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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 25, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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today, and it is crowded. wonderful. you can even hear them. >> lots of news. people we will see you back here eastern. newt gingrich now. >> melissa: a fox news alert we are awaiting a key procedural vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. big day. >> jon: believe it or not. with the countdown on, senator john mccain is about to go back to the capitol hill since been diagnosed with brain cancer. covering all the news, "happening now" ." >> i have my own concerns with jeff session. >> jon: speculation swirls among the nation's top law enforcement officer. plus, a judge issues a ruling on a controversial request by the trump administration about voter information. a regional airport in the heartland becomes the busiest in the world while playing host to
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the planets largest air show. all happening now. we begin with this a fox news alert as we await a key vote in the senate on health care. president trump hits the road for another campaign style event tonight after a conference at the white house. welcome to our second hour of "happening now." i am jon scott. >> melissa: so much is going on. i am melissa francis. pressure is on republican senators. a test vote on in obamacare repeal coming this afternoon, but questions remain whether they had the 51 votes to move forward. president trump was in west virginia last night, and told republicans, to keep their word and pass health care refor reform. >> any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare, which is what it is. there has been enough talk, and no action.
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now is the time for action. >> jon: mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. we begin with doug mckelway at the white house with the latest there. with a key vote in the senate, it little bit later on this afternoon, about whether to proceed with a repeal a basic clean repeal of obamacare. the white house is putting tremendous pressure on senators that are wavering at this point. putting tremendous pressure on anyone who can influence those senators that are sitting on the fence. with tom price who accompanied the president last night to the boy scout jamboree in west virginia. >> are you going get the votes? you better get them. he better get them. otherwise i will say, tom, you are fired. >> that was a joke.
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in the spirit of some of the coming and goings and resignations around the white house these days. some did not interpret it as a joke. yes at the white house, he met with ford to families, 22 people and all that he says are victims of obamacare. >> every pledge that washington democrats make to pass that bill turns out to be alive. it was a big, fat, ugly lie. democrats promised america's late steve finn, a former police officer in west virginia, they would save 20500 -- 's premiums have more than tripled. >> those divided opinion over how much he has over the vote. legislative nuance is not his strong suit. that is the purview of the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. the bully pulpit is what
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president trump does bet, and he will use it. you saw what he did last night with tom price and the boy scout jamboree. he generally controlled west virginia senator, somewhat capital in the same weight wayn do with the rand paul of kentucky. he is watching those republicans from rust belt states and those members who may be vulnerable. look out for that. the president will hold that as a cudgel, and if this vote fails, future votes on all obamacare repeal and replace, there will be payback for some of those senators from the white house. back to you, jon scott. >> jon: doug mckelway. interesting times. thank you, doug. >> melissa: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell taking republicans to task the last day to seize the moment. vote to start the debate to dismantle obamacare. it remains unclear if he has enough votes to take that next
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step. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us live from capitol hill. mike, how's it looking? speak up melissa, there's a real drama going into that procedural vote which should come next hour. you have arizona senator john mccain returning from his own personal health care issue, battling brain cancer. a lot of his colleagues sound fired up that he will be back for this critical step to repeal and replace obamacare. a short time ago, the senate majority leader issued this call to action. >> i hope everyone will seize the moment. i certainly will. only then can we open up a robust debate process only then will senators have the opportunity to offer additional ideas on health care. inaction will do nothing. to solve obamacare's problems or bring belief to those who need it. >> and democratic leader, chuck schumer, is blasting that republicans have been talking about health care for seven
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months now. he says republicans have been talking about repealing and replacing obamacare for more than seven years now. senate republicans do not know exactly what the final bill will look like. chuck schumer issued this warning a short time ago. >> do not be fooled by this ruse. a vote in favor of the motion to proceed will mean deep cuts to medicaid, maybe even deeper than the hospital. >> one key republican blasted democrats for misleading the public. >> i do not think there is a member of this united states senate does not want america to have the best health care in the world. the problem is. we have a campaign of disinformation that is on its way. it is outrageous. i cannot let it stand. >> the pressure is intense to at least take up an debate this issue that they have been
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promising to do now, melissa. >> melissa: now is the time. mike emanuel, thank you. >> jon: those defending attorney general jeff session after new criticism of him from president trump. senator lindsey graham issuing a statement reading apart, jeff understands that we are a nation of laws and not men. on occasion, i am have vigorously disagreed with jeff but never have once doubted his integrity or sense of self play. student political rival highly inappropriate this follows a tweet from the president this morning. attorney general jeff sessions have taken a very weak position on hillary clinton's crime and into leakers. it is just the latest criticism. jeff sessions has said, he has no plans to step down. >> i have the honor of serving
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as attorney general. it is something that goes beyond any thought i would've ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department. we will continue to do so as long as is appropriate. >> jon: christopher bedford is the editor in chief of "the daily caller" use foundation. thank you for being with us. christopher, how much trouble is jeff sessions and? >> he seems to be in a lot of trouble. a couple of his allies have come to his defense. a lot of the people you would expect to come out really fiery so far have been cautious and kind of confused, and in the meantime, president trump, instead of backing up has been doubling down and doubling down. it shows that he is displeased with jeff session. the problem for donald trump, this is a former it senate ally. it was pushed to the senate.
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you want someone who is more fiery, who will attack some of his old opponents. several of the disagreements. some are more loyal to the president and the campaign. confirm the attorney general if he embarrasses him, he may quit or asked for his resignation. >> jon: he also, the president also, rachel, said he thought hillary clinton had suffered enough, and she ought to be left alone. notes one of his statements after he won the election. why now go after his attorney general and suggest she be prosecuted? >> that is exactly a question that was raised by breitbart, which is very pro-trump conservative publication. they normally align with president trump, came out blasting the president or knocking jeff session. you yourself have been hard on hillary clinton coming lock her up, lock her up, and then all of a sudden backing off
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after the election same, you feel sorry. there are people who are not happy for blasting jeff session the way he is. it is interesting. i was coming out of a press conference with paul ryan, and you would think the speaker would stick up for jeff sessions, but he said, if the president's prerogative. if you modify the sky, he has a right to do so. >> jon: fascinating times but let's switch gears and talk about health care. republicans in the senate are expected to begin a two debate on a plan to undo obamacare. senator rand paul said it will be on the 2015 clean repeal bill that passed the senate back then on "fox & friends" he said, that is exactly what he wants to see happen for let's listen. >> they have loaded this bill. frankly, i want to vote on a clean repeal. if i'm given that assurance, i will vote on it. right now, i am given no
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assurance that nobody has bothered to negotiate. we've offered to negotiate for weeks, and we have gotten zip from the leadership. >> jon: we are, we think, an hour of this vote in the senate, but christopher, it is not clear what might be voting on, or is a? >> that is what we are finding now. and reporters are gathering around. they cannot wait to wait for the senators together. their options, and one chance of getting by. the skinny repeal vote. what that would do, it would not repeal everything. it would not repeal the medicaid bribery that the last administration put through to get governors on. it repeal big taxes and mandates. senator rand paul has been tweeting that mitch mcconnell told him they would vote on something that would repeal the taxes and the mandates, which could mean the skinny repeal will go through. that is most likely. between him, if he gets on board and west virginia shelley moore capito, then will be more likely
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that this bill passes with mike pence pushing it. >> jon: and sometimes at the arcane rules, isn't it true that they cannot undo the entire bill, because then it becomes not a reconciliation bill, rachel. they can only undo parts of it, correct? >> conservatives would love to do that. this is a toss-up when it comes to whether or not this is going to go through. you heard rand paul coming out and saying, he is going to vote to bring this bill to the floor, which is a big step for conservatives in terms of getting on board. john mccain coming back. inspires a lot of hope within senate republicans. come together and i should do the thing that they've been campaigning on for seven years. there are about half a dozen senate republicans, who have not said what they will do. that is why you are seen senate republican leadership throw spaghetti at the wall, trying to come up with ideas. we tried this, that, to try to
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get as many people on board as they can. try to get to this bill. >> jon: will be quite an afternoon. with john mccain coming back from arizona after getting treatment for brain cancer. to cast his vote. what a day. rachel bay, chris for bradford. >> melissa: an american warship fires a warning shot at an iranian ship in the persian gulf. breaking news. and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, on capitol hill and a second straight day. answering questions about russia. it comes as the senate panel issued a subpoena for president transform a campaign, speak i think every of the campaign as well as the president has been very clear there's been no appropriate action, and certainly no collusion of any kind. i think that anybody who came in from the campaign should have
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♪ >> melissa: president trump back in campaign mode tonight, another big rally in ohio. last night in west virginia. he made killing obamacare a big issue while addressing thousands of boy scouts. listen. >> secretary tom price is also here today. dr. price still lives. the scout oath. hoping to keep millions of american pilots as a secretary of health and human services, and he is doing a great job and hopefully, you will get the vots tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as obamacare. it is really hurting us. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] [chanting usa] >> by the way, are you going to get the votes to mack he better get them. he better get them. otherwise they will say, tom, you are fired. i will get somebody. >> melissa: he was kidding. the president also using his time on stage to take a shot at a familiar opponent who is making the news media. >> what do you think the chances
10:19 am
are that this incredible massive crowd, record-setting, is going to be shown on television tonight? 1% or 0%? the fake media will say, president trump spoke before a small crowd of boy scouts today. that is some crowd. fake media. fake news. >> melissa: i fox business address of the boy scout jubilee. calling his remarks way too political. did you hear that crowd, by the way? were screaming. jon scott? >> jon: jared kircher, sr., white house advisor back on capitol hill we understand these are life pictures as he is leaving the house intelligence committee.
10:20 am
he has been answering questions behind closed doors. involving members of that committee. a couple of whom are speaking out. let us listen. >> follow-up on any questions later that we do get asked this morning. i think him for his -- the way he conducted himself in a very professional manner. i turned to mike kollek from california. >> thank you mr. chairman. we had a good chance to talk to him this money. he expressed recent activity to coming back for further questions. it was a very productive session. we have an opportunity to ask about a range of issues that the committee has been concerned about. we appreciate his voluntary willingness to come and testify today. thank you.
10:21 am
>> jon: a replay from video a few seconds ago of jared kushner there in the white shirt and blue suit. leaving after testifying in front of the house committee. his lawyer, a very well-known washington attorney, there with him. he has been talking about these charges that the trump campaign may have colluded with the russians in some way. there has been a lot of stories about that. lot of questions about it. you heard adam schiff, ranking member of the committee from california. celine jared kushner was very cooperative, and he shed a lot of light on the situation. chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge's live from washington. catherine? >> we are just outside the house intelligence committee meeting room known as the skip. secure facility, where they managed a three hour session
10:22 am
this morning with jared kushner along with his attorney. today session is somewhat different than what we had yesterday on the senate side, because it included staffers, republicans and democrats as well as lawmakers and asking direct questions to jared kushner. other big div element here on capitol hill about the russia case. the leadership of the senate judiciary committee has issued as subpoena to the former campaign chairman, paul manafort, and this is 24 hours before tomorrow's highly anticipated public hearing. >> we want paul manafort to come like we want donald trump, jr., to come and other people who we will call in. the point is we want to give all sorts of accommodations, but we cannot mess around with back-and-forth and playing off one committee against another. >> you have a situation here on
10:23 am
capitol hill, where there is tension to say the lease between the senate judiciary committee as well as the senate intelligence committee that are running their own investigation into russia. as senator grassley spoke, paul manafort snuck in and out of the senate side and was able to meet privately with senate and intelligence commite members this is not sitting well is between six, and one senate democrat is saying, it is time for some hardball tactics. >> i am convinced that subpoena will be necessary for paul manafort as well as for donald trump, jr., and for everyone who participated in a june 9th 2016 meeting. those opinions should include not just their testimony before the judiciary committee but also documents. >> there is another key player to keep your eyes on it in advance of this public hearing
10:24 am
tomorrow. this is a former journalist, glenn simpson. he is part of the firm called fusion gps. that has cooperated with the senate judiciary committee and arts conflicting reports on whether they issued as a subpo, and if you will take the fifth or try to work out some last-minute deal to answer their questions privately, jon scott. >> catherine herridge, thank yo thank you. >> i believe we will come to the vice president, will be here in case he has to break a tie. senator mccain is coming back. we continue to work with all the members of the conference to get to that number. >> melissa: wyoming senator john barrasso in the newsroom this morning, sounding confident that they will begin debate to repeal obamacare. that vote is expected to start
10:25 am
next hour with vice president pence on hand to break a tie, as you heard. to show just how crucial this vote is, senator john mccain is returning to capitol hill to vote as well. senate majority whip, john horton today republicans have to succeed where democrats failed. >> unfortunately, health care has become partisan. the detriment of the company. we need to get back to bipartisan support, but unfortunately because of three elections where our colleagues lost the majority in the white house come up in both houses, we do make they have what an albatross about obamacs been. they're kicking it to us, can you do better to make if we cannot do better, we need to go home. >> melissa: there's chris stirewalt with fox news editor heard chris, is it
10:26 am
finally here? will finally happen? for like singing the "final count on." >> i don't know. i want take you into the jungle of it, but briefly for this. senator rand paul said today, what they would move on to was repeal the eventually. repeal later. you vote for a full repeal, but delay the implementation until later time. that is something that does not have enough support to get to the bowsprit at that is in fact what mitch mcconnell is telling his fellow senators and a close lunch today. it is a motion to proceed. if we will proceed on legislation that is delayed repeal and delayed replacement, they do not have the votes for that. and this goes down. it depends on -- if you think about it this way, this is like
10:27 am
a guy has been dating a bunch of gals. >> melissa: [laughs] >> he's been seeing them and it's going around, and they all show up at the same place at once. and promises made to be reconciled against other promises made as he senators come forward and say, well, mr. majority leader, you said this, and this is when he gets hard. >> melissa: i like your analogy. it makes it much more interesting then the charlie brown-style that make americans mad, because they feel like, wait a second. they make the rules and then they save the rules will prevent them from doing what they really want. a lot of gobbledygook. senator mccain came all the way into this. they have to think they have the votes, and they have to move forward to do it, otherwise did they really drank him all the way back given his condition, given that signal >>
10:28 am
did he tell you that he would vote for? i don't think he told and when he would vote for. i think he is coming back, but i don't think he is coming back vote. honestly, this is been such a goat roping from beginning to end. the i have no earthly idea. we don't know what they're voting on. they don't know what they're voting on. we don't know how anyone is voting. this is what panic looks like. as a struggle, to get panicky. >> melissa: it's easy for me to understand in a moment like this, i can't even understand. and capitol hill, president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, you saw him go back. meeting with house lawmakers this morning. to talk about his contacts with the russians. you cannot have a day without hearing about the russians, right? >> with the president threatening to fire his attorney general over the russian
10:29 am
investigation. think about this way. on a day on earth one in a normal presidency in normal time, the president would be focusing all of his energy on getting the senate vote. if you'd be working the phones. doing all that stuff. instead, he is publicly attacking a well respected former collie, jeff sessions, and causing senators to bring support. 2016 was a very interesting year to be alive. 2017 has been up by a wide margin so far. >> melissa: i'll be lucky to be covering this? at a time like this. we know he is now working the phones today. sent out a few tweets. maybe that was it, and he is done with it. >> maybe. who knows? i will say, threatening menacing beloved conservative figure like jeff sessions and doing it today is not helpful. >> melissa: did you see help
10:30 am
more beloved he got to make yes chuck schumer coming to his rescue, his best friend defending them on the floor as the president is beating him up. he has more friends as a part of the proceedings. speed of the one that we are listening to come it the people it the present space, and they're hitting the president pretty hard at the way he's working jeff sessions. >> melissa: chris stirewalt, great to see you my friend. >> jon: a fox news alert. you might know washington, d.c., has some of the most restrictive laws in the country, and now, a federal appeals court striking down the districts laws in particular the laws that impose restrictions on conceal and carry laws. this 2-1 ruling claims about a requirement to show a good reason to have a conceal permit is a constitutional
10:31 am
infringement. the district of columbia to decide whether or not to appeal this ruling to the u.s. supreme court. we will certainly keep you up-to-date. in the meantime, the u.s. a fires warning shots in the persian gulf. after a close encounter with an iranian fast boats. how close that armed iranian boats got to this warship today. plus, violence on the rails. transit authorities refuse to release footage. we will tell you why. also, we are taking to the skies at the world's largest air show. ♪ ♪ this is joanne.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ♪ >> jon: a a fox news alert as we learned a u.s. navy warship fired warning shots in an armed iranian patrol boat approaching it in the persian gulf today. but he got official same the iranian vessel came within 150 yards while navy warships were conducting training exercises. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with the u.s. response. >> is the first time since president trump took office that u.s. navy warship shot warning
10:36 am
shots at a fast approaching iranian patrol boat at 150 yards in the persian gulf, risking a collision. this iranian vessel is from islamic revolutionary guard corps and ignored repeated calls from u.s. as a thunderbolt. five short blasts from the ship ships. heaven while a formation of u.s. navy and coast guard ships trained in the persian gulf today. is the first time since they fired warning shots. the chairman of the hearts armed services committee reacted to the breaking news. >> we see an increase of aggression all over the world. recently, we had aggressive relations in the chinese, a pattern from the russians, now the iranians. it is clear, people are testing us around the. >> last year, fox news flew out
10:37 am
to uss new orleans to see these ironic gunboats up right. months after they detained to navy sailors in the gulf coast. >> they need to behold accountable? >> they should be held accountable. it is a contravention of accepted maritime professionalism. >> since 2015, there has been roughly 60 unsafe interactions between the u.s. navy and iran in the persian gulf. one of the reasons this afternoon, congress is voting on new sanctions against iran. >> jon: stay on it for us. thank you very much, lucas tomlinson. >> melissa: the transit authority in the bay area withholding video of crimes committed by black teenagers. the bay area rapid transit system otherwise known as bart says it will have racist bias.
10:38 am
this is a dicey one. >> melissa, they captured all these mob attacks of young men stealing purses, wallets, and phones. as between one says leasing the video will have racial stereotyping. they're putting this over public safety. >> i 911 call in oakland. >> robbed them, and ran off the train. >> bet someone. beat and robbed a number of an individual's. >> camera caught the action. >> we now have video of you. >> based on video, they were repeat offenders. they knew who these people were. >> but bart refuses to release the video. >> when it involves juveniles, as they have come at the police department makes a determination
10:39 am
if there is a public interest in sending all that information out. and speak out that is not the whole story. >> i have uncovered a memo that they made was withheld to prevent racial stereotyping. >> releasing tape of the crime would unfairly characterize writers of color. sweeping generalization in media and commentary. >> is important for the riding public to see the ways people steal things assault people on the train. >> assault, robbery, and rape are up 20%. >> i do not feel safe. >> for people like myself, young women especially, it is concerning. >> the staff wants to get the video released, because hearing it and seen it are two different things. it may deter someone's mother, they might be watching.
10:40 am
>> melissa: assault, robbery, and rape. wow. >> jon: for the world's largest air show in a small town in wisconsin. jeff locke from the fox business network live in oshkosh, wisconsin. >> it is a pleasure to be one of the million people, and a 10,000 aircraft here, and that the more popular, dark craft, then the military aircraft. take a look at this. incredible place. this is the plane that actually led the normandy invasion. dubbed, that's all-brother. this only planes. i want to show you planes, so i've a lot of cameras out there. take a look at the other. as a kc-1:30 five. big line to get in there and see that. refueling aircraft. come over here, back in our site, and you see another plane from world war ii.
10:41 am
this one is called a b29 super fortress. there are two of them at the air show this year. is the first time since the korean war that two of them have time. going that far back. on the other camera, again. i navy aircraft. huge aircraft. it is called poseidon five mph. that is something that throws depth charges and blows up summering aircraft. the military stuff is crazy. and back on our camera. follow me over here. this is spread out all over everywhere. you know at this one is? this is a relic of the vietnam war. that is a b-52, right there. a lot of interest and that one as well. maybe i will leave you with the newest one out here. take a look at the other camera now. that is a stealth bomber. that is the a beauty as well. fox news, that's right. a lot of fans. the military aircraft, and i
10:42 am
lived with one thing. it is often the distance, but i want to show it to you. it takes air travel to one more notch. that is the blue origin rocket up there that is five times now and space and has come back to land on the ground. there's also capsule there that they hope to take space travelers, like you and me, up into space to experience it. that is jeff bezos company. out in space. >> jon: very cool. oshkosh is sort of the pilgrimage that every pilot has to make. i am jealous. thank you very much, jeff locke. oshkosh, wisconsin, . >> melissa: a federal judge cleaning the way for president trump's commission on voter fraud. begin collecting information on registered voters in the u.s. a big loss for a watchdog group that claims this would be an infringement on privacy rights. our legal panel debates just ahead.
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>> melissa: right now, president trump voting commission it's a green light to request information from more than 150 million voters as part of its investigation into claims of voter fraud in the presidential election after a federal judge rejected a watchdog group's request to force the commission to conduct a privacy assessment first. let's bring in our legal panel, bob bianchi criminal defense attorney. in a trial attorney. we have brian claypool, thank you both. bob, let me talk with you. i have a hard time breaking down what exactly this really meant, but then again, i am not a lawyer. good for me. >> let's go to bed for each side. it is a temporary restraining order that has to be with the reason they would be successful on to get the court action. what what the court essentially,
10:47 am
the president and a long-standing history has the right to be able to set up independent bodies and commissions in order to look at things. this was not an agency, under the agency act. that is when he would have to do a privacy assessment. since there is not any kind of real enforcement action of an agency, it does not need to be done. however, here is where the other side of the equation with the judge said that a lot are talking about. it is very, very important. a couple of places throughout her opinion, she made a very clear, that while this is a request, it is not a demand. the states can still not give in to that request. if they sought to, the commission, the president came together with, start to act in a more forceful manner, a very well may violate the law. they gave a little bit to the president, but also for the confines in the. >> melissa: do you agreed that
10:48 am
interpretation, brian? >> i am ready to call the trash hauling service. in my opinion, it is a piece of garbage. here's why. at the heart of this case, melissa, my argument would be. the president's commission or advisory board, they would have to put up evidence that there is actually been voter fraud in the 2006 election. remember, that is the premise of this entire decision. and there is zero evidence, melissa presented to this court and this judge of any actual bona fide voter fraud. why then is this judge granting this advisory board power to now intrude into the lives of 150 million voters. >> melissa: especially when the states sell this information anyway, it is all very confusing. you are knocking to go anywhere. one more panel, so do not move. >> jon: a woman pleads guilty to criminally negligent homicide
10:49 am
in the droning thatch drowning death of the hudson river. why she could be out. our legal panel rejoins us when we return. at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's,
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>> i am julie banderas. big day today, big show on capitol hill. the senate is about to hold the key vote on the motion to proceed. it will set the sage. senator john mccain age making his first trip back into the senate after his cancer diagnoses. will bring back to life. president trump making remarks ahead of his own, and he will be holding a news conference at the white house. we have that too. more coming up on "shepard smith
10:53 am
reporting" ." >> jon: new information on a legal we closely followed on "america's news hq" ." criminal knows kent during a kayaking trip. on the hudson river north of new york city. angelika graswald admitted she pulled the plug on the kayak. it said she wanted to use it as a catch 20. that put her fiance, vincent viafore at risk. he drowned in the hudson river back in 2015. here is her 911 call to authorities. >> we are kayaking. my fiance flipped over. i can't get to them. it is very windy. i cannot pedal to him. >> jon: she is expected to be scented with time served that she could be free early on.
10:54 am
let's bring back our legal panel. bob bianchi and brian claypool. bob, you are former prosecutor. part of the police interrogation that went on for 11 hours on the day she was picked up, ten days after the death. she said, i wanted him dead and now he is gone, and now i am okay with it. does that merit a one to four sentence? >> i have never seen anything like this. the plea bargain discounts must've been open that day. and the prosecutor's office. you have everything you want in the ingredients to make them salivate to try case. the motive. she said she was sleeping forward to them being killed she assisted in that. she knew it was cold and frigid waters. she said she wanted him dead. a more purposeful soul case, and jon scott, look at the law, facts, and whether you can prove a case.
10:55 am
this was a no-brainer of a trial, and i'll tell you want. this was not the kind of case that any juror where this was cold and calculated. the sentence, dropping it from murder to manslaughter, and then dropping it down to say she was just acting by accident as opposed to on purpose is just mind-boggling to me. and an injustice. >> jon: she stood to inherit one and a quarter insurance policy from her fiance. do you dispute what bob has to say? >> john, when i'm on with bob, we are arm wrestling and we have a difference of opinion. on this one, i have to tell you. two words describe this plea-bargain. spineless and politically motivated. jon, your show had this twice. the solicit to murder charge but i do hung jury. i to retry the case last much.
10:56 am
we lost that case, john. nobody died in that case, and i was at a sentencing hearing. my client got 16 years in jail. the state prosecutor wanted 30 years. nobody died in her case. this woman in a premeditated, calculated, cold blooded fashion, murdered this young man, and she will serve maybe no time and get one to four years? this insult wrong message throughout our country. we want the >> jon: she could be out in less than a year. gentlemen, we have to leave it there. thank you both. >> melissa: a big afternoon ahead in washington. president trump holding a joint news conference at the white house. 3:00 eastern. while the senate will take a procedural vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. with senator john mccain returning to white house. it could have been in the next
10:57 am
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>> that does it for us. >> julie: as we begin with a fox news alert. good day to you. a dramatic turning point for health care, just minutes away. the stakes cannot be higher. hello everyone, i am julie banderas. the senate gearing up for a key vote open debate on health care as senator john mccain returns from his cancer diagnosis to cast which could be the deciding vote. his surprise announcement came last night. meanwhile, president trump expected to make some comments at this hour as well before a white house meeting with the prime minister of lebanon. we have team facts covered for you. kristin fisher at the white house, but first, chieftain correctional quest want to come up mike emanuel. mike, how big is


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