve to be sent to prison. you have been in prison almost nine years.
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the minimum amount posted by the court. you have complied with the rules of the prison. you have programmed in an acceptable manner. you have no prior conviction of criminal activity. considering these factors, my vote is to grant your parole effective when eligible. >> i concur and grant parole. in addition, our decision, although difficult, is fair and just. >> i concur with the commissioner, agreed to grant parole. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. that will conclude the hearing. >> thank you. >> eric: simpson expected to be released in october. a lot to get to about today's decision. we want to bring in fox news
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correspondent at large geraldo rivera. the man has been convicted of murder -- convicted of armed robbery and an end assault. the parole board says he's a low risk to reoffend. page six reporting there are offers on the table right now for o.j. simpson the reality show. this could happen? would he see a dime of it? >> whether he sees the money, aside for second. there is no doubt a tremendous commercial appetite for this man. o.j. simpson demonstrated, this saga so bizarre, so close to somebody people, having to do with domestic violence and celebrity and race and so forth. he has demonstrated --
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demonstrated its longevity, appeal. last year, the oj documentary series rated through the roof. they are following him, this pack of hollywood wolves. they want to more than anything, i believe. >> eboni: geraldo, we hear the parole commissioners thing you have no prior convictions. but we know in '89 he pled no contest to the domestic violence incident with nicole. what's your take around why that didn't seem to be considered. >> i think, eboni, in this case, this parole board wanted to judge him based on how he behaved in the nine years he spent behind bars here in the state of nevada. it was a rinky-dink armed robbery. keystone crook kind of robbery. it wasn't a serious crime in the sense that he just rounded up his pals, let's get my stuff
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back and they go storming the room. guns get polled. oj doesn't see the guns being pulled but he's the one that takes the hit. he should have done a year or two. he did nine long years. he was a model prisoner. i hate that guy. i believe he got away with a brutal double homicide. i believe he exacerbated the race of -- the racial tensions. it was karma that he did the nine years behind bars but it wasn't justice. the parole board did the right thing and i would have been shocked. >> kat: you hate the guy. i hate the guy. in the courtroom, people are laughing along. he is a charming sociopath. >> i agree with your assessment. he's that kind of guy who is so volatile, combustible. i think he is a human ied. he could go off at any time and
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he's demonstrated that not just with his domestic violence against nicole which he chronicled in the buildup to the homicide, the brutal murders. she put domestic violence on the map, i believe. he also allegedly brutalized his girlfriend in florida. he had a road rage incident. other things. this guy could snap like that. but again, nine years. he did all the right things, not a single infraction. when it comes to the law, it says he's eligible for parole. he did nine years. he got nine to 33 because they were trying to give him the justice he escaped california here in nevada. they did the right thing. now let's watch the reality show known as oj. >> eric: geraldo, stay with us. we want to bring in today's specialists. she has worked for 32 years in law enforcement, first female
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judge in the westchester county new york court and a host of the fox news show "justice with george judge jeanine." and a big supporter of president donald trump, has a website called he specializes in making california great again. he is candidate for congress in california 26. antonio sabato, jr., is here. judge, you are taking a little bit of exception to what geraldo said about the conviction. >> jeanine: the fact that he says, geraldo and i love him and i was on his show. i must tell you i was a sitting d.a. at the time this happened. i was having a barbecue for my whole office at my home that night the bronco chase started and everybody started saying hey, there is oj.
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in a bronco chase. this parole board, as one of the conditions they must consider, is a prior conviction. eboni, you are correct. this guy, oj, can convicted of domestic violence. this is a domestic violence homicide. for those people who say he's volatile and clearly he should have been convicted of murder. that's another issue. the truth is, in nine years, he hasn't lost his temper. he hasn't had a problem. there's no question the parole board had to do this. let me say in terms of the trial itself, you had to be there to understand that -- and a lot of you are younger. to really understand the context. >> eric: i was there. to this day, i almost showed up today on site with a rubber glove and a small glove that had shrunk after being soaked with blood. you knew it wasn't going to fit.
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>> jeanine: of course. the context of the trial was what was important. two years after the l.a. riots, two years after rodney king. l.a. police department had a terrible relationship with the minority community. the jury was ten african-americans, and that in itself i've got no problem with. but when you're the only person, mike furman. >> eric: antonio, one of the convictions was -- conditions of parole was he can't violate the parole. even the most minute violation. this guy is already a repeat offender. he's going to land himself back in jail. >> antonio: doesn't surprise me he would be released. california has been releasing criminals for quite some time. it's incredible that these politicians are pulling these policies out and people get the
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last word. he will be released and that's a shame. he should be doing his time. >> eric: convicted of murder, found liable in the civil case. not necessarily convicted. >> eboni: it is different. the facts and the evidence lead most recent mode mines -- reasonable minds to think he was guilty. putting this in downtown l.a. that was a huge mistake. i have some pushback for my dear friend, mr. geraldo rivera. you said it was oj who riled up the racial tensions in los angeles but i would submit l.a.p.d. did a fine job of that on their own. >> i agree. this is why i say that, this is a man who had nothing to do with civil rights of the civil rights movement. this was a man known as a hall of fame football player,
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celebrity pitch man, minor movie star. the other night, i saw him in "the towering inferno." he never went to the south side of los angeles, never dated black women. >> eboni: he was married to one and then he cheated on her. >> for 10 minutes back in the day. [laughter] >> eric: go ahead, geraldo. >> he wrapped himself in the anger, the smoldering anger of the rodney king police acquittal and the rodney king beating and the riots. they hated the l.a.p.d., that community. eboni is right. when they changed the venue, they went from the west side of town, the upscale community, to downtown where they knew they were going to get an urban jury. they got exactly the the jury they should have expected. and that jury did not trust anybody. they were willing to believe that because mark fuhrman used
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the n-word that o.j. simpson was being framed by everyone, every cop involved despite the mountain of evidence. >> eric: i heard you say after the verdict that he was part of the aftermath, the racial divide in the country, in the aftermath of the trial, responsible for it. >> there is no doubt about it. they helped create the racial divide. they certainly come at the very least, they laid bare that the country was divided along racial lines. we have seen evidence of that since the 1990s. this was an expectation of the issue. this man. jay z, i have to point this out. jc with this new hit album, he has a song on it called "the oj story." in it, he uses oj's own words. he said infamously "i'm not black. i am oj." jay z plays the sound bite over and over again because he wants to show the world that o.j.
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simpson was an exploiter rather than a victim of the racial tensions. >> kat: every reasonable person thinks he's guilty but i think a lot of people did expect he would be paroled today. is anybody surprised by this? what's the feeling over there? >> i don't think anyone is surprised. i went on the record yesterday, i thought it would be 4-03 there are seven members of the april board. you need a majority to get parole. there is one vacancy on the board so there's only six on the board. he needed four of the sticks to get the parole. two worked here. they were connected by telephone. the four parole board commissioners bear voted unanimously as i expected they would. the reason is the rules. the reason is the law. the fact that oj is a criminal, the fact that oj, you know, is a serial abuser of women and everything else has nothing to
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do with the fact of the last nine years behind the correctional facility, he was a model prisoner. they had to let him go. >> eric: judge, is there any way he can capitalize on his fame now that he's technically a freeman? >> jeanine: no. >> eric: so -- he's got a pension coming from the nfl. >> jeanine: he is entitled to his pension. he is entitled to the money streams he's getting, but once he tries to profit off the story of the murder of his wife and ron goldman, he doesn't get it. >> eric: the o.j. simpson reality show having nothing to do with the murder. it's his life now. >> jeanine: he can make money but is there judgment against and from the ron goldman and nicole brown simpson case, $33 million. there is a lien, there's a
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judgment. what is hollywood going to do? >> antonio: they are coming to him with a bag full of cash. no question. he is getting calls from the left and right, and i suggest he stays away. >> kat: i don't think you will. he's a narcissist. he thrives on that kind of attention. >> eboni: we know he thrives on that kind of attention. judge, have you seen a defendant almost talk himself out of release? he talked so long today, almost an hour. >> jeanine: think about the book. who does that? >> kat: the oj show, on tv, it's great. you are correct, you are absolutely right. if either he said to the parole board, i never pulled a gun. okay, but there was a machete. >> eboni: i am a straight shooter. i swear. oh, man. bad word choice.
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>> eric: and then he said i've never had a substance abuse problem. >> jeanine: maybe he forgot. he's old. >> kat: and he has had substance abuse problem. >> eric: thank you to geraldo. appreciate your time. we have more on oj, the oj news today. we'll be right back. experience advanced safety technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> eboni: o.j. simpson raising a lot of eyebrows and lighting of the internet after making some peculiar comments during his parole hearing today. >> i am no danger to pull a gun on anybody. i never have it in my life. i've never been accused of it in my life. nobody has ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them. >> eboni: i think he must... >> jeanine: they were dead. they couldn't accuse you. >> eboni: the prosecutor accused him of pulling some weapons on people. >> jeanine: the fact that someone else may have pulled a gun, he's part of a conspiracy. it's a planned conspiracy where it's on the record ahead of time. during the crime itself and then
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a follow-up, postmortem. it doesn't matter whether he held it. he knew it. >> eboni: >> eboni: antonio, he literally said during the hearing he had no idea. he didn't turn around. it's a hotel room. >> antonio: this is the beginning of reality tv right here. this is the first day. now he looks like is going to go back to doing more reality tv. it's crazy to me. the truth will come out. my opinion about what happened in the '90s, i think parts of his family, i think his son had something to do with it. just speculation but hopefully the truth will come out. if he does do a tv show, the truth will come out. >> eboni: we heard from his daughter and she was really choked up. do you think that had any sway? >> kat: when he made the point he was a single father. i was so alarmed by that, i couldn't believe he said that. i think they were going to do with they had to do anyway. i think that would make you feel for her but not for him.
2:21 pm
i certainly don't think you feel for him. he's done a lot of crazy things for my favorite was the conflict-free life. that's a life, he said -- really? what has my life been? up lately boring. i've never been imprisoned or killed anybody. how can you say it's because i-free? it is a living outside reality? >> antonio: how could you not see the guns in that room? >> eric: he said i always travel with security and they are always armed. then he said i brought these two guys along for security. then he says i didn't know they had guns. >> eboni: the attorney for nicole brown simpson's estate is wasting no time denouncing or adjacent being granted parole. >> i think he never should've seen the light of day. i think between '95 and 2007 was a gift to him, and i think freedom now is a gift to him too. that being said, i don't agree with what happened but i don't
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criticize. they had their formats, their formula and it was anticipated. >> jeanine: i know john kelly. it's good to see him again. john kelly did with the prosecution could not do in the o.j. simpson case. john kelly proved a case and got a jury to agree that o.j. was liable for the deaths of nicole and ron goldman. the guy is brilliant, a great lawyer. he's one of the few people that's going to benefit from this because if o.j. starts making money, then he's going to get part of his feet as well from the 33 million. >> eboni: eric, i know you rightly bring up, what about the families of ron goldman and nicole brown simpson. maybe there could be some silver lining. o.j. is probably going to get out in october. the money he makes, possibly going to the family? >> eric: i am blown away there are people with such a low character that they will offer him money, but they will.
2:23 pm
here's the thing. i'm very sure of jason's and will be in jail again. he gets acquitted prayed he beats his wife, and there's pic. she's bruised. then he gets acquitted of murdering his wife, and then he isn't smart enough to lay low. parties in orlando. road rage, and then he's partying in vegas and this happens. he goes to jail. he will end up in jail again. that requirements for parole are so stiff. he's never shown the ability to stay away from that. >> jeanine: he's going to have to stay on the straight and narrow because they will pull him back in a second, no doubt. >> eric: how does that happen? >> jeanine: when i would put someone on parole, someone would come to me, a parole officer or law enforcement, they would bring me my order. i look at the order and say based on this hearing, you violated this order. you are going back in. doesn't get a trial, doesn't get anything.
2:24 pm
goes back in. >> kat: doesn't seem to think anybody has any reservations about him. he loved making people laugh today. he thinks it's not going to be that tough for him. i agree. that's why he will be right back there. >> eboni: he was charming but there were moments, any time you got any pushback, we saw the brow furrowed and oj started getting angry. how long do you think before that comes out? >> antonio: very soon. it's the most-watched thing in the world right now. i think he's got those moments when he is serious. then smiles again. it's an evil look. >> eric: he has a history of a bad temper. comes off as a nice guy in these hearings but he has a dark side. that will land him in jail. >> jeanine: the guys angry. he's angry because he was in prison for nine years for crime or nobody was hurt and where the victims -- victim says i forgive him and the other one who died for gave him.
2:25 pm
and he's the victim. >> eboni: attorney general jeff sessions vowing to stand job after a public from president trump. robert mueller and the russia probe. we've got it covered. stay with us. on my travels across the country i came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage. cannonball! now if i had to guess,
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2:30 pm
himself. i then -- which frankly i think is very unfair to the president. how do you take a job and then recuse yourself? if you would have recused himself before the job, i would have said thanks, jeff. but i can't take you. it's extremely unfair, and that's a mild word, to the president. >> kat: that doesn't sound so good. attorney general sessions responded today. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney general. it's something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department, and i plan to continue to do so as long as that's appropriate. >> kat: the white house had president trump still has confidence in sessions, so take that for what you will. adding to today's drama,
2:31 pm
bloomberg news reports robert mueller is expanding the russia probe to include president trump's finances. president trump said mueller doing that would be in "red line." he expanded on it. >> i put out a letter from one of the most highly respected law firms, accounting firms. i haven't had dealings in russia. they say i own buildings in russia. i don't. it's not my thing. i don't do that. over the years, i looked it may be doing a deal in russia but i never did. >> kat: antonio, and a lot of people have different opinions about jeff sessions. why tell that to "the new york times." you are not to hear your dirty laundry let alone throw your dirty laundry into a reporter's face. >> antonio: they have been trying to find something about russia and so far nothing. you should be talking about health care, veterans, we should be talking about the fact that
2:32 pm
this country is not doing as good as it used to. we need to make some changes in these people don't want to hold up the truth. they are working for the president. commit to the truth, say you did something wrong or something from the beginning so we don't have to waste any more taxpayer money on this. >> kat: interesting venue for it but sessions is hanging in there. >> jeanine: i think it's interesting that the quote he used, he said he was hanging in there, basically, as long as it's appropriate. not as long as the president wants me. here's the problem. let's be clear. donald trump is in a mess right now because bob mueller, special counsel, is, has all kinds of conflicts of interest. the most important issue is deciding who was telling the truth, comey or trump. bob mueller is like this with jim comey. they have spent a lot of years together, not the least of which happened in john ashcroft's hospital room with this whole thing with, what is it, the
2:33 pm
security. what you've got is his son, donald, jr., in the middle of i it, his son-in-law in the middle of it, and head sessions not recused himself, we wouldn't be in this mess. mueller has no one looking over him. sessions can't oversee him. deputy ag can't oversee him because he's a witness. he wrote the memo saying comey should be fired. therefore, mueller, his whole staff, trump haters. >> eric: you say the president is in a big mess. i'm not sure i agree but i will tell you it's because of sessions. jeff sessions said i shook kislyak's hand twice. are you kidding me? that's enough to recuse yourself from a be the most important
2:34 pm
investigation since watergate? sessions refuses, rosenstein says, an appointee prior to donald trump's becoming president, says let's get mueller on the case. mueller is no friend of trump, i guess. throwing everything against the wall. >> jeanine: what they are looking at is beyond the mandate of the special counsel, beyond the statute of limitation. this is not part of mueller's charge for it what you left out is that mueller applied for the job as head of the fbi and doesn't get it and now he is overseeing everything the president is doing. >> eboni: kat, i was going to say. you talked about why air it to "the new york times." going to speculate. i think the president doesn't really want to talk about health care because it's a little bit of a disaster. congress has botched it. the senate has botched it. i don't think that's a
2:35 pm
conversation the president wants to be having. as for ag sessions, respectfully, i don't buy for one second that he never saw himself in the attorney general's office. i think he spent his entire life wanting to be the attorney general of the united states. it's a high honor. i think anybody would want that. they would have to claw it from his hands. there's no way you step away. >> kat: senator john mccain's brain cancer diagnosis is shaking washington to its core and raising big questions about what's next for the fight over health care. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings.
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>> eric: welcome back to "the fox news specialists." our specialists today are
2:40 pm
judge jeanine pirro and antonio sabato, jr., prayed let's continue the conversation. brain cancer diagnosis for senator john mccain quieting partisan rancor in d.c. at least for now. the senator is receiving prayers, encouragement, and praise from both sides of the aisle as he begins his battle against the disease. senator mccain tweeting "i appreciate the outpouring of support. i will be back soon, standby." we are rooting for you, senator. the news comes as senators hunkered down in washington attempting to revive a seemingly dead health care bill. judge, we don't know which vote mcconnell wants to bring, the full health care bill or this only repeal bill. he says the mccain news may change the timing. >> jeanine: the question is, if they wait for senator
2:41 pm
senator mccain, how long do they wait? number one. number two, do senator mccain's not being there for any length of time change the number of senators that are needed for the vote itself? i think not. i think they still need 50. but i'm not sure how long they are going to hold it and what impact it's going to have on the midterms because everybody is looking at the midterms right now. at the same time, if we don't have mccain, for sure we are not going to get it passed. >> eric: let's be honest. if senator mccain chooses not to come back, for whatever reason, you have to talk about it. you have to ask what happens. the technical process is the governor of the state of arizona, who happens to be a republican, appoints what he wants to appoint for that seat on an interim basis until a special election can happen. you don't wait until 2018. there will be a special election within a few months. in the meantime, the appointee
2:42 pm
would cast the republican vote. >> eboni: here's the thing. looked like from what we saw senator mccain was going to vote in favor. he is not one of the holdouts we are concerned about. then the timing becomes of the essence. the longer they delay the vote, the political consequences for the g.o.p. are worse. >> eric: portman, lisa murkowski, collins. three senators holding out. here's my question. i have a videotape. i will put it up on twitter after this block of the three of them explaining why they voted for the repeal bill in 2015. >> kat: the real reason is because it's possible to repeal it now. it's so easy to make grand gestures of yeah, i stand for freedom. like president trump was saying, i've got my pen, ready to sign. reports coming out, the cbo
2:43 pm
report saying it would have negative impacts. i'm not so sure they are ready for vote in any situation because they don't have enough votes. >> eric: antonio, why don't they? sb eight points out, president trump says i have my pen and ready to sign. in 2015, the clean repeal, not replace, replace got passed and barack obama got vetoed it. >> antonio: disappointing to see what's going on. we have everything we always wanted and it can't happen because there are some people in congress who are against this president and they are making it a personal vendetta. let me say meghan, we wish you the best. we send thoughts and prayers to you and your family and your father. it's a tough time. i hope they come through this month before vacation. >> jeanine: the shame is, as antonio said, we have all three. house, senate, white house.
2:44 pm
like a bunch of bozos who haven't thought of this before. then you have the democrats, they don't know who's in charge her with their messages. what a mess. >> eric: it strikes me that these three holdouts, they would jump on board. you wouldn't need mccain's vote. they jump on board and they already voted for it and barack obama had to veto it. they were just being obstructionist during the obama term. >> eboni: that's exactly right. they were vanity boats. easy to do so they can posture their judgments and say look that we are resisting president obama. now there are steaks on the line and consequences. they don't have the courage to say they -- do what they said they were going to do. >> eric: can we invite though senators on? you are welcome here. we will do it remote, interview, find out how in the hill you can vote in favor in 2015 and 18
2:45 pm
months later. >> kat: rana wanted to get people to vote for you. >> eric: a.b. i can get the producers to put it up. you see the video of them selling their vote in 2015. >> eboni: is that what hypocrisy looks like? >> kat: almost makes you feel like you can't trust them. >> eric: next up, president trump heading to the pentagon for next steps on how to wipe out isis and boosting u.s. troop levels in afghanistan. stay with us. ♪
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>> eboni: with isis on its heels in syria and iraq, president trump meeting with military brass at the pentagon reviewing next steps. president trump sounding of beat following today's meeting. >> the meeting was great. tremendous people, pentagon. nothing like it.
2:50 pm
the job they do, absolutely incredible. >> eboni: with isis on the run in syria and iraq, the risk of lone wolf attacks is increasing. increasing concern to officials along with deteriorating conditions in afghanistan. i antonio, we've been in afghanistan over 15 years. what success looks like there is getting harder and harder for americans to wrap their heads around. >> antonio: the president needs to listen to people who know their business. i think were going to be there hopefully not too long. we need to win this war. the last war we won, we had to put troops on the ground by that's the last time we won. we're going to have to make that decision again. i don't if it's the right one or not. >> eboni: kat, president trump signed an executive order over the weekend saying he wants a plan, he wants it laid out, the plan to defeat isis. >> kat: he has the authority to put more troops there but i like that he seems more
2:51 pm
hesitant. i am not a fan of it because as you said, we have been there for a while. what does success look like and is it it's possible? >> eboni: we know the president has always been reluctant to tell us his plan. i think that's a smart thing. we don't want to let our enemies know anything that's off the table. >> eric: i think you have pointed this out, he is relying on his generals. i think that's fantastic. i am with kat, i don't think we can win in afghanistan. i don't that we can win in the middle east, syria. i think we need to pull ourselves away from that. he says i'm going to reline my generals and his generals are telling him something, we are behind you 100%. the scary thing, something we talked about. when you kill isis, isis 2.0 pops up. then 3.0 pops up.
2:52 pm
>> eboni: judge, you have talked to president trump a lot. what do you think about the plan? >> jeanine: the president is following through on what he said he was going to do. he understands that what is going on in the middle east is a genocide of christians, the destruction of antiquity. he is leaving it to his generals. he's giving them the room they need. but i also think that devising new strategies now that mosul is recaptured, we are going to recapture raqqa. i agree with eric. we are never going to win in afghanistan. what is a win in afghanistan? it's a bunch of caves. they haven't been able to win there. then, what do we do? go home, say goodbye? are we going to set up house there? no. >> eboni: a few weeks ago we had the pictures of mosul. looked like, to say a war zone, it's an understatement. >> eric: it's true.
2:53 pm
the difference here, let's point this out, the difference here between afghanistan, mosul, raqqa. throughout the middle east, syria and something like north korea is something, that guy you can do something about. that guy is the one i would be all in favor of some sort of military action on the korean peninsula. >> kat: i disagree, but it's time to go. >> jeanine: the major consideration would be south korea. the new president and south korea is making nice with kim jong-un. >> eric: you tell them we are going to pull out 35,000 troops. they will take that missile system overnight. >> eboni: when we come back, we will circle back with our specialist, judge jeanine pirro and antonio sabato, jr. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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>> kat: time to circle back with our specialists judge jeanine puro and antonio sabato, jr. judge, what does the weekend look like for you? you seem like a very, very fun person. [laughter] >> jeanine: i have a live show every saturday night so i am always working weekends. >> eboni: we will go with that that. during my time as a defense trial lawyer, i spent a lot of time in domestic violence court. i have you to thank for that because you started their first domestic violence unit in a prosecutor's office. tell us how that came about. >> jeanine: i remember as a young prosecutor one of the first cases i saw was a homicide and it involved a husband and wife. i never understood, because my dad loved my mom. how do you kill your wife? that's when it all began. it was a long time ago. my kids will say it was when the laws were written on stone tablets. we fought for the laws and my
2:59 pm
unit was the first-of-its-kind in the nation. >> eric: and the law won. antonio, california 26th. >> antonio: what is my weekend like? i'm going to pennsylvania to visit some friends. the woman who has the seat has been in politics for 36 years. i'm going to congress on monday. i'm going to meet people and talk to people about what i am going to do. >> jeanine: good for you and good luck. >> kat: thank you to our fox news specialists today, jeanine puro and antonio sabato, jr. we thank you all for watching. >> eric: is there a kat on the street tomorrow? >> kat: yes, me on the street. part of it is in a bar and it's really fun. make sure to follow us on social media at specialistsfnc on twitter and facebook. remember, 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" is next. it is so good. if you miss it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
3:00 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. i am chris wallace info bret baier. we have two breaking stories tonight, o.j. simpson gets parole after serving nine years for nine armed robbery. president trump with buyer's remorse about his own attorney general. jeff sessions response he will stay in his job as long as it is appropriate. the president told "the new york times" he would not have a point to the attorney general if he had known the sessions would recuse himself from the russia investigation. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off. good evening good evening. >> good evening. the white house says the president has no intention of firing his attorney general nor


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