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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  July 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> can i blow out the candles? >> you have to go out the candles. i wish for thanks for joining us. >> thanks for spending the time with us on fox news channel. have a good night. >> after repeatedly following short in the senate, president trump is calling on republicans to step up to the point of a filter long-standing promised of repeal and replace obama care. about could come as early as tuesday. the same day trump is scheduled to hold a rally in ohio. the white house is pushing for a win as white house negotiations enter a new phase. the president's former campaign
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manager and his oldest son, donald trump junior have agreed to closed-door interviews with the senate judiciary committee. this after the revelation that the two men along with the jared kushner met with the kremlin linked lawyer who promised comprising information on clinton. kushner has agreed to private interview starting tomorrow. the incoming white house medications directors hoping this will help clear the air. >> i am confident that tomorrow when jared kushner speaks, and i will keep my fingers crossed, probably the last time he will have to talk about russia. so, for me i would like to get this behind us. one of the things i do not like about washington, i sort of feel like it is scandals incorporated down in washington, that we have to make up things about each other so we can personally destroy each other to make us
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less effective as public servers. >> mike: we have team fox coverage. kristin has reaction from the white house but here first we go to garrett for the latest in the russian investigation. good evening, where some democrats upset about donald trump junior and paul manafort be in interviewed. >> they invited both men to testify at public hearings this wednesday and even threatened to issue subpoenas if they did not agree. on friday they said it is now negotiating with don junior manafort to come in for private interviews. several democrats are upset that those interviews will not be public the parable not be under oath particularly given that earlier this month the president son said he was willing to do both. here's l franklin unstated the union. >> notes not good enough. it should be under oath. i did not know it would not be under oath. it should be under oath and they should release all of the documents. he did not say he will testify
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publicly but under oath he said. so he should definitely do that. >> garrett: not long after that, chuck grassley shot back on twitter say, tell jake at cnn it's a crime to lie to congress whether trump junior's under oath or not. pretty sad way to conduct interviewed. grassley also indicated these interviews are not necessarily a one-time thing. he said they may still decide to bring both men and for public hearings down the road. >> mike: the white house also has a tough decision coming up regarding new sanctions on russia. we know the lawmakers in the building beyond you are unified. >> garrett: the house and the senate reached a deal to pass a new round of sanctions against russia. the bill also included wording that would block the president from rolling back any sanctions without congress' approval. the white house has been lobbying to have that part removed. arguing it limits their ability to negotiate.
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today, there were mixed messages coming from the white house with newly appointed communication director, bay bay to same trump hasn't made up his mind on the bill and sarah huckabee saying trump supports it. regardless of what the president decides, congress is set to pass the sanctions. >> this is a strong bill and it imposes mandatory sanctions on russia. it provides for congressional review if the president wants to wager a lemonade sanctions it's very bipartisan, it has brought support if he vetoes a bill we will override it. >> the sanction bill could be the first veto of the administration with having -- it looks like that may not be the case. >> mike: thank you very much.
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the president fired off a new round of tweets lemon the russian investigations", as as the funny russia witchhunt continues to groups are laughing at this. democrats and russians. it's very said the republicans, even some carried over the line on my back did very little to protect their president. team coverage continues with kristin fisher at the white house. today bay to hit the sunday shows for the first time is the first communications director, what was his message. >> kristin: one of it was to his own staff. he said in no uncertain terms to stop leaking they will be fired. >> if the leaks don't stop i will. on the staff because it's not right. it's not fair to the president, not fair to america for the people in the government. >> for the most part trumpet and anthony scaramucci were on the
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same page but there was some daylight between them. there is a bill that would require congresses permission to lift sanctions before russia. today, sarah huckabee sander said that the president now supported that bill, while anthony scaramucci was less committal. >> we have to ask president trump that. it's my second or third in the job, my guess is that he will make that decision shortly. >> the administration's supportive of being tough on russia, particularly in putting the sanctions in place. the original piece of legislation was poorly written but we are able to work with the house and senate and the administration is happy with the ability to do that and make changes necessary. we support where the legislation is now. >> kristin: anthony scaramucci will try to get everybody in sync starting with the staff meeting sometime tomorrow. he will also travel with the
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president to west virginia for the annual boy scout jamboree and then to ohio for a rally on tuesday. >> mike: what about the issue of pardons? the president created quite a stir about his pardon authority. >> kristin: to bring us up to speed on this issue, this started with washington post report on thursday which claims the president has asked his legal team about his pardon authority. including, whether not he could pardon himself. that prompted the president to tweak quote we will all agree that that the u.s. president have the complete power to pardon, why think of that when the only crime so far as leaks to against us. fake news. then today, anthony scaramucci and the president's personal attorney said that parted mean is a nonissue, here's what. >> we are not researching the issue because the issue pardon is [inaudible] the table. there is nothing to pardon from. >> the president does not need to pardon himself because he is not anything wrong.
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>> kristin: so the message is that the president is not thinking about pardons because no one around him has committed crimes, including himself. but, anthony scaramucci did say bishop pardons did come up in an oval office meeting with the president last week. >> mike: kristin, many thanks. right now the death toll a vigil getting underway for the victims of which tragic human trafficking case in texas. not people have died after being packed in a semi truck parked at a walmart in sweltering heat. a walmart employee alerted police after someone in the truck asked for water. please see the truck did not have a working air-conditioning system and the heat reach dangerous levels. >> paramedics and firefighters found that each one had heart rates over 130 beats per minute which again they were very hot to the touch. these people were in the trailer without any water.
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>> mike: will car has more with from our west coast bureau. are the victims expected to make a full recovery? >> many experienced heatstroke and that could have permanent brain damage for a number of those in the trailer. it was over 100 degrees in san antonio yesterday. please believe it may have been 150 degrees inside the trailer. the chief of police calling it a mass casualty situation. besides not having a working air-conditioner, there's no food or water. early survivors were rushed to the hospital, many vomiting and suffering from heatstroke. most victims were from men from mexico in their 20 and 30s but there were 213 -year-olds as well. the driver was arrested but this is the work of a much larger criminal organization. >> looking at the video from the store we found there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of folks
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that were in that trailer that survived the trip. looking at human trafficking. >> the trailer was found 150 miles from the border, very close to 35 in san antonio which is a major smuggling thoroughfare. the secretary of homeland security released a statement saying the smugglers have no regard for human life and seek only profits. the department of homeland security and its partners will continue to root out the smugglers and bring them to justice and dismantle their networks. they also released a statement calling it a heartbreaking tragedy. >> mike: heartbreaking story, what more do we know about the driver to make the associated press said that they have arrested a 1660-year-old from florida.
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it's unclear what role he played. this is nothing new. immigrants in the past have suffocated in a trailer, and this year they conducted 2100 human smuggling investigations. that has led to more than 1500 convictions. they set to appear in court tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> mike: emotions are running high in the for charlie guard. protesters are showing their support for the parents who are fighting for experimental treatment. the latest of elements has both side returned to court. plus israel take any safety measures over the jews on new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> mike: welcome back. protesters are supporting the parents of critically ill baby, charlie guard. gathering outside the high court
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london ahead of what could be a crucial hearing on monday. the protest,'s doctors treating the baby say they are now receiving death threats. the hospital says the 11 -month-old has severed irreversible brain damage the treatment cannot repair. protesters remain supporter for the parent who are fighting for exponential treatment. >> we are here in support of the parents. we're praying a very worried about charlie's life. we hope they have a happy and for charlie and we ask for authorities to let him go to the united states to receive treatment that can save his life. >> mike: charlie has been examined by an american neurology expert has designed the experimental treatment.
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his findings could weigh heavily on mondays court proceedings. >> israel is tightening up security and installing cameras at one of the holy sites in jerusalem. this comes amid some of the worst violence in recent years. this weekend three israelis were stabbed to death at their home in west bank settlement by palestinian. four palestinian protesters were killed by protesters. we have more from the jerusalem bureau. >> after two very violent days on friday and saturday, tensions remain high here. israel announcing it has announced new security cameras at the entrance of jerusalem's holiest site. it's unclear if the israeli government will remove the metal detectors that set off violent clashes this weekend. the metal detectors were installed at the entrance to the site known as jews as the temple mount. and also to muslims. after three arab israelis launch an attack this week.
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two police officers were killed, muslims viewed the installation of metal detectors is a unilateral step to violate the status quo agreement and an effort by the israeli government to seize control of the religious i. the prime minister denies this. the violent protests broke out on friday after the government refused to remove the metal detectors and barred muslim men under the age of 50 from praying at the mosque. hundreds of palestinians were injured at least four were killed. later, a man snuck into the jewish west bank settlement and brutally murdered three israelis. on saturday, it's really forces launched a series of raids on palestinian homes. the un security council said to take up the situation on monday. in the past, outside groups have had very little influence in combing the situation in jerusalem. this time seems no different. >> mike: thank you conor.
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>> i'm here to say that we havee missing purple heart. reuniting bj mcnamara's purple heart with his family is a storybook ending after a long search and a wonderful tale of service of family togetherness.
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>> mike: chuck schumer revealed that storybook ending in the search for the owner of a missing purple heart. the family of a war her euro getting that middle back after was found along side of the road in upstate new york, nearly a decade ago. he comes after a large nationwide search to identify its rightful owner. world war ii staff sergeant. were joined in the studio, thank you for coming. this is a lost and found story 70 years in the making. >> he really is. it's incredible. but a decade ago a man was walking her friends dog along the road when he found a shiny object. it turns out it was a purple heart. the metal caring the inscription said for military merit, bj mcnamara, december 9, 1943. they tell fox news he tried to locate the owner for years before eventually putting it in a box at home and forgetting about it. in july give it to a friend, a
10:23 pm
former navy corpsman who then talk to chuck schumer's office to help locate his long-lost owner. today senator schumer presented the purple heart's to four generations of his family. mcnamara enlisted in 1942. he was wounded by nazi artillery fire in italy and 43 was a nazi prisoner of war for 472 days. his daughter catherine says last time anyone recur see in the purple heart was in 1962. >> the kids were getting antsy so she took him a dad stuff, the metals and i think there's some hats and stuff and she got them dressed up in but the metals on them and said quote play soldier. i think that was the last time i ever saw the metal. >> the bronze star medal and infantry man batch were also lost. both were reissued to the family today. they are incredibly thankful.
10:24 pm
>> i also served in vietnam. when you come home, you put your metals away and he try to forget about that stuff and just go on with your life, which is what he did. >> my dad was a very quiet, humble man. having these metals given back to us is great. >> is the greatest generation, they are. >> mike: mr. mcnamara died in 1975 of colon cancer. we think the family for their service. >> in this way they can pass on the legend of his heroic service to grandkids and great grandkids. what made it so difficult to find the owner? >> there's about 2 million people who receive this. it's a prestigious when the problem is there's a national database. the other thing is over thousand
10:25 pm
service members are called bj mcnamara. took long time to figure out who this was. they're able to narrow down to a dozen people were able to find the grandson. that is how this was solved. >> that's awesome. great patriotic american family. thank you very much. the world's largest worship is floating again. the uss constitution made its way to boston harbor making the end of restoration work that started two years ago. the ship it enters drydock about every 20 years for below the waterline repairs. it should reopen for public tours in september. >> mike: will voters feel the burn in 2020? a new report given some clues on bernie sanders particle future. can congressional republicans
10:26 pm
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this is the fox report. top of the news, megan mccain tweeted a photo showing her hiking with her dad, senator john mccain. this is days after doctors diagnose the senator with brain cancer. the mayo clinic said it's reviewing options for treatment. chair krisher, donald trump junior, paul manafort all agreed to closed-door interviews as part of a congressional investigation into russia. krisher will talk to both intelligence committees this week. trump junior manafort will go before the senate judiciary committee. it's not clear when that will happen. president trump doing some tweeting slamming the russia investigation is a what witchhunt. urging republicans to pass healthcare reform. he's calling on them to repeal obama care before tackling tax reform and infrastructure. as that white house looks to jumpstart the stalled agenda, newt gingrich is reminded republicans it's all about the economy. >> the first big changes to really emphasize, by thanksgiving having a tax-cut
10:31 pm
bill signed into law. that means it has to be fairly simple, fairly straightforward. drop tax reform is the goal, tax-cut is a goal. recognize that if we don't have economic growth in the first and second quarter of next year that proves where the party of jobs and prosperity, we could lose the house and be faced with speaker pelosi for the last two years of the term. >> mike: allison barber has more from washington. >> good evening. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell push back the august recess until the third week of august. the delay is because of healthcare. and healthcare's failed attempts to pass repeal and replace legislation. on saturday, president trump tweeted that the republican senators must step up to the plate, and after seven years of vote to repeal and replace. 's, tax reform and infrastructure and win. healthcare's top of the administrations long to do list. senators are expected to vote on
10:32 pm
a proposal early this week. we don't know if the legislation is going to be something that repeals and replaces obama care or just repeals it. >> the leader will make the decision at some point about whether that is repeal, repeal and replace. i hope it's repeal and replace. >> senator rand paul is not a fan of the senate bill. >> i think just to pass it is not a great strategy. particularly when you wind up with something that looks like for people poor people got less healthcare in which people got money. >> from pence to trump there making sure that congress knows it. >> president trump set up plainly when he's had every senator over to the white house. he said he had pen in hand and the senate health care bill is the right bill at the right time to begin to repeal and replace obama care. >> you can call the senators to make sure you get healthcare. >> the last time this majority leader delayed the august recess this long was 1994. the majority leader delayed
10:33 pm
recess by more than three weeks work on healthcare reform in a crime bill. that attempt at healthcare reform, failed. >> mike: allison, thank you very much. in the meantime, democrats are getting ready to unveil their new agenda. it's all about the economy. chuck schumer is saying they are focusing on better jobs and better pay. >> we are going to raise people's wages and create better paying jobs. we're going to cut down on everyday expenses they have to pay and give them the tools they need to compete in a 21st century. simply put, what you democrats stand for? a better deal for working families. higher wages, less cost, tools for the 21st century. >> mike: will the new focus give democrats a boost when they go back to the polls in 2018? democrats are quick to blame republicans for everything these days. >> we democrats don't know what our republican friends are planning to vote on next week.
10:34 pm
i will bet many republicans don't yet either. >> the message and those delivering it have taken a beating. the dnc last month reported debt, not the kind of percy one on hand headed to the midterms. the republican national committee has raised $75.4 million while the democrats raised only 38.1 million. issues like healthcare have put a black mark on the gop this term. republican sources expect a procedural vote on healthcare reform on tuesday. yet despite promises to repeal and replace, it's not clear if they can get 50 gop senators to vote yes. paul ryan wants to remind folks that there have been successes on the hill despite the negative press. >> i know doesn't get much coverage in the media, it's not polarizing, but most of what we do in congress is bipartisan.
10:35 pm
>> healthcare for reform was pu. on the senate side several deadlines have come and gone and efforts to retool legislation. >> we probably have about 45 or 46 yeses now. we are close. it is a handful of knows right now. who, i think they are going to get to yes. i think they have to. >> republicans are frustrated by lack of progress on major agenda items but they will be graded by this congress is performance after two years not six months. then that fundraising will help fuel campaigns in 2018. bernie sanders is considering run for president in 2020. that's according to an associate who worked on his campaign unless your selection. sanders has remained active in politics since losing to clinton in the 2016 democratic primaries by holding campaign style rallies. he is not publicly announced he attends to run for president again.
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>> mike: a rare moment withprinm opening up publicly about their mother, princess diana. the two shared memories for new tv documentary called diana, our mother, her life and legacy. it celebrates her life in the 20th year since her passing. >> i'm very grateful in the love still feels there. it was that love that if she was on the other side of the room as a son you could feel it. >> mike: prince william was only 15 and prince harry 12 when diana was killed in a car crash in paris in august of 1997. the to be a documentary airs tomorrow. o.j. simpson will soon be a free man. a state board voted in favor for his parole. he has been behind bars since nine years serving his time for armed robbery. with his complicated cap past he must follow a strict set of rules to remain free. jonathan hunt is in nevada with more. >> i vote to grant pro when eligible. >> thank you. >> watching o.j. simpson's reaction to this was eerily similar to watching his reaction
10:41 pm
to the. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> with simpson becoming a freeman many questions remain about how he will spend the rest of his life. what we know now is this. he will be freed on or just after october 1. he will head to florida rather than stand about it. in florida he may with his friend, tom scotto whose wedding he was attending when deciding to organize and take part in the armed robbery that ultimately landed him in prison for nine years. simpson will have strict parole conditions. he cannot drink to excess, meaning in his case a blood alcohol level no higher than .08. he cannot purchase or use illegal drugs. he is banned from using marijuana, recreationally.
10:42 pm
he cannot purchase or have access to weapons. the pro- order did not specify whether that includes knives. violating any orders could send him back to nevada to serve the rest of his time. there are those who know him well, including his attorney in the armed robbery trial who don't believe he can stay out of trouble. >> a sociopathic, narcissistic side of him will probably not let him follow my advice or the advice of his current lawyers. >> after's finances, o.j. simpson will be limited in what he can are because of the 33 and a half million dollar judgment against him in the civil case that held him liable for the deaths of his ex-wife, nicole brown and her friend, ron goldman. his nfl pension however can't be touched. he will likely get by and that reported $25000 a month.
10:43 pm
>> mike: so is justice served? tonight, geraldo rivera discusses that question of the next steps for oj after his release. tuning at the top of the hour right here on fox news channel. country's singer, scotty mccreary brought a loaded handgun through the airport north carolina. he said he forgot to take it out of his bank after going to a firing range. officials say he has a valid concealed carry permit. big progress made as crews fight against a massive wildfire burning near yosemite national park. meteorologists are telling us how that could be affected this week. president trump calls for american power now that you a ship heads to (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff.
10:44 pm
and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪i'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'♪ ♪one day maybe next week, ♪i'm gonna meet ya' ♪i'm gonna meet ya', i'll meet ya'♪
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>> mike: the father of dylanredn 2012 now charged with the boys murder. please say dna evidence suggest a dead body was inside his home and also in the back of his truck at some point. redwine denies involvement in his son's death. he got her national attention when he refused to take a lie detector test the doctor phil show. an arizona community honored a family that died in a flash flood. a candlelight vigil held last night for ten family members killed while playing in a popular submittal. the youngest victim was just two years old. funeral services are set to begin this week. fourteen family and friends were celebrating her birthday at the swimming hole a saturday when a wall of water swept through the area. the flash flood was triggered by heavy rain nearby. firefighters are gaining ground on a fire fire in southern
10:48 pm
california. it's 40% campaig contained aftee forced evacuation of thousands of residents living in yosemite national park. some folks are being allowed back into their homes. wildfire has scorched more than 75000 acres since last monday. probably due to high temperatures and low humidity. adam is in the weather center with how temperatures look for this week. >> good news and bad news. the humidity might be higher and will be talking about thunderstorms. this is a look at the higher fire danger. red flag warning means fire danger is present. that's stretching through portions of california, oregon, nevada and montana. we see storms coming through that sounds like good news. rain on the way. it will not bring a lot of rain.
10:49 pm
the issue will be a lot of lightning strikes which means maybe new wildfires popping up. the rest of the country has been about the heat. that continues on. ninety-two in kansas city, 99 in dallas. humidity piling up in the middle of the country. we have spots for the feel like temperature is getting up to 108 in dallas. those temperatures were extremely warm in areas like chicago just yesterday but were see the warm aristotle. heat advisories and heat indices in triple digits. even a spot in the east coast. the numbers will back down. we will start to see heat advisories vp by monday or tuesday. along the frontal boundary this is an area we been paying attention to with the heat and
10:50 pm
humidity. we have been seen thunderstorms fire off throughout the weekend and shifting towards the east coast a mid-atlantic. this area is moving closer to philadelphia toward new york. it has a history of producing heavy rain. winds up to 60 miles per hour. we will pay attention to that area. this yellow area were seen an elevated risk of severe weather. we have seen severe storms move across throughout the afternoon. when will that rain stop? rain is persisting through the overnight hours maybe try not by tomorrow morning, midafternoon and lifting up further to the northeast. we have a lot to talk about across the country and from ctc. tracking the rain as it begins to pull off with the heat and humidity.
10:51 pm
a lot going on. >> folks could use rain and relief. we don't want the severe weather. thank you. >> mike: the navy's most advanced aircraft carrier, the newly commissioned, uss gerald r ford is heading out to see this week. we went on deck with the officers and sailors. >> the flight deck of the uss joe for is about 5 acres, 1092 feet in length. a big part of the carriers the redesign of what they call the island. the big tower back there. there's more space on the flight deck, they can park more airplanes. nobody better to talk about that than the mini boss. the assistant head of the air department. thank you for being with us. how big of a difference, you served on two different carriers, how much better is the four than anything else? >> with the flight deck it's a lot better with a more real estate. we have more room to move the aircraft around. it makes for more flexibility and more efficient in our air operations. >> safer, one of the things i wanted to talk about is that the catapult system.
10:52 pm
they have been testing this with 80000-pound floods. come monday you will launch airplanes off of here. what makes airplanes so special, and will work? >> it's special because it's electromagnetic, no longer driven by steam. below the flight deck is a large sheet of steel that is run by a series of magnets that pull it on the flight deck. to where it will then launch the aircraft. it's been proven to work on what we call dead loads, basically huge weights with wheels. the system is no different. whether it's hooked up to that are an aircraft is not going to know the difference. were confident that will work. >> you set out to see a monday, so, give me a sense what are you excited for or nervous about? >> later next week will launch
10:53 pm
jets and recover them for the first time. that's basically it, doing that for the first time in proving that everything will work along with the advanced resting gear. that hasn't been tested up to now because we cannot have simulated things land. >> that's the thing that make sure the airplanes dopson on the deck. >> it's a completely different system, aircraft carriers have a hydraulic engine were ours, the main stopping force is a water twister. it's a completely redesigned system as well. >> the planes i have on the flight deck they had to bring out by crane for the commissioning. in the next couple of days they'll be landing aircraft and shooting them off. the petty officer is one of the men in charge, 182 sailors working for you. how different is this carrier
10:54 pm
for you and your men than anything else? >> there's a lot of new technology on this carrier that a lot of sailors have not experience. it will be anything. we definitely work with the equipment here. we have not put into practical use. that will be the challenge moving forward. >> you been on the ship for two years. a guy commissioned today for the rest of the of us, what have you been doing for two years? >> we have been training the crew and working on the ship and helping learn the system, teaching junior sailors fresh out of boot camp how to operate on board a carrier. it's a balancing act. >> you head out and set sail for the first time this week, what would that be like? >> it will be different. we will catch our first aircraft so that will be interesting and exciting. we will get to put everything we worked on for two years and put it into practical use. >> it pretty exciting. >> pretty exciting.
10:55 pm
>> mike: president trump called the 110,000-pound message for the world. operate support for homeless veteran twins. they both survived the jungles of vietnam and ended up living out of their car after bank foreclosed on the california home. >> it's difficult. >> there story has gained a lot of attention. the local community of veterans affairs have reached out to provide them with housing. not just that, thousands nationwide are donating to their cause. there gofundme page has raised more than $110,000. one man in need of help after getting trapped in a trash chute. how he got stuck in mounds of garbage. firefighters responding to a
10:56 pm
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>> mike: firefighters respondin. apartment building with the heat and humidity this time of year, it can be particularly stinky. a man fell down the trash it while looking for a cell phone. firefighters using a host to pump much needed fresh air down to him. they eventually hauled them up using a harness. thankfully he was not hurt. raising the bar or raising the barbecue in missouri. tightrope walkers serving dinner 40 feet in the air in kansas city. bouncing plates full of barbecue in their hands walking across the row. each plate weighing up to 2 pounds. the diners were suspended in the air while sitting at a table. they were raised higher as each course was served.
11:00 pm
that is how fox report for this sunday. i'm i can for harris faulkner. thanks for watching. i'll be on capitol hill, o.j. simpson, justice serves starts now. ♪ ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. a shake-up inside the white house. six months in, where does the trump agenda stand, and will it be overwhelmed by the russia investigation? ♪ ♪ >> i think we're going to get the health care done. i also think we're going to get tax reform done. and whatever else is on the president's agenda, we're going to work very, very hard, very studiously here to make it happen. chris: we'll discuss the president's plans and his ongoing relationship with the media with the new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci. then, special counsel robert mueller expands his investigation, looking into possible russian ties to trump businesses as the president criticizes his attorney general


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