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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 25, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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over heals. >> texas bride and groom fall off the back of their bmw after the driver speeds away from the reception and he got a lot of anger at him right after that. >> we have to find out if they were okay. rob: they were fine. heather: "fox & friends" starts now. bi. >> any senator who votes against starting to is telling america obamacare nightmare another day american families and american businesses struggle. >> did i not collude with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> jared had a very good day. that's what you call effective push back and he did it well. >> we are being very upfront with this because we want the world to know there was no collusion. >> president trump has spoken with advisors overnight about firing the attorney general. >> the driver in that human smuggling horror in texas
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could face the death penalty. acting director of ice now blasting sanctuary cities of this. >> those folks had who want to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration this is what happens. >> our secretary of health and human services and is he doing a great job, by the way, going to get the votes? he better get them. otherwise, i will say tom, you're fired. i will get somebody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i like it, ♪ i love it steve: like it, i love it or shove it that's going to be
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the question on capitol hill. you like the bill enough to go ahead and vote for the motion to proceed or are you going to say you know what? i know john mccain is coming back but i don't care, i don't want him to have to debate. that's what it all comes down to. ed: the grit that john mccain is showing days after brain cancer to come back and say this is big enough issue for my party and my country we need to have this debate for other republicans to say eh, i don't want to move forward on the debate. that's going to be very interesting. ainsley: republicans can onlyless two voters. senator collins and senator paul probably not going to repeal and replace this will. they have made that clear. ed: senator paul said he might vote yes on this motion to proceed to get to the debate as long as it is just repeal only later not replace. ainsley: today is only the vote to determine whether or not they will take up the repeal and replace issue. steve: today all they are voting on should we talk about it in public because there are a bunch of you senators who do not want to be officially on
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the record. that's what it comes to. ed: they love to talk both parties they might as well vote yes so they can talk some more. ainsley: all a 2 supposed to vote yes to talk about repeal and replace. ed: they need 50 to have vice president pence to be the 51st. this is the best argument that president trump has at this point is that he is the newcomer in town, okay? republicans in the house and senate have talked about repealing and replacing for six or seven years. if you are now at the edge of the diving board saying not only i do not want to repeal and replace, maybe, but i don't even want to talk about repealing and replacing. steve: exactly. this is supposed to be the most deliberative body in the world the u.s. senate. so anyway the president of the united states, he, look, you know over the last six months he has done all he could from his end of pennsylvania avenue. and now he is having the full-court press. yesterday afternoon, 3:15 in the east wing of the white house, he had in victims of obamacare.
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then last night he was out in west virginia along with the boy scouts and today he is going to ohio. but yesterday featured there with some of the victims of obamacare as they referred to, he tweeted. this. ainsley: the family on the right we will have them on the show coming up. this is what he tweeted. any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare. ed: look, that is the point. get to the debate. nobody is determining where this goes. it's clear this president will sign virtually anything that is clear to repeal and replace. not haggling over the details. let's move forward. steve: don't know if it aclean repeal bill or repeal and replace. who knows? all they are going to vote on today is whether or not to talk about it in public. nonetheless, pause it's such a big squabble people are going well, that's how the swamp works. the president as we heard last
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night in west virginia, he don't like the swamp. >> you know, i go to washington and i see all these politicians. and i see the swamp, and it's not a good place. in fact, today i said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or perhaps to the word sewer. but it's not good. [cheers and applause] >> not good. and i see what's going on and, believe me, i would much rather be with you, that, i can tell you. ainsley: he was talking to the boycotts. boy scouts. 2017 boy scout jam bore re. he said some interesting things. he said 10 people on his cabinet were boy scouts. rex tillerson was the president of the boy scouts. national president. he said his vice president, vice president pence was also a boy scout. they are great individuals. were you all in the boy scouts.
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steve: i was. head head scouts honor. steve: that's why i'm always prepared never know what's going to happen. ainsley: my dad made it all the way to the eagles. steve: hats offer to him. ed: senator mccain has been a divisive figure in politics but the fact of the matter is, he is somebody battling brain cancer right now. the public can and should rally around him regardless of how he votes on this issue and others in the days ahead. but our colleague, meghan mccain, cherished colleague, just tweet add photo a couple days ago before we heard that senator mccain was coming back of him taking a hike out in arizona together it had been anticipated a couple weeks of recuperation before he could come back to washington. the stakes are so high here is he coming back to washington. ainsley: bret baier said he had to get permission from his doctor to make the trip. if he is driving he had to leave last night. 33 hour drive. senator cornyn said i will rent an rv and we will drive together.
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system doctors said it could be risky if he gets on a plane after surgery. steve: there was some discussion do we get an air ambulance. keep in mind, his health is not great. he just had brain surgery. absolutely. so do we get an air ambulance to fly him back? is he good enough for that or travel in a regular jet? we don't know exactly how he is getting there i know john cornyn said yesterday i will get rv and we will road trip. it is that important. for john mccain to put his personal health on the line on this vote simply to talk about it in public. and for u.s. senators. we are talking about they would have to be republicans to say no. that would be extraordinary. ainsley: charles krauthammer said the best thing that rand paul or susan collins could do is to vote for this just to represent what john mccain would do. ed: mitch mcconnell said if you vote on the motion to proceed, republicans and democrats can bring up dozens of amendments to whatever bill comes up.
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so your point, ainsley. they can kind of craft this bill in whatever direction you want. make it much different than the house republican version than so many people have attacked. just get to the debate. steve: it's like when you are cooking with your kids and making cookies, can we put in chocolate chips? sure. can we put in nuts and put in jimmy's -- who knows what the bill is ultimately going to be. the president was talking how many members of his cabinet was in the boy scouts. one of them is in the health and human services secretary. the president called tom price up on stage. ed: he needs to be prepared. steve: he made a funny joke, we think. ed: maybe. >> he's doing a great job. and hopefully he is going to get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as obamacare that's really hurting us. [cheers]
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[chanting] >> by the way, are you going to get the votes? >> i hope. so. >> he better get them. oh, he better. otherwise i will say, tom, you're fired. i will get somebody. ed: everyone, including us, were talking about will the republicans get to 50? there is nothing stopping senate democrats from voting yes. not on the republican bill. because this is not the republican bill. but on a motion to proceed. so i don't know why the public is not also focused on the fact that a handful more of conservative moderate democrats could vote yes and, you know. ainsley: hike a joe manchin. ed: we will have him on the show later to talk about this. chuck schumer and other democrats say we want to fix obamacare. we want to have a debate. they claim they have a plan to do that. bring it to the table. have a debate. steve: can you imagine if six republicans. right now there are reportedly more than six republicans who may be nos.
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can you imagine if six republicans vetted know. five democrats voted yes to proceed. let's go ahead and have the debate. the bill gets saved by democrats. it's not going to happen. ainsley: what do you think about him saying you are going to be fired if this doesn't happen? i don't want anybody to lose their job. i wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy. it's good -- the president is holding them accountable and he is saying the same thing if these senators and these house members don't get on board and don't do this for the american people, then they won't get reelected? ed: unlike the tweet about jeff sessions which is a little more serious. ainsley: anthony scaramucci said if you are a leaker you are getting fired. steve: on the list of people getting fired today he is not on the list. it was just a joke. ainsley: jillian has headlines for you. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. the driver inspect that human
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smuggling horror in texas could face the death penalty. james matthew bradley says he didn't know he was carrying human cargo in the trailer where 10 people died in 100-degree heat with no airconditioning. and we now know just how bad it got. a survivor opening up from his hospital bed saying he paid more than 5 grand for a spot on that sweltering truck where people were taking turns breathing through a hole. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says this case highlights the importance of track cracking down on sanctuary cities. he will join us later this morning. stay tuned for that little charlie gard's parents now preparing to say goodbye to their son. ending their battle to bring him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. >> as charlie's devoted loving and devoted parents we decided it's no longer in charlie's interest that the treatment and be with the angels. jillian: charlie's parents making heart breaking
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decisions after new scans showing irreversible brain and muscle damage. he will now be taken off life support and pass away just weeks before his first birthday. cheers and shock faces when house republicans get unexpected call. majority whip steve scalise dialing into a meeting weeks after being shot in the hip after gettin baseball practice. louisiana republican also vowing to work through his recovery. i'm sure so many of his colleagues were so happy to hear his voice and hear from him. ainsley: we have been keeping him in our prayers and charlie gard's family. steve: thank you, jillian, very much. ainsley: president trump rasping up pressure to repeal and replace obamacare families crushed by it. >> have a son monty who suffers from spina bifida. now there is only one insurer
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left in the state exchange. ainsley: that mom, marjorie weir, there she is with the first lady, she is going to join us live next with her story. steve: wait until you hear it science is in turns out money can buy you happiness. ainsley: give me more then. steve: it depends on what you buy and how you spend it. ainsley: housewives say money can't buy you class ♪ money, money ♪ i need a dollar, thrar ♪ that's what i need ♪ i need a dollar, dollar ♪ a dollar is what i need ♪
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navy federal credit union. >> marjorie and kevin weir from south carolina have a son monty who suffers from spine spa bifida. they promised the weir ifs they liked their doctor, they could keep their doctor. now there is only one inneuroer left in the state exchange. more obamacare lies. ains apes president trump putting pressure on g.o.p. senators to repeal and replace obamacare while meeting with families facing what he calls the disastrous effects of the law. marjorie weir was there with the president yesterday. he heard him talking about her. she joins us now with her story from the great state of south carolina. good morning to you, marjorie, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me here. ainsley: you are welcome. tell us about your son monty.
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>> sure. so montgomery is throw years old. and when i was 20 weeks pregnant with him we found out that he would be born with spina bifida l 3 l 4 lesion. we were incredibly nervous about that diagnosis. but he is doing amazing. he is a happy little kid. he around in his wheelchair. is he loving life. he has a zest for life. he is doing very well. ainsley: he is so cute. why did you decide to go to washington yesterday? it's your second time in the last month going. >> it is. i joked i will be waiting for come up in august again. it was fabulous going up there i just wanted to say thank you, mr. president, for inviting us and all the other families up there to speak with him and to put pressure on congress to do their job to begin the discussion of repealing and replacing obamacare.
3:19 am
so hopefully a fire was lit under them to see that we -- this is real i had hurting americans. so take your job seriously. and discuss repealing and replacing obamacare. ainsley: marjorie, i was reading your story in the local paper there in charleston, south carolina, you had said that obamacare has negatively impacted monty's care. explain to the viewers at home what your issues are with obamacare. >> absolutely. so, the pool that we have been able to choose from with doctors and hospitals keeps getting smaller. even the company who fixes his wheelchair. special needs families need continuity of care. every year you are not sure well i'm able to go to this doctor that we have chosen this year and you're not sure that you are able to go next year. that's another added layer of stress to one, raising
3:20 am
children but also raising a child with special needs. you need to know that i can count on this continued relationship with the doctor that my husband and i have chosen for our son. so, a guessing game every year of which doctor do i get to see this year? it's very frustrating. ainsley: blue cross is the last insurer in the marketplace and restricts coverage to inside the state lines he gets a lot of his care in boston. it's always a fight every single year whether you have to go up there to get care. we are hoping the senators and house members are listening to your story this morning and make the necessary changes. thank you so much. god bless your family. kiss that southern soil for us. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless: schiff demanded an investigation into russia. why is he on tv all the time talking about russia? whole new world coming to disney. the next movie you see could
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3:25 am
too quickly. the measure supports critical national security programs like things for counter terrorism and cyber attack. all right. mr. henry? ed: thanks, steve. >>ing member of the house intel committee adam schiff has a lot it say about, yes, russia. >> the president is clearly worried that bob mueller is going to be looking into allegations, for example, that the russians may have laundered money through the trump administration. that is really something, in my opinion, he needs to look at because what concerns me the most is anything that could be held over the president's head that could influence u.s. policy that would be among the most powerful form of compromise. so i think it is something that he needs to look at. ed: congressman schiff we checked the numbers he has done at least 99 national tv interviews since the president took office. many of them focused on russia. are democrats trying to influence the quote, unquote independent investigation they command demanded? here to debate michael hopkins
3:26 am
and bold dot global founder kerry sheestled. sheffield. michael, you hear that sound bite, focus on the substance of what he actually said. he throws out there in one of the interviews the trump organization may have -- may have laundered money from the russians. isn't that a bit extreme. >> no. i think when we look at the trump company and where they have spent their money, the properties that they have purchased, there is a decent chance that they have. ed: whoa, whoa, i'm sorry. there is a decent chance that they laundered money? how do you back that up? >> it's easy, when you look at the properties they have bought and relationships they have h donald trump bought a enpiece of property in southern florida to somebody who has ties to money laundering in russia that property was doubled in value two years later. ed: whole trump organization was laundering money. >> that's not what i said. ed: before that you said there was is a very good chance that they were involved in money laundering and you told me
3:27 am
about one real estate transaction. >> you asked me how i thought or why i thought that there was a decent chance. i told you. but let's look at the crux of the investigation. ed: no there is no evidence there. >> donald trump has swok up every morning and every night tweeting about they have. it's not democrats that keep bringing up. it's democrats who respond to it we have a president who is not only incompetent but inept of doing the basic functions of his job being presidential. he wants to tweet about russia investigation. he wants to attack his a.g. he wants to fire a.g. have donald trump be president and represent all americans. i'm sure that's what kerry would want. ed: let's get kerry in here. when do you think of adam schiff? is he trying to make a name for himself off of this? 99 interviews seems like a bit extreme. you can see that runs the gamut some interviews in full disclosure right here on fox news. is he a prominent member in congress entitled to give his interviews. 9 interviews almost all of them about russia.
3:28 am
>> adam schiff elm bodies the delusion of the resistance. you heard him throwing a rachel maddow conspiracy up in the air as if it were nothing. democracy is not your play thing. you cannot undermine the constitutional right to due process. you cannot undermine the constitutional electoral college which says that donald trump won free and fair. that's what this is ultimately about. the one thing i will agree with michael on is that president trump, you have to move past the haters. resistance is motivated by hate. that's why i'm here in washington. there is a member of congress lying in a hospital bed because people hate him. people hate the president. ed: congressman scalise. >> only way that we move past hate as martin luther king said is love. >> the idea that you would even mention martin luther king while talking about donald trump in this republican party i can't sit by and not comment on that. this republican party used to actually stand for inclusiveness in trying to bring the country telling.
3:29 am
but that's not the republican party we are seeing now. there are very good members of the republican party. >> there are members of the republican party. ed: last word. >> barack obama is the one who sowed the seeds of divisiveness in this country. i. >> he said he wasn't born in this country. >> i agree it was wrong for him to do that. now the democrats full of hate it is the resistance that is motivated by hate. michael, if you want to make some good in this country, stop your resistance from being full of hate. >> there is no hate here. ed: kerry, michael, you call the president incompetent and said he may be guilty of money laundering. that's not hate? >> critique. ed: is newt gingrich returning to washington and joining president trump in the white house? what he just said about all that speculation. and turns out money can buy happiness. it depends on what you spend it on. the science is. in we have got the details
3:30 am
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steve: fox news alert. we are now hearing from the driver in that human smuggling horror down in the state of texas he appears in court as you can see right there for the very first time. and he could face the death penalty. ainsley: 10 people are now dead after being found in sweltering trailer down in san antonio. ed: rob schmitt joins us with details. what a horrible story. rob: james bradley claims he didn't know he was carrying people. 10 people baked to death in
3:34 am
100 heat with no a.c. 60-year-old from florida charged with illegally transporting illegal documents for money. police founding the truck parked in the wal-mart in san antonio early sunday morning after employee called police. eight people found dead inside the truck. two more died later at the hospital. more than 100 people may have been crammed into the back compartment of this tractor-trailer at one point in this journey. and now we know just how bad it got inside. a survivor opening up from his hospital bed says he paid over $5,000 for a spot in the back of this truck where he says people were begging for water while taking turns breathing through a small hole. we're also learning at least 25 people from inside that truck were from mexico. i believe all of them were from central america. the acting director of ice now blasting sanctuary cities. >> these people that choose to take this trip up here it's
3:35 am
dangerous. they know as much as we do what sanctuary cities are and where they are located. i wish these jurisdictions would work with us and think about the decisions they are making. rob: okay. well texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says this case highlights the importance of cracking down on sanctuary cities which they say encourages this kind of behavior in some way. he will join "fox & friends" coming up at 8:45 this morning two hours from now. steve: cop fusing stories out there. the driver says i was just driving the truck from iowa. meanwhile some of the people who survived said yeah we got on in laredo. somebody is not telling the truth. rob: you said why are you smuggling people from iowa to texas. that doesn't make any sense. ed: unbelievable. steve: thank you, rob. ed: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good tuesday morning to you guys. let's beginning with dramatic dash cam video just released showing a deadly police shootout. you can see watson pull out
3:36 am
his gun and open fire on cops on atlantic city, new jersey. officers firing back with a hail of bullets killing watson in the street. autopsy later found pcp in his system. prosecutors say they released the 2014 video following a state supreme court decision that ruled dash cam footage of fatal police shootings should be released as a matter of public interest. newt gingrich could be taking a more visible role in the white house. the former house speaker addressing those rumors telling our martha maccallum he is ready to help the president. >> i'm going to try to be helpful in ways that the president finds useful. i'm focused very much now on getting a tax cut bill passed and signed into law by thanksgiving. i think that's the most important project for republicans in the next few months and key to the 2018 election. jillian: gingrich refused to say whether or not he will take on an official role. the massachusetts state supreme court ruling that police cannot hold illegal immigrants on an ice detainer
3:37 am
if there is no pending criminal charge. federal immigration detainers are simply requests. the ruling weakens the efforts of local law enforcement to keep communities safe. this ruling expected to give fuel to lawmakers who want to make massachusetts a sanctuary state. disney's next movie could be watching you. ♪ a whole new world ♪ don't you dare close your eyes ♪ jillian: get, this disney researchers unveiling a whole new world of technology, get it? that will engage what audiences really think of their movies by tracking faces. the artificial intelligence will be able to detect smiles, laughs, and hundreds of other expressions even in dark theaters. this is kind of -- i don't know. i feel like we are always watched everywhere we go now nowadays another. steve: focus group. jillian: how do you feel about your kids in the theater. steve: if you know going in they are going to be watching. jillian: i have a lot of
3:38 am
questions about this one, guys. steve: meanwhile, there is -- ainsley: janice is with genevieve, our intern. janice: this is what happens when our interns leave us they get to do weather. >> where are you from. >> burbank, california. janice: did you have fun. >> i had probably the best two months of my life working with everyone. >> what do you want to do when you get out of school. >> i'm interested in reporting and producing. janice: what about the weather. >> i thought about it you inspired me to do weather a little. janice: would you like to try on live television. >> do it. janice: i'm passing the baton, "fox & friends" microphone. take it away genevieve. >> cooler temperatures in the northeast. showers and thunderstorms are possible over the midwest. great lakes and the southwest. heavy rain could bring in risk for flooding. and it's still hot and humid over the plains. thank you. back to you steve, ainsley, and ed. janice: did you great.
3:39 am
wasn't that amazing? yea. ainsley: are her parents watching? >> not yet. 3 chock a.m. in california. they are asleep. i told them i would send it to them. janice: i'm playing music because did you such a great job. i'm so excited for you. i'm worried about me. ed: she is coming for you. steve: all right, genevieve, thank you for helping out. ainsley: i'm googling money can't buy you class. what's the housewives names that sings that countance louann. next talking point money and can it buy you happiness. she says can't buy you class. steve: i have seen the housewives show. that is certainly appropriate. somebody harvard business school did a survey. first they talked to about 2,000 people around the world. they said if you had somebody else do tedious chores like housework or shopping, things like that. things that you do not enjoy,
3:40 am
does it make you a happier person? a quarter of the people said yes. then they went to the united states and polled 1500 people, and they said do unenjoyable daily tasks to increase -- if you were to hire somebody to do those, would it make you happier? and about half said they were more satisfied with life if they had somebody do these jobs. ed: if you had somebody mow your lawn and do other things like that. sense of accomplishment if you step up, fix the house and do these kind of things. you are looking at me very skeptical. ainsley: money can truly buy you happiness. that's the debate this morning. do you think that that's true? i remember one lady told you it can't buy you happiness but it can make your life a lot easier. jillian: that's what i was going to say it can make it easier. in turn does it make you happier. if i had enough money to spend to have someone cook me meals every day, i would be thrilled. but i don't have that. ainsley: my dad worked monday through friday and stay up and write thank you notes to awful his customers every night.
3:41 am
he was exhausted. he is the greatest gray. on the weekends when he was doing yard work i was like you should hire somebody to do this and go play golf and do something enjoyable. ed: have more time with your family because you are working a lot. doing the thank you notes late at night when the kids have gone to bed. if you can hire somebody to mow the lawn. that free's up time to spend with the family. steve: here's problem. i actually mow my lawn. ed: i have been to your house. steve: my dad did all those things. my dad didn't have the money to hire somebody to mow. i could hire a guy to do it and hire a guy to paint the house or do things but i know we did hire somebody to do the inside of the house, do some painting because my wife said i'm not going to allow you on that high ladder. and so to this day when i walk through the room i see the one part where the guy missed. it's kind of like everything comes with a price. whereas after i paint a room i have such satisfaction to look it's fantastic. i love it.
3:42 am
ainsley: teaching your son, too. your kids all need to do work. when you are teaching your son to be a good husband one day so that he can change the light bulbs, he can paint. steve: he lives in another town. it's hard to do that. ainsley: we had to empty the dishwasher. we did have to do those chores. you get to a certain point in your life is it okay to take a break and just hire someone? jillian: i don't know. i feel a sense of reaccomplishment. i regrouted my whole bathroom and recaulked my whole bathroom. my dad and i built a coffee table that's now in my apartment. i love doing those things. >> steve: yep, me too. jillian: other things i don't love as much. it depends on. steve: cooking and shopping helping around the house. ainsley: you are my hero. ed: do you think money can buy you happiness? did you hire someone to take care of peter? steve: that would be my wife. she still does to this day even though he lives miles away.
3:43 am
a major campaign promise. remember? >> we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. steve: but he is interesting trouble pulling the plug. is the president's own party preventing him from delivering. jim demint says yes. he has a plan to fix it. ainsley: this story has a lot of you talking. the company that is going to microchip their employees. the ceo is going to join us live. ed: their side of the story ♪ get you girl ♪ and there is always toand there is always ♪ always something there to remind me i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go...
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3:47 am
d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp we are going to drain the swamp. steve: now the president is slightly tweaking that slogan. >> today i said we audited to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or, perhaps, to the word sewer. but it's not good. steve: not good. are republicans in congress setting the president up to fail in his attempt to drain that swamp? former south carolina senator jim demint said yes and he is trying to fix that set chairman of a brand new book conservative partnership institute. good morning to you. >> i think the president is finding out just how bad the swamp is. i can tell you the number one question i hear around the country is what happens to people once they get to washington? steve: right. >> that's what this new group is all about. steve: explain it somebody gets elected from my home state of kansas, they are elected. they run as a conservative.
3:48 am
they get to washington and suddenly things change, don't they? >> the when system is pushing against conservatives and the ideas that they run on. really it pushes against everything republicans run on. and what i found is there are a lot of groups helping to elect good people. a lot of people trying to hold them accountable and keeping score. there is really not a support system for those who want to keep those conservative values. there is not anything that pulls them together that gives them the critical mass to make a difference and be effective. and what the conservative partnership is doing is pulling together all the resources of the conservative movement here in washington and around the country, training staff, creating a job pool for staff that are trained. working with congressman and senators and getting them together to discuss how to get things done. how to work with their leadership. maybe even how to work with democrats. but try to create that support system that doesn't exist right now for conservative ideas. steve: sure, so what would you advise the u.s. senators who today are simply consideration
3:49 am
whether or not to have a vote on healthcare? >> well, it's really frustrating for all of us who have been working on repealing obamacare for 8 years. all the republicans have promised to do it. they had a plan that they had already passed that should have gone through the week of the inauguration. but they have been trying to actually create a whole healthcare bill at the same time. they need to repeal obamacare. if they can't do that they at least need to make sure that they there is a way for states to create a market where private insurance can continue to thrive, where poem can have more choices. so i -- they need to debate it and they probably need to move to it but i know from talking to conservatives in the senate, there haven't been any assurances that once they get on it that the things that they care about are actually going to stay in it. because, as you know, things adding to medicaid and bailouts for insurance companies, the democrats are likely to join in and help pass a lot of those amendments. steve: let's see what happens a little later on today.
3:50 am
jim demint who is now the chair of the conservative partnership institute we thank you very much for jing us live. >> hey, thanks, steve. steve: you bet. what do you think about that? do they need a group like that to tell them how to get along in washington and how to operate? email us stick around we have a great show ahead. sarah huckabee sanders and newt gingrich will join us live. this story has a lot of you talking there is a company that is going to microchip employees. the ceo of that company who thinks that is a good idea is going to join us live next ♪ whose going to work for the working man ♪ work ♪ this is a story about mail and packages.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
ed: the future is now. you want to jump on board. the first in the company to offer microchips. ainsley: workers at three square market will be able to use the chip to pay for break room snacks, get into the building and log on to their computers. uo. steve: they don't have g.p.s. so they won't track the employee's location. joining success todd wesby who will be getting would chip next month. thank you for jing us today. >> yes. good morning. thanks for having me with you. steve: okay. we're always worried about big brother watching. so why is it so many of your employees are saying i'm not worried about them tracking me. because i'm just using this for convenience? >> well, first of all, big brother is usually associated with g.p.s. tracking. this device you are not able
3:55 am
to track anything with the g.p.s. and we're a technology company, so doing something like this was not farfetched from our employees when we first presented the idea to them. ainsley: why did you decide to do it? >> because it's the right thing to do. it's responsible innovation for things that are going to be happening in the future, just like driverless cars are being talked about 10 years ago. they are happening today. we think to be on the forefront of this we can help shape the future. ed: does your company get involved in microchips? do you want to sell this to other people. briefly tell us what your company does so we can v. some context. >> we are actually a software provider. we provide self-checkout kiosks for prisons, inmates to use in jails and break room markets to purchase products with the self-checkout and. ed: if one of your employees wants to get a snickers car
3:56 am
you wave at it. and in a more serious matter beyond snacks my understanding is that it also can keep medical records, for example. i understand what you are saying about no g.p.s. if your medical records are on this chip, who has access to it and who might gain access to it who doesn't belong? >> well, everything is encrypted on it and the medical records are 100 percent encrypted on it as far as anybody gaining access to it, it's really whoever you give access to it by just basically waving your hand in front of an rfd reader such in a hospital. you can't walk by it like a cell phone and read the data off of it because it's 1 100 percent encrypted. steve: todd is going to be getting it himself in a couple of days. ainsley: does it hurt? >> i haven't had it yet. by every account.
3:57 am
the individual who will be piercing me with it says there is no pain whatsoever. steve: that's what they always say before. ed: we have a huge show after this. thanks for joining us. rand paul and sarah huckabee sanders all coming up live in the next hour. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> obamacare's lies have caused families like this nothing but pain. >> this is really hurting americans. the pools that we have been able to choose from with doctors and hospitals keep getting smaller. >> i did not collude with russia nor do i know anyone else from the campaign did so. >> this behavior of his, volunteering to come forward is not the thing any smart defense lawyer would ask you to do unless he, the lawyer, were pretty convinced you were telling the truth. >> bret: 10 months after democrats lost the presidential election, they rolled out a new plan. >> these are old policies that are now being put together. the democrats are the party of ideas ran out of ideas.
4:01 am
>> the driver in that human smuggling horror in texas could face the death penalty. acting director of ice now blasting sanctuary cities for this. >> did president obama ever come to a jam bore re? >> no. >> the answer is no. but we'll be back. [cheers] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights ♪ people. steve: as you can see through our picture window it's kind of cloudy in new york city. it's kind of cool. ainsley: it's a sweater day. it's in the 60's. it feels wonderful. we're not complaining. it's a big day today.
4:02 am
the president is going to go to ohio tonight. he has a big rally there the senate is voting on whether or not they are going to debate the repeal and replace obamacare. steve: you know, when you think about the dynamics, think about it with the president going to youngstown, ohio tonight. if the senate passes and they should, this question of a motion to proceed. in other words, let's talk about -- let's simply talk. ed: start the debate. steve: about hurricane. the president is going to go there and be. the next step after this is going to be the hard. ainsley: i know we have heard about the five or six holdouts. we heard that susan collins is definitely a no. we have heard that rand paul is definitely a no. in this case will they be yeses? receive steve theyeses. steve: they should be. ainsley: it's just to talk about it. ed: can he deliver for the president? it looks like that day has
4:03 am
finally come. the president' is up tweeting pig day for healthcare, after seven years of talking we will soon see whether or not the republicans are ready to step up to the plate. obamacare is torturing people. the democrats have fooled the people long enough. repeal or repeal and replace i have pen in hand. i think he is laying out the stakes there number one to republicans. the fact of the matter is that you talked about this for seven years. you're going to repeal and replace. now you are on the edge of the diving board and you are getting cautious, you are getting weak-kneed he is calling them out a little bit. we have seen that over the last couple days. then secondly, rather than the focus being on what are the republican plans, he is reminding the public, wait a second, how did we get to this point? we got to this point because president obama lied about what was going to be in obamacare to sell that and now, yes, there are some good things in okay. it's covered a lot more people. the costs are still struggling. the exchanges are falling apart there are real problems here. people don't want to focus on
4:04 am
that part of it. steve: keep in mind, for these u.s. senators you think oh, how hard would it be simply to vote yeah, let's go ahead and havdebate the motion to proceed. when you see a u.s. senator on television, you know, they are just sound biting, whereas when they actually take a vote, that could either continue or end their senate career. there are a lot of u.s. senators who have said things, for instance they have said as soon as i get the chance, i would repeal and replace it now they are given a chance and that t. is like that is the last vote i want to have in public. ed: it's more of that a dozen of them a couple years ago when president obama was in office. they knew he would veto it. they voted to repeal it. steve: i will look good. ed: now the president has the pen in hand. ainsley: he is so frustrated because congress is not doing what he ran on and what the public voted. ed: what they ran on. ainsley: you're exactly right. what they ran on. yesterday he was speaking to thousands of boy scouts. they are so cute. congratulations to all of them.
4:05 am
speaking to them at the jam bore re. ed: he is a boy scout. he is cute. ainsley: i ran on the fact i'm going to drain the swamp. now it's worse than a swamp. listen. >> you know, i go to washington, and i see all these politicians and i see the swamp and it's not a good place. in fact, today i said we audited to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or, perhaps, to the word sewer. but it's not good not good. i see what's going on and, believe me, i would much rather be with you. that, i can tell you. ed: that was nice. steve: there are a number of republican senators who the last thing they want to do is vote on healthcare. they is said for years i can hardly wait. this really don't want to vote. you know what in the voters want to see officially who is on the record.
4:06 am
are you for it or against it have the vote. ed: general mccain showing incredible courage here. been a maverick throughout his career. he has been a lightning rod for some. some in the republican party think he is not conservative enough because he has taken on his own party. there were democrats who used to, you know, criticize them now say look he stood up to president trump on some issues. he is the chairman of the senate armed services committee. is he now battling brain cancer as we all know. this is an extremely difficult battle. aggressive form of brain cancer. he had surgery a week or so ago. yet, he is on his way to washington because the republican leadership needs his vote. he consulted with his doctors. obviously his family, his health comes first, but he also feels a sense of duty to step up here. ainsley: some doctors were saying it might not be safe for him to fly. there are emergency flights he said earlier. john cornyn, senator from texas, said i will come out and pick you up senator mccain and drive with you cross-country so that you can be there. i thought that was sweet of him. it shows his courage and his
4:07 am
determination and his love for this country he realizes how important his vote is. >> steve: president realizes needs the vote. about 30 minutes ago. the president tweeted so great john mccain is coming back to vote. brave american hero. thank you, john. all right. meanwhile, ainsley, had you a great interview with one of the so-called obamacare. ainsley: marjorie weir. she lives in mount pleasant, south carolina. her son was born with spina bifida. she was talking about just the obstacles that they have been fighting over the last few years to get healthcare. there is only one insurer, blue cross, blue shield still in the system in south carolina. she is still fighting to go over state lines to get his care. listen to that interview. >> the pool that we have been able to choose from with doctors and hospitals keeps getting smallers, even the company who fixes his
4:08 am
wheelchair, when special need families neat continuity of care. every year whenever you are not sure well, i'm able to go to this doctor that we have chosen this year and you're not sure that you are able to go next year, that's another added layer of stress to, one, raising children but also raising a child with special needs. i wanted to say thank you, mr. president, for inviting us and all the other families there to speak with him and to put pressure on congress to do their jobs. ed: what an emotional interview had you. this is my point a moment or so ago. how republicans on the hill have allowed democrats to frame this debate is obamacare is this magic possession. you take it away. the house republican bill or the senate republican bill will harm these children. people have cancer, won't get their care. hang on a second. there are real people that we are talking to who are struggling with these medical issues now under obamacare.
4:09 am
and because of what is going on, the destruction of the exchanges and whatnot, they are struggling to get care. this is the reality, folks. and s somehow the republicans allow democrats to say everything is great. everything is great. it's not. this is a real woman with a child who is struggling right now. steve: all right. about two hours from right now, jared kushner is going to reappear up on capitol hill. is he going to be speaking before the house intel committee for a couple of hours. apparently yesterday he answered everybody's questions. although they would like to have him back. the headline in the "new york post" is nothing but net. he says there is no collusion. >> let me be clear. did i not collude with russia. nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully
4:10 am
transparent in providing all requested information. ed: the president up tweeting immediately this morning jared kushner did well yesterday proving did he not deal with the russians. witch-hunt. next up, 11-year-old barron trump. ainsley: only one reason that jared kushner's attorneys would allow him to speak and that is he is want innocent. listen. >> this behavior of his volunteering to come forward, volunteering to testify. issuing a detailed 11-page statement ahead of any testimony is not the kind of thing any smart defense lawyer would ask you to do unless he, the lawyer, were pretty convinced you were telling the truth and could back it up. steve: that's why it's so interesting that so many people from the trump orbit have said i would love to go to capitol hill to tell my side of the story. ed: maybe sooner to tell their side. ainsley: if you want to hear what he said behind closed doors.
4:11 am
google it and read those 11 pages. it's easy to read. and see his side of the story. ed: jillian is here with the news. jillian: get you caught up before you leave the house right now. starting with a fox news alert. a chilling new threat from north korea. the rogue nation vowing to strike the heart of the u.s. this comes as mike pompeo commenting on the country's leadership. >> the regime, i'm hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this person. jillian: threatening to attack the u.s. with powerful nuclear hammer should the american secret service attempt to remove kim jong un from power. also breaking right now the driver in that human smuggling horror in texas could face the death penalty. james bradley claims he didn't know he was carrying human cargo in that trailer that killed 10 people in 100-degree heat with no airconditioning. we now know just how bad it got.
4:12 am
a survivor opening up from his hospital bed saying he paid more than 5 grand for a spot on that sweltering truck where people were taking turns breathing through a single hole. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says this case highlights the importance of cracking down on sanctuary cities. he will join us live at 8:45. the tv cameras. well, guess what? they are back on. brand new white house communications director anthony scaramucci breaking the news on twitter. where else, of course? recently the white house press briefings have been off cam are and audio only. scaramucci says this is just an experiment and the cameras can start rolling again. you know he is famous for the art of the deal. did you know the president has done actual art? and now have you a chance to own one of his sketches. this framed new york city skyline with his famous gold signature originally created for a charity event 12 years ago hits the auction block on thursday. the starting bid guys in case you are wondering is $9,000.
4:13 am
makes me wonder what it's going to go up to. ainsley: where is the auction? where is the charity? is it here in new york or somewhere else? ville jill where is the charity, guys? do we know that? ainsley: if it's in a state that voted for him it's going to go for a lot. jillian: we're not sure but we will get back to you on that. ed: george w. bush and his painting. ainsley: he has a lot of them. this is president trump's only one. steve: i have a feeling of those -- of that skyline, how many of them are trump towers? ainsley: all of them. ed: i heard the democrats are investigating what he drew. steve: is he colluding with another cartoonist? ed: president trump tweeting early this morning about his attorney general yes, yet again. what's the feeling in the white house? we will ask new press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. she is coming up. ainsley: secretary sanders is one of four women representing the administration in key places. why isn't this getting more media attention? rachel campos-duffy is here.
4:14 am
she is here next ♪ we got the power ♪ ♪ we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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4:18 am
ainsley: with sarah huckabee sanders appointment to press secretary women now representing the president the west wing, the pentagon, the justice department and the state department. steve: so why aren't these washington power players getting the recognition they deserve? our next guest knows all about being a woman in washington and republican as well. fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. steve: after president trump won the election, who was his campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> absolutely. steve: had she won an election for a democrat, it would have been in type that big on the front page of the "new york times." >> who did he put at the head of the rnc? a woman rhona romney. listen, conservative women are very accustomed to being dismissed and insulted by the left. this is no big surprise. even in the bush years we saw that condoleezza rice first african-american, secretary.
4:19 am
she didn't get the accolades and. ed: african-american woman. >> african-american woman. she didn't get the same accolades. first of all, we freed the slaves. we gave women the right to vote against the voice of the democratic party at that time. and we have always been the party of opportunity and upward mobility and promoting women based on merit not on jeopardy. that's something that i think we should be proud of. i think the main issue for me is i think it was very revealing, for example, when ivanka trump tweeted about equal pay and she got slapped down by online feminists. this is a feminist movement that is not really a feminist movement. it masks them nist movement. it's really abortion movement. i think the policies that are going to take away funding for planned parenthood and other issues that are so dear to that abortion movement that are actually driving this. that's why they say these women are complicit or just ignore them.
4:20 am
ainsley: they preach tolerance and the feminist movement as long as you agree with them. >> of course. ed: you had your beautiful family here cooking pan cakes. what do you tell your daughters whether they turn out to be republicans or democrats and growing up as young women in that kind of environment. >> get educated. work hard. and being a conservative young woman is really great practice because, you know, she does have to defend herself in school against other people and with her father in office, you know, she gets those kinds of questions. and she gets those kinds of push back. she is a strong girl because of it. running against the grain sometimes makes you stronger. ed: you do that well. we will have you back next hour to talk about whether or not money buys you happiness. >> that's a great topic. steve: she thinks children buy happiness. >> that's because they take a lot of money. ainsley: that's true. steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: senator john mccain returns to the capital today
4:21 am
for that critical healthcare vote. will that change the mind of senator rand paul who has been thin ainsley: - chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet?
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ed: you can tell by the music we are excited about news by the numbers. 28 million, how many taxpayer dollars the pentagon wasted buying inappropriate uniform for afghan soldiers. james mattis slamming officials for misusing your hard earned tax money. purchasing forest pattern clothes for a country that's largely desert. next, 93%. that's the jump in women getting concealed handgun permits over the past four years.
4:25 am
according to the crime prevention research center. black permit holders increased 30%. finally 926 pounds, that's how much this shark weighs making it the largest caught in new jersey history. the boat's captain says it took his crew, yes, two hours to reel it in. steve? steve: that's in new jersey? i'm staying out of the water. all right, thank you, ed. today, just days after his cancer diagnosis and surgery, senator john mccain returns to capitol hill to take part in a critical healthcare vote. as president trump tweets big day for healthcare, after seven years of talking, we will soon see whether or not republicans are willing to step up to the plate. one of those republicans still on the fence, apparently, is republican kentucky senator rand paul who joins us from our nation's capitol. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so later on today, mitch mcconnell is going to have what's referred to as a motion to proceed. it's simply a vote where he is
4:26 am
going to ask everybody, is everybody okay with us having the debate? how are you going to vote on that? >> well, you know, there is probably nobody in congress more for repealing and repealing all of obamacare than i have. i campaigned on it. i was part of the tea party movement. i have been a spokesman across the country saying repeal it. repeal all of it now. what they are putting forward isn't repeal. and it becomes a big huge insurance bailout. if that's all we are going to be voting on. i'm not for it i told them i will compromise. i will vote to get on the bill. i want at least the assurance that we are going to have one vote on what conservatives promise which was a clean repeal of obamacare. and i have been saying this for a week. last week they said they were going to do this. this week they are saying well, it's unknown. we might do what we might do. and that frankly is not good enough. i think conservatives have been treated shabbily in the process. they have loaded this bill with pork. it's become a pork fest. frankly, i want to vote on a clean repeal.
4:27 am
if i'm given that assurance i will vote for it. right now i have been given no assurance and no one has bothered to negotiate. we have offered to negotiate for weeks. we have gotten zip from the leadership. steve: senator, don't feel bad, i don't think anybody knows what the bill is going to wind u up being. right now it's should we continue to have the debate. the way i understand how things work there in the senate is once they start, then people can offer amendments. you can offer -- >> -- here's the problem. it hasn't even been scored by the cbo. the reason why that's important, if it is not scored by the cbo it cannot be presented by amendment. cruz's freedom amendment. we haven't been told whether that's requesting to be allowed. my association plan. letting people buy as a need buying group. we have no idea whether that's going to be allowed by the parliamentarian. shouldn't be told if certain things are going to be allowed in the bill. i have amendment to allow people to buy across state lines.
4:28 am
i gave it to them a month ago. it has not been scored by the cbo. so when they allow it as an amendment. we can have all kinds of amendments. yeah, but my amendment will have to go with 60 votes because the leadership wouldn't score my amendment. there is a lot of problems with this process. but all i can tell is you there is nobody in america more for repealing obamacare than myself. i will continue to advocate for that but i'm not going to be just told to go on to a bill that hasn't been written and that hasn't been scored. steve: sure. but, senator, if any republican does not say okay, let's go ahead and proceed to the debate. i think millions of people who voted for you guys are going to be disappointed because it's like, wait a minute, they have been telling us for years just give us a chance. and we will have the debate and which you want. and we will vote to repeal and replace. and i get you want just the straight repeal but you know, washington is a very complicated place. >> right. all i'm asking is for the vote on a clean repeal. i'm not asking for the assurance that it wins. i think it's a very reasonable
4:29 am
ask. okay? there are at least half a dozen senators who have added billions of dollars of pork to this bill. bill still hasn't been scored. none of my amendments have been scored. none of them will be allowed at the 50 vote margin. so conservatives are getting squat in this bill. conservatives are getting nothing. there is no promise of a clean repeal vote. and if they are not even going to talk with conservatives. if we are going to be exclawedded from the process, conservatives don't need to participate in this pork fest. steve: all right. i think there is going to be a vote later today. we will watch how you vet. in the meantime, the president of the united states has been up for the last couple of hours. he started tweeting ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump campaign quietly working to boost clinton. where is the investigation attorney general? and then about 10 minutes later. attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton crimes. where are email and dnc server
4:30 am
and intel leakers? it looks to some, senator, as if either he is asking the attorney general to start an investigation into these things that hillary clinton's campaign may have done or he is saying jeff sessions, i'm done with you, you're fired. >> well, there have been some concerns about the ukrainian government being involved with the clinton campaign and releasing information on paul manafort, some dirt to try to get, you know, some opposition research. so i think really if we're going to be concerned, we audited to be concerned equally on both sides. i have my own concerns with attorney general sessions. i'm very much offended by the fact that he is now promoting a policy of going after poor people's property, taking it without a conviction. this is called civil asset forfeiture. they take it and they have incentive to take it and then they can use the money to buy new tvs and cars for the local police force. i'm against that in our country you should be innocent until proven guilty.
4:31 am
your property shouldn't be taken without a court trial. so the fact that attorney general sessions is going all in on this really is offensive to a lot of us who have been trying to reform the situation where poor people's money is taken from them without a trial. steve: all right. senator rand paul, we thank you very much for joining us live from washington, d.c. where it's going to be a very busy day. thank you, sir. all right. meanwhile, you just heard the senator's take on healthcare and attorney general sessions. but what does the white house officially have to say? let's talk to the brand new press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. she is live on that next. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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you doyou'll see whatet but in you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. ainsley: we have a special guest on with us. we have sarah huckabee sanders the new press secretary just named. i think this is the first time we have chatted on camera since you got this great honor. congratulations. how do you feel. >> good morning. it's always great to be with you guys and certainly excited
4:35 am
and proud to serve the president and continue working hard to get his message out. ainsley: as a woman, i'm proud of you. >> thank you: thank you. steve: sometimes, sarah, the president doesn't need you because has this smart phone and apparently there is reception on the second floor of the white house. he has been tweeting this morning. we want to read a couple of the tweets and ask you what he is talking about. >> ainsley: the first one is ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump campaign quietly working to boost clinton. where is the investigation, a.g.? ed: then he says attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton crimes. is he sending a message, sarah, that he wants an investigation, finally of hillary clinton or is he telling the attorney general it's time to go? >> i don't think the president has ever sent mixed messages on how he feels about all of the improper actions that the clintons took and certainly were involved in other the
4:36 am
course of the last several years. i think he is getting hit every single day on a ridiculous witch-hunt that has proved nothing. people have been investigating for over a year and have nothing but -- there is actually some real, i think, hard facts to look at when it comes to the clintons. and that's been completely ignored. i think the president is just looking for a fair playing field on that front. ed: so your answer directly that he wants hillary clinton to be investigated, even though during the transition he told 60 minutes that they had suffered enough. i wonder if you can address that number two, you didn't answer, does he want the attorney general to go? he called him b b leaguered yesterday. i have never heard a commander-in-chief call his ag beleaguered. >> is he frustrated for the attorney general recusing himself. that's a decision if the president wants to make he certainly will. he is continuing to move forward and focus on other
4:37 am
things. that frustration certainly hasn't gone away. you know, i don't think it will. but given the fact that the president is being attacked unnecessarily and certainly for no reason on something that i think he and most of america feel is a complete hoax and the media has gotten so spun up in russia fever. we are looking to move on and it makes it hard when every single day the media spends 15 times as much time talking about russia as they do the issues that americans care about. there was a poll in the "wall street journal" just last week that said the top three issues that americans care about are healthcare, immigration, and jobs. and the top three issues that the press covers is russia, russia, and more russia. and i think the discrepancy is massive. and i think that, frankly, the media has become a big distraction on that front. it's time to clear that air and move forward. steve: if folks are watching our program today, they would know that the number one topic
4:38 am
we have been talking about is healthcare. so we can check that box. the mainstream media is already moving past jeff sessions. they already figured the president wants him out. who is going to be next? it has been suggested maybe rudy giuliani would be good for that job or ted cruz. but my question is this: if you brought in anybody from the campaign, wouldn't they face the same problems that jeff sessions has regarding,you know, whether or not there was any contact with any russians in the campaign where we are right now. ed: recusal. >> i'm not an attorney, i can't get into the legalities of it what i can say every member of the campaign as well as the president have been very clear that there was no inappropriate action and certainly in collusion of any kind. and i think that anybody that came on from the campaign shouldn't have any conflict given that fact. ainsley: what about rudy giuliani? would he be somebody that the president would consider? >> you know i know he is somebody that he respects.
4:39 am
but right now attorney general sessions is the attorney general. and i haven't been part of any conversations disgusting potential replacements and so i can't comment on that. ed: sarah, we want to take up your challenge and focus as steve says, we have been talking about healthcare all morning. let's get to the issues that do matter to the american people. will the president finally win this vet on the motion to proceed to at least get a debate? do you think the republicans have the votes? >> i sure hope so. republicans have been talking about this for the last seven years. look, we are at a critical moment. we have a decision to make whether we want to have a patient centered healthcare focus or whether we want the democrats who have now admitted within the last few days that obamacare needs to be replaced, but they want to replace it with a single pair system. it would be the greatest government expansion in decades. and i think a massive mistake. i mean the government has enough problems. i don't think that we want democrats forcing government to take over more of our healthcare system.
4:40 am
i think that's the last thing that we need and certainly i think the last thing that americans want. the last thing that they are looking for is to have the government more involved in their day-to-day decisions on healthcare and that's exactly what a single pair system would do. inaction is simply not an option at this point. and senate republicans need to step up and they need to make sure that we peel and replace obamacare with a system that functions and a system that's sustainable. ainsley: i heard last night on one of the shows, it was someone talking about how the senators and the house members, if this didn't pass, if this doesn't get repealed and replaced, which is what they all ran on, then they are going to put the blamen the president. is the president going to take the blame for it or does he think that it's congress' fault if this actually doesn't get done? >> i think this would be absolutely ridiculous for congress to try to place the became on the president for the inability to get their job done. it's conditioning's job to legislate. and it's the president's job to serve as the executive.
4:41 am
we are in the time for them to step up and make sure the americans get the healthcare they deserve and the healthcare that we can afford. ainsley: he said he was going to fire tom price if it didn't get done. was that actually a joke or is he going to do that. >> i think he was joking there was a lot of laughter afterwards. tom price is a great guy. he has done a wonderful job trying to work this healthcare system through. i think we are requesting to see success at some point hopefully today and over the coming weeks. steve: i think it was joke because it's hard to fire a former boy scout at the national boy scout jam bore re. before you go have you a new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. he made his debut last friday at the podium and got good debuts and went on the sunday chat shows and said yeah, we have had a problem with leakers in the past but everybody has got amnesty as long as they keep their lip zipped right now, otherwise you will get canned immediately if we catch you. has there been a change in how
4:42 am
it feels in the west wing like, okay, we don't have to worry about that anymore or are people watching over their shoulder? >> i think that everybody that comes here every day to the white house understands what a privilege and what an opportunity it is to be part of this administration. and our focus is on doing what we came here to do and what the president campaigned on. we're a lot less focused on the ins and outs of who is up, who is down. and whose job you guys are talking about. steve: sarah, the leakers hurt the president. >> absolutely. i don't think anybody would argue that but and certainly i think that's something that i hope stops. and that we can move forward beyond that and really focus on a lot of those issues. but, again, i think every single individual, certainly on the communications and press staff is honored to be part of the president's team. and's to continue working hard to help promote his message. that's what we are here to do. ainsley: i don't know how you do what you do because i would be a nervous wreck. what's the biggest challenge
4:43 am
you fake face? >> probably the work life balance is probably the most difficult thing. making sure i take time to be very present at home with my family. and spend as much time as possible with my kids and my husband. at a time when my kids are young enough that they still like me. at some point they will turn into teenagers and not like me anymore. steve: they will need you for money later. just saying. ed: i know the feeling. there is a proud papa down in arkansas. i'm sure he is very proud. >> we will send them there when they turn into teenagers. steve: and proud momma as well. ed: good to see you, sarah. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. a sentiments echoed across america. listen. >> we're democrats here. but when you look at what they stand for and what they promote and what they want, it's nothing like i was raise. and i couldn't do it anymore. ainsley: that ohio voter who flipped republican here next ahead of the president's rally tonight. ed: that will be interesting. do americans really think they are getting a better deal? the reviews are in for the
4:44 am
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so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. steve: a better deal. better skills, better jobs, better wages. democrats unveiling brand new slogan but are americans buying it. ainsley: here to break it all down for us, break down the reviews, fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. >> good morning. democrats are sick of losing. they put their heads together. they put together this new strategy and slogan like you just said. the #a better deal has been trending for 24 hours. a lot of people talking about it not getting rave reviews. a lot of people saying too wordy. too muddled. kind of like their message. andy says a better deal brought to you by the same folks that doubled your
4:48 am
healthcare premiums and told you it was in your own best interest. so he is not a fan. elizabeth also says if democrats were offering a better deal, they wouldn't have lost the house, the senate, and the election. they have a slogan, not a solution. and judge gorsuch also says the only way democrats could give americans a better deal is to get out of our way. less government intrusion, less regulation and lower taxes. this is pretty interesting. a former obama and clinton consultant, john also loves it fire every consultant involved. steve: guess he wasn't involved. >> so wordy. you can't memorize it sam on twitter also says papa johns wants royalties, of course. because it kind of sounds like the papa johns slogan. ainsley: better pizza, better ingredients. >> makes me hungry i have never had it. ainsley: if you don't like the butter and grease, have you go
4:49 am
got to do papa johns. the bread is unbelievable. steve: president was busy. he was in west virginia. >> he was at the national boy scouts jam bore re. he appeared to have a whole lot of fun and he was met with a whole lot of love. take a listen to this. [chanting] [chanting we love trump] >> that is thousands and thousands of boy scouts saying we love trump. he is the 8th president to attend this jam bore re. he hammered at his predecessor for not showing up in his 8 years in office. take a listen. >> by the way, just a question. did president obama ever come to a ja jamboree? >> no. >> kind of a funny moment. he spoke to a lot of young people.
4:50 am
he hopefully inspired them. how how can you hate that? steve: how many were there. >> 30, 40,000. ainsley: what happened with this teacher who got sick of dig into heir own pocketbook. >> oklahoma teacher is sick of having to pay for her student's school supplies. she decided to panhandle to raise the money. take a look at the picture going viral online. theresa tanks. she usually spends $2,000 out of pocket to get enough money for school supplies for her kids. she raised 50 bucks. she said she also was met with a whole lot of love. good for her. ainsley: big chunk of her salary. they don't make enough money. >> this is a creative way. she said it was a funny thing. but it also does prove a point. spending that much mope out of their own pockets. steve: the question is what does the school district spend the money on? it's all about priorities. ed: a lot of big issues coming up. healthcare, the future of
4:51 am
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4:54 am
xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. ainsley: president trump is heading to ohio today to rally a county that was won by hillary clinton. are voters there already start to see his agenda as the better deal? steve: here to weigh in is host of varney and company on fbn is stuart varney. why is he going there? is it healthcare? >> depends on the result of the vote today on healthcare. if it's a yes vote they keep talking. then president trump will deliver a victory speech, will he not? if it's a no vote they end it right there and then today, then the president will deliver a beat up republican speech. either way he is going to
4:55 am
shore up his democrat base in ohio, which he won handily in the election last year. it's going to probably be a very big occasion for the president because that vote today determines what kind of speech he gives tonight. ed: when you say shore up democratic vase. trump democrats got to flip. >> yes. ed: what's your sense of how healthcare plays out? we hear this is heavy lift and still haven't finished in tax reform which i know you care about and on every day in your program can be even heavier lift. >> yes it could be a heavier lift. if there is a yes vote today, they keep talking, which implies that something is going to be done by the republicans on healthcare. it will be a ra rah rah victory speech. it will suggest the path is a little clearer towards tax reform. thank you, ed, momentum is the key word. i was looking for it and you got it right. momentum. if there is a yes vote today, they keep talking and they do something with obamacare very
4:56 am
soon, then have you got momentum heading into the rest of august for tax cuts. it will be a big, big win for the trump presidency. and proof that the republican party can, indeed, govern. it's all on the line today. ainsley: why ohio? ohio is such a funny state. a swing state as we know. rob portman is on the fence. he can be a key swing vote when it comes to obamacare. governor kasich saying we don't want to push this through yet. steve: don't vote today. ainsley: mike pence who went to ohio to the republican fundraising dinner. it's such an interesting state to watch. >> perfect venue for the president to speak tonight, isn't it? ainsley: you are right. >> it could be a huge victory speech and the crowd will go crazy. he could deliver a serious you republicans, you let me down. steve: the day after the democrats changed their slogan and their approach to sound more like trump. >> what is it now a better deal? ainsley: i wonder if rob portman will vote yes because
4:57 am
he knows the president will be in his state tonight? >> are you asking me to speculated on the vote? ainsley: i don't ask to you speculate on that or finances. ed: ahead joe manchin big players coming up and newt gingrich. well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections.
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5:00 am
your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah! >> today the senate is voting whether or not they are going to debate the repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president himself up early tweeting big day for health care. after seven years of talking, we will soon see whether or not republicans are willing to step up to the plate. >> i want to vote on a clean repeal. and if i'm given that assurance, i will vote for it. but right now, we have offered to negotiate for weeks, and we have gotten zip from the leadership. >> i did not clued with russia. nor did i know anyone else in the campaign did so. >> associated press sources has spoken with advisers overnight about firing the attorney general. >> he is certainly frustrated and disappointed, but i think that's a decision that if the president wants to make, he
5:01 am
certainly will. >> a chilling new threat from north korea. the rogue nation threatening to strike the u.s. with its quote powerful nuclear hammer. trump: you know, i go to washington, and it's not a good place. i said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word sewer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: that's quite a bar. best day of my life. ainsley: i would say that is when you deliver your first child. so for all of your moms out there going into labor, this is going to be the best day of your life; right?
5:02 am
brian: that's a high bar. steve: not like we're having a kid today. >> we're doing well. steve: we're doing well. ed henry is with us today. i'll be back tomorrow too. steve: meanwhile, the president has been starting officially a tweet storm. i think they would call it that. and the first one came a couple minutes after 6:00 a.m. ainsley: we're going to read you the latest two back-to-back. the uranium effort to sabotage the trump campaign quietly to boost clinton. where is the investigation ag? also attorney general jeff sessions is taking a very weak position on hillary clinton's climbs. where are e-mails and dnc server and intel leakers? >> so he is keeping pressure on his attorney general. remember, that extraordinary interview with the new york times last week calling jeff sessions saying that special motion set in counsel, robert mueller yesterday there's a tweet from the president calling his own attorney general beleaguered. we just ples sarah huckabee
5:03 am
sanders into whether he wants sessions to go. >> probably the worklife balance is probably the most difficult thing in making sure that i take time to be very present at home and with my family and spend as much time as possible with my kids and my husband. >> well, share -- >> and at a time that my kids are young enough that they still like me. because they'll turn into teenagers and not like me anymore. ainsley: she was answering a question when we asked her what the biggest challenge was for her new role as press secretary. but. >> what she said about jeff sessions. she said the president is frustrated and as we bring in newt gingrich, the former speaker of the house, mr. speaker, what she on to say was, look, this president never sends mixed messages. so i read that as he is sending not a mixed message but a clear mechanical to the attorney general. do you think he's saying you need to go?
5:04 am
>> well, no, i think what he's saying is exactly what his message says. you have the clinton foundation, you have the swap for the uranium with the russians, you have millions of dollars coming out of a secret canadian foundation that was funded by the russians. bill clinton getting a half million-dollar speech in moscow. i think what he's saying is why isn't there a parallel investigation? and i think frankly that if sessions who was not recused on that issue were to announce what did happen, you would see a little bit of a relaxation. this whole thing is totally one sided and basically a witch hunt. you did that a little bit yesterday. there were people suggesting that a clerical error, which is fixed within 12 hours was somehow comparable to the nixon 19-minute tape erasing. i mean, this is the kind of i be assistant that the president has faced every
5:05 am
single day, and i think he's lashing out because he thinks that the current system is so totally one sided that somehow it has got to be fixed, and he's going to push very hard to reset what the story is. steve: sure. to some, it looks like, hey, jeff sessions, you recused yourself. i didn't agree with that. that was last week. this week, it is, hey, why not investigate hillary clinton? but a lot of people shortly after he interviewed the president, said you know what? i'm not going to go after her or the clintons because they have suffered enough, and they went awe they're not goof her and everybody else in the campaign who might have broken the law? and now it sounds like wants a doover on that idea. >> well, look, the president's now had six months of watching the establishment go after him
5:06 am
relentlessly, and said wait a minute, if we're going to attack don jr. what if registered lobbyist for a russian bank? what if they had this uranium deal? in a sense, the left has brought on itself creating an environment in which it is now totally reasonable to go back and reopen the whole clinton foundation story and ask if we want to look at russian influence, there was a lot more money going to the clintons by any standard than anybody has even begun to allege in any way affected the trump operation, particularly since nobody's found anything yet that affected the trump operation. you know, andy mccarthy who's a great former prosecutor in the justice department keeps writing pieces, but he says there's no crime here. how can mueller be an independent counsel when they have yet to define a single crime. ed: mr. speaker, someone like rudy giuliani whose name has
5:07 am
been floated to take a better look at the clinton foundation. is it time for somebody new to come into the justice department? >> well, i think we have to watch the next couple of weeks. the president has his own unique style. wouldn't be my style, but he has his own, unique style. he has given sessions a clear roadmap to survive, and it's a roadmap of balancing investigations, which would be legitimate. and i hope sessions will understand and follow that. i personally will strongly recommend against firing sessions. loyalty has to be a two-way street and the fact is sessions was the first senator to support president trump. he stayed with president trump when he was ten points behind and all the way through the various sports talk tapes and everything else. sessions has been remarkably loyal to the president. and loyalty i think has to be a two-way street. but i do want to say frankly i'm equally frustrated with the republicans in congress.
5:08 am
78 i, why do we have these committees that are designed with the new york times, washington post agenda? why aren't they also looking into -- let's look at total effort by the russians to influence american politicians in which case you have to start with bill and hillary clinton and the clinton foundation and clinton the secretary of state. and let's look at people who have changed things. 33,000 e-mails but somehow we're worried about don jr.? i mean, something totally out of sync with how this story's evolving. ainsley: it's definitely frustrating for the republican voters, the ones that put president trump in office. when it comes to health care, they're equally frustrated when it comes to health care as well. now, the senate is reconvening today. they're going to vote on whether or not to open debate on repealing and replacing obamacare. how do you think they're going to vote today? >> well, i'm going to say, first of all, if anybody can get the vote, it's mitch mcconnell who wrote a great book called the long game, which i recommend to everybody. as a really interesting memoir about himself and about the senate.
5:09 am
my hunch is they're probably going to get to 50. but i think mitch is playing a long game here. i think if they can't get to 50, then he's going to turn to senator alexander because he chairs the health committee, and he's going to say we clearly can't do this in a narrowly partisan basis. let's break it up into three or four bills, find a way to have bipartisan bills that can pass, let's keep moving forward. i don't think this means that health reform ever ends. because obamacare's collapsing. so it can't end. but it may have to go a different route. i think mcconnell's hopeful that they'll get to 50 today, they'll have some votes and amendments, and they'll get to 50 to actually pass the bill, which i suspect the house will take basically intact whatever the senate does just out of exhaustion of this stage. steve: well, mr. speaker, the vote today on whether or not the motion to proceed, it could reveal a number of republicans to have been saying one thing for years. yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm going to vote for it as soon as i can. it turns out, they've been
5:10 am
fibbing all along. >> well, you know, this is -- i think this is -- they may not have been fibbing, but i think this is part of the president's frustration. he arrives as a businessman and looks at guys who for seven straight years said repeal, he looks at guys who have voted for repeal over ask over. one person you cannot attack is senator collins. she voted against repeal, said it wasn't practical when it happened. she's the one person whose record allows her to say i'm not doing this. but everybody else if you're donald trump and a business guy looking around going what's wrong with this scene? you would want to hold up how many times someone said i'm for repeal and ask them so you're not going to vote "yes" to go forward? and you said it this many times? i think he's got a fair complaint here. not just -- this is one of the problems of washington. ed: mr. speaker, in recent days, you've been directed by saying win or lose health care, if the republican party does not get quickly to tax cuts and get that done by the
5:11 am
end of the year, you may have speaker nancy pelosi next year because the republican base may be so frustrated and on the flip side of this if you actually get tax cuts, you're going to see the economy really start to roar. is that a reasonable timetable that they can get tax cuts done by the end of the year? >> i think they need to spend all of august focused on economic growth take home page, job creation. and then i think they need to have the house markup bill in september, the senate markup bill in october. signing ceremony no later than thanksgiving. a bill, which is retroactive to january 1, so the middle class tax cut could arrive by christmas, giving people a huge boost in the economy. and with i hope 15% corporate rate and a pass through for small business. very simple bill. part of my buoyant and papers i've been writing and certainly i need leadership is we have proven for seven months we can't do anything complicated. we can't do anything fast, and we can't communicate very well. so you better design a game plan on taxes that allows you
5:12 am
to have a simple bill, easy to explain and understand that you get done by focusing on it so that you have a boost in the first and second quarter. if we are the party of jobs, prosperity, take-home pay, and economic growth, we will win 2018, pick up five or six senate seats, and be in a much stronger position going into '19. if we are the party stumbling around unable to get anything done and the economy weakens, then i think you could have speaker pelosi, and that would be a nightmare. steve: all right. newt gingrich, we thank you very much for joining us down there in suburban virginia, sir. have a great week. ainsley: thank you so much. great to see you. steve: all right. it is one of the reasons president trump made it all the way to the white house. >> it's nothing like i was raised, and i couldn't do it anymore. ed: that ohio voter flipped
5:13 am
republican right here next live. ainsley: plus, talk about falling ahead. oh, there she goes. meet the bride and groom who got the right of doom, as you can see. steve: kaboom. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life versus chemotherapy.
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ed: tonight president trump returns to ohio, the state that elected him to president in the first place. ainsley: and one of the voters who will be at the rally tonight is gino who also flipped from democrat to republican last year in 2016, and he joins us now, as you can see. thanks so much for joining us, gino. why did you decide as a lifelong democrat, and i understand this is your first time ever voting for a republican. why did you vote for president trump? >> you know what? it was everything trump said. president trump had said. for years, we hear the same thing from the same
5:18 am
politicians. how they're going to fight for us. but never told us what they were going to do. president trump said exactly what he was going to do, and he started doing that before the election even -- or after the election before he was inaugurated. he said he was going to work on a trade deal, he was going to cut regulation. these are very important. these are very, very important things. ed: now the president has moved forward on those regulations that you're talking about. he's taken a lot of executive actions. we've seen the economy doing pretty well in the early days of his administration. but as we noted a few moments ago with newt gingrich, the republican base is frustrated that, you know, congresses has worked with them just yet on taxes, we were talking about, and health care. they're still stalled trying to just progress. we'll see if they move forward today. what grade would you give the president so far? you voted for a republican for the first time as you said. are you happy so far? >> i'm absolutely happy with what the president and what he's trying to do. it seems like there's some in congress that are holding him back.
5:19 am
his agenda's there. if i were the president, i would say, look, i've laid it out. here's what the people wanted. they elected me. now get -- come along with me and do this, or i could use these rallies to elect men who will and women who will support me and believe me, we support the president 100%. we have a guy who has been in office six months. he's not bringing the check of somebody else's money. he's not coming to cut a bridge ribbon he's coming here to tell the voters i'm in washington, and i'm fighting for you. and this guy's actually doing it, and we're ecstatic. steve: sure. gino, we've heard from guys like you saying, look, why don't they just let the president doing the job? regarding the congress and of course the mainstream media. if you tune on -- gino, can you hear me right now? gino? gino, i have a really good question. i hope you can hear me. gino, can you hear me? ainsley: no, he said he lost us. we'll try to get him back. steve: it sounds like they
5:20 am
lost audio connection. ainsley: i love stories like that, though. steve: i was going to ask him about all the other channels are talking about russia. does he really think there's any connection with russia? and according to the card the producer he spoke with yesterday, he said i think they're doing fine. there are no russians. ainsley: oh, wait. we got him back. gino is back. steve: gino, what about the russian thing you see on all the other channels. do you buy into that? >> you know, that is so ridiculous. i work with a guy who has never voted in his life. doesn't care about politics. he said i'm tired about russia. why don't they let him do his job? and that's the best advice i would give to the fake media and fake news. ed: a little straight talk from ohio. >> there's no russians. please stop. steve: okay. ainsley: thanks for being with us and thanks for working hard. a forklift driver. >> and thank you for coming to
5:21 am
mahoney valley today. ed: all right. more fox and friends right after this for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. ♪ tired of wrestling with seemingly impossible cleaning tasks? using wipes in the kitchen can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser. simply add water,
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>> good tuesday morning with you. we're back now with a fox news alert and a chilling new threat from north korea. the rogue nation vowing to strike the heart of the u.s. this comes in response to cia director mike pompeo commenting on the country's leadership. >> as for the regime, i'm hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system. >> north korea's state news agency firing back, threatening to attack the u.s. with its quote powerful nuclear hammer. should the american secret service attempt to remove kim jong-un from power. and another fox news alert right now, the driver in that human smuggling horror in
5:25 am
texas could face the death penalty. james bradley claims he didn't know he was caring human cargo in that trailer that killed ten people in 100-degree heat with no air conditioning. and we know just how bad it got from a survivor in a bed said he paid five grand for a spot in that sweltering truck where people were taking turns breathing through a single hole. this case highlights the importance of cracking down on sanctuary cities, and he will join us live in just a few minutes. steve. steve: thanks. the u.s. senate just hours away from that critical health care vote on the motion to proceed but senator rand paul just told us he's still not ready to go one way or the other. >> they have loaded this bill with pork. it's become a pork fest. and frankly, i want to vote on a clean are he peel. and i'm giving tha assurance, i will vote for it. but right now we have offered
5:26 am
to negotiate for weeks, and we have gotten zip from the leadership. ainsley: democrat senator joe manchin joins us now to react to all of this. good morning to you, senator. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you all? ainsley: i'm great. we're all great. thank you. so the senate, this is a big vote for the senate today. will they vote on whether or not to open up debate on repealing and replacing obamacare? >> well, here's the thing. we all agree it needs to be fixed. i mean, you heard from rand to all of us that says, hey, we need some repairs done. we know it's not working and the private sector's having serious problems. we believe that we can help the people who got the medicaid expansion be healthier by getting in instructions and overall management if you will. but it needs to go back to committee. it needs to really be in a committee. so i had said simply this. if we vote to proceed, that's the same as voting to repeal. and because you're not going to be able to fix it on the floor. it needs to be fixed in community. steve: no, senator, i don't know that that's actually accurate. and you're a senator. but isn't this the way it works?
5:27 am
today you're going to vote on the motion to proceed. and then they bring up a bill, and there's a bunch of bills to choose from or mitch and company are going to come up with something else. and then you and every other u.s. senator can offer up amendments and change it to any way you want it. but it looks to a lot of people, senator, like the democrats are just the party of "no," and they're not going to be part of any negotiation and not changing the bill at all. so i think you do have the opportunity to make it whatever you want, if you want to. >> well, i wish it was the way you just described it. but that's not the way it works in the real world. first of all, the majority leader controls what amendments, and they can shut down the amendment process. the only way you have an open, unfeathered opportunity to put the in the amendments is in the committee. that's why what we call going through regular order. now, if that bill would have went through regular order and everybody had their shot at it, then it came to the floor, i would agree with you. but that's not what we're doing. we don't have that opportunity. you can't bring the expert witnesses in.
5:28 am
you can't look at the facts. you can't make your decision. you can't have your debates. you can have limited debates based on white blood cells controlling what you can talk about. that's what we're in right now, and that's why i'm opposed to it. ed: senator, let's shift gears. you're on the intelligence committee, you've been in some of the key hearings with james comey and others. kushner went out there forthright and transparent with the senate panel, and he stood on the white house driveway and said, look, i was not involved in collusion, number one. and number two, as you know, he testified that basically this big meeting at trump tower in the summer of 2016 that everyone has made such a big deal about, he said he was texting his assistant to call his cell phone to pretend that he had another meeting so he could get out of there. if they were getting the goods on hillary clinton, surely, he would have stayed at that magnet. so does this clear any of it up for you? >> well, this is the problem he could have. this all could have been cleared back up in november
5:29 am
when you did your filings. and to the meetings you have, and i know elections. i've been in many campaigns, and i know they just get away from you. i can understand that. i sympathize with that. but still, you have a responsibility, you have a campaign manager who's supposed to keep you within the lanes. so somebody failed them. the campaign managers, whoever they might have been, really failed that team keeping them in the lanes. and what happens when they transferred over going his security clearance and things of this sort, that is a heavy load that you're responsible for putting that down and having to clarify that has given doubts. ed: but do you believe him? do you take him at his word? he came out yesterday as a top white house aid and said i was not involved in collusion. i understand you still have to look for evidence. steve: but do you believe him? >> the rule of law is the rule of law and everyone is proven innocent until otherwise. and i think everybody coming before us is not going to mislead or lie to a senate committee under any shape or form. i really believe that.
5:30 am
but we've got to get all the facts out. it is serious. we need to get this behind us and move on. there's so many things we need to do in this country. we need to get health care. we need to get that solidified, we need to get tax reform, we need to get infrastructure. steve: you sound like the president. >> well, i want -- you know, here i said this. i don't care whether you're democrat or republican. if you're abamerican, you want your president to do well. and you try everything you can. and i told the president if i disagree, it will be respectful. i'll try to work with you. but there are some other ways to handle this, and i wish we could help more. ed: senator joe manchin, we appreciate you coming in today. >> thanks. always good being with y'all. ed: on the run day one court ruling just paved the way for an entire sanctuary state. not just a city. steve: and it turns out money can perhaps buy happiness. but it depends on what you spend it on. how do you feel about that? rachel is going to share some of her coming up straight ahead on fox and friends there's nothing more important
5:31 am
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people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: look who came back and she's talking money in rachel campos duffy. >> we are not talking money, we are talking happiness. [laughter] ainsley: money can buy you happiness. do you agree with that? >> well, it depends on what you're buying and on this study, i love that they're doing research on happiness because it's important to all of us. if you buy things will not make you happier but will improve
5:35 am
mood is if you're buying back time, when you hire somebody to help you with the chores, cleaning or lawn, that frees up time and you have more time to spend with the the kid. ainsley: mother of eight. >> she's not a clean lady, she's a blessing in my life. it's the happiest day of the week for me. steve: the other side where people see great honor in doing things and at the same time maybe you don't have the money or you like to save the money or for whatever reason, paint the wall, that's accomplishment. i didn't have to. >> my husband, enjoys sitting on the lawn mower thing. i will say this, there are other studies, by the way, that say
5:36 am
that children who do chores whine less. if you can't afford, enlist the kids, actually you turn them into better roommates. steve: every kid when they were in high school and beyond had to have a job, a paying job. >> in my home, i can't pay them, i would be broke if i paid my kids to do everything. on some things that we do, kids need responsibility and free up chores. if i did it all by myself, i would be there all day. >> it's the love of money the root of evil. ainsley: i can't say money buys you complete happiness.
5:37 am
to me happiness is being with my family, healthy, alive and aboving -- loving potus. steve: in my life you can leave it. ainsley: that's only true. i only have one. while at home just to help me with her, change diapers so i can get work done, i'm a happier parent. i don't need that every day, just once in a while even though i'm in her presence. >> absolutely. you can spend time playing with her and maybe getting somebody else -- >> i'm not frustrated or exhausted. >> absolutely. steve: very good. rachel, thank you very much. >> got it. steve: we've had somebody working with us this summer,
5:38 am
college associates, his name is kevin and today he's going to help her with the weather. >> how are you guys doing this morning? first time on live tv so i couldn't be more excited. janice: you were a great college associate. i didn't think you were a college associate. i thought you were employed with the fox news channel. >> i have to fake it till you make it. >> hi, mom and dad, good morning. yan january are you ready to do the weather? >> born ready. janice: do you think he's ready to do the weather? >> all right, guys, temperatures are cooler than average across the northeast. >> back to you. >> he went to journalism school. >> i'm from st. louis.
5:39 am
[laughter] steve: you can tell that he's new to television because he's wearing the id. ainsley: that's what we make our interns do. have to get a microchip. >> we are following number of stories on tuesday morning. good morning, let's start with chilling dash cam video released showing a high-speed police chase end in gunfire. the driver crashing suv before pulling out a gun and opening fire on cops in atlantic city. officers firing back and killing watson in the street. autopsy lathe found pcp in the system. state supreme court ruling saying dash cam videos from
5:40 am
police-involved shootings are a matter of public interest. >> massachusetts police cannot detain immigrants if they are not facing criminal charges. the new ruling passed down from the supreme court. bars local law enforcement from arresting or holding someone from violating immigration law even if the orders come directly from ice. according to boston area police chief, immigrants charged with crimes will have to be released once they post bail. in the past officers could detain them at ice's request. >> looks like his pants are torn or it ate toes off. >> he somehow got away from the 9-foot beast. he's expected to make a full recovery. and talk about falling head over heels, a bride and grooms slipping backwards off a car as
5:41 am
it speed away from their wedding reception. the texas newlyweds are not hurt. they still love their get away driver despite but mt. favorite story of the day. not because of the video because they got married july 1st and that he posted something on facebook. now that it's been a few weeks, i can look back at the video and laugh, if you can't laugh at yourself, basically what are you doing in life. i appreciate the moral of the story and her attitude behind it. steve: i know that you said they were okay. they were not bouncing off. they were hurt. ainsley: maybe they had a few drinks at the wedding and didn't feel it. >> you can feel free to share the video. >> this really happened in florida recently where a young girl alligator had jaws on and learned stick your fingers in
5:42 am
the no nostrils. steve: gaiter etiquette. >> they can't see straight. steve: away from alligators and open cars. >> a lot of lessons. [laughter] steve: driver could face the death penalty. tragedy is why banning sanctuary cities is to important. texas lieutenant governor john patrick will join us next. >> brand-new white house communications director on attorney general jeff sessions an his future.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
steve: the driver of semi packed with illegal alliance could face the the death penalty. ten people now dead and prosecutors now say that more than 100 were inside the truck were taking turns breathing through a single hole inside in the sweltering heat. our next guest says why banning sanctuary cities is so important. dan patrick. >> good morning, steve. this is a horrendous tragedy that should never happen in america but our policies from the last administration and quite frankly the democrat policies of today of an open border and sanctuary cities allows and enables the drug smugglers who don't care about human life to put people on this horrific situation. steve: are you of the theory,
5:47 am
dan, that if there were not sanctuary cities across the country, we wouldn't see this sort of drug cartel operation where they essentially truck a hundred people to a town? >> absolutely. steve, when i ran for lieutenant governor several years ago, i ran on a strong border and antisanctuary city platform and people say i wouldn't get much of the hispanic vote and i received 50% of it as greg abbott, the hispanic community in america understands that this tragedy should not happen to anyone coming to america. you shouldn't have to die to come to america. we need legal immigration reform and we need a secure border but when you have a sanctuary city, by the way to new york, democrat mayors in texas suing us, we just passed an antisanctuary city law in the senate several months ago, their policies are killing people, killing innocent americans who are at the hands of the criminals who cross and killing good people who just want to come to america but
5:48 am
instead we think they pay the drug smugglers, 5 and $10,000 a piece to be in the truck, a death ride of 155 miles from laredo to san antonio. they would much rather pay the united states government 2 or $3,000 and come here legally and be part of culture and country and not live in the shadow. it is time that the democrats and republicans pass legal immigration reform tied in with trump's policy with securing the border and ending sanctuary cities and with will end horrific horror for american victims of criminals who cross the border and people trying to come to america. this should never happen. steve: all right, let's see what happens. dan patrick, lieutenant governor of the great state of texas, thank you for joining us today from austin. 12 minutes from -- for the top of the hour. wait until you hear what anthony scaramucci just said. but first, we are going to fine out what bill hemmer has
5:49 am
cooking. >> big day in obamacare. we will talk to big players including kellyanne conway, we will let you know what's happening on that. the president has been hot on twitter and tell you what is on his mind, is jeff sessions out of his job but we think we know that on today. and trey gowdy interviews jared kushner take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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5:52 am
>> big day on health care and also big day on the future of attorney general jeff sessions. the president tweeting, ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump campaign, quote, quietly to boost clinton, where is the investigation?
5:53 am
he went onto say jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton crimes, where are emails in dnc server and intel leakers. steve: that's right. question is if you read both of those and we had newt gringrich on and said, the thing about the president of the united states, he's direct. you can tell what he feels. you read those, it's either are you going to launch an investigation, mr. attorney general into hillary clinton which newt feels that that message is very clear or is he so frustrated he wants the attorney general out. the brand-new press secretary is was just with us about an hour ago. >> look, i know that he is certainly frustrated and disappointed in the attorney general for recusing himself but as we've said, i think that's a decision that if the president wants to make, he certainly will and he's continuing to move forward and focus on other things but that frustration certainly hasn't gone away and,
5:54 am
you know, i don't think it will, given the fact that the president is being attacked unnecessarily and certainly for no reason on something that, i think, he and most of america feel is a complete hoax. ainsley: i can understand that frustration. if you have appointed someone to be your attorney general and they rescued themselves and this is the biggest issue that's facing our president right now, russia, russia, mainstream media continues to push that agenda, then i understand he's frustrated that the attorney general has rescued himself when he needs the most. >> is it frustration or the president takes the next step of either firing jeff sessions or pushing him until he resigns or does this blow over. anthony scaramucci, he's direct like the president is, he's also a street fighter and speaks his mind. the radio talk show host had anthony scaramucci and this is what he said. >> it's clear that the president wants him gone.
5:55 am
>> i have enormous amount of respect for the attorney general but i do know the president pretty well and there's this level of tension in the relationship that that's public, you're probably right, but i don't want to speak for the president on that because he's a cabinet official and i sort of think that has to be between the president of the united states and the cabinet official. steve: it was up to mr. trump and mr. sessions to work things out and then he -- >> probably right, though that the president wants him gone. steve: exactly. he also said he would advise the president not to fire special counsel robert mueller which some have said mr. trump is considering. >> here is what anthony scaramucci did not say, he did not say president still has confidence in the attorney general or this is a mainstream media thing, enough is enough, we are focused on health care, the economy. ainsley: do you think by the president continuing this message to jeff session that is
5:56 am
he needs to step down? >> i think he was very direct. he reads the situation very well. he said, he's a dead man walking right now. and you can see the frustration among some republicans, though, like newt gringrich, you mentioned him before. we pressed him on the topic. i think jeff sessions has been very loyal to the president and loyalty is a two-way streak. the president should be loyal to him. the first senator to get behind the president way back when. number two, he's pushing the president's agenda on immigration and a whole bunch of issues. steve: absolutely. my boss is bad-mouthing him or do i stay or in the best interest of the administration, i will say -- ainsley: let us know what we think. thank you so much. we will be right back. when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is
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♪ backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business ♪ >> we will get around tomorrow.
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live from lyons, ohio. speed and tomorrow is wednesday. that is downhill for the weeken weekend. thank you for visit us at "fox & friends." until tomorrow. >> good morning. at this hour, jared kushner is on his way to capitol hill. this would be a second day of questioning. yesterday he spoke with the senate intelligence committee about russia. today it is in the house side. trey gaudi will be in that room. first, he talks inside to "america's newsroom." meanwhile, president trump with a twitter-terror against russia. the first u.s. senator to endorse him as a candidate. that is now the attorney general, jeff sessions. how will this document good morning, everybody. i am bill hemmer. how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: we will


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