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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 26, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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arrested trying to smuggle king cobras from hong kong into the country inside potato chip cans. rob: a nightmare. police arresting a man upstate new york driving a car with no doors and covered in mud with an action in the roof. the man was on multiple drugs. not surprising. heather: be careful with potato chip cans today. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> vice president votes in the affirmative. >> it would not have been possible without the brave heroic return of senator john mccain. >> stop listening to the bombastic loud mouths. to hell with them. >> we're now one step closer deliberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> that's the donald trump that can get things done. >> he is reasserting results, results, results. >> it staff who worked for debbie wasserman schultz is under arrest charged with bank fraud while trying to fly to
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pakistan. >> a u.s. warship flying warning shots while being threatened by iranian patrol boat in the persian gulf. >> they are pointing to a prefer. boy, iprotester. is he a young one. i bet he is going back home to mommy. boy is he in trouble. i bet his mommy voted for us, right? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we like it loud ♪ we like it ♪ party won't be refusing until we make it through 11 ♪ keep it rocking steve: it was loud last night at the center last night in youngstown, ohio. 8,000 people in a stadium that officially only holds 6,000.
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they put 2,000 seats on the floor because everybody was there to see the president of the united states. ainsley: big day for republicans yesterday. he was there in ohio for this great rally. everyone was watching it on tv if they weren't there live in person. the senate vote voted for repeal and replace. >> way ahead of the curve on the trump surge on the last election. knew columnist at the "new york post." she said 1:00 p.m. yesterday in youngstown, every major artery, road going in to that arena that holds 7,000 was just completely clogged up. nobody could move. at 1:00 p.m. he spoke, what 7:15. six hours in advance. steve: they were lined up. ainsley: this is an area that voted for hillary clinton. this wasn't trump territory. is he there pressing for 2020. listen to what he said yesterday. >> we will no longer be the foolish people. we will no longer be the stupid people that get taken care of so badly by our
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politicians. i think that with few exceptions, no president has done anywhere near what we have done in his first six months. not even close. we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. [cheers] and delivering great healthcare for the american people. one by one, we're finding the illegal gang members, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, criminals, and killers, and we're sending them to hell back home where they came from. these are the animals that we have been protecting for so long. well, they're not being protected any longer. we're building that wall and walls do work. we have the highest taxes anywhere in the world. and this will really bring them down to one of the lowest.
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and we really have no choice. we will have grote, we will have everything that we have dreamed of having. it's time to let americans keep more of their own money. i would ask whether or not you think i will some day be on mount rushmore. if i did it, joking, totally joking, having fun. the fake news media will say he believes he should be on mount rushmore. so i won't say it, okay? i won't. [crowd booing] they will say it anyway, you watch, tomorrow. trump thinks he shouldable on mount rushmore, isn't that terrible? what a group. what a dishonest group. steve: i will tell you what, it was a lot like the campaign a year ago. it was kind of a flashback to then. is he still working on a lot of the stuff that he was talking about then. he needs help. we will talk a little bit about the healthcare thing. there were some themes. a lot of people chanting lock her up.
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build the wall. drain the swamp. then there was a guy about one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> good morning again. quick headlines, brand-new video showing u.s. warship firing warning shots in for persian gulf. pentagon says the ship came 100 yards before finally standing down. north korea could launch a deadly attack next year that's according to rogue nation, north korea would be able to launch missiles in 2018. timeline is two years earlier than previously thought.
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steve: i don't like that, thank you. first of this kind ruling for massachusetts supreme court paving the way for it to become a sanctuary state some are wondering, the court saying they don't have to follow ice request. >> morning, steve, how are you? steve: when you were police when ice or ins were to call you and say, hey, there's somebody in the country illegally and we want you to hang onto them until day in court, what would you do? >> we would cooperate with them. the courts held people for up to 48 hours so that the federal officers can come down and take them into custody. steve: you always honored the detainers. the supreme court says that they
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don't have to, right? >> right, this ruling that came out in the last couple of days is very clear that police officers can no longer detain individuals for the feds. they've changed operation with this decision. steve: some have suggested that that could turn massachusetts in first sanctuary state and you say that's not the case but this ultimately does commissioner make the job of local police much harder, doesn't it? >> oh, there's no question this is going to adversely affect public safety. when we have a situation where federal authorities can't coordinate with local authorities, that's a problem. there's legislators working on a bill that would allow that to happen. steve: this started with a case of cambodia national and couldn't make 1500 bond and he sat in jail because ice
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requested that he be detained, right? what happened after that? >> that's correct. he appeared before the judge. the judge dismissed the case because the prosecution was not ready. once the dismissal happened, the judge also maintained custody of the individual for the federal authorities and he was -- he was picked up by the feds, by ice, but the case was appealed to a single justice and ultimately went to supreme court and the supreme court ruled in what is a well-thought out and balanced ruling. the problem is that they're saying legislation needs to occur if we are going to go back to the status quo and that's going to be a big push here in massachusetts. steve: you don't think the state legislature, common wealth up there is interested in that? >> probably not. the attorney general has come out in strong support of the ruling and so it's very clear.
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both sides of this argument in the last 24 hours. i have spoken with people in both sides to have argument, both say makes massachusetts a sanctuary state. steve: sir, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, sir. steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us, tweet us or facebook as well. coming up, a rocky road ahead for health care after senate republicans rejected a plan to repeal and replace obamacare, where do we go from here in we will talk to ohio congressman jim jordan as you isn't in billboard, he is coming up next. there's no crying in baseball except when your dad can't catch a foul ball. poor kid. but first happy birthday, the guy who is getting started today with 74 candles is mcjagger.
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replacing the orng disaster. we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. [cheers and applause] and delivering great healthcare for the american people. we're going to do that, too. >> there is a step forward in the senate yesterday for sure. yesterday yes on a motion to proceed. it's a long road to see whether or not they can get
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a substantive bill passed. now we turn this morning to congressman jim jordan a member of the house freedom caucus. they did their job a couple months back to get the ball rolling. what's your reaction in the senate. >> a good step forward as the president said, that much closer to getting rid of this law that has driven up pressroom radio yums and been so bad for american families. we will see what happens in the senate over the next few days. i think you have got to be optimistic. first of all, you are an american and second of all we are getting closer to getting rid of this law. steve: congressman, it seemed like a long shot that this would pass even last week. what happened? >> i think the senate is going through the same process. had pretty extensive freedom caucus perspective. the big four changes in the bill when it was passed made it much better and we ended up supporting it in the end. the senate has gone through the same process. if they can't get an agreement on a comprehensive bill, we are all in favor of going back to repeal it first, the time before that
3:34 am
is effective is a year and a half. we have time then to replace it. after all, that's what we told the voters we were going to do. we have started the process here in the house to make end run around our leadership and bring up a clean legislation as well. remember before the inauguration we talked about putting that on president trump's desk. clean repeal. the same thing we put on president obama's desk last congress we could put that on president trump's desk. we know president trump would sign it then we would have time to put in the replacement and maybe as john mccain has talked, about maybe after we have repealed it we could actually talk with democrats come up with a good replacement that helps families across the country. steve: one of the reasons you were interested in that bill because in the senate, i think all but one republican voted for it. what's interesting yesterday, congressman, is the fact that we knew susan collins of maine was not going to vote for it, because she never has. but lisa murkowski who has six years now because she just got reelected last november, she didn't even want the debate to start
3:35 am
yesterday. >> no. it's frustrating and frustrates the american people so much. okay to vote on and talk about when it's election time we won elections in 10, 14, and 16. where this is a central issue in the campaign. now when it comes time to actually do it, when it really counts, somehow they can't find the vote. that is so frustrating to the american people. ainsley: why wouldn't she even vote yes for that why wouldn't the two senators vote yes to talk about it to debate it. >> you would have to ask them. i think to steve's point, senator murkowski had voted for it before. senator collins to her credit had been consistent. he had he hacon sis. >> we had news breaking overnight. learning attorney general jeff sessions is edging closer to launching big investigations into leaks of sensitive information. some classified information. >> good. he had: the president hased: g
3:36 am
you and other senators on the hill parallel track pushing investigations of james comey, the previous attorney general as well. you can talk a little bit about what you hope plays out here? >> we're going to push for an amendment today in committee for a special counsel to look into what james comey did. never forget what he did. the attorney general of the united states told the fbi director of the united states to go out and mislead the american people, when he was instructed to call the clinton investigation a matter, not an investigation. this is unprecedented. the united states justice department misleading the american public about an investigation. he did so willingly, he did so intentionally, he did so at the direction of the united states attorney general. this is unprecedented. he testified to that under oath. even democrat senator feinstein says we should investigate this. we are calling for a special counsel to look into this issue. ainsley: democrats are -- they wanted the investigation into president trump for saying i hope you can let this go. they wanted to investigate this meeting with that
3:37 am
russian attorney with donald trump jr. meeting with the russian attorney to talk about the hillary clinton stuff which ended up leading to nothing burg and they ended up talking about adoption. so, do you feel like you have the right to do this, the democrats, what they have done is worse than what the republicans have done? >> the russians tried to influence the election. his attorney general told his fbi director go tell the american people in the midst of an election something that is false and why did they do it? what was their motive? because they wanted hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. that is not supposed to happen in a great country like ours. you want to talk about collusion? think about this. think about what james comey did after he was fired. he leaks a memo to a friend to the "new york times" and for a stated objective he stated this under oath for the stated objective of creating momentum for a special counsel not just any special counsel his good friend, his pred said sore bob mueller. if we are not going to look into that we are not doing our job. let's look into that call for the justice department
3:38 am
to call for a special counsel to look into that. when i talk to my constituents in the fourth district of ohio. they are saying why aren't you looking into this matter. we are tired of waiting. we are going to push it as hard as we can to make this happen. ainsley: looking at him leaking information to the columbia professor why he didn't indict hillary clinton. his knowledge of fusion g.p.s.? >> when have you ever seen -- i mean, this is what drives american people crazy, this double standard. there is one standard for us regular fellow and a different one if your name is clinton or comey or lynch or obama there is a different standard there when have you ever seen the subject of the investigation's husband get to meet with the attorney general three days before the subject of the investigation is interviewed by the fbi? have when have you ever seen that happen? steve: you wouldn't even believe that in a movie. >> of course not. this is crazy. the idea we are not going to get to the bottom of this and spend all this time on this russian issue that's fine, we can do that let's get to the truth of everything so the american people have the full story. they know what james comey
3:39 am
was involved in and how he did this ed: jim jordan everything from investigating leaks to the important issue of healthcare being tackled. good to see you this morning. steve: congressman, go help that guy in statuary hall who is setting up those tables and making all the react, would you? >> i will do that. steve: once again, and you touched on this, it sounds like jeff sessions is about to announce that there will be some investigation into the leaks of sensitive information to newspapers and whatnot. of course, we will be interesting to see what participated that was the president of the united states. why isn't my attorney general investigating? ed: now he is anthony scammer will be live here next hour. steve: mooch. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning. video have you so see. police officer foiled a potential terror attack, the suspect to the ground. the cop throwing giant plastic border on the man
3:40 am
near the border of spain and morocco. he pulled out a knife and shouted allah akbar with hundreds of people standing feet away. is he believed to be from morocco and is being questioned by police. the nsa and fbi may have violated civil liberty protections while surveying americans during the obama administration. according to the hill, both agencies improperly searched and disseminated raw intelligence on citizens and failed to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts. the nsa says the missteps only amount to less than 1% of those intercepted. critics say the memos undercut their claims that it protects americans' privacy. and a terrifying moment as a transit police sergeant in philadelphia is shoved to the ground. watch. >> stop. jillian: the officer's body cam capturing the entire thing as she responded to a trespasser call.
3:41 am
released these images of the suspect. the sergeant is recovering at home with head, neck and back injuries. there is no crying in baseball, right? unless your dad does this. >> there goes the drink. there you go. jillian: this little boy fighting back tears when the dad can't get a grip on the foul ball. dad using all his might. little texas ranger fan devastated with dad's unsuccessful attempt. oh my goodness. that is the worst night of his life. steve: dad did a great job. he is leaning up. back me up. you have written a baseball book. ed: yeah. steve: so hard a foot away. ed: one i was trying to catch. hit a grounder. it wasn't that hard. and it slammed my hand. it hurt for two or three days. you don't realize these are major leaguers. i missed that one but we got one right after that. we got another one.
3:42 am
jillian: you see it all. the guys trying to catch it actually in their beer cup. guys holding babies trying to catch the ball. ed: i'm going to be in the ball park tonight. hopefully i will catch a ball and bring it back for you. ahead, next guest met with donald trump paj back stage last night. jane timken is on next to explain why we need him out on the road more than ever. ainsley: you have seen this? a teacher panhandling to raise money for school supplies. we talked about it a little yesterday. do you want to know her story? she is going to be here to explain. ♪ teach your children well ♪ who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...?
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it's like shopping for hotels online, but our average customer can save twenty thousand dollars. at lendingtree, you know you're getting the best deal. so take the power back and come to, because at lendingtree when banks compete, you win. steve: all right. some quick headlines for this wednesday morning. chipotle is blaming one sick
3:46 am
employee for a 1 billion-dollar loss in stock value. the burrito chain saying the employee came to work and spread the norovirus around washington, d.c. that store causing more than 130 customers to get sick. the headlines about the outbreak sent chipotle shares on five day slide cutting more than a billion dollars off the denver company's valuations. wow. stay home if you are sick. that's the message. and ben and jerry's no gmo reputation is melting away. new study by the organic consumer association traces of herb side found in round up was detected in 99% of ice cream samples. ben and jerry's says they are investigating. >> i'm here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. your hopes are my hopes. your dreams are my dreams. [chanting]
3:47 am
your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day. ainsley: president trump taking his message back to the people. rallying thousands in ohio last night. ohio's g.o.p. chair woman is jane timpken. she welcomed the crowd last night and joins us now to tell us what it was like to be at the rally. thank you so much, jane. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. >> it was great. ainsley: we saw that picture of you with the president back stage. what did you talk to him about. >> we talked about how great things are going for him in ohio. he said i was doing a great job, which i appreciated. and was so great to have laura and eric trump there as well. and the first lady. ainsley: absolutely. what stood out to you the most about the rally last night? what did he say that really resonated with the folks
3:48 am
there in ohio? >> he talked about bringing jobs back to the mahoning valley. he talked about tax reform and trade issues. making sure that america was first. ainsley: and tell us about that area of ohio. because i understand that hillary clinton, she won in that area. he obviously took the state and i'm sure you had a big part of that. and he thanked you for that but tell us about that area and why you think he held the rally there. >> well, h his message resonates in mahoning valley. he came very close to winning. up north of him trumbull county flipped from obama to president trump by significant points. and same thing here in stark county where we are today. they went from obama to president trump. they believe in his message.
3:49 am
ainsley: jane. thank you so much for joining us. it was great to see him at the rally and hearing him last night. we appreciate you waking up early for us this morning. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you are welcome. should we expect more rallies like last night. anthony scammer is going to join us live in the next hour. how what do you think of this? a teacher has to panhandle to raise money to buy school supplies? what is the rest of her story? she is here live to explain next. ♪ give a little bit of my life for you ♪ give a little bit ♪ i give a little bit of your time to me ♪ and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. now i can start relaxing
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ainsley: elementary school teacher for 21 years, she has a master's degree and makes $35,000 a year. ed: but she was recently on the corner of a tulsa street panhandling. why was she doing that? she was actually raising cash for classroom supplies. her story capturing attention nationwide and that oklahoma teacher theresa dank is here live. you said you were frustrated with budget cuts in the state of oklahoma. >> absolutely. ed: tired of getting everyone we have got to get these school supplies. let's get out there and make a point. what was your point? >> my point first of all is that teachers across america spends lots of money every single year to get the supplies that they need to enrich their crumb lum curriculd create hands-on learning it costs a lot. time consuming. we spent our weekends garage selling. thrift store shopping. con standly thinking about the next week what do we have to find and have to purchase? our salaries are low
3:54 am
anyways. it's just time -- it's past time that our legislators in the state of oklahoma and across the nation start putting education first. ainsley: i'm with you. >> and thinking about the children. our children are our future. ainsley: my mother was a teacher 33 years and she retired and my sister is a teenager. steve: have they panhandled? ainsley: they panhandle in my bank account. they don't make enough money. it's sad. they are inner influencing the lives of some kids. the nannies for one child makes more than a school teacher who is teaching 20 children. >> discussing it with my husband and the frustrations that i hear from teachers in my state and other states as well. and we were just discussing it he said well, you know, kind of in joking he said i guess worst case scenario you can always get on the sign and get on the street like a panhandler. i said you know what? i'm going to do that so i did.
3:55 am
steve: as ed said, you make about $35,000 a year. you spend over $2,000 a year out of your own pocket. >> absolutely. steve: for your 3rd grade class. it's another example of what some teachers will do for their kids. ainsley: i know. >> well, it's important to me that they have everything that they need. a lot of these children, whether it be a rural community or they are in the city of tulsa, they may never leave that area growing up. so we try so hard to bring the world to them. and enriching that curriculum just makes them a better learner and more excited about learning and when you can instill the love of learning, then you have a better, you know, children are going to go to college. ed: sounds like you broke through as well there is a local business that heard about this story, heard about the panhandling and decided to say, you know what? we are going to adopt this class. >> yes. that was exciting. ed: you see the letter there wield like to adopt the class for the year if you will have us and let us do what we can to help. i hope this small gesture
3:56 am
will be example to other companies like ours stepping up to make sure our most valuable asset teachers and students get the resources and respect they deserve. what kind of local business was this and what does it mean for you? >> he, like many other businesses, have started stepping up and i have got a couple different financial companies and doctors in the area. ed: that's great. >> just the community as a whole when i was out on that corner, even greater than just the little cash funds that were coming out, just the support from people like thank you for being a teacher. thank you for what you do. there was one lady that she was in her 20's. she said teachers like you is why i'm alive today. it just empowered me to do something good. ainsley: what's cool about this story is you are teaching kids, because of something that you felt was negative for teachers, have you turned it into a positive. you have hit the streets. you raised money. now businesses are coming
3:57 am
forward. other teachers are thanking you. you might have another career. maybe you are going to start an organization. >> that was my goal. god bless you, thank you so much. steve: a lot of teachers need more money. ainsley: how much money did you get? >> on the street 126.
3:58 am
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there are many fire fighters that have experienced hearing loss. and i'm one of them.
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right now, beltone is conducting a new risk-free trial of the most innovative technology in hearing you put them in and suddenly go, oh man, what have i been missing out on? call beltone today. >> the senate approved a vote to begin the debating of repealing and replacing the obamacare disaster. >> that's the donald trump that can get things done. >> he is reasserting results, results, results. >> you have got to be optimistic here. first of all, you are an american and second of all getting ready to get rid of this law. >> staff for debbie wasserman schultz is under arrest for bank fraud while trying to fly to pakistan. >> fbi and cia may have violated civil liberty protections while investigating. >> every one of these people love you, sir. when i go back to washington, i would tell the
4:01 am
republicans and the democrats, pass my agenda or we are going on the road. thank you, sir. i can't tell you -- [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: i'm from a fly over state smack dab in the middle of kansas. welcome, everybody, to hour two of "fox & friends" live from studio f. ainsley: come on in. good morning. ed: good morning. i appreciate it what a message. steve: the guy in the shirt we had him on. ed: he talked to the president last night. basically saying, look, this is a message to republicans on the hill. pass our agenda or we're
4:02 am
going on the road. that's what the president started doing last night. if he can break this logjam on healthcare. you can see the energy there last night. apes ains president also had a message to lawmakers when it comes to healthcare. he had message to criminal illegal immigrants is he going to get them out of the country. he had a message for jeff sessions that we have seen play out in the media the last few days. steve: i don't know that he mentioned jeff sessions last night in ohio but it was very clear yesterday during that joint availability with the prime minister said he was very disappointed in jeff sessions that he had not recused himself regarding the russia thing and very disappointed that he was not been looking into these intel leaks to news sources. well, now, fox news has just learned that apparently in the next week or so, jeff sessions will announce several leak investigations because, you know, when you pick up one of the big newspapers and you see all
4:03 am
of this critical information, sensitive information. ed: sensitive, sometimes classified. steve: sometimes in the paper where it's not to be all in an effort to discredit this president. that is bad for our national security. ainsley: some of those leaks that have been in the newspaper have come from that columbia professor. i'm talking about james comey who leaked information about his conversations with president trump. those memos to that columbia professor. well, there are some congressman, there are four in particular, jim jordan someone of them. we interviewed him earlier. they are concerned about those types of leaks. they want to investigate james comey and loretta lynch. it's not just what he released comey to the columbia professor but also loretta lynch asking for the hillary clinton emails to be a matter instead of a criminal investigation. they want to get to the bottom of that why comey did not indict hillary clinton. also the conversation between bill clinton and loretta lynch on the tarmac, absolutely. and the connection that hillary clinton has with the uranium one deal and the clinton foundation.
4:04 am
ed: want to raise the stakes. they also don't want to just talk about it they want a special counsel. robert mueller can be investigating a president. another special counsel taking a look at all these leaks what did james comey do, what did loretta lynch do. steve: you have got to figure had hillary clinton won, the republicans would have launched an investigation into all of these things. >> ed ed no doubwhy haven't the attention of the news media and others been on those problems, maybe just has to do with the fact that they have a d after their names. watch this. >> think about what james comey did after he was fired. he leaks a memo through a friend to the "new york times" and for the stated objective, he said this under oath, for the stated objective of creating momentum for a special counsel and not just any special counsel, his good friend, his predecessor, his mentor bob mueller. holy cow, if we are not going to look into that, we
4:05 am
are not doing our jobs. let's call for the justice department to call for special counsel to look into that. steve: you have got to figure that the president of the united states is going to be happy to hear there is going to be an investigation into those things, the myriad of problems that he faced in the campaign that has had a little hangover. but he has also got to be happy that after bad mouthing jeff sessions for a couple of days and talking about how he is disappointed. now know that the attorney general is launching leak investigations. ed: remember the other tweet that he had in the mix of all of those where he was angry at the president that republicans were not defending him on the mueller situation. were not rallying around him. now you see jim jordan and other conservatives on the hill saying wait a second there, should be a broader investigation here. and the president just tweeting a few moments ago about last night. not about the leaks. but saying the crowd in ohio was amazing last night. broke all records. we all had a great time in a great state. we will be back soon. this is a key battleground. a state that barack obama had carried twice.
4:06 am
donald trump didn't just beat hillary clinton by a couple of points. he won by, i believe, 8 points. a state is he going to need in 2020 if he runs for re-election. it's very clear when you look at the "new york post" today. celina who was really ahead of the curve other journalists in spotting the trump rise. she was there on the ground in youngstown and says at 1:00 p.m., six hours before the rally, every road going into that arena was just completely full. ainsley: the same as on the campaign trail. people would line up hours in advance and fill those seats and sit there forever. one lady had traveled the entire country with him and continue to go to all of his rallies. he is in his element here. he is nature to do this especially looking ahead to 2020. if he wants to get reelected he is smart to go into these areas that hillary clinton won. is he good at this. steve: last night he appeared at the converted hockey arena. i think it only holds under 6,000 people. they were able to cram 8,000
4:07 am
people in it. they put 2,000 chairs. ed: don't tell the fire department. steve: it was his sixth rally as president of the united states. it was a mash up of a lot of the things we have heard him say over the last year or so which just reminds all of us and him that there is still a lot of work to be done in washington. ainsley: a mash up, i like that. steve: montage mash up. listen to this. ed: greatest hits. >> we will no longer be the foolish people. we will no longer be the stupid people that get taken care of so badly by our politicians. i think that with few exceptions no president has done anywhere near what we have done in his first six months. not even close. we are now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare
4:08 am
nightmare and delivering great healthcare on the american people. one by one we are finding the illegal gang members. drug dealers, thieves, robber, criminals and killers and we are sending them the hell back home where they came from. these are the animals that we have been protecting for so long. well, they are not being protected any longer. >> we are building that wall and walls do work. we have the highest taxes anywhere in the world. and this will really wring them down to one of the lowest. and we really have no choice. we will have growth. we will have everything that we dreamed of having. it's time to let americans keep more of their own money. ed: on that point, the president did an interview with the "wall street journal" yesterday. a lot of news in there. pressing forward on -- he wants to cut the corporate taxes down to 15% in this country. a major boone to the economy
4:09 am
number one. number two, we also said that he wants to focus the tax cuts on the middle class in this country. folks like you saw last night in youngstown, ohio. and said i don't care if that means rich people paying more money. that's counter to what his critics keep saying on the hill he is all about the rich. just wants tax cuts for the rich. instead he said it point blank on the record these are middle class tax breaks. ainsley: take that, bernie sanders. steve: anthony scammer, the new communications director is going to be joining us. eric trump. a guy hot president of the united states actually called out last night that came up on stage after the president saw this guy, geno on "fox & friends" yesterday morning. ed: hear what the president said to him. ainsley: he drives a forklift. grew up as a lifelong democrat. never voted for a republican. and this is his first. the president pulls him up on stage last night. steve: just like that. ed: busy week so far. jillian has been all over the headlines. she is back this morning.
4:10 am
jillian: good morning to you guys. and good morning to you as well. breaking news overnight. questions turn to chaos at city council hearing after protesters demand to speak about controversial gun bill. >> get your hands off me. get your hands off me. get your hands off me. [shouting] jillian: protesters pushed to the floor and into the walls when police tried to close the doors at city hall. clashing with council members over a measure that would add a minimum mandatory one year jail sentence for anyone convicted of carrying illegal gun. aimed at curbing gun violence in the city. two people under arrest. staff who worked for debbie wasserman schultz is under arrest and charged with bank fraud. he was taken into federal custody in d.c. while trying to fly to pakistan. he and at least four relatives who used to work as congressional aids are being investigated for
4:11 am
possibly double billing congress for computer equipment and potentially hacking into servers and leaking information online. he has been fired but now we're learning former dnc chairmachair woman debbie was sermon schultz is allowing the feds to search her computer after months of stonewalling. the bipartisan legislation specifically aims to punish moscow for allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election. it will prevent the president from easing the penalties without congressional approval. the bill now moves to the senate before it can head to the president's desk. how about this? country singer luke bryan breaks his no rear end touching rule. yes, that's a thing for 88-year-old terminally ill super fan. she got to flirt with the star during a meet and greet before his show in kansas city. when asked if she thought he was attractive she said oh,
4:12 am
heavens yes. that's a quote. i don't know if that's exactly how she said it his rear end has become so popular with fans he has actually had to start a no touching policy. ed: had to put that in the prompter. ainsley: he sings that song shake it for me. she showed up with a t-shirt that said shake it for me. she is 80. she has a terminal illness. great attitude. steve: looks like a great show. ainsley: he is a good sport. steve: he is a very good sport. up ahead on this wednesday telecast. kill a cop, save a life. disgusting gravity like that popping up in one city and that's not the only hateful message on the wall. ainsley: we told you about this earlier. president trump invited next guest on stage in ohio after appearance on "fox & friends." there he is. what was it like for geno? we'll ask him next. ♪ one big country nation. that's right. i no longer live with
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♪ ♪ >> so this morning, i'm watching fox news. [cheers and applause]
4:17 am
and they had some people on. and these were democrats that voted for trump. and they said to him so, if the election were held now, again, what would you do? and he effectively said, man, would i vote for trump again even faster. [cheers and applause] so his name is geno defabio and where is geno. geno get over here geno? everybody else came and they said oh, we're going to fight for you. we're fighting for you. this is young youngstown, mr. president, but this is also the steel valley. every one of these people love you, sir. i go back to washington, i would tell the republicans and the democrats, sir, look, i'm going to go do my
4:18 am
rallies. you got the agenda. those people are voting for me and mine. do what you want. pass my agenda or we're going on the road. steve: well, he is on the road right now. the man that the president just pulled up is between know defabio from youngstown an ohio forklift driver who had never voted republican in his life is out at the diner with todd today. so, geno, when you went to the arena last night you had no idea the president of the united states was going to pull you out of the crowd. yet, you were so eloquent about what donald trump meant to you and people like you. >> you know i was eloquent because i have been saying it since the election started. it's the same thing. i have told, like i said last night, my friends and especially people who love me probably got sick of hearing me say it i said it since he started running. the guy is actually making a difference in six months he has made a difference in our lives already. that's awesome. ainsley: how did you go from
4:19 am
driving a forklift to getting on "fox & friends" to getting on the stage with the president of the united states? >> it started on actually greta's program last year and i was with a reporter griff jenkins. he is a great guy. great guy. he got in touch with me after the president announced his -- he was coming to youngstown and said hey i'm going to talk to "fox & friends." i didn't think anything would come out of it i was with you guys yesterday. i went to the caville center and got a call from the white house saying the president wants to meet you. nobody believes that call the president wants to meet me, of course. steve: he pulled you up onto the stage. >> that was awesome. steve: the rest is history. ed: sarah huckabee sanders had something to reveal to you behind the scenes. >> i thought it was going to be for two shots. the white house says two quick pictures and then you are going to move out. the president gets out of the limo with melania come walking over.
4:20 am
oh, there's my guy, there's my guy geno. i'm like oh my god. who wouldn't, right? he comes over. we are talking for a few minutes. he says what do you want to tell me? do you want to tell me anything? mr. president, we love you. these people are here for you because they love you. they will support your agenda. he goes do you want to tell me anything? i says i want to thank you for great things, mr. president. i said thank you for the supreme court justice gorsuch that was awesome pick. thank you for giving us a beautiful first lady. she is gorgeous. melania, come on over here melania, he thinks you are gorgeous. oh my god now melania is coming. she come over and i have to tell you i don't know what she said. she is a beautiful, wonderful woman. and then he says thank you for not disappointing these people, you know. ed: sarah huckabee sanders says you can't say no to him. >> the president walked away and sarah came over and said i have to tell you, nobody says no to the president, she said. if you want to say. no you don't want to go out
4:21 am
there if you would be nervous. i said i think i will be good. i think i got. this i can tell him no but nobody else does. steve: glad you said yes to be with us. >> thank you. thank you so much, fox. you do a great job. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. the toothpaste that helps new parodontax. prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey
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ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. all eyes were on jared kushner's testimony about russia, a former top obama aid was reportedly in the capitol hill hot seat. ben rhodes allegedly grilled by the same house intelligence panel about leaks. rhodes has been accused by lawmakers of coordinating the leaks to damage the trump administration. and sick and police gravity. one message calling for the murders of police officers.
4:25 am
another reading kill a cop, save a life. so far no arrests have been made. ed? ed: thanks, ainsley. a teacher's union leader under fire this morning for comparing school choice, yes, to segregation. randy winegarr ten saying make no mistake this use of privatization coupled with disinvestment are slightly only polite cousins of segregation. here to discuss is blaze host lawrence jones. what's your response? >> well, it's false, first of all, we know the only mission of this teacher's union and this president is to serve teachers. it's to serve students. when you hear these talking heads or these union reps talking about an issue from a race standpoint, it's only to insight people and to get them worked out. her real interest is the teacher, not the students. ed: in fact, there are a lot of african-american
4:26 am
students, young students who benefit from school choice. >> right. the party of the left, of the democratic party is supposed to advocate for equality amongst students. and it's clear, based on the data that people that live in urban zip codes have a poorer quality of education. i experienced that myself. grew up in dallas and then my parents moved to a suburb in garland where there was school choice where we could go to any school within the district instead of the school that was in our zip code. so we had a pool of schools for my parents to decide okay, this school is working for my child. what happens is and this is why she is upset is that when you see students starting to migrate to a certain pool of schools and the population where some of the schools drop, then they eventually lose funding and have to shut the school down. so the teachers lose their jobs. but if the school isn't performing, then the school needs to be shut down. ed: what is randy really doing here? is the union chief really thinking about protecting
4:27 am
these public schools, the union jobs? is it more about that and less about the students? >> it is definitely about protecting the jobs of the teacher. but they use interesting strategy in my community that's worked in the past but i'm here to dispel the myth. they tell black communities that they are just trying to bust you out of your community. this is just segregation. and my response is very simple. if the school is failing, why the hell would you want to stay at the school? why? do you want a quality education for your child? and i think most parents can agree with that message. i think it's time to start putting the interest of the students first and not the teachers. ed: how about when union chiefs talk about social justice and not equality and opening up to school choice? >> exactly. we have seen schools that benefit from the school choice. you see doctor perry who had the charter school. not only did he get 100% of
4:28 am
the black kids that went to the school to graduate but all of them got full ride scholarships to college. we know school choice works because it's competition. it's the free market. i think conservatives and libertarians should get to the front of this fight to show the liberals how this is done. i think it's an opportunity to get people that typically wouldn't vote for our side to vote for us. we are advocating for kids. ed: you can hear it he is fired up this morning. lawrence jones at the blaze. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, ed. ed: a fox news alert meanwhile. attorney general jeff sessions could announce new criminal investigations into leaks as soon as today. anthony scammer is already plugging some of those leaks, the incoming white house communications director joins us live next. and what do the voters think about the president's rally last night in ohio? todd prior row is having breakfast with friends in the buckeye state. ♪ said hey, you
4:29 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. right now we are privileged to have the incoming white house communications director. we've have him on the program before but never with the new job. anthony scammer from the north lawn. mooch, good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: gone graduate legs. >> thank you. great to be here. it's a beautiful day here. steve: absolutely. we are going to talk about while you are smiling and the big win in the senate yesterday although you got plenty of tough sledding. it sounds like jeff sessions has been in the news a lot. we know that yesterday the president of the united states said he was very disappointed in sessions
4:33 am
recusing himself regarding the russia thing and the president said mr. scammer also that he was very disappointed because he wasn't cracking down on leaks to pretty outlets regarding sensitive information. now fox news has learned that apparently the attorney general is really close to announcing investigations into these intel leaks. right? >> yeah. i think he has got a plan that he has put together and at some point, i don't know if it will be today, tomorrow or next week he will announce that plan. listen, we have to crack down on leaks on a number of different fronts. there seems to be some holdovers, political holdovers from the obama administration that are not helping. i'm certainly have the full responsibility here in the comm shop which i do believe will get corrected shortly. yes, i do think the leaks are a problem. people are suggesting i'm going to try to keep the leaks down to zero. that's absolutely impossible in washington. i'm learning about this now. what i do want to happen is that people that report to
4:34 am
me, if there are senior people inside the administration trying to get them to leak information on each other, we are getting that to stop right now. that does not serve the president. it doesn't serve his agenda. it's an indictment on the institution of the presidency. it makes all of us look bad. and i think the president himself deserves better than that and so we're going to try to hit a cultural reset on these leaks, not only here in the white house but i'm going to be working with the agencies as well. and the departments to do that. ainsley: anthony, what makes you think you can crack down on these leaks. what's your message to the democrats? they have everything that this president has done they have tried to stop it. mainstream media, too. many republicans out there are saying by hearing you say you are going to crack down on the leaks, many republicans are saying finally, get this to stop. >> well, listen, ainsley, again, i know it's a daunting task in some ways. but in a lot of other ways it isn't. because i have run two reasonably successful businesses. you are either going to work
4:35 am
inside the culture the way the president wants it or you are going to be on pennsylvania avenue out here selling postcards to the tourists. it's one or the other. i want to put it con n. context for the american people. there are 330 million people in our country. there are 300 people in the west wing. you are one in a million. you have a one in a million, once in a lifetime opportunity to serve the country and your president. and you need to serve him honorably and do the right thing for him. if you can't do that i have the stomach and the backbone to fire you. no problem. ed: a moment ago -- steve: you fired somebody yesterday, right? >> now, listen, we're humane people here. so that person was given the opportunity to resign. and i talked to him last night. i don't know him personally. and what i said to him last night -- steve: was he a leaker? >> you know, i honestly don't know him personally so i don't want to comment on that specifically. i certainly don't want to hurt his reputation. what i'm going to do for him is what i have done for everybody at sky bridge, my old company, going to help him try to find a job.
4:36 am
he is a young guy. people make mistakes in life. you guys know that so i'm a big believer in redemption and giving people second chances but not here at the white house. we have to fix this. we have to fix it immediately because it's for our country and our president. ed: anthony, you said a moment ago the president deserves better than. this fair enough. there should not be criminal leaks that are aimed largely at damaging him, damaging his administration. but as you know, there are a growing number of conservatives saying wait a second, jeff sessions deserves better than this as weld. how can you explain? his action he may take in terms of these investigations are coming after the president has been beating him up on twitter, has done these interviews, has called him beleaguered folks saying why is this happening? please respond. >> message to fellow republicans and people that work with the president and my own personal experience with the president. the good news about the
4:37 am
president, he wears everything on his sleeve. the good news about his president he is an open communicator. we were talking about ed koch the other day legendary mayor of new york. ed once said i'm not getting the cancer, i'm giving you the cancer. the point he med meant by that he is going to fully express everything that's on his mind. the people that work for the president have to have a tough exso he skeleton to be able to handle that and for me and for the president and for jeff sessions i sort of got to let jeff sessions and the president or attorney general sessions handle that themselves. i would tell people to stay tough. the president likes tough people. the president likes fighters or well intentions. we don't want to fight like an italian family for no reason. we want to fight for the right reasons. right? ed: welcome to the nfl, i get it. fair enough. so why is he undermining his own attorney general? that's the question to answer. >> you can view it that way. i actually don't view it
4:38 am
that way. what the president is trying to do is signal to people i need your loyalty, i need your ad advocacy. if you are doing things i don't like i'm going to express that is he not a washingtonian. we are both new yorkers. steve: does he want a new attorney general, anthony? >> i don't know the answer to that i think we have got to let the -- steve: it kind of looks like it to a lot of people. >> you know what? mr. trump looks not like -- the president doesn't look like the typical president. he is handling himself in a typical way for the presidency. you could see that last night in ohio. you could see it the night before in west virginia. the reason why the american people love this man so much is that he is direct. direct to the messenger. direct to the citizen. and he is also expressing his displeasure. i would say to people in this town that are working with the president, stay tough, express your opinion. be loyal, and have confidence in yourself that you can get the job done. if you do that, i've seen that happen from my friends that have worked for him
4:39 am
inside the trump organization. i see that in here that he respects the people that can talk to him in a deferentially honest way but tell him the truth about how they feel because he is going to tell you exactly how he feels. ainsley: anthony, he has told all of us -- >> that's very refreshing to me. ainsley: he has told us about draining the swamp in washington that washington is stalling his agenda. he is going on the road and doing these rallies. even this morning latest tweet going after a republican senator, lisa murkowski because she was one of the two republican holdouts. the one who voted no yesterday just to debate repeal and replace. here is his latest tweet senator lisa murkowski of the great state of alaska really let the republicans and our country down yesterday. too bad. can we expect more tweets like this holding republicans accountable if they are not -- if they don't agree with him? >> let me draw a met for for you. head coach of a football team and in this case you have 50 or 52 people on the
4:40 am
team and you are trying to get everybody together but it's like corralling cats. and you know if you subordinate your own ego and subordinate your own ego for the country, the people of the united states and the republican party, the right thing to do is to stand side by side with the president. when you're not doing that, and imagine him as a football coach in the locker room, do you think that you're going to get chewed a little bit if you are not on side running the offensive coordination in the right way? steve: right. >> to me, that's a classic new yorker, letting you know exactly how you feel. what i don't like about washington is people do not let you know how they feel. they're very nice to your face and then they take a schiff or a my sety and stab it in your back. i don't like it. i'm a wall street guy and more of a front stabbing person and i would rather people tell directly how i feel about them than this sort of nonsense. let me finish. now that senator knows how the president feels about her. why don't you fix it?
4:41 am
he is the president of the united states. he is the leader of the free world. come here, and let's fix it and let's work together for the agenda and for the goals we have that are going to better the american people. that's what we have to do. stop the nonsense. steve: she personally voted to repeal and replace many, many times until now and, of course, she was reelected last november. so she has six years on the clock in the senate. but, before, anthony, before you go, we want to ask you about another story that washington is talking about. that is the secretary of state. rex tillerson. he has been very busy and now he is taking time off going fishing or something like that. hey, there are tensions between the white house and rex tillerson and he is not having a good time. maybe he is going to be the next to go. what can you tell us about that? >> so one of the things -- you have known me a long time because we have worked together. i don't know what's going on there. one of of my big regrets is i have yet to meet secretary tillerson. even though i was an executive committee member on the transition because i
4:42 am
was more focused on the financial space and financial regulatory space. i never had the opportunity to meet secretary tillerson. it would be unfair for me to comment on that. so what i have also said to members of the press. i just saw blake burman from fox business, if i don't know the answer i would rather tell you guys i don't know the answer than rather sound self-important and make up an answer. i will get back to you on it but here is what i would say, rex had a phenomenal career. we were at the boy scout event two days ago in west virginia. he was an eagle scout. they always try to do the right thing. my guess is we'll get this in harmony and get the communications going in a direction that the president will like. ed: all right. we appreciate it anthony scammer joining us live from the white house. >> great to be with you guys. steve: thanks, mooch. ainsley: eric trump helped warm up the crowd in ohio. the president's son is going to join us live at the top of the hour. steve: meanwhile todd prior row is having breakfast with
4:43 am
friends in the buckeye state. what did they think of the president's rally last night? he has coffee, pancakes and opinions coming up next. ♪ standing a brand new day ♪ as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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4:46 am
ainsley: president trump taking the stage rallying thousands of midwest supporters who helped put him in the white house. so what did those voters think of his message? steve: let's talk to "fox & friends" correspondent todd pirro who is talking to them live in frank's family restaurant from alliance, ohio. good morning to you, todd? todd: good morning steve, ainsley and fre ed: in stark county president trump won by about 17 points. in mahoning county hillary clinton won by three. so we are out here talking to voters to find out what they think and we start off
4:47 am
with ruth. ruth describes herself as a happily retired trump voter. ruth, you tell me you are very much into veterans affairs issues. why is that? >> well, my husband was in the navy. career man. i want to make sure that he gets taken care of and all the other vets get taken care of, as well. todd: what do you think of the job that president trump is doing with regard to veterans issues. >> he is doing a wonderful job. i'm very proud of him. todd: is there something specific that you would like to see? >> not right now, no. i think he is moving forward. he listens to his advisors and that's very important. todd: you said your husband. talk to your husband. that's gary. gary, first of all, thank you for your service. gary was two tours in vietnam. he was on a sub for 30 years with the great u.s. navy. and gary says security is a major issue. major reason he voted for president trump. talk to me about that. >> well, i voted for him for one reason. he didn't go around apologizing to the world and make us weaker. >> talk to us more about
4:48 am
that. >> stand there and look at us, degraded, gutted the military. and you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. today we can. todd: the audience here really liked that comment. they are laughing at you. what do you want to seat president do in the remainder of his term? >> i want to see him build up the military, especially ships. todd: understood. >> the other thing i would like to see is a little more taken care of is the v.a. get the dead weight out of the v.a. todd: i think we are well on our way there. gary, thank you very much. ruth and gary thank you very much. i want to go over now to ray. ray, you have a very interesting story. describe your job to the viewers of "fox & friends." >> we work with men. addiction issues. chronically unemployed. provide for themselves and their families. todd: you voted for president trump because you viewed him as the candidate who could do the most to create those jobs for those
4:49 am
young men? >> yes. todd: talk to me more about that. >> i just feel like he was -- he wants to eliminate the barriers to companies that have so many restrictions and barriers to them being successful and be being profitable. todd: when we were talking earlier you mentioned something very interesting. you have to help these individuals. that's your job. you really focus on a hand up not a hand out. talk to me how that jives with the president, the president's agenda if you will. >> i feel like he is -- president trump exhibits a strong work ethic and you see that in his family. and we feel there is a certain dignity to working, providing for yourself, making a living. and even though we need to help certain people that have had problems, we can enable people by giving them too much and want to give them an opportunity to work for themselves. todd: thank you very much. thanks to all the folks here at the frank's family restaurant in alliance,
4:50 am
ohio. ed: good luck on the gut buster. eric joins us live at the top of the hour. ainsley: pint sized police officer patrolling pennsylvania neighborhood out of love for law enforcement. but, first, he is patrolling our studio. come on in. ♪ born to be aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
4:51 am
4:52 am
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4:54 am
>> what is the processing disorder. >> a disorder where he processes literally things differently. noises could hurt his ears or smells could effect him. you know. i doesn't transition well. you know, there is certain aspects where he doesn't handle new people. new environments. so it takes a little bit. and a couple things to help him like blankets and head phones. ainsley: police officers and firemen he loves them? >> yes. loves them.
4:55 am
absolutely. ains january january when did you find out he had a love of servicemen? >> he was a baby. we went to the store and he bypassed all of the trains and everything and went beeline straight for the police cars and fire trucks. january january how long has he been driving. >> he has been driving since he has been one and a half. january january that's incredible. >> yeah. he is a pro. ainsley: does he talk about wanting to be a police officer when he gets older? >> he does. he wants to be a police officer. he absolutely adores them. january january i hears he brings doughnuts to the local police departments. >> he brought cookies. a box of his favorite cookies. january january you are a family of service. tell us about that. >> my husband is a marine. is he medically retired marine. january january two other big brothers? >> he does. he has two 17-year-old brothers. january januarjanice: are you o keep driving for us? all right. good job, buddy. ainsley: how did you get in
4:56 am
the news? how did you get the national attention? >> we brought cookies to the township police and they posted it on their website. and a reporter reached out to us and came and did a little story on ryder. ainsley: what's your message to the police officers? they have gotten so much heat. we support our men and women in blue. what is your message to them. >> thank you for keeping us safe. you definitely have an adorable biggest, littlest supporter you can ever ask for. janice: we love you ryder. ainsley: we do. and thank you for your family of service. >> thank you so much. apes ains you are welcome. coming up in the next hour, yesterday he gave his own advice about how to fight back if you are attacked by alligator or we all actually did weigh in on that. a lot of you were telling us we were wrong. we are bringings in the dean of alligator wrestling with the real story. mr. eric trump warmed up the crowd with his beautiful wife laura last night in
4:57 am
ohio. the president's son is going to join us live next. come on, in eric. ♪ ♪ ♪ are you all ready for this ♪ ♪ definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here. is everything ok?adt, even way out here? i could hear crackling in the walls, and my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. when a fire is going on,
4:58 am
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5:00 am
trump: we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> the guy's actually making a difference. in six months, he's made a difference in our lives already, and it's awesome. >> you have to be optimistic. first of all, you're an american, and second of all, we're close to getting rid of this law. steve: fox news has learned in the next week or so, jeff sessions will reveal several leak investigations. >> beating him up on twitter. >> i have to let jeff sessions and the president handle that themselves. the people who work for the president have to have a tough exon skeleton to be able to handle that.
5:01 am
>> working for debbie wasserman schultz are being arrested. for possibly hacking into servers and leaking information online. trump: they're pointing to a protester. he's a young one. he's going back home to mommy. he's in trouble. and i'll bet his mommy voted for us; right? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i don't know about the drinks last night but this guy on the curvy couch definitely stayed up hall awl night long. he's here. he joins us. son of the president of the united states, eric trump president of the trump
5:02 am
organization here in new york. >> whoever does your music is awesome. i notice it every single morning. steve: our producers. ainsley: you're on the couch with us this morning. is it great to be on the road again? >> it's great. you walk into that stadium, and you see 20,000 people, the amount of people on the roads, they're all shouting and waving american flags. i went up on stage with my wife to announce him, and the place went crazy, and you feel that love and that passion. i've been away with that for six months. i'm here in new york running the business and everything else, and it's so great to be there. so uplifting. especially when you watch the news every day, and you just see the nonsense that's continuously spewed. steve: well, you can tell your dad was excited, and he had a good day because he was taking a victory lap because the senate yesterday voted let's go ahead and start the debate. let's figure out how we can fix this thing. obamacare. >> and he did such a great job last night. i mean, just his energy and his delivery, and he was having fun. he had the greatest smile on his face.
5:03 am
i rode back to the airport with him. he went to get on air force one, and he was just so happy. it's really great. it's great for him to actually be out there in real america with real peek, you know, who are dealing with real issues as opposed to washington politicians. ed: you're a businessman, your father talked about being a great negotiator in the campaign. mentioned moving forward on health care, but as you know, it's still a heavy lift. a lot of people in washington don't know what they're going to do. how do you put the pieces back together to make sure that you repeal and replace obamacare? >> i think he can get there, and then we go on to tax. which i think is important for the economy. but once again yesterday, i was on with you a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about how we just achieved many records for the s&p and the nasdaq and the russell 2,000 and everything else. once again yesterday, the dow broke another all-time record. i mean, the records were up 17% in his first six months. 17%. i mean, that's an amazing thing. it's great for 401(k)s, great
5:04 am
for retirement savings. great for jobs. it's great for everything. i mean, look at the energy industry where for the first time we're if you'll exporting coal and natural gas to other countries who need it. that is so great. look at the keystone pipeline that is finally being built and underway, and it's going to happen and everything else. i mean, look at all the great things that he's doing. the economy's strong. look at the great aircraft carrier the other day. how impressive that sight was. we're going to have the greatest aircraft carrier anywhere in the world. a rebuilding of the military and everything else. it's awesome. the amount he has accomplished is simply fantastic. ainsley: yesterday we interviewed a guy, gino defabio, he drives a forklift, lifelong democrat but he decided to vote for your dad, first time voting for a republican ever. and he said your dad got out
5:05 am
of the limo last night, and he was greeted by your dad. listen, and we'll talk about it. >> it's the same thing. i felt like i said last night. my friends and especially people who love me probably got sick of me say it. but i said it since he started running. the guy's actually making a difference. in six months, he made a difference in our lives already. i was with you guys yesterday. i went to the center, i got a call from the white house saying the president wants to meet you. and of course that call, nobody believes that call. ainsley: and you got to meet him yesterday too. >> he was such a great guy. got out of the car, literally, gino was the first guy i saw. he came up and gave me a big hug. and i saw the shirt trump won. and when he got up in front of that crowd, he was so articulate and amazing and passionate. what an incredible guy. steve: apparently the shirt says trump won. deal with it. a friend of his made up a
5:06 am
bunch of them. the president, your dad has made it very clear in the last 36 hours, he's very disappointed with jeff sessions that he recused himself. if he would have known he was going to recuse himself, he would found somebody else for the job. also very disappointed he is not going after the leakers. people taking sensitive information and leaking it to papers and news outlets and stuff like that. but now the fox news alert this morning, the attorney general, maybe he was listening to your dad, but going to announce promptly several leak investigations. that may be music to the ears of those who want to stop the leaks. >> i stay out of the marshal halls for a purpose because quite frankly i don't like a lot of the people there. but it's disheartening for me to watch the pile on with him anonymous russia investigations. there's nothing there. it is the greatest witch hunt of all time.
5:07 am
but then you see the crimes that other people get away with. you look at loretta lynch, she hasn't even subpoenaed. how has loretta lynch not been subpoenaed? where are all of these enraged senators and people calling for her? steve: comey leaking to the new york times. >> you have that, and what about the uranium one. why hasn't anyone investigated the yo uranium one, and the crimes being committed by the clinton foundation and the millions given from saudi arabia. besides from the leakers and everybody else, it seems like this is a one-way pylon, and i think that's my father's frustration. where is it on the other side when there are legitimate crimes over there and everybody has proof about it. you don't have any proof on russia. there is nothing there. but you do have proof that loretta lynch was on a airplane bill clinton while they were investigating his wife. you know, what would actually take there? it can be a one-way street. steve: well, there are four republican congressman and one of them jim jordan joins us earlier, ainsley, to talk about how they want a special counsel to look at no, i do
5:08 am
not all of that stuff. >> and i commend jim for doing that, and i commend them for doing that. we need to do that. ed: not follow up, though, pardon me, on actually following through on what you believe were crimes and doesn't go after loretta lynch and others. do you think the president needs a new attorney general? >> that's up to the president to decide. i mean, that's really up to the president to decide. i am here in new york, they're in dc. i just notice the hypocrisy from the situation, that's what really boars me watching from the outside in. ainsley: he said the liberals all got it together, they stick together. republicans are all wrong. so if he's going to name names tonight on the show, one of the names is lisa murkowski, because he didn't even open this up. he said senator lisa murkowski of the great state of alaska let our country down yesterday. too bad. what's your reaction?
5:09 am
>> it's not just this few republicans who aren't in line. look at the democrats. i mean, obamacare's failing. everybody knows that. premiums have doubled, the system for all intents and purposes, bankrupt. all insurance carriers want nothing to do with obamacare. the doctors signing into obamacare in most cases aren't the best doctors. not getting the cream of the crop. there's so many problems here. you don't mean to tell me that there's not a single democrat on the other side of the aisle that doesn't see a single problem with obamacare that they would like fixed and can't say you know what? i might not agree with you, republicans with everything you want done. but here are some real common sense fixes that whatever we do with health care, we should implement at the same time. steve: they don't want your dad to get a win, eric. >> of course they don't but that's how bad the washington system is. ainsley: it's about politics and not the american people. >> it's insane. it's truly i be sane. and i've said it a million times. i've said it to you guys. they would rather see this country fail than see my father succeed. and that's so bad because it
5:10 am
puts so many people in jeopardy. brian: he said after health care, he wants to move quickly to taxes. talks about bringing the corporate tax rate down as low potentially as 15% and said everyone is criticizing me saying i want tax cuts for the rich and the middle class. even if the the rich have to pay more. if he can get a deal like that, what would it mean for the economy? >> it takes the average person 20 hours to fill out their tax returns. i think you can put that on a postcard and make it super simple. think if you lower taxes, how much money that would infuse into the country. what would that do for corporate america or small businesses. they could hire more people and invest in their businesses, invest in their stores, put capital in whatever they're seeking to do. you know how much money would come from overseas if we had a reasonable tax rate. no one wants to park their money in other countries. they want to park it in the u.s. because it's the safest economy in the world. it has a rule of law. it has everything else. all this funds would come flowing to the. you know that would do to our
5:11 am
markets? i mean, it's fantastic. how many jobs that would create, what it would do for manufacturing and -- i mean, why wouldn't people want that? why wouldn't people sign up for that 100%? steve: sure. what's a reaction, ben, inside the family to the fact that jared kushner, ivanka, your sister's husband was called up to capitol hill and apparently answered every question they asked him two days in a row. does the family feel under siege isn't because i know the president yesterday tweeted out something about next stop, they're going to go after 11-year-old baron trump. >> they attack us for everything. you see what they've done to don, to jarod, you see the nasty things that they say about my pregnant wife, about baron. i've raised $20 million for st. jude, they attack me. it's unthinkable about what did they'll come after us for. we're always under siege, but it is what it is. you're the first family, it's a nasty system. steve: yeah, but for them to go after your wife, that's personal.
5:12 am
>> it's horrible. ainsley: speaking of your wife. last night on stage, tell us what happened because she doesn't -- she is having a baby in a month and a half, and she looks fantastic. i know she's a big runner and stays in shape shape. but tell us what happened. >> yeah. she went out and introduced my father and just killed it. she walked out on stage, the room was electric. i went out there with her for a brief second, and it was just so much fun. ainsley: no one could tell she was pregnant. you made her turn to the side. >> someone yelled from the side she's not pregnant. i said honey, do me a favor. turn sideways. ainsley: how do you feel in a month and a half you're going to meet your baby? >> it's so exciting. i wish he could come out right now, to tell you the truth. ed: try to take name yet? >> best wife in the world. ed: working on a name yet? will you tell fox first? >> yeah. i will. i'll bring him on fox first. steve: are you angling it to
5:13 am
be ed trump? >> edward. yeah. ainsley: anything you can share? what color is the nursery? >> well, we're doing the whole house process; right? painting the house and it all starts simple let's paint the room, especially for a construction guy like me. to let's rebuild the entire place. so i think i'm driving my wife a little crazy. we're definitely nesting. ed: well, good luck. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: it will be the best thing ever. the best day of your life. steve: all right. meanwhile, coming up on this wednesday, you just heard eric talk about it. where is the investigation into james comey and loretta lynch and others? well, you know what? breaking news. it's coming if some republicans get their way. we're going to tell you about that. ainsley: plus, what do the voters think about the president's rally in ohio last night? todd pi pyro still in ohio. he's having breakfast with our friends there in the buckeye state. we're going to talk to him. steve: he's working for tips toy copd makes it hard to breathe.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> think about what james comey did after he was fired.
5:18 am
he leaks a memo to a friend in the new york times and with a state objective -- he said this under oath. for a state objective creating momentum under special, and not just any special counsel, his good friend, predecessor bob mueller. holy cow. if we're not going to look into that, we're be the doing our jobs. let's look for the justice department to look into a special counsel. steve: here you have congressman jim jordan one of four house conservatives on the republican side damaged a congress launch an investigation into james comey and loretta lynch. ed: joining us now is one of our great friends, fox and friends weekend cohost abby huntsman. abby: you had so many great guests, i don't know if i belong on the couch this morning. steve: so four u.s. congressman are calling for a special investigator to look into leaks and whatnot from the democrat side. abby: james comey and loretta lynch. you know, i'm thinking there are a lot of people wondering why it's taking this long to launch an investigation.
5:19 am
because if you ask democrats why they have so much going on, they're saying, look, we are just trying to get to the bottom of this. trying to see if there's any wrongdoing here. well, there's still a lot of questions that remain with the handling of hillary clinton's e-mails and the role that james comey plays and loretta lynch. so i think a lot are going to be happy that finally republicans are stepping up to figure out what exactly went wrong here. but we talk a lot about these investigations, and we travel the country talking to the voters. and there are so many investigations going on. you have to wonder what ultimately wins elections? and democrats have gotten really distracted, i think, by some of these investigations. you don't know what they stand for anymore. so republicans, i think have to be careful in terms of focusing on exactly what their agenda is. there's a lot of good going on. the economy's doing well. i think if they can get something done on health care, i think if they can really get something done on tax reform, that should be their focus; right? ainsley: do you think this is what the president means when he says i need more support from republicans, i need people to fight on my behalf? because democrats are going after the trump administration, and there are so many things that democrats
5:20 am
have done that need to be investigated too. >> the list is long. and i think he felt like no one has really come to his side to really defend him. but really, the whole time that he has been in office. where is that framework republicans that president trump has, whether you agree with president trump or not. republicans need to come together. the one thing they say about democrats. they have been united in their anger; right? they have been together on this. republicans haven't. they hadn't really come to president trump's back, and i think a lot of the american people that his that, and they're frustrated by it. >> well, the democratic message has been largely resist. they finally came out with this agenda, better plan, they say they're going to focus on the middle class. we'll see. >> exactly. but i think also with jeff sessions. he's feeling that pressure too. we've got to step up here. we've got to look into a number of things that have some question marks. ainsley: now he's officially going to look into the leaks. we'll have that announcement coming up. ed: thanks for coming in, abb abby.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
ed: some quick headlines. new tensions this morning after a u.s. warship firing warning shots threatening a war boat in the persian gulf. [gunfire] brian: pentagon tells us the iranian ship came within 150 yards of the uss thunderbolt during a military exercise before finally down. and the nsa and fbi may have
5:25 am
violated civil liberty protections while surveilling americas during the obama days. new memos show both agencies improperly searched and disseminated raw intelligence on citizens and failed to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts. big story. steve. steve: ed, that's not good. meanwhile, turns out what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger. a new study out of scandinavia reveals that athletes who have experienced three to 13 adverse life events significantly outperformed this who had experienced lower life event. ainsley: here to explain that is doctor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. all right. so explain why this adversity makes us stronger. >> right. which we kind of knew from a mind-set perspective. what they tried to do is take that a step further and say. okay. well, if you've been through stuff in our life, it
5:26 am
makes you have a better mind-set. but they try to take it a step further. and they found out that having a moderate number of life events. your parents were divorced, having deaths in the family. they found that your body had a better cardiovascular response to future, stressful events. that your body was ready but in a challenged state. in a good way. steve: how does that being? how does your body know to do that? >> they had them assess the surveys, what they've been through, and then they had them do a darting -- a dart exercise. but they tried to build up the pressure. create a stressful environment. so it's not a perfect study. what they found is you've been through the sweet spot with events. they found that it creates a better assessment of the situation. you view it, like, okay. this is manageable. ainsley: do you think it's because it teaches you to fight? you've gone through situations that are not ideal, maybe it's
5:27 am
actually -- you can make lemonade out of those events. because it's teaching you to fight. >> yes, it teaches you to fight and how to view a situation as more manageable. they tried to calculate, you know, how you view demands and your resources and basically they found that been through some of these things that you're more likely to view, like, i've got this. i have the resources. i don't see it as demanding as somebody else like. versus a threat. steve: so, doctor, would you say for parents whose children going through that situation, a divorce or those other life events. rather than trying to handle all the stress for the kids, let them go ahead and be exposed to at least a portion of it because it's going to build them up in a long-term. >> yes. and that's kind of what they're saying too. don't try to shelter by creating more competition or sort of putting yourself out there creates the opportunity for success. but also, for failure, which depending on how you handle it can be a good thing. and can even help you perform better in future stressful situations.
5:28 am
i mean, i know there's a limit. but that's really the silver lining. ainsley: all right. you have to go through the valley to get to the mountain. it's not only going to mentally make you better but physically better. >> your body reacts in a better stressed way to the future. steve: all right. very good. doctor, thank you very much. all right. ainsley: thank you. coming up next, the white house unveiling new plans to crack down on sanctuary cities. sheriff david clark is in our greenroom. he's going to join us to react to that coming up next. steve: good morning, sheriff. plus, they say there's no crime in baseball, except when your dad can't catch a foul ball. look. ainsley: he's trying. steve: he is trying. but the kid doesn't understand because dad missed. crying foul.
5:29 am
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>> the trump administration has the backs of our ice officers, our border patrol agents and, yes, our great police officers and we have their backs 100%. we are going to also protect them like they protect us. this month in chicago there have been more than two homicide victims per day. what the hell is going on in chicago? [shouting] better tell that mayor to get tough. steve: 72 miles from chicago is milwaukee and milwaukee county sheriff david clark joins us. >> my pleasure. steve: when the president was talking about that last night in
5:33 am
youngstown, ohio, you're scratching your head and thinking the same thing, what the hell happened in chicago? >> the social order has collapsed in chicago. you've had the growth of the underclass. they live by different values than regular folks and as that grows, you see more of those dysfunctional behaviors on display, the cultural because we are not talking to the entire community, it's mainly black in chicago. we are not talking about the entire black community. we are talking about the subset. some of it has been aggravated by the failed liberal urban policies in the city of chicago. it's not just in chicago, i see it in milwaukee as well, we see it in baltimore, you see the spike in violence in baltimore. anywhere where you have densely populated areas where the under-class is starting to grow. steve: when you say underclass, what do you say? >> sub subpoena cet by -- subset
5:34 am
by the poor. they ib tim date neighbors -- intimidate neighbors and the community with firearms. if you don't start enacting some public safety policy, which means the use of jails in prison . they think they can event some program. it's not easily changed with a program. that's why i said jails in prisons are one of the most effective tools. ainsley: you want to do a program, do a program in prison. >> there you go. city of a chicago, great city, just up the road of milwaukee.
5:35 am
this is going on for too long. the numbers are staggering coming out of chicago. 2,000 people shot. major urban city in america. ainsley: some of them are kids, sheriff. >> the chicago police department, they've been let down as president trump indicated. they've been let down by the political class, the mayor, some of the city officials that aren't backing the police or the police aren't as assertive as they need to be. the federal resources, though, are important because they have more teeth in them. when you get busted for a federal gun crime, you will do -- more certain you will do time, long periods of time. i'm glad to see the federal resources come in. ainsley: julian can headlines. >> good morning to you at home. a man takes matters into his own
5:36 am
hand. alejandro fernández following a suspected drunk driver and swerving through traffic in houston. >> he's driving really fast, man. >> on the wrong side of the road. >> fernández following the driver into a parking lot where he pulled him out making a citizen's arrest before officers could get there. the suspect arrested for felony dwi, reportedly demand third drunken driving arrest. fernández motivated to act after friend killed by drunk driver. mtv continuing scrapping danger specific categories at this year's vma's. ♪ ♪ ♪ video music award moving away from categories, best female and male video and will combine them for artist of the year.
5:37 am
the decision comes after the network received praise for ending gender categories for mtv awards. the show airs in just a little while, next month. so we will keep an eye out for that. no crying in baseball unless your dad does this. >> there goes the drink. little boy fighting back tears when his dad can't get a grip on this foul ball at the rangers game in texas. the dad totally failing. he tried though, he spilled the drink as he tried to make the catch. the kid letting people know of his disappointment. this story will give you the chills after nypd officer got his wings, has angel of his own. officer widow giving birth to a healthy baby girl angelina or
5:38 am
angel for short, that's what the family is calling her, on the night her husband was killed, she required medical steps be taken to preserve legacy so one day she could have his child. her husband came to her in a dream and handed her a baby girl. it gave me the chills when i heard that story. oh, my gosh. front page. ainsley: front age of all the newspapers in new york. >> nypd cap is remarkable. steve: julian, thank you very much. meanwhile we have been noticing all sorts of people poking their noses through the window today and janice dean with some of the folks asking them to wave. >> temperatures in the 70 -- is this gorgeous weather for new york city? weather with friends, we are dealing with very nice temperatures all up and down the east coast and the potential for
5:39 am
showers and thunderstorms for the gulf coast and florida as well as southwest and upper midwest where we could see large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, know what to do when you have warning in your state. waive inside, everybody. steve, ed, ainsley back to you. [laughter] >> fight back if you're attacked by an alligator. stick your fingers in a nostrils. ainsley: run in zig zags. >> we are bringing in dean of alligator wrestling to find out what is the truth. steve: you never poke the fingers in the nose of alligator. >> that's what i heard. steve: he's having breakfast in
5:40 am
ohio where the president was last night. >> first piece of advice that i got. the owners of family friends restaurant today was not a day to wear a slim shirt, i'm about to embark egg sausage, whatever this is. some kind of red and hash potatoes, we are going to have a political discussion. all that's coming up after the break when "fox & friends" returns, should i eat the gut buster, guys? >> eat, eat! trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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5:43 am
ainsley: time for quick headlines, apple could soon be using the phrase made in america thanks to president trump. the commander in chief telling the wall street journal apple ceo tim cook promised he would build three factories in the united states. apple has not yet confirmed this. and cracking down on texting and
5:44 am
driving with a textalyzer. similar to a breathalyzer for alcohol. new devices that could lead police officers to know if a driver was texting while behind of a wheel. can't they just open up your phone and see what time you sent a text? steve: good question. ainsley: maybe in the middle of sending it. steve: somebody who sends a lot of tweets, we are talking to president trump, drawing thousands of ohio folks who helped put him in the white house. >> todd has been talking to the folks in restaurant, good morning. >> good morning, this place is a buzz at family's restaurant just down the road. what's interesting about
5:45 am
alliance it really is a split county. split area, if you will. part of it is in star county that went heavily for president trump in 2016 but the other part is in mahonnon county, that went for hillary rodham clinton. second, veterans issues are important to you. talk to me about which ones and why. >> yes, sir, i like the va choice program being paid by individual program, i don't think that's right and i think secretary has taken care of that, let's put more emphasis on taking care of older veterans first. they did a lot of things for us to do what we can do. >> understood. you give president trump an a but you are not necessarily sold on how he's handling the jeff sessions situation, talk to me about that. >> i think he could be a little bit more, you know, nicer about it, but he is the commander in chief and he basically makes the decisions but i think he's going
5:46 am
to keep sessions in there. >> kenneth, we appreciate it. thank you very much. now whether he go over to amy, amy has a fascinating story. i think a story that you will hear a lot throughout the country. amy, first off, where do you work? >> i work at the hampton inn hotel. you stayed at the hampon -- hampton inn &suites. >> my husband and i have not had health care and it's not affordable for us on the obamacare plans, we cannot find a reasonable plan that a two-income family can afford with allow enough deductible. >> that's fascinating because you also make the point of a lot of individuals in your view that are on welfare get free health
5:47 am
care and you are working two jobs -- >> we can't afford it. >> talk about what you can do with welfare reform. >> i'm not against people that need help from time to time, but those that live on it, dishonestly, really upset me. >> understood. >> something has to change and i think that mr. trump is going to do that. >> we appreciate your time. thank you very much. we are going to slide on over here to brandy, brandy, you are about to become a small business owner. >> i am. >> that's awesome, congratulations to you. you said you voted for president trump but you only give a -- him a b plus, why? >> there's obstacles in place and need to work harder to overcome obstacles. getting people to work together and that's difficult but if it's not done, we are not going to move ahead. >> you say the reason you voted for the president was because of probusiness stance.
5:48 am
you see this on national level and you are more concerned and you want to see filtered down in local level like places like alliance. >> absolutely. he talked about bringing steel jobs, factory jobs and that's what all the little communities, that's where their entire economic foundation came from and so we haven't seen that really come back yet. i'm hopeful. i think that he can do it. like i said, big improvements on national level. we are just wait to go see what happens. i still are faith. >> thank you very much. we will go over to tracee, vice chair of dnc county where trump did lose. >> usually we only make mid-30's. >> republicans that is. >> relationships whereas now we had a good mid-40's, almost high 40's, we only lost 3 points. that's a good thing for us.
5:49 am
hahonnan county has been strong for years, we have a victory there. i think mohannon county will go for president trump going forward. >> thanks here at friends family in alliance. give yourself a round of applause. we will send them back to new york city, steve, ainsley and ed. steve: now you can finish the gut buster. ainsley: yesterday we gave own advice if you're ever attacked by an alligator. >> stick the fingers in nostrils. ainsley: go in zig-zags. a lot of us told us that we were very wrong. we are bringing in the dean of alligator wrestling with a real little alligator. steve: is that alligator waiving at us? my experience with usaa has been excellent.
5:50 am
they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> yesterday we told you about a florida man viciously attacked by an alligator while going out for a swim. ainsley: in case you missed it, take a look. [laughter] >> this really happened in florida recently where a young girl, 10 or 11 year's old, alligator had jaws on, stick the fingers in the nostrils and the gaiter went back up and the girl got out. ainsley: run in zig-zags but they can't turn fast. [laughter] >> apparently that wasn't completely true. the zig-zag run away from alligators is a myth.
5:54 am
ainsley: gail said, fake news. steve: finally this e-mail. this is tim, the dean of gaiter wrestling at gaiterland in orlando. we were with you, if we can be of any help, let us know. well, he could be and he joins us right now from florida. tim, when ed henry when he said he heard stick fingers in nostrils of a gaiter, that's wrong, right and this advice could save two fingers of ed henry? [laughter] >> you want to make sure you hit the nose and nothing else, that's for sure. what probably happened was the young lady saw us in our show when we were working with the gators and educating people, sometimes we tap them them up in the nose. she interpreted that, i think, poke him in the nose and thank goodness she thought that.
5:55 am
i would have been screaming and hol -- holloring. >> there was a girl who had been at gatorland -- he's saying it's right. jaws open up. >> yeah, they do. ainsley: we were growing up in south carolina. some of the beaches have lots of lagoons and alligators lived in them. dad said if a gator comes out and you are standing next to lagoon, run in zig-zags because they can't turn that very fast, am i right, is my dad right or wrong? >> well, your dad is right with running but if you think about the zig-zag, that came up by somebody who has never been chased by alligator. if you're zig-zag and running
5:56 am
straight, you will bump into it anyway. trip whoever you're with and walk off. a whole lot easier than running. steve: if you're approached been a gator, how do you get out? >> stay away in the first place, if an alligators comes after you, run, if that doesn't work, if the gator gets a hold of you, fight like crazy. >> hit the nose. >> thank you. steve: thank you. ainsley: thanks to all of you who wrote us. we do read the emails. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> today changes everything, mcdonald's will start delivering. thank you very much.
6:00 am
>> these are great suits. >> all kinds of great guests tomorrow. >> bill: good morning everyone everyone, can republicans get a health care bill, that is a challenge. the first attempt to repeal and replace fell flat. so can they get everyone on board in the next few days. a couple of hectic days and nights on the hill. welcome to "america's newsroom"" >> the debate will rona today and they will focus on a repeal only option which is


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