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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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everybody laughs and says what? she didn't even get the joke that she made. never miss an episode of "the five." "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks to our friends on "the five." welcome to "hannity." we are in the swamp, the sewer, a symbolic failure from senate republicans in their effort to repeal obamacare. newt gingrich is here with full reaction tonight. plus, new white house communications director and anthony scaramucci will respond and the brand-new effort to crack down on deep state leaks. >> one of things we are going to do next, and bringing all the medication people to the white house to sit down with them and have a uniform message and strategy so that we can tear down leaks on their side. their political holdovers in the obama administration they want to put the hurt on the trump
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administration. we have to move quickly there as well. >> sean: after seven years of promises, the g.o.p. in the senate has failed to deliver for you, the american people and blame now falls at the feet of a handful of republican senators. we will be naming names in our very important opening monologue. senate republicans suffered a major step back earlier today as they try to red you the bird and that is obamacare. it still time for republicans to get something done. we will have an update later in the program. but first, they failed to move forward on a clean repeal of obamacare parent back in 2015, this is the same bill when barack obama was the president, the senate passed the bill and obama vetoed that. apparently all that was for show and all the rhetoric we have heard for seven years was just
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that. it meant absolutely nothing. these senators, susan collins, john mccain of arizona, rob portman, lisa murkowski, nevada. these senators have put republican advantages in congress now in jeopardy. that means the president may not be able to enact the agenda you voted for. if democrats in 2018, if they end up taking control of congress, if these republicans republicans -- these ones that we are naming, they broke the bow they made to you, a very important valve. these republicans to me have no credibility left. they had their chance and they blew it. they are the epitome of the washington, d.c., sewer and swamp from which i am broadcasting tonight. our other top story, very important. we have very serious questions being raised following the arrest of democratic
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congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz i.t. staffer, him around a long. he is charged with bank fraud and was apprehended while trying to board a flight on his way to pakistan after supposedly he send money over there. authorities have also been investigating awan for allegedly double billing house democrats with computer equipment and there are fears about possible email hacking and exposing house democrats information online. here's where it gets extremely troubling. awan and several of his relatives have worked with congressional democrats for years and he has reportedly earned $2 million. more than some chief of staff in washington. earlier this year, when news of the overbilling scandal broke, several congress members fired awan and his family members but as fox news has been reporting, debbie wasserman schultz has kept him on her payroll until he was arrested just two days ago.
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tonight, we have to ask why would wasserman schultz do that? why keep paying someone is being investigated for very potentially serious crimes? why keep someone around who is suspected of putting government information at risk? at this point, it's not adding up and then there is this important point, earlier this week, "the daily caller" reported the fbi seized two smashed hard drives from this staffers home. sound familiar? the lawyer and out disputes this report but it raises very serious questions if, in fact, the drives were smashed. there have been months of wasserman schultz stonewalling even a law enforcement official. wasserman schultz is now finally started to cooperate and will finally give investigators access to that laptop and according to "the daily caller," it was used by him run himself
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imran avon himself. it's very different from what wasserman schultz did back in may. for holding evidence. watch this. >> if a member uses equipment and is found by the capitol police and your staff and it is identify the top member and the member is not associated, you're supposed to give it, yes or no? >> it depends on the circumstances. >> i don't understand how that's possible. a member's equipment is members equipment. under my understanding, the capital police are not able to confiscate members equipment when the member is not under investigation. is there equipment. it supposed to be returned. then you are violating the rules when you conduct your business that way. there will be consequences. >> sean: such anger and intensity. pretty shocking. what was the congresswoman
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attempting to do there? did she really just want her equipment back or was she trying to interfere with an investigation? did she have something to hide? it certainly sounds a lot like the latter. we have been reporting and the establishment fake news story from media have been ignoring -- we are talking about the department of justice, look into this scandal and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz and her role and only if this. this needs to be investigated. it's beyond troubling. when it comes to this investigation, why are democrats also giving a pass for obstruction? again and again. all the talk about tromping in the campaign and collusion and russia, russia, russia. hillary clinton, i don't know anyone in the hillary campaign -- or the trump campaign, remember hillary had
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her aides smashing with blackberries, mobile devices to the fbi. oh, but they didn't have the sim card. they were rendered meaningless to the fbi. there is a massive double standard playing out here. there is no evidence the trump campaign did anything like this. they did not delete 33,000 emails or destroy phones with hammers and they did not turn over devices without sim cards. all these things were under subpoena. it's exactly why we have for weeks been calling out this stunning hypocrisy and demanding the proper investigations. republicans have control over the committee. they can demand people be put under oath. also tonight, we have an update on possible ukrainian election interference. congress is finally to start asking questions we have been talking about in terms of what happened with what political described as a dnc operative meeting with ukrainian officials at the ukrainian embassy in washington and also possibly
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sharing that information with the dnc and the clinton campaign and they were trying to influence the election. it sounds like collusion. in a statement with fox news, the lawyer denied wrongdoing. all right, okay, let's see. joining us now, eight weeks on the list of "new york times" bestsellers, newt gingrich. a lot of news tonight. before i get to the corruption issue, look, especially the people that had voted for full repeal in 2015 -- do they get to hold the entire republican party hostage? >> i understand what their rationale is. i think it was a mistake. if you spend years campaigning and staying i am for repeal and you finally get a chance to vote for repeal, i think you have some moral obligation to vote for repeal. as i have said over and over on this show, i think susan collins
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who voted against repeal back in 2015 -- is the one republican senator who gets a pass because she has the least consistency. any other republican senator who campaigned on repeal and voted for repeal now, there is going to be real? boy, that's a bad cold. it undermines confidence. not just in the republican party but in the whole -- it's unfortunate. this was not going to be the final vote. if they could have voted to repeal and on they had pieces they could go back with. this is an open process. they can fix it as they go through it but it has to be seen as a disappointing vote when somebody has been campaigning on and promising repeal and voting for it as long as obama's presidency what will become law. now, it's finally where there's
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a real opportunity to make a real law. suddenly, they don't quite mean what they campaigned on. i think it's a mistake. >> sean: this came in earlier today from james rosen, the former i.t. aid to wasserman schultz and other democratic lawmakers, who was arrested going on to say in a telephone interview that he had purchased his flight ticket weeks ago and after securing assurances from the assistant u.s. attorney, no restrictions on traveling abroad -- when you hear, once again we are talking about smashed hard drives and deleted emails. >> first of all, let's be clear. we are talking about the woman who was the chair of the democratic national party. she's both the congresswoman and she was the chair of the democratic national party.
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this is a fairly important person and a fairly central position. i have written three novels about terrorism involving the congress and the presidency. the third, "vengeance" will come out this fall. wasserman schultz, this is an amazing case. he have to say to yourself, what's going on here? as you pointed out, it's a legitimate point. and i'm sure my president trump get so frustrated, how come the congress doesn't mind breaking up breaking up hard drives andm and doing things to them and why isn't there an open congressional investigation? this involves theft from the u.s. house. house equipment. the behavior of a house member and where is the congressional hearing? where is the investigation into what clearly is a violation of house rules?
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there is a republican passive buddy i just don't understand when it comes to these kinds of issues. >> sean: i think they are a party without an identity because if they really had an identity, when they have been pushing a health savings accounts and health cooperatives and what the rule solutions are to health care? i had a guy in this program and my radio show since 2012, $20 a month, they get health care. why don't they know what the answer is? >> they are wrapped around senate rules and reconciliations that are very arcane and make no sense to the average american but are decisive in defining what they think they can get three with 50 votes. i think they were trying to find a way to solve this with 50 votes. they should come back with health savings accounts and a regular bill on regular order, challenge the democrats. be prepared to make this a campaign issue in 2018. i think there are number of things they can do that don't
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fit the senate rules that would fit a bipartisan effort. i am candidly, whatever they can get through, then let's go to the next health bill in regular order where you've got to get 60 votes. quit messing around with all these fancy senate rules. put the democrats, put some heat on the democrats. are they for people having health savings accounts or is the only thing they want is to have health care run by the government? >> sean: should everyone feel disappointed, letdown, betrayed? >> sure. i think the republicans who had voted in the past for repeal, when they knew that obama would stop it -- they ought to be getting phone calls and emails. a pretty good bit of heat from back home. that's perfectly legitimate. but i'm also sympathetic to mitch mcconnell's challenge. in the real world right now, what can he get 50 votes for so that mike pence can break the
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tie? and we can get something passed? i am for the biggest thing they can pass right now, i am for immediately having them come back on the regular order and begin to do the kind of things you and i believe in. practical common sense market oriented reforms that allow people to be in charge of their own lives and work with their own doctors. i think that will be a longer process. i wish it wasn't and i wish we had 51 or 52 republicans willing to be a little more courageous. in all fairness, we have 45 or 46 were being pretty stable but the last five or six we have just not been able to get across the goal line. >> sean: we will take a break. i have a lot more questions about debbie wasserman schultz. and anthony scaramucci will be here, he's already started combating the deep state. >> to institute by america and higher america and all of those
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>> this is a fox news alert. i am james rosen in washington. vice president mike pence will be on capitol hill meeting with small business owners concerned about health care reform. tucker carlson pressed the vice president on the white house's goals. >> what we want is a health care system that works for all of the american people. >> what does that mean? cheaper coverage? a larger percentage of the population covered? better health care outcomes? if you could name the primary goals of the replaced part of the deal. but would it be? >> the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own health care choices. >> earlier, the senate rejected the repeal of obamacare as the congressional budget office scored a skinny repeal bill and found it would strip 16 million people. james rosen in washington. now, back to "hannity." >> tonight, i am back in the
7:20 pm
center of the american heartland, far away from the washington swamp. to spend time with thousands of true american patriots. i'm here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. >> sean: that was the president on offense by passing the big news media taking his message directly to the american people. we continue with fox news contributor and author of the eight weeks in a row bestseller, "understanding trump," congratulations mr. speaker. i've a a hard time understanding something. maybe i'm just a simple guy. if i was under subpoena to hand over emails that end up having classified top secret special access program information on a secret server, if i deleted 33,000 of them and some of them were in that category -- i think it would be in trouble.
7:21 pm
they subpoenaed my blackberry and iphone's and i smash them with a hammer, a lot of them? i think i would be in trouble. if i acid washed my computer with police, i think i would be in trouble. if i gave away 20% of america's uranium, and $145 million came back to me, i think i would be in trouble. compare this to the debbie wasserman schultz. >> the wasserman schultz case is so crazy. again, if you want to understand why president trump gets frustrated, you look at donald trump, jr., who released all his his emails and put them out and says everybody can read the emails. no subpoena, no legal requirement. then you look at wasserman schultz's behavior and hillary clinton's behavior and you have to say to yourself, well, how come the news media is going after don, jr., who is open and
7:22 pm
sharing all of this and somehow trying not to do these other things? i'm told some of the networks have still not covered wasserman schultz and this whole issue of this guy trying to go to pakistan. who had apparently stolen lots of money from the congress. the fact that they had destroyed some of the i.t. equipment -- this is exactly what the deep state and the swamp are all about. there's a double standard. i will tell you about a conversation i had this morning. i asked a group of very sophisticated congressmen and senators. i don't understand why the house and senate republicans are not investigating the real corruption of the clinton foundation and the money from russia, et cetera. and their answer was there are a lot of republicans who are afraid of the clintons. the clintons will have so much blatant power and so many connections in washington that
7:23 pm
they are just afraid to take them head on. i thought, what a pathetic situation when you have control of the judiciary committee and the house, the judiciary committee and the senate and you can't figure out how to say these are real crimes. i am for getting to the bottom of the russian stuff, and yet there is no evidence anywhere of anyone taking it seriously. >> sean: listen, i believe the republicans have an obligation to call in -- loretta lynch, james comey, even robert mueller because of all the conflicts of interest with people he's hiring and then i bring in hillary clinton and john podesta and toluca and debbie wasserman schultz. if we are going to bring in jared and don, jr.. there's also the attorney general. i know the president was frustrated with recusal. is it possible we don't know what the attorney general is
7:24 pm
doing because he's keeping it quiet? >> i think the attorney general is doing a lot. and in areas that don't involve russia, he's moving the justice department towards the exact kind of things that president trump wants. they've been very aggressive in rounding up criminals from ms-13. the early stages of a real fight over sanctuary cities. and he's rocking some of the cities pretty decisively. he has taken some very strong positions on protecting americans both from overseas and at home. in a lot of ways it's unfortunate that the president decided to go after the attorney general so aggressively in public. because i think jeff sessions is doing a very good job. if you talk to somebody you respect a great deal like former attorney general's, they will tell you they are very impressed with the degree to which outside of the russian piece jeff sessions is taking control. >> sean: do you believe that
7:25 pm
the things that i am looking for -- if we are going to have equal justice under the law, mr. speaker, and they are going to call in jared and don, jr., over a nonissue as far as i'm concerned and they're not going to do it on ukraine and uranium one and not going to do it about all the other issues and lies and obstruction issues that we are talking about -- that's unfair. house republicans have an responsibility and you are confident the attorney general will get all of that. >> i'm confident the attorney general for its continued efforts in the right direction. with russia, he's not going to be able to do it which is why want to call on the house and a senate judiciary committee's to do their job. >> sean: i think we are moving the ball forward. thank you for being with us. up next, and anthony scaramucci is here to talk about putting an end to white house leaks. the health care situation, and much more. >> at their senior people trying
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>> i see the next generation of american leaders. i see the promise of our future. i see the strength and love of the american spirit. and because of young people like you, i more confidence than ever in the future of the united states. together, we will make america greater than ever before. >> sean: that was the president speaking to the american legion boys and auxiliary girls. unfortunately, the president's efforts to make this country greater than before it's under siege from a wave of leaks selectively starting the payment he took office. during the first 126 days of the trump administration, there were
7:31 pm
confirmed 125 leaks. also, fox news has confirmed that the attorney general jeff sessions is now planning to step up the investigation on these leaks and earlier tonight, i spoke with the white house communications director anthony scaramucci. anthony, welcome to "hannity." good to see you. >> haik a good to see you, sean. how's everything? >> sean: we've known each other a long time. we have talked privately about this these selective leaks and where they're coming from. tell us the status of data and what you make of the attorney general now going after these leaks? it's one of a few issues i am hopeful he will get on. >> i applaud the attorney general for going after the leaks. it's super important for the entire administration. even if we have the bell curve of their administrations, it would be way better for our administration. we gotta get that done no matter what. some people think we are naive
7:32 pm
and i said i'm going to get rid of the leaks, i know i am in a cesspool called washington or a swamp called washington. it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every week but i think we can take dramatic steps to get rid of leaks. what i am discovering is that senior people, they are really the guys doing the leaking and they ask junior people to leak for them. i am very proud to be reporting directly to the president so i can dramatically seal off the column team from the sort of nonsense. i think that will be a very big step forward in reducing some of the leaks that are coming from the white house. as it relates to the inter-agency thing, i think that will be a little bit harder but one of the things we will do next week as i'm bringing all the communications people to the white house. to sit down with them and have a uniformed message and strategy so that we can curtail leaks on their side. there are political holdovers from the obama administration to want to put a hurt on the trump administration. we have to move quickly there as
7:33 pm
well. i think general sessions is more focused on what i would call the intra-agency staff, which is actually illegal. there are things coming out of law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies that are illegal. >> sean: a lot of people that have been working very closely on all of these issues, especially the leaks from the deep state. they are telling me there's going to be a lot of people associated with the last administration. we know for a fact that a lot of the leaks are coming from the obama administration, some of the holdovers and some of the top position people in the last administration are the ones directly involved in all of this. is it your goal to get to the bottom of that, as you have told your staff? if they leak, they are out? >> that situation is out of my purview. that's more in the attorney general sessions category. i do think you've got a good spot that he will put in place
7:34 pm
and will eventually unveil to get rid of those. but i've got a focus on the 40 or so people in my staff. listen, we will let the people go if we have to. unfortunately we let somebody go yesterday. but i told people if there is a civil war and people are fighting internally, we have to dial that down. i don't think you can let people go just for the sake of letting them go. i think we have to give them a chance, sean, give them some level of amnesty to see if they will stop and work together. but i will move very quickly if they cannot do that. i'm the president's authority to do so. >> sean: you have been very confident and outspoken that the attorney general, in spite of some of the president's tweets, i know he's upset about the recusal issue. i agree with the president fully on that. but you are confident that that will all work out between the attorney general and the president? >> i sort of think so. i know both of them so well. i know the president but my
7:35 pm
guess is that it will. if it doesn't, sean, it's up to the president. what i don't want to do is get in between a cabinet secretary and the president. what i do want to do is i like healing divides and getting people together and forming a bridge between people. hopefully we will be able to do that but if we can't do that for whatever reason, then we will let the chips fall. we all serve at the discretion of this great president and we will see where it goes. as i was saying earlier today and i want to emphasize on your show, the president -- whatever you think of his communication style and his management style, let me immediately display the results. at $10 billion of network, a world wide recognized brand in the business he left and he became the american president after 15-16 months and he's now six months into the presidency after just over two years of announcing his candidacy. we can look at all of that and
7:36 pm
that massive achievement he's had in his life and maybe he's doing things in a way that's unorthodox but there's certainly unbelievable success. i said from the podium last friday, i will say it here on your show. let's not change the president. we have to let the president be the president. we have to have a tough skin. we have to adapt to his nature. to help execute his agenda. >> sean: will become back, a very funny daily showpiece. we will play it next. a group of republican lawmakers are now pushing into the probes we have been asking for, including james comey and how he handled the clinton investigation. and mark meadows will join us, straight ahead. my belly pain and constipation?
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>> this is a fox news alert. i am james rosen in washington. the white house is refusing to say whether president trump intensifier attorney general jeff sessions. an early supporter of the trump campaign for being the chief executive a series of blistering tweets and public comments. white house press secretary sarah sanders explains why that displeasure has not met mr. trump to tell the ag "you are fired." it's become he can be disappointed in someone and still want them to do their job. focus on immigration, leaks, a number of issues.
7:41 pm
>> fox news has learned the justice department will soon announce several criminal leak investigations. the investigations are focused on news reports that exposed central intelligence. on the fox news channel, i am james rosen in washington. now back to the sean hannity on "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we continue with anthony scaramucci, did you see the daily showpiece that showed you and the president with the same gestures back and forth from the podium? >> i am one of the formula people that have seen it, sean. >> sean: [laughs] let me play it for the audience. ♪
7:42 pm
♪ >> sean: that was one of their best pieces ever. when jon stewart had the jersey boys to a segment on me. >> that tells you either i have a little bit of german scottish in me or the president has way more italian and him and people know about. that's what it tells me. i'm going to and i will figure this out. >> sean: a lot of conservatives, myself included, i know the senate is moving onto slowly peace and repeal obamacare, it's not what we wanted. i will take anything at this point because obamacare is a disaster. where is it now after what happened today? >> he is a practical person above everything. i think he has to take a process
7:43 pm
of entrepreneurial instrumentalism. we may not get everything we want right now but let's go for some wins and over time sean, we can really develop the right strategy, program, and policy for the american people. this organization or the city known as washington, d.c., is a pretty tough place. the president is literally like a donor or organ transplant into the system to make the city actually much healthier but the first move is to attack the organ transplant. in the meantime, if they would just relax, they would find that the policies he is about to put forth are great for the american people, would likely get the people elected or reelected that are voting for them. but i think there's a lot about habits to break in this town and we are going to work on it one step, one day at a time to make that a habit. >> sean: how confident -- one of the most important parts of
7:44 pm
the president plan besides ending obama regulations, certainly the supreme court was huge, energy, jobs, middle class tax cuts, re-patient money tax reform. do you anticipate difficulty with the republican party that has been so slow and frankly lacking vision and identity? >> in some ways, yes but in a lot of ways not because i do think the mantle of leadership s providing out of the republican party, most of these guys are smart enough to take the baton from him and to start running with it. all of these things you reference are really good comments and things, sean. my guess is over time, we are going to gravitate into those areas. we announced at 5:00 on new jobs initiative. new plants moving in to the united states from overseas to create new jobs. there is a tremendous amount of
7:45 pm
positive things that we are seeing reflected in the stock market and consumer confidence and ceo confidence just from the president's leadership now. if we can just move in concert with the republican legislature, at least some members of the republican, that would be phenomenal but i do predict we will get some blue state voters. some blue state democratic voters that will vote on tax reform. i very confident -- one of the things were going to do is we're going to hit this everything all day and i think we will be disruptive in the way we communicate as well. >> sean: anthony scaramucci. congrats on your new job. republican lawmakers, calling for a new probe into james comey's handling into the hillary clinton probe. mark meadows will join us next to explain why. don't goo away.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue from the sewer and a swamp of washington, d.c. for weeks, we have been calling for lawmakers and the doj to do their jobs and look at the scandals that are going unnoticed from the mainstream destroy trump media. now they are pushing for a probe into james comey's clinton server scandal.
7:50 pm
someone who has been briefed, frankly, the only guys i trust in d.c. right now, the freedom caucus -- mark meadows. tell us about comey, will you also include loretta lynch and hillary clinton and ukraine and a uranium one? have a pretty long list right now. >> we do have a long list, sean, your viewers are looking at this and saying why did you allow loretta lynch to mislead the american public and allow director comey to actually collude with her in doing that? to say that it was a matter and not an investigation and so, not only will it go into all of those details but we are asking for documents. i would love to take credit for this but actually, this is a group of them have gotten together to put forth a resolution that says we want the document and indeed, they are
7:51 pm
filing another document that calls for a special prosecutor to say let's get to the bottom of it. if we are a nation of laws, we've got a special counsel for the whole russia event, let's go ahead and get to the bottom of it. i can tell you my constituents want us to look at that. >> sean: all of these things i've been talking about, during the election every day, talking about people in poverty, on food stamps come out of the labor force, can't buy homes. every day until congress does its job and they've controlled the committees and do the investigations, in light of how democrats are treating the trump administration -- we've got to have equal justice under the law. i'm calling on them to do their job on all of those cases. will all of that happen? republicans should, they are in charge, right? >> yes, we need to do that. at lady justice is blindfolded and yet, sometimes what we've done is we've ignored what
7:52 pm
happens in the previous administrations saying well the past is the past. as we look at that, we look at things that have come to light. all of this, the russian atmosphere has taken over the media headlines. we have also started to see there's a whole lot that has happened and indeed, there was a government trying to interfere with the election. it was the united states government trying to make sure hillary clinton was the next president. we need to get to the bottom of that. that's why my good friends and colleagues in the house freedom caucus put forth a resolution and the judiciary committee, we will force a boat. i believe that republicans need to come to the defense of the president. >> sean: ira i remember the da, we talked at length that weekend. you told me that it will work out. it will work out in the house. a lot of work, i know you were up to your eyeballs in making that happen. we saw what happened in the
7:53 pm
senate today. all these members didn't vote for it today. i know we are talking about the skinny repeal. what are your thoughts on where this openly ends up? >> i am disappointed that seven senators who voted for it before chose not to vote. today. how do you explain that to your constituency? now that someone would actually sign it into law you're going to vote against it? i don't understand that but i can tell you that what happened, i met with senators to get to some kind of agreement on the repeal and replace. i haven't given up on actually having more than a skinny version come out of the senate but i can tell you that even if it's just a skinny version -- what we are going to do, it really becomes a vehicle, not that it gets signed into law but that we bring the house and
7:54 pm
senate together. we go to conference. we stay engaged. stay here in august. get it done for the american people. the lower those premiums, make sure we cover those pre-existing conditions. i'm still optimistic we can do that. >> sean: thank you, sir, for being with us. we get the final word tonight. that is straight ahead. you don't want to miss this. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less,
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the republican duo diamond and silk have the final word. take a look get their message to the "destroy trump" media. >> here is my final word. diamond and silk is going to give it to you straight. looks like the media has been spinning their narrative all day. we can both see it with all eight of our eyes. accusations, allegations,
7:59 pm
speculation without accurate information is fake news. how can the fake news expect for us to believe them when they get their information from a source that gets their information from a criminal better known as a leaker. when you leak out classified information, it's a crime. which makes you a criminal. which makes for a very fake news and accessory after the fact. they can't control the narrative anymore so that's why they try to character assassinate in order to dominate. we are not buying it. even if they sold us the fake news for a dollar five minus $0.50. we didn't believe them in the primary, the general election. we don't believe them now.
8:00 pm
speak to you got to love them. this is all the time we have left. i am headed back to new york, leaving the swamp and the sioux- sewer. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. it's been a busy week in washington, method and the others are not busy. in the senate, republicans are making one last effort to make a genuine repeal to obamacare. in the house, debbie wasserman schultz is an awkward position of explain why she employed a pakistani i.t. expert after he was linked to major security breaches, fraud, data theft, and more. we'll have a lot more on that ahead. and then the white house. there is turmoil still over the fate of the attorney general jeff sessions. one man at the heart of everything is vice president mike pence. we sat down with him at the white house, where he spoke about the repeal of obamacare, russia conspir