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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we are broadcasting from the swamp in washington, d.c. welcome to "hannity." a new bombshell from the hills. john solomon reveals the depth of the obama administration. and the president landed at andrews. he took his message to you the american people in a rally in youngstown, ohio, where he pushed his agenda and took on his critics. that's the subject of tonight's opening monologue. >> ♪ >> sean: during theeral neohio
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president trump should an urgent call to get rid of obamacare and replace it with something that works for you. the american people. time for these guys in the swamp in the sewer in d.c. to get to work. take a look. >> we are now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare! >> cheering >> and delivering great health care for the american people. we will do that too. the senate is working not only to repeal obamacare but deliver great health care for the american people. any senator who votes against repeal and replace is telling america that they are fine with the obamacare nightmare. i predict they will have a lot of problems. >> sean: i predict he is right.
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repeal and replacing obamacare is not the only part of the president's agenda. he said the building a wall is not an empty campaign promise. >> after spending billion dollars defending other nation's borders, we are finally defending our borders. >> [cheers and applause]. >> don't even think about it. we will build the wall. >> [cheers and applause] >> don't even think about it. i watched the media as they say, well, he just had some fun during the campaign on the wall. that wasn't fun, folks. we are building that wall and walls do work. we will have great people come into our country. but we are not going to put ourselves through the problems we have had for so many years.
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>> sean: the president promiseed to drive out violent gangs and put an end to sanctuary cities. take a listen. >> the predators and criminal aliens who poison our communities with drugs and prey on innocent young people, these beautiful young people, will find no safe haven in our country. that's why my administration is launching a nationwide crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> [cheers and applause] >> american cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans, for people that look up to the law. for people that respect the law. not for criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> sean: the president spoke about lowering taxes. please lower taxes and stop burdening us. watch this. >> my administration is working every day to heed and honor the will of the voters. that includes working on one of the biggest tax cuts in american history and actually, if i get what i want, it will be the single biggest tax cut in american history. >> [cheers and applause] >> we have the highest taxes anywhere in the vorld. -- world. this will bring them down to one of the lowest. we have no choice. we will have growth. we will have everything we dreamed of having. it's time to let americans keep more of their own money. it's time to bring new companies to our shores and to create a new era of growth, prosperity
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and wealth. >> sean: a great idea. get americans back to work and off food stamps. republicans, what do you stand for? the president's rally did not just include plans for the future. he also talked about accomplishments. despite what the mainstream left media is attacking, the president has been very busy without any help from democrats and weak republicans. here's the president talking about what he accomplished in the last 6 months. >> our second amendment is very, very sound again. that would have been gone. we eliminated regulations at record speed and many, many more for coming off. boy, have we put the coal miners and coal back on the map. you have seen that. we achieved a historic increase
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in defense spending to get our troops the support they richly scarf. -- deserve. we signed new legislation to hold federal workers accountable for the care they provide to our great veterans. >> [cheers and applause] >> to protect american jobs and worker, i withdrew the united states from the trans-pacific partnership potential disaster. >> [cheers and applause] >> and the job killing powers climate accord. unemployment last month hit a 16-year low. since my election, we have added much more than one million jobs. >> sean: you will never hear that in the mainstream media. that's only a fractions of what the president has accomplished.
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also tonight in true trump fashion, the president fought back against his critics. the best part of the speech. watch this. >> sometimes they say he doesn't act presidential. >> [crowd noise] >> and i say, hey, look, great schools, smart guy. it's so easy to act presidential, but that won't get it done. it's much easier to act presidential than what we are doing here tonight. >> [cheers and applause] >> and i said, with the exception of the late, great abraham lincoln, i can be more
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presidential than any president that ever held this office. >> sean: do we want a president who just acts? tonight the president sent an important message that will reverberate across america and into the scamp and sewer that is washington, d.c. where i am tonight. the president won't sit by and watch congress fumble his agenda. he will take his message to you the american people. it's time to put pressure on lawmakers to do their job and get something done. reacti reaction, lou dobbs is with us. every time the president goes directly to the american people, you see the reaction. there is not one difference before the campaign. every agenda item is supported by those crowds. what is washington and republicans not getting?
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>> just about everything. the president today was -- as you say, this rally today was like every rally he carried out as a candidate for president. the love in the room for the president was palpable. he is -- he doesn't need extra energy, but he draws great energy from these people who are his supporters. they are the people for whom he is working. not the lobbyists. the billion dollars donors that expect to have the federal government and the leadership of the republican party. they are accustomed to have them heeding their every beck and call. he is frustrating the establishment. there is a conflict between this president the status quo and the defenders of the status quo, whether they are republicans or democrats. he is winning and winning. the people in that room in
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youngstown, ohio, all 7,000 of them, know that very well. as do tens of millions of other americans. >> sean: if the republicans don't do their part, this is a 7 year promise to replace obamacare. they needed mike pence for the motion to proceed. that doesn't give me confidence that they will get this done in a way they promised for 7 years. then you have an economic plan to get americans off food stamps and back to work and get the border built and funded. congress will pay the price if they don't get the job done. >> that's the sub-text. you are right again, sean. this threat looming is for every one of those congressmen who are hesitating to support this president and his agenda and particularly the leadership, the speaker and the majority leader of the senate, ryan and mitch
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mcconnell. they had better deliver this time. because it will be fundamentally a question of the survival of the republican party. donald trump, what he was saying in youngstown, ohio, in my opinion in addition to everything else that was terrific about the economy and turning this country around, he is serving notice those are trump democrats in youngstown, ohio, which he lost by 3 points. 4 years earlier, barack obama won that county by 27 points! these are his people. you heard gino the man he brought up on the stage and the chants from the crowd because he talked about how much this president is loved by the forgotten man and woman. all of those people in youngstown, they lost a third of the population of youngstown, ohio. their factors were once a top
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steel producing company in the country. i don't know whether mcconnell and ryan got it, but schumer and pelosi get it and they are worried to death. >> sean: there is no way after 8 years of failure. lou dobbs, thanks for joining us. here with more reaction to the president's rally in youngstown, ohio, herman. chuck in the senate is saying, wait a minute, if outside interference from a foreign country is a big deal -- russia, russia, russia -- we have evidence of collusion with ukraine and influence in the election as well and the iranian deal and other are talking about
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loretta lynch. part of me is torn between because it's not fair what we have been seeing. the agenda the president talked about, repeal and replace and schools and border and listing his accomplishments. at the end of the day i suspect if he succeeds, that will push republicans over the top in 2018 and 2020. >> many of them don't realize that. that speech in ohio reminded me of the three rallies i attended in georgia where i helped to introduce there president. he is re-asserting results, results, results. that's why he got the reaction from the crowd that he got. the democrats are all about resist, resist, resist and it's not resinating with people. he is taking his message
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directly to the people. the mainstream media won't do. he is doing it himself. i think that helps to re-energize those people that voted for him because of exactly the things he is able to do even despite the push back by republicans in name only and democrats. >> sean: in spite of 68 votes, repeal and replace, we were telling our audience those are show boats. if they really wanted to repeal and replace they would have used the constitutional authority. the one guy that tried to use it ted cruz was excor8ed by the republican party. 100 house republicans had no intention of keeping that promise. the senate with the motion to proceed needing mike pence. this doesn't bode well in my
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mind. >> you are right, sean. here's the deal. they thought that the american people would have very short memories. that's what they still think. what this president is doing is reminding the american people of what these republicans promised. i got to tell you, last night on your show, you challenged your viewers to do exactly what i challenge my listeners to do: send emails. make phone calls. and let them know that you are paying attention. that's the only thing that gets their attention. that's what gets results. with the president giving the patriotic results-oriented speech today, it reminds people that yes, if i send that e-mail or make that phone call do my representative or to my senators, it will make a difference. i think this is great for the
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direction that this president is trying to go. >> sean: herman, always good to see. a busy breaking news night. we will layout the scandals congress and the doj could investigate. monica crowley and geraldo rivera and also tonight. >> i am here to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. >> sean: president trump calling out the fake news media. we will have reaction and "hannity" investigation an explosive new report by john solomon and sara carter will join us as we continue from the sewer and the swamp that is washington, d.c. steve was born to move.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more. >> ♪ >> your future is what i am fighting for each and everied. here --oo and every day. here's just a small sample what have we accomplished in just our
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first 6 months in office. i say that and they say, well, i don't know. but i think that with few exceptions, no president has done anywhere near what we have done in his first 6 months. >> [cheers and applause] >> not even close. >> sean: that was the president at a rally tonight in ohio. we will have reaction in a minute. first it's time for congress and the justice department to restore the rule of law and investigate the many massive felonies that can no longer be ignored. that's the subject of an important mini-monologue tonight were we on this program have been covering these scandals because you the american people deserve answers. right now in this country, sadly there is a 2-tier justice
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system. tonight the country needs to make a choice: do we ignore crimes and evidence of wrongdoing? or pursue the truth and investigate all of these things fully? the destroy trump media and some of the washington political elite are mad about the president criticizing his attorney general jeff sessions. here's what the president said at the white house. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself. almost immediately after he took office and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me prior to taking office and i would have simply picked somebody else. i think that's a bad thing not for the president but for the presidency. i think it's unfair to the presidency, and that's the way i feel. >> sean: i agree with the president on recusal. the ag has been doing a good job
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implementing the president's agenda on the border. there are things i would like to see. our fbi and justice department looking into. stories you won't see in the establishment media. we start with the arrest earlier today of congresswoman debbie's staffer trying to 3 this country. -- to flea this country. he was found with smashed hard drives and possible e-mail hacking. debbie schultz is willing to cooperate with investigators. smashed hard drives. not working with federal authorities. what are the democrats trying to hide here. what is schultz want you the american people not to know here with smashed hard drives and not working with authorities?
7:24 pm
it's hard not to know a similar pattern with a lot of democrats. hillary clinton, i don't know anybody in the trump administration that deleted 33,000 emails and just to make sure they used bleach to get rid of them. or her aides smash mobil devices with a hammer and clinton's lawyer giving back the black berries but took out the simcards. and hillary clinton mishandled classified information with a private e-mail server hacked by 5 foreign intelligence agencies. if anybody beside hillary clinton or schultz did that, if you did that you would be in jail begging me to bring you a cake with a file. these are prosecutable crimes. it's just the beginning of what needs to be done by the fbi and by the justice department when
7:25 pm
it comes to the clintons. if we don't have a 2-tier justice system, there is real collusion. iranian-1. hillary clinton signed off 20% of uranium to russia. that's the foundation of nuclear weapons and people gave big donations to the clinton foundation and bill clinton double teamed his speaking fees in . will the possible election collusion ever be investigated? this broke in january. it involves ukranian government officials. that sounds like collusion.
7:26 pm
they wanted to defeat and hurt donald trump. now 6 months later, she denies any wrongdoing. senator chuck of iowa is not buying it. writing a letter to the justice department about a possible foreign agent violation. it's not just the republicans going after the trump administration? we will have equal justice under the law and former obama attorney general loretta lynch potentially obstructing justice. she called it a matter instead of an investigation. and lynch's tarmac meeting with bill clinton. there is good news on this issue. we now finally have a group of republican lawmakers that believe in equal justice under the law. jim jordan and others are
7:27 pm
calling for lynch to be investigated and the unprecedented and biggest danger to the country. 125 deep state leaks likely and illegal in just 126 days. the only crime we know committed this this russia-trump phoney collusion story is the leaking of michael flynn's name to the "washingto "washington post." that's a violation of the espionage act. and james comey may have improperly removed government prompt from the fbi. -- property from the fbi. and robert mueller has massive conflicts of interest. best friends with comey a key witness. that might be against the law. we will find out.
7:28 pm
mueller just 1 day before being named special counsel. he interviewed with president trump for the nib job. -- fbi job. and all of the members of muller's team the people he brought on donated thousands of dollars to the democrats and even hiring hillary clinton's attorney on the clinton foundation. the fake news dossier which has connections to democrats. the dossier commissioned by republicans but clinton paid for that. steele a former spy put it together. that should be shocking. it didn't stop democrats from repeating the falls information found in the dossier. there is progress. we are pressing every day. so we have equal justice under the law.
7:29 pm
fox news left-handers that the co-found is cooperating with the senate judiciary committee. the american people deserve complete investigations into this all of these scandals, but we can't take our eye off the ball, repeal and replace. here with reaction geraldo rivera and monica crowley. this is where i am torn. i think the double standard is outrageous. the nevada wolf pack in all of these cases overwhelming. republicans are in control of these committees. why aren't they doing their job there? why is it so hard to get repeal and replace done at this point? >> yes, two separate questions all going to the same point. when democrats are in control of the executive branch which includes the justice department, they have no problem stone
7:30 pm
walling, deflecting and burying investigations damageing to them. we have a republican heading up the justice department. we have a republican president. all we are asking is for full, fair and honest investigations of all of the situations that you just laid out. the point of being in control. the point of having the party in control is so we can move forward with these kinds of investigations. when it comes to your question about health care reform. i think a lot of the american people are outrain delay and annoyed that for 8 years the republicans had a chance to get their act together and produce something that was ready to go on day-1 as they promised us. this is a frustrating process. i know on capital one and more the american people who have been suffering under the coercion of obamacare for many years. they want relief. the fact this party is now in control of both houses of the
7:31 pm
congress as well as the white house cannot get this done. no fault of the president, of course. i know this is difficult, but they had a long time to get their act together. if they don't, there will be hell to pay including losing control of the house. >> sean: there is a fundamental unfairness when you layout the facts. equal application of the law. then is a part of me torn. i don't want the double standard to exist. but it my heart, i believe if the president accomplishs his agenda that's the key for the american people to ignore the other noise. >> what we should ignore is every story of this 37-year-old pakistani it expert at the side of debbie schultz as the player
7:32 pm
woman of the democratic national committee. arrested trying to flee the country. what were they trying to destroy. what was debbie putting pressure on captital police to get her computers back? we know that one of the big scandals is that her emails were leaked. emails that showed she and the dnc favored bernie sanders over hillary clinton. wiki-leaks published those. >> sean: he told me it was not russia.
7:33 pm
wiki-leaks hasn't been proven wrong in 11 years. >> now you have a possible suspect. the corrupt it guy arrested at the airport trying to leave. charged with stealing million dollars. what he was the source to wiki leaks. >> sean: i think it's deeper than that. my theory is maybe debbie schultz didn't want to be exposed so they smashed the hard drives. >> of course. >> sean: she knows she colluded against bernie sanders. >> that's the easy part. what if they were the source for wiki leaks? what is the whole of russia-gate hingeses on this investigation. this guy whose passport has been seized and he has an ankle
7:34 pm
monitor on. >> sean: i talked about this all day. if you can prove disgrunteled democrats were the leakers and not the russians, doesn't that blow the whole thing out of the water? >> i think this investigation into this pakistani fellow with who was arrested at the airport. don't bury that. her it guy was trying to escape the country and charged. why were they trying to destroying computers? i checked the "new york times" website. there was no mention of this. i think this will be a huge story tomorrow. her hysteria and her worrying and deep profound concern to get her computers back.
7:35 pm
i want to know why. >> and you know what? regardless of what the source was, the bottom line is, what we have learned from whether it's a hacking or a disgrunteled democrat got in and released these, the dnc was corrupt and clinton won the nomination based on that. that's the story. >> what if they gave it to the wiki leaks? >> sean: look at the similari similarities to hillary clinton. smashing her device. no sim-cards. deleting 33,000 and acid washing. they get away with unbelievable destruction. thank you both. up next tonight here on "hannity": >> i am here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and
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7:41 pm
been at the white house? >> to train the swamp and the sewer. trying to. >> sean: we are all trying. he goes public and the whole momentum assists. it's like the air it out of the balloon when he goes to the people and talks issues. >> one thing you learn about being in the swamp or sewer, whatever we call washington, d.c., the white house is a big bubble. you feel like you don't have enough oxygen in the room. donald trump is energize when does he is with the american people. in terms of health care and talking about the failings of obamacare and pushing the republican bill, the best messenger is donald trump. he goes out to critical states like ohio and west virginia and takes the people directly to the american people. >> sean: we have known each
7:42 pm
other for a long time. i complimented you that bill clinton under fire, i appreciate the loyalty you showed your friend. you wrote a back about the experience. i advised more people about your book than you will ever know. tell the truth, tell it all. tell it early, tell it yourself. i think some of the russia, russia, russia, got extended becausantul of the information came out. >> president trump will do much better if he told the truth. i think i wrote a column that said list every meeting you had with any russian and every document and e-mail. get it out. >> sean: i don't think he had any meeting himself. >> the donald trump, jr. meeting would have been much better if
7:43 pm
he had done all of that rather than the drips. right now the president is focussing on health care. we democrats are wondering whether the republicans can get their act together to approve something. >> sean: we conservatives are wondering too. [laughing] >> at the least we support obamacare but thinks it needs to be fixed. >> i am want giving you a free pass. should the democrats be investigating ukraine and a political report that says the ukraine was trying to influence our elections for hillary clinton and information was passed back to the dnc and hillary clinton campaign. >> i am a facts person. i have not seen any facts. >> because you are not watching the show anymore. >> i know the story about the ukraine consultant passing
7:44 pm
information to the dnc. >> sean: a dnc staffer met with the ukraine. >> i want to see evidence of that. senator grassley should be investigating what we know is a russian krurption of our election and has been found to be a pro-trump.corruptin of our election and has been found to be a pro-trump. >> sean: i want to go back to it and busting up these hard drives trying to escape out of the country. it sounds like one of his best friends busting up blackberries with hammers and deleting emails and everything else she did. >> the deletion of the emails
7:45 pm
under supenno was outrageous. if there is any reason for a special prosecutor it's for china gate. janet reno never appointed a special prosecutor and the scandal went away. this is the kind of thing that makes people like me who support donald trump to circle the wagons. >> if he fires robert mueller what would you? >> it's his right to do so. i am talking about the double standard. both were scandals. >> [overlapping talking] >> one has a proscurity. -- prosecutor. i said he has the power to do it.
7:46 pm
>> [overlapping talking]. >> you just said -- >> no, i didn't. i said he had the power. >> i rest my case. >> just as clinton would have the power to fire janet reno. >> you have to defend me. >> hold on. double a special prosecutor should have been appointed? >> i don't believe there was evidence sufficient to apoint a special prosecutor for china. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: emails deleted and blackberries splashed and all of the lies that took place. the uranian 1 deal.
7:47 pm
>> the 33,000 emails were personnel. >> no one saw those except for hillary clinton and her team. >> [overlapping talking]. >> guys i am surrounded by all of you. it's 3 against 1. that's even. >> wow! >> hillary clinton only deleted personal emails as karl rove and lots of other people deleted rnc emails. >> james comey said they were classifyed. >> james comey did not say they were classifyed. >> yes, he did. >> personnel emails were deleted. >> i am on a hard break. >> should hillary clinton have been indicted? >> of course not. >> [overlapping talking]. >> i rest my case. >> [overlapping talking] >> we have an investigation. john solomon spying abuses under the obama administration.
7:48 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." fox news alert. according to a new report by the hills john solomon, new memo
7:52 pm
detail how the fbi violated your personal liberties. it starts out. i don't think tv has seen me in classes before. the fbi violated specific civil liberties. this is where we started together in many ways. >> that's right. in march, some things were illegal. there were instances where the fbi and the nsa sent them across the intelligence community and had to call them back because it was illegal to have those names. they searched american names and shared information about people who were not entitled to get
7:53 pm
american names. >> sean: i expect clapper and rhodes and rice and others still have their hands in this. >> this was secured on barack obama's watch from 2009 to 2016. this may effect where this law that allows spying on americans gets renewed in december. >> sean: this is important. >> absolutely. what we know about talking to people on the hill and congress, there are not enough votes to renew. this the intelligent community relies on section 702 to track terrorists and search emails and prevent possible attacks. but the violation of this law has become such a threat right now. neither the -- the house right now doesn't have enough votes to pass it. they want accountability and an investigation. i know people want to know who the leakers are and want
7:54 pm
accountability before they move forward with any law. the story that john solomon just broke. my gosh. these stories it seems like forever we are reporting on this. >> sean: a whistle blower told me every e-mail and every phone call from every american is recorded is stored. is that true? >> it was for a while. >> sean: i should have given sarah the first question. you are a team. >> there is a question about whether everything is in the database now. they looked at data they should not have been looking at. >> sean: i was told by people that everything that comes out against trump they have stored
7:55 pm
on the cloud and it trump gaines momentum, they leak something else. is that a conspiracy theory? >> that's something that still needs to be investigated. what we know is that talking to sources, people within the intelligence community that they believe that it was set up for these leaks to come out one after the other to go after the trump administration. >> something happened on friday. people missed this. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee said we have evidence that some of the people whose names were later leaked in the media. >> sean: when we come back, the important question of the day. straight ahead. i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,
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>> sean: time for the question
8:00 pm
of the day. what do you think of the president's rally in ohio? go to, @seanhannity on twitter. bret baier live. we will see you back here from d.c. tomorrow night. >> tonight i'm back in the center of the american heartland, far away from the washington swamp. >> bret: president trump rallying the faithful in campaign style. >> disappointed with the attorney general, but we will see what happens. >> bret: painting a tough picture for his politically neutered attorney general. >> he's a man of substance and is going to be hard to replace. i hope he will stay. >> bret: will jeff sessions hang in, walk away, or be pushed aside? shot in the arm for health care reform. >> we have a duty to act. through in the senate moves that are repealing obamacare with zero democratic help.