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tv   Watters World  FOXNEWSW  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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now. jesse: "watters world" is on. deranged left wingers says trump is racist because he likes big trucks. why must the left inject race into everything? >> our job is not to divide. our job is to bring people together? jesse: bernie sanders' call to bring peek together with all the rage in the election. one bernie supporter is back out.
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o.j. simpson officially paroled after spending the last 9 years behind bars. how much do people know about the juice? it all begins right now. welcome to "watters world." i'm jess he watters. a major shakeup for president trump's communications team as sean spicer resigns and moneyman anthony scaramucci is tapped for communications director. sean: you start sharing the boad podium with sarah huckabee sanders, then anthony scaramucci comes in, do you feel you were pushed out or was this totally your decision?
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>> the president wanted to add to the team. i just think it was in the best interest of our press organization not to have too many cooks in the kitchen. jesse: here are some memorable moments. >> good eve -- good afternoon. if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow this is a russian connection. thank you. as i said. now. five times. follow-up to the follow-up. i think you killed one question friday. we'll get back to it. this is the democrats. this is us. you can't get any clearer in terms of this is government, this is not. john roberts always helped me with the fashion.
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happy valentine's day. i can sense some love in the room. thank you, guys, have a great day. jesse: now back to anthony scaramucci. he took questions from the white house press corps and said this about the president. >> he's the most of competitive person i have ever met. i have seen the mad only a square guard weren't top coat on web's standing in the key hitting if foul shots. he sinks 3-foot putts. i don't see this man as a guy who is ever under siege. there is a lot of incoming that comes into the white house but the president is a winner and we are going to win. jesse: powerful addition to the white house. how do you think this will impact the day to day? >> in talking with some of the president's top advisors, they
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see in anthony scaramucci the idea of going back to winning, going back to the campaign where the president feeds off the energy of the crowd. we'll see one in the battleground state of ohio. he will try to focus much more aggressively on the things he's doing right. the government regulations that have been lifted that the media doesn't talk about. scaramucci is a street fighter, and somebody this president loves because he will go head-to-head, not just with the media, but will help this president get back out across the country and talk more direct think with the american people. scaramucci ed, thank you very much, i appreciate it. joining me with more reaction is trump media advisory board member gina louden. the trump train likes scaramucci. it's easy to see why.
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he's a stone cold killer, made a ton of cash on wall street, is extremely polished and gets donald trump. is that how you see it? >> absolutely. who else do you want heading up this massive economic plan that this president plans to institute? you look at the first six months, very successful. this is a wonderful refresher. now we have somebody who is a trump-style fighter who is a counter puncher. look what happened when he punched back, three cnn people ended up leaving. this is the kind of fighter america wants for this economic agenda. jesse: some of that was on display when he was taking questions from the podium. when asked about being combative with the press, here is what he said. >> if you said there is some
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media bias out there, it feels like there is a little bit of media bias. we hope week deescalate that and turn it around and let the message from the president get out there to the american people. jesse: it looks like he will punch the press in the face, then help them up off the turf. >> that's a great way to put it. the media has an opportunity to redeem itself. i don't know if they can do a mea culpa. but their ratings are so low that they would be smart to try to make some relationship with this new press situation, and try to redeem some of the credibility they lost with the american people. jesse: anthony is a very personable guy, he has a ton of friends here in manhattan. speaking of menldsing fences --
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mending fences, i think melissa mccarthy from "saturday night live" will have to find new material after sean spicer left. let's look back at some of her performances. >> i would like to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me for the way you have treated meet last two weeks, and that apology is not accepted. i'm not here to be your buddy. i'm here to swallow gum and take names. jesse: it was a hilarious portrayal, but we are hearing why donald trump was sometimes disappointed in expires is that spoof hit a nerve. >> i think "saturday night live" should leave the comedy to "watters world" and america would be laughing a lot more. they have become so bias.
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jesse: i agree, leave the comedy to "watters world." i'll take it from here. o.j. simpson paroled. but how much do young people know about the crime of the century. the "watters world" quiz still ahead. why do they call o.j. the juice? why do they call o.j. the juice? >> he was strong and fast?
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you won't see these folks at the post office. why do they call o.j. the juice? >> he was strong and fast? they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue.
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how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. ess overplaying the race card is the subject of tonight's watters word. have you noticed in the media everything is racist. if you don't like obama you are racist. if you want to secure the bored you are racist. if you want to support the police, you are racist. here is president trump kick off
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the made in america week in an american made fire truck.'s steven crockett says the president's love for big trucks feels racist. here is what sarah bond wrote about the art world. white marble is a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today. now art is racist. race is often used as a weapon against republicans on msnbc. cornell belcher told brian williams the reason senate republicans want to repeal obamacare is because obama is black.
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>> they tried to delegitimize him for tight years and now they are trying to wipe everything that might look like a legacy of him 0 of the face of the planet. jesse: the left can't accept the fact that the program has failed. they divert attention away from the facts and impugn the motivations of those who take a different approach. but the race card goes to msnbc legal analyst paul butler who found a way to inject race into the russia investigation. today attorney general jeff sessions did a tough on crime speeches where he wants to bring back the war and drugs and stop and frisk. all the policies that target young man men. when you look at how rich wide dudes are being targeted in the
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russia investigation, they don't see a problem with that. jesse: the opioid epidemic affects more black americans and white americans. russia has nothing to do with race and everything to do with politics. the left only plays the race card when it's got nothing left in the deck. a little advice, it might be time to fold. race was also a powerful factor in the o.j. simpson trial recalling how white america and black america reacted differently to the verdict. at the time, 2% of
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african-americans surveyed believe was innocent. only 15% said he was guilty. but does black america still feel the same way? here are two different perspectives. >> a black man with money paid a high class attorney and got the results that other whites have been getting with money and without money for centuries, and that disturbs white america so much that they will not let this man rest. >> i feel for o.j. what he built for the black community. absolutely nothing. you got a second chance. go sit your butt down and leave people alone. you are a pariah. jesse: joining me, kea kevin jackson and i will start with you, will black america embrace
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o.j. simpson now that he's out on parole? >> i don't think there will be a big change. people look at what happened to o.j. as when they got him on the charge of theft, it was okay, white folks finally got him. but now that he's out, i think black america will be fine with it. the shannon sharp clip you ladies by far the minority in the black community? jesse: jameil do you agree? >> i'm somewhere in the middle. i think if he walked past them, they would say, that's the guy. i don't think we all think and vote the same way because we share a characteristic of appearance. i don't think anybody cares. jesse: there has been a small
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shift in the opinion of african-americans about o.j. simpson. there was a poll done a few years ago that said blacks now o.j. is guilty to the tune of 57%. that shot up from where it was. >> that's not the point. o.j. was able to beat the system. say system we are talking about today when you talk about black lives matter and police violence against black. the say system overhaul blacks believe is needed. o.j. getting out is vindication. he did his time. now let o.j. live his life. >> i want to play a clip from one of these o.j. days. this is you got juiced. play the tape.
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to sharp's point, shannon sharp was saying o.j. was post racial, never thought himself as black until he was charged with double homicide, then embraced his blackness. this is where he went here with this video. he got very black and very into that street stuff when he was trying to make money and survive. do you think that's where he's going to go now? >> i certainly hope not. the conflation of criminality and double homicide and blackness is a problem. what's almost as bad, that what you just showed was awful. i certainly hope it's not going to be any more of that from o.j. the fact of the matter is o.j. simpson served his time. there will be people who want to reminisce about the days where
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he was a great ball player, and they relived their youth ala al bundy. and people will say you can't get off for double murder and you are a pariah and we hate you, and he will find every range of people in between. jesse: i have to run, but i will agree with both of you. the o.j. simpson selfie, he's going to get a lot of that on the street. that's something everyone will want to have. now that o.j. has been paroled. what's left for the 70-year-old. remember this? >> we'll transform america and that is what this campaign is about. it's bringing people together. jesse: a former sanders
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ess the scary news out of minneapolis international airport where tsa agents reportedly failed 95% of security tests conducted early this month. they were able to sneak drugs, fake weapons and even explosive materials past screeners. tsa called the feds asking to stop the undercover tests. in other word, they asked the government to give them a pass. >> when i go through security they will take out shaving cream if it's too big. are you telling me they snuck
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gummy guns into the backpacks. >> they failed 17 out of 18. this is similar to an undercover team for tsa called the red team. they try to sneak these items through, fake explosives, fake weapons. they will put something that looks like a gun on the angle of an elderly man and to see if they can get it through. they said stop this right now, we are going to move on and come back to this later. this it right before the just 4 holiday. we had 3.5 million americans flying. i talked to a tsa source who was once involved in senior leadership. he said he never heard of an undercover group like this calling back to headquarters
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saying should we stop this test. jesse: the cover-up is always worse than the crime. there is a huge somali population in minneapolis, they call it mogadishu. there are about 1,000 somalis working in the minneapolis airport. we have had some problems over the course of a couple years. three somali americans went back to the battlefield. two became suicide bombers in mogadishu, somalia, one went to syria to fight for isis. do you think this plays a role in the lackadaisical attitude with the tsa? >> i don't know if it's a lackadaisical attitude. the manager came from the airline industry. you had two of his assistants
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testify before congress about his leadership, that he emphasizes customer service over security. three of the people -- 18,000 workers. it's a united nations of workers at our airports and the majority of them come from ethiopia and somalia. they were radicalized after they left the airport. i don't know if it's anymore that population than any other population in terms of screening. tsa is involved with the airport force in two ways. they have to be careful because we have a lot of people with similar names and the same dates of birth. they are involved in random checks of airport employees. if they are not doing this right, the screening of passengers like us, what are they doing with random checks of airport employees.
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jesse: we are hearing under the trump administration, they are being more vigilant in some of the stricter guidelines they are enforce with regards to tsa. is that what you are hearing as well? the terrorists are always trying to find the new thing. a lot of the tsa instruments were not calibrated for those explosives. jesse: if you are going to allow people to do whatever you want through the airport, you are giving the terrorists an opportunity. we reached out to the tsa and here is what they had to say. the tsa does not comment on
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testing results. it's note productive nor in the interest of our nation's security to discuss the findings positive or negative of any internal test. still to come. should i retire my pop collar? cnn compared donald trump to o.j. simpson.
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and turkey. jesse: o.j. symptom is going to walk out of jail a free man after spending time in jail for a robbery. before that he was a household
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name for you the murders of his wife and her friend ron goldman. what do today's youth know about the trial of century. i hit the streets to find out. house that? >> i have no idea. >> i really don't know. >> cuba gooding jr. >> o.j. simpson? jesse: what is o.j. famous for? he had the whole scandal sexually harassing women. jesse: he skate on a double homicide charge. >> he went to jail for murder. jesse: what's o.j. famous for? >> murder and the kardashians. they go hand in hand because of the father. i watch them on tv.
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jesse: o.j. played what sport? >> basketball? >> no. football. jesse: very good. excellent. o.j. had a nickname do you know what it was? >> murderer? jesse: no, thread called o.j. the juice. do you know why? >> was it a football team? he was fast, strong? jesse: or because his name was o.j. >> that makes more sense. jesse: o.j. was in a series of very funny movies, do you remember what they were? >> was it "police academy" or "family circle"? >> i don't know. >> that's a pretty tall order. you will have to give me a couple days on that one.
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jesse: o.j. when he was on the run was driving a very famous vehicle. >> a mercedes. >> a range rover. >> a bronco. jesse: a white ford bronco. jesse: big moment in the case. the defense attorney said, finish this line for me, if the glove doesn't fit, you must ... >> get another one? >> use it? jesse: if the glove doesn't fit ... >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. innocent or guilty? >> i think he's guilty. >> he may be innocent or guilty. i don't know if he's more guilty than innocent. jesse: do you know who i am? >> i do now. jess he watters. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world.
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>> nice. jesse: joining knee now, geraldo rivera. when you were at the parole hearing i in the o.j. simpson kind of erratic. flashing that smile. it also showed a flare of anger. i want to you react to this video. >> the property is yours. >> it's been ruled legally by the state of california that it was my property in giving it to me. jesse: he's talk about retrieving that property with the guy with the gun. he seemed angered there. did you notice that? >> of course i did. this mainls very combustible, very volatile. he has a malignant temper. he has a rage inside him. he could snap like that. that became clear to the american people when he
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butchered his ex-wife, the mother of his children while his children slept inside. he chose the most of brute pal barbaric way you can murder somebody you can think. he had road rage incidents and domestic violence allegations against him. i give it 50-50 that it won't rekrert to that dark side again. jesse: he will probably go to the state of until where he owns property that can't be seized. what kind of friends will he be associating with? if he messes up just once, he goes right back to prison. >> there are people who would love to play golf with o.j., have drinks with o.j. there are people it's a big gloact golfing community. there are lots of golfers who
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want to kill their wives. that was a sick joke in the 90s. i believe he will have plenty of company. i believe the peril for o.j. is if something doesn't go his way. somebody says something about him killing his wife. sparking some -- i just think he's so explosive, that this i.e.d. could go up at any time. jesse: that's what he is web is an i.e.d. he just waiting to blow. i know you have been in touch with the brown and goldman family. how are they processing that seeing him in that courtroom setting with the parole people. that must strike fear in their veins, wouldn't you think? >> it's not fear. they will pursue him to the ends of the earth to collect on the
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$30 million judgment. they will pursue them no matter what. the reason he is going to florida is as you mentioned earlier, the homestead exemption, they can't go after his home or nfl pension which is protected under federal law. he's trying to get into a place where maybe he can sell some of the memorabilia on the sly to cheat the browns and the goldmans off any kind of payoff. but he will live a relatively comfortable life. he will be fine if he can only contain himself. the law was followed. he deserved parole under the laws of the state of nevada. he was clean for 9 years in prison, he was a peacemaker, he didn't commit any infractions. he did whatever he had to do. he's 70 years old.
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jesse: the man is a survivor for bert or for worse. you have this great special, 8:00 eastern on sunday. o.j. simpson justice served. year look forward to that, geraldo, thank you very much. >> cockroaches are also survivors. jesse: a young american explains her political transformation from bernie supporter to trump supporter.
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>> when we and together and demand that this country work for all of us rather than the few, we'll transform america and that is what this campaign is about. it's bringing people together. ess that was from one of bernie sanders' campaign ad called "together." one student who was feeling the bern experienced firsthand how
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divisive and hateful the sanders campaign actually was and ended up want to go make america great again. jessica, was there a moment when you you realized sanders socialism wasn't for you? >> it was quite a few moments for me. i started out as a feminist and that movement kind of pushed me away it led me to bernie sanders. socialism stuck on quickly. i didn't know much about capitalism. for someone who didn't know much by the, socialism sounded great. you want equality for everyone, but that wasn't the way to do it. jesse: you said you were a feminist when you were a bernie sanders supporter. was there something during the campaign that made you think this isn't what feminism is about? >> i was a feminist for 8 months
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and charlie booth released a song, he's a famous singer, and one of his lyrics said i will be there to save the day. jesse: we have a clip of the song. >> i will be there save the day. >> so you are rinsing to this song and you are a feminist, then what happened. >> i enjoyed the song and i shared that on twitter. and when i shared that i got a lot of hate for it because supposedly the lyric "i'll be there to save the day" was supporting the patriarchy and fulfilling the male hierarchy. jesse: so a man can't come in and save the day.
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>> that was a defining moment for me. jesse: was there a moment when you felt scared or in danger? i know some of the sanders crowd can be gnarly. >> around june of last year is when i finally broke away a little bit, and secretly look at donald trump and trying to figure out where on the political spectrum i really was. so because of me being surrounded by these friend that were so far left, i kept to myself. and because of that, out of fear, i didn't even vote for donald trump. it scared me so bad that it would be underand called names, it left a great impact on me. jesse: you were scared out of voting for donald trump even though you wanted to. jesse: did you ever feel
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harassed or nervous? >> after the president won i started supporting it publicly. i got a trump t-shirt and was wearing it one day. a truck with about four or five guise tonight with a bunch of bernie particularrers on it proceeded to -- bernie stickers on it yelled f trump to me. ess i find the same thing. when i'm out in the fringe left wing crowd, the sanders supporters, they are the ones who are often the most of angry and aggressive. i don't care which side of the political spectrum you end up on, but i'm glad you are following our heart. it takes a lot of courage and conviction to do what you did. thank you for coming on. san francisco letting illegal alien criminals run wild.
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but cracking down on chocolate milk. the biggest news of the night. the results of our pop collar poll.
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ess food stamps exploded under president barack obama almost double under his administration. now participation in the food stamp program is at its lowest level in 7 years, and that's a good thing. cia director mike pompeo blasted the "new york times" thursday for publishing the name of the undercover officer in charge of the agency's iran operation.
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listen. >> we had a publication you work for bret that published the name of an undercover officer at the central intelligence agency. i find that unconscionable. major networks fail to cover the iranian student who faces 10 years. they focused their coverage of a dog who rescued a drawing dear. priorities. paul bagalla made this unfortunate comparison involving president trump. he's a different kind of president. o.j. simpson is a different kind of football player. it doesn't make him a better person or a better president.
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jesse: they can't stop illegals from committing crime, but they can stop serving chocolate mill income school. the reasoning? this will save kids around 35 calories a day. that's the city's biggest problem, fat kid. now your fake news story of the week. as many of you are aware. senator john mccain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. "watters world" would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the senator and his family. but a lax times reporter tweeted this nasty comment. my friend's husband died in arizona. they wrote a letter to mccain begging for his help and he advised them to move. that tweet received thousands of retweeted.
11:55 pm
after an avalanche of criticism the writer was forced to write this. i deleted an earlier tweet. i regret what i wrote and sincerely apologize. the lie is thousands of retweets and the truth on gets 11. that's how fake news spreads. shame on you. up next, should it stay or should it go? the result of our pop collar online poll.
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jesse: the moment you all have been waiting for. will the pop collar stay or go? we asked you to vote on twitter using the hashtag bring it back or r.i.p. pop collar.
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we'll give you the results in just a moment. but first here are some of your comments. alfresco writes, that would be like the beatles getting a crew cut. carolyn tweets. bring it back, jesse. as you age, it will cover more wrinkles. finally ben smith says if it's anything but a man bun. you don't have to worry about that. here are the results. 44% rivment p. pop collar. 66% bring it back. not way expected. but because it was within the margin of error, i think we might have to retire it. i don't know. but i reserve the right to bring it out of retirement at any moment i want. that's all for us tonight.
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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking news, two major exclusive interviews you won't see anywhere else. welcome to "justice," i'm judge jejudgejeanine pirro. i'll talk to o.j.'s attorney. and a shakeup in president trump's administration. conway is here with me in new york. we'll talk about the abrupt resignation of sean spicer.


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