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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 21, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: it is friday. is going to be a great one. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: 7 rob: thank you for joining us. heather: we begin with the juice. o.j. simpson granted parole after an emotional please of the nevada parole board. rob: he served nearly 9 years for armed robbery and kidnapping. >> reporter: this is exactly the outcome everyone was expecting. the only question seemed to be with this four person parole board take into consideration
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the double murder of o.j. simpson's ex-wife and her friends back in 1994, a crime for which he was acquitted but most people think he was guilty of. all the drama seemed to evaporate when one of those parole board members held up a stack of emails and letters and said a lot of people think you are guilty, we are not going to take that into consideration so the drama evaporated. o.j. simpson rambled on as he made his case for parole, he was often defined saying he never knew guns were drawn during the robbery even though at the trial the two men who brought guns testified that oj told them to bring heat but simpson did ultimately say he was wrong and apologized. >> i'm sorry it happened, i wish they had never called me. it wasn't worth it. 9 years away from my family is not worth it. i am sorry. >> reporter: something
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completely ignored the murder of his wife and ron goldman, simpson was found liable in a wrongful death suit and ordered to pay them $33 million. oj will leave prison on october 1st, where he lived before the robbery, he has a close friend in naples and the youngest children live in st. petersburg among commissions for his parole. he's not allowed to have any illegal drugs, not allowed to get drunk or hang out with felons. heather: a very interesting person, very interesting crime and this whole thing, like you said, you think about what happened in 1994. mahmoud abbas heather: this is what he had to say about living a conflict free
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life. >> i have been pretty good with people. rob: the most interesting thing he said all day, nobody accused me of pulling a weapon on anybody which was one of those -- did you just say that? that was a tough one to digest, a trend where the moment. here is mark furman who if you recall worked on this case and got a lot of heat for how he handled this case and went about working for the prosecution, his side of the story. >> folks call it what it is, they wanted rid of mister simpson. they were going to parole him. nothing he said would make a difference, this sounds a little harsh but that is the reality and you are right. everything he did i have been to a few parole hearings and violated a few people's parole and what he said about those weapons, the very reason they
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are talking about parole would have kept them in prison in the 12 hearings i have been in but somehow he got out. you are seeing a classic sociopath, narcissist. maybe even a psychopath and he is talking, manipulating the crowd, doing exactly what he tried to do in the civil trial but in this instance there was no cross-examination where he had an opponent who would breakdown what he was trying to say. >> a lot of people who covered that trial with nicole brown and ron goldman were saying the same thing. >> furman in that case is taking get too far. of the end of the day you can kill somebody and go to jail for 5 or 7 years, he went to jail for 9 years for taking back his own stuff which -- they did send him to jail for too long and it was getting even for what happened. >> one of his victims testified at the hearing yesterday and said he should be let out.
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in october -- in the meantime we have other stories to start talking about at this hour and this is developing for you. police return to a pennsylvania farm where man who confessed to killing four men and claims to have killed more searched teams were back and cosmo donato's 19 acre property. during his confession to the murders of the four men the schizophrenic also claimed he killed two other people when he was 15 years old. he had 40 run ins with police. so far police have not found anything else. rob: jeff sessions is here to stay despite criticism from donald trump. the white house saying the president has confidence in sessions to get the job done. >> reporter: the white house making it clear donald trump has confidence in his attorney general, jeff sessions even after his tough talk to the new
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york times. sarah huckabee sanders reinforcing the president's stance. >> the president was disappointed in the attorney general's decision to recuse himself but clearly he has confidence in him or he would not be the attorney general. >> reporter: all that despite the interview with the new york times where he expressed frustration over sessions's decision to recuse himself from the russia probe. >> if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and i would've picked somebody else. it is extremely unfair to the president. >> as for jeff sessions he says he plans to stay on the job. >> we love this job, we love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as it is appropriate. i'm totally confident we can continue to run this option in
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an effective way. >> reporter: all this is robert mueller's russia probe expands its scope, bloomberg news reporting he will examine a range of business transactions by the president and associates, transactions in question largely involving russian interest. donald trump warning mueller beyond the scope of the probe into ties between the administration and rushing tells the new york times anything unrelated would be a breach. rob: thanks. former speaker of the house newt gingrich, the leaks are not plugged in washington and they have to figure out who is responsible. >> the leaks have to be from inside mueller's team. wise nothing being done? why are people not being fired? it is reasonable to say this is
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a dangerous witchhunt that mueller keeps expanding because he can't find anything in the original charge. >> jeff sessions cracking down on sanctuary cities. philadelphia police refusing to act as immigration agents, and refusing to bring back the sanctuary city order. >> newly appointed ambassadors to washington dc today, the president said to take part in a ceremony at the white house formally presented with documents identifying diplomats as representatives of their government and empowered to speak for them. >> a top priority in preventing terrorism. homeland security secretary john kelly visiting the port of los angeles this week. while he was a board members of the coast guard conducting a
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training demonstration simulating boarding of the ship with a radiological threat. kelly said the current port security is adequate but officials came up with changing threats. the laptop ban is over. that the permit of homeland security now saying airlines and airports complied with the first phase of john kelly's security enhancement. electronic devices no longer in effect for passengers flying into the united states from airport since we 10 muslim majority countries. rob: donald trump declaring isis after days numbered after meeting for security briefing with the nation's top military brass at the pentagon. >> isis is falling fast, very fast, thanks. rob: national security team briefing the commander-in-chief on the terror group and global deployment of troops and discussing a plan to send 3000 to 5000 troops to stabilize
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afghanistan. rob: six african teenagers who came to the us to compete in the international robotics competition are missing and there are fears they may no longer be in the country at all after two were spotted crossing the border into canada. the team mentor told police they had one year visas. the embassy in burundi claims it had no idea they were even in the us. police not suspecting foul play. rob: the search for survivors after a major earthquake rocks popular tourist spots, a number of islands in greece and turkey, two people are dead, 100 hurt, the 6.5 magnitude quake crumbling buildings and covering
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many streets with debris. the shaking was happening right there. two tourists killed when a wall collapsed on top of them. it is the middle of summer. everybody is there. heather: taking journalism to a new level, a covert cia officer in iran. >> undercover officer at the central intelligence agency. i find that unconscionable. heather: the journalist who got scolded by the cia director. >> o.j. simpson soon to be a free man. our next guest a forensic expert who testified for the defense in 1994-95 during oj's murder trial, why he says oj deserves his freedom. heather: better skilled, better jobs, better wages, sound familiar? >> papa john's.
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or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. rob: an emotional o.j. simpson reacting to the reality of freedom he will soon have, granted parole after nine years behind bars on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. heather: forensic power apologist who testified on behalf of oj during his murder trial and thank you for joining us this morning. it is an honor to have you here. you watched along with millions of people, what was your reaction? >> the ruling he was entitled to parole on the basis of his
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behavior after being incarcerated was valid, it was a reasonable one and properly done. rob: the case we were trying to make when listening to the sound bite earlier, the situation is this was not him on trial again for 1994. this with armed robbery and kidnapping and people don't just go to jail that long for an armed robbery. he was in jail for a long time for that offense. >> 7 million people incarcerated, on parole or on probation in this country and we know very little about the parole probation system and a lot of things have to be fixed. as they point out, the judgment isn't based on what happened previously but after he gets in
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jail. heather: the armed robbery, you didn't think there was enough evidence to begin with. >> there was evidence for the armed robbery but the kind of evidence that normally would lead to one tough 3 year sentence and as mark furman pointed out the sentence was so much longer, revenge for what many people think was a bad verdict in the murder case. rob: basically catalogs exactly how it went down, he is going to get out, to be a free man. 1995, the murder trial. they reviewed it for the defense. most fascinating part of this
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case. nicole brown's head was almost completely taken off. did you see a crime of passion? >> a crime of passion because of all the excessive industries, cuttings on each body which were beyond what was necessary to cause death. one thing about the statement the head was almost cut off. owner neck is 5 or 6 inches thick and only one or two inches of soft tissues. most of the neck is the spine bone. the spine bone wasn't cut through. that is bad enough. it wasn't be heading. heather: to this latest crime,
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the armed robbery. a lot of folks said it was a crime of passion as well. he believes there were pictures of his family, and the memorabilia. his emotions got the best of him. >> they did. an interesting analogy. both of these times, the murders, 2007 oj became emotionally upset, at the time of the trial, the case presented to the jurors, they can't back two or three hours, traveling to
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los angeles, the prosecution did not present a strong enough case which was different in the civil action where he was not guilty of the crime. >> there are 40 murders a day in this country. half of them nobody is going to go to jail. it wasn't the case that wasn't solved. most murders aren't solved to the deck of someone going to jail for it. >> we do appreciate it. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour, at chipotle, the health department may have
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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. heather: foxbusiness alert, imagine being able to get washington dc to new york city in 29 minutes. >> elon musk has gotten the green light from the government to start building a hyper loop. heather: foxbusiness here with what we need to know. >> reporter: of course this comes from elon musk. he sent this tweet yesterday, received verbal government approval to build an underground
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hyper loop. nyc-dc in 29 minutes. he did not say who gave him the approval but the white house said it has been a, quote, positive discussion and his underground thrilling enterprise, still need a lot of work but optimistic it will occur rapidly. heather: in california, i love it. rob: i eat at chipotle once a week and they got hit hard by the last one. >> reporter: maybe not anymore. we told you about a chipotle restaurant near washington dc that shut down after 13 people got sick from eating their. that number is closer to 133 according to reports on the website. one person tested positive for
2:26 am
nora virus which is the suspected cause of the illness. tripoli and virginia is back up and after undergoing a throat cleaning. chipley ceo apologized in a statement and said, quote, i made a commitment on behalf of chipotle to make our restaurants the safest place to eat and i'm confident in the procedures we have implemented a. can't catch a break. this is pretty cool. amazon, a robot that will follow you around. apparently they filed a patent to build an army of robots that would follow you around at the airport, charge your phone and try to sell you things. when you need to charge a smart phone you can make a request for a robot to come to your location using center data or the robot can find you using an apps to recognize when your cell phone has fallen below 10%. reports a the patent was filed
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in 2015 so no word if this is close to becoming a reality. i want them to -- in case you can't find the charger the charger can find you. rob: the clock is ticking on senate republicans to take action on health care. we are live with the nonstop negotiations to repeal obamacare. heather: the secret plan to stop russia from hacking the election. did he know the whole time? rob: the summer concert series continues. live on the plasma, stay tuned. ♪ point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta.
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♪ the whole night long ♪ come and let the good times roll ♪ heather: sounds like a little beach music, you are watching "fox and friends" first. it is friday. rob: it is 31 minutes after the hour. marathon negotiations not getting closer to and obamacare repeal. heather: with a vote set on tuesday there is concern as john mccain may not make it back in time as a number of other
2:32 am
senators will not budge. >> reporter: the good times are not rolling in the gop senate but first give this some perspective let's look at the latest fox news poll. out of all the issues facing the country healthcare is the number one issue. 82% outranking the future of our country, the economy, taxes and the list goes on the with a vote set for next tuesday mitch mcconnell doesn't seem closer to making progress. >> let me describe what this is. it is the motion to proceed. we cannot keep the commitment we made to the american people to repeal and replace obamacare less we get a bill. >> reporter: three senators holding out, michalski, cowans and cavanagh saying they cannot vote for a repeal only version and it is complicated by john mccain's absence whose return is unknown but he did tweet a message of thanks to supporters
2:33 am
saying he will be back soon. making matters worse the latest cbs score says this would produce 22 million more uninsured people by 2026 and driver premiums as senate minority leader chuck schumer issued a statement saying democrats in the senate were eager to pass real decisions to lower premiums, stabilize the market and improve coverage for millions of americans. we will see if the gop will reach across the oil. we are not sure what will mcconnell will put on the floor on tuesday. >> 7 used to come up with a plan and here we are. rob: adding a new member, according muscle multiple reports wall street financier anthony scaramucci is expected to be named new white house
2:34 am
communications director currently working at the export import bank but expected to leave that administration post to take a new job. he would fill the role left by mike ditka who announced his resignation in may. heather: the fbi is closer to having a new director, the judiciary committee approving christopher wraps nomination, the assistant attorney general under george w. bush says he is honored and humbled to fill the top spot. the pick comes after james comey was fired by donald trump earlier this year. is nomination now heads to the senate floor. the cia director slamming a new york times journalist after the paper named an undercover operative in the agency's iran operation. >> we had a publication you work for the published the name of an undercover officer at the central intelligence agency. i find that unconscionable. [applause]
2:35 am
heather: the director speaking to brett stevens at the aspen security forum. the times name the operative in a story published last month saying they were leading an important operation and needed to be identified. rob: dolls of delivering another campaign promise showing 500 va employees have been fired since january 1st. donald trump has signed a va report to make it easier to fire corrupt employees. the bill helps accountability and protections for whistleblowers. heather: youto detecting isis recruiting clips to antiterrorist videos, the move following an initiative by the video sharing site and its parent committee, google, to
2:36 am
combat online extremism. many advertisers have pooled their business from youto but after discovering there ads were played on videos promoting terrorism. >> the juice will be loose, o.j. simpson granted parole after an emotional plea. >> the former nfl star will walk free in october after serving nine years for armed robbery and kidnapping. rob: more on simpson's next move, might be heading east. >> reporter: he is going to florida. o.j. simpson made a long, rambling plea for his release yesterday and when the two our hearing was over the parole board was unanimous in cutting oj lose. >> mister simpson, i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> reporter: simpson bowed his head and thanked board members, he was animated through the hearing. here's one of the commissioners explaining the decision. >> the board stated the reasons for granting parole including
2:37 am
minimal criminal conviction history, positive institutional record, participated in program specific to addressing behavior that led to his incarceration, he has community and family support and the victim testified in support of mister simpson. >> reporter: the commissioners only considered the hotel armed robbery and what if any danger simpson post to the public. they did not consider the double murder for which he is most well-known. his robbery victims spoke in favor of release. >> i don't feel that he is a threat and i will make this clear to you. oj never held a gun on me. >> reporter: by all accounts, he has been a model prisoner, he does have a release plan and support where he has a close friend and two children from nicole brown simpson, the people most people feel he knifed to
2:38 am
death, but oj was not on trial for that case and commissioners that he had to be released in october. heather: commissioner with the kansas city chiefs. a family heartbroken, the roadside memorial cross after local lawmakers caved to complaints from an atheist group. the freedom from religion foundation reportedly arguing the cross occupy city property in salem, oregon. the children agree on taking it down with her mother's tragic death. >> georgia veteran forced to apologize for flying the american flag. before a braves baseball game. he was given a reason why to take it down, the braves issuing an apology to the army veteran saying he has the right to fly
2:39 am
his flag at their games. heather: maxine waters new face of the democratic party. the california democrat saying she will make a run for the white house on one condition. heather: better skills, better jobs, better wages. sound familiar? >> papa john's. rob: the new slogan has the internet rolling. ♪ so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide do you need the most trusted battery in your flashlight? maybe not. maybe you could trust your own eyes to see in the dark.
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...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> a freeman claiming he has lived a conflict free life. the internet does not agree.
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rob: some gems in that parole hearing. >> he went on and on but o.j. simpson will be a freeman in october. and something o.j. simpson did during the parole hearing. >> basically spent a conflict free life. >> he has led anything but a conflict free life having been found guilty of murdering two people in civil court. was that a joke? basically spent conflict free life, double murder, his robbery parole hearing, that sums it up. he is a pathological liar.
2:44 am
if he remains free it is another question. living in his own reality. rob: a new show on hbo. heather: game of thrones show writers signed on to a new hbo show called confederate. slavery remains legal in the south. that concept has been met with widespread criticism especially because the two guys running it are white. michelle hates the idea saying i love hbo but confederate sounds like a god-awful idea. you know what is going on in this country, thousands of sweets on social media, marjorie says it is tv's fantasy. who cares if you are offended?
2:45 am
don't watch. there is so much criticism. my big complaint is game of thrones is going to be over. big fan. >> ever since donald trump won the election, fixing messaging. they came up with a brand-new slogan. their new slogan is a better deal, better skill, better job, better wages. does that sound familiar to you. where is peyton manning when you need him. so many people in social media weyden, better ingredients, better pizza, papa john, podesta, pizza is on its way.
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>> just tons of help. >> let's check in with steve ducey live on the "fox and friends" plan is a where ofturner will be performing all morning long. kelly -- kellyanne conway will join us, geraldo rivera who knows everything about oj because he knew oj before oj was oj, we will talk about his parole. we have a busy hour to kick off, ohtown on the all-american summer concert series, by our friends. crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups.
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rob: a secret plan to deploy the military on election day has been revealed. time magazine reported the plan was put in place in case hackers managed to stop the voting process, document pushed by the magazine said it would allow a federal agency to deploy military forces and the national guard, the secretary of defense or the president's direction and called special efforts three days after the election in the case of additional fiberincidents. maxine waters mullica presidential run in 2020? she will if millennials want her to.
2:51 am
78-year-old congresswoman saying she wants to support a county official in new hampshire. waters has been an enemy of the trump administration since the president was elected. senate minority leader chuck schumer has reached a record low favorability rating in his own state according to a new poll which says 37% of new yorkers view the democrat unfavorably with his likability falling 10 points and last december. 53 of the state viewed favorably towards chuck schumer. among democrats 70% view him favorably, that is down 7%. heather: christopher nolan's world war ii movie dunkirk hitting the screen in time for the summer blockbuster season. >> there are 4000 men on this
2:52 am
beach. heather: we are stepping in with michael who said down with the cast, this is getting phenomenal reviews. >> the race for oscar is on and dunkirk will be a contender for sure. i sat down with the cast including harry stiles, making his big-screen debut. >> you can practically see it from here, home. >> tell us what dunkirk spirit means to you guys? >> to describe the uk to support each other through the crisis. >> because of the involvement of the community.
2:53 am
>> the camaraderie wouldn't necessarily be friends or work together. >> you know where we are going. >> what does christopher nolan bring to a project like this? >> chris seems to talk about your own imagination. >> chris is world around you. so natural. >> that was my reaction. >> the way chris works is very quickly. the way he draws you in he is very hands-on. the experiences that you get, something like that, something you will never see in your life.
2:54 am
>> i love a good scottish accent, such a great move, all generations of young people will see this. he delivered an incredible performance. we will check it out, thank you, nice to see you. 6 minutes until the top of the hour, from pageants to prison, what this former beauty queen did that landed her behind bars. not something she should the on the way to work. the gator on the go the cause a massive traffic nightmare. ♪ ♪
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. .
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> ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you. we are live here on the plaza. and it's now time for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. and we're going to give it up to some partners in crime.
2:59 am
rob: poppy the pig and her chicken friend named donut. the two hang out all the time. the two live in sacramento animal shelter? california. we are told they are best friends. >> i never thought i would hear you say poppy the pig. former miss kentucky is accused of smuggling drugs into kentucky prison. they heard her talking about drugs on recorded phone call. they caught her with 3 grams of marijuana. rob: we want to tell you where it was hidden but we won't. finally the ugly, a huge alligator stopping traffic on this street, sleepy hill, florida. yep, the driver catching the giant gator on a median before it dashes in front of a suv and slithers across the road. >> look at its tail. it's injured. i feel bad for him. heather: i don't know if i feel bad for him. rob: we have o circle. every girl in the country ought to be watching.
3:00 am
>> i don't know if i want to leave but it's hot out here. going to be sweating. >> if you are in the city come down and visit us. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. rob: we'll see you later. >> more evidence that robert muriel, special counsel, they are on a massive witch-hunt. >> mueller has expanded the russian investigation to include mr. trump's business transactions. >> the leaks have to be coming inside mueller's team. who is leaking? why is nothing being done about it. >> fbi directo cia director mik. >> i have led a conflict free life. >> o.j. simpson is going free. he will do so in the month of october. >> mr. simpson i do grant parole. >> thank you. thank you. >> let's call it what it is. the fix isn.


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