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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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your id card, file a claim, or manage your policy. it's so easy it's almost scary. let's get outta here! that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. all >> bret: this is a fox news alert. it is not fighting on the east coast and we are closing in on a very important boat about health care. a short time from now, senators will take two votes. it is the second vote on whether to adopt the so-called skinny repeal. that is the one to watch. it needs 50 votes, possibly a final stance from the vice president. if they are tied at 50. he is here waiting to cast his vote. midnight on the east coast with mike emanuel. you were outside the chamber just a few moments ago. the senator from illinois saying that she thinks the republicans have the votes. >> absolutely.
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we had a number of senators tell us tonight they know how they are going to vote, but they are not telling us how they are going to vote, so that must be nerve-racking for the leadership type who are counting votes. a lot of democrats will be stressed out coming in and out of the chamber. at this point, it is up to the republicans. either they have the votes or they don't. the democrats don't have a mechanism to stop it at this point. >> bret: what about the senator's claim that the democrats were shut out from the beginning? cannot be backed up? has it been completely shut down? >> there have been a lot of complaints. they've complained that this has been crafted by leader mcconnell, and they don't feel like it was as open of a process as possible. >> no democrat was going to vote for anything that had any type to repeal. >> they put that wall there in the beginning. they want to talk about fixing obamacare which is a fundamental difference. republicans have been running for seven years on repealing a place, from the very get-go they
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are miles apart. >> >> bret: it can last a long time or short time to get a consensus that both chambers can go on. >> i would say to those watching tonight who are looking at this bill and don't like it, we are still a long way from law. there are a lot of republican senators today who said they do not like the skinny repeal bill. they want to see more meat on the bone. it can be quite a slugfest, as we have seen over the month, moderates and conservatives don't see eye to eye on health care reform. you are either for the expansion or you are not. so, moderates may support it, but we will see. >> bret: this is a vehicle for senators that have a problem with a vehicle, they are just trying to get it to a place where they make it look good? >> if you look at this, there are a lot of principles we have had various candidates talk about.
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more mandates, flexibility to the states, health savings accounts. it can fill in the blank on what republican candidates have expressed interest before. it has to be worked out down the road. a lot of the principles that you could vote for, we will see if they do. >> bret: all right, mike. a standby, we will be checking back with you as we look at the floor. senator mike anthony is going to town on some speech there. senator ducey is down the hall. we have seen him in and out. >> we saw the senator going in. senator ron johnson, would vote
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no tonight if he did not think that this health care bill was going to go straight to a committee. that was a concern just now after waiting out here for a while. he was in the office for a couple of hours. he was on the telephone and we still don't know how he is going to vote, but he is on his way underground, under the street, in the subway tunnel, over to the capital to cast a vote. nobody knows yet how it is going to go, and we are not able to get an answer out of him here. he said, one of the reporters here asked how he is going to vote, he said, you will see. a lot could change with the story here in the next couple of minutes, it could be very good for republicans, it could be very bad. >> bret: we just had a great fix of your audio. i just want to make one point. he comes back from arizona after the surgery, diagnosed with brain cancer, he's going to do this, and then he is going to
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shepherd the national defense authorization, which he is a big part of as chairman of the senate armed services committee. >> that's right. they made a point to say that he was not just coming back for this vote, and so a lot of people watching this might be thinking he came back to vote one way or another on the health care bill. that is not the only thing he has on his schedule. they made very clear when he came back that he was going to be back for health care, russia and iran sanctions, and to usher that through. a busy couple of days before he goes back home to seek treatment, but he has been out and about a lot. he was lively at the press conference earlier talking about health care, but that is not the only thing he came back to do but it is something he has on his plate for the next couple of minutes. again, it is a complete mystery to us what he's going to do.
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>> bret: okay, peter doocy outside of senator mccain's office. what you just witnessed, i did not want to interrupt peter, senator chuck schumer the senate minority leader, and senator john cornyn from texas. going back and forth about the democrats wanting a few more votes to happen before the big boat on the skinny repeal bill. right now they are doing a roll call check and we will see if this pushes back the timeline of the vote that we expected to happen right about now. so, we will get an update in just a minute. in the meantime, let's bring in our panel. matt slapped, contributor with "the hill" ." let's turn to this other story of the day that has taken up a
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lot of the oxygen in washington. that is the entire incoming white house medications director starting quite a stir not only with his tweets last night, to his appearances on tv, but then this new yorker piece where he unloaded on people inside the west point. >> this is just not normal, what we have been experiencing this past week with anthony scaramucci taking over. he has really taken over the white house operations. we are not hearing from chief of staff reince priebus. everyone inside the white house wait to see what anthony scaramucci's ultimate move is. he came in as communication director, but there is discussion that this would be a step of him taking over as chief of staff or ousting reince priebus from that title. but the fact that so much of this is in public, him saying
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this all in his own words, it is stunning, even for a white house that has been filled with house intrigue and internal rivalries. we have not seen this played out this way before. >> bret: the democratic senator from oregon. this is scaramucci talking about reince priebus. they will all be fired by me, i fired one guy the other day. i have full people tomorrow. reince priebus, if he wants to leak something, he will be asked to resign very shortly. he is a blank paranoid schizophrenic. i want to kill all the leakers and i want to get the president's agenda on track. the swamp will not defeat him, speaking in third person. they are trying to resist me but it's not going to work. i have done nothing wrong, my
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financial disclosures, they are going to have to go blank themselves. there are some people saying he is very passionate, there are others that say, what? >> i feel like it is a game of wheel of fortune. i couldn't get all of that because there was too many [bleep]s. i thought he handled himself so well, and i thought this was great. he they are going to restart this relationship, i agree with what dana said about the job that sarah huckabee sanders has been doing. now he has done a great job of setting the table, now he needs to recede and become that communications director, usually a behind the scenes type of job and most white houses. this press secretary 101, when you're talking to a reporter.
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it is not wise to ask for a source, they are not going to give it up. it is not wise to threaten them, because that usually makes things worse. and you've got to make sure you are off the record if you are going to essentially -- in this case essentially leaking. if you are fighting leaking, you don't want to be leaking. that screws it all up. this is something i have never seen before. >> bret: that is clear. scaramucci tweeted tonight "i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in this arena. but not give up passionate flights for donald trump's agenda. make a america great again. i made a mistake trusting a reporter, i will not make it again." you don't usually see that last one with the white house can medications director. thoughts on how this played out? >> it is definitely a couple of days story. i don't know what he is talking about when he says i'm never
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going to trust a reporter like this again. trust them to what? not print your exact words in a conversation that is not off the record? >> bret: lets make clear, off the record, you cannot use it. on background, you can't quote them directly. on the record is a quote and you can use it. well, if you don't stipulate and you start talking and there is not a previous agreement, it is up assumed that the default position is on the record. people that cover washington, that is the deal. >> i do think it is really interesting reading the piece on how this went down. scaramucci says, i want to kill the leakers, and later on, here is a leak for you, reince priebus is on his way out. that seems, like an unusual tactic to take. the other one that caught my attention, in the beginning of the conversation where scaramucci was trying to ferret
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out who liz's sources work, saying you are a patriot, you should tell me. he invoked the fbi as if he could get the fbi to investigate who might be leaking details about who was at dinner with whom. that is not an illegal leak. he threatened to fire his entire staff. if you don't tell me who the leaker is, i will fire everyone that works for me. and she's like, what? >> bret: this is chuck schumer, the senate minority leader. >> regular order. it's very simply that the product that emerges is not very good. there is a reason that this body has been the greatest elaborative body in the world, and it is because it had those traditions. now, we don't have them. we have had a bill that we have
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seen for two hours, two hours! it affects the health care, perhaps the lives, most certainly the lives, of million millions. it affects the lives, the daily lives, of men, women, and children. we haven't even had a chance to explore all of the ramifications. there is a lot of anger on the other side at the aca. i understand that. but, you are repeating what you claim are the same mistakes, and just as -- >> bret: senator minority leader chuck schumer explaining his opposition to repealing obamacare overall. we have an update on a time frame. where we are in this vote count that is going to be happening very soon. our senior capitol hill producer is here. on the other side of the break, we will get the entire
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breakdown. stay with us here on special report.
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and sometimes, even though i was there... i didn't really feel..."there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more. >> will the speaker yield for a question about the very interesting point that he is making? >> i will not. >> of the senate will be in
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order, the senator declines to yield. the senator from wyoming has the floor. >> bret: after all the time, we miss the part where he said he would knock it off the floor. this does continue on the senate floor as we are waiting for these boats. we have a sense of the time frame. senior capitol hill producer joins me again. what is the tick-tock? >> we are going to have two votes coming up here closer to 12:30. >> bret: why is that? >> you had people on the floor, mostly democrats. chuck schumer could speak, and they objected. if you object to a request in the senate, they have a little conversation off to the side and worked it out. chuck schumer was making the point, we just got this build two hours ago and we ought to be able to talk about it for a little bit longer. probably starting the first of on this series at 12:30. >> bret: this is the motion to
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proceed. >> but the key vote will start after that. it usually takes about 20 minutes or so. we are probably looking at 1245 or 12:50 p.m. a.m. they could leave that vote open, the key on that second boat is on the skinny repeal amendment. not final passage but just to incorporate that into the bill. if a pastor, it is a part of the bill and that will be key to republicans. if they are having trouble, it could leave that vote open for a while, maybe 45 minutes or an hour, to twist arms. again, the vice president of the united states, who serves as the president of the senate, one of his jobs is to break ties in the senate. he will be there to possibly cast the deciding ballot. >> bret: i think we have a full screen of cots rolling into some of these offices.
9:20 pm
they are preparing for the long haul. >> that is one of the great props of washington, d.c. >> bret: and i like the photographer in the background. >> when they go to the vote-a-rama, that's when they vote hour after hour after hour, nobody will have slept in the scott's. they will be as cold as they are now, but it is good theater, and the senators have to keep so close to the floor because you are doing vote, after vote, after vote in a rapid succession. they don't have time to take a nap. the one take a listen to what she said about the vote. >> the problem is that i do think that this bill will have enough republican votes to pass. and the vice president is already here to cast the tie-breaking vote. my concern is what happens in congress. once it passes the senate echoes back to the house and we as senators lose control of it. there is nothing to say that
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speaker ryan won't just call this bill up and not even go to conference. >> bret: although, he is saying now that they will go to conference. >> that will be an interesting vote. you talk to different people here and they think different things. most of the republicans, used to talk to the senior republican leadership, they say oh, yes, we are going to get there. they have said that for weeks, months, years now. some of the democrats that i was talking to behind the scenes, this includes some aids an hour or two ago, they thought this would go down. this is drama of the highest order here at the united states capital. >> bret: here is the senate minority leader just a short time ago. >> there is a lot of anger on the other side at the aca. i understand that, but you are repeating what you claim are the same mistakes.
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just as, maybe obamacare could have been made better if it were a bipartisan proposal, this one certainly would have been made better. >> bret: let's bring back our panel. matt's maybe obamacare could han made better? >> one of the things that has happened through this process, democrats have had to admit that as it relates to the individual insurance market, obamacare has been a flop, and these are big problems. i think the thing that chuck schumer is doing here that is disingenuous, everybody knows that this is a fake bill. the republicans are lying tonight. this is not real legislation. they don't want it to pass, this is a procedural gimmick. chuck schumer knows that and he is trying to punish them for the gimmickry that they are using.
9:23 pm
>> bret: similar to 2009. >> if they were proud of this bill, they would not be doing it this way, jamming it through in the middle of the night on the last weekend before christmas. that really sums up, i think, what we have seen on full display here. they try to bob, weed, and hide from the american people, they've made it abundantly clear that they do not support what they know about this bill. >> bret: it's not christmas. >> no it's not. but the only thing i disagree, we have had a nationwide, national conversation over seven years. it has dominated five election cycles, and four of those, the american people have had a full dose of what they don't like about obamacare. we have had hundreds of polls about what the american people want to see in their health care, so it is really unfair. obamacare, we have never discussed something like this.
9:24 pm
it is a breathtaking federal overhaul of health care since hillary clinton had tried and failed. i'm not a legislative council, i have read this bill. it's not that complicated. we'll talk about these things over and over again. yes, this bill alone, i would not like to see it as limited as it is, because it will take care of all the things we need to take care of, but it is the right first step to get them into conference. let me tell you something, republicans. if they are doing this on reconciliation, this alone is not going to be sufficient. we are going to have to go back year, after year, after year to stand up this individual health care market again. unfortunately, it is going to take a lot of legislating, and some of these people are not up to it. >> bret: that is why i came to you. let's take a look at some of the bullet points of the skinny bill. some quick comments about this process and what may happen as you look at this particular bill
9:25 pm
and what it contains. speak out some of those that you are sitting on your screen right now are temporary. at the top one is mostly permanent, but not the rest of them. what he just said, the republicans are lying that this is a real bill. they are basically telling us out right that it is not. many of them are saying that this is not going to become law. it cannot become law. on that point, they are definitely right because of the implications of this bill as a stand-alone going into effect, which obviously it is not. >> bret: all right, julie. i'm going to make it up to you next time on the panel. you will be back. this is our special coverage, overnight, "special report" on capitol hill. we will be back 6:00 p.m. live on the west coast. and "the five" will be on after the break.
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>> jesse: one year ago yesterday, hillary clinton was >> one year ago yesterday, hillary clinton was nominated for president, but the failed residential candidate plans to reveal her version soon. the title of her new book coming out september 12, what happened. publish men say that readers will learn what hillary was thinking and feeling during the unprecedented election of 2016 for the first time in her most personal memoir yet. so, what happened? >> juan: i think she's going interfered,russia call me came james comey came d in the last few days. so you see a shift in critical states like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, less than 1%. she's going to say that these things happened. you have heard in the last few days from chuck schumer, the democratic leader in the senate,
9:31 pm
as democrats try to rebrand themselves, if youbr have a opponent who has approval of 30 or 40%, you can only blame yourself. billions were blown by that clinton campaign. i think republicans think that hillary clinton will not take responsibility, but it is also true that what hillary says about russian interference and james call me's behavior definitely contributed to her defeat. >> jesse: she really shouldn't but why write the book? is it legacy repair? >> kimberly: for them, everything has got to have an end game. they are not interested in any kind of therapy, they don't have enough lifetime left. i think that maybe she is actually thinking about, can she do another run again and this is like reputational repair, revisionist history, and trying toto connect again with her base
9:32 pm
and herga voters. but i have really bad news for her. there are other people that are like, move out ofeo the way. it's over. >> jesse: kimberly makes a good point. democrats are going to be sitting down and she's going to come running back sucking up all the oxygen and it is just going to rewind back to her losing and trump gets another shot at the punching bag. >> dana: it's interesting. the press secretary for a couple of years in the bush administration, people at the time -- in this day and age, it should be what the happened. there's going to be a bombshell in this book. i looked at the cover, and i know a little bit about book publication, and that cover does not grab me. i thought it was a dummy copy.
9:33 pm
>> you know what it needs, it needs that hillary arrow going the other way. so she could have her side of the story in her words to get out there. >> jesse: what should she have titled the book? >> it's the way you say it, it's not what happened it's ellipses what happened? >> kimberly: as she is stumbling out of the woods. [laughs] >> the most appropriate title, "if i did it was quote. >> jesse: trump is going to be up at the white house every night. high drama as several prominent republicans plan to block a t stripped-down up health care
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call 1-800-adt-cares >> juan: a push in the senate to unravel obamacare. a plan on a stripped-down health care bill after legislation failed. for republican senators say they will not vote for it unless they get a guarantee that the house will not pass it as is. >> the skinny bill as policy is a disaster. the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. the skinny bill is a to getting conference find a replacement, it's not a replacement in and of itself. >> juan: the house is willing to negotiate a final bill with the senate but senator john mccain says that reassurance just isn't enough. kimberly, is this thing dead? >> kimberly: i don't think so. the sense i was getting yesterday was that they are very optimistic about this.
9:39 pm
they are not going to give up. they will try to get it done. at the same time, i will say, very focused on tax reform as well. i think that's something that they really want to get done and are very adamant about and secretary mnuchin is going to get it done. i'd like to see something very good here, for health care to improve upon. you know, obamacare, do some things great for the american people. who doesn't want excellent health care for everyone? >> juan: jesse, it looks like they voted to go ahead early this week but didn't know what they were voting on. they've gone through several bills and said no to them and come down to this skinny bill which would do away with the individual mandate, the mandate for corporations with more than 50 employees and the tax on medical devices. they really don't feel that that is sufficient. they want something more. do you have any idea, and a sense of what they are looking for? >> jesse: no. it's the clown show, straight
9:40 pm
up. i've never seen anything like that and it's really tough to say. when you are talking about the united states senate and congress. it's been a catastrophe from the get-go. it took forever to get it through the house. they failed twice and then they can't get it through the senate. without supposed to be easier. and the republicans were sent to have full control. the white house, senate, congress, to deliver. and they are not delivering. if they can't deliver on something they promised to deliver for how many years this has been? they don't deserve the majority. get your act together. or move on to tax cuts. i'm sick of it and i think the american people are sick of it. the american people need help from obamacare. it's failing and it hurts people. if you can't help the american people, do your job or go home. >> juan: dana, here's the democratic argument. i'm responding to jesse but i'm putting the question to you. if you have something better after seven years, a better bill covering more people, going down
9:41 pm
premiums, put it on the table but they don't seem to have that at the moment. it seems like there's a partisan effort to say oh, yeah, we did it. because we are keeping our pledge. >> dana: i agree that this process does not look good. when the history books are written, it will be like a comma. what i heard from the president today, the president and vice president -- i don't understand why john mccain thinks that when paul ryan says we are willing to go to conference to negotiate, he says "that's not good enough" and he needs more reassurance. i don't know what else they will need. obviously they will have to go to conference. i think there's a little bit of a problem on the cbo floor. for the skinny repeal, the cbo said 4 million people would leave medicaid. but medicaid is basically free. why did they think 4 million people would walk away? >> juan: i don't think they would leave, they would be pushed off.
9:42 pm
>> dana: in skinny repeal, all the medicaid money is safe. it doesn't make sense to me. >> kimberly: not so skinny. >> dana: skinny is actually fat. >> juan: what bothers me, tom, republicans really don't know where they're going. we've been through this. you're looking at me suspiciously. >> kimberly: that's his resting face. >> juan: all right, i will shoot back but i genuinely, sincerely wonder after all these years, they don't have an idea of what's better than something they have condemned so aggressively. >> tom: they do -- in everybody agrees on the skinny bill. every republican agrees on. the three things. they should do an ultralight with the mandate. the individual mandate, in front of the supreme court, every republican wanted that thing knocked down. knock it down. there's no excuse to not vote to
9:43 pm
knock down that individual mandate. >> juan: but then the whole thing collapses without it. >> tom: good. exactly. >> juan: oh? >> kimberly: [laughs] >> tom: the argument is whether we want to do things all at once. mccain thinks we have to do it altogether. other people think you don't. i don't think you don't. >> juan: you would allow all the insurance companies to become anxious and uncertain? >> dana: they are like that now. >> tom: "i don't care about you." >> juan: you are at the heart of the matter last night. do you sense the president has any plan in mind? >> kimberly: specifically? yeah, look, he's doing everything he can. vice president pence, he was talking about not getting any dinner. he was working on it.
9:44 pm
in the president said listen, put me in. he's very enthusiastic and excited about the rally he just had. he felt good about getting out there. that renewed sense of spirit, we've got to get this done. >> juan: that's what the republicans say, they wish he had been out on the campaign trail like when obama was pushing. >> kimberly: he should do more of that. if you are at your best and it connects the message, if it -- >> dana: if it goes to conference, he should give one oval office address about what he thinks the principles are he's trying to achieve in this bill, so he can give them the enthusiasm they need to pass the final. >> juan: scaramucci is out, dana perino is in. a prominent democratic congressman compares president trump to a ruthless monarch. up next. ♪ affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek...
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♪ >> tom: democrats love to compare president trump to all kinds of former tyrants and dictators. here's the latest parallel from the deputy chairman of the dnc. >> what he's doing through his twitter account and in other ways is circumventing the whole system to intimidate people, to pack courts and intimidate the press. also so he can just run everything himself.
9:49 pm
we fought a war of independence against somebody, king george, who was trying to do that. >> tom: dana. >> dana: that's obviously way over the top. let's look at some of the facts. the checks and balances we have in our system are working very well. the courts push back against the travel ban, the president said okay, let me fix it. now it's going to the supreme court and they will be able to say it's fine on the merits. congress has said no, you don't. we won't do it that way. the president's like, the way that our founding fathers set up our system is actually working. just trust the constitution. it works. >> tom: who says we don't teach civics in this country anymore? >> jesse: a lot of people wish he was a leader like that so he could just get rid of obamacare. he doesn't doesn't realize what he's saying, he's like johnny depp, he is looking for attention.
9:50 pm
>> tom: maybe. kimberly, this is the least offensive dictator he's been compared to in a while. [laughter] >> kimberly: it sort of charming, right? not as bad as normal. i think they are trying to do this and get some game going for their team. they think that this works. this is exciting, kind of enthusiastic -- we will call him out. this is what we stand for. they are try to some mojo back. >> dana: more like hojo. >> tom: he said he's using his twitter account to circumvent and intimidate the process so that he can run everything himself. is that how you use twitter? to pack the court? >> juan: that doesn't make sense to me but what does make sense, this is a guy who fired the acting attorney general by
9:51 pm
the fbi director, gone off on the intelligence community, fractured what's going on in congress right now. >> jesse: draining the swamp. >> juan: he's not taking responsibility. it sounds like he just wants to be the king. he wants to say here's what i want, let's do it. let's do it right now. and if you don't do it, we gotta get you out of here and i will bring out scaramucci, he's my guy. he's my executioner and we are going to cut heads. >> tom: everything he tries to do, he's got the court striking this down. it shows you that the system works. >> juan: the system works only to a point where people resist. i know there are a lot of republicans who hear the word "resist" and say terrible, they are trying to obstruct president trump. that's not what this should be. it should be that he he's president, you respect the president and cooperate. i think that's just not what's going on. the way he's behaving and part of that is viewed by so many
9:52 pm
americans as acting like an autocrat. >> jesse: not that many americans. he sure beat hillary. >> juan: not in the popular vote, let's not forget. >> jesse: that's not what we count, juan. >> tom: "what happened." >> kimberly: "what happened." >> tom: a very special "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ it's happening, it's happening! in the modern world, you can control just about anything with an app. your son is turning on all the lights again!
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>> dana: welcome back to "the five." in lieu of "one more thing," just responding to a tweet from anthony scaramucci about his interview with him, ryan lizza. he made a mistake in trusting a reporter, it won't happen again. blaming ryan lizza for publishing his quote. here is the reporter's. >> it's not a matter of trust, it's a matter of we, reporters and journalists, try to explain who these people are to the american people. when you do an on the record interview with someone, it is standard operating procedure that that interview then gets reported. >> dana: it's one of those things where you get on the phone with somebody and you just forget to say this is off the record or something or maybe you didn't think you had to, kimberly. i don't think it will happen again. >> kimberly: when you are director of communications, assume that everything is going to be recorded, et cetera. even if you stay off the record. when i used to be first lady or somebody at the d.a. office, i would say ten times off the record, just keep saying it. i didn't have any trust and
9:57 pm
because i had been burned by reporters. they want to get their name out there. you've got to be extra, extra careful. when you are dealing with someone you've dealt with before and they are asking these questions and you are venting, in this day and age they are going to put it all up there. >> dana: juicy. jesse, reporters are not your friends, you can be friendly with them but they have a job to do. if you give them something, they are going to run with it. >> jesse: i'm your friend. you can talk to me. i'm not going to burn you. i would like to trust scaramucci because i don't trust the new yorker magazine. they've done some vicious things against this channel for decades. he probably did get burned. but i don't know what happened so i don't want to speculate. who knows what went down. >> tom: jesse doesn't trust reporters. he puts his feet in people's garage doors to get the interview. [laughter]
9:58 pm
>> dana: juan, the media has a low approval rating. the popularity is way down. can they afford to make any mistakes? i think the reporter is telling the truth. what do you think as a reporter? >> juan: my impression is that scaramucci did not said "i didn't insult steve bannon. i did not offer my psychiatric diagnosis of reince priebus and say he's out." he basically said "oh, well, maybe you should not have said it." he never said he said it off to record. he said he -- >> kimberly: he trusted that it was off the record. i don't think -- >> juan: he said i trusted the guy. he didn't say it was off the record. that's why i don't think he, he's talking about an image. the substance of what he said stands and is quite disturbing that this is going on in the white house and this is the kind
9:59 pm
of relationships that are being bent and broken under president trump. >> dana: there is resentment among senior staffers and somebody's going to have to fix it and i think as the president said in the campaign, i alone can fix it. he's the commander in chief and in the white house. >> kimberly: scaramucci said "i don't know if it's repairable or not, it will be up to the president to decide," he is the shot caller. we serve at the president's pleasure and we will see what happens. we've been hearing about white house shakeup, and the president not happy. let's see. he's got to get people around that he trusts and can represent him well. >> jesse: spicer and reince might be doing "dancing with the stars" together. >> kimberly: yeah, i think he really wants spicer. >> dana: do you think spicer should do "dancing with the stars"? >> tom: yes, he should do it. >> dana: would you do it? >> tom: are you kidding me?
10:00 pm
i would win it. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five." set your dvrs. "hannity" is up next. it's >> sean: this is a fox news alert. my opening monologue in just a minute. we are following major, major breaking news stories. obamacare repeal and replace underway. it could go into the early morning hours. oh, it's so bad. they are on vacation usually at this time. republicans are going to keep their promises to you. plus, explosive new reports from john solomon, sara carter, devin nunes is questioning if the obama administration is behind unmasking for political purposes during a campaign. sources are telling sara carter that a top fbi lawyer is now under investigation for leaking classified information. we will have that story and also


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