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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking news, two major exclusive interviews you won't see anywhere else. welcome to "justice," i'm judge jejudgejeanine pirro. i'll talk to o.j.'s attorney. and a shakeup in president trump's administration. conway is here with me in new york. we'll talk about the abrupt resignation of sean spicer. the appointment of anthony
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scaramucci as communications director as well as the president's tweets this morning that has everyone talk. president trump spend spent his saturday showing off an awesome display of american military might. the u.s.s. gerald ford was commissioned by the president in a stunning ceremony in norfolk, virginia. >> american steel and americans hands have constructed a 100,000-ton message to the world. america might is second to none. and we are getting bigger and better and stronger every day of my administration. that i can tell you. and our enemies will shake with fear because everyone will know that america is coming and america is coming strong.
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judge jeanine: the u.s.s. ford will be home to 4,400 sailors. this week the white house highlighted u.s. manufacturing. but it was once again dwarfed by some of the president's tweeting today. joining me to talk about that is counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. anthony scaramucci, some say it's a sign of chaos in the white house. but i don't think anyone can deny many been a shakeup. kellyanne: anthony and i and the president have said the same thing.
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the path wanted sean to stay. the first mother ever sarah huckabee sanders will take the podium and be our press secretary. i find that particularly gratifying, she is a republican and it's a great perspective. anthony is a self-made businessman. and a true american success story. people are misleading this that this is to get somebody to defend the president. we are going to get out there and play offense. sean spicer had a great communications mind when it came to pulling out of paris accords and tax reform and made in america week. he had a good way of marshaling the resources to make sure the president's message is breaking through. but we need more of that. this media decided to be hostile
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and every chance it gets. a great follow very quickly. people are asked which of the following is most of important to you. healthcare got 35%. russia, 6% most of important. got 75% of the coverage. so this white house with anthony scaramucci's help, we are going to force the message through so that people stop talking about the nonsense and the garbage that doesn't create a single job or release one bit of energy production and doesn't put isis in retreat. and so all the news of the wonderful accomplishments the president has had. judge jeanine: he came in, you can call him a street fighter, but what you can't deny, in
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spite of his -- he doesn't have training in journalism or communication. he's smooth, he's strong, he takes no prisoners. before it even hit the podium, the way he looked and started talking, he's as comfortable tals anyone could be at that podium. kellyanne: he's confident. the spokesperson will be sarah huckabee sanders. i spoke to anthony several times. he says what so many of us in the white house say. we'll do what the president needs to us do. and everybody takes different skill sets into the west wing. it's the president who decides what combination are best. anthony has that new york swagger. when we hear his life story, he's a very generous humble
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person that i have known to be that way. it reminds me of the campaign shakeup a year ago. you want to put the people in place who can help the leader be who he is and help him succeed. judge jeanine: there are reports that reince priebus and bannon were dead set against it and over my dead body with scaramucci coming in. what happens to reince priebus now and those people who were so opposed to scaramucci coming in, and scaramucci to his credit never lost his cool, he stayed on course, and it makes me a believer he's going to be able to deliver for the president. what about priebus, are these days numbered? kellyanne: we have been hearing that since day won. he was down in norfolk today with the president. we all serve at the pleasure of the president.
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it doesn't matter who wants you to serve or not to serve as long as the president does and the vice president does. judge jeanine: one of the things i know full well, if you have a team, you have to make sure that that team can get along and that they are not under cutting each other. kellyanne: you are there to serve the president. if you are there curating your own image or worried about who has primacy and who has access. i think it ends up showing. particularly for a president like donald j. trump. he has been in business with employees of tens of thousands of people. he knows who is work and who's not. he makes these decisions. i think it's a great team.
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anthony has been coming into an existing team and fitting in and being a piece of the action when we need it as the president sees fit and i'm thrilled. judge jeanine: let's talk about jeff sessions. the washington post reporting that the attorney general was having conversations with kislyak or kislyak reported that to his bosses makes it look like the attorney general is in more trouble. kellyanne: we should be concerned about these leaks. we wouldn't know this unless someone is leaking information. it's 60 leaks as opposed to a handful when president obama was president. also eventually you may imperil
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this nation. judge jeanine: does the attorney general have the confidence of the president? kellyanne: the president said he was disappointed the attorney general recused himself. he thinks the whole russian investigation is nonsense and a witch hunt as he calls it. the polling shows that people are focused on healthcare with, taxes, immigration and the economy. judge jeanine: let me get questions out. one of the ideas -- one of the things that happened this week, made in america week, they say the president's tweets overshadows it. nuclear image and medical isotopes. my understanding is the u.s. has no domestic manufacturing
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capable of creating these facilities for the medical industry which is so important and we rely on iran for the medical ice taupes for medical imaging. is that fair to the american people? kellyanne: without commenting on that specific issue, i will tell you this, the president expressed concern to bring back manufacturing jobs. and between that and the regulatory rollbacks you see in the first six months. the 14 congressional review acts, $70 billion over time. you see tpp. we pulled out of there. we are prenegotiating the north american and south korean free trade agreement. he's committing money to opioid abuse. i say all this because we never hear about this.
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judge jeanine: we heard some things today that the president is considering pardoning himself if something were to happen. kellyanne: that's the way the media portrays things all the time. but what the president said in his tweet is very important. why would he talk about pardons when the on crime is a leak. judge jeanine: let's see if someone will actually prosecute the leaks. kellyanne: it's good people hear on shows like this the transparency and accountability are there. judge jeanine: thanks for joining us tonight. it was the parole hearing watched by millions across the country.
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next, the lead attorney for o.j. simpson joins me live in a worldwide justice exclusive. i will ask about what o.j. has told him. and ask whether he heard from his children with his late wife nicole brown simpson. how can the president plow through this agenda with all the distractions from the left? ent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste.
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and can easily switch between pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network, designed to save you money. >> that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. judge jeanine: it was the parole hearing that had the whole country glued to their tvs. o.j. simpson found out thursday that he will be paroled in two months. joining me now in a justice exclusive, mr. simpson's attorney, malcolm laverne.
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first thing i want to ask you, i know you have spoken with o.j. since the decision. what is his state of mind and what specifically can you share with us that he told you? >> mr. simpson is on cloud nine. he likes the outcome. he likes extending time with his family. everything is huck from the moon at this -- everything is hung from the moon. he had a change of custody status and they will change that up until he's released. mr. simpson enjoyed general population status the entire time he has been there. once the decision was made the wardens modified that and he had to move his cell to an area where he's more protected. judge jeanine: what's the reasoning behind that? >> for his own safety and basically not to rule things up.
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there is a legitimate concern about threats against him. fred goldman is my primary concern. i was there when mr. simpson was informed. judge jeanine: before you get into fred goldman. he was in general population for nine years and was never considered at risk. why now that he's going to be free does he have to be in protective custody? are you saying fred goldman is responsible? >> not responsible, but his name came up in the conversations. not completely responsible. any inmate on their own could try to attack mr. simpson to make a name for themselves. but fred goldman after the hearing said he wished one of the prisoners would knock o.j. in the head. he did an interview on national tv and was giving the richard
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the second who would rid me of simpson. i know people who would assassinate him. i wouldn't do it. judge jeanine: i was a d.a. when this case was tried. i think they proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt and he should have been found guilty. having said that, what happened in las vegas and the sentencing was an overcharge and an oversentence. so i'm just talking to you about this legally. let's be fair to fred goldman. i have spent my life and career protecting those who have been victimized by crime, especially the families of homicide victims. he said if someone offered him a high-powered rifle not traceable and he could take o.j. out, fred gold man of said you are talking to the wrong guy.
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>> he says you are talking to the wrong guy, but i'm going to put that it there for an audience of millions to know people are offering me to kill simpson. judge jeanine: what has o.j. said about goldman? >> mr. simpson never says anything about the goldmans unless something is put out there. he doesn't have any response other than he is concerned these are threats being taken serious by by me. mr. goldman is closing in on 80. and he had himself worked up. he is a victim. who knows in his twilight. judge jeanine: don't even go there. i'm taking fred goldman's part there. what are o.j.'s plans? is he going to florida or california. >> florida was mentioned. california is. >> the option. and he's looking forward to
6:21 pm
spending a lot of time with his family. he has kid. there are loved ones who passed away. he want to honor them at their graves. he missed 36 birthdays. and he want to live a quiet life. judge jeanine: there are report that his children with nicole brown are not speaking with o.j. >> those are false. those aren't true at all. judge jeanine: he has a relationship with nicole brown's children? >> and simpson's children. judge jeanine: has o.j. heard from them? >> they are in constant communication. these are wonderful children. judge jeanine: let's talk about money, let's talk about reality shows. i was on the street, i did my street justice on this, everybody is convinced he's going to get in trouble and end
6:22 pm
up in jail again. i personal lire am not. but tell me what his plans are. >> i think mr. simpson is very polarizing. his history notwithstanding a couple incident. he's 70 years old. i predict he will be playing government and spending time with his family. everyone has an idea about reality shows to make $50 million to do six months of work. nothing is being negotiated. i wouldn't bring those to mr. simpson and i would advice hip not to do those. but he's an adult, he can do whatever he want to do and the consequences are his. judge jeanine: if you look at anyone. malcolm laverne, attorney for o.j. sip on, thanks for joining
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us. >> thank you very much, judge. judge jeanine: the white house communications team gets a jolt. is it a sign there i chaos inside the white house? the extreme left. rosie o'donnell's big mouth is at it again. this type she want president trump thrown off a cliff. how far is too far over the line. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally.
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marianne: the mayor of minneapolis expressing confidence in her new appointment as police chief. , harteau was asked to step down after the shooting of an unarmed
6:28 pm
woman who called to report a sexual assault. mayor hongs says her replacement is adept at building relationships. hollywood mourning the death of john heard. he was found at a palo alto hotel where he was recovering from back surgery. for your latest headlines, go to judge jeanine: welcome back to justice on this busy night of news. a lot of talk with my political panel. joining me live go pack chairman david that veila and richard fowler.
6:29 pm
anthony scaramucci, good move, david avella? the performance was solid. held a good command. a positive move for the president. he will be an asset. but let's not forget. the president will not ultimately be junked by one staffer in his administration. americans will judge him based off did he make their life bert and did he make their life easier. the staff is there to help make that happen. it's the policies and ideas that the president will up let on whether he will be successful. judge jeanine: wouldn't you agree they have been having a lot of trouble getting their mess across out? >> david is right. it's about what the president can do to make the lives of americans easier. the problem the president is
6:30 pm
having. weiss white house shakeups and revolving door -- judge jeanine: it's not a revolving door yet. >> conversations of the revolving door only help slow thing down. whatever it might be, it's slowing down his agenda on the other side of pennsylvania avenue where he can't get his healthcare bill or tax reform done. judge jeanine: what do you say to this, david? >> the media has chosen to continue the same story every few days. most of throughout history he president has had staff upheavals. after infighting and trying to get the evening of the president's ear so they can win on policy. this is not new.
6:31 pm
the media just like to stay focused on it and write the same story over and over again. judge jeanine: richard, let's talk about what's happening with "the washington post." "the washington post" is alleging kislyak told the kremlin he was having all these conversations with the attorney general. the attorney general was denying it and says that he hasn't had any discussions with the russians. i mean, if you have anonymous sources and you constantly are kicking back at the president's team, how can they possibly get their message out? what would help the president's message is politic on the hill. does donald trump want to make this about the fake media. and having these conversations because of the interview a
6:32 pm
couple days ago, he said to the failing "new york times" which he tweeted later on, i don't really like sessions, sessions if he was going to recuse himself. judge jeanine: he didn't say, i don't like sessions. he didn't say that. >> this goes back to the fact, judge. you can make this story about whatever you want to make it about. he has 52 votes in the senate and a huge majority in the house of representatives. he should be getting his agenda passed easily. and he can only blame his own party for that. judge jeanine: i have to agree with richard. >> the post would rather believe an alleged leak report. over any other evidence that we currently have. let me say one other thing about this whole russia which let's
6:33 pm
not forget how this started. this started by the democrats alleging that russia interfered with our election. somehow i don't remember hearing richard or any of the other democrats screaming and yelling at his campaign manager over to israel to get benjamin netanyahu. >> a couple point here. number one, 17 intelligence agencies have said the russians were involved in our election. judge jeanine: richard, there was a pullback on that. they said that was not accurate it was four agencies. >> 4, 17, 10. i have got to tell you, i trust our intelligence agencies more than any other americans. the fact that four of them are saying the russians meddled in our elections does not escape the point that whether it's
6:34 pm
russia or donald trump, jr.'s meeting, this president is able to get his agenda done beside the quote swamp in washington. that's the story. it's not any of this other stuff. judge jeanine: david, isn't it true the democratic party and left-wing media are all about resisting this president. and in addition to that. let's assume that's the case. shouldn't he have enough on our side to get his agenda passed? >> yes and yes. yes the democrats are out to try to keep him off track. and yes republicans have to deliver. and there are plenty of areas of adream, even on healthcare, the republicans and democrats come together. we are talking right now about medicaid and how many people will get covered by understand and how many people aren't going to have government insurance. the reality for most of people in america is increasingly more
6:35 pm
and more doctors aren't taking medicaid patients. even if you had the best insurance possible, you won't be able to see a doctor because they are not making -- not taking medicaid patients. it's what obamacare is all about. >> this is the same talking points you had for 7 years. you had 7 years to craft a policy that could pass through your party. and you can't seem to do it. this speaks to the fact he doesn't have control of his party when you guys run washington. you can't get mad at democratic obstruction. because you guys god mad at me for saying there one republican obstruction. judge jeanine: donald trump is an outsider. i believe the american people are going to take it out on the rinos who aren't making this happen.
6:36 pm
>> we'll take it. judge jeanine: david, last word. >> republicans will be okay, we'll gain seats. >> i will believe it when i see it. judge jeanine: anybody want to make a bet? >> i'm not a betting man. if it continues at this rate, we'll have a democratic majority in both chambers. judge jeanine: rosie o'donnell and the maniacal trump haters calling for more violence. how can the gop congress and the president get a much-needed win? allen west joins me live.
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judge jeanine: a lot going on in washington this week despite objections from the mainstream media and the left. allen west, thanks for being with us tonight. i will start with your army back ground. u.s.s. gerald ford commissioned today it's a big deal, isn't it? >> it's a huge deal. it will hurt my heart as a sole zoar to say this, the way a nation displays its military is through its naval force. when you think about some of the things that happened in the 8 years of the obama administration where we had gaps in our area of the carriers especially in the persian gulf.
6:42 pm
i'm somewhere why it was overbudget and overschedule. but we need to get it out there. judge jeanine: i understand the technological advances on this, the necessity of having fewer -- something like 500 fewer people on the ship, and they can carry more aircraft it sounds incredible. let's move on. i want to talk to you about what we have been talking about with the panel. that is the whole idea of the republicans not supporting this president. you know what? we have the house and senate and the white house. to me it is very frustrating and you were in congress. how did they whip you into shape or did they? >> one of the things the republican party has to ask itself is what do they extend for? what are their fundamental principles. when you have republican senators who ran on the mantra of we are going to repeal and
6:43 pm
replace and give the american people a better healthcare system, but they are standing up to continue this expansion of medicaid, i want to ask how many of those republican senators want to be on medicate themselves. what you have -- want to be on medicaid themselves. they have to stand and say who are we and what do we stand for. and the clock is ticking. judge jeanine: don't you think they sat down and said, it behoostles ube -- -- it behoovet rid of obamacare. then they can't figure out something. who suffers? are the ones like senator paul, senator cruz, susan collins, are they the ones who will suffer or are people going to see them as a hero? >> i think what people want to see is a true free market system that enables the american people
6:44 pm
to go out and purchase quality healthcare for themselves, and for them to have those decisions they can make for themselves. the thing that when you look at what is happening right now, they could have easily gone back and passed the legislation they passed in 2015 that president trump vetoed and that could have been and easy starting point. judge jeanine: the ones who voted for it are now against it. that's up to the republicans now to say what are we going to do? are we going to take them down based on their own hypocrisy. medicaid. the medicaid we are talking about that seems to be the biggest issue is not that it's being increased or is it being increased? >> well, the things, medicaid was expanded. medicaid is suppose to be a program for the people at or below the poverty level.
6:45 pm
but with the affordable air exact they expand it above and beyond that poverty level. when you look at the budget of the federal government, medicare, medicaid, social security it's feasible that will take up the entire federal budget. now is not the time we should look at expanding a program that says we are putting more people under the conditions of poverty. judge jeanine: we are continuing medicaid for those people already on it. >> absolutely. judge jeanine: what do you think of anthony scaramucci the new white house communications director? >> i have think he was very strong in his appearance yesterday. but this white house and this president has to be focused. they cannot continue to hear the dog whistle for the squirrel and go running off. they have to be focused,
6:46 pm
disciplined, and hopefully mr. scaramucci can bring that. judge jeanine: it appears based on that quick performance yesterday, he will be able to do that. it will be interesting to see whether reince priebus stays centering there was a tremendous amount of resistance with scaramucci. rosie just can't stop being rosie. we are talking about the latest outrageous comments about president obama from america's most of infamous out of work actress. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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judge jeanine: as for the liberal hollywood leftists in need of a lobotomy like rosie o'donnell, they are straight-up communists. rosie you forth declaring martial law until trump is cleared of all charges. rosie, i know you. i don't have a problem with you. but martial law. are you nuts? since when are you the bastion of brilliant behavior. put on your big girl pants and come to grips with the fact that
6:51 pm
donald trump is your next president and you are either with america or against america. judge jeanine: that was my opening statement that went viral. developing tonight new outrage over rosie o'donnell's tweet pro meeting a sick game about pushing president trump off a cliff. she is not the first hollywood liberal to talk about violence against the president. joining me now with reaction, the former national director for bernie sanders. good evening. thanks so much for being with us. now rosie o'donnell who can't stop with her hatred for the president comes out with let's push him off a clir. what do you say? you supported bernie sanders. what do you say to these leftist liberals. >> way say is it's obvious that
6:52 pm
rosie o'donnell's career went over the clip. this is a commont comic relief she is trying out for "saturday night live." she is going into a dangerous zone by promoting violence against the president of the united states. i'm a veteran. i didn't like it when our president was obama. promoting in this volatile emotional time as we can see with congressman scalise, this is not the time to promote violence against the president of the united states. judge jeanine: the interesting thing is they would allege in spite of outrageous as this is, that they have a first amendment right to say what it is they want, and at the same time they are trying to suppress the first amendment free speech rights of those on the right saying that they shouldn't be allowed to
6:53 pm
speak. besides promoting violence. these people are hypocrites. >> absolutely. it's beyond just a first amendment right. when you have access to millions of people who foul on twitter and engage with you, there is something called responsibility as well. we have to have it within the communications field. and we have to have it as politicians. when you do things like what we saw kathy griffin did chopping off the president's head. there is a thin shine between first amendment and responsibility. she is doing this to get comic relief for a tryout they have yet to book her on. she doesn't like president trump's policies, talk about the fiscal cliff instead throwing someone off the cliff. judge jeanine: the crazy part. all this is you have got ma don and kathy griffin, then you have
6:54 pm
got shakespeare in the park. this is normalizing violence. it's almost as though in spite of what just happened with congressman scalise, you would think they would say we have a congressman thought looking just to kill republicans, not democrats. maybe there ought to be some silencing of the left. >> well, again, when people are continuing to pro moisture and looking to revive their careers. madonna living in a material world. perhaps she should focus on the economy and getting some material and hands to the workers who currently don't have jobs in america. this is just yet another distraction to not keep us focused on the issues that really matter. this is not a game. this is real life. i urge people to get back to talking about the economy. judge jeanine: you will get
6:55 pm
hundreds of thousands of people who will march, they don't even know what they are angry about. i was in d.c. on january 21. i was interviewing, what are you upset about, what has he done. the hate by the party that alleges it's the big umbrella and the tolerance for everyone is turning out to be the most of, you know, hateful party that we have seen in terms of their promoting violence and hatred toward the right and the president. >> i agree. that's what makes this very different than what we have seen before in the past. we are seeing the violence. people have to be very critical and pay attention to what it is they are saying and promoting. there is something called mental illness. where people are seeing things. judge jeanine: we have a hard
6:56 pm
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