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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good night from washington. "the five" is live now. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ >> hello, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, and juan jesse watters, and kennedy, it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." big day on capitol hill, and the white house, as president trumps son-in-law jared kushner speaks out after an interview behind closed doors with the senate intelligence committee staffers. mr. kushner denies any collusion with the russians and alleged campaign idling. -- meddling. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.di i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian
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funds for my businesses. i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign, and that is why he won. a suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. it is an honor to work with president trump and his administration as we take on the challenges that he was elected to face. >> also tonight, at the national boy scout jamboree in west virginia, president trump took his "drain the swamp" message to a new level. >> i go to washington and i see all these politicians. i see the swamp, and it's not a good place. in fact, today i said we ought to change it from the word "swamp" to the word "cesspool" or "sewer," but it's not good.
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>> getting the reaction he was hoping for. let's start with kushner. i'd imagine with jared kushner, he is glad to have that day behind. he has one more coming up with the house intelligence committee, but largely people say that if this is the case, and this is what he had to say, why didn't he say it before? there's been several months of sort of drip, drip, drip comingr out, and today it looks like he acquitted himself well. >> i know that he has been c wanting to tell his side of the story, and most importantly his goal and desire was to clear his name. he has maintained from the beginning that he didn't do c anything wrong, there was no malfeasance or anything of that source, sort, no collusion. what i see as an attorney is that this is a carefully drafted statement on its behalf, which is good because it had veryat specific, declarative statements. we can kind of put this to bed, to rest. i think overall for jared thisla was a very good day that his
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lawyers represented him well. i was looking for that, to see what statements they included,s how he represented himself, and now we are going to see where this goes from here. the idea was to put a stop to it. >> jesse, it's true that he is only responsible for himself, he doesn't have to answer for anybody else, and there was some talk that he didn't necessarily do his brother-in-law any favors because of the way he set it up is basically saying "i had nori idea, i walked in late and here is this meeting going on and i had to get out of here." >> or he just told the truth and there wasn't anything to throwha his brother-in-law under the bus for. that's the other way to look at the democrats never let the facts get in the way of the scandal, they built this thing up like he was going to be this huge deal today and it was a mirage. i think they broke in on nbc news, midday programming promising a lot of juicy stuff. they whiffed again. the guy's a boy scout. look at his face. he couldn't collude if you played tiddlywinks with them. i read the entire statement, all six pages, he basically got
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drafted into this campaign by his father-in-law as a family duty. he didn't want to get involved in politics. he met two russians during the campaign, two. he shook hands with the russian ambassador for about 30 seconds, and then he got ropeds into this dumb meeting and tried to get his tail out of there as soon as possible because it was so boring. then during the transition he met with two more russians. he met with the ambassador because he wanted to talk about syria, that's fine, and he met with the banker. fine. a where's the scandal? >> going to give him a bag of dirt. >> that's the only dirt he got from the russians, soil from his family's homestead. i don't see anything there. tomato, tomato. >> democrats see it differently. they focus and a couple things.
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he says "i never relied on russian investment for my businesses," so they say that must be a keyword. on the same day, you had chuck schumer and other democrats get together and reveal a whole bunch of new slogans and their new way forward, and saying that they had to take responsibility for their loss because of their candidate, and not because of russia. do you think that was the wrong day to do that? >> no, i think democrats have to operate on their own timetable. >> i know you wrote about this in your column. >> i did. the democrats need to developp their own message. it's quite clear, a substantial number of voters, not just trump voters, don't plan to vote in 2018 on the basis of opposition to donald trump. they want to see something from the democrats, here is what we stand for. i don't think it's necessarily bad messaging. it could get lost, but how doan you compete with what's going on at the white house? it's impossible for democrats -- they're never going to have the kind of bloodsport sense that you have today, and you have the
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brother-in-law, looks like he's shoving his brother-in-law, trump, jr., under the bus as well as you have a situation where despite what johnny cochran said, jesse cochran -- >> if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> so many questions, he said he got together and that they didn't know what they were talking about, it seems so cleas to me, i never read the emaildi chain. never looked and saw that my brother-in-law was saying i'd love to get information from russia, dirt on hillary. and then he said, you know what, i met with that russian ambassador, so what if i said let's go to the russian embassyi and have a secure channel, a back channel communication, i didn't mean it like that. it was just a one time thing. this was not a good day. he is back on his heels. n he is on the defensive. it was a carefully tailored message, as kimberly said, written by his lawyer. but the whole thing looks to me like everybody pointing fingers,
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if not taking out knives. >> speaking of knives, we have congressman hakeem jeffries here in a sound bite. >> the majority of democrats understand that there is a cloud of illegitimacy over the white house as a result of the possibility that there was improper or illegal collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> so kennedy, this is one of the talking points they will always use, and to some effectiveness with their base, but it's not penetrating beyond that. >> it doesn't. that's reflecting in the polls right now i think when you have some democrats and leadership saying that the russian narrative, it's ringing hollow for a lot of voters, not only did they not see enough there in order to different their attention from things like national security, immigration,d and economic principles, but
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there's something about it -- i'm one of those people, i much more of a skeptic than you, jesse. i know you believe in thise, y president, and i admire how much you love this country. however, i do feel like there's no collusion, but there is something weird going on and i want to get to the bottom of it. i thought what jared kushner did today was, i thought he did a good job of laying out point by point, as you said, some of the accusations and charges that have been made, and some of them unfounded, and took them down one at a time. i think that's a good lesson for the administration, because it's a much more logical path than slinging insults at people like adam schiff. >> think about the democrats for eight years when they shirked their duty to do oversight of the executive branch. the republicans are actually doing oversight, and they are having these interviews, these hearings, they are moving forward in a way i don't think the democrats would have given
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the republicans enough credit. maybe they never will. it is true that the republicans haven't tried to shut down any of these >> you are absolutely right. another point i was going to make, they've been transparent. they've been cooperative.ra people testifying, but that's not enough to satiate the democrats in this lust that they have for any kind of thing russian centered. what i think we see here today is somebody who came forth, acted like someone who doesn't have anything to hide and wants to clear his name, that's what i would do if somebody made that kind of allegation. what we have this point, absolutely zero evidence of any kind of collusion with the russians. we do still have our democrats and mainstream media very anxious to try to find something. what we do have, it appears, a special prosecutor who actually is searching. he's in search for some kind of crime, so far nothing of russian collusion.
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and he is trying to fish, and that's not how it's supposed to work for some kind of financial misdeeds, something he thinks perhaps that is wrong because that's the background of his expertise and the team that he has brought in with him. >> you don't think the email in which junior says i love it, please, russia's information, please send it. and then you have kushner seeing that, he says not seeing it and ignoring it, but then showing up at the meeting along with the campaign manager.ay >> you never read the bottom of an email chain. i've sent you so manysu emails. you just read the subject line. >> to that point, it is a little bit amateurish, and i also think that's why don, jr., doesn't have a job in the white house. >> that is an interesting point we are going to keep going, because we do something exciting coming up. new questions are being raised about attorney general jeff sessions after president trump criticizes him in a new tweet. are changes on the horizon?
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him "beleaguered" in a tweet this morning. in a photo op, he was asked about the attorney general. >> mr. president, did you -- should jeff sessions resign? [laughter] >> face emoji. also today, an obamacare showdown is brewing. the senate has had to hold a procedural vote to take up the health care bill tomorrow. >> the question for every senator, democrat or republican, is whether they will side with obamacare's architects, which have been so disruptive to our country. we're with its forgotten victims. any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare, which is what it is. >> joining us here on the set, chief national correspondent ed henry, and there he is. welcome to "the five."
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or the six.. >> like the sixth beatle. >> now they were saying that, on friday night, there is something i reported for your weekend show and you said my people in washington. i just called you out. henry, i stole that from you. >> you've been given cocky, we don't want to give you a huge head. it was an anonymous source. >> we will give you all the credit as long as you do a good job. a lot of breaking news today, a couple things.od there's one that is breaking now about senator john mccain, can you fill us in? >> we are hearing that senator john mccain is confirmed, he's coming back tomorrow to vote in the senate. it is the key procedural vote. all that is, really, is to get to the actual debate. i they don't know which bill it's going to be, repeal only, repeal and replace, and mitch mcconnell is between a rock and a hard place to get something moving. this is very dramatic for
9:17 pm
senator john mccain who just had surgery to deal with brain cancer. they were expecting him to take at least a few weeks off to recuperate. obviously you think family comet first, his health comes first. i would assume, we don't know everything because this is breaking, but this was done in consultation with his doctor and his family to make sure that even just traveling to washington is going to be okay. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he flies in a plane. he's really tough, he knows how important this is. >> maverick all the way. >> how'd crazy would be if he b flew all the way to washington to vote no?n >> i think the other thing here, the president, the argument that you played in that sound bite, what took so long for the white house from a communications standpoint to figure out, i think this is his best judgment, with republicans that if you won't even let us move forward on a procedural vote that nobody else in washington understands,
9:18 pm
we don't even know which bill it's going to be, but have a debate. >> they could've had him on talk radio all last week with that exact same message and forcing the issue. but it looks like they're going to get it. >> we spoke on the radio today, you raised a point which was basically, why was the president on the phone, talk radio, and states like west virginia where he has senators on the fence?, message that. frankly, how can republican senators justify not voting to have a debate? >> squeeze play. >> you can say debate, susan collins, i don't the medicaid. >> honestly, if you phrase it that way, how can the democrats not vote for it, to? it should be 100-0 in the senate. >> chuck schumer says this bill is rotten to its core. he said it is so bad and so toxic, wouldn't you want to cast a little sunlight on this legislation so people can see what you see, and if not then you are an empty, hypocritical coward. i'm going to go for the latter. >> mitch mcconnell said last week, i was at the white house
9:19 pm
when he came out last week, chuck schumer and everyone else can amend this thing to death. you can have dozens and dozens of amendments. i think you are right. they should call the democrats out as well as the republicans.. they need to say, democrats like chuck schumer said they want to fix obamacare, they don't want this bill but they want to make it call him out. every time when i was covering president obama they tried to make the smallest change to obamacare, no, no, no. i it was like pulling a piece of string in the suit was going to come undone. no changes, even reasonable changes. >> are they going to get this thing repealed? dana made another bold production just now that it was going to happen. >> i think this vote tomorrow is going to happen. m >> the vote happens, but then it doesn't get repealed. >> i don't know. >> she was the source. >> washington. >> people in washington told me.
9:20 pm
>> you seem to be bitter about it. >> i think that the republicans have not demonstrated that they have any better ideas than obamacare so far.ns in either the house bill or the senate bill, and now -- all it's about now, can he claim a victory. they are trying to cover up. let me move on to the news of the night which is that, this business about the president saying that the attorney general is "beleaguered," and to anybody watching it looks like the president is try to force outt " his attorney general without pulling the plug. l >> what was the context? he said the beleaguered attorney general should be investigating crooked hillary. he is dragging that back. it's very clear what that shows to me, this is a president who is frankly angry at his attorney general forly recusing himself. >> letting them twist in thete wind -- i understand you are mad at him, but he was the first one to go out for you.
9:21 pm
he really stuck his neck out. he was really good in his confirmation hearing. he's been implementing the policies better than any department across the government. if you really can't stand him that much, then cut him loose. in the rocky mount news, my gosh, that doesn't even exist anymore -- in "the washington post" today, there's a story that robert costa reports that some to close to trump says he was asking today, how will it play in the conservative media if i fire sessions? well, if you actually look at the conservative media, it won't be good. they like him. >> the twist in the story today was, rudy giuliani, former prosecutor, former mayor of new york, said you know what, sessions was right to recuse himself. that was a surprise because people were talking about the possibility that trump would name rudy giuliani to replace sessions because he believes --t >> he was also an early adopter,
9:22 pm
very early on in the campaign. i think people were surprised to not see him be part of this administration in a much higher post than as a civil libertarian. i would be delighted to see jeff sessions -- >> there is a lot of -- the other name. >> civil asset forfeiture. >> how many times have we heard that people are out? there have been so many stories, and they are still around. >> don't hold your breath. >> take this with a grain of salt. >> you want him to hold his breath? >> don't hold your breath because he won't have to hold it for that long. >> what do your people in washington say? >> i will say this about ag, if you think way back -- you should remember this, rudy giuliani was one of the first people that the president wanted for ag, another
9:23 pm
person that he favors. but then jeff sessions, one of the first people to campaign for him, beloved in the south, has really tried to do a good job for the president. s it's a complex situation, but i agree with dana. if you are upset and you don't't like someone in the position like that, you have to have to step up and stop you >> stop humiliating him and just do it. >> do you think he doesn't want to fire him because he already asked him to get rid of mueller, and if he fires him then -- >> i think he is waiting for the resignation. >> you have to have a replacement ready to go, and i don't think he has one. >> who is widely respected.-- he doesn't like rosenstein, so that's out the window. >> i say watters, he knows a lot of people in washington. >> i think you should stay. the new white house communications director has a bold plan for plugging leaks to the press. we will tell you what it is coming up next.
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♪ >> just a few days after being named the new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci is now"d vowing to clean up shop. at the top of the list, taking drastic action to stop leaks to the press while offering this ultimatum to the white house staff. >> what happens to leakers on h your watch? >> they're going to get fired. i will make it very clear.he we are only as strong as our weakest leak, so if you want to leak, get together and make a decision as a team to stop leaking. if you keep leaking on going to fire everybody. >> i can't believe it's taken this long for someone to come in and say stop the leaks. >> it's bad. you didn't see this kind of
9:29 pm
problem with the obama administration. i give them a lot of credit, they ran a tight ship. they didn't have people thatob were colluding against the administration and leaking. it's very unfair. you go in there, and i take public service very seriously having worked as a prosecutor for so many years in los angeles and san francisco, you go in there and you take an oath. you keep your confidences. you do not it's entirely improper and unethical. if you are that kind of person, and unethical, you don't belong in the position. i would take the same approach and attitude. i would want to find out and root out anyone who is tryingan to undermine the presidency and the government and not to the job properly. they should go and get another job. prepare the resume. i'm sure they know who they are. meaning the people that are leaking. i know the administration has the names and the list, so -- >> where do you think these leaks are coming from? i assume they were coming from the intelligence committee or maybe the state department. >> i think there are different levels of leaks.
9:30 pm
the ones about the intelligence community that come from the intelligence community, that'st' one problem and a crime. p then you have ones that are possibly coming from whatever the deep state is, the bowels of the state department that they are mad about. what he is talk about, anthony scaramucci's talking about the white house staff, in a particular he said the communication staff. i have to tell you. in my experience, the people in the press office rarely leak. for a couple reasons but one, they don't have that much information. two, they have to clean up the mess. three, they have relationships with reporters that they have to do on the record so it's very hard to say i'm on the record or not. if you have to name them and you want to fire them, kimball iss giving me some direction here, so i don't know. p i just know that in my experience the press people don't usually leak. the first to complain it is often the leaker. the white house also complains about, "the new york times" for example, uses sources like advisors to the white house said, that was the one about the don, jr., meetinge
9:31 pm
that one means that there are people outside the white house -- >> could be anybody. >> the press, the chief of staff, they are talking to people at the bar and those people are calling the press. you can't fire them. that requires leadership and direction. i don't think somebody that is forcing something down the throat, like managing by fear is one thing and you can try it that way, but it doesn't achieve confidence. that's how kennedy runs her show, right? what you do to leakers on your show? >> they have all been squashed. [laughs] like cockroaches. they splatter on the sidewalk. >> look at juan, he's terrified. >> this is a very unorthodox white house still getting its footing. itit still barely early on in te presidency. with other parties and past presidents, you would a sense of loyalty to your party, and there's a disconnect there. >> one example, when the health care bill was going down, something that happened that showed up in the paper sayingg
9:32 pm
the white house is going to say a-ok to a campaign -- and i know the reporter and they got a call from other parts of the white house saying do you have more information, where did you get that. one part wasn't talking to the other. that's easily fixed by something like a communications director or chief of staff figuring how to do better coordination. >> the first person to complain about the leak most likely is the leaker. in this case, scaramucci has a reputation among reporters as being a great leaker. he was a great leaker. >> he just got on the job. >> previous campaign, he was a good leaker. right now there are so many factions inside the white house. we saw this demonstrated today,h talking about don, jr., versus kushner, then you've got people on the edge like reince priebus, the chief of staff, and then steve bannon and his policy
9:33 pm
advisor, all discombobulated by scaramucci. everybody is looking out for themselves. then everybody is lawyered up, including the president.yb the lawyers have information. their job is to protect the client, not politics. and they are leaking. >> that sounds a lot like fake news, because thee sources i hae at the white house said that everyone gets along quite swimmingly. says everyone gets along quite swimmingly. >> is that ed henry? >> directly ahead, a deadly illegal immigrant incident re-ignites the debate on sanctuary cities. could this have been avoided? that's coming up. ♪ you're gonna have dizziness, nausea, and sweaty eyelids. ♪ ♪ and in certain cases chronic flatulence. ♪ no ♪ sooooo gassy girl. so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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9:38 pm
texas lieutenant governor dan patrick does among lawmakers blaming this horror on sanctuary cities. >> those who think sanctuaryr cities are a great idea, this is what happens. when people think they can come to america illegally because there is an oasis somewhere that they can live in. that just draws them to fall into the clutches of the people who smuggle people across our border. >> goodness gracious.s some of the people involved,d, children, four of the survivors, 4 to 17. what do you make of this? >> it breaks my heart, because here are people who just want a better life. they know the risks, they know k the stories, and they lost their lives, they died trying to get into this country. that's what i think about first, then i think about the people who prey upon them and take their money. in these incredible, unsafe conditions. for me it's a testament to how great this country is and what a
9:39 pm
magnet it is and for people trying to leave hellholes, unfortunately this is what theys are left with. these are the means. that means the system is broken. something is wrong. there certainly is a disconnectm between sanctuary cities and the federal government, but there's also a broken immigration policy in this country that we have to figure out so stuff like this stops happening. >> dana, to pick up on what kennedy is saying, people in the truck saying they were expected to pay $5500 each. that's a lot of money.ay >> they were guaranteed for that money and air-conditioned ride, but the desire to come to this country and work is so great that they were willing to do this.. they started rocking the truck back and forth to get attentionf the driver says he doesn't know what was in the truck, and understand apparently that it's possible if he picked up a field container and that is driving along and doesn't know. it does seem a little suspect, though. if you are driving a truck and you don't know what's in it from laredo to san antonio, i think he's probably vulnerable and he should be.
9:40 pm
it's one thing to do with sanctuary cities, but also to the coyotes, and ratchet up the penalties for them to tried to prevent this behavior. the conditions and human rights is something we should care about. does matter from the southern side of the border or here in america, this ought to stop. >> to be clear, that's not the case that the driver, mr. bradley, he's from clearwater florida come across the border. apparently these folks were brought across and loaded onto this truck and he was told to drive this truck. >> but he still part of the smuggling operation.d >> yes. >> he's responsible for that car. >> i see what kennedy is saying, that america is a magnet for immigrants, but sanctuary cities are a magnet for illegal immigrants. you put the wall on the border, defund sanctuary cities. i think that's humane. i think some of these policies, border policies, they don't deter this stuff. they encourage smuggling and then people die.
9:41 pm
the democrats are the party of compassion and they want to be the humane party. c they can't at the same time h encourage these policies were people are actually dying. coming across the border. these smugglers, they are like modern-day slave traders. the same kind of thing where they pile bodies into a hot truck on top of each other. same thing they did on slave ships. it's disgusting. more people need to get involve involved. it keeps happening over and over. >> kimberly, there is an intriguing debate between the congressman from texas and the senator from texas. castro thing we need to have some compassion and john cornyn saying it is compassionate to safely crackdown on sanctuary cities, the border, we can stop this kind of loss of >> they can both have valid points, but i see it firstly for my perspective in terms of being a prosecutor and seeing what would happen here, people being taken advantage of is very dangerous conditions for families and for children. these are the stories that i
9:42 pm
would be privy to and aware of on a daily basis. that is a serious issue, because people are desperate. they want to come over and if there's a means to do it these people will prey on them. they prey on them. look at the situation here,e loss of life. that's why we have to -- it'se. incumbent upon us and our partners in mexico to work on something that is tenable, and has compassion but respects the laws of our country and ensures the safety of people here and the people in mexico. they should want to make sure to put an end to this, too. follow the laws, go to the process, and we need to make tht process more streamlined so that it's fair to >> so people can immigrate legally, and get into the country. >> or work temporarily. >> absolutely, and have solutions like that in the process. employers can hire them, and it's aboveboard so people aren't sacrificing their lives.
9:43 pm
>> just last week, the president had to issue additional visas for seasonal workers, the question is what happens with e-verify, so folks don't think they can get jobs with fake social security numbers and the like.ri up next, senator schumer called out his fellow democrat hillary clinton and some stunning new remarks. find out what he said when we return. la quinta presents "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. ♪ backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
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♪ >> good evening. it appears some prominent democrats are tired of hillary clinton's excuses for losing the election. one of them her former senate colleague chuck schumer has taken shots at the former democratic presidential nominee, telling "the washington post"de "when you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don't blame other things. comey, russia, you blame yourself." the senator minority leader also doubled down his party's failures earlier today. >> when you lose elections as we did in 2014, in 2016, you don't flinch, you don't blink, you look in the mirror and ask "whay did we do wrong"? the number one thing we did
9:48 pm
wrong is not present a strong, bold economic agenda to working americans so that their hope for the future might return again. >> that would've been helpful information last november. shots across the bow at hillary. >> crying chuck is going to turn into dead chuck after that. tough when you go out on the hill like that, i would be worried if i were him.m. democrats said they have a new slogan, "better deal." cash on hand, they have $3 million, the republicans have about $45 million. the reason they lost in the last election, because the voters didn't hear their message. well, they did hear the message and they didn't like it. i don't think the democrats are believable when they say they are fighting for the middle class, because everyone hears about trump and russia and global warming, and they say they want to be about fighting for the middle class. they had eight years with the white house in the middle class got hammered. what do you have to show for it?
9:49 pm
>> do you have to show for it, juan? the bottom line is the bottom line. democrats don't have cash in hand, even hillary and bernie both came out swinging against the dnc, and now chuck, is he being a little sexist?t? >> sexist, how is that? >> by attacking hillary? >> that's t sexist? i think he had a point. i think you hear this from david axelrod, they said they had a lot of money, they had a tremendous financial advantage over trump and they had an unpopular opponent and they c still lost. i think they're focusing on a message that can get traction, about jobs, wages, infrastructure. it's a a centrist message. the question is, are you alienating the base? lot of people see bloodsport in
9:50 pm
going after trump. i think now, this is a more centrist approach as you are saying. the question is, does it get a response? obviously jesse doesn't think it gets the response because the republicans always are small government, less taxes, it's easy to understand. this message gets immediately mocked by republicans as sounding like papa john's, better pizza, better ingredients, so we have a better job plan. it may be that this is whater democrats need. >> the democrats need something. they obviously -- they've run out of ideas and candidates and now money. >> they've got no money. they've got no people. they've got no ideas. they produced donald trump winning. >> wait, they produced donald trump? >> eight years of obama. >> a better economy under president obama, a better stock market. >> if it was so dandy, then why didn't hillary win?
9:51 pm
>> because i don't think -- i think income inequality. >> stock market was never above 21,000 underre president obama. >> where did it start? >> it started at 4. >> this is why schumer is now dissing hillary, because he's even higher in the polls.. >> it's him trying to get rid of hillary. >> you guys need a villain. >> dana, the last word.a >> how about any word? >> i would say a couple things. the guys that worked for obama, this is what they called the new slogan "trash, confusing," they said that make america great again felt genuine and this doesn't have the feeling. i would say, they don't have any money, but they have way too many people. apparently what's happening isey that races across the country
9:52 pm
you have eight democrats vying for one primary seat. we saw what happened to the republicans when they had 17. what's happening is the leaders of the party want to go centrist. those people that are runningng want to push left. they are going to drag all those candidatesos left. and then they're not going to be able to compete and what are much more centrist districts. >> you can't have it both ways, and they will find that out the hard way.
9:53 pm
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>> it's time for one more thing. i will go first. you want to get inspired by america's youth. look at carolin berk. who i got a sweet text of everything jasper did. jasper greeted me and glad to see me and jasper got a treat for being a good boy. he took a nap and drank a lot of water and played with samson and she will be hired again young people, i knew that kimberly would love the list.
9:57 pm
>> you are look. >> as part of opening night for shark's week. discovery channel advertised the olympics swimming leson michael phelps will determine which is faster. he will be seeing a computer image of the shot. robots have taken over. sadly he didn't win and lost the race by two points. it is a huge disappointment for the humans. two seconds lower than the simulated shark. >> how about with a real shark, too. >> even fonzie jumped the real shark. >> you guys want blood. >> juan, you're next.
9:58 pm
>> talking about the democrats and their message. the politics, look at my column in the hill website today. i have other exciting news. my son rafe got engaged to wonderful morgan. and guess what her parents came down from connecticut and pals from high school and college came from all over the country to celebrate. and check this out. the most amazing cake made by my daughter reagan. it was made out of sugar and popcorn. the cake was delicious. good lucky to the couple. >> and so my family. they are all democrats, my father and my mother and temporary and extended family and my uncle david watters' is
9:59 pm
a state senator and met maxin watters'. i am not in the picture. congratulations, i guess, maybe she will run for president. >> just to rub it in. >> and you are not persuasive are you? >> i can't win arguments at thanksgiving. >> pet translators believe they will develop a i software to allow you to communicate to talk with your dog and not just with the sad eyes they so often give us. that is my dog, right there, i have been over served. and now quite tired. >> how does it work? >> it works, it was a study funded byammazon and they are going to use various algorithms and convert that in to speech. and you will be able to talk to your dog. >> what if jasper doesn't like
10:00 pm
you? >> and the democrat like jesse's family. >> he probably does. >>sssssssssssss it for the episode of the five. hannity supnext. >> sean:. this country is facing a moment of truth. there are groups of people in this country trying to destroy what you voted for in november and it is time for you to stand up and defend the agenda you want. that the opening monologue you will not hear in the establishment media. five forces in the country actively working and damage and utterly destroy donald trump's presidency and agenda. if you want to keep that agenda,


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