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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 27, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: your roomba could be spying on you. the company making robot vacuums reportedly thinking about selling the data to google. if you have a baby they might sell that information as well. heather: i had one of those. i couldn't get it to work. rob: you probably don't want it. heather: "fox & friends" starts now. >> it has been a busy week in washington i. in the senate republicans are making one last effort to pass a genuine appeal to obamacare. >> the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own healthcare choices again. >> unfortunately the president's efforts to make this country greater than ever before is under siege from a wave of leaks. >> some people think we are naive and when i said i'm going to get rid of the leaks. i know i'm in assess pool called washington. >> jeff sessions some of what he has been asking for. fox news is learning he will reportedly launch an investigation into those
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leaks. >> debbie was sermon schultz is in the awkward position of explaining why she employed pakistani it experts for months after he was linked to data theft and more. >> she is linked at every level to something that effects our national security. >> he would create more jobs for americans. today he announced fox con has announced to build a new plant in southern wisconsin. >> this is a great day for workers and manufacturers and for everyone who believes in the content and the label made in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a.
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♪ rocking in the u.s.a. ♪ brian: john mellencamp now back together with meg ryan. that's pretty good news. steve: he has been gone for a number of days. you picked a good time to come back nothing going on. brian: same day yesterday a repeat? steve: we have just been running last wednesday's show over and over. ainsley: how was your time off? brian: it was very interesting because i was able to go to indianapolis. i had no idea my daughter was going to drag out my stay in annapolis. >> we happened to announce it on air. >> are you the one in the national finals.
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ainsley: she made it all the way to the national finals didn't go to the last game. ainsley: everyone keeps coming up to her and saying did you win? she said no. she did well. steve: anyway, i mentioned there is a lot going on in the world. let's see what the "new york times" is running with today. president trump, isis. fox con is building a big plant in the united states of america. brian: wait a second. steve, you are burying the lead. i think there is something there that needs some attention. brian: on the "new york post"? steve: are you talking about this program, the program you are watching, is according to the "new york times" the most powerful tv show in america. ainsley: do you know why, steve? because we have the best viewers. you guys are so awesome. thank you so much for waking up for us. brian: for the "new york times" to say that it must have been tough. those are the ads that are in the "new york times" as well as the "new york post" and hopefully your local paper. steve: as you pick up the paper today you will find it
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today in some of the great newspapers. in the meantime the big story today here on the most powerful tv show in america. what is going on exactly in the u.s. senate regarding healthcare? remember, so many people who are in the senate on the republican side ran for re-election and said, you know, if i get the chance, i will vote to repeal it and yesterday they got their chance. and yesterday, at least six flip flopped and went back on their promises. brian: this was a clean repeal bill. we will repeal it and two years get around to replacing it. this was something that rand paul promised this is what they got a vote. in the end it failed miserably. ended up with 46 votes. who who didn't vote for it that voted the first time. lamar alexander of tennessee. shelley moore capito of west virginia. dean heller of nevada. senator john mccain, senator lisa mur cow is i and rob
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portman of ohio. they didn't want a clean repeal. we will find out if they want a clean repeal and replace when they put together the so-called skinny version or opportunity for it to go forward and essentially it's this. put together a version that's going to be simple and then get it to conference where the house and senate will work out a plan. ainsley: heard of the skinny girl marguerite attachment it's skinny girl obamacare. appeal tax on medical devices and it would not cut medicaid. steve: right. the problem is insurers say if you don't mandate young people buy it you will go into that death spiral. none the less,. brian: which we're in right now. steve: we are in it right now there was that bipartisan group. five republican governors and five democrat governors the skinny version we don't like that either. anthony scaramucci was on the program yesterday.
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we asked him about the fact that jeff sessions, it sounds like is going to be opening an investigation into leaks. and then very interestingly enough, mr. scaramucci posted this tweet late in the day and it goes like this. brian: essentially the tweet is in response to the fact that the financial disclosures were not classified until late august got leaked out yesterday. instead of sitting back and playing defense he played offense. ainsley: in light of the leak of my financial disclosure information which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department #swamp @ reince 45. he is saying that the senior people are the ones leaking. they are asking the junior people work for them to go out and do the leaking. steve: regarding that particular tweet, as soon as he sent that out people are going hey wait a minute he put fbi and reince in there. is he suggesting that reince priebus is the leaker? because that's what it looked like. then what he did was came out with a later tweet and it
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included a frame grab from ax gross where the headline said scaramucci appears to want priebus investigated by the fbi. he tweeted the second tweet last night. ainsley: he said wrong. tweet was public notice that all leakers that are sr. administration officials are helping to end illegal leaks @ reince 45. brian: leaking out the most vital secrets of the administration. things that tactically could help them be successful as if somebody on the inside is working against somebody on the outside. somebody on the inside is working against the president so he is not successful. here is anthony scaramucci last night with sean hannity before a lot of this came out. >> some people think that we are naive and what i have said i'm going to get rid of the leaks. i know i'm in assess pool called washington or a swamp called washington. so it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every leak. i think we can take dramatic
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steps to get rid of leaks. one of the big things i'm discovering is the senior people are the ones doing the leak and asking junior people to leak for them. i'm very proud to be reporting directly to the president so that i can her medically seal off the comms team from the process. brian: not inheriting somebody's problem or people. ainsley: he has been saying once we find out who these people are we will be connecticuting the fbi. putting pressure on jeff sessions to go after these leakers and go after the hillary clinton email scandal. steve: so, after mr. scaramucci put up that second tweet then last night in the middle of the night, he deleted it so what's going on? we're going to have kellyanne conway on the program a little later on. and we will see if we can get something from her. brian: that's what happens to when you put a guy always on the offensive much like the president in charge of something so important much like communications. let's talk about what's
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happening with the attorney general. we know the president has been very aggressive and supportive about him recusing himself and not going after hillary rodham clinton. we know he doesn't like the new acting fbi director. why wasn't he log heavily into his donations that his wife was making towards the democrats. and the vice president yesterday kind of defended the president when it comes to the attorney general. he is in a tough position. he is very, like a lot of republicans, very friendly with the attorney general. ainsley: here is what he had to say last night. >> i think the president has been very candid that he is disappointed. >> right. >> with the attorney general's decision to recuse himself and to not know about his intention to do so before he was condition firmed. the washington way is to talk behind people's backs. but that's not president donald trump's approach. the great thing about this president you always know where you stand. i think what the american people like about this president he speaks candidly. he speaks openly.
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that doesn't mean we don't recognize the good work the justice department has been doing under the attorney general's leadership. taking on ms-13 gangs, removing them from the streets. confronting sanctuary cities. rolling back that policy across the country. brian: no question that getting rid of attorney general jeff sessions would be a disaster. on top of that even senator grassley last night said listen, if you are going to put a new attorney general up there we won't touch it for months we can't fit it into the agenda. senator sessions has democrats going almost comical. almost has democrats defending him. the ones that were critical are going how dare he. steve: recess appointment of a new attorney general when congress is out of town. and the white house says that is just more fake news from amazon "the washington post." on to a fox news alert right now. horror striking the ohio state
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fair left one person dead and a number of others who are fighting for their lives this morning. brian: a ride breaking apart 30 feet in the air. ainsley: look at that picture right there. you can see it on the bottom. rob schmitt joins us live with details. rob? >> this is just a horrible story. a lot of family fun turning into a scene of carnage on opening day at the ohio state fair in columbus. one of the largest state fairs in the country. the spinning and swinging ride. it's known as the fireball. you can see it right there the moment that one of those rows of seats break part from the ride. the entire row snapping off in the air as it swings around and it sends riders through the air plummeting them to the ground. the video too disturbing it show in its entirety. >> it just flew off. the whole thing flew off. her leg hit -- her leg hit flew her whole leg and then -- hit the ground. wasn't breathing. rob: it really shook that
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young lady up. and we understand why. an 18-year-old man was killed right there at the scene. seven others were hurt. three survivors are in critical condition at this hour. ohio's governor john kasich emotional while addressing what happened. >> it's a very, very tough situation when you go somewhere to celebrate and have a great time and you're with friends and sometimes with family and the fair is about the best things in life. rob: governor kasich ordering all rides to be shut down for additional safety inspections. fair officials who call the fireball one of the most popular thrill rides that they have say it passed all inspections prior to this malfunction. that's a scary thought and has been at fairs nationwide for the past 15 years. this 12-day fair will be back open this morning. but nobody will be allowed on any ride as they try to figure out exactly how this happened. guys, send it back to you. steve: awful story out of
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ohio. ainsley: when you say 18-year-old man. just barely. really young boy. just 18 years old. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. jillian you have breaking news you are covering. jillian: let's get right to it one person in custody after a woman found dead on luxury cruise ship. the 39-year-old passing away on the memo rald princess. after a domestic dispute. charges could be announced a few hours. the cruise was on a week long trip that left seattle on sunday. how about this. getteget ready to pull out all r electronics at the airport. the tsa will ask all travelers to pull out all devices and put them in a bin by themselves it will give screeners a better picture. coming weeks and months. a look at your headlines and send it back to you. steve: small price to pay it be safe. jillian: leave yourself a few
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extra minutes. ainsley: thanks, jillian. president trump doubling down on a key campaign promise. >> don't even think about it. we will build the wall. [cheers] ainsley: how close is congress to funding it? g.o.p. texas congressman and rules committee chair pete sessions -- [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. previously treated withd platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer.
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brine brian president trump promised mexico would pay for the wall a new report claims your taxpayers will get it started. joining us to discuss it g.o.p. texas congressman and
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rules committee chairman pete sessions. chairman, great to see you. how did you work into defense spending 1.6 billion to start the border wall? >> brian, as you know, the texas delegates has been pushing congress to make sure that we protected not just our southern borders but that we did the right thing to support president trump in his ability to ensure that we build the necessary wall or other parts that will protect this border. what we did is took a an amendment and added it to the appropriations bill that will move onto the senate. we have four aproppations bills. brian: how have you made this kill-proof. what have you done legislatively to keep the critics at bay. >> the critics came at us last night and, of course, the democrats, our friends, do not
3:19 am
want anything to do with donald trump or the wall. this actually is -- comes as a direct request from the border patrol agents and those people who are down trying to protect not only the united states from illegals entering this country, but also drug cartels and lots of traffic along our southern border. this was a common sense idea. not just a great idea from donald trump. protect it. protect it we're going to have to get it all the way through the senate. britain brine chairman, i know that you have a partiality towards texas. where would you like to see the 1.6 billion spent to start it most effectively. what needs it the most? >> what needs it the most is there are four piece parts to the one page bill that was added in to this defense appropriations bill. that was some 32 miles in the lower valley, some 35 miles in the you were valley of texas. 12 miles outside of san diego
3:20 am
as a reinforcement to the wall that's there, the fence that's there and then the rest of the money of the 1.6 billion for the architectural plan to design the rest of the wall that's necessary. brian: chairman, i think you realize some other republicans might not, that the american people, wasn't -- the american people liked when president trump said build the wall. they didn't have anything against anybody in south or central america. they just wanted security for the united states of america. at least you are taking action on it and we will see what happens. thanks so much for getting up early for us and beating everyone to the punch. >> let's do it. thanks, brian. brian: 20 minutes after the hour. epidemic that claims 21 american hives every day. one company is taking on with a nasal spray. how it works when the man who started the company joins us started the company joins us next. ♪
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steve: some quick head lions starting with a fox news alert. president trump vowing to take a hard line with iran, pushing for inspections of suspicious military sites. that is according to the associated press. the move, a more aggressive approach to prevent the middle eastern country from obtaining nuclear weapons. and, a frightening new warning to americans traveling to mexico. beware of tainted booze. that's right. the state department advising tourists to drink in moderation and seek medical attention if they feel sick. the advisory comes after several reports of tourists blacking out or even dying at mexican resorts because of alcohol they consumed. all right. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, steve. it is a major crisis in our country. 91 americans die every single day from opioid overdoses
3:25 am
between 2010 and 2015 heroin related deaths more than tripled. and in 2015, 12.5 million americans misuse prescription opioids. one company is trying to combat this epidemic. they have developed a simple fda approved nasal spray that prevents overdose deaths. you can buy this at a drugstore. they are now working on a vaccine to heroin overdoses. dr. crystal thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: tell us what your company is doing. >> we are a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on addictions and the product that we are very proud that we have brought is the narcan nasal spray that contains meloxin it saves patient's lives when they overdose on opioid. they aloy you to buy it through the pharmacist.
3:26 am
different types of laws in each state. ainsley: nasal spray can save someone's life. >> save someone's levee. easy to use because you can take it out of the packet and spray it what's really good about this. you don't have to wait for the paramedics or get to the er before you have the drug on board and it saves lives that way. ainsley: one of their family members and see you if you are out cold because you overdosed they can save you. now working on vaccine for heroin overdoses. >> not just overdose itself but look at addiction in the broadest sense. heroin addiction is a terrible disease. and to have a vaccine to prevent the effects of heroin. early stage. what we as a company pipeline of products. products to tweet alcohol use disorder and eating disorders where there is addictive behavior towards food as well. ainsley: what do you do for those diseases. >> we work on class of drugs
3:27 am
called opioid antagonist. focus on delivering these drugs through the nose. can you get these into the brain very quickly. by getting them into the brain quickly block the reward from whether it's alcohol or food high and sugar fat or salt which releases endorphins. the brain produces in response to taking on these compounds. ainsley: you were telling me on the break you are from the u.k. >> yes. ainsley: is this a problem all over the world or more of an american problem. >> it's a great question. we do have addictions throughout the world, unfortunately. it's a disease. it doesn't pick one country over the other. however, here in the united states we have a really serious problem with prescription opioid medication. several reasons that we can go into if we had more time. really what we find is people receive opioid prescription, perhaps a 30 day supply of drugs such as percocet, oxycontin often for surgical procedures, such as a
3:28 am
tonsillectomy. when i was a surgeon working in the u.k. if i did a tonsillectomy on the adult. we would give something like acetaminophen and ibuprofen and perhaps encourage the patient to eat ice cream. here it's different. ainsley: thank you for drawing attention to this problem. 91 people will die in the "u.s.a. today." thank you for doing something about it as a parent, if my daughter ever faced something like, this you would save her life. i appreciate it thank you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: president trump's ban on transgender serving in the united states military. johnny joey jones who lost both of his legs in afghanistan is going to give his thoughts on this. his country recently gave $8 million to a terrorist. now canadian prime minister justin trudeau gracing the cover of rolling stone with the question can he be our president? first, actress mya rudolph.
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this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business ainsley: yesterday, after president trump announced his ban on transgender people serving in the military. brian: the opposition from the left came swiftly. >> transgender service members are serving with distinction and there is not a reason on earth that you would kick them out of the military except for prejudice. >> the president is sanctioning discrimination. our nation is not safer when we sanction discrimination.
3:33 am
this disgusting ban will weaken our military. brian: joining us now to react is retired u.s. marine corps bomb technician johnioy jones. he lost both his legs in afghanistan. great to see you. i'm wondering what you thought of the president's tweet yesterday that launched this big debate. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. first of all, the question at hand is do transgender people have a place in our military. it's are we making this change based on social justice or social politics or are we making this change based on efficiency of the personnel in our military. that's where all of these questions have to originate. we do very little in the united states military to make people feel good or to accommodate. that's just our culture. our culture is mission accomplishment and efficiency. that's not to say that transgender people shouldn't be allowed in the military. it's to say that when we make that change, just like females in combat roles, we have to do it with a plan. we have to take our time.
3:34 am
do phases because that's what the military is used to doing. and make that change and execute it in a way that creates a positive environment for everyone involved, to include the transgender people. that is not what the obama administration did. that was the 11th hour shot across the bough of social conservatism as an attempt to preserve some attempt of legacy of change and it didn't work. that's the problem at hand. steve: it sound like you were suggesting that president obama suggested this because it was political. but you mentioned a couple times efficiency with the military regarding this. what are you talking about? >> well, at the end of the day, say for females in combat roles. most marines in the combat unit are 30 to 60 males in a squad bay. they all sleep in the same room and shower in the same shower. to put a female into that squad is to double the resources and double the infrastructure. those are the nuts and bolts and perhaps the financial obligation in something like transgender integrate.
3:35 am
but even beyond that our most valuable asset, our small unit leaders and their time is really where the disruption would be from this policy. it's not to attack transgender people or their patriotism at all. there aren't enough people in this country willing to lay their life down for it and we should honor that at the same time our small unit leaders have a hard enough job as it is today fighting a war that we sometimes don't understand. they don't need more stress and more opportunity to make bad decisions thrown into their lives. we have to do this right and that takes time. and that is not what the obama administration policy did. right on the heels of incident grating women into combat roles, too much change too quickly only yields a bat product and bad environment and toxic culture. if there are 10 service members that don't understand transpeople. that's 10 service people giving them the opportunity to make a mistake before we even educate them. that's the kind of stuff we have to look out for. has nothing to do with the
3:36 am
actual trans people. ainsley: this has been a big headline in the military. did you talk to your fellow marines? and if so what were they saying about the headline yesterday. >> when you enter into a brotherhood and raise your right hand to serve your country, it's amazing. you enter into a diverse world of people that are stripped down to being nothing more than human beings and then marines or then soldiers, sailors, airmen. so you learn to accept any and all kinds of people because you are in this together. there are trans people that i know and love because they served their country. there is a flip side of this coin is that those people enter into a safe and conducive environment through this policy. i just don't believe that's so. i believe these are the types of things, huge cultural things that take time. our military does some things really well. we kill evil people really well. we mobilize well. other things like changing 250-year-old policy, we don't do that very well at all. that's the kinds of reservations we have on
3:37 am
policies like. this. brian: when you talk about transgenders it's estimated .2%, 2450 are transgender. and in reserves, the same thing, .2% in reserves. the question is maybe you can get in and talk about who is serving already effectively as opposed to who is coming. in number two is who is paying for the surgery? i don't think the american taxpayers are comfortable paying for elective surgery. last surveyed 23% of voters say transgenders enlistment is good for the military. so that means for people inside and out. >> well, david wrote in the national review why does trump do the right thing wrong so many times. we should not allow the word ban into any policy change we are making right now considering what's happening over the travel ban. so when you make this policy change. you have to present it in a way perhaps not through tweets, maybe, you have to present it in the way that shows the actual problem. i don't buy it's a financial
3:38 am
burden. our military pretty much keeps an unlimited budget for a good reason. but a more valuable asset, is time and intellectual resources and that's where it really burdens our small unit leaders and our military. that's where we need to focus group or plan this change and integrate it in a good way. that's not what we have done. and for that reason it's a bad policy and i applaud president trump standing up to that. there needs to be more context when you make these changes. you need to start off by applauding their service and patriotism and either make a commitment to do this the right way or explain that we have other things like fighting a few wars we need to focus our leaders on. steve: a lot of details we don't yet have. johnny joey jones we thank you for joining us today from the stiff atlanta. ainsley: thank you for your service. >> absolutely, thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for you. jillian: good thursday morning to you. a plane crashes on a busy highway? utah exploding into a fireball and killing everyone on board:
3:39 am
>> a plane just crashed literally right next to riverdale road. >> a plane just crashed. >> a plane. it went nose first straight down into the ground. jillian: can you see the fiery wreckage near salt lake city. the small plane missed several cars as it barreled across lanes of traffic it went down shortly after takeoff, still unclear why. the state of ohio puts a child killer to death in its first execution in three years. and now we know the man's last words. ronald phillips put to death for murdering and sexually assaulting his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter more than 20 years ago. in his final statement he said, quote: i know that sheila marie didn't deserve what i did to her. the girl's family was there to see the execution. her aunt said she couldn't forgive him. rolling stone magazine's latest cover is taking the internet by storm. take a look at this. canadian prime minister justin trudeau featured on the cover with the caption "why can't he be our president?"
3:40 am
the article hour his views on policies as healthcare differ from president trump's. many on social media say they are boycotting the imagine zen. the issue is set to hit stands on august 10th. guys, as i send it back to you. i'm sure we're that's not the last we are going to hear about magazine cover. brian: i thought it was about music. steve: it used to be in the olden days. why can't he be our president? it's easy. he wasn't born in the united states. have you got to be 35 and born in the united states. after that anybody can be president. brian: such a short article if they gave it to you. steve: meanwhile, janice dean also canadian. brian: you cannot be president. janice: thank you for telling me that if you talk to my mom, justin trudeau could have been my stepbrother. steve: she told that story on cooking with friends day. janice: google it. look how good he is.
3:41 am
he is going to be coming up in mega morning deals. is he going to help do the weather. take a look at the dog days of summer. it's going to be rough out there across the midwest and the mid-atlantic. look at the temperatures still very warm across the central u.s. the dog days of summer. get it? here is the past 12 hours. showers and thunderstorms across the four corners. you are so good, teddy. oh, look, there he is doing the weather. >> the northeast we could see showers and thunderstorms later on this weekend for our summer concert series tomorrow. i think we are going to escape the rain. i'm going to hopefully stand by my forecast and make sure that the rain doesn't get in here until maybe saturday and then there is your heat advisories for those dog days of summer. you are so good, teddy. january. ainsley: we are talking about the mega morning deals. can you take him home for a price? janice: i wish i could. i think he is going to be modeling doggy fashion. ainsley: that's a good piece.
3:42 am
steve: forecast going to be a wet one looking like. learning more about the it staff who worked for debbie wasserman schultz as he was arrested and charged with branch fraud as he skipped the country. why didn't the congressman refuse to fire him. ainsley: from the west wing to the dance floor. what outgoing press secretary might have lined up for his next gig ♪ it's not about the money, money, money. ♪ we don't need your money, money, money ♪ we just want to make the world dance ♪ forget about the price tag ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am.
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3:45 am
the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. steve: sounds like a movie plot. congressional aide arrested at the airport and charged with bank fraud. this isn't the first time he caught the eye of law enforcement.
3:46 am
he was reportedly banned from the house server network in the u.s. congress after becoming a suspect in a criminal investigation into theft. and it abuses. despite all this, he remained a staff for debbie wasserman schultz until his arrest. luke roseack is an investigative reporter for daily caller has been investigating this. are you surprised this guy got stopped on a plane bound out of the country and charged with bank fraud, luke? >> i wasn't surprised. on sunday night i published a story for the daily caller saying that the fbi was closing in on this guy and they had confiscated some hard drives from his house. the very next day he tried to board a plane to pakistan and the fbi, as i had reported, was surveying their house and they closed in on him and they arrested him. they weren't expecting him to flee. they had to get some place
3:47 am
holder charges including bankruptcy fraud together to basically detain and take his passport and put a g.p.s. monitor on him. steve: very good. in reading your reportage on, this it's very clear that this guy allegedly did a lot of shady stuff. but it was the access to very powerful democrats that has a lot of people worried. >> yeah the it guy he set up email accounts for members of congress for dozens ever them so he could read any emails sent and received by all these members of congress. several dozen including members of very sensitive committees. and he could get any files that were on their hard drive. steve: right. explain this to me. the dnc refused the attempts by the fbi to get at their email server. is this somehow connected to that? >> no. but there are parallels in that capitol police have been investigating this breach since february. they found a laptop that was
3:48 am
hidden in an abandoned office building in a house. they seize seized it. debbie wasserman schultz in very bizarre exchange threatened capitol police said that's my laptop you are not allowed to see it. you have to give it back. steve: why wouldn't she want to turn the laptop over. >> we don't know it could happen to anyone that you hire a guy that turns out to be a bad guy. if that happens you want to make sure that they can have the evidence to prosecute him. especially if you are someone in her position where have you been burned before by these cyber issues. steve: okay. luke, his attorneys have put out this particular statement regarding your reporting and others, it says the attacks on mr. anwan became as bigotry. for months we have had statements slandering him and not just coming from the altra right wing pizza gate media but from sitting members of congress.
3:49 am
we are confident that he will soon be able to clear his name and get on with his life. what do you make of that? >> let me tell you, the only people defending these guys are members of congress and their own lawyers. their own father changed his last name to avoid being associated with these guys because of their fraudulent behavior. their stepmom filed court paperwork in fairfax county, virginia saying they were wiretapping her and extorting her. she says they were using her to get at money that was hidden overseas in pakistan. and then those have been public comments for a while now. and then what this fbi affidavit filed on tuesday confirms is sure enough they were sending money to pakistan. steve: as people start to connect the dots, just out of curiosity, who is his lawyer. >> his lawyer is this guy chris did yo did you gowan longl aide to bill and hillary clinton. normally you would think the it guys on the hill would say he is a nobody he just plugs
3:50 am
into keyboards. wasserman schultz has been refusing to fire him. she has known is h. politico reported he is personal friends with wasserman schultz. not the typical relationship between members of congress and it guy. steve: let's hope they get to the bottom of it luke, thank you for joining us today. meanwhile, 10 minutes before the top of the hour. two big hours to come. dan bongino, kennedy, mark steyn and kellyanne conway all live. how would you like to save 60% 60%? we have the hottest deals of the summer on our plaza coming up. ♪ it's getting hotter ♪ and i just can't seem to get enough
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>> it has been a busy week in washington. in the senate republicans are making one last effort to pass a genuine appeal to obamacare. >> the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own healthcare choices again. >> unfortunately the president's efforts to make this country greater than ever before is under siege from a wave of leaks. >> some people think that we are naive and what i have said i'm going to get rid of the leaks, i know i'm in assess pool called washington. >> jeff sessions may be giving the president some of what he has been asking for. fox news is learning that he will reportedly launch an investigation into those leaks. >> debbie wasserman schultz is in the awkward position of
4:01 am
explaining why she employed a pakistani it expert for months after he was linked to major security breaches, fraud, data theft and more. >> debbie was sermon schultz has obstructed on every level that effects our national security. > president trump promised on the campaign trail he would create more jobs for americans. today he proudly announced that fox con has agreed to build a new plant in southwestern wisconsin. >> great day for american workers and manufacturers and everyone who believes in the concept and the label made in the u.s.a. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ keep on rocking in the free
4:02 am
world ♪ keep on rocking in the free world ♪ steve: come on in, studio f. this is "fox & friends," brian kilmeade is back from a couple of days away. brian: yes, i am. i just like reading the paper. steve: so does joel. our stage manager right over there, he is reading the "new york times," which oh, isn't that interesting? the most powerful tv show in america says the "new york times." ainsley: don't move your arm. lock, steve, you are pointing in that picture, look what is he doing right now. go ahead. you know what's interesting about this particular picture? picture? dave, come on in here. i'm pointing and we are all looking. i'm actually pointing at you because the tv monitor was on a different channel. it wasn't on programming. ainsley: steve loves to point at joel. brian: the "new york times"
4:03 am
might be joel's but i like "the new york post." ainsley: it's there, too. says so much about you at home. thank you so much for supporting us. we realize we have jobs because of you. we thank you so much for your support. steve: we do indeed. yesterday we had anthony scaramucci on this program. he was talking a little bit about how the administration was happy that apparently jeff sessions is going to start going after some leakers. and then several hours after that, online some of mr. scaramucci's personal financial information, we knew he was a rich guy and he made a lot of money in the last year or. so and suddenly, i think it was politico came out and had his financial disclosure stuff, which had not been release to the public. so somebody was leaking on him. ainsley: he was on the receiving end of the leak. steve: yes. britain brian supposed to be at the end of the month this was supposed to come out and do a background check. if he wanted to get a freedom of information request, he can go find out if you need to know what anthony scaramucci
4:04 am
was making. instead, this decides to come out, in order to i guess muddy the waters. he says no problem. i have an offense for this. he says this last night in a tweet. in light of the leak of my financial disclosure information, which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department, senator sessions expected to call, #swamp at reince 45. many people wonder does he think that reince priebus leaked it. ainsley: was the leaker? many people asking that. then he twets out wrong. tweet was public notice to leakers that all senior administration officials are helping to end illegal leaks at reince 45. and he said that he is talking to the communications department throughout the white house with different communications people and making sure they are on top of it as well. he said whoever is leak this is going to get fired. steve: in the first tweet, it sure looks like he is blaming reince priebus for some of the leaks, right? according to national journal they put out a report that
4:05 am
scaramucci himself did, in fact, report reince to the fbi. so even though that second tweet came out. he did report him to the fbi according to the national journal. then again, if you were watching hannity last night, this kind of makes sense. listen to this. and he talks about the leaks. >> some people think that we are naive and what i have said i'm going to get rid of the leaks, i know i'm in assess pool called washington or a swamp called washington. so it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every leak, but i think we can take dramatic steps to get rid of leaks. one of the big problems i'm discovering in the comm team the senior asking junior people to leak. i'm very proud to be reporting directly to the president so i can her medically seal off the comm team from this nonsense. brian: when anthony scaramucci -- is it true you
4:06 am
don't get along with priebus he said we are like brothers. are they like brothers really really tight or like kaine and abel where one kills another. steve: president trump wanted him to be part of the administration. stories go reince priebus stood in the way of mr. scaramucci joining the administration is it pay back? is there bad blood? we just know these tweets look like scaramucci is suggesting that reince priebus is a big leaker at the white house. ainsley: good for him. new guy in town. new sheriff, coming in saying i'm going to clean house. if you are leaking, we are going to catch you. steve: think about it this is almost like a house of cards things. if reince priebus were in fact the leaker. we don't know. that would be so significant that you would have the president of the united states out at the podium saying you know what? somebody is leaking in here and we are going to find out and months later it's revealed somebody high in your administration. that is heart-breaking. brian: other big story what's going on with attorney general jeff sessions. first established politician
4:07 am
to really endorse the president of the united states. now if you just read the president's twitter feed, you understand he has been under attack from this president who is very disappointed that he ended up recusing himself. a lot of legal experts said he had no choice. let's debate that he did not stop he used the word beleaguered was he pushing jeff sessions to be tougher across the board besides illegal immigration and crack down on crime across the country. was he wanting him to crack down on other things hillary clinton to maybe even the leaks in his administration. perhaps we have the first clue, because he seems to have taken a much tougher stance after the information was leaked about anthony scaramucci. he called on the fbi to take action. here's an example. ainsley: here is a statement from the doj spokesperson sarah flores. she says we have seen astonishing increase in the leaks of national security information in recent months. we agree with anthony that the staggering number of leaks are undermining the ability of our government to function and to
4:08 am
protect this country like the attorney general has said, whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail. and we will aimpressively pursue leak leak cases wherever they may lead. steve: so have you got the president talking about how he is disappointed in jeff sessions. and then you look at that and you wonder okay, was the president trying to push him to be firmer and go after leakers and stuff like that? if true, then it onl obviously worked. "the washington post had a story that apparently the president had consulted people in the administration. another one of those leaks, folks. that he was thinking about a recess appointment when congress gets out of town. appoint somebody new after he gets fired. the white house said that is not correct. then chuck grassley the guy who runs the senate judiciary committee yesterday said on our agenda we don't have room for that number one we're going to go ahead and confirm judges and subcabinet. no room for a new attorney general.
4:09 am
brian: to get rid of attorney general sessions would be a disaster for the administration. it would also break up a lot of -- it would create some fissures within the republican establishment. many of which gave another look at president trump when he was nominee trump because jeff sessions endorsed him. ainsley: vice president last night, he was defending the president about this. he was on with tucker last night. take a listen. >> i think the president has been very candid. that he is disappointed with the attorney general's decision to recuse himself and to not know about his intention to do so before weighs confirmed. the washington way is to talk behind people's backs. that's not president donald trump's approach. one of the great things about this president is you always know where you stand. and i think what the american people like about this president is he speaks candidly. he speaks openly. that doesn't mean we don't recognize the good work the justice department has been doing under the attorney general's leadership, taking
4:10 am
on ms-13 gangs, removing them from the streets. confronting sanctuary cities. rolling back that policy across the country. steve: so you can get the frustration from the administration. you know, had jeff sessions not recused himself, they wouldn't have a special prosecutor. the trump administration wouldn't be feeling all this heat if they had an attorney general who was not where we are right now. ainsley: tell us what you think about that. should he have recused himself? brian: legal expert said he had no choice. steve: meanwhile a fox news alert. horror striking the ohio state fair. at least one person is dead. a number of others fighting for their lives at this hour. ainsley: look at that look on the bottom right-hand side of your screen there this ride breaking apart 30 feet in the air. brian: rob schmitt tells us all about it been trying to get all the latest breaking details. rob: i watched the full video unedited startling to see how this wanted ha. families watching in horror as a tragedy unfolded right before their eyes at the ohio state fair in columbus.
4:11 am
one of the largest fairs in the nation. this swinging and spinning ride known as the fireball is seen breaking apart an entire arm of this ride that's holding a number of people snapping off and sending riders plummeting to the ground. the video too disturbing to show in its entirety. >> it just flew off. the whole thing flew off. her leg hit. when her leg hit, her leg just flew -- her whole leg and hit the ground. and he wasn't breathing. >> obviously a lot of people shaken up by. this 18-year-old young man killed at the scene. seven others injured. two of the survivors critically hurt. a third in critical condition at this hour. ohio governor john kasich emotional as he addressed what happened. >> it's a very, very tough situation when you go somewhere to celebrate and have a great time. and you are with friends and sometimes with family. you know, the fair is about
4:12 am
the best things in life. rob: governor kasich ordering all rides be shut down for additional safety inspections. fair officials, who called the fireball one of the most popular thrill rides they have say that it passed all inspections prior to this malfunction. the 12-day fair will be back open this morning. of course, nobody will be allowed on any rides as they check tore. makes you wonder again these inspections, what is an inspection? what is it comprised of? ainsley: most of us grew up going to the state fair. it can happen anywhere. rob: it can happen anywhere. have you no idea. it's scary. brian: thanks, rob. appreciate it jillian, have you a fox news alert. jillian: we are following more breaking news at this hour. charges are expected today after a woman is found dead on a luxury cruise ship. 39-year-old from utah passing away on the emerald princess following domestic dispute. on scene in alaska. one person in can you say today. the cruise is on a week long trip from seattle after hours of lockdown, now back on the water.
4:13 am
after weeks of surgeries, house majority whip steve scalise is out of the hospital. louisiana congressman is now beginning intensive inpatient rehabilitation. he was shot and critically wounded in a targeted attack when a gunman opened fire own a republican baseball practice. scalise is said to be in good spirits and is looking forward to getting back to work. that's a quick look at your headlines and we will have much more for you coming up in a little bit. brian: that's good news. steve: president trump following through on yet another campaign promise. details on the deal that will create 13,000 jobs for americans. brian: and are you sick of hearing about russia? hillary clinton isn't. she is writing a whole new book about it guess what, she blames russia for all her problems. thanks, vladimir. ♪ there is superstition ♪ writing on the wall ♪
4:14 am
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>> it's a great day for american workers and manufacturerring and for everyone who believes in the concept and the label made in the u.s.a. steve: president trump making good on one of his main campaign promises bringing jobs back to the united
4:18 am
states, unveiling a 10-million-dollar taiwanese investment a company called fox con creating 13,000 jobs in the state of wisconsin. here with reaction is fox news contributor and former trump advisory member steve cortez. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me, steve. >> why would, you know, silicon valley for the most part supports people on the political left. and, yet, here have you got their biggest supplier, apple's biggest supplier foxconn that builds all the stuff, they are moving to the united states. do you think that's because president trump during the campaign was talking about, look, carrier and ford, you better stay in the united states or build stuff here otherwise you are going to be in trouble. >> right. steve, i do think it's a combination of carrot and stick. the carrot being deregulation, tax cuts, a friendlier business environment but also the stick when necessary admonishing companies saying there are going to be consequence fuss continue to offshore. we are starting to see the
4:19 am
trend on shoring. isn't it glorious see massive investment in the state of wisconsin. a state which donald trump won against all odds in the presidential election and a state to whom he is now delivering economic benefits of jobs and investment. and you are so right. silicon valley is a place where i don't think the president is terribly popular but he should be. silicon valley should be throwing a parade for president trump because of what he is doing for the business environment of tech and by the way tech stocks are reacting positively and they have gone nuts ever since his election. steve: absolutely, going through the roof. then have you got the politics of it it's interesting the fact that wisconsin was a surprising win for the president of the united states. and now, 13,000 jobs at least are heading their way. >> right. you know, what the president saw, what the then candidate saw, that i think few people did, was that blue collar workers in the midwest have been hurting for decades. they have been ignored. they have felt left behind by a crony system that worked for
4:20 am
washington's benefit. but not to their benefit. and he saw that he spoke to them curing the campaign. i think it's the reason he won all these upset states, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. but it's not enough just to speak to them politically. you have to also deliver economically. and i think this is -- i call him president promise keeper. this is president promise keeper now delivering on the promise he made to them during the campaign that jobs and investment are on shoring back to the united states. steve: one of the things he said yesterday during the festivities at the white house was if hillary clinton would have won, they wouldn't have been bringing the jobs to the united states. >> right. no. absolutely. here's the thing. the business environment. i don't think he gets enough credit for this. the mainstream media is so fixated on russia right now. steve: do you think? >> they are not talking about what's happening in the economy. whether it's consumer confidence. ceo confidence. manufacturing surveys. the stock market. the economy steve. steve: , you are absolutely right.
4:21 am
>> in a major way. steve: thank you very much for reporting on that. steve cortez joining us from chicago. sir, thank you very much. meanwhile riots sparked on campuses nationwide to conserving trying to exercise free speech. ben shapiro joins us live next. esurance does insurance a smarter way. which saves money. they offer paperless billing and automatic payments. which saves paper. which saves money. they offer home and auto coverage, so you can bundle your policies. which saves hassle. which saves money. and they offer a single deductible. which means you only pay once when something like this happens.
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4:24 am
brian: time for news by the numbers. are are you ready? get dressed for this one. first $100,000 that's the amount of president trump's quarter salary donating to the heducation department. pay for science engineering and mathematics camp. yes there is math camp. 1.5 million how much wal-mart's plan will create in the united states where we live. 9 months that's amount of time since the chicago cubs won the world series.
4:25 am
chicago hospital seeing a baby boom with almost double the amount of delivery ares from this time last year. now to ainsley earhardt. ainsley: i love that story. brian: based on a true story. ainsley: thanks, brian. congressional committee will hear testimony on the issue of free speech or lack thereof on america's college campuses which has resulted in ugly protests like this one. ♪ chanting] racists go home. racists go home. ainsley: next guests one of many conservative voices feeling the anti-speech backlash on college campuses. set to testify later today to defend his wife. ben shapiro is host of the ben shapiro show. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: that california state. you were there. what happened. >> there was a near riot. they bused in people from outside. there were probably 300 to 400 students and protesters who decided to surround the auditorium where i was speaking. trying to assault people trying to get.
4:26 am
in police had to sneak people in the speech two at a time. i had to be escorted off campus by motorcycle guard. this is in the center of los angeles. and this is an institution -- this sort of thing has become unfortunately not super uncommon on campuses. most campuses are still safe for speakers but a few who are not. ainsley: there is a reason you what do you plan to say. >> congressional republicans are interested in promulgating some sort of legislation at some point to link federal funding for universities who their willingness to actually enforce the law. we have seen on campuses that there have been assaults. there have been acts of violence. there has been property damage. and very often the universities use that as an excuse to prevent conservatives from speaking on campus. they actually don't do anything about the crime that's being committed on their own campuses. the philosophy intersectionality that dominates the left leads to a
4:27 am
sensitivity on the part of students that often results in violent activity against people with whom they spree. that has to stop or we seoul see a complete shut down of free speech on campuses. ainsley: is there a danger of that people have different views. >> danger to conservatism and danger to the students. jonathan height says microaggression mentality this idea if i say something that quote unquote offends you and then you act out against me, this is something we ought to promulgate. the problem with that is it creates a generation of people mentally weak and damaged. if you are in search of being offended then you will lead much more unhappy life. not be able to stand up the real pressures of the world. left leaning students on campus opposing point of view and deal with facts they don't like. ainsley: do we need to being explore the ideology of these protesters to find out exactly why they are doing it? >> i think we have to look at what exactly they are being
4:28 am
told. what i have found is very often professors and administrators are telling students that if conservatives come in to campus they are not just conservatives, they are a member of the kkk. they are racist, and sexists and hobb hobby phobes. they have to create a safe space for each other. that ideology has t be looked at it runs deeper than we just don't like conservatives and want to keep them on campus. it runs into the chief philosophy of the over all left at certain points. ainsley: ben shapiro, have you a busy day today. thank you for joining us. good luck. it sounds like it should be making headlines everywhere. a staff who worked for debbie wasserman shultz arrested astride to flee the country. why isn't it a headline? dan bongino has an idea next. hillary clinton still wondering what happened in november. she just wrote a new book. any guesses? stick around.
4:29 am
♪ filled eyes with that double vision ♪
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makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah! brian: there is a new presidential tweet out at 28 minutes to the top of the hour it looks like this. come on republican senators, you can do it on healthcare. after seven years this is your chance to shine. don't let the american people down. i know the vice president working hard last night, yesterday, and the president has really not put the phone down. trying to push senators to do the right thing. and, also, listening to find out what they need. steve: right, because mitch mcconnell said to the president early on he said mr. president, i got it you don't have to do anything in public. so mitch mcconnell was the public face of it and the president of the united states was making many, many phone calls. steve: meanwhile, let's bring in former secret service agent. former new york police department officer and host of the broadcast renegade republican dan bongino.
4:33 am
good morning to you. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. steve: the president has healthcare on his mind because he would really love to see that win. but then you've got these six republican senators who, when they were running for re-election, they told anybody who would listen to them, lamar alexander, shelley moore capito, dean heller, john mccain and lisa murkowski and rob portman. if ever given the chance, i will vote to repeal obamacare. well, yesterday, they got the chance. and they said no. they flip flopped. what do you make of that, these republicans? >> well, you can thank these republicans for the demise of the republican party. you know, and i don't use those words lightly. the republican party is useless. you know, steve, you want to post office named after someone, join the republican party. you want a proclamation from congress about how small babies and puppies are cute. join the republican party.
4:34 am
you want to cut taxes, however, you want to repeal the most disastrous piece of legislation in modern times obamacare which by the way everybody promised to do. forget this party. it's a shell. it's a waste of time. it's absolutely wasteless. these people got us -- these republicans who got us elected got us to knock on doors for them and got us to go out there and donate money. they stuck it to you in the most evil way possible. they lied to your face. you know i expect this from democrats. i'm not talking about the voters. i mean the elected. they will lie to you. we expect dishonesty and democrats never let us down. from republicans once in a blue moon we actually expect to you keep a promise. and they couldn't do this one thing. you had one job. one job. repeal obamacare. ainsley: done, what does this mean north next election? does this mean more people will vote for republicans? brian: why bother. ainsley: now we are realizing just how narrow it is in the
4:35 am
senate. you need 50%. if you have two people that don't agree with it it's not going to get passed unless have you the vice president as the tie breaker. we are realizing how close this really is. do you think more people will go to the polls and vote for more republicans? >> i think, brian, as you said why bother? he is right. what's the point? okay. tax cuts, nope. what have they done? the deficit, cutting the deficit? nope. controlling spending. nope. repealing obamacare. nope. getting real with the rid of ths for obamacare. no. what's the point? they have no guts. brian: put it this way. we knew clinton couldn't get it passed and he is 66 democrats. president obama took over a year and he had 59 or 60 depending what day or month it was in his year. the president is trying to do it with simple majority with 51, 52. he can't able to do that or his party can't. steve: with the flip flopper. brian: having said that a clean repeal with no replace
4:36 am
is not the strongest idea i have ever heard in my life. it actually makes no sense. so now having said that they have 10 hours, 10 hours to pass a plan. everything you said is correct about disappointing. what do you do now as a true leader? how can you get it done as a true leader? >> well, a couple things, number one, brian, you are right. repealing it with no idea about what you want to do in the future ♪ a great idea. the problem is skinny repeal. they are looking at now leaves literally the two worst parts of obamacare in place. the medicaid expansion which is guaranteed bankruptcy and the regulations which are guaranteed personal bankruptcy for you because it forces to you buy a bunch of healthcare crap you don't want. so what's the point of a skinny repeal either? i would rather have had a repeal on principle and two years to work it out than have a skinny repeal which leaves the worst parts of obamacare in place and takes out the individual mandate. brian: i believe the health
4:37 am
and human services secretary can change some of those rules just like kathleen sebelius did after they basically okayed a bunch of blank pieces of paper. >> yeah. but that's not what they promised, brian. these people ran on the promise of repealing obamacare. not empowering the hhs secretary to be a modern day healthcare monarch. that's not what happens. steve: that's the frustration, dan. all those republicans got elected and reelected after promising it and yesterday they had the chance to repeal and they said, you know what? we're going to side with the democrats and they didn't. speaking of democrats. debbie wasserman shultz once upon a time was the chief of the national democratic party. ainsley: what do you think about this scandal and the pressure on her now to testify? >> yeah. this is incredible. so we have a story brewing in the media, right, of potential collusion with foreign nationals hacking into sensitive information systems. but here's the catch. it has nothing to do with the trump-russia conspiracy theory
4:38 am
fairy tale but has everything to do with the former head of the dnc debbie wasserman shultz. making it even worse you have these guys aligned with these foreign nationals who had access to the house it network to get sensitive emails from democrat members of congress. their lawyer now is a big clinton supporter, too. don't worry, nothing to see here, media, just ignore that and sweep it under the rug and forget about it let's sweep it under the x files trump conspiracy theories nonsense. brian: family left back to pakistan. james rosen yesterday as well as the daily caller a bunch of smashed. steve: the lawyer says that's not true. brian: smashed what was it? steve: hard drive. brian: hard drive of all this sensitive information. which he, of course, denies in a two-page letter. so where do you think -- why do you think there is a curiosity there? >> because she is a democrat. if this was a republican this
4:39 am
book front page news on the "new york times" or "the washington post. cnn would have 24-hour coverage like they did the malaysian plane disaster. this would be on every single day 24-hours. it's a democrat. so they are a protected class in the united states by the media. until there is an actual conviction and even then you will probably see it on page 27 on the "new york times." don't plan on hearing it any other place than fox news. ainsley: have you been wondering why justin trudeau is not our president? rolling stone has been wondering that. this is the cover of rolling stone magazine. that's the question "why can't he be our president?" what do you think, dan? >> i'm hoping and praying that lot of liberals take their advice and ask this question why isn't he our president? here is my advice, buy a plane ticket north, especially in sensitive congressional districts go up north, libs and he can be your president justin trudeau.
4:40 am
is he very good-looking. i heard he gave a speech on quantum fei physics. he is a liberal that can't find out high tax doesn't lead to economic growth. go and apply for canadian citizenship: steve: kooky that rolling stone the music magazine would suggest justin trudeau is president when obviously they meant justin timberlake. hello. that would have been much better. >> i will take kid rock any day. brian: who by the way -- steve: first got to be senator. one step at a time. brian: all right, dan. appreciate it. ainsley: jillian is up there. she has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. rex tillerson is putting resignation rumors to rest. >> secretary tillerson, [inaudible] >> i'm not going anywhere.
4:41 am
>> how long are you going to stay for? >> as long as the president let's me. >> how is your relationship with the president right now? >> good. jillian: tillerson took several days off after heavy travel. his absence caused questions about his stay in the white house and relationship with the president: hitting a photographer with monster pickup truck in beverly hills. ainsley: bieber was leaving a church event. he got out and stayed with the man until pair medicine dikes arrived. church members coming out to pray for the man. we are told the photographer will be okay. earlier this week, bieber made news when he cancelled the rest of his tour dates citing unforeseen circumstances. here's a question. are you sick of hearing about russia? well, guess what, hillary clinton isn't. she is writing a whole book about it according to her
4:42 am
publisher, it's called "what happened?" and connect the dots russian interference in the election and what it was like to run against an unorthodox candidate. this comes days after chuck schumer told "the washington post, quote when you lose to somebody who has a 40% popularity you don't blame other things, you blame yourself. so, as i send it back to you guys, your thoughts? steve: here's the thing. it's a brilliant title because of this. the title is going to be what happened, it's either like what happened to me? or what happened. definitive. brian: she absolutely blames the russians and james comb i can't understand absolutely out of step with her own party ready to kick her to the cush. senator schumer made that clear over the weekend. jillian: what do you think people will do, will they read it? steve: absolutely. people want to see it i have been told inside her circle of advisors apparently she takes responsibility for the loss. which something people want to read about.
4:43 am
brian: that's a short book. steve: all right. meanwhile, anthony scaramucci, that man right there, diving head first into the swamp to expose white house locaters. but now the latest breach targets him. ainsley: and president trump working hard to deliver on his promise of tax reform. stuart varney is here with how america's working class is responding. come on up, stuart. ♪ we're on the move ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ ll so small, ll so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. our 18 year old wase army in an accident.'98. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family,
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4:47 am
anywhere in the world and this will really bring them down to one of the lowest. it's time to let americans keep more of their own money. brian: time to find out what's in these proposed tax cuts. here to break it down for us. how it effects your wallet varney and company own stuart varney. hey, stuart. >> i have something new for you. this a group of people who did not vote for president trump. that is the super rich. there is now a proposal. that's what we hear a big proposal to raise taxes. raise taxes on very wealthy people. steve: how wealthy? >> $5 million a year or more. the proposal, which we're hearing, it's not a firm proposal is wafting around out there. a 44% top tax rate. steve: whoa. >> right now 39.6%. they want -- steve bannon is pushing for 44% of the top rate. now, here is what is happening. they want to raise the tax
4:48 am
rate on the very wealthy people to bring in more revenue. that would pay for tax cuts for middle america. where they are going to lower tax rates and streamline deductions and basically give more tax credits. so that's the equation. this is political necessity. the super rich did not vote for president trump. working class people. steve: robin hood. >> middle america did vote for him. they get the tax cuts. the rich pay more. that's a complete reversal of everything you ever thought about from the republican party. ainsley: that should make the democrats very happy. they kept running saying this president is going to put more money in the pockets of the rich people. that's not the case. >> well, it's political necessity to some degree. here's the president who stands for middle class tax cuts. here is a president who has got to pay for them and you pay for them by taxing that group of people who didn't support you in the first place. brian: there is a rule in congress that you have to have these tax cuts paid for some
4:49 am
way. that's why the original border tax was brought up. not many people love taxes. they had to find out a way to balance the tax cut. what does this mean for corporate tax in the president is holding his line firm at 15%. he wants to repatriot that money. if it's 20% there is no real incentive even though it's a cut. >> that's a separate discussion. you are right. the president wants it all the way down to 15%. the corporate tax rate. at the moment it's 35%. he wants it down to 15%. they are saying you can't afford to do that. maybe it should be more like 20% or 25%. that corporate tax rate is going to come down. but that is a separate issue from taxing the rich. steve: completely different. so, just to recap. steve bannon suggested 44%. had the -- rather, had the republicans in congress been able to strip away that about 4% obamacare tax, then people might say well, you know what? i just got a 4% payday with that, i'm willing to go a little higher. now they are getting it twice.
4:50 am
>> if you get 44% tax rate plus you have still got the obamacare extra taxes on wealthy people, you are looking at the government, the feds taking half of the income of very wealthy people. brian: going to listen to varney and company and watch it, too, from 9 to noon on fbn. >> excellent. brian: thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you, stuart. brian: counselor to the president kellyanne conway will join us. that's what she looks like. steve: we have great deals for "fox & friends" viewers like 75% off designer sunglasses apparently for people and pets ♪ keep your freedom for as long as you can now ♪ my momma told me ♪ you better shop around ♪ oh, yeah ♪ you better shop around ♪ does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk.
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janice: teddy's time to shine. >> i think you are part ewok. these are pet mittens. you bathe your pet without needing anything to rinse them off with. you wet the mitt and little teddy is getting a vest. larrys right up. towel dry and fragrance free. doesn't hurt their kin. yoskin.put your dog in the batha nightmare everything is wet. three packs of them 14 bucks. 15 in there. janice: what do you think, teddy? oh my gosh teddy loves it i'm taking teddy home. america's dog right here teddy. sorry dana perino. we're going to go back. >> oh, ainsley, sweet, sweet, teddy. janice: can he be my weather mascot? steve: thank you, j.d. ainsley: counselor to the president kellyanne conway is
4:57 am
here. steve: from the west wing to the dance floor? what sean spicer may have lined up for his dance card ♪ all the right places ♪ yeah we're going down ♪ all the right my daughter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said... ...dadgo pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain a... ...professional clean. go pro with crest pro health crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the
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5:00 am
>> it has been a busy week in senate. to pass a genuine repeal in obamacare. >> the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own health care choices again. >> yesterday they got their chance and yesterday at least six flip-flopped. >> from republicans, once in a blue moon we actually expect you to keep a promise, and they couldn't do this one thing. you had one job. one job. >> unfortunately, the president's efforts to make this country greater than ever before is under siege from a wave of leaks. >> some people think they were
5:01 am
naïve. >> jeff sessions may be giving the president some of what he's been asking for. fox news is learning that he will reportedly launch an investigation into this leaks. >> president trump promised on the campaign trail he would create more jobs for americans. today he proudly announced fo foxcon has agreed to build a plant. >> this is a great day for workers and manufacturers and everyone who believes in the concepts and label made in the usa. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ steve: great start to the day here in new york city. and in the new york times. us. take a look at the headline right there. brian: i didn't even notice. i was just reading the business section of the post and the business section of the times. ainsley: that's why this song is the greatest. steve: new york times calls us the most powerful tv show in america. and for what? 15, 20 years you have helped make us number one, and for that, we say thank you. brian: you know what's amazing, people keep writing this story that we are the favorite show of the president. he likes our show. that's great and flattering. but what people don't realize is that our ratings good and the president watching helps. but what about president clinton. we were number one then. what about president bush? we were number one then. why can't the new york times write the story the continuing success of fox and friends has
5:03 am
lasted through yet another administration. why don't they pull up on that theme for a second because that's what journalists might want to pursue. steve: they call us the most powerful tv show in america and we agree. jillian some has he would not. >> you're just being greedy right now, brian. brian: i'm asking for too much. >> you are asking want to too much. one person dead and several others fighting for their lives at this hour. a scene of carnage at the ohio state fair in columnist. the spinning ride is seen breaking apart. part of it snapped off sending riders plummeting 30 feet to the ground. the video is too disturbing to show in its entirety. an 18-year-old man was killed at the scene, seven others critical. failed inspections prior to
5:04 am
the malfunction. and charges expected today after a woman is found dead on a luxury cruise ship. the 39-year-old from utah found dead aboard the emerald princess after what's being described a dispute. passenger say they heard a man fighting and loud screams. the fbi is now on the scene and one person is in custody. from the white house to the dance floor. sean spicer could soon be showing off some spicy moves on abc's "dancing with the stars." tv executives from the competition show have reportedly reached out to him. if spicer wants any advice, he can always ask current trump staffer rick perry who competed to the 23rd season of the show. perry was voted off in round two. the show now going on its 25th season. what do you guys think? brian: the best one ever was tucker carlson. tucker carlson actually before he came to fox. steve: eliminated the first episode. ainsley: second episode. brian: oh.
5:05 am
>> it's the effort that counts. steve: here's the thing about sean spicer, though. if you've seen him do his press briefings, he's great at tap dancing. jillian, thank you. brian: let's talk about what's going on. i know it's confusing but at 3:00 today, we're going to have the ten hours left of the debate on empathetic clock is ticking, thanks to some legislative rules on this whole repeal and replace legislation. yes rand paul got what he wanted. he wanted to have a vote on a clean repeal. and guess what? he got less than he needed, significantly less because republicans, every democrat, and six republicans did not vote for it. ainsley: actually, seven republicans didn't vote for it. but when you say six, those are the six that actually voted for the clean repeal in 2015. brian: never wanted it. >> right. exactly. so she's not a flip-flopper. but there were six of them that voted for the clean repeal in 2015. and then they voted for the exact same bill yesterday, and they decided to vote "no." steve: so you know what? it made perfect sense.
5:06 am
if you had those six people who have voted in the past to repeal it were given the chance again, and they were yesterday, you would think that they would vote for it and then health care would be settled for the united states of america going forward. but, no, because those people who the voted during the obama administration when their vote didn't count, yesterday they said what you know? we have changed our mind. going forward now, it looks like the best we can do is the skinny version. the mandates. ainsley: the skinny version, this is what it is. it are he peels the individual mandate, the employer mandate, and the tax on medical devices. it would not cut medicaid. and senator from texas says -- or congressman from texas says -- senator. it might be the best way to move forward, but it doesn't do enough. steve: it leaves the taxes there. the insurance industry doesn't like it because they say get rid of the mandates then what happens is young people don't
5:07 am
sign up for it, and then they wind up in the death spiral. there were five republicans and five democrats -- u.s. governors who had gotten together, and they said you know what? that idea, we hate it. so it looks like this is the best chance we have at any sort of health care action going forward. but certainly, it is not with the republicans. ainsley: you want to list the flip-floppers? because it affects a lot of you out there. lamar alexander from tennessee. shelly from west virginia. dean heller from nevada. nevada i've been told that's the proper way to presumption of innocence that. john mccain from arizona, lisa murkowski from alaska and rob portman from ohio. brian: keep in mind too. if they get a skinny version, it's to get something out of the senate. and then they go to conference, and house leaders who are supposed to leave tomorrow, they say they might stay until saturday. and i say to myself. how do you stay one day and come up with comprehensive health care reform?
5:08 am
if this fails, i have to think they're going to come back and try to do maybe what senator mccain suggested a couple of days ago dramatically and he said go back to regular rules. and maybe there are people like joe manchin and john that are going to say. okay. republicans have already given it a lot by leaving certain in things place. maybe we should start giving in a lot and start by saying that obamacare has failed. ainsley: you're right, though. it is very confusing, and the message that i continuously see is that republicans can't get on the same page. do you think they ever will? brian: well, we're going to find out again when it comes to tax reform. ainsley: i mean, how many times. brian: we're going to find out again when it comes to infrastructure. they have so many different -- they're in the same party, but they don't believe the say things. steve: well, unfortunately, for the people who voted these people in, you always figure they will do what they said. yesterday, they did not. brian: but you know the problem is that you vote somebody in maine, you have a different belief of what they should do for kentucky.
5:09 am
steve: right but we knew where she stood for whereas these other six made it very clear. we will repeal. yesterday they got the chance, and they flip-flopped. they caved. meanwhile, yesterday, politico ran an item about anthony scaramucci who was on this program yesterday, and essentially what it said is he made a lot of money when he got sold his company. we knew that. he also was on this program yesterday talking about i'm going after the leakers. well, what's interesting is his private financial information was leaked to politico to make him look bad, probably. and he started some stuff on twitter that has everybody talking today. ainsley: yeah, he was on the receiving end of one of these leaks. and he said in light of the leak of my financial disclosure information, which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department. #swamp at reince 45. brian: some people thought reince priebus is the lyric.
5:10 am
and then he came back with wrong. senior officials are helping illegal leaks. @reince45. i'm not sure what's happening. the president, anthony scaramucci was named, and he had that long press conference. he said me and reince were like brothers, and i'm just wondering if they're like brothers that don't get long. they have the same mother and father but don't get along. and a lot of people have compared it to cane and able. ainsley: do you get along with your brother? brian: great. ainsley: see? brian: they would not leak anything on me. in fact, give them a call. see if they'll give you any information. steve: well, here's the thing. the second tweet then, mr. scaramucci actually deleted last night. but then according to national review of the national journal, that is to say, they are reporting that mr. scaramucci did, in fact, report reince to the fbi regarding leaking. so what is going on with the leakage in the west wing?
5:11 am
it's really interesting. last night on the hannity program, he was down in the swamp himself, he laid out -- mr. scaramucci did, how this leaking works. somebody up high tells somebody down low in the white house to leak this, and apparently they do. >> some people think that we're naïve and when i've said i'm going to get rid of a leak, i know i'm in a pool called washington or swamp called washington, it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every leak. but i know we can take dramatic steps to get rid of the leaks. now, one of the things i'm discovering here is that senior people are doing the leak. and they ask the junior people to leak for them. so i'm very proud to be reporting directly to the president, so that i can seal off the comes team from this sort of nonsense. brian: you know the president has been on jeff sessions to be tougher on hillary clinton and some of those investigations. be tougher on his acting fbi
5:12 am
director whose wife gave money to democrats. and also wants jeff sessions started investigating leaks and the first example maybe the product is working is that he actually be a spokesperson come forward and say we're going to be looking into the leaks that scaramucci just complained about. i also think it's going to be interesting to watch jeff sessions tonight when he's with tucker carlson. so we're going to see his perspective on how it feels to be somewhat under attack from this president what has been pushing him beleaguered, why did you step aside for the russia investigation? we'll see if he answers the president. ainsley: he's not going to step down, not going to set aside. but now he's listening to the president. steve: sure. so what was the president trying to do with those tweets and his public statement a couple of days ago and the joint appearance with the prime minister of pakistan? well, he was either potentially firing a warning shot across uss sessions, or he was trying to say "hey,
5:13 am
just do your job." and death penalty message was do your job, now jeff sessions is looking at the elaboration. what took so long? brian: mostly said he had no choice because he did not disclose the russia meetings. but the fact that he worked for the campaign and was a sitting senator, he was set up to have a conflict. steve: all right. meanwhile, still ahead on this thursday, counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to be joining us from the north lawn. brian: and he's been known for playing bernie sanders on saturday night live. but we just learned that he has more in common with the vermont senator. steve: three vacation homes? two vacation homes?
5:14 am
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ainsley: mtv continuing its streak and making big changes to this year's vma awards. ♪ ♪ the network is now scratching gender-specific categories.
5:18 am
brian: finally. ainsley: the kroger's no longer separated by male and female. steve: okay. what does that all mean? let's talk to the host of fox business program kennedy, former mtvdj kennedy. >> hi, friends. steve: i remember that. >> right? steve: so what do you make of this? what are they doing? >> i think it's that they have the awards at all because they don't play a lot of music. i think it's fantastic because award shows are too long. if they cut the time in half, it's great for evan. i think they should consolidate more categories. ainsley: so that why they did? >> they say it's to be so inclusive. but i have to tell you back in the '90s, this was a great place. i miss the '90s every day of my life. the video music awards were politically correct and dirty, and you would see fistfights backstage. the first time i went to the video music awards, axle rose and eddie got in a fight. ainsley: who won?
5:19 am
>> that was over a shrimp cocktail. >> actual, eddie was very scrappy. brian: so you're saying the world turned upside down. now they're politically correct and used to thrive on being politically incorrect. >> yeah. now you have to watch what you say, and you can't comment on anyone's outfit. even though women -- miley cyrus was complaining not long ago that she felt sexualized a few years ago when she had that tongue display at the video music awards. brian: which is. i could definitely see her point. >> seriously. it was self-imposed sexualization. but she was claiming as somehow she was a victim of her own performance. so things are completely upside down. you can't say "hey, nice dress." because you'll get -- brian: grew up in music, can you honestly compare a woman and a man when it comes to music? aren't they totally different? >> that level of gender blending proceeds me, and we
5:20 am
have people like david bowie, god rest his soul thank for that. but the nice thing about music is it makes you think. the problem with this day and age, you're in your head so much, you're thinking too much about what you're saying and who you might offend. it needs to get a little dirty again. ainsley: you're right about the video. i always see the country music videos but when have you seen a video of -- steve: they're not pc. brian: i'm always on the subway. >> you don't need mtv for that anymore. steve: i get it on my phone. >> youtube. exactly right. brian: when can we see youtube? >> the internet's taking off. >> 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 in the west on the fox business network. business is our business and business is good. brian: she plays herself on tv. steve: kennedy, the number one business channel in america. >> exactly right. steve: still ahead on this thursday, kel consolidate is going to join us from the white house. we've go on got it a lot to talk about. ainsley: and arrested after
5:21 am
fleeing the country after months of scandals. so why did it take him so long to get fired? mark steyn is here with plenty to say about that. plenty prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
5:22 am
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can we do that? we can do that.
5:24 am
brian: hey, quick travel headlines. let's get started. and get ready to pull out nearly all of your electronics at the airport. the tsa will soon ask travelers to take out all large devices larger than a cell phone and put them in a bin by themselves. you know those bins. it will give x-ray screeners a clearer picture. the new procedure will go nationwide the coming weeks and months. the longest time my ipad was a path. now it isn't. and if you're planning a vacation to mexico, the u.s. state department painted alcohol advising tourists to drink in moderation for a change. and seek medical attention if
5:25 am
they begin to feel sick. ainsley: cancel your trip, brian. brian: and the advisory comes up several tourists blacking out on even dying at mexican resorts. ainsley: what are they putting in the drink? brian: oh, my goodness. steve: that's happening south of the border. from north of the border, we have mark steyn, journalist author. >> that's south of the border. why haven't you asked me why i can't be president. you asked janice dean. steve: because you're canadian. we have a rule. you have to be 35 and -- >> justin trudeau, justin bieber, janice, me, william shatner, it will be all time greats. brian: justin trudeau was president, what would we get? >> you would get a guy who wears ramadan socks to the lgbt parade. that is what he did. brian: ramadan. >> he wore ramadan socks -- you can get ramadan socks, post ramadan socks, actually,
5:26 am
and he wore them to the lgbt parade to show how inclusive he is. brian: while doing yoga. ainsley: what about with health care? >> with health care, you get much longer waits, which would give you more time to admire the prime minister with ramadan socks marching in the lgbt parade. steve: all right. let's talk about a little bit about u.s. politics, debbie wasserman schultz was the chair of the dnc for a number of years. we caught a guy who was flying out of the country back to his homeland, he's been charged with i believe bank fraud. his company ran it for a bunch of democrats on capitol hill and a lot of people are talking about how much of their private information was exposed to whomever. >> well, everything because he had debbie wasserman should let's ipad password, so you don't have to worry about putin gave it to julian assange anymore. we know this guy had it.
5:27 am
he, his wife, his two brothers and sister-in-law between them were controlling the it accounts of a couple of congressman. the majority of whom are key intelligence and foreign affairs committee. that in itself is extraordinary. but in effect, a couple of dozen democrat congressman on committees outsource their computers to one family -- one extended family in pakistan. it's incredible. brian: right so the family mostly got out. >> right. brian: and he got detained at the last minute because they believed they were just going to build a case against him. and now his lawyer is saying this is all fraud. >> yeah. he's saying he's guilty of nothing other than working while muslim. and that this is all part of the rampant islamaphobe i can't stalking the land. ainsley: and the right wing media. >> that's right. that's right. and the interesting thing, of course, is that he's a powerful democrat clinton
5:28 am
lawyer. we've been taught -- this family has made about $5 million from serving as the computer aids to these congressmen. yet, that money is nowhere in sight. they borrowed money from an iraqi politician connected to him. this story is everything the russia story has but doesn't have. actually existed. brian: no coverage at all over the last two days. >> i mean, this guy literally -- he couldn't get arrested. this guy actually could get arrested and still didn't make the paper. that's actually amazing. steve: he was -- she would not fire him. she had heard all the stories about, yeah, these guys, they have all of your passwords, and they know all of your stuff because they have all of your laptops and whatnot, and ipads and devices. and yet, i don't believe he was fired until he was just arrested. >> no, he was arrested monday night at dulles and debbie
5:29 am
wasserman schultz fired him on tuesday. steve: and, again, what was her wait? >> well, that's interesting, isn't it? the obvious answer is that these guys know something about these people. now, again, in the russia investigation, we're told that, oh, trump if you remember that phony dossier about what he was doing. ainsley: we remember that. >> we're told he's susceptible to blackmail. well, these guys have the goods on all the congressman, and they're the ones that actually -- steve: nor wonder he didn't get fired. >> the russia investigation would make sense if you take out the word russia and insert the word pakistan. brian: i have good news for you. there's another book that hillary clinton pretended to write and this one is what went wrong in the election. ainsley: look at the title. brian: what happened. hillary clinton. i'm not sure what kind -- she's never going to earn out in it. but in it, she evidently blames russia and comey. >> yeah. i like that. what happened reminds of that terrible oj book. what if i did it?
5:30 am
it sounds like what if i didn't do it? it's like a weird thing. she's going to blame the macedonian content farmers, and she's going to blame the russians. i actually have read -- i think -- all of her previous autobiographies to date. and where she claims to be named after sir edmunds hillary. steve: and he conquered over us days before. >> in 1953, she was born in 1947. so she's the only woman in the illinois suburbs to have been named after sir edmond who was an obscure beekeeper. the rodoms were the only subscribers in the greater area to the new zealand list. and this is my favorite line. beginning at chapter 2. what you don't learn from your mother, you learn from the world. is a saying i once heard from the mass i tried in kenya.
5:31 am
and when i read that, i thought wait a minute. you heard it from the masai tribe in kenya? any tribe in particular or did the whole tribe shout it out? ainsley: that's what i was going to say too. >> she's a brilliant writer. i mean, that style is worth paying 24 million or whatever has. brian: thank you very much. >> hey, thanks a lot. ainsley: you should stay for 30 minutes. steve: we're going to step aside. we're going to go down to the white house. kellyanne conway coming up next ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's...
5:32 am
♪ ...let's stay together... . . .
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5:35 am
♪ ainsley: kellyanne conway spends a lot of time in that house, the white house. steve: big house. ainsley: she's counselor to the president and joins us live this morning. hey, kellyanne. the leaking, it's got to stop according to anthony scaramucci and he happens to be on the receiving end of one of the leaks, politico was reporting and he was tweeting about it that his financial information was leaked out and i think we have that tweet. i will read it to you n light of the leak of my financial disclosure information which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department, #swamp and then he ends it with at reince 45. why did he include reince's name on the tweet? >> i discussed with anthony and the fact that we have to cut down on people thinking t cute and makes them popular and somehow enhances their resume and portfolio for later onto
5:36 am
carry favor with folks who are more interested in covering the style and not the substance. i think the most important part of anthony's tbeet is when he talked about fbi and doj. he's making clear that even though the documents are eventually procurable publicly, that somebody doesn't want him here and somebody is trying to get in his way and scare him off from working here which is a huge mistake. number two, there are so many qualified men and women who wanted to serve this president, this mechanics and their country who have been completely demoralized and completely, i think, disincline to do so based on the paperwork that we have to put forward divesting assets, the different hoops you are to run through because this -- this white house is transparent and accountable and we've all complied with those rules but disincentivessing good men and women.
5:37 am
i hope it doesn't decent vised anthony. that's a classic leak. the other thing is people positive coverage by hurting colleagues here. that's disservice to the president and when people in the white house and throughout the administration do that, steps all over the president's positive message of job creation the billions of dollars in investment, the thousands of jobs created -- steve: kellyanne, absolutely. we are avoiding the elephant in the room. is reince priebus the big leaker or at least one of the big leakers because that's what it looks like in that particular tweet that scaramucci sent out yesterday and apparently mr. scaramucci did report reince
5:38 am
to the fbi as a leaker. >> i'm not aware of the latter. leakers are easier to figure out than they think. the west wing is a small business. i'm the jerk who hired the chief of staff, right, because i thought he was going to work on press policy. we are not here to read about ourselves. we are here for the forgotten men and forgotten women. not the one for centers who work here and frankly are anchors on tv and reporters not you but reporters who are always looking to, i think, hurt the president and impede the progress. i know the president is serious about this but the president made clear and made clear this morning the most serious leaks are the intelligence community, you know, the things that the attorney general preside over, we are please that had the attorney general has announced a crack-down on leaks.
5:39 am
a lot of holdovers from the previous administration across this administration currently. unfilled positions. it's hurting america. and look at what's happening, the democrats, i know they took off their ties and went to a park to try to be casual and say better deal but the only response on health care is more government, single payer, that's not what americans want. americans want more free market health care like the one the president is encouraging the senators to pass. he's been here six short months, they have been talking seven years. time to repeal and replace to something more affordable, accessible to more americans. brian: you mentioned about the president's staff, a couple of weeks ago i said it was un-american not to give the president his staff for no reason, noncontroversial nominees are not getting heard, delayed because they want to up end it. and my point president bush,
5:40 am
obama, clinton, let alone this president new to politics, i said that was un-american that was misquoted as usual. now i want to talk about today, repeal, wait two years replace, didn't work, today skinny repeal. could you give us an idea how the president and the white house feels about skinny repeal, getting into conference, what is that going to be like that you know of? >> obamacare has been the law of the land for almost seven and a half years in syncing battleship turning slowly. this is the beginning of the end of obamacare. it's not perfect. it's not what some people would want, but it certainly is a big step forward to rescuing those millions of american who is are not -- who were lied to by the last president about keeping their plan and keeping their doctor and not been able to use the phoney piece of paper called insurance card because premiums are too high and those who want cost of deductibles and premiums should decrease so they could access health care for their families.
5:41 am
so they want to attract and retain an employment pool by providing the same kind of benefits that the larger companies provide. all that means is that if you repeal obamacare the way all but one of these republican senators did two short years ago and you start to replace it with something -- steve: are you talking about the flip-floppers, six flip-floppers, we have a picture of them. [laughter] brian: we have that up. what do you think about the latest with senator cornyn might be the easiest thing to pass, skinny repeal. >> right, remember when they go to conference, they reconcile all of the different inputs and insurance, they come up with something that will be the beginning and end of obamacare and to get it to house and senate to working together is a positive step. let me remind to everyone, what this president has done in six short months on repeal and replace is remarkable because it
5:42 am
took president obama 16 months or longer to get his health care pushed through and he was offering goodies and had democratic majority so that shouldn't have been difficult. this man is appealing to the house and senate, again, promise and have moral imperative to do what's right by the american people. he is imploring them to go ahead and uproot what hasn't worked and replacing with something that can. look, the main principles are to bring these premiums down to open up the markets to more individuals, to expand the health savings account and allow americans for the first time to use those moneys to pay for the premiums. see how i like to talk about policy. it's fun. ainsley: kellyanne, thank you for joining us. some guy cleaning the house lawn. >> i will eat my lunch off the gravel today. steve: as she was talking,
5:43 am
fixing the economy a top priority for the trump administration. what does that mean to the housing market? we will talk to bob massi, that's next. ainsley: today his -- lasagna ♪ backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
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5:46 am
>> hey welcome back, everybody. the number of homes is declining and the low invent other means prices are going up. how has the president's policies help the average american achieve the american dream of becoming a home owner, here to exploin bob massi, host of property man. bob, do you say this is a seller's market?
5:47 am
>> big-time seller's market throughout the country. vegas, florida, arizona, california, the inventory is low. the demand is there and the prices go up. right now it is a great time to get a maximum amount based on different values, brian, not so much the high-end but like in vegas between like 175-200 through 350,000 a competitive market. brian: right now says hold, you say maybe not. >> well, the problem is -- is that if the inventory doesn't change then obviously the value is going to keep going on and as a result i'm not sure sellers that want to sell should hold on because if the inventory increases and prices balance out. it's going to depend on the individual seller's needs, if they're in need of selling because they know it's good equity position, they are moving, have a good job, then it's time to sell.
5:48 am
i'm not convinced unless it's inventory changes that you need to hold onto it because bottom line prices could change. brian: real quick, bob, the housing industry and the economy are not necessarily on the same path. >> well, right now the problem is first time buyers are down, brian. we have to do something about taxes, we have to do something about wages as a result you have stock market going crazy but the young people, millennials who want to buy homes, they can't afford to buy them because, again, inventory low, prices are up, wages aren't the way they are supposed to be so it's a stress market. not on the same level. brian: we will see you in september if the fix will begin to take place. you can catch bob on the property man, he's friday at 8:30 on fbn. thanks, bob.she's serving lasag. the g is silent. cooking with friends next.
5:49 am
check in with my only friend bill hemmer. >> that's something else. they have to perform. it's got to be good, brian, good morning to you, we missed you, welcome back. feeling the heat on health care, crunch time where the senate stands today, will there be another special counsel for comey and lynch? plug the leaks, it's a problem, we all know it, is it possible, we will tell you how. we are about to hear testimony that goes right after vladimir putin and not in a flattering way. it is stunning to hear, we hope to see you in about ten minutes, top of the hour in america'sve newsroom, see you soon ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic.
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: today lasagna is just what the doctor ordered.
5:53 am
brien: dr. nicole are cooking with friends. have you chosen, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> excited to be here. steve: whose lasagna's recipe is this? >> my mom, my italian mother. my grandmother died of advanced breast cancer so i dedicated my career for screening and diagnosis and she continues to live on with us. steve: fantastic. >> it's pretty early in the morning so i don't do it often. [laughter] >> i did at the beginning. not anymore. >> he's over it. ainsley: nicholas, do you help your mom in the kitchen? >> surprisingly yes, i love cooking. steve: let's start lasagna. sauce. >> nick is going to start mixing the cheese. spinach and mushroom, a healthier option. for working mom, working parent
5:54 am
it's very efficient way. mixing ricotta. oven ready lasagna noodles, for working parents it's very good. nick is doing it automatically. he's using his hands. >> that's the only way. >> as he's doing that, we throw in salt, pepper, a little bit of red pepper, we like a lot of red pepper, some people don't. steve: you throw in an egg? >> almost there. garlic powder. the egg is what keeps it altogether. that keeps the cheese together. we taste the cheese to see if we like the spices prior to the egg. you don't want to taste it after the egg. he keeps going. we are going to put in sauteed spinach and mushroom. once he does that, i'm doing a layer. after you put in the noodles another layer of tomato sauce and then whether he do a big
5:55 am
thick layer of the cheese. nick, you want to grab that? brian: how many layers would you actually do? >> i do three layers. we will see what we get to. you don't wanting to above. we do big layers of the cheese and you don't need to worry about making it nice and neat. you throw it in. it'll melt at some point. brian: how does nick do, by the way? >> he does a great job. steve: proud momma. >> you do another layer, you throw some tomato sauce on. steve knows exactly what to do. steve: we have 35 seconds. >> you throw on shredded and mozzarella. that's how the ten -- tinfoil
5:56 am
went mess up the top. tinfoil off and broil it for a minute and that's how you get the brown crispy top. brian: different type of surgery. steve: let's do a taste test here. brian: do we survive? we will find out when we return. steve: the recipe at "fox &
5:57 am
you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> tomorrow's all american concert series will feature -- >> they'll be back. >> you with all get a chance to feel like carolina tomorrow.
6:00 am
we won't have lasagna, we'll have ribs and bar -- barbecue and hope you'll join us because it's friday. >> doctor, nick, thank you very much for dropping by. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. moments from now a key witness set to testify on the evils of the russian government and how far he believes vladimir putin will go to silence his enemies. this testimony is stunning stuff, too. good morning, everybody on thursday. it's crunch time. >> shannon: i'm good and looking forward to this. to read a preview of that testimony is a spy novel. he is in the chair there. i'm shannon bream in the hot sit bill brow dear foamer head fund manager in russia. he is familiar with the attorney that met with donald trump junior. >> bill: the chairman chuck grassley said i don't know if


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