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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i would win it. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five." set your dvrs. "hannity" is up next. it's >> sean: this is a fox news alert. my opening monologue in just a minute. we are following major, major breaking news stories. obamacare repeal and replace underway. it could go into the early morning hours. oh, it's so bad. they are on vacation usually at this time. republicans are going to keep their promises to you. plus, explosive new reports from john solomon, sara carter, devin nunes is questioning if the obama administration is behind unmasking for political purposes during a campaign. sources are telling sara carter that a top fbi lawyer is now under investigation for leaking classified information. we will have that story and also tonight, infighting and the
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white house. anthony scaramucci goes to war against leaking in his first week on the job. kellyanne conway is here with reaction. but mike emanuel is live at the white house on the battle over obamacare. mike, aren't they usually on vacation by now? >> pretty close. good evening you, sean. finding 50 votes to pass health care reform nomadic reform is proving to be a challenge. we do have some breaking news. mitch mcconnell has just posted the details of the republican health care plan that's a skinny repeal plan, getting rid of the unpopular parts of the obamacare, four g.o.p. senators came out late saying that there would be a "no" on the so-called skinny repeal plan. john mccain, lindsey graham, ron johnson and bill cassidy wanted assurance from paul ryan that it would go to conference to hammer out a more comprehensive plan. >> we've got to improve on this.
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a conference committee would enable us to do that. we will see with the house comes back with. for senators, that's kind of a big deal. >> the senate floor, ripping republican colleagues say they cannot believe the final plan was not out yet. >> to answer the calls coming into my office, the texts and emails, from folks saying what's going on? what's happening in the united states senate, they can't keep track of what it is that we've moved to. we don't know either. >> it's been looking like we are heading for an all-nighter but some signs of movement, sean. >> sean: mike emanuel. can you tell us a little bit, i saw paul ryan and his message to the senate. get your job done. >> exactly right. ryan said they would go to conference if that's what those
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senators wanted but he said basically, the senate would have to take up the bill that came out of the conference first. he didn't want his numbers taking all the tough votes and the senator sitting back and watch the house struggle. assuming they pass something tonight, they will go to conference and try to hammer out a deal and then ryan says the senate will go first. >> sean: pretty interesting. mike emanuel will follow this tonight. also, in the white house, there's a war to stop leaking, anthony scaramucci has a very colorful phone call with a reporter. ed henry is outside the white house with all the details. ed, we see the cover of "the new york post" tomorrow. >> "the new york post" would look like survivor around here, from reince priebus to steve bannon to anthony scaramucci as well. all these advisors around the president, seemingly battling it out. not just in private but spilling out into the public. starting last night when scaramucci essentially accused reince priebus of leaking sensitive financial information from scaramucci's personal
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reports. that information was public, though. he pulled that back but then spoke to a reporter and scaramucci really let loose on several people here at the white house, saying... "they will all be fired by me, i fired one guy the other day, i have 3-4 people i will fire tomorrow. reince priebus, if you want to leak something, he will be asked to resign... then he goes on to say about bannon... i am not stephen bannon, i am not trying to build my brand off of the brain of the president. in his defense, he has gone on to twitter to say he regrets the colorful language. and he says he has made a mistake in trusting a reporter. it won't happen again, sean. >> sean: i spoke to anthony scaramucci tonight.
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he says he believes in every way that he told this reporter it was off the record. we have conflicting reports on that. but it's a he said he said. >> look, the new yorker has not been friendly to this president. that's an open secret. there were only two people in that phone call or that conversation. we don't know for sure. obviously, if you are the incoming white house communications director, you have to be careful about communications, particularly with a reporter from an organization that frankly has been hammering the president every which way. high marks in the early hours, let's remember. it has only been barely a week since it was announced. so much has happened but he got high marks for being a street fighter, someone who understands the president and will be more forceful and aggressive in getting his message out. the challenge tonight is when you have this kind of colorful language, that might attract not just media interest but some people like newt gingrich and other conservatives saying this is all a distraction. to get back on jobs in health care.
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the other parts of the agenda and as mike emanuel said, they are being bought out tonight. >> sean: my commentary on this, more in a moment. make or break night tonight. live here for the republican party obamacare repeal and replace, g.o.p. lawmakers not only have themselves to blame that they are in this situation, that's tonight's opening monologue. when we started the program tonight, it's really a shame that we are at this point with senate republicans having to pull an all-nighter. toilet paper, what i get down and throwing it up against the wall. the see what sticks strategy? to try to pass some kind of health care bill. so they can then go to conference with health republicans and eventually come up with a plan to do with a promise to do, repeal and replace obamacare. senator mcconnell just posted details of the "skinny" obamacare repeal. they beg you, the american people for this opportunity for seven long years. they are now doing their best to squander it.
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there is no other way to spin this. seven g.o.p. senators voted against the clean repeal of obamacare. some of them voted for that very bill in 2015. it makes you wonder if everything you've been told for years was just all talk. it certainly seems that way. as i said last night, the senators have put republican advantages in congress now in jeopardy for 2018, we don't know how the vote on the skinny repeal is ever going to turn out and we will be following it all night tonight. republicans had seven years. seven years to come up with a plan. seven years to find consensus and agreement and that did not happen. it's been one misstep after another. they literally let this all play out in public on tv and radio and in the papers. instead of everybody getting in a room, as i suggested. locking the door, taking their phones, ordering pizza, having beer and coke and 7-up and water so that they could have the plan that works for the american people.
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aren't the republicans, i am a registered conservative, aren't they supposed to be the party of big and bold ideas? today, the party i say has a zero identity. they seem too afraid, too timid, too spineless to go against the status quo. they played this way during the obama years. the g.o.p. is supposed to be the party of repeal and replace. liberty, capitalism. limiting government interference in our lives, free market solutions, right now they have no vision, no identity. no unity. they didn't even try to offer up big, out-of-the-box ideas. i've been talking about these ideas for over 15 years. and how to fix our broken health care system. remember the doctor in kansas? i've been interviewing him since 2012. he runs a health care cooperative. it's $50 a month for adults, ten dollars a month for children.
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they have no co-pays. unlimited office visits. 24-hour doctor service available for you. free procedures. 95% reductions because they negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies and you leave with your medicine as soon as you leave the doctor's office. the same with lab tests. why not let other doctors -- and some 400 already are doing similar things. they didn't even bring these ideas up. just like health savings accounts. they did vote to fund some of the presidents border wall but that has to get through the senate. republican lawmakers and their inability to get things done, here's the truth. it's harming you. at this point, it seems like the only person in the republican party who has a vision and is articulating that vision is the president himself and to see the reaction he gets and the crowds that show up when he speaks. earlier this week on the senate
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floor after returning to washington from his brain cancer diagnosis, john mccain had these comments... >> i hope we can rely on our dependence on each other and learn how to trust each other again and by so doing, better serve the people who elected us. stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on radio and television and the internet. to hell with them. they don't want anything done for the public good. our incapacity is their livelihood. >> sean: incapacity? you are blaming us? that's our livelihood? senator mccain, he is in our thoughts and prayers. we've had a love-hate relationship for many years. i wish him personally a speedy recovery. but what he said, i have to disagree with. talk radio and tv hosts, we are not the ones to blame for your inaction and failure in washington. i have for years on radio and tv been offering up conservative solutions.
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2013, i offered the conservative solution caucus -- i am constantly encouraging republicans to adopt big ideas, solutions to help the american people, in poverty and on food stamps and out of the labor force that can't buy a house. i talked about the penny plan for fiscal responsibility, to balance our budget, lowering taxes for all the years i've been on the air, tax reform, repatriation of trillions of corporate american dollars to build factories and manufacturing centers and fill jobs in america. i talked at length about energy independence. with energy companies to get americans hired, securing the border, charter schools, sending education back to the states. i've talked about rebuilding our military and ending stifling regulations of government, identifying and defeating radical islam. excuse me, senator, i care about the country and i care about offering solutions. i've talked about this every day for 22 years on tv and radio and
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when you were running, you wanted to be on my show as much as you possibly can. i'm sorry, that's an unfair cheap shot and i'm sorry, republicans, stop pointing the fingers. you sound like hillary clinton. start producing the results he promised. we want to talk about anthony scaramucci, the fox news audience knows him well. we also want to look at the deep state leaking. look, i know the rest of the mainstream media is foaming at the mouth. they love what they view as infighting and the leaking and conflict and everything they think will stop the president and his agenda. okay, so anthony scaramucci made a phone call with a new yorker reporter and guess what? he wasn't clear that it was off the record. apparently, i talked to him tonight and he is apologizing. this was the cover of "the new york post" tomorrow morning. everyone has a good chuckle at this. take a look at the cover. survivor, the white house, the
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trump white house. person on that front page, they have had to deal for over six months with the d.c. swamp, starting with the president. they have had to deal with unprecedented lies, attacks from liberals in the mainstream destroy-trump-media and much more. everyone of those people have been fighting to drain the swamp and the sewer that is d.c. and they are trying to get these changes done for the american people. now, if those people are on the cover, if they lose in their battle, if they are beaten by the deep state by democrats, week republicans, never trump-ers, guess what? the american people in this country will lose the opportunity of a generation. speaking with anthony scaramucci as he expressed and as ed henry reported, he regrets using some of the language he used with the reporter. he thought it was off the record. i don't doubt there's been plenty of infighting and leaking. i don't like any of it.
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but doesn't that happen at everybody's job? let's be honest with ourselves. if the goal of the deep state is the same, excuse me, they are trying to get the president to never enact his agenda. that's what the bottom line is here. they want to delegitimize the president. they don't want what you voted for to become the law of this land. and the president, anthony scaramucci, reince priebus, stephen bannon, the one thing they all have in common in spite of may be disagreeing here and some infighting, they are all tired of the deep state leaks. anthony scaramucci rightly is trying to put an end to it. i don't know who is leaking in the white house and i've no idea but i hope it ends. it's important that they figure out where these leaks are coming from to the press. the press that wants to destroy the president as well. look at the deep state. they have one singular focus. they are determined to do much
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damage to the president with selective leaking. they in and day out and stop his agenda. which, at the end of the day, that hurts you, the american people. joining us with reaction, kellyanne conway, i thought you looked the best on the cover of "the new york post." >> i didn't even see it yet. i'm looking into a blind camera. thank you for noting that, though. the loch ness monsters of the swamp will always try to get in the way of this president and his agenda. i don't know what they were expecting. he said "i was going to repeal and replace obamacare." if i showed you all the senators and members of congress who ran successfully on repealing and replacing obamacare, there were no asterisks, footnotes, bibliographies, no maybe, should've, could've, would've. i can show you in 16 different shots. at podiums in with the crowd pledging to repeal and replace obamacare straight up. the one person keeping that
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promise is donald trump. he has been here for six short months. they've been talking about this for seven years. while he was busy being a successful businessman in new york and around the globe, they were promising their constituents. it's not just a campaign promise, it is a moral imperative. i also want to point something out about tonight. whether they have an all-nighter, wherever it goes to conference, i want america to know not a single democrat needs helping. republicans offered a single-payer amendment tonight to get a vote on where the democrats say our country is headed and do you know how many votes it got? this is not a okay, this is 0. four or five democrats voted against it in the rest of the democrats voted present. they might as well have been out to dinner because they are certainly out to lunch. they didn't lift a finger. the six and a half million americans who forked over millions of dollars to the irs.
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they are not helping because 83 insurers have fled the market with dozens more promising to do so. they are not helping people to make the call for these premiums. for people who have the worst possible outcomes these insurance cards they can't use because their premiums are too high. i want americans to remember who stood up and kept promises and tried to help the people who have been left behind. not white house, people come once a week. obamacare victims. we've met them personally, the president and vice president, others have met with them personally. their stories are real. the mainstream media doesn't put it -- they are real. you want to cover intrigue? go talk to those people and ask what happened to them and their family since they had their hours and wages cut, their health care benefits cut. they have been suffering for years and this president stands ready to repeal and replace and give those people the relief they deserve. >> sean: i got a note from a friend of mine. he spoke with a prominent democrat that said "a skinny bill?" it's a dream come true because it eliminates all the things in
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obamacare that the americans hated and it leaves the backbone of the aca intact. it's inexplicable that we have a party in the senate that's basically become the oh, let's put water and toilet paper thrown up against the wall when they could be pushing health savings accounts and health care cooperatives and getting rid of the monstrosity and offering competition and choice. sorry, kellyanne, as a conservative, those are the things i believe in deeply and that's what the president is talking about. >> that's right. the president talked about it just this week in several addresses. like i said, the skinny repeal, i have never heard that phrase. when members of the house and senate ran successfully on "repealing and replacing obamacare." i didn't hear them say swim at the edges. cut and shave here. i think this is why, frankly, congress has such a low approval rating.
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the media's approval rating is far below the president's approval rating. they just don't cover it as much. and that's because people are looking for relief. >> sean: all right, kellyanne. it was good to see you. >> did you want to cover anything else? >> sean: oh, yeah, anthony and what is going on there? is there anything else to talk about? i said you were the best looking person on the cover tomorrow! >> thanks. look, i want to say one thing. anthony said he uses colorful language. he's passionate about the president. it sometimes gets the best of him but let me know when any of my colleagues in the west wing call half of the country deplorable and irredeemable. let me know. let me know when they look america in the eye and say "you can keep your plan and keep your health care." and lie to them. then we will talk. i'm glad he talked about his colorful language. i am very happy to serve with
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him. we all have to be together in service to the president's agenda. we weren't elected to anything. donald trump and mike pence elected the rest of us to serve the country. >> sean: sara carter, gregg jarrett, jay sekulow, up next. like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ iso being cool comes naturally. on car insurance, hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling.
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it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what?
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>> sean: fox news alert, this just in, the senate now expected to vote on the skinny repeal of obamacare after midnight tonight. >> joining me now, it has been a really long night and it looks like it's just getting longer. >> this is continuing because it is clear now that the republicans don't have the vote votes. on the skinny repeal. there is a lot of, they were going to move forward if they had to vote. right now, senator purdue of georgia is reading the end of the last motion. the motion to commit the bill back to the committee from senator murray. if that failed 52-38.
10:25 pm
now they are moving forward to the next bill. that is the actual skinny bill itself. the delay, we are told, "the new york times" and others are reporting, senator john mccain is now inclined to be a "no" vote on the skinny bill, and that would mean that they don't have the votes to move forward. they'd have to get to 50, and then the vice president would cast the deciding vote. now, there are republicans working on senator michalski from alaska. listening for just a second. >> mr. cassidy. >> aye.
10:26 pm
>> ms. collins. >> mr. coons. >> no. >> mr. cornyn. >> mr. cotton. mr. cruz. mr. donnelly.
10:27 pm
mrs. feinstein. mrs. fisher. >> aye. >> mr. franken. >> no. >> mr. gardner. >> mr. graham. mr. grassley. >> ms. harris. >> no. >> mr. hatch. >> aye. >> mr. heinrich. >> no. >> mr. heller.
10:28 pm
>> no. >> mr. ane mr. isaacson. >> aye. >> mr. johnson. >> aye. >> ms. clo mr. lahey. >> no. >> mr. markey. >> no. >> mr. menendez. >> no.
10:29 pm
>> mr. moran. mr. murphy. >> no. >> mrs. murray. >> no. >> mr. nelson. >> no. >> mr. paul. >> aye. >> mr. purdue. >> no. sorry, yes. >> mr. peters. >> no. >> mr. portman. >> mr. reid.
10:30 pm
mr. roberts. mr. rounds. >> aye. >> mr. rubio. mr. sanders. >> no. >> so you are watching them there on the senate floor. discussing this bill and to vote on bill specifically. the senior capitol hill producer, he is there right now. chadha, what can you tell us about this long night that we are watching unfold? >> this is a key vote here. this is not final passage on the bill. this is an amendment to scare down, skinny repeal of obamacare. they need to have a simple majority to do this, but in the last couple of moments, a couple of senators have voted no. what that does, if all of the
10:31 pm
other 50 republican senators hold together, they can still pass this amendment which is key to passing the bill. try to incorporate this into the bill, and then have vice president pence break the tie. but they are down to two no right now. that told us a lot, that they might not have the votes for this. if they had the votes, they would have forged ahead in the timely fashion. >> what happens if they don't have a vote? >> if they don't have the votes, that probably casts a very long shadow on the prospects for repealing and replacing obamacare. again, it is not the final vote, but it tells you a lot about the future. they are really going to have some problems getting folks together. again, the final vote probably would not happen until very late tonight, or at dawn, but this was the key plan. you have to a member that mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader has tried three different
10:32 pm
plant here. this is the most recent one. the specific details of this, until 10:00 tonight. they only had a short period of time to look at this. senator mcconnell kept his plan very close to his vest. it is only about eight pages, but if this is not passed and made a part of the bill, and that puts some bad prospects on the passage of this bill for health care. >> part of the reason that some senators like to say that this is taking so long, like you said, it was introduced at 10:00, they wanted to have this go around 12:00 or 12:30. is that something that they were just saying or do they really believe that two hours is not enough for these eight pages? >> john mccain has been consistent from the beginning, even before he got sick and had his brain cancer surgery a couple of weeks ago.
10:33 pm
he was very disappointed, he said the proposals that he wanted to incorporate into the bill to help his home state of arizona, he said he would try to do that if they got the bill to the floor. that is one of the reasons he voted to start the debate. that dramatic moment earlier this week when he came back to do just that. one of the things that he said, he wanted to try and get this into committee and go through the regular committee process to mark up this bill, write the bill in committee and then bring it to the floor. that did not happen. remember, republicans absolutely lambasted democrats. the republican narrative was that this was ran through. we can argue about what happened on the floor, but they did go to committees. no one saw the text of any of these proposals that mitch mcconnell cooked up until, behind closed doors with republican members.
10:34 pm
nothing ever went to committees in the senate, and that is one of the reasons why john mccain was critical even before he cast his no vote tonight. >> are going to go back and forth. brett, is this business as usual, or are you seeing anything that is out of the ordinary tonight? >> this is not business as usual. this is the republicans failing on what they talked about for seven years. repealing obamacare. right now, it is not over. but the fact that john mccain, think about it, came back from arizona, to cast the deciding vote essentially to proceed to debate this repeal. after dealing with brain cancer and the diagnosis and arizona, he makes the triumphant return, casts the motion to proceed, and now he is shooting down the main element for mcconnell to move this forward. he was lambasted by liberals for that boat on the motion to proceed, now he is lifted up.
10:35 pm
i think it was back to proceed on the senate floor, he wanted to go in regular order to work in a bipartisan way. to fix health care. this will just send conservatives flying. it is going to be very upsetting that this is going to go down, it looks like, with a vote no for mccain, michalski, and collins. >> if it does not pass, is reset still in session to happen tomorrow? they are supposed to have a month recess. where do they go from here? are they going to ask that recess and continue the debate? >> we will see what happens through the night here. we now know that senator senator mccain and others have voted no. that is enough to kill this skinny bill. that means, they are back to the drawing board. what senator mccain wanted to do before returning to arizona was to move forward with the national defense authorization,
10:36 pm
which is a bill that he is obviously very close to with the senate armed service committee. he wants to move that through. we will see where mitch mcconnell goes next, but he is getting on the floor now. let us listen in. >> and, so there won't be anything until they finished the vote until they have all 100 senators cast their ballots. >> what we are looking at here is the big picture. this is a big defeat. you saw vice president pence clearly working to try and get mccain to change his mind. and then, there were a bunch of senators who were around lisa
10:37 pm
michalski >> this does not necessarily kill the bill as brett says. but what were the mistakes that republicans might have made? even on the floor as senators crowded around the senator from alaska, with deciding the money that deals with health centers, especially in a state like alaska where you might have to travel hundreds of miles to get medical treatment. but what we are releasing here is the chasm that has always existed between republicans. they have had seven years. there is a reason why they have never been able to repeal and replace obamacare, it is because, if they fix one thing for conservatives, they broke it for moderate republicans, and
10:38 pm
vice versa. they cannot get everybody lined up. those chasms never narrowed over those seven years, and that is represented by those no vote on the floor today. >> americans at home watching this, they have a reason to be upset peered like he said, seven years. this is something that republicans have been promising for seven years. >> i think it is a question as to whether or not the vote last fall was a mandate to repeal and replace obamacare. there has been some talk the last few days that maybe that was a miss read election, and i thought that if they had the house, and they had the senate, they could finally do these things. that is something that house speaker paul ryan has talked about, but they have not been able to do anything else. they had not passed a budget, they have not done anything in terms of getting tax reform done, although there was a major statement today. a lot of statements, not
10:39 pm
necessarily action. they passed the first of several appropriations here. nothing on infrastructure yet. they have to raise the debt ceiling, which will be a cripple vote in the next two months. so far, in the six months that they have had a republican in the white house, a republican house, a republican senate, they have not accomplished anything besides putting neil gore search on the supreme court. >> where we go from here? >> this was a process. senator mcconnell was betting that republicans will try to pass anything. that will get to the conference committee. they did not like what they had. it was try to convince republicans -- let's listen in. >> mr. president, clearly a disappointing moment, from skyrocketing costs to plummeting choices and collapsing markets. our constituents have suffered
10:40 pm
through an awful lot under obamacare. we thought they deserved better. it is why i and many of my colleagues did as we promised and voted to repeal this failed law. we told our constituents that we would vote that way, and when the moment came, when the moment came, most of us did. we kept our commitments, we worked hard, and everybody on the side can certainly attest to the fact that we worked really hard to try to develop a consensus for a better way forward. i want to thank everybody in this conference for the endless amount of time that they have
10:41 pm
spent trying to achieve a consensus to go forward. i also want to think the president and the vice president who could not have been more involved and more helpful. so, yes, this is a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. our friends over in the house, we thank them as well. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. now, imagine, many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. probably pretty happy about all of this. but, the american people, are hurting and they need relief.
10:42 pm
our friends on the other side decided early on they didn't want to engage with us in a serious way, and a serious way, to help those suffering under obamacare. they did everything they could to prevent the senate from providing a better way forward including such things as reading amendments for endless amounts of time. such things as holding up nominations for key positions in the administration because they were unhappy that we were trying to find a way to something better than obamacare. so, i expect that they are pretty satisfied tonight. i regret to say that they succeeded in that effort. so, now, i think it is appropriate to ask, what are
10:43 pm
their ideas? it will be interesting to see. what they suggest as the way forward. for myself, i can say, and i'm pretty safe in saying for most people on this side of the aisl aisle, bailing out insurance company with no thought of any kind of reform, not something i want to be a part of, and i suspect that not many people over here that are interested in that. it will be interesting to see what they have in mind. quadrupling down on the failures of obamacare with a single-payer system. we had that for a little earlier thanks to the senator from montana.
10:44 pm
almost everybody voted present. apparently, they did not want to make a decision about whether they were for or against socialized medicine. a government take over of everything. european health care. only four of them weren't afraid they didn't think that was a good idea. maybe that is what they want to offer. we'd be happy to have that debate with the american people. so, it is time for our friends on the other side to tell us what they have in mind, and we will see how the american people feel about their ideas. so, i regret that we are here, but i want to say, again, i am proud of the vote that i cast
10:45 pm
tonight. it is consistent with what we told the american people we would try to accomplish in four straight elections, if they gave us a chance. and i want to thank all of my colleagues on the side of the aisle for everything they did to try to keep that commitment. what we try to accomplish for the american people was the right thing for the country, and our only regret tonight, our only regret, is that we didn't achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. i think the american people are going to regret that we could not find a better way forward.
10:46 pm
and as i said, we look forward to our colleagues on the other side suggesting what they have in mind so, now, mr. president, it is time to move on. and i ask unanimous content that on 10:00 a.m., friday july 28th, that is tomorrow, the senate concede to consideration encounter number 175 hr 2010. the house pass national defense authorization bill. >> i object. >> the objection is heard. >> i suggest form. >> was a second. >> the clerk will call the rule.
10:47 pm
>> all right, you are just listening to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell there. very somber tonight. as he explains that the vote did not go through as he had. you are listening to this, what to make of it? >> this is a very tory leader. i knew this was not the detail that they wanted, but they were to convince people to get there. now, they have given up on this, and he laid down the marker for democrats to come up with their ideas on health care, something that he says did not happen throughout during the process. right now you are hearing from the senate minority leader about what should be next.
10:48 pm
senator mcconnell saying that the national defense authorization bill, passed by the house, the one that senator mccain wants to shepherd through, the funding for the pentagon, will be next on the agenda on monday, and they are debating what is next. for the senate majority leader, this was a big moment, one in which, he decided to go ahead with the votes and they are going to move on. this is a loss for republicans, and a big one. >> what does this mean for health care reform in general? where we go from here? >> this is a great question. i don't know where the process starts, whether there will be a bipartisan effort. and i think that you are going to see and hear a lot of fallout from this. just to put it in perspective again, john mccain flew into town, he voted for the motion to proceed to debate this bill, and then was the vote that brought
10:49 pm
down this vehicle to repeal obamacare. he is the maverick in the end. he always has been. his speech on the senate floor kind of foretold what he was going to say. >> we have chad. are you still there? okay, were you surprised by senator mccain voting no? he did come back after having brain cancer surgery, and like he said, he was a big deciding factor here. >> yeah, it was a surprise. there were people all night long, as we are standing in the hall, saying the vote is at 49 right now. they were not sure of where mccain was going to come down. he saw vice president pence really animated, at one point when the voting started, vice president pence walked out, and try to get some confirmation from the white house when they call the president, i assumed
10:50 pm
that that happen. we will find that out, i'm sure in coming hours. remember that this white house was betting that they were going to get this across the finish line. at lease to get the process going. this process is over, the repeal part is over. senate minority leader, chuck schumer, is pitching away too, in their mind a way to fix obamacare. >> what happens after this? can you ask lena after explain? >> they are moving on. chad probably has a lot of the weeds about what is next, but this is a big moment, really, the vote that everyone was looking at.
10:51 pm
>> chad, i believe we have you now. telus about the moments leading up to this. >> here is something that i want to talk about. i talked a long time, senior aide here, and i said what is mcconnell going to do. he is well known here for having a good insight game. in other words, he comes up with these legislative solutions and ways out of these parliamentary cul-de-sacs that other people haven't thought about. what he did here at the end of the day, he was unable to come up with something. this aide told me, always bet on mcconnell. always bet on mcconnell. here, everyone was betting on mcconnell, and at the end of the day, he failed to come through. that is significant. a major legislative loss for mcconnell. for years, the republicans had it easy in the sense that they
10:52 pm
could constantly criticize and be against something. good at opposing things that barack obama was putting forth, the democrats were putting forth. they have not been very good at coming up with solutions, and this was played out tonight in spades on the senate floor. >> he spent a lot of time trying to convince senator mccain as well, right? >> absolutely. a couple of dramatic moments during the roll call that happened before this. keep in mind, that vote was open for about one hour and 4 minutes. they are usually scheduled to take 15 minutes. as soon as we got past the 20 minute, 25 minute mark, i had a good idea that they didn't have the votes, because if you have the votes, you go ahead and you take the next boat. everybody in the senate had voted, all 100 senators had cast their ballots, and i told you a lot. there was a moment where john mccain came and talked with chuck schumer, and some of the democrats but he went off the floor with mike pence, the vice president. again, had they been able to get two more votes at this point, vice president pens could have
10:53 pm
cast the tie-breaking vote. he does not get to go unless it is a 50-50 type. again, they worked on the senator from alaska. there was a large coterie of senators around tom, and they just could not get the votes. it is always about the math, you can't change the map, you can't change the physics, and neither of them worked in the republicans favor tonight. >> so where do we go from here? where do these lawmakers go now that it is about 2:00 here on the east coast? >> one thing i would look for again, you heard mitch mcconnell say this a few moments ago, what are the democrats ideas? some people thought this was the end the game by mitch mcconnell for a long time. that he knew it was going to be challenging, he would give it his best shot, roll the dice, to be if they got by a vote or two great, and then try to work something out with the house of her than it is. what this does now, it gives him
10:54 pm
agency to potentially work with democrats. the field and 2018 is tilted very strongly toward the republicans. there is a lot of democrats in swing or red states. west virginia, north dakota, indiana, and either mcconnell can put them on notice and give them tough votes, or it might be very good for them to take some votes against obamacare and try to work on fixing some of the problems with that law that is now seven years old. >> talk to me a little bit about the skinny repeal, what you think it is that they did not like about it. why did not pass. point to it a little bit and easy terms if you will. >> they never liked the medical device tax. they never liked the individual mandate that everybody had to purchase insurance in some form, or there was another problem that maybe there was a question of the individual mandate and
10:55 pm
the employer mandate, those were some of the things that are out there that are good red meat for conservatives. again, it was not enough, it just wasn't enough. some weren't convinced that whatever they would put through the senate and then go to the house would stand through a conference committee, this is where they get people from the house together and the senate together and they try to develop a blended merger bill and send that to the president. there was not a lot of confidence, and again, john mccain kept saying, he wanted the senate to go through the regular committee process, mark this up in committee, and that never happened. he said that long before he cast this no vote tonight. >> and recess is set to start monday. is that right, is it supposed to still happen? >> the house of representatives is supposed to get out of dodge tomorrow. what is unclear now, is what happens with the united states senate. several weeks ago, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that he would stay these two weeks out of thee
10:56 pm
five and work on this defense bill. that remains to be seen. if they go home, you might imagine president trump or republicans giving these guys and earful. why aren't you in washington working something out? they have worked on this for weeks and they were unsuccessful so some might wonder, if we stay in washington, what will we accomplish on this? they will get an earful from diehard republicans when they go back home being unsuccessful in peeling and replacing obamacare. >> do you think president trump president trump's tweets help or hurt in the situation? >> it is obvious that it did not help. there was one theory, maybe he has not invited governors to the white house. in ohio, john k sick , if they could get air cover
10:57 pm
from those governors, maybe you could get those senators to vote yes, they are actually working with them saying, here's what i need for my state. this is the problem with obamacare and my state. let's address it and an arizona way, or alaska way. that did not happen. what was president trump doing? there was some concern when there was a dinner a couple of weeks ago when he had six or seven of republican senators at the white house for dinner and there was a problem with one of the bills. it blew up, some people said they will vote no. it caught the president by surprise and we asked the senators, what did the president discuss? they said no, he talked about his trip to paris and the festival. >> we have brett standing by. what you make of this for anyone who is just joining us. it has been a really rough night for republicans. seven years in the making, and this is what we get.
10:58 pm
>> here is the 30,000-foot view. this is not skinny repeal. this is obamacare repeal, defeated in the senate. after seven years of republicans campaigning on this and talking about it, the big winner tonight is barack obama, who changed the dynamic by forcing down a vote during 2009, 2010, that change to the health care system. even though the republicans control the house, the senate, and the white house, they have been unable to tear them apart. even in the way they were going to do it, it was going to be piecemeal, but they were going to claim victory if they got to a conference committee and started their own way. this is the end of this. as chad mentioned, it is the beginning of perhaps a bipartisan process. but the structure stays the same. the big winner tonight and this morning is barack obama. this will infuriate
10:59 pm
conservatives who use this issue on the campaign trail. it will make people so mad, but now, we will have to see what the president says about this, and where it goes from here. whether he is going to stick to, maybe we should just let it die and let democrats own it. most would say that when you control the white house and the house and the senate, then you are in control of power and you are responsible for what happens during that time. they are desperate to get to tax reform. this was a big loss and it should be put in that perspective. we will see what happens. >> all right. definitely very frustrating. we it will be interesting to see what president trump has to say tomorrow. we know that he takes to twitter and talks about these issues and talks to all the lawmakers. it is definitely a sad day for republicans, a sad day for americans who were hoping to have some repeal here and replacement on obamacare.
11:00 pm
>> let me add two things. one, the democrats obviously look at this as a big win. two, if you have looked at recent polls, what the perception is about how obamacare place in all the states, there is increasing problems in the polling about getting rid of obamacare the way that they were going to do it. so, this now starts the process, and we will see how the white house weighs in on it and whether mitch mcconnell is going to move forward in a bipartisan way with democrats. we are always, it seems, one election away from solving the big problems, and there is a lot of frustration in washington on both sides of the aisle we have to look at it from the to prospectus. >> what do you think we will