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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 26, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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speak to you got to love them. this is all the time we have left. i am headed back to new york, leaving the swamp and the sioux- sewer. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. it's been a busy week in washington, method and the others are not busy. in the senate, republicans are making one last effort to make a genuine repeal to obamacare. in the house, debbie wasserman schultz is an awkward position of explain why she employed a pakistani i.t. expert after he was linked to major security breaches, fraud, data theft, and more. we'll have a lot more on that ahead. and then the white house. there is turmoil still over the fate of the attorney general jeff sessions. one man at the heart of everything is vice president mike pence. we sat down with him at the white house, where he spoke about the repeal of obamacare, russia conspiracies, and the
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drama between this president and the attorney general. thank you for joining us. reassure those of us who are watching and our viewers who are basically supportive, i think, of thehe administration, that things are not as chaotic as they seem sometimes. >> vice president pence: we're making incredible progress, 860,000 new jobs, isis is on the run in iraq and in syria. the largest increase in defense spending in more than ten years. the president signed legislation rolling back an avalanche of red tape that came out of the last administration. and confirmed justice neil gorsuch to the supremee court, they are all part of the first six months of this administration. as we speak, congress is working to repeal and replace obamacare before the year is out. we'll be on to passing the largest tax cut in american history.r
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it is a time of great focus here at the white house. great promise for the country. it's all going to the leadership and tenacity of president donald trump. >> tucker: given that there is so much else going on, why would the president again tweet an attack his attorney general? why not call attorney general jeff sessions, bring him into the office,at why in public? >> vice president pence: look, i think the president has been very candid. he was disappointed with the attorney general's decision to recuse himself and to not know about his intention to do so before he was confirmed as the attorney general of the united states. i have to tell you, tucker, you've been around washington for a long time. the washington way is to talk behind people's backs. but that's not president donald trump's onapproach. one of the great things about this president is you always know where you stand. i think what the american people like about this president is he speaks candidly. he speaks openly. he's expressed his disappointment. but that doesn't mean that we
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don't recognize the good work the justice department has been doing under the attorney general's leadership, taking on ms-13 gangs, removing them from the's streets. confronting sanctuary cities, rolling back that policy across the country. >> tucker: i think it's the public expression that rattles people, the idea that you would attack someone who works for you onn twitter. i wonder if you worry, s personally, if the president was displeased with you that he might tweet about you that way? does that ever occur to you? >> vice president pence: i think one of the president's virtues is his candor. i think the reason why you saw 15,000 people in youngstown, ohio, last night cheering this president on, you saw the boy scouts and their families cheering the president on, we havewe a president who says what he means and means what he says. there's no attempt to hide his feelings. he's expressed disappointment
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and it's been sincere. he said we will see what happens in the future, but at least the american people know and every member of the cabinet can know that you will always know whereo you stand with president trump. >> tucker: so the white house press secretary has said the white house supports russia sanctions. do those sanctions help the united states in a material way that voters can understand? >> vice president pence: this administration has supported the renewal of sanctions with regard to russian aggression in the ukraine. we will continue to work withus congress on additional sanctions. >> tucker: but it does help america?a? >> vice president pence: russia and korea and iran. that is a question for the president of the united states and our state department to determine. look, president trump has made it very clear, tucker, that he believes that if we can get along better with other countries around the world, including russia, that would be a good thing. if we can find common cause with competitors and even potential
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adversaries around the world, that would be a positive. the legislation that is moving through the congress now will let the congress continue to work its will and evaluate that. this president stands for advancing america's interest around the world and engaging countries around the world. we supported sanctions in the past and will give every consideration to this bill when it comes to the president's desk. >> tucker: we'll have morere of our interview with the vice president later on in the show. president trump renewed his attack on the attorney general today, tweeted that this morning. "why didn't a.g. sessions replace acting fbi director andrew mccabe, a comey friend who was in charge of clinton investigation but got big dollarsrs $700,000 for his wife's political run from hillary clinton and her representatives. drain the swamp!" the tweet comes one day after the president publicly scolded his attorney general. >> i am disappointedth in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself.
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i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies. i told you before, i'm very disappointed with the attorney general. but we will see what happens. time will tell.. time will tell. >> tucker: corey lewandowski was donald trump's campaign manager in the 2016 primaries. he was on the plane yesterday when the president went to speak in ohio. he joins us tonight. corey, thanks a lot for coming on. the president is disappointed that the attorney general, recused himself. got it. what is the point ofe continuing to say that? >> the reason he shouldn't have recused himself -- he saw there was no russian involvement, there was no collusion, so i h really had no reason to recuse himself whatsoever. c >> tucker: okay. franz ferdinand shouldn't have gone to sarajevo over that day, but he did. so it happened.
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what's the point of continuing to revisit this? conveys the sense that he is distracted from his priorities, which is making the president bitter, and that the staff is in disarray. i don't see an upside to it. >> the president's priority is clear. he wants to get repeal and replace done of obamacare. the vote yesterday withsi mike pence breaking that tie was critical to move that piece forward. a campaign pledge that he has promised to do and he will deliver on it. you have to hold those u.s. senators accountable. for seven years, voted to replace or repeal obamacare, and now they are notot voting for it anymore. it's hypocrisy at its finest. we need to do is get the agenda done. that's most important thing. >> tucker: i agree completely. as you note, i think it's hard, because a lot of republicans in washington don't agree with the agenda at all. a populist agenda, they were not populist. they don't want to do it. so takes an enormous intensity, focus, energyn to get it done. anything that, distracts you frm the task is counterproductive. like, i don't know, beating up on your own attorney general. >> i don't disagree. but this is very important. the president is completely focused on getting the agenda
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done. t he needs to make sure obamacare is done with repeal and replace. at minimum, repeal. we need to get a tax cut done, we need to repatriate the money from overseas so we can have more money here. we need to cut the corporate tax rate. n these are the priorities for the president. other parties, infrastructure spending. a trillion dollars moving forward. and then build the wall. something he pledged to do, and we need to hold people accountable. those elected officials who are serving in the congress, who voted for these things in the past, have to be held accountable and wait to get done immediately. >> tucker: the american public, tens of millions of them voted for this, and if they are achieved, none of this will matter. the russian nonsense, the fight with sessions. those will be footnotes. trump will be judged on those things. that is my concern, so as a practical matter, do you think the attorney general is going to stay? >> i think that's a question that only the president can give a definitive answer on. but i do think at the end of the day, the president and the attorney general are going to have a good working relationship moving forward.
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jeff sessions has done some great work as a relates too ms-13 gangs, as it relates to the border crossing, and the reduction of illegals come across the border. these are the priorities of the president.s he's pledged that he's going to eradicate ms-13, stop the illegal border crossings. this is what jeff sessions is doing as attorney general.oc he's doing a good job on that. he needs to continue to focus on that and continue to move the conservative agenda from the attorney general's perspective. >> tucker: if he left, what would happen? who would replace him? what would that look like if the attorney general -- and i understand that the president is mad at him, but if he says, i'm sick of these tweets. i'm outd of here. i'm going back to mobile, what happens then? >> i think jeff is a patriot, and i think jeff will continue to serve, hope he continues to serve his country in the capacity of the attorney general. obviously, there are number of potentially capable individuals who can serve in that capacity. that being said, jeff was the right man for the job right now, and he is going to stay in the job. i don't have any inside knowledge of it, but i think jeff sessions is going to continue to serve as the attorney general for as long as the present wants him to be the
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gtorney general. >> tucker: i think you do have inside knowledge, and i think that's a sign that he will probably stay, and i think that's probably good because it's hard to see what would happen next. quickly on health care. what's your best guess? >> it has to get done. this is where president who is a closer, a great deal maker who can get those people to get, at minimum, the repeal done. if we get the repeal done, very important. p if not, obamacare, the market -- the american people will be devastated. >> tucker: good to see you. g president trump surprised everyone by announcing the military would no longer fund soldiers' gender transition surgery. after the break, will talk to a democratic congressman and ask how those surgeries help america win wars. plusa debbie wasserman schultz spent months defending one her aides. now he's trying to flee back to the big story you aren't going to see on a lot of other channels. mark steyn joins us to discuss what happened. dy ignores me when i drive. it's fine.
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: in a surprise announcement this morning, president trump reversed the previous administration's order to admit transgendereded individuals into the military.y. president made the announcement on twitter in the morning. he tweeted this.en "after consultation with my generals and military experts, be advised that the united states government will not accept nor allow transgender individuals to serve in the u.s. military. our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victoryd and cannot be burdened with the tremendous costs and medical disruption that transgender in the military would entail. thank you."il democrats were not grateful
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for that. they quickly became very angry. here's part of what they said. >> this disgusting ban will weaken our military. and land it defends. >> because of president trump's announcement, america will be less safe. >> the president of thehe united states this morning announced he is blowingng 15,000 holes in our military's readiness. >> it's undermining our national defense. >> this disgusting action endangers the lives of american service members and makes our country less safe. >> tucker: congressman sean patrick maloney represents new york in the house of representatives, and he joins us tonight. i understand why people like it, but to not like it and claim the country is less safe are two different things. >> how about seal team six? do they make our country more safe?
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kristin beck, member of seal team six, is a transgender woman. seven combat tours, earned a bronze star with valor. and the purple heart. she's done a lot moresh for our country than you and i ever will.d and she made our country safer. that's the person we are going to remove from military service. >> tucker: i don't think she served as a transgender seal, though. >> no, but there are thousands serving honorably and meeting the test that the military expects of its service members. we should use the standard the president started, which is keeping our country safe. part of keeping our country safe is putting good people in the military. >> tucker: transgenders have never been allowed to serve openly and to have the transitions paid for by the u.s. government. this is something that began in a gradual way with the obama administration. this country has been around for almost 250 years, winning a bunch of wars.e nt
8:17 pm
that's not a slight on any specific person, i'm merely skeptical at why this makes our country lesssr safe. i don't think you can show this. i think you're mad about it and using our national security to make your point. >> look, there are thousandsse f people serving honorably. we won a bunch of wars before we integrated armed services with african-americans. we won a bunch of wars without women serving.g. but we have an enormous number of talented, diverse people serving. we wouldn't believe we are more safe because we excluded groups of americans. look, the point is is thatok rit now, thousands of transgender service members are serving with distinction. there's not a reason on earth that you would kick them out of the militaryar except for prejudice. >> tucker: that's just a silly thing to say. this is a legitimate debate, and for you to say anyone who doesn't agree with you is a bigot -- slow down. >> i didn't say that. >> tucker: you said the only reason would be in other words, if you disagree with me, being a holy man,
8:18 pm
you aree a bad person. there are two sides to this. there's a cost, there are difficulties integrating peoples there are questions about what it means to be transgender,at these are real adult questions. and you are blowing them off by describing anyone who doesn't agree with you asyo motivated by prejudice. >> what is the reason for taking members of the military who are serving now, thousands of them, with distinction, without a problem, and kicking them out on this basis? what would that reason be? >> tucker: well, the reason is articulated by the people who oppose this. it's expensive to pay for the physical transition, the medical transition from one sex to the other. paying that at a time when the military o is scrambling for fus is a distraction from the core mission, which is winning wars. the onus is on youe since they'e the u.s. military has never had this policy and its history to show that paying for
8:19 pm
sex change operations is going to somehow make us more likely to beat al qaeda. >> excuse me. we have that policy now, and we've had more than a year to see how it works. there hasn't been any diminishment of readiness or any disruption of any kind. what we know is men like shane ortega, another transgender service member, who conducted hundreds of missions in afghanistan and iraq, t multiple combat tours, has 100% -- yes, as a matter of fact, in there right now people like riley dosh, a cadet who just graduated from n the military academy. >> tucker: i'm asking you a broader question. is it an actual concern that the pentagon would have to pay for sex change operations? do you think that's a valide military expense? do you think these real questions about how to integrate people in close quarters living who haven't fully transitionedt toe blow those off as bigotry is wrong. >> to be fair, we've spent years studying this. we did a commissioned report, and the obama administration did exactly that. the rand corporation study looked at this in detail before
8:20 pm
they changed the policy. we have a year of expense. experience. by the way, under your argument, you can also say that women may get pregnant, and they may incur additional medical cost, so we shouldn't allow women to serve in the military. >> tucker: i'm not arguing that. i'm arguing something very specific. don't liken it to another argument. any question that bears military readiness is a direct question. i'm a patriotic person. i would love to serve the country, but i'm too old. it takes me 27 minutes to run a 5k. i'm not qualified. the question is not what's empowering for me. it's what's good for the national defense. that's not the lens through which you are looking.nufi >> but kristin beck is qualified, you are attacking. >> tucker: it's frustrating speaking with ideologues like you becausee everything you disagree with is an attack on
8:21 pm
somebody. >> you're defending a policy that would remove a decorated member. >> tucker: you know what you are. you are posing as a rational person. i'm trying to have a rational telling me iu are am attacking a navy seal. you should be ashamed for using the lowo tactic. >> it is a fact that she would not be allowed to serve. >> tucker: did not serve as a transgender. >> the fact of the matter is that we -- >> tucker: this is why we can't solve problems.s. because what you're doing is spewing propaganda. i'm asking honest questions and you are throwing back dumb propaganda in my face and calling me a bigot. >> yound have to own the implication of the position you support. >> tucker: you know what? speak of people being separated for an arbitrary reason. >> tucker: you know what, this is why the pentagon didn't announce it themselves today. because this policy has very limited support in thet pentago, but they are afraid because
8:22 pm
demagogues like you, they are going to be attacked for saying what is obvious, which is the point ofth the military is to win wars. saying that will get people like you to call them bigots. >> that's my standard. we want to winin wars, and the people who are serving with distinction are part of that. by the way, they are earning thosear benefits that we are providing to them. they are earning it by putting their lives on the line. a they're doing more than you and i will ever will, and before you go after them, i think you should own that. >> tucker: thanks. debbie wasserman schultz employed a pakistani i.t. person for months. apparently tried to flee the country. mark steyn is here to discuss the question next. plus more from our interview with the vice president coming up. and automatic payments. which saves paper. which saves money. they offer home and auto coverage, so you can bundle your policies.
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8:27 pm
>> it's about everything that the democrats and the media have spent months trying to prove that the russia investigation is about. everything they've looked for and tried to find in russia investigation is going on under their noses in this particular story. we have computer interference. we have, as you said, a powerful political figure to trying to interfere with the federal investigation. as debbie wasserman schultz did when she threatened the head of the capitol we have actual criminal elements.ea this guy was arrested trying to flee the country. we have interference fromm foreign politicians. these guys were given $100,000 by a prominent iraqi politicians in other words, everything that they have been looking for in the russia investigation and failed to find is actuallyev staring them in the face. with this mysterious guy, and that's before the more obvious
8:28 pm
problems with the story, which is how does one guy from pakistan, his wife, their two brothers, and at least one of their sisters-in-law end upup providing i.t. services for dozens of democrats, powerful figures. that in itself is actually pretty unusual. >> tucker: it is. it's an odd story from start to finish, and maybe weirdest is even after this guy was under ar public cloud, even after debbie wasserman schultz had threatened, apparently, the capitol police looking into it, this news story -- he worked for her until yesterday? why would she do that? >> he was arrested at dulles airport on monday night. she terminated his employment, which was, by the way at the expense of you and i and every other taxpayer, on tuesday. most of the other democrat
8:29 pm
congressmen for who this family worked, they got rid of this family, both the wife and brother-in-law and so on, back at the end of february, beginning of march. occam's razor would suggest that the reason she kept him on was that because she was additionally head of the dnc, he had too much on her. that's the basic explanation. t he knew her ipad password, which means, by the way, you might no longer need to worry about whether vladimir putin gave the dnc emails to the wikileaks guy at the colombian embassy or whatever it is in london. never mind that. the fellow arrested at dulles airport trying to flee actually had debbie wasserman schultz's password, and there's so much collusion going on here that debbie actually colluded with a guyol fleeing by giving him the password herself.
8:30 pm
so if the ever-expanding investigation, bob mueller would like something else to send his hillary donors to work on, they can wrap this thing up in the next 48 hours. it's all staring them in the face.a >> tucker: we referenced earlier the threat that she made against capitol police in this. that's a pretty strong thing to say about someone. i think we actually have tape of this in case anyone doubts. here's debbie wasserman schultz. >> my understanding, the capitol police are not able to confiscate members' equipment when the member is not under investigation. i think you are violating the rules when you conduct yourr businessth that way. i think there will be consequences. >> tucker: ooh. there will be consequences says the member of congress to the person who works for her. >> that's a powerful housese committee member threatening law enforcement, saying if you know what's good for you you are going to return what she calls
8:31 pm
"my laptop" which is in effect a laptop that this guy, the guy that is borrowing money from iraqi politicians and whatnot, is in control and under the supervision of the guy who was arrested. and she's threatening -- again, this isn't like trump saying obliquely to jim comey, "can yoi assure me that my hopes that i will always have your loyalty." it's nothing anything oblique as hope and loyalty, she's saying give me this piece of evidence in a criminal investigation or you guys are going to get it. >> tucker: she's not a master of the oblique. >> what's interesting is, this guy, his wife, the brothers-in-law, the brother and sister-in-law, they've made $5 million, it's estimated, because the democrats as we know require highly specialized computer services.
8:32 pm
you have to be able to go to homeme depot, buy the biggest hammer,ut and that costs money. these guys made $5 million and they're still borrowing money from iraqi >> tucker: mark, great to see you tonight. straight repeal failed today. seven republicans joined democrats to defeat it. mitch mcconnell's final option is to get 50 senators to support for some kind of replacement bill. we asked of the vice president about the repeal effort,me and here's what he said. >> tucker: so you all had aso tough time, you've been working hard to wrangle votes from republicans in the congress and you cast therd tie-breaking vote yesterday. "the wall street journal" had a piece the other day saying that members of congress and their staffs have a separate arrangement. they have an exemption to some of the requirements of obamacar obamacare. they get a subsidy for their
8:33 pm
health care. it's possible by administrative decree to and the special treatment. the president could do that. are you planning to do that? >> vice president pence: what we are planning to do is keep our promise to the american people. president trump made it clear throughout the campaign last year. we were going to repeal and replace the disastrous failure of obamacare.we every promise that was made to pass obamacare seven years ago, when i was a member of congress, turned out to be a lie. they said you like your doctor you can keep it. you like your health insurance you, can keep it. they said the cost of health insurance would go down. every single one of those proved to be false, and the president and i met just a few days ago at the white house with families that are bearing the burden of rising premiums and the lack of insurance, the lack of ability to choose your doctor. the president absolutely determined this week to continue to hold congress accountable, and we couldn't be more gratefuo for the leadership in the house that moved legislation to repeal and replacee obamacare, and we
8:34 pm
are grateful for all the members of the senate who moved us forward. the debate is going on even as we speak. we are not going to rest until we give people a fresh start on health care.e. >> tucker: most people would be for that, but why should members of congress and their staffs have a better deal, not be subject to the same rules that everybody h else is? >> vice president pence:l, again, that's pretty typical in washington, d.c. isn't it? over the years, you more often than not see one set of rulesn' for the american people and one set of rules for the political class here in our nation's capital.eo but as we move forward, the point is o that whether the president makes the decision it would be his decision. whether to rescind that special treatment for members of what we want is a health care system that works for all american people. >> tucker: doesn't mean cheaper coverage?
8:35 pm
a larger percentage of the population covered? better health care outcomes? if you get in the primary goal of the replace part of the deal, what it would be? >> vice president pence: i think the primary goal, first, is to give people freedom over their own health care choices. right now it's amazing to think, at the center of obamacare is a requirement that every american buy health insurance whether they want it or need it or not. if they don't buy health insurance, the government orders them to do, they have to pay a fine to the federal government. 6.5 million americans paid a fine to the government because their choices in health insurance they were are being forced to buy were so bad. i've heard from those families, the president hears from those families all across the country. first is the freedom to the american people to make their own health care choices. the second is restoring the kinc of free market that will allow the health insurance innovation to happen to bring down the cost of health insurance for every american. senator ted cruz and others have
8:36 pm
worked on legislation to give people wider choices. the president is determined, before we are done with this process, and maybe this willre take another bill after this one, to give people the ability to buy health insurance across state lines. and lastly, what we want to do is end the one-size-fits-all medicaid for our most vulnerable population. the president believes the time has come for us to get done, give states the ability toha reform medicaid the way we did when i was governor of indiana. in ways that will better meet the needs of our most vulnerable people. >> tucker: sounds like choice is the main goal. >> vice president pence: giving people freedom, giving them more choices, lower cost insurance and allowing states to innovate and be creative about the way -- >> tucker: but if after a year or two of giving people more choices, millions fewer americans had health insurance, would that be worth it? >> vice president pence: well, it's -- the very essence of living in a free society is
8:37 pm
people get to make their own decisions. but the president and i truly believe that if you lower the cost of health insurance, if you give americans more choices ins. health insurance, that more americans will choose more employers will choose to have and offer health insurance to their employees and have health insurance for their families. h the reality is today, president obama promised that health insurance would go down by $2500 a year.t they've gone up by more than that amount, on average around the country. it's hurting families, it's driving people away from being able to afford health insurance. the president and i believe that more choices, more freedom, more free market principles, and more state flexibility is going to meet the needs of our health care economy in the 21st century. >> tucker: my last question is a political one. if all of that is true, why can't republicans in the congress see that? why are so many saying i can't vote for this version because i don't want to pay the cost at
8:38 pm
the next election? >> vice president pence: i think the president and i are very encouraged by how many members of the house and senate are saying yes. >> tucker: but the ones that are afraid, what are they afraid of? >> vice president pence: the house of representatives laboreb through a very challenging process. the president talked about the fact that obamacare is dead. the system is collapsing around us. there's the old saying that it's hard to turn a big ship at sea, but it's actually hard to turn a sinking ship, tucker, and that's what obamacare is. the reality is members of congress have been workingt' carefully, we've been very carefully compromising for the majorities in the house, and now in the senate to move the debate forward. it's all about making sure that as we transition back to free market, to a system of state-based innovation and reform, it would make sure it happens in an orderly way as the president committed during the campaign, and americans relying on health insurance today can know that there is going to be a system in place, the ability
8:39 pm
through tax credits and other opportunities for them to have even more affordable health insurance that they can choose. >> tucker: mr. vice president, thank you for that. >> vicehe president pence: good to be with you, tucker. >>es tucker: remember the mysterious trump dossier? the one from russia? it's never been for a lot of people, it is proof that the president colluded with the dastardly vladimir putin. next up, we will be talking to a man who says that that is the product of a professional smear artist. around that cigarette when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood
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>> tucker: january was just six months ago, but it may as well be a century back. if you can remember all the way back to january. you may recall the existence of an unverified dossier stating that the president was once comprised by russian intelligence in some pretty flagrant ways. there's no proof any of that was accurate. but the dossier is still a key piece of proof that the president colluded with russia according to a lot of people.
8:44 pm
thor halverson is the president of the human rights foundation, he recently testified to congress that the dossier was theo work of professional smear experts. he knows this because they targeted him as well. good to see you tonight, thor. why did they go after you? >> well, fusion gps, they try and promote themselves as a sort of opposition research or strategic intelligence firm. when really what fusion gps is, it's a company that sells itself to the highest bidder to bring together smear campaigns. to try to destroy honest, good people who go against their clients. in my case it was whistleblowing against a group of criminal venezuelans operating a company called derwick associates that sold 12 faulty electric plantsat in venezuela. they had no experience before, they had nothing to do with the sector, and yet they gotc $3 billion worth of business in venezuela of which they skimmed around $2 billion. and then they hired fusion gpsus
8:45 pm
to go after those of us who were opposing them and blowing the whistle on them. >> tucker: personally, >> very personally. imagine waking up one day and seeing a headline and a friend's -- fringe website that says that i am a neocon scam artist. then you read the article that it says that i am there in some twitter and facebook posts, that i sleep with children, that i'm a heroin addict, that i've been to rehab. it says i'm in embezzler. imagine everything -- imagine accusations that are so horrible that being innocent isn't enough. accusations so horrible you can -- can't explain them. that is what fusion gps -- that's what they specialize in. >> tucker: so they literally did that to you? >> yes. they literally did this to me. i'm not the only person that they did this to.
8:46 pm
they also did it to an investigative blogger in london also following the exact same case, and it was the same accusations. it was drug addiction, pedophilia, in his case they threw drug trafficking anddo rape and a few other things, these are not good people. these people who used to be serious journalists and are now trading their credentials in exchange for a very high fees from criminals abroad.ll >> tucker: those are really awful things to say. we're almost out of time, but do you know who may have paid fusion gps to create this dossier on the president? >> i can't speak to the dossier about the president. i have zero knowledge about it. i haven't even read it. but i do have knowledge about fusion gps. what i hope is that the senate and the department of justice pursue them for fara violations, get to the bottom of each and every single entity that pays them. they try to cloak everything under attorney client privilege, they cloak it with lawyers. they are not good people. they are turning journalism into a sewer. they have a very long history of doing so. g
8:47 pm
>> tucker: for viewers who don't live here, fara is the foreign agent registration act, which iv a big deal. thor, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: the twilight zone? just reality. up next, we'll talk about a wisconsin company that is planning on putting microchips into the bodies of its own employees. stay tuned.
8:48 pm
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>> tucker: the terrifying future of every '80s science fiction movie has finally arrived. a vending machine company in wisconsin isr: offering to implt its employees physically in their bodies with microchips. three square market says the chips which are about the size
8:52 pm
of a grain of rice could be useh to access computers, operate printers, or buy goods from vending machines. todd westby is the owner of three square market. he welcomes us to the brave new world, and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on.s >> thank you for having me, tucker. glad to be here. >> tucker: so on the one hand, of course, i salute your american innovation. on the other hand, i shiver in horror at the level of control you'll have over your employees once you implant microchips in their bodies. why would you do that? >> well, that's really a misconception regarding the microchips. they are not gps devices. we cannot track them in the workplace at all. they are basically used for conveniences that happen at the workplace and around the world. they aren't tracking devices, and we can't trace them anywhere. >> tucker: leaving aside the fact thatth of course i don't believe you, why not give your employees cards? do they not have pockets in the
8:53 pm
clothing? why would you want to inject them with something like that? >> they have access to proximity cards which would do the same thing as the chip. they also have access to pin pads with four digit log-ins that will get them in the building. however, it's much more convenient to a lot of our employees, being a technology company, it's the convenience factor that our employees are really in favor of. >> tucker: do you tattoo them with anything? >> no, we do not. it's basically an implant that goes right beneath the skin between your thumb and your forefinger. >> tucker: if an employee had this implanted in his or her hand and then left your company, they quit, could you pull them back using the chip? could you instruct them to come back? >> no, we cannot. chances are they will probably keep the chip in because we have a lot of nonemployees that are actually going to be implanted with a chip on tuesday next
8:54 pm
week, along with, we've had calls from several hospitals, and about over 20 businesses that are very interested in getting this chip. >> tucker: now, you can change their opinions with these chips, or their thoughts with the chips? >> well, we don't change their opinions or thoughts about the all, no. there's no frequencies, no weird science that happens with it. it's an i.d. chip that has to be held within 6 inches of a proximity reader, and earlier you mentioned passwords and people having access to them, one of the benefits of this chip isg it literally eliminates passwords whatsoever anywhere within the business. you can log in with your microchip hand so that nobody knows your passwords, not even you. >> tucker: of course, i'm joking in a lot of my questions, but when you say there's no weird science inou this, we are just injecting a
8:55 pm
microchip in your body so you can use the printer. will you at least can see that there is some weird science? >> well, it is out there as far as technology goes, but so was the driverless car ten years ago. now we have people sitting in it without a driver. >> tucker: huh, that's still weird technology to me. last question, would you be comfortable if the government or amazon, same thing i guess, did this to you? >> they do it to the military right now. the government does. it's a huge tactical advantage out on the also with children and we had a country call us regarding kidnappings,il they are having a problem. so it's the next thing. >> tucker: i'm going to opt out, but thank you. i appreciate it. we will be right back. when i n a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time.
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9:00 pm
and especially groupthink. don't forget to dvr it if you haven't. "the five" is next. have a great night. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. here with lisa boothe, juan williams, tom shillue, and dana perino. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." there is a new multipronged effort to crack down on leaks in washington. coming up on "hannity" in an here is the preview clip with anthony scaramucci. >> some people are thinking we are naive. i know i am in a cesspool called washington or a swamp called washington. it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every leak bu


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