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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 24, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the senate intelligence committee. that could be big news. steger on the fox news channel. we are going to do "outnumbered" overtime. "happening now" right now. >> melissa: we are awaiting remarks from jared kushner at the white house. that is expected and just a minute. >> jon: that is after the son-in-law met with the senate intelligence committee investigators to answer questions about the russian meddling and the presidential election. we are covering all the news "happening now." >> we want to know several of the meetings that have taken place. >> jon: digging deep into the russia investigation. the son-in-law on capitol hill, do nine conclusion. while the committee by at? plus -- some time after dylan redwine vanished. the teenage was murdered and his father is under arrest. >> we are going to let our son
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go. in view of >> jon: a heartbreaking day to fight for charlie gard. how they are ending their legal bed to go to the u.s. for treatment. it is all "happening now" ." but first back to our top story as we await comments from jared kushner after his meeting with the senate intelligence committee on russia. welcome to the second hour of happening "happening now." >> melissa: i am melissa francis. before leaving capitol hill a moment ago. the son-in-law with a statement before his appearance this morning, denying any collusion with russia, and calling a meeting with a kremlin-lawyer. wasted of time. kristin fisher, bring us up to speed on all this. speak up melissa, this is a big deal, because this is the first time the public has heard
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jared kushner speak about the ongoing russia investigation and his role in it. it is a big deal, because i believe this is the second time that we heard him talk in his official capacity as senior advisor to the president. right now, there is a crush of reporters and photographers right outside the white house, where a podium has been set up. awaiting jared kushner to set up and speak, and that is to expect it 50 mins. as to what he says, he may deliver a statement. it will be brief, not too many questions, and he may actually read a bit from the statement that was released shortly before this three hour long meeting. with the senate intelligence committee. the highlight of the statement. a very brief part of this. he said, i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government. i have no improper contact, and i have not relied on russia.
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to finance my business activities in the private sector. he met with the senate intelligence committee today. tomorrow, he will meet with the house intelligence committee. just a few hours ago, president trump actually tweeted something to one of the top democrats come at the top on that committee, adam schiff. the total bias congressman looking into russia spends all of his time on television. pushing the demo-loss excuse. here's responded same, with respect, president trump, the president is is benny's the office. the president and the top democrat on the committee that he will meet with tomorrow already trading barbs on twitter. now, moments away from us before stepping out and speaking. all of this is happening on the
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very first full workday after this major communication shakeup here at the white house. the new incoming communication director, anthony scaramucci, he hit almost all of the sunday shows it yesterday, and he went out of his way to not only say that he believes this russia investigation is entirely overblown, but he also went out of his way to defend senate intelligence committee. listen to this >> i was falsely accused of things related to rest. i know other people are accused of things related to russia, and i am confident that tomorrow when the jared kushner speaks, i will keep my fingers crossed and sane. it will be the last time he has to talk about russia. for me, i would like to get this behind us. >> from the lawn, it probably won't happen as fast as they would like. here is the rundown for the rest of the day. you have jared kushner speaking in about 15 minutes.
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two hours later, president trump himself will come out and speak. he is expected to talk about health care and then on air force one as he travels to west virginia, where he was set to speak before the annual boy scout jamboree tonight. the new press secretary, answer huckabee sanders is expected to take questions off-camera on board air force one. one more thing i would note, melissa, anthony scaramucci said today on twitter that the cameras, the tv cameras, will be back on. we believe that means that the on camera briefing should be back. although when, we do not know. >> melissa: we will keep watching. thank you. >> jon: for more, laspina david, senior politics writer for world report. where it goes from here depends a lot on how well the senate until committee members receive jared kushner's testimony. he put out a vigorous defense of
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his actions and that 11 page statement. >> he had three main excuses or explanations for his contacts with russia. he said, either forgot about them. his staffers where the problem. they did not properly list these meetings on the disclosure form, or they were no big deal. the most important explanation was on that june 2016 meeting that was arranged donald trump, jr., . he really distanced himself from the entire meeting with that russian attorney saying he did not know what was going on. he did not check email traffic. that put the burden on donald trump, jr., and his family and isolated himself. >> jon: he says that it was so boring he had to email someone from his office to call him on his cell phone, so he could get out of the meeting. >> right. that is a signal to say, there is no collusion. there was no intent of me going into the meeting and talking to
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a russian operative about any dirt on hillary clinton. again, he is trying to create a wall between himself and donald trump, jr.. the problem is for him and the administration, we already know that this attorney was offering up potential dirt on hillary clinton, and that don, jr., said he was interested. that is the wall that jared kushner has set between him and donald trump, jr., but his statement was detailed. the next thing you will see and start to see is whether the testimony that he did in private. will that be released by the senate, will not become public, and will jared kushner ever have to testify and answer questions in public? >> jon: he is supposed to speak from the white house any minute now. perhaps in 10 minutes at the most. we will certainly be watching. here is part of the statement that he released. he wrote, i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the
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campaign who colluded with any foreign government. i had no improper contact. i'm not relied on russian funds to finance my businesses -- business activities in the private sector. i have been fully transparent in the filing of my fs-86 form above and beyond what is required. that is pretty definitive, david. >> it is very definitive. some will question why this was not particularly under oath. he got that exemption. they'll be some questions from senators, but also from robert mueller. there's a separate investigation into this why do so many denials of investigation. he is using the word collusion, saying there's no collusion. with russian officials. that may be the truth, but why didn't the statements from the president, vice president, all the way down the line to the trump administration same, there was never meetings between russian officials.
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i think you'll see some senators on capitol hill, but also investigators and robert mueller's office probing those questions of jared kushner. in some of these other top officials like paul manafort, the former campaign manager and donald trump, jr.. >> melissa: taking back to jared kushner, his explanation was pretty airtight, saying the form had not been completed, and it is not just the russian meeting that were not under, but in fact, he had a business met with businesses from around the world. none of those were included, because he had not done that part of the form, and then he turned in and the russians were on there, and everyone else. i don't how you poke a hole now. >> my follow-up question, this is the top advisor to the president of the united states. the most important visor, given he is the son-in-law, and he forgot or didn't know in
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regards -- >> melissa: they were in the process of filling it out, and someone in his office for . >> he is blaming his staffer, which is convenient excuse. i don't know if senate investigators or if mr. mueller's investigators will buy that, given the prominence of jared kushner. >> melissa: why did he leave off people from 22 different countries that's a logical conclusion. if he only left off the russians, may be. the fact that the entire part was i filled out, someone turned it in early, i do not know. >> if he is prominent, why did he not do a proper disclosure form. and blames it on his staffer? >> melissa: he's not done it before. none of them have been a government before. i have never filled in fs-86. >> ignorance is not an excuse at that high level of the government. he should know or have someone around him to know how to
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properly fill out these forms. >> melissa: what you think he was to hide by leaving it went off from 22 different countries? what is the thought process? >> to leave all of them out. to not reveal any of them. maybe he did not want to reveal any of his meetings anywhere in the world. because of that would invite more scrutiny. i do not know the answer to that question. i think that is the question that he will be pressed. maybe he was pressed on that today. that is a fair question. when you are a senior counsel to the president of the united states, moving through transition. as you know how to fill out the forms that are required by law. this is what we require of our public officials when they move into government. disclosures with foreign entities. he was not able to do that. his explanation is, the staffers screwed up the form. i think it is fair to follow-up with more questions about that. >> melissa: jon scott? >> jon: we are waiting a fox news alert jared kushner
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he was questioned by senate intelligence committee about allegations of collusion with russia continuing our interview now with dave david cagney. the testimony took place in private. are we expecting to get a readout, transcript of what he had to what are the rules on that as far as the committee goes? >> it is up to the committee. the committee chairman will decide whether they want to release the back and forth, q&a. that may have been negotiated prior to jared kushner even going up there. i'm sure his lawyer was heavily involved in that. frankly, it will be up to the republican judiciary chairman to say, what to be put out here. i think you have already seen within the last hour coming over here, democrats saying, he needs to do this in public.
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he needs to come up and take the questions in public in a back-and-forth, because they are already casting versions the entirety of the statement if it is true. this is what you will see. the statement that he will make at the white house will be very short, contrite. and very lawyered up. >> jon: here is jared kushner himself. senior advisor outside the white house. >> my name is jared kushner. i am senior advisor to president donald j. trump. when my father-in-law decided to run for president, i served his campaign the best i could, because i believe in him and his ability to improve the lives of all americans. and now, serving the president and the people of the united states, it has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime.
10:14 am
i am so grateful for the opportunity to work on important matters such as middle east peace and reinvigorating america's innovative spirit. every day, i come to work with enthusiasm and excitement for what can be. i have not sought the spotlight. first in business, and now in public service, i have always focused on setting and achieving goals, and i left it to others to work on media and public perception. since the first questions were raised in march, i have been consistent in saying, i was eager to share any information i had. with the investigating bodies, and i've done so today. the record and documents i have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and incurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign.
10:15 am
let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. that is why he won. suggesting otherwise, ridicules those who voted for him. it is an honor to work with president trump and his administration as we take on the challenges that he was elected to face. creating jobs for american people, keeping america safe and eliminating barriers to achieving the american dream. thank you very much, and i look forward to taking questions from
10:16 am
the house committee tomorrow. thank you. >> jon: .questions that the assembled media are shouting. after his testimony before the senate intelligence committee, conducted in private. let's bring into the discussion lawrence joe's. host of the "lawrence jones sho show" radio talk show host and fox news contributor. richard, he has answered a lot of questions and that 11 page statement. are you satisfied? >> you have to wait to what the mueller turns out. that is where everyone should be focused on. less about the political rancor of capitol hill and more focus on what this prosecutor and his team of prosecutors will find or they won't find regarding donald trump, the russians, and anything that leads to any other
10:17 am
suspicion around that. i think the statement you saw from mr. kushner just a couple seconds ago, it's very interesting. he talks about why he wants to continue push out this narrative, where the white house versus the media. i'm not really sure if it was a value for the white house. >> jon: did he acquit himself and your view, lawrence? >> i still do not see the evidence right now. that is my concern about the entire investigation at large. i would urge congress to stop the sideshow. then trying to make a place where this could be in tv. get ratings is a bad move. when you look at the investigation now, now that they have one of the special counsel, it is a criminal investigation now. this congress getting involved now. this is one of the consequences. this is that he's willing to speak in front of the world, when they know there is an ongoing criminal investigation by the special counsel.
10:18 am
i think everybody should take a chill pill and wait for the facts to come out. right now, there is a lack of facts when it comes to collusion. >> jon: richard, the president himself has said hillary clinton did not get this kind of scrutiny for the 33,000 deleted emails for instance. some other questionable activity during her time as secretary of state. what is your answer to that? >> i think what the president is doing, very artfully, is speaking up to his base of people who are at home saying, there might be some suspicion happened with the white house, but is not what to make as bad as tillery clinton. my question, whether it is a 30,000 emails core or the white house engage with the russians. both are bad. any day of the week. >> there was evidence. here's my problem, richard. two hillary clinton, there's
10:19 am
evidence of her washing her computers and servers. deleting emails. those actual evidence of that. that is why we pressed for an investigation. the problem as relates to donald trump in russia, there is no evidence. the second thing is what is the actual statute that was violate violated? you have to stomach event. >> there are two points appear one, there's clearly a special counsel if there wasn't a bear-bear. juniors email. says they met with the russian, who had information that would possibly have hurt hillary clinton. there is problematic at best that could be campaign fraud. it could be some sort of violation. i don't know if the violation is.
10:20 am
none of us do. >> exactly. >> wait a minute. that is why there is a special counsel having an investigation. we have two let the investigation take its course. if the justice department -- >> i don't know what violation, what wrongdoing was done. even though i do not know what happened. >> let me be clear. it was not democrats and or it means there should be a special prosecutor. it was his own attorney general saying there might be some wrongdoing here. clearly, the justice department feels itself this would happen between donald trump and his associates and the russians is worthy of a special counsel. period. >> democrats were not calling for that? >> it was his justice department that did appear let me be clear.
10:21 am
>> rob rosenstein because of the pressure of politics and muelle mueller -- james comey leaking information to get prosecutor peter that is why rob rosenstein had a special counsel. >> jon: we will know more after the senate and house committee conclude their investigation, that perhaps we will then find out exactly what jared kushner had to say when he testified in front of the senate today as he said in that live statement a moment ago. he will be tested fine in front of the house committee tomorrow. lawrence jones, richard fowler, thank you both. >> melissa: we will stay on top of that story with more development. in the meantime, a senate vote on health care expected this week. which built will they be considering? to repeal and replace obamacare or repeal only measure? we will see
10:22 am
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>> jon: right now there's a massive manhunt over in switzerland putting a small town on lockdown. after men attacked several people with a chainsaw. this all happened this morning at health insurance company. a rescue helicopter was brought in to help the victims. five people were taken to hospital, to cope with serious injuries. local officials confirm the attack is not terror related. >> melissa: senate republicans dealing with the health care bill is a look for a hail mary to keep the dream of dismantling obamacare alive. exactly what senate republicans, what they will be voting on, is a mystery. a standard appeal repeal, or an updated of the senate repeal and replace legislation. meanwhile, president trump calling on the gop's to step up
10:26 am
to the plate and pass the bill he can sign. amid the confusion, senators john saint it will be. we need to get on the debate. the literal method decision of whether that is repeal, repeal and replace. we want to repeal obamacare. the question is not of f, it is a question of when. >> melissa: peter doocy's lab on capitol hill with the latest. peter, i've not heard that phrase before. now i hear it a lot. get on the bill. speak up that is because it is a way for lawmakers to tack along make >> speak up that is because it to make it on the center for first. as of right now, they want to use the bill to pass the house and may is something they will mark up, but, more than one republican senator votes no to bring it to the floor, and it is not going anywhere. one of the one know about susan
10:27 am
collins, what you will do when it comes to vote. >> we do not know whether we will be voting on that house bill, the first of the senate, the second version, a new version of the senate bill, or the 2015 bill that would repeal the affordable care act now. we'll figure out a replacement over the next two years. >> at the democratic minority leader, chuck schumer, suggested that if republicans fail, democrats are going to try to introduce singer introducing her payer warning, as they urge their counterparts to be more transparent with the process if repeal and replace fails this week. speak out there's a better way to move forward and in response to the senator, if democrats in, we can get things done.
10:28 am
senator alexander, the republican chairman of the health committee says, he will schedule hearings. we had no hearings on the health care bill are considering. let's work together. >> we expect this procedural vote to come to the floor at some point this week, but the majority has blown through just about every deadline for health care vote that there had been so far, so that i could change. melissa. >> melissa: wow. hard to keep track of. appreciate it. >> jon: as you know, u.s.-russian relations have been icy as of late, and they could take another hit. as president trump is expected to send a sanctions bill passed with bipartisan support. objects, new analysis on the growing tensions with moscow, and the role congress is plain and foreign policy.
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10:33 am
a car filled with explosives ran into a bus filled with government workers. this happened on the western side of the city at the height of the rush hour this morning. as well as storefront, cars, and other vehicles. there was a cloud of smoke hanging over it that part of the city. the taliban says they were targeting intelligent agents, but authorities say it was staffers in the mining department of the government appeared however, as we see more and more these days, civilians were hit. in fact, there were schools and universities in the area. according to officials, children and young people were among the casualties. all of this were part of an upkeep we have been watching in taliban activity in afghanistan and in kabul. just in the past weekend, we have seen taliban fighters moving into two different areas, the north and west of the city.
10:34 am
there have been 1700 civilian killed in a country so far this year. this also as u.s. forces backing as a pickup and the u.s. and pentagon consider sending as many as 4,000 more u.s. troops into the country as the fighting, disturbances increase in intensity. remember, there's about 8,500 u.s. fighters there. an advisory role that is way down from what we have seen in the past couple of years. remember, the fighting has been going for 16 years. we went hard to believe it has been that long. >> melissa: the white house saint president trump will sign a belt with new sanctions. they plan to vote on the legislation this week, and penalize moscow for aggressive action in the ukraine, and it
10:35 am
restricts the president's ability for a lift or ease those economic penalties. white house secretary, sir huckabee sanders saying, president trump's original concerns were addressed with changes in the bill. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on russia, particularly in print sanctions in place. an original piece of legislation that was poorly went in, but we were able to work with the house and senate, and in administration is happy with the ability to do that and make those changes that were necessary. we support where the legislation is now. period until the situation in ukraine is fully resolved. it certainly is not right now. >> melissa: joining us now, the former senior advisor of middle eastern affairs. thank you for joining us. if you look of action that that came before this even, there was
10:36 am
already a lot of pressure on russia coming from the white house whether you look at the deployment of nato in eastern europe, the tomahawk missiles that the president sent into syria, and the battle back and forth that has been going on there between what territories the u.s. is in and where russia is trying to control, and even pressure on the price of oil. hasn't there already been a lot of pressure? >> there has. obviously a lot of tension here in the states on the russia scandals, with his campaign. other overseas, we have conducted those in serious, deployed troops to eastern europe. there's been a number of steps that would not be welcomed by putin. there is not been a soft administration. there is still concerning congress and distinction bill about ultimately what is
10:37 am
president trump's attitude toward russia. >> melissa: i wonder if it would do anything to assuage the russia hysteria. if he signs it, he is signing off on the fact that they are on the same page finally. finally, everyone's on the same page. >> frankly, the president does not have much choice to sign it. it passed the senate, 90-2. having negotiated this in the past, to really get congress off your back, to get congress to sort of setback and allow the administration to do its foreign policy work. you have to convince congress that you have a strategy. your fact share those concerns. that is really where the trump administration needs to focus. get ahead of the story. >> this is one way to do it. one thing that is seemingly ignored is the price of oil. that is the way that putin keeps his empire rolling along.
10:38 am
it is our only source of amp come. they've done everything they could put downward pressure on the price of oil. we've seen in the market. it has benefited consumers here in the u.s., but it is also really hit putin wallet, no? >> it is true. we saw the uptick in russian aggression, it was at the tail end up of where oil prices were high. with the saudi endowment curtailing those relatively low oil prices and increase in the u.s. has not been welcomed by russia. they tried to work with opec countries. >> melissa: what do these sanctions mean in real terms? when he signs off, how much hurt does it put on putin? >> number one, it codifies executive orders on russia. a lot of them were put in place by president obama, it does put in some new sanctions, focused
10:39 am
on russia's defense and energy sector. i think the most significant thing, it puts congress and the driver's seat when it comes to lifting those sanctions. what that means for russia, they cannot just focus on the white house and the state department, but they will also bring along congress if they ever hope to see the sanctions lifted. >> melissa: it does seem like we have traveled a long distance from when mitt romney said this was a situation that you need to keep an eye on, and president obama's says they want the foreign policy back. recognizing what is going on around the world. >> i think that is absolutely right, melissa. it is not just republicans were a recognizing that. you seed concerns are with democrats. you see concern or front from the american people, who now regard russia, according to recent polls, as the greatest danger of any country. not to say isis, but a country. more than north korea and iran. that is the most since the
10:40 am
cold war. that is the real risk. we are at a heightened risk. >> melissa: absolutely. i don't know how it outranks north korea. they're all very dangerous. we can deafly agree there. thank you, sir. >> jon: and then there is china. armed chinese fighter jets flying dangerously close to us by playing in the east china sea. nearly causing collision. the incident just days after navy officers reach out to the chinese counterpart to work on easing tensions with north korea. peter tomlin joins us. sean, both of these armed with air-to-air missiles, and one of these chinese jets flew up under the american reconnaissance plane, and popped up just 300 feet out in front. causing the u.s. were constant jet to take evasive action to avoid collision occurring to one
10:41 am
u.s. official. the incident happened sunday afternoon 90 miles off the coast of china, between the east china sea and the yellow sea. a short time ago, they called the dangerous intercept uncharacteristic of the chinese military. it is just the second unsafe interaction since late may. sunday's incident came just two days after the navy's top admiral called his chinese counterpart to discuss possible next steps to put pressure on north korea to de-escalate tensions. earlier this month, for the second time since president trump took office, a ship was close to an island in the south chinese c. it angered beijing. phil wants a new type of destroyer which rivals a modern u.s. navy guy david destroyer. china today has roughly the same number of destroyers, cruisers, summaries as the u.s. navy. china's first operational aircraft carrier recently visited hong kong, 20 years after the handover from british
10:42 am
rule. that then sailed to taiwan to send a message to u.s. allies. for the first time, russia and china will be conducting joint naval exercises in the baltic sea off the coast of europe come. a long ways away from aging. >> jon: we all remember in 2001, the chinese were messing with it surveillance plane. there was a collision, and the chinese plane and pilot were lost. >> same type of plane. >> jon: >> and lucas tomlin's. >> melissa: the fight for charlie gard's life is come to an end. why the parents withdraw from legal suit. a horrifying moment when a teenager falls into a mine shaft. how rescue teams saved his life, had. >> those exact chance before. we have a very well-trained
10:43 am
tech-rescue program. it is something we do fairly often. ♪
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. speak to a dramatic rescue in the dead of night. pulling a 13-year-old boy to safety. after he fell more than 100 feet down a mineshaft. the boy was apparently exploring the area with some friends, despite no trespassing signs around the property. took about two hours to pull them out. he is recovering in a hospital with various injuries. fortunately they are not considered life threatening. he got lucky. >> jon: now this a fox news alert. after a grueling legal battle, the fight to save the life of charlie gard is coming to an end. his parents is dropping a legal effort to take him to the united states for experimental treatment. >> charlie's devoted and loving
10:47 am
parents decide it is in his best interest. we will let our son go. and be with the angels. >> jon: benjamin hall joins us now from london with the latest. benjamin? >> hello, very sad news in london. we have all been expecting a two day court hearing leading to a decision, at which point they would decide treatment. this money coming to the guard's parents said they have new medical details, and in their eyes it is too late to help them. there are protests outside the court. people gather to support him, and interest from around the world. additional scans, which took place last week on charlie's brained was a sad reading. his parents cried in court as damage to his muscle and tissue were irreversible. the report said he had irreversible brain damage. leaving the parents to conclude that too much time has been wasted in court, and it was too late to save him.
10:48 am
>> frantically, by independent experts, we now know that had charlie been given treatment sooner, he would have the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy. >> the question now is what is the legal rambling back and forth with valuable time could've been use to treat charlie. at the hospital where he would had been treated, it would hurt him, but his parents disagree. now to what happens next, charlie is on life support. the parents will have to take that horrible decision to choose when to switch that off. doing that as painless and best friend. it has raised ethical, medical, moral issues about who has the right to a child's future is at the parents or the states? that is a debate that will continue to go on here for a long time. very, very sad news for a little speech when he >> jon:
10:49 am
benjamin hall, thank you. speak to a mystery in the making as police arrested a colorado father for killing his own son. plus, a final emotional bow under fort ringling brothers. ♪ e. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. e. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. it's just a burst pipe, i co(laugh) it. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> hello i am julie banderas. we just heard from jared kushner, after he was questioned on capitol hill over his dealings with russia. we will be breaking down the takeaways. democrats will allow a new economic agenda after
10:53 am
chuck schumer called for more peer was a message? and the president will be making a statement on health care in an hour from now. much more coming up on "america's news hq" ." speed to a possible tornado leaving behind heavy damage on maryland's eastern shore. take a look at heavy rain and strong wind that ripped roofs and walls from homes and downed many trees overnight. leaving thousands of homes without power. no serious injuries were reported bow. national weather service says whether the chinook touchdown later today. >> jon: father of a colorado teenager is charged with murder of his son. police making the arrest over the weekend. 13-year-old between six disappeared in 2012. his remains found about 10 miles from his father's home months later. now, his mother is speaking out.
10:54 am
>> i never had any doubt from day one. when dylan went missing, i knew his father hasn't been to do with it. alecia cuneo with more. >> mark redwine will face extradite in. he was indicted for the death of his 13-year-old son, dylan. dylan redwine disappeared in november, 2012, when he was staying at his father's home and southwestern colorado. during a court ordered for support his remains were found eight months later, in about eight 8-10 miles away. his father denies any involvement. >> i want everyone to know how much i loved that boy. >> suspicion surrounded redwine from the get-go, and when researchers found the remains, his half-brother brandon told investigators about an odd
10:55 am
conversation with mark redwine where he talked about blunt force trauma and how investigators would need to find the skull in order to determine the cause of death. the dylan. redwine was indicted on two counts. second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. according to the filing on a previous visit, the father and son had argued. it took a team of investigators together evidence for the arrests for half years. >> still never be closure. my son will never come back. our lives will still be empty without him. >> mark redwine is being held on $1 million cash bond. >> jon: what a sad and unbelievable story. to be 24, thank you. speak to curtain call for the greatest show on earth after hundred and 60 years. the ringling brother barnum & bailey circus get the final performance. the final 30, next.
10:56 am
>> it was evident in the parade. a very cool emotional, historic kind of parade.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ >> melissa: time for the final 30. coming to an end last night, the ringling brothers circuits perform for the last time. they took their final house in a sold-out show in uniondale, new york. vapors circuits performance were held it's more than just an art form. it is a sense of community and family. it really is our family in obtaining yours. >> jon: proceeds to the show will go to various nonprofit organizations including a retirement community for clowns and the international clown hall of fame. >> retirement committee for clowns? must be a funny place to retire.
11:00 am
they clown around all the time. >> jon: i am sure paired with a little car. >> melissa: we went to the circus to see the end of it. thank you so much for joining us. >> jon: "america's news hq" starts now. >> and we begin with a a fox news alert. jared kushner speaking out after answering some questions about russia on capitol hill. hello everybody i am julie banderas. president trump's son-in-law telling the intelligence committee, he did not work with russia to interfere in the presidential election. and campaign. jared kushner later giving it a statement. 11 pages and all, insisting all of his actions were proper. listen. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia. nor do i know if anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contact. i have not relied on russian funds for my


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