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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 21, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> heather: he will be back on fox's evening apparently, sean hannity tonight, he will speak with sean spicer, reince priebus and anthony scaramucci. that will be a big show. >> jon: thank you for joining us, see you >> fox news alert for you now. huge day at the white house. we await the first white house briefing since a june 29th, by the way. it is on camera. hello, everyone i am melissa francis. sean spicer resigning as press secretary after just six months on the job. it comes as president trump has named anthony scaramucci the new white house communications director. we have fox team coverage fox news sunday chris wallace is here. fox news politics editor, chris stirewalt. ed henry. washington correspondent, james rosen. they are all standing by. those of the all-stars right there. we're going to start with chief
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white house correspondent and also an all star, john roberts. john, huge day. it's. >> melissa, good afternoon to you. it's been 22 days since we've had in on camera briefing and longer than that simply been been in this briefing. doing lab reports. we understand the anthony scaramucci will be coming out to greet the press. sarah huckabee sanders will actually conducting the meeting but anthony scaramucci is no stranger to people who watch fox business network. as well, he took some time off to work the transition when he worked with the trump transition to try and get things up and running. he was bringing in a lot of special guest. he was bringing in a lot of members to meet the cabinet including betray to mack -- want to come back to the white house to look like he had a big job that might've been akin to the job in the administration.
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that didn't happen. he went into the white house and went to the bank and now he'll be right inside the west wing here, and he will be the new white house communications director. it's been a bit of a bloodbath over the last 24 hours as anthony scaramucci was brought in at the behest of the president who wanted him as his communications director. it was against the protestations of some other senior staff. it looks like now the president has made his decision and you can't argue with the king. the dust is beginning to settle, so they are all shaking hands and looking how they can put 1 foot in front of the other and move forward. as to sean spicer's future, after they announced he wanted anthony scaramucci as the communications director, a new title with being creative or sean spicer the assistant chief of staff. that was going to happen. sean spicer clearly felt that the president needed some room to be able to make some changes that he wanted to make. he will, as jon scott reported at that end of the last hour,
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stay onto the end of august. sean spicer will be departing, and i remember having a conversation with him about the tenure of the press secretary during the transition, and he told me if one day he walks out of here with his little box full of personal belongings, he will walk out with his head held high knowing he did the best job he could possible. >> melissa: absolutely pure to stand by. i want to bring in chris wallac chris wallace. he is the host of fox news sunday and chris, wow. taking a look at that briefing room, it is jampacked. to say that everyone is waiting with baited breath will be an understatement at this point, no? >> absolutely. the briefings under normal circumstances has been getting remarkable ratings. this one though, there are some real news as john's report and will will only hear from sarah huckabee sanders but the new communications director, anthony scaramucci, may make his first appearance. we also certainly want to hear
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him. really, that's the key question here. frankly, most of us and all of the viewers are never going to see anthony scaramucci unless when he makes a rare appearance on tv. the real question is not what did his appointment by donald trump say about what he wants as a communication strategy to be? not that his been kinder and gentler under reince priebus and sean spicer, but with scaramucci in this role, will it be even more combative? supposedly, reportedly, that's one of the things donald trump likes about scaramucci is that he feels that he's a real street fighter and was even more aggressive than some of the people here in defending president trump and his interest, his agenda. not that it's really been true, but no more mr. nice guy when it comes to making the arguments for the president. >> melissa: is so many ways, they have similar backgrounds. anthony scaramucci, being a
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financial person but also being incredibly scrappy himself. someone who self made in recently had that knockdown drag out with that story that cnn was reporting about his ties to respond. he fought back against the story, reportedly threatened to sue sue them, got of apology out of cnn, ended up with several reporters leaving. no doubt the president was impressed with the way that he pushed back, fought back, and won. >> that's right. there were three people, distinguish reporters and editors, who had been responsible for the mistaking story that had to be taken down at cnn. three of them quit/or fired. you can ensure that this president with his very combative attitude toward the media in general and what he considers fake news in particular must've viewed them as a badge of honor for scaramucci. i think it's fair to assume we will see an even more aggressive attitude towards the media coming from his administration,
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at a time, we have to point out, when this president clearly feels under fire, especially when it comes to the russian investigation. >> melissa: i want to bring in ed henry. we know that later tonight that sean hannity is going to be speaking with sean spicer and reince priebus and anthony scaramucci altogether. i'm sure they will look like one big happy family when they all come out together, but you are hearing reports about people who have already spoken to sean spicer. >> first of all, yes, we should mention sean hannity should have all of them on tonight so we'll get the soup that team! soup there. there is a series of tweets put out in moment that he said he spoke to sean spicer on the phone and he asked if sean spicer had any regrets. none, he said. that may be hard to believe given some of the rocky mountains through spicer's tenure. he said "it's been an unbelievable honor and from age. i can't think the president enough. he will also be sticking around
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for a couple weeks as you heard john roberts said. he hopes it will be a smooth transition. i asked spicer what's next. i'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities. let me give you a little scoop of someone close to sean spicer a couple weeks back to me. spicer and private had been telling friends that he was game for anything. not just my left a corporate job appear, but wanted to go on the road and give speeches, even throughout what might seem like a fanciful idea in maybe he was half-joking, but he told his friends he wanted to see whether melissa mccarthy will go out with him sometime and do like a dog and pony show we have the real press secretary and the fake one. that line between comedy and reality has been stretched in recent days. the points i am making is that people close to spicer have been telling me for some time that he's open to all kinds of ideas once he gets out of the white house.
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>> melissa: maybe he will be on "saturday night live" this saturday. we will see. let's bring in fox news politic editor chris stirewalt. chris, what do you think? will we see sean spicer, the real sean spicer on "snl" on saturday night? everyone likes when you make fun of yourself. >> it would be a good play for him, no doubt. i think there is something else at stake here, and i think the fact that you see in fact that he's coming out with his de facto replacement, scaramucci, you see that chief of staff rolling out there and going on with sean hannity, arguably the single most ardent defender of president trump, that it's very obvious if spicer he wants to demonstrate that he is not just going to hold the president armless but there's going to be a booster for president trump that he wants to show here that there's no blood blood, he's not mad, he's just moving on. he will continue to be a team player even if he is not the team at the white house. >> melissa: is on the bottom of your screen a short time ago, one of the quotes of coming out
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that sean spicer saying perhaps the president can benefit at this point from a clean slate. what you think of that? >> that's absolutely true. i think sean spicer did exactly the right thing. you make an effort and this isn't just in the white house or in politics. you make an effort to have your boss see your point of view. you make your case to bring your best effort, your best vision to the moment. if your boss doesn't want to do that and it doesn't want to listen to you and doesn't want to do it that way, at a certain point, you are obliged to move on. for yourself and your boss, they have things how they wanted and this is how trump is going to want it and he wants to go to war. >> melissa: absolutely. i want to bring in fox news chief washington correspondent, james rosen. james, i've known anthony scaramucci for a while being a financial journalist and seeing him as a hedge fund manager. he became a commentator on the fox business network. my impression of him is that he has quite a lot in common with
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the president. they're both very scrappy guys, both self-made, but that both of that business and financial perspective that they bring to washington where they will sit and kind of shake their heads, why so much money wasted? 's why is so much time wasted? we don't have to do things the way washington has always done it. it has it made sense and it hasn't worked. in this sense, while he might not have a communications background, he's coming from the same point of view as the president. in my office? >> i would never describe you is way off base, melissa, but the gives a real window into president trump's decision-making. he is a wall street veteran who never conserved in a capacity like this before. his selection represent something of an interdisciplinary leap of faith by the president. we must remember that donald trump himself, as a businessman who capture the presidency, made the interdisciplinary leap and other people and the like pain. anthony scaramucci is no stranger to politics.
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he is donated to figures in both parties and the argument is to be made of that successfully running an $11 billion hedge fund is about to draw upon some of the same attributes, principally salesmanship and managerial prowess, that would be brought to bear in directing day-to-day the presence messaging. as for shaun's advisor, this is a moment or even those who felt poorly served by him, whether you were sitting in the press briefing room where they are looking right now or even if you're sitting in the oval office, everyone should want to wish him well. many of us have known sean for years and worked with him. his ex-boss has long considered himself a past master of manipulating the media and it's very closely attuned to spicer's performance at any given moment. it has to be said that the job of handling communication for chief executive who was always one tweet away from contradicting and cannot be easy. >> melissa: it certainly can't. i want to ask my dream team to stand by and i will also bring in now david bonnie. he's a former director of the trump campaign and president of citizens united.
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thank you for joining us. i understand you just spoke to sean spicer. is that right? >> i was at the white house -- i came over here from the white house actually. i talked to sean and i talked to anthony scaramucci and i got a chance to visit with the chief staff reince priebus. the team is a little bit electric over there right now. people want to do that palace intrigue thing. sean spicer is an incredibly honorable man. he saw that the president wanted anthony scaramucci to become communications director and sean offered the president a clean safe back slate. that's what professionals in our business do. there is no palace intrigue here. it is quite simply that anthony is now going to be able to get the job as as a commissioned director and really build his own team. that's really why sean decided to leave. >> melissa: there's got to be some palace intrigue. come on.
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go ahead. >> look, o.j. simpson was yesterday. i'm sorry. i just talked to reince priebus. he and anthony scaramucci have been friends a long time. they work for the camping together. i was in the campaign. as you said, i was the deputy campaign manager, and and a soh east to work up close and personal along with sean spicer. we were in the foxhole together then and they are just bringing anthony back off of the bench now to come in and fill an incredibly difficult role. i think that anthony is going to bring forward to the american people a media plan. we will see what that is, but he will bring forward a media plan that reflects the president's view. >> melissa: let me push back on you a little bit because i happen to know for a fact that there was a lot of tension between reince priebus and anthony scaramucci. are they able to set that aside at this point, or does this put anthony a sort of the win: ? >> look, there is always tension
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amongst people -- we were talking about, i believe, is during the transition and i was blessed enough to have been an official on the transition team, so i can slide up close and personal. there is tension between me and other people on the transition team. people were jockeying for position. anthony is turning down an ambassadorship in paris to take this job. it's not that he was not part of the team, not part of the presidency, not part of the inner circle. he would not have had that job in paris or the offer of a job paris if that was the case. there is all sorts of tension. that doesn't mean anything. that is water under the bridge as soon as the swearingen happened on june 25th. it's been a team effort. it is a difficult job. it's a difficult test. it's a thankless one, i might add. if somebody said a moment ago, he could do a great job on 99
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questions and not answer one lot and that's the news of the day. that's why i think the president is tired of this game of gotcha with the media, and that's why he has been a little bit taking it upon himself to speak directly to the american people from twitter and other social media. >> melissa: thank you for that. i want to bring chris wallace back in. chris, what do you think of what you heard go by so far? >> [laughs] i share your skepticism. i love david bossi, he's just on the hall from me right now and i'll probably hear from him whee was putting the best face on it, which is what somebody and his position should too. there are winners, there are losers. obviously scaramucci won, and the fact that he's in that job is the president wasn't satisfied with the communication strategy and wanted something else and wanted scaramucci there.
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one would believe that he wanted a more aggressive combative approach to market approach towards the media. it's been no secret for some period of time that he has had problems with sean spicer and his performance. in his defense, the effectiveness of his defense of the president and his advancing of the presidents positions. there are winners and losers here. you talk about the fact that spicer is going to appear on hannity "hannity" with scaramucci and priebus. i think it's interesting that the chief of staff lapeer which will raise questions whether scaramucci has the right skill sets to be the communications director and the fact that he's going to appear there and they will flag the appearance that it's one happy team in an effort to say i may have lost in this particular argument with the president, but i am still the chief of staff, i am still here, and i am still on board the team. >> melissa: i am dying to ask you what your first question would be if you were doing the
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interview tonight, but you got to stand by for more seconds. ed henry has some breaking news right now on susan rice. let me bring him in for that news. >> i think it's interesting our producer on capitol hill, they just wrapped up as a senate intelligence community best to get is met for some time with susan rice behind closed doors about the unmasking allegations of trump advisors who were unmasked from those intelligence reports, something that could have been a violation of law. the president himself has said that this is something the media has largely ignored and should not be ignored because they think it's another piece of this russia story that should show that there may have been wrong doing and underlying may have been wrong doing in obama administration. my point is while that is breaking on capitol hill while we and others spent all his time trying to on peel the onion of what is going on at the white house. i add my voice to chris wallace
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that come up with all due respect to david bossie, this time of back kind of palace intrigue is overshadowing the kinds of stories like susan ricn the griddle that this white house wants the public, wants the media to be focused on, but there's going to be very little and if any attention on that of now because of what is happening at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. not to mention that health care bill that the president desperately wants to get to the senate, we are not talking about that either. >> melissa: those are great points. chris, are you still with us? >> oh, sure. >> melissa: chris, given that and now let's layer this on top with what henry just told us. what was your first question tonight be? >> i'm a little hesitant because there's a good possibility we will get anthony scaramucci for sunday, so i kind of want to to save it. basically, and i suspect he will be asked at this in the briefing if he does show up, if they do and they are 18 minutes late already, there may be a little palace intrigue just trying to get their story straight and what they are going to say when
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they face the nation in a couple of moments. the basic question of scaramucci would be, how is your communication strategy going to be different than what we have seen for the last six months, and how would you make a better pace for this president and try to get in the legislative agenda to get through? 's bureaucrats, standby one second because we will pause for a moment to let our fox news stations join us now as we anticipate this press conferenc conference. >> melissa: this is fox news continued coverage of white house spokesman sean spicer's resignation. i am melissa francis and we are awaiting the white house briefing with sarah sanders. they came shortly after the white house announced the addition to anthony scaramucci.
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we are joined by chris wallace, chris stirewalt, ed henry, james rosen, and john roberts. those are the all-stars right there. john roberts, let me start with you. set the table for us. what do we expect there? >> we expect sarah huckabee sanders and anthony scaramucci to come out here in the next couple minutes. how would you rate the ship? that's why it scaramucci is being brought in. the ship is listing badly, particularly in communications, and he has been brought into put it back up right and a set it back on course again. it's a big task for him, but it's one that he says he's up for the job to do. we will see. >> melissa: chris wallace, let me get your take real quick. what you expect to hear it now? >> it will be interesting because on the one hand, scaramucci is going to want to give an indication that there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to communication strategy.
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on the other hand, he's going to be surrounded by some of the older ones and he can't sit there and disrespect what he's been saying. he's got to answer john's question, he may get the first question. how do you right the ship? without saying the ship's listing, you know he won't say that. >> melissa: this is somebody who is a financier who is new to politics. this is a huge audience in an awful lot of pressure. what do you think? >> i wouldn't say that anthony scaramucci is entirely new to politics. he's had important experience at the import bank. he's donated heavily to both parties, and he's been around the trump campaign. i think, ultimately, sean spicer for all of his beltway sadly it was considerable, contributed to his own doubtful in some ways from the podium with inadequate grass of history or just the basic principles of rhetorical jujitsu that is some time
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required of the podium at the daily press briefings. i will tell you that i was informed of a conversation with a dear friend sean spicer had early on in this administration, but after the melissa mccarthy business that started and said in essence is a friend, sean, all you gotta do is spend one year in that job and then you can leave with the appropriate interval and so forth. at that time, very early in this administration, spicer said he would be lucky to last half that long, and that is what has come to pass. >> melissa: chris stirewalt, this is an opportunity for the president to hit reset on the message and to sort of wipe the split backed slate clean. >> well, it could be an opportunity for him to do anything. he's the diagonal president of the united states. there's a lot of stuff he could do. what we are seeing though is a one-story line playing itself out, which is that the president wants a more combative, more aggressive attack on the investigation against him.
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against robert mueller, the special counsel and his investigation into the 2016 election and trump campaign. i would imagine that what we are going to see with scaramucci and what we would see from the defense team and the whole administration is a war on mueller. >> melissa: this is sarah huckabee sanders. let's listen in. >> good afternoon. mark the last day of made in america wake this afternoon. the president will welcome several living survivors of the attack on the uss arizona at pearl harbor and at their families. other events this week has focused mainly on the products and goods bearing that highly esteemed made in america label. but truly, the most prized thing to come out of our country have been the brave men and women who have risked their lives protecting the freedom of americans and our allies around the globe. just a few minutes ago at 2:00, the president signed an executive order that ensures that men and women of the greatest military in the world have the ship, aircraft,
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vehicles, and other supplies they will need to keep us safe in the years ahead. this order commissions the first ever whole government assessment of america's defense, industrial base, marking the first time since president eisenhower that an american president is investing personal attention to the health of the united states defense and industrial base. president trump is committed to maintaining the secure supply chain and robust workforce that will support our nation's heroes for decades to come. next week, we will be highlighting american heroes like the world war ii veterans, the first responders who keep our community safe every day, and of the boys and girls will grow to be the next generation of american leaders. while i'm on the topic of the men and women who protect us, i also wanted to note that the president commended the house yesterday for voting to reauthorize the department of homeland security for the first time. the homeland security authorization act also authorizes a u.s. immigration and customs enforcement for the
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first time. secretary kelly has already made tremendous progress in fulfilling the president's promise to end illegal immigration and fully enforce the laws of the united states. this bill reflects the president strong commitment to ensuring that progress continues. also on the hill, of course senate republicans this we continue to work towards our shared goals of saving the american people from the disaster of obamacare. earlier this afternoon, vice president pens and dr. tom price hosted representatives from several grassroots organizations calling on the senate to take action on health care legislation. as the president has said, an action is simply not an option. these groups want lawmakers to know that they are members want them to follow through on their promise to the american people. finally, i would like to read a statement from the president on the resignation of secretary sean spicer. i am grateful for sean's work on behalf of the administration and
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the american people. i wish him continued success as he moves on to other opportunities. just look at his great television ratings. sean will continue to serve the administration through august. the president has also appointed anthony scaramucci as communications director. i've a statement on anthony's appointment as well. anthony is a person i have great respect for, and he will be an important addition to this administration. he's been a great supporter and will now help implement key aspects to our agenda while leading the communication team. we have accomplished so much and we are being given credit for so little. the good news is that people get it even as the media doesn't, and i would like to bring anthony up to say a few words and take a few questions. as always, i will be back after that to answer any follow-up questions. >> thank you very much. i'm going to be very brief. i will make my remarks informal and take questions from everybody. first, i would like to announce formally that sarah huckabee
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sanders is going to be the press secretary. sarah huckabee sanders is going to be the press secretary. you can congratulate her after. can you not hear me? no sound? okay. better? better now? i'm going to start over. you guys hurt me in the front, though. sarah's going to be the press secretary, right? congratulations to her. [applause] and so, i want to make a couple statements. the first thing i want to say is to personally thank sean spicer not only on behalf of myself, the president, and the administration, sean is a true american pager, he's a military serviceman, he's got a great family, and he's done a great job. this is a difficult situation to be in and i applaud his efforts and i love the guy and i wish him well. i hope he goes on to make a
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tremendous amount of money. as it relates to me in this position, i'm going to spend a couple of weeks getting to know the people here, and i am going to be as cordial as i have with the guys inside the west wing. there's been some speculation in the press about me and reince priebus. i want to talk about that very quickly. he and i had been personal friends for six years. we are a little bit like brothers will be rough each other up once in a while, which is totally normal for brothers. a lot of people in here have brothers, so you get that. he's a dear friend. he brought me into the political system, he brought me into the republican national community network, he introduced to me to governors, we spent many time together socially. a lot of people are unaware about this, but after the romney campaign, i invited him to the sky bridge as her effects poorly on him that he didn't take my offer to come in and be our chief operating officer. i say that and just, obviously. what i want you guys to know, he
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was my first call this morning. i met with him before we sat in the oval office, and we are committed, as true professionals, to the team and the process of getting the administration's message out. that will be one of the big goals for us. i said during the transition and i will say it up here, i think there's been, at times, a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president and the ways some of you see the president. the american people see the president the way i do, what we want to get that message out there. she is a wall street expression, there might be an arbitrage spread between how well we are doing and how what we think we're doing, and we are going to work hard to close at spread. i will take questions now. i will get to as many people as i can. >> number one, what we have seen so far, the president being his own messenger very frequently and that has caused, you know, some struggles for the communication staff.
11:30 am
how do you expect to get this white house back on track? >> i take slight issue with the question because i think the white house is on track and we are doing a really good job. i really do think that's a perspective because we have a whole is list of thing. i didn't want to come out with here with a whole list of accomplishments with the commercial right now. i wanted to talk about personal movements and how we are thinking about things. i think we are doing an amazing job. the president himself is always going to be the president within the oval office. i was with him earlier today and we were talking about letting him being himself, letting him express his full identity. he's got some of the best political instincts in the world, perhaps in the history if you think about it. he started his political stent two years and two months ago and he's on a phenomenal job for the american people. they so identify with the president and they love him. we were going to get that message out. i'm going to get to everybody. >> how do you plant -- obviously you are a business guy, how do
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you plan to talk about this when the president said and what you were here? >> i don't think it's fair to the president for me to go into the exact conversation because i want to keep those conversations between me and him private. we talked a little bit about the white house, a little bit about our personal relationship, and then when he extended the offer to me, i said i would do it because i want to serve the president. i want to give them that serve an american military my generation was born in 1954 and i did not serve. it's one of the regrets for my life, so this is an opportunity. i love the president. i obviously love the country. look at my life experience here in the country. it's an honor to be here. in terms of my personal business, yes. i have worked with the laws of governmental ethics to take care all of my business conflicts. my start date is going to be in a couple weeks. it's a 100% total cleanse.
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i don't see an issue with it. notice the white house counsel. here's one thing i want to say about this. when you are bringing american business people into the administration and you've had some level of success in society, they have to unencumbered themselves. it's a very interesting thing and somewhat ironic. the first thing you have to do is take on on the mega opportuy caused by getting rid of all your assets. i am willing to do that because i love the country. >> anthony, you've been watching this white house somewhat outside. gather your experience and what you've seen. >> not as much as he appeared >> what is the first thing you are going to change to try and right the ship and put it on >> again, i take issue with that. i think this ship is going in the right direction. i think we've got to just radio signal the direction very, very clearly.
11:33 am
i like the team. when your friends, i love the team. i'm an incrementalist. they say something overly dramatic as unfair, but good entrepreneurs do is they start today and they go through the process. the navy seals will tell you if you want to eat an elephant, you got to eat at one bite at a time. sarah and i will do that together. >> anthony, did you have any hesitations taking this job, knowing in my cause some friction and that it might lead to sean lee bank, which is what's going to happen? the two are at least somewhat coincidental. did you have any hesitation about how you would relate to the rest of the white house when you came in under those circumstances? >> listen, i am a business person. what happens in business a lot of times, you have some rotation of personnel as you are making changes, and you have lifestyle choices that people are also making. i would love to have sean here. sean decided that he thought it
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would be better to go. for me, as a relates to sean, who he is as a team player, his attitude is that anthony is coming in, let me clear the slate for anthony and i do appreciate that about sean and i love him for it. i don't have any friction with sean, i don't have any friction with reince priebus. we are serving the president. i want to make sure our cultural template is that we put the president's agenda first, which is perfect for the american people. we have a little bit of friction inside the white house as a result of that, it's okay. we can all live with that. i'm a business person and used to dealing with friction. >> is it disappointing you didn't linda post to your interest? >> i would say as an entrepreneur, you have to be accustomed to setbacks. i've had a series of setbacks in my life which i have written about. i wrote a best-selling book and if you don't believe me i you n come into my basement and i will show you every copy.
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i am very honest about mistakes i've made, step setbacks of tht happened was i disappointed? i said that candidly but i love the president. i am very, very loyal to the president and i love the mission the president has appeared since the early days of the campaign when i went to these rallies and it's all the love that the people had for the president, and i grew up in the middle class, there's a struggle out there. the president saw that before i did. i wish i could tell him i saw before him but he taught it to me. i feel that struggle and empathy for that struggle and i want to be here to help things matter for the american people. i'm going to try to get to everybody. >> sean told the other staff that the president needed a clean slate. how does that comport with the white house and tenant heading in the right direction? how badly does the president need a win on health care? >> here's the problem with the way our society is working.
11:36 am
right now, we are micromanaged managing the cycle of the new cycle. i imagine the present will get a win and health care and that's my honest prediction. i have seen him in operation over the last 20 plus years. the president has a really good karma. the world turns back to him. he's a genuinely a wonderful human being, and i think the members of congress get to know him better and get comfortable with him, they are going to let them lead him to the right things to the american people. they will get health care done. i also think we will get health care -- tech sputum. we will make it happen. >> the cameras are back, will you commit now to holding regular on camera briefings? >> if you supply hair and makeup, i will consider it. i need a lot of hair and makeup. it may be. this is the press secretary. i am up here today only because i think it's the first day we made a mutual decision that would make sense for me to come
11:37 am
up here and answer as many questions as possible. and the answer is we may. i have to talk to the president about that. i like consulting with the president before we make decisions like that. >> i know you've been one of the strongest supporters for a while now. at the scene we said about him back in 2015 when he said he was a heck of a politician? >> you bring that up every 15 seconds. one of the biggest mistakes i made was i was an unexperienced person in the world of politics, i was supporting the other candidate. i should have never said that about him. as a president was listening, i apologize for the 50th time for saying that. here's a wonderful thing about the news media that was in the lab wife, you've never forgotten it, he's never forgotten it. i hope at some date mr. president you will forget it. let's go to the next question. >> there's been a question about credibility. some things have been set in this world. let me ask you what i asked sean spicer on his first day. is it your commitment to the
11:38 am
best of your ability give accurate information truthfully? >> i sort of feel like i don't even have to answer that question. i hope you can feel that for me just for my body language if that's the kind of person i am. i'm going to get to everybody. >> you mentioned your relationship with reince priebus. was he involved in offering you this position? where you consulted by the president had ten? >> he was consulted and evolved in this. there's a lot of speculation in the press about the timing and so forth. when i am here to tell you is we are a team. >> walk us through how the job was offered. >> like i said, some of the stuff is unnecessary to go into that detail. it pulls up a circle where you are wearing a face camera on you when you are having conversations. that's not fair to the president. i am a team player. i played team sports my whole life as a kid. i believe you have to
11:39 am
subordinate yourself to the greater good of the team. if teammates have disagreements about certain things, then they are not going to get the championship. you got to get better and mix it up a little bit from time to time. i have no problem exam with these guys and i love these guys. it is a perfect every single day? tell me who's life is perfect every single day. this is the promise of making you, i am here to serve him and the people inside. >> are you committed back to regular televised briefings and having a transparent relationship with the press? >> again, i obviously am committed to being transparent because i am standing here, but i would like to talk it over with the president. we would have a new press secretary. i would like to talk it over with her. we will get back to you on that. i am standing right here. i'm trying to answer every question.
11:40 am
>> are busy, we know the president has been feeling under siege with the russian investigation. do you feel like he's feeling exposed? he didn't have people adequately coming to his offense? is at the reason why we had here today? >> one of the things that i am feeling today that i don't have my white house counsel briefing before my press briefing, so i will limit my remarks to the russian situation and things like that. the president is the most competitive person i've ever met. i have seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. i've seen him in madison square garden with a topcoat on standing in the key hitting shots. i don't see this guy is a guy that is ever under siege. he's a very, very competitive person. obviously there's a lot coming in the white house. but he's a winner. we will do a lot of winning. >> one other question, in terms
11:41 am
of the relationship that the press operations have, they've made a habit of calling us out as fake news, calling stores i don't like fake news, calling errors that have been corrected using that as an example, is at the kind of relationship you want with media outlets? >> again, i will speak for myself right now. it's my first day on the job, i got to get familiar with everybody, get direction from the president, but i have a person it written tip with your news organization and i thought i handled it well. you guys said something about me that was unfair and untrue and i expected the apology immediately. for me, i've never been a journalist, but i have played a journalist on television. i have empathy for journalists in terms of sometimes it will get stories wrong. i sort of don't like the fake news, and if you said to me that there is some media bias out
11:42 am
there, and i wouldn't want to be as candid as i would like to be with you guys, we hope we can de-escalate that and turn it around and let the message from the president get out there to the american people. >> the president is known to see himself as his own best spokesperson. that was clearly a challenge that sean had at the podium. how do you plan on navigating that? >> here is what i would say. again, i thought sean did a very, very good job. he's a very articulate person. he's had 30 years in communications. i would imagine there there are people here that are going to be super excited -- that he will be a very effective communicator wherever he goes. as a relates to standing at the podium, i think everybody has their own individual personality. i do believe that the best messenger, the best media
11:43 am
person, the most savvy person in the white house is the president of the united states. i'm hoping to learn from him, as well as from sarah and other people. >> how long have you had your relationship with the president? >> the first time i met the president, he was a name brand even back in the day, i was 31. michael festa telly was a close personal friend of mine and we were at goldman sachs together. he introduced me to the president. i had met him a few more times from that. the president of the yankees introduced me to him sometimes. and then i would say that we got closer during the romney campaign where we did a couple of fundraisers and his apartmen apartment. i don't think i would be standing here if i didn't have a good relationship with the president. i love the president. i think a lot of you guys know me and i've been very, very loyal to him. i will do the best with my i ce with my heart and soul with this job. >> do you plan on changing
11:44 am
beyond this? >> there is some speculation and i think we can talk about specifically that i hope things are staying. i know that there was some speculation about that. i just spoke to both of them. i love the two of them. they go back a long ways with them. i think they are two phenomenal people. as a relates to the other people and the comp shop, i got to get to know them. sean was incredibly gracious a few hours ago reset his office and he spoke to them on my behalf. reince was incredibly gracious. i spoke to them as well. i got to get to know the people. they got to get to know me. hopefully they will like me and will want to stay. we will see what happens. we are going to make it very functional. we will try to get to everybody. >> are you going to -- >> that's a really good question, but i think it's inappropriate for me to answer that question right now. unfortunately, i have to get back to you on that because i got to get some direction from
11:45 am
general mcmaster. i'm going to do everything i can to get to every person in this room. >> president have a press conference with us in the near future? >> i will talk to them about it. absolutely. listen, i mean, the president is phenomenal with the press. he's a great communicator. he won the selection, i used to know him a lot better when we were in the campaign and transition, i think we spent 60% of the money and we had one-third of the personnel. we won the presidency because of donald j. trump. he is an unbelievable politicia politician. of course, at some point, we will make sure that happens. i don't know at what point it's going to be. you have to talk to him. i'm going to get to everybody. i'm going to do my very best to get to everybody. we'll go over here. >> he said that the white house
11:46 am
is a difficult place. how will you handle a couple things? >> let me explain that. let me be specific. it's a difficult place because here's what happens. it's a little cramped in there. you've got a lot of reporters from international news agencies, and it's a difficult place because you're trying to match trying to get a job done but you are sitting inside of a fishbowl. i don't mean it's a difficult place to work in terms of the people, i think what we find is there's a lot less palace intrigue then it's getting reported about. what that does create tension and anxiety, alongside my peers here to reduce that tension and anxiety. we all like each other. >> how are you going to handle when a crises or a big thing comes up and you put a very sophisticated message out at night, and the president, in the morning, tweets something very
11:47 am
different? are you willing to say that you've made a mistake. two questions are there. >> i took trial advocacy at harvard law school, a little name dropping there. i am not going to answer that because that is a hypothetical. the first thing a teacher is to not answer hypothetical. the first thing i will tell you is i love the president, and he's a very effective communicator. he will use social media. i think if i get this wrong and i'm going to hear, so i hope i don't get wrong. he's got 130 million or hundred 14 million. i know he's picking about $300,000 a day, god bless him. to me, i think it's been very effective use of reaching the american public directly. i welcome him continuing to do that. i think it's a very, very important for him to express his identity. what i have found traveling around the country, people love him.
11:48 am
>> that's a hypothetical. it's totally unfair for me to even answer that because how can i answer that? i don't know what the tweet is, i don't know what happens. you learn that early in law school not to answer that question. >> any frustrations at all? a lot of these briefings have been off-camera. do you think putting them on camera would be beneficial? >> he hasn't expressed that to me, so i can't answer that question honestly. >> how much is he in the press briefings are so >> i am here to serve him. i am certainly going to do my very best to communicate to him what i think is the most effective strategy for him to get his message out to the american people and to the global community. it will be as much or as little as he wants it to be. he did give me the orders today that i am in charge and report directly to him and i will do my very best to serve him. for as much and as little as he wants. >> to follow that, your relationship with the chief of
11:49 am
staff, is he your boss? do report directly to the present? >> so, i'm going to let reince answer that. i have no problem working for reince. i can only speak about my management style. i have been on wall street for 29 years. nobody has ever worked for me. people work with me. i believe in a lot of collaboration. i think if you do that, it's a very, very empowering for people. i have no problem working for reince. the president said a report to him directly. listen, you guys are going to be very, very surprised about the relationship i have a reince and the closeness we are going to have, in terms of working to serve the president. he's chief of staff. it would be foolish of me to not communicate with him, not to relate to him every single thin thing. >> do you stand by some of the factual claims that have been contested and made by this administration? 3 million illegal votes cast? do you endorse all of those? >> that's a little bit of an
11:50 am
unfair question because i'm not up to speed on all of that. >> 3 million people voted out legally. >> okay, so if the president says it, i will do more research on it. my guess is there's probably some level of truth on that. what we have found sometimes is the president says stuff, some of you guys in the media think it's not true or isn't true. it turns out it is closer to the truth than people think. when i get some research on the and i will get back to. i'm feeling the hook here. let me get to blake first. >> congrats on the new job. question for you. >> really, you're congratulating me? >> it's a new job. you've gone through your passive law school, business, finance, but you've never held a communication type role. what would you say to your critics that say, he has never done anything like this? secondly, if you can just lay out why he wanted the job and
11:51 am
thirdly, before you go, why you chose immediately right off the bat sarah to be the new press secretary? >> i will start with sarah first. the president love sarah. he thinks she's doing a phenomenal job. i agree. other members of the staff agree. i am super proud to work with her. it's going to be a phenomenal press secretary. as it relates to me. i think you'll find in the background of my career, i have a lot of communications experience and i spent a lot of time on television, i spent a lot of time shaping the message for my old predecessors. time will tell. here's something i will tell you about myself. there's a lot of stuff that i don't know, so i will lead on people like sarah and other people to help me be the best that i can possibly be. i will take one last question. right here. >> would like to ask you to questions. because of your legal background and the fact that you mentioned,
11:52 am
can you explain to what role as somebody who is chained in the law, interact as a legal team? and then secondly, can i add onto that, most analysts would never look at white house communications have been in academia or said that when a president says that he has communication problems, what he has is usually political problems. you are arguing that we are not understanding how much the president should be appreciated and how much you lie for him. but can you describe to us, how much you think of that concept and how the president has political and policy problems? >> okay, solicit with the first question. >> legal. you will interact with the president's legal team? >> i am close personal friends with jay sekulow. i have a relationship with john
11:53 am
dowd. i am going to work with them again and other people to make sure that we are on message and handling ourselves in the most appropriate way possible. that's the best i can say about that. i have not met ty cobb. i do not know him. >> at the follow-up was, communication problems versus political policy and the way you see that in the context of this. >> not long ago, teddy roosevelt said that a presidency is an open forum. the president has a great gift and is able to control the new cycle and control the message. i think if we get super coordinated around here with the president and we go back to what he did with some of the great successes he had on the campaign and the transition and even the presidency, frankly, is delivering that message directly to the american people. to me, i think policies are fantastic. i think he's done a phenomenal job. i think sarah read something a total belief is that he's doing
11:54 am
a phenomenal job, and we just need to get it out there a little bit more aggressively and we will try to do that. should i take another one? i will take one more. >> thank you very much. you talk to several times about your relationship with reince priebus. can you talk about your relationship with steve banning? he said in fact you have drawn objections about you taking this job as well. i have one other thing. >> i've been interviewed about steve and i think he's one of the smartest people i know. i think he was instrumental in helping us win the election. he's got a strong personality, i have a strong personality. we didn't really overlap at goldman sachs but we both worked there for a period of time. there was something great about that culture back in yesteryear. i've been out of goldman now for 20, 21 years, but there were two great things about that culture appeared the first was you supported yourself as a team if he had disagreements.
11:55 am
the legendary john weinberg said some people grow, other people's well. that's a great line to think about yourself. for me, i want to keep my head in the game, i want to keep my ego low, and i want to work as closely as i can. i have a huge enormous amount of respect for him. sarah says i can keep going. i will keep going. >> you said you don't need to right the ship, that you guys are doing great work. the president has a 38.8% approval rating in his second quarter. that is historically low. what are you going to do to change that? >> that's actually a really good question. these are moving targets and we all know from statistics that it sometimes the polls can be wrong. we do know that. we are going to use gallus average, but averages during the campaign and we said we are going to lose and we ended up winning.
11:56 am
i would say about polls is that they are a barometric pressure reading for right now today. but the american people are actually playing a long cane. i think they really, really love the president. when you look into the individual state by state polls, the guy is doing phenomenally well. it's indicating to me personally that the president is a really well loved. there terms to be a disconnect. we want to connect that, sarah and i, as best to our capability. i feel great about what he's doing. maybe you don't feel great, but i don't know. and what the american people in general to feel great about it. she says i can keep going. i will keep going. speak out there is reports about general mcmaster having disagreements on policy over russia. can you say that there will be no other high-profile resignations or exits at the white house staff? >> again, another hypothetical. i honestly cannot answer that one way or another.
11:57 am
i have an enormous amount of respect for general mcmaster. i dosed don't know the situation and i will answer because i just don't know. >> messaging as it relates to russia. >> i specifically said that i haven't been briefed yet by the white house counsel about what is appropriate to talk about from this podium, so therefore, i don't want to take any questions. >> i would like to ask you though, is the strategy that seems to be coming from this white house now and going after robert mueller's credibility the right time? >> again, that sort of in that zip code of legal team and not really in sarah's or my zip code. i want to stay within it. it's actually very complicated. i don't want to pull all the people with the legal details related to it. it's my first day standing up here and i don't want to go in that direction, so i won't
11:58 am
answer the question. not because i'm trying to be forthcoming, but i just think there are legalities that i want to touch. we will take his question first and then i will take yours. >> thank you very much. communication is key. how important is relations between the president and the press? how is he going to change and how much he is he trusting the press? what do you think? >> i'm a super optimistic guy. i'm too short to see the glass anything other than passable. i'm a super optimistic guy. i think the president is going to have another phenomenal relationship with the press. >> larry spaceman stood up there and said don't tell us how to report the news. do you think that's an accurate reflection of what your job is? >> say it again.
11:59 am
>> don't tell us fake news, we won't tell you how to report the news. do you think that's an accurate reflection of our relationship? >> i don't know. we are in a different world and i have a huge amount of respect for secretary speak. when he was standing at this podium, it was a very different world. everyone of us now has a sound studio, recording studio, movie studio right in the home of our hands. we can say things and it's going to be read certainly. i know sarah and i are going to work on reaching as many people as we possibly can. maybe he was accurate in 1980, but sarah and i will think of something to say where we will start working together. okay, yeah. >> is it possible for this communications team to know what's in his head every moment? how are you going to make sure you are on the same page that this president is on?
12:00 pm
what have you set it to him about the need to know what he is thinking and where he stands as it relates to policies? >> i'm not going to speak on behalf of the president. i just know i have a close relationship with him. sarah has a close relationship with him. i think it's important for us to let him express his personality. it has been a very successful life experience for president trump to be president trump. let's let him do that, and let me just finish, let's see where the chips fall. when something happens that you don't like, or you don't like. you can talk to me or sarah. >> will you speak with him everyday? >> listen, i don't want -- i am not one of these people that needs to have a necessary stage time with the president. i do have the office privileges is what you're talking about, and i do have the opportunity to meet with him because they will be the comms director and he told me he will put me in


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