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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 22, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i will always be fair and balanced and we are not the establishment straight from the media. i hope you have a good weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. next the justice department's as the attorney general jeff sessions can't find his previous assertion that he never had conversations with russian officials about the presidential election. >> hello, and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i mike back here we are back for another hour. eminem. i'm alyssa francis, kelly wright and julie banderas are off. this comes after the washington post reported that russian ambassador said he did discuss election related issues with sessions last year. allison has more from washingt washington. reporter: the russian ambassador
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to washington told his bosses he talked about campaign related matters with the now attorney general of the united states. that according to a new washington post report. the conversation allegedly took place during the 2016 campaign. sources reportedly say that they ambassador taped conversations with his bosses and they were intercepted by us spy agencies. if true, it would seemingly contradict a number of statements sessions made perfect i never had meetings with russian operatives or russian intermediate errors about the trump campaign's back to the best of your memory you had no conversation with ambassador? >> i don't recall that. reporter: we told foxnews she could not comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources described in the post article but quote the attorney general stands by his testimony from just last month this morning president trump criticized the leak tweeting a
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new intelligence leak from the amazon washington post and this time against eiji jeff sessions being illegal leaks like commies must stop and it's at least the second time the president has publicly mentioned sessions and almost as many days. in an interview with the new york times present trump spoke about the attorney general and his decision to recuse himself from the investigation related to russia and the election. quote he told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> clearly has confidence in him or he would not be the attorney general. reporter: donald trump junior and former campaign manager are set to base questions from the senate judiciary committee this week about a june 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer. that is expected to take place behind closed doors. >> we will see allison barber, thank you. mike: new reaction after shauna spicer abruptly resigned following anthony's appointment to become the present
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medications director. this morning president trump, himself hitting on a variety of topics during a two-hour tweet storm. joining us now, wendy, liberal political commentator and professor at johns hopkins university. and tammy bruce, fox news contributor. it was anthony's securities day on the job and present trump sent tweet this morning, so, any signs of things changing press mark. >> the tweet storm was just another mosaic in the trump that is almost becoming endemic to the top and ministration. the appointment was the opportune time for them to say let's hit the reset button and instead we woke up this morning to an obscene amount of tweets and to make it worse he asserted that he had absolute part and power and that is not true.
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quite quickly, he can pardon anyone he wants to but the framers and the constitution convention did not intend that the present could pardon himself. he does not have absolute power and he should start governing as such. mike: president trump gave him high remarks for his style at the podium yesterday. is it possible they named him to the wrong job and my beta site he'd be a better fit as press secretary briefing reporters? >> to be quite honest, i said to myself while he was talking that this guy is the smooth as silk. he deftly has the gift of gab and i said this is actually a great press secretary right here. he did a phenomenal job on the first day but the real work is ahead. it's yet to be seen how will be able to navigate the communication department. i do think he will bring a different flair and flavor to this administration. mike: tammy, let's bring you into the conversation. first, your reaction to the shakeup at the white house yesterday and is the president going to change his ways in terms of his twitter account.
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>> i think i'll be or what my colleague has said. i think it's great but one of my pet peeves from day one has been that the medications department was filled with individuals who did not necessarily have the presence best interest in mind. he was trying to adapt to the establishment and he wanted to be fair and cooperate and make deals but the fact is he has learned that he has got to have individuals who understand him, that have known him that understand his style. remember, leadership is not about slowing yourself down to stay with people who can't keep up but about having people around you who can keep up with you and that's their job. anthony will do that. he's not just a smooth operator. the reason his press conference went so well is because he's at genuine nice guy. the journalists who know him, like him and the people who know him, like him.
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this is a man like most americans who is simply committed to the united states and to the success of the president's agenda which will make the difference for the individuals who not to vote for the president but even for those who didn't. this is about making america great but for everyone across the board and anthony will be the perfect example. mike: and let's take a listen to the new white house medications director hours after he was appointed to the post. >> what is the first thing you will change? >> again, i take issue with that. this ship is going in the right direction and i think we have to radio signal the direction very, very clearly. i like the team and let me rephrase that, i love the team. the navy seals will tell you if you want to eat an elephant you have to eat at one time. we will do that together. by president trump gave him high marks for yesterday and he's in new york or the president is a new yorker and were a different breed that a lot of folks in the rest of the country. he sounds like the president. does the president want him out
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there briefing every day? >> i think this is a communicators director for a reason. the job is about keeping the team together and focused. this is what is important. the president has to know and this is important also to keep things slipping into the white house. anthony has been critical of the president in the past and has been discussed. i was not immediately with the president to the campaign last year but those of us who are critical and were persuaded to support him are the best people to be able to discuss the nature of what is going on and persuade others because we know of the nature of the man now and what is worth supporting. the twitters are a good example of being at the president make sure the left is not control the complete narrative and i think that's important. you need people around you who will help facilitate the president's best self while not interrupting the nature of what got him and what the american people like which is a man who
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was shaking up the status quo because what's been happening before, mike, is not worked. mike: plenty of signs of dissent that is untrained dissatisfaction. we'll see if the shakeup will continue. tammy, wendy, thank you for your time. melissa: first interview since becoming the new white house -- no, it was mostly a relaxing vacation but tourist in greece and turkey got a jolt they weren't expecting. plus, conflict teaming up in venezuela and why the opposition is taking on the military. plus, president trump saying what you will see coming up will make our enemies shake with fear. liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. well, there goes my boat.
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against the bill that the senate passed allowing the ruling party to have more control over the supreme court and judicial system. the european union threatening to oppose sanctions on poland. melissa: during his first interview since becoming the new white house medications director, anthony scaramucci says the border wall remains a priority for the president. he also spoke about the need for the white house to get its message out to the heartland and to step up pressure on congress to act on president from agenda. here he is speaking to breitbart news saturday earlier. >> so, what i am hoping with the right communication strategy, we can get that message out there to what i recalled the heartland and to the people themselves. then we can create grounds where those people who are disaffected and the congress and we've got to get the message out there and we've got to get the message to lift the congressman and the senators to do the right thing
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for the country. melissa: kelly is deputy managing editor for the weekly standard. thank you for joining us. we have already seen a different approach with anthony, especially when you saw the press conference that he did yesterday and even his own tone in terms of the depth he had with cnn and others that he will be forceful but gracious and charming and jovial and laughing which is different than how the trump team has treated the press so far. do you think that will stick croissant does it work better? >> i think that his press conference did go very well and some of your guests said earlier, this afternoon, maybe he should of been the new press secretary. i wonder though if the new white house medications director his mitigation strategy is actually all that great. as he said in an interview, he
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focused on messaging. we need to get the message out to people. while, president trump has been getting his message out directly to the american people through his twitter account. that is unfiltered completely and let's face it, even hostile media regularly port on the content of president trump's tweets. i disagree that the main problem the white house has is messaging and getting it out. they are getting it out. melissa: the point that carl was making earlier is interesting is that he passes the media and this is anthony scaramucci but he doesn't hold the vendetta. it's not the same hostility. he won't fight back and forth with other people. for example, the cnn back and forth once they pulled the story and said he was sorry he was gracious and accepted and moved on. it wasn't until they stood up and said will you continue to say fake news that he mentioned it but even in a cordial way. i wonder if that outlook, rather than being hostile, rather than being argumentative, which i think a lot of the truth coming
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out of the white house -- maybe they were following the lead of the president or that's just the way they were dealing but there was a hostility be on the president between the people that were out there talking and doing media. anthony doesn't have that. will that work better with reporters? i think it will work better with reporters but it is important for the president medication team to have good relationship with reporters and i don't mean that reporters should be passing on the talking points of the white house without criticism but you do want a civil relationship to get it out to people but when you have the president tweeting this morning talking about fake news and referring to the washington post as the amazon washington post criticizing them, calling them failing it's hard to see how that hostility and disappeared and one man can only do so much for the president and the president is the one who sets the agenda. melissa: i would say the treat is in the eye of the beholder because people who hate his
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agenda and they read the treats and they see them as being hostile and for people who are fans of the president they look at the tweets and they laugh or applaud them and they appreciate the sentiment behind them so all the tweets do is reinforce the view that you already have. they're not changing minds one way or the other. you look at them as damaging but he's railing the people who adore him which is what social media is about that you feed the people who are following you all the time. i don't know that it actually does very much damage. the people who hate him already hate him everywhere. >> that's true but that's the question. do you want to just keep the support you have or do you want to expand your support. let's face it -- for the border wall to get built they will need to rally some support. defending for the border wall was already stripped out of one spending bill because they didn't have enough support amongst democrats and even some republicans. the question is just holding on
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base enough? melissa: let's listen to what anthony scaramucci had to say about that. >> citizen public servants were not career politicians or establishment players that want to sit in washington and melt the system. we want to do is hear the things that we are promised you and like good business people we will deliver on these promises and try to make the system better. the wall is at the top of the list for the president and i can assure you that it will get done. melissa: it is interesting that he mentioned the wall at the top of the list because we read that border crossings are down something like 53% of the president has been in office proving the point that the message of the wall might have been enough. i don't know if it undermines the point that you need the physical barrier was already dropped in half. it is interesting that he would
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bring that up in particular to health care and tax policy which are at the forefront. what do you think? >> that's a good point. we've seen that despite the fact that the wall isn't being built and i question whether it ever will be and that's also why i'm not sure you want to bring that up as the number one thing to get done when you probably won't get it done. you are right, messaging has proven effective in that case and the fact that they are cracking down on deportation and we've heard just this weekend that they are cracking down on supporting people involving gang activity and so, things like that they might not build the wall but when people hear deportations are going up, that does send a message that you are illegal immigrants might want to come into the united states. melissa: we both work as reporters and you know that when someone is charming and friendly and you like them it can be harder to be totally hostile towards them as opposed to when someone is bugging you all the time and is hostile at you that you are cranky when they come around.
1:20 pm
if you have somebody more personable who is out there directing the communications in dealing with people, isn't that bound to be an improvement mark. >> it depends on the reporter. i have to say i interviewed ben affleck a couple times and i took issue with his movie argo in the way he portrayed the iranian revolution and at the end of the interviews he tapped me on the shoulder and looked me in the eye and said i'm really glad you asked those questions. i have to say for a brief second i thought can i write a negative piece about ben affleck. here's this hollywood hunk giving me a great look but you have to take your job seriously and do what you can. you have to be fair. six you thought about it back yeah, i did for a second. that's the thing. you want to build a relationship with people who get them thinking. you won't get them on your side necessarily but you want to be positive so that they are fair as possible. if they're just hostile, they
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won't be as fair. melissa: i might have wilted with ben affleck. he's pretty cute. thank you for that. mike: a wildfire tearing through the sierra nevada mountains in california while another one is burning near use of any national park. that fire almost a week old has burned through more than 70000 acres. will is live in los angeles. reporter: hey there, mike. we see more than 100 new wildfires break out in california this week alone. the map is painted with dozens of fires across the western united states and one of the biggest in california is the detweiler fire burning in the hit near yosemite national park and it's been brutal. it destroyed 60 homes, more than 60 structures and trying more than 70000 acres so far. homes and communities are in the fires path and mandatory evacuations remain in place in some areas.
1:22 pm
the good news is the containment numbers have jumped each day and is now 30% contained and fire crews are getting a little help. it is hot and dry and the winds have died down and authority say that is a welcomed gift. they are tacking from the air and takers are dropping more than 4500 firefighters are on the front lines trying to contain this massive fire. >> you add in the fact that you're in the foothills and the slopes and the temperatures we are dealing with, the humidity, it's a full on challenge. reporter: authorities are asking for everyone to be mindful that we are at the peak of fire season and a 12 -year-old was arrested outside of sacramento when he was smoking pot and started a wildfire. it doesn't take much to start the next fire that confront properties home and lives. mike: so much of the west is bone dry at this point. well, thanks very much. melissa: and a us airstrike
1:23 pm
mistakenly killed 12 national police officers and the pentagon confirming it happened during an operation against caliban and militants in helmand province. much of that territory is under the control of the television. the afghan government has been pushing hard to recapture it with the help of the us and nato forces. officials say they believe the afghan police officers were not in uniform and may explain why they were mistaken for taliban fighters. mike: tensions continue to arrive in west bank amid growing clashes and after a palestinian killed three israeli civilians, a live report just ahead. plus, paul ryan urging senate republicans to work together to find a way to repeal and replace obamacare. connect a lot of counties in america there is no health insurance left. this law is in a tailspin and were seeing opinion increases for next year. doing nothing, doesn't work.
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mike: now, to the battle over healthcare. mitch mcconnell forcing his members to take a tough vote on a bill to replay obamacare. meanwhile, house speaker paul ryan is urging senate republicans to repeal and replace obamacare at the same time. >> we want the senate to keep working at it until i get this right because, again, obamacare is collapsing. the law is working and the status quo is not an option we can stick with. mike: republican congressman joins us now. good to see you. you're a member of the house and energy commerce committee. how frustrated are you and your colleagues watching the senate struggle with healthcare reform? >> i hate to say it but nearly five years in the house now and being frustrated with the senate is common. it is very frustrating when you consider the number one promise made to the american people by
1:29 pm
the republicans who iran for the house and senate and yes, for president. many republican voters gave up pressure, talent, time to make sure that they have what we have today and then they check that box. the repeal of obamacare is a done deal and to watch one of the three of these entities struggle with it is frustrating. mike: will the senate get this done or do you worry that majority leader mcconnell will sit down with democrats to stabilize the insurance market and in effect fix obamacare? >> i'm in eternal optimist and i believe they will get it done. i applaud what the leader is doing by forcing the vote that you reference at the beginning of this piece. for too many years the senate has had the luxury of not having to vote on difficult things. you have, on one hand, the perfect enemy of good and on the other yet the hand ringers who want everything for everybody and what happened now is when we
1:30 pm
got the presidency and the reality of the repeal and replace of obamacare hit the voters and they check that box you also woke up a lot of people who benefit from the largess of obamacare. now, they're making noise. i would say to my senate frien friends, when confronted with noise and confusion, go back to what you know and go back to what you promised to do. do not let the perfect enemy of good and working together, we can come to some kind of decision. i heard one senator on fox news channel say that he didn't think the republican bill was adequate as repeal and he didn't think it was etiquette as a placement and he must fall between bernie sanders and iran paul. it's cowardice frankly. mike: there's plenty of buzz on capitol hill about the impact on tax reform and if they cannot get health care reform done, here's house speaker paul ryan talking about what's next in term of tax reform.
1:31 pm
>> we can still do tax reform regardless of what happens on health care reform. we've always put in a contingency plan. we will do tax reform, no matter what happens with respect to any other issue like healthcare reform. we know we have to do tax reform. it's a once in a generation opportunity. mike: speaker of the house is optimistic. are you worried about the reception that you and your colleagues will get at tom paul's in august with the big campaign promises taking longer than expected? >> sure, i am. i hold a lot of town halls and when the frustration swings from side to side and it has been doing lately, of course, if we come back in august and don't have at least a start to tax form that will be a problem. remember, the house has been doing tax reform and we had the blueprint out early this last winter and it had four hearings and they called bold and big and now, we approach -- remember the
1:32 pm
appeal of obamacare is a major part of tax reform, as well. if we fail on the repeal of obamacare the contingency that he speaks of isn't of as good as if tax reform had been with the repeal of obamacare. obamacare is nearly a trillion dollars of tax increases in it. we won't be able to give as much money back to the people if we don't do healthcare first. that said it is still noble to work toward the comments of tax reform and to find the code and flattening it out, lowering rates to the target were able to get to and spur more economic job creation in this country. mike: bottom line, will test more be easier in the house, senate and for the president of a businessman to sell. >> i believe it will be. it certainly more in the present comfort zone and it's certainly a high priority for a speaker who has prior to being speaker was the committee chairman and this is a once in a generation, as he often says, they worked very hard at it.
1:33 pm
the committee has had for hearing since republicans took over the house of representatives. we are ready for conference of tax reform. it will be a priority and i believe it will be done. mike: you and your colleagues are facing a an unpopular vote for republican the debt ceiling. will it be ataxic to a popular piece of legislation, like money for veterans health to make it easier to approve? >> maybe it will. i don't know, mike. raising the debt ceiling is an obligation. it's not that difficult of a discussion in my mind. that said, we often like to see things attached to it and not so much in the spending sign but on the cut side because you'll raise the debt ceiling to fulfill your past obligations which republicans believe we should do. we ought to attach policies that help and further the cause of getting our debt under control and this gets back to tax reform. when you have a debt that exceeds the productivity of the country we need to find a way to
1:34 pm
reduce our debt but also find a way to grow the productivity of the country. that will go a long, long ways to solving both problems. mike: congressman kramer, you for your time. >> thanks, mike. melissa: israel is sending more trips to the west bank after a palestinian killed three members of the same is really family. the latest violence coming after israel installed metal detectors at the entrance of the temple mount. the site wholly to both jews and muslims where is really police officers were attacked last week, john is reporting from our jerusalem bureau. reporter: melissa, israeli officials are calling last night deadly attack in the west bank a massacre. others refer to it as a slaughter. the crime scene photos that are too graphic and gruesome to show but in one, melissa, you see the kitchen floor of the home where it is really family had just sat down for their shabbat meal
1:35 pm
literally stained with blood and covered in blood. it's a gruesome scene. the attack happened in the west bank settlement of. [inaudible] a 20 -year-old palestinian man snuck into the home and the back door and stabbed to death of father, 70 -year-old man and his two grown children, daughter, 46 and his son, 36. the mother was also sad and stabbed but she survived in the hospital. the son's wife managed to hide their five children in a bedroom while this bloodbath was going on. they were all fortunately, unarmed. a neighbor who, according to officials, was an idea soldier who is on leave heard the screaming and rushed neighbors home and ended up shooting the attacker who posted on facebook hours before the assault what he called a last will writing that he would quote die for a lot but he didn't and survive. he's referring to the temple
1:36 pm
mosque where is really police set up is really metal detectors on friday following that deadly effect in which police officers were killed and since then there have been daily riots in and around from and the west bank. that continues tonight, three palestinians have died in the violence in more than 400 have been injured. since last night attack, israel has four more troops into the west bank. the question is now will israel remove the metal detectors from the temple mount. melissa: , what a story. thank you for that, five powerful storm pounding illinois. windsor reporting 80 miles an hour and you can see the storm brought heavy rain and hail. it had a parking lot in the town of attack got near chicago yesterday. the storm down to many trees and power lines. it's an incredible video. melissa: michael jackson's formal champions the is an
1:37 pm
display in florida. bubbles original artwork and pieces by fellow primates are being sold at a gallery in miami. some of them are priced as high as $2000. melissamike: it will benefit thr of great apes were bubbles currently lives and it sounds like a good cause but who knew he had the talent? melissa: too grand for an ape painting. there you go. would you spend it? no. mike: i'm good. new questions now over what is the top democrat will slow roll and ethics probe into house intelligence committee to delay an investigation into the obama administration's unmasking of sensitive information about trump campaign associates. the president of judicial watch joined us next. sults it was a s. i'm everything.
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mike: is versatile that the top democrats are slow rolling and ethics probe into house intelligence committee devon nunez in order to delay investigation of the obama investigation unmasking of american citizens and intelligence reports. let's bring in thomas witten, the president of judicial watch. tom, do you believe there's been a double standard in terms of treatment republicans devon nunez and the top democrat and shift have gotten? >> there sure is. they suggest that the cochairman of the ethics committee has split three: three and you need democrats to do anything slow rolled and prejudged the complaint against mr. nunez. he doesn't think he should be head of intelligence committee because he disclose classified information. there's no evidence he disclosed information that there is evidence adam shift the closed information together acting on the nunez complaint but when judicial watch complain about
1:43 pm
what shifted there was nothing. republicans are allowing this slow rolling of the investigation to go on and as a result, mr. nunez, has stepped away from the rest investigatios on the other foot, mike, nancy pelosi would be screaming from the rooftops and the new york times to be yelling about why is the republican control ethics committee slow rolling this investigation into one of their own and in the future democrats protecting adam shift while targeting nunez who single-handedly expose the unmasking scandal of the illegal leaks surrounding the trump team. he's being punished. if i was nunez, i come back into the investigation and say i am done with this ethics process and its corrupted and house leadership needs to fix it, as well. mike: why is it in your mind the republican leadership is not sticking up for nunez was marked back i think they're afraid to handle these issues.
1:44 pm
nunez put his neck on the line and it got left off. trend by the health ethics process and they're afraid of being targeted too. they should stand fast on behalf of the rule of law and good governance within the house because right now this ethics process is being abused to target the house intelligence chairman and preventing him from doing his job. mike: why wouldn't the ethics committee look at any leak of classified information that isn't that what they are there to do? >> it's been hijacked by white partisans and they need republicans and democrats to jointly move, it's not a majority can win here in terms of republicans versus democrats. they haven't split three: three. democrats have to do nothing and nothing was a long. mike: as you know, there's been news over the past 24 hours and it feels like the last six months have been a tremendous amount crammed into that time but there's been buzz about presidential pardons already including president trump tweeting about it himself. is it too soon for all of that? >> i don't know.
1:45 pm
if the investigative powers of the justice department are being used to target people who shouldn't be targeted or to disrupt the governance of the united states the pardon power is an option for the present. ironically, the president pointed out in his tweet that the people who are most likely to need pardons are the ones who were involved in the unmasking or classified leaks classified of information. it's probably not those that the trump team needs pardons but those who oppose trump that will need the pardons, in the end. people like comey, people like anyone involved in the wiki classification we're talking about today and attorney general sessions told the ambassador and the fact that that conversation took place between the russian ambassador and the boss in the kremlin and that they were able to spy on it we know the contents of it. incredibly classified information and very damaging to national security that was released spry time, as you know, at the buzz about jeff sessions
1:46 pm
but a guy who served in the senate for 20 years and people seem to forget about him being there colleagues for a long time. do you think the attorney general days are numbered? is he on his way out? >> no, i don't think he's on his way out. if he does his job and i thank you should un- recuse himself so he can act fully as attorney general and police this investigation and keep it under control and if necessary, remove muller. i think muller has devastated he doesn't understand what the limits of his power are and he doesn't care about conflict of interest and the american people deserve an investigation that is credible and isn't abusive and muller isn't capable of doing that. he's devastated that it should be removed. mike: tom, from judicial watch, thanks for your time. melissa: o.j. simpson gets parole and the new reaction from the goldman family. what happened next and will the goldmans ever get the money that he owes them? >> i'm not a guy who lived a criminal life.
1:47 pm
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melissa: after nevada parole board unanimously granted o.j. simpson an early release from prison, the father of ron goldman says he finds the
1:51 pm
decision for parole very disappointing back i fully know without a doubt he is the same person. he showed it clearly during the parole hearings. his snickering about things, the arrogant looks when they were reading things. the way he snapped at one of the commissioners on the parole board when he said this but i don't recall what he said but he snapped at them. i think he is exactly who he always is. melissa: simpson is expect to be freed in october, so what is next for him. stephanie willis is a criminal defense attorney in a former state prosecutor and we were talking during the commercial. when he sat there and started talking, it took me right back. it felt like no time had gone by. mercedes, it feels like his attitude hasn't changed at all. after nine years behind bars, he wasn't apologetic and he didn't seem remorseful and had an excuse for everything.
1:52 pm
what was your take? >> is amazing. once a victim, always a victim. i wasn't really accused, the arrogant and the way he presented himself, the demeanor, completely divorced from the reality of it. in the civil case, you were found responsible for slaughtering to human beings. none of that faced him. you look at all that because the fact that he was civilly responsible for those deaths it's a wake-up call. not to mention, nine years in prison, there would be some introspection. mike: for those who aren't illegal and we sat there and watched the whole thing and you wonder what does it take not to get parole. obviously, he admitted again again in his record behind bars was flawless and that he had got in trouble the whole time but if you watched twitter and they would say what it was like to be his lawyer right now, your defense attorney when he said i never been accused of pulling a weapon on anyone and i'm like,
1:53 pm
at the very least, there was that one time you are accused. does it matter that he seemed to lie in a parole hearing? >> i know there was the one board member who actually said the fact that he said during the parole hearing what a difference that that he had. as a defense attorney we always want to prep our clients and i'm sure his attorney, not to do the same but when your client is there and talking on their own there's only so much you can do. as mercedes corrected, he became a day again. there was no humbling experience for him in jail. while he was in prison, excuse me. he essentially did what he was supposed to do and no infractions on his behalf but on his thinking that he'll get out and he's going back to the same ot that we've always known. melissa: that was the point of what ron goldman said. he feels like it's absolutely nothing has changed for him.
1:54 pm
asked about this but you brought about the civil judgment and we know it was a huge financial judgment against him. kim goldman talking here about how much he's paid or not. listen. >> you can't ignore the fact that he was held responsible in the civil court for killing ron in the cold, even though it wasn't a criminal case he was still held responsible. we prove that those crimes were committed. >> he was paid more than $20 million and how much have you seen perspective. >> less than 1%. less than a million dollars. >> far less. >> everyone wants to focus on the dollar amount but it's for us it's holding him responsible. melissa: it is not about the dollar amount but at the same time i was shocked to realize that his pension is $25000 a month under all kinds of laws and that pension can't be touched. he's in florida where it can't be touched. it's been accumulating these nine years $25000 a month piling
1:55 pm
up waiting for him to come out. is there any way they will see money at all smart. >> if stomach attorney. the state of florida is hesitating bringing him back. there's a public outcry about him having been paroled in returning to florida. the community doesn't want him to return and if you can't return to florida he may be forced to sell the house and then there will be money that the goldmans can attack in the state of nicole brown. melissa: other than that there's no way different kim goldman was trying to say that the judgment has made and it says that he was responsible. is it meaningful beyond that? >> a judgment is a judgment and at this point, unfortunately, the goldmans are able to get much from oj. all of his assets are protected under the florida home static act any real property meaning his home, anything that if he would be accepted into florida for parole, nothing would be
1:56 pm
able to be touched. unless he essentially moves on and get some kind of employment, or virtually, there's nothing they'll be able to do. melissa: they could put them on a reality show although he says he doesn't want to do it. you saw why they didn't put them on the stand at the first place. he talked himself out of it. ladies, thanks to both of you. that does it for us. it might, it was a pleasure to be here with you. let's do it again. what do you think? mike: we learned a lot.? thanks for your hospitality. melissa: the news continues at the top of the hour with eric, she john and our cell level. (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs
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♪ ♪ eric: and new details this afternoon on that major white house staff shake-up. sarah huckabee sanders, as you know, taking over as white house press secretary after sean spicer quit, and former hedge fund executive anthony scaramucci has become the new white house communications director, as we know. we have a lot more details about what it means for the trump administration. hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn, and this is a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters." arthel: and i'm arthel neville. shortly after the news, sean spicer announcing he was stepping down from his high profile position. a decision that stunned


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