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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 28, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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of the different comments of the republicans for the last seven years, in the end, fell on deaf ears. trying to claw back what really was, people called obamacare, the affordable care act, but it was a massive expansion of a government entitlement program for medicaid and the sponsored government, taxpayer sponsored exchanges. and as we saw tonight. >> what does this mean for them? we have lawmakers who decided her fate right here right now, and the politicians we thought would have the best interest at hand, turned out to me, they did not. they let americans down. now, what does the health care system look like for americans? who are paying more than they want to.
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they are buying insurance that they don't need. >> dead is a great question, jackie. i am a contributor for the hill, and a big obamacare bubble. for your audience, the big short, what we saw with the mortgage market, really what obamacare was set up and where it is sitting today, there's no other way to call it. we are living in a world in our country, whether it's subprime rent. obamacare, the idea was to get healthy individuals through the mandates. i don't agree with it, but that was the plan. it was balanced out. the people that had more stuff, more illnesses, ended up working out, that we had a whole bunch more folks that were sick, they got on obamacare. folks that got an obamacare break when they got sick. through what i called, legislative malpractice. and how they built that law. what it created was a bubble. to her now, and i heard less
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commentators making a great point, you have insurance companies that simply have to charge these outrageous premiums or bail out of the availability to provide any sort of insurance, because they cannot cover the risks. for average americans out there. it feels very much like what was going out in the late 2000s, where we had those balloon payments, and mortgages for folks that simply had really bad credit. maybe they should have gotten the load to the first place. ultimately, it is going to be the american patient who is hurt by this for there's another group. the group that i represent every day in my life. as a counselor and lawyer to so many health care providers. we have a massive doctor's shortage in this country, jackie, and what you do not hear about is what doctors really feel about the affordable care act and how providers feel about
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it. all this uncertainty is doing to them and their business. let me tell you something. it is not incentivizing them to stay in their business. it is not encouraging young doctors get into the business. they will feel it in premiums, and the lines in the waiting rooms when they go see doctors, they will get longer, because doctors do not want to be practicing medicine the way they used to. >> jackie: 's why do democrats love it so much? >> it's a great question. philosophically, democrats feel policy is, everybody isn't and title to health care coverage. the thyroid's, everyone deserves all direct to own a home. it's a lofty goal. regardless of what your risk is, saying, will give you health care, it is very to do.
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that is more optimistic look. if you look at promotes interest perspective, there are some big, big special interests, negatively from my perspective being in the industry and the number one reason the affordable care act got past, was because hospitals, huge hospitals and insurance companies and big pharma got hired three people coming to the emergency room's and the bundles and using that as her primary care. not having a source to pay. the hospitals did not want to write off the debts. big pharma was getting prescriptions that were written for these folks when they would go in. they wanted to start making money on that. that is the question you have to ask yourself when you have zero democrats support tonight. secondly, i think our president should start pointing out some of these republicans. i think we should wonder who is supporting them. again, aside from very positive
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views about trying to cover everybody. there are special interests that won tonight, and they won sibley because they still have the ability to go to the payers source i expanded medicaid or the obamacare exchanges to pick up builds to use the emergency rooms the way you would use your family doctor. >> what has been difficult about obamacare, companies who have been forced to give their employees insurance, and then takes away from some of the funds to hire more people. >> absolutely. i employ a bunch of folks, and the employer mandate is one of the most difficult things that they have put on small businesses. it is more than not just tiring. i called obamacare, and a 2700 pages. my wife calls me a masochist. your other call may be one of
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the few people who read the whole thing. i will tell you. i read it, and i felt like and that movie, "jfk" were kevin costner is reviewing what happened with the assassination. the actual taxes of obamacare, and one thing that did not come up in the debate that you need to mention, because i've not heard anyone talk about it. obamacare has made a massive, massive change to how we actually get paid through health care. what i mean, obamacare, six pages called the medicare savings program changed medicare. for the folks over the age of 65, that is her lifeblood for their health care. they may not know the spirit obamacare bundle that in the medicare saving program. they created these things called a ceos come i thought it was a college football
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conference efforts. there are groups of doctors and hospitals and ultimately, fixed unit know that they are being bundled, it is another reason i think it went in the direction. big health systems. yeah big insurers they cannot lose money the way they were losing before the affordable care act was passed. ultimately, it is not for medicare patients or others going out, this is open enrollment period in november of 2018. >> jackie: i want to get to a quick sound bite. mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader and the senate floor shortly after this vote. let's get to that sound bite and discuss. >> let me say, it has been a
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long, long road for both sides. each had sincere convictions. we are at this point. i suggest we turn the page. i would say to my dear friend, the majority leader. we are not celebrating. we are a leaved that millions of millions of people have been hurt by the proposals put forward will at least retain their health care, be able to deal with pre-existing conditions. deal with nursing homes and opioids that medicaid paid for. we are relieved, but not for ourselves, before the american people. but as i said, over and over again, obamacare was hardly perfect. i did a lot of good things.
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it needs improvement i hope one part about turning the page is that we go back to regular order, work the committees together to improve obamacare. we have good leaders. the senator from tennessee and the senator from washington. the senator from utah, the senator from oregon. they have worked well together in the past. they can work well together in the future. there are suggestions, that we are interested in a coma from members on the other side of the aisle. senator from maine, louisiana. let's turn the page and work together to improve our health care system. let's turn the page in another way. all of us were so inspired.
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by the speech and the life from the senator of arizona. he asked us to go back to regular order. some of us have been here a while and remember. maybe this can be a moment where we start doing that. both sides will have to give, and blame hardly falls on one side or the other. if we can take this moment, a solemn moment and start working this body the way it has always worked last decade or so, with both sides to blame for the deterioration, we will do a better job for country. better job for this body. better job for ourselves. finally, i am glad that the leader asked us to move to ndaa.
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i know the senator from rhode island has worked with the senator on the list of amendments that can be agreed to, and we can finish this bill up rather quickly, and as i mentioned to the majority leader, there are some things we can do quickly with moving a lot of nominations. we can work together. our country demands. every corner of the country where we go, the number one thing we are asked, and i know this, because i talk to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, is, can't you guys work to get a? let's give it a shot. let's give it a shot. i yield. >> jackie: that was obviously chuck schumer from new york. i was mistaken. i thought it was mitch mcconnell, but it was chuck schumer. democrat there, talking about -- we are not celebrating, we are
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relieved. brian on the phone. what did you think about his three-minute statement that a? jackie, it is disingenuous. there's another way to say it. i was waiting for him to start crying. when he is talking about nursing homes and folks that are winners under obamacare, i represent several nursing home spread let me tell you. folks do not understand that obamacare expanded medicaid. some of the down syndrome, and traditionally, medicaid was our system for those who are disabled like my sister-in-law. obamacare expanded medicaid i don't how to call call up yor deadbeat dudes. people who made over 133% over the poverty line, able-bodied and able to work. when you hear chuck schumer talk about working from a bipartisan
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perspective, i think the white house is looking at it also. i go back to what i originally said, it and so kind of put me on. pulling back a government program that expended free health care on a taxpayers dime, medicaid, and 20% of american men between the ages of 25 and 55 are on medicaid. think about that. 20% of our prime age american men are taking government sponsored health care on the taxpayers dime. the reason republic's and democrats, some republicans and democrats are able to work across a line is that they're all afraid working early into the morning to call back this government program. that is something where our president actually has an opportunity. he's a frank person and a candid person. i think he has an opportunity to call it what it was. >> jackie: unfortunately, we have to cut you short. we'll have ten seconds, will take a quick break.
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>> this will take some time for republican and conservative groups to deliver out and understand what happened here. is her path forward. this bill need to failed to come back and assemble something in august or september, or even down the road, or right the election? do they move on to tax reform? does become the ultimate campaign issue? that is what it is unclear right now, jackie. and republicans have got to be
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reeling. tomorrow morning, about five hours and change now, the house republican conference is going to have its meeting. this will be the last meeting before the house of representatives goes on the august recess. i wonder if they'll be a call now for them to's stay in session. i love what they will do. there'll be an earful and a lot of sad face is going to that meeting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. here's the next thing to look for. there's a primary in alabama to upset jeff sessions. and judge roy moore, three conservatives are running. that particularly primary in alabama could be the first touchstone to understand where the obamacare debate is going. do any of these three
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candidates, all very conservative, carve out any real and what should happen. doesn't even become an issue? and i'll be the first electoral test in about two weeks' time. this primary in alabama for jeff sessions, his senate seat. >> jackie: can you believe after 70 years, the republican's had a chance to get their act together, and seven years later, this is where they at. the promise to repeal and replace obamacare is dead. >> it is hard for me to calculate just how many fire drills there are. i remember in late 2009 and 2010, there were some meetings in arlington, virginia, where this was going to be the plan and there was kathy morris rogers, the number four in the house republican leadership. she was supposedly working on a plan. steve police , steve, who was in that shooting last month. remember the government shutdown for about two weeks and change in october of 2016, because that
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was ted cruz got republicans on board saint we have to defend obamacare, and they were not willing to fund the government, and the force a shutdown and 2013. how many iterations have you been through? at the end of the day, republicans are no closer to repeal and replace obamacare than they were on those first meetings and 2010 that is when they're getting rid of it. the one when my daughter goes to school here in a couple years, what will she be reading in the history books about what happen here tonight? >> this chapter has not been written. they have about 18 months left of this congress. sometimes things do get done in election year. if republicans are able to cobble together something that is plausible, maybe work with democrats, they can make that a really good election issue. say, but look what we did. we did make good on our promise, repeal and replace obamacare, they move it next year in september or october, right before the midterm election. that would be a boom for
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republicans. we made good on her promise. it would be fresh in people's minds. at the end of the day, at the history book was written right now for your daughter, it would be that obamacare stays. there was a unique coalition that came together. a lot of the credit goes to nancy pelosi, and the speaker the house, who put together this coalition as i talked earlier of a moderate and liberal democrats written the democrats, the stars aligned for them in 2008. the president obama and the white house. that a democratic house and senate. that is how they are able to do it. republicans thought they could repeat the democratic playbook and so far, it has not worked at all. i want to go back to talk about history. i came to town in september of 1993, right after graduate school. i had not even gotten a job in general is him in cincinnati. about two days after i got here,
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bill clinton spoke to a joint session about was hillary-care. a plan that his wife, hillary clinton, drawn up, they spent most of 1993 and 1994 working on that. it never passed. it never got out of congress. it is one of the reasons why they lost the house of representatives and the senate and the the historic landside boat. this is been an issue for 25 years. the big defeat of hillary care, as it was called in the early 1990s, and the big defeat today represented what an extraordinary legislative achievement. i'm not condoning it. i said it was an extra night legislative achievement for them to pull it off when they had to house, senate, and white house back in 2009 and 2010. as a legacy. >> jackie: incredible. president trump, is his hands tied right now? have been hearing a lot of tweets, especially yesterday.
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was at, thursday? the vote they just happen. obviously, he just sent out a tweet right after we had the filled boat that said, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as a set from the beginning, let obamacare employed. watch. what can president trump do at this point if anything? >> if he is going to do that, some democrats will say, we are willing to work on legislative fix is here, but for you to just wash her hands of this, you are the president of the united states. you do have some power. there will certainly be some introspection on what the president could have done. could have done more? he is supposedly the guy, the "art of the deal." we heard so much on the campaign trail. he failed to close the deal. one thing we look back at. think about all of the house republicans, the moderates. tom macarthur from new jersey. upstate new york.
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they got on board and voted for the health care bill in may. remember how they pulled the bill in the house of representatives in late march. they worked for several weeks. they finally got a ready and passed it in the middle of may. if no health care bill ever comes back, they are on the hook come on the record, as voting for that. something that will not become law. i will go on the record. the democratic congressional campaign committee, the d ccc, devoted to electing democrats. those are swing districts, and jose, you voted for the sink. really? w problem. >> jackie: ten seconds before break. we'll come back and talk to grandpa's been a fountain of information. the amendment to repeal, it failed. will take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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>> jackie: good morning. this is a fox news alert from
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"america's news hq." i am jackie ibanez. the skinny bill failing at last night. a couple of hours ago i should say in the senate. what does this mean for the future of our health care? here in america, joining us, brian is on the phone. attorney and founder and ceo of a law firm dedicated to representing health care businesses and providers. we have been talking to for the last hour now. what is your final word on this as you look at what happens here with the vote? what you make of it for health care businesses, providers, and american people? >> jackie, in your last segment, you asked the question about what your child will read about and what this meant, the obamacare debate meant. the history books will say, those of us who remember back in 2008, when john edwards were running on the two americas, i am in the industry. you go to a pain management
12:31 am
clinic in florida where i am based in buffalo, new york, where i am originally from. those pain management clinics that take medicaid, they look different. they feel different. there is something that i don't think a lot of americans actually want to be in. they do not want to be hitting their care in a way. there are doctors that are servicing those types of clinics i do not want to be practicing medicine that way. that is becoming one of the america's health care. tonight, i believe is going to expand that health care for america. there will be folks. i'm a lawyer. does a lot of folks i do okay. they will be able to pay for what is direct medicine health care, where you pay an annual or monthly sum. your vip treatment. it is expensive. will be for folks, the elites, the wealthy. when i think this will do, mls word is, what is that tonight. it will cement the differences
12:32 am
from an economic perspective. in this country where i think a lot of our anger, a lot of our violence. a lot of our hostility is coming from. that is sent. i do think that this won't be something that our president is going to own. i think this is something that will ultimately be owned by a small group of republicans, who again, going back to my very first comment with you. forgot what rental rate old ronald reagan said, while this was not perfect, there was an opportunity tonight to start clawing that back in getting back to the freedom that i believe is what most americans want that will drive quality health care and the expense they enjoy and providers actually want to practice medicine. that is not where we are today. >> jackie: brian, you bring up a lot of sad points. doctors who do not want to get into the business anymore. dealing with health insurance, it is such a mess. being on the other end of it.
12:33 am
of insurance is a nightmare. whenever i have to call them, go through so many different loops just to get what you paid for. at that, you're not even getting what you paid for. also talked about longer lines, because you won't see as many doctors, they'll be scarce. people who don't need the coverage are paying in an ordinance amount of money. they do not need to be pain. this morning, i should say, those who are hoping for a repeal and replace obamacare, unfortunately, they are not going to see that. a lot of people. they won't see at that point. we had senator, ted cruz. he spoke after the vote, and he said, after democrats. they're all done during the high fives and being happy. he believes, the senators will go back to their constituents and they will get in your fall. bill here, you did not vote for what you said you would come and look at it. look at our health care. thank you so much, brian. we appreciate you being with us.
12:34 am
and the skinny bill amendment has failed and the senate by 51-49. we'll take a short break. we will be back
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>> jackie: . welcome back, and jackie ibanez and new york. crazy night in new york. the skinny repeal of obamacare, failing to pass. all 48 democrats and three republicans voting against it. let's hear what mitch mcconnell said about it. >> from skyrocketing costs to plummeting choices, and collapsing markets, our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under obamacare. we thought they deserved better. it is why i and many of my colleagues did as he promised and voted to repeal this failed law. we told our constituents, we would both outweigh.
12:39 am
and when the moment came, when the moment came, most of us did. we kept our commitments we worked hard, and everybody on the side can certainly attest to the fact that we worked really hard. to try to develop a consensus for a better way forward. i want to think everybody in this conference. for the endless amount of time that they spent trying to get a consensus. to go forward. i want to thank the president and the vice president who could not be more involved. and more helpful. this is a disappointment.
12:40 am
a disappointment indeed. our friends in the house, we thank them as well. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. remember, many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating probably, pretty happy about all this. the american people are hurting, and they need relief. our friends on the other side decided early on. they did not want to engage with us, and in a serious way. a serious way. watch them suffering under obamacare. they did everything they could to prevent the senate to provide a better way forward such as
12:41 am
reading amendments for endless amounts of time. such things as holding up nominations for key positions, because they were unhappy. that we were trying to find a way to something better. then obamacare. so i suspect they are pretty satisfied. i regret to save, they succeeded in that effort. so now, i think it is appropriate to ask, what are their ideas? it will be interesting to see. what they suggest is the way forward. for myself, i can say, i am pretty safe to say, they are bailing out insurance companies.
12:42 am
bailing out insurance companies. no thought to any kind of refor reform. it is not something i want to be a part of i suspect, not many people over here that are interested in that. will be interesting to see what they have in mind. quadrupling down on the failures of obamacare with a single-payer system. we had devote a little earlier, thank you to the senator from montana. they did not want to make a decision. but whether there were for or against socialized medicine. the government takeover of everything. european health care. only four of them were not
12:43 am
scared to say they did not think it was a good idea. maybe that is what they want. we will be happy to have that debate with the american people. so, it is time for our friends on the other side to tell us what they have in mind. we will see how the american people feel about their ideas. i regret that we are here but i want to say again, i am proud of the vote i casted it is consistent with what we told the american people we were trying to accomplish. in four straight elections. if they gave us a chance. i want to thank all of my colleagues on the side of the aisle. for everything they did to keep
12:44 am
that commitment. what we try to accomplish for the american people with the right thing for the country. our only regret tonight, our only regret, is that we did not achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. i think the american people will regret that we could not find a better way forward. >> jackie: senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell speaking to the senators about how disappointed he has with the skinny repeal amendment. it failed and the senate by 51-49 vote. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts at 4:00.
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>> tom: democrats love to compare president trump to all kinds of former tyrants and dictators. here's the latest parallel from the deputy chairman of the dnc. >> what he's doing through his twitter account and in other ways is circumventing the whole system to intimidate people, to pack courts and intimidate the
12:49 am
press. also so he can just run everything himself. we fought a war of independence against somebody, king george, who was trying to do that. >> tom: dana. >> dana: that's obviously way over the top. let's look at some of the facts. the checks and balances we have in our system are working very well. the courts push back against the travel ban, the president said okay, let me fix it. now it's going to the supreme court and they will be able to say it's fine on the merits. congress has said no, you don't. we won't do it that way. the president's like, the way that our founding fathers set up our system is actually working. just trust the constitution. it works. >> tom: who since we don't teach civics in this country anymore? >> jesse: a lot of people wish he was a leader like that so he could just get rid of obamacare. he doesn't realize what he's saying, he's like johnny depp, keith ellison -- he is looking
12:50 am
for attention. >> tom: may be. kimberly, this is the least offensive dictator he's been compared to in a while. [laughter] >> kimberly: it sort of charming, right? not as bad as normal. i think they are trying to do this and get some game going for their team. they think that this works. this is exciting, this kind of enthusiastic -- we will call him out. this is what we stand for. they are try to some mojo back. >> dana: more like hojo. >> tom: he said he's using his twitter account to circumvent and intimidate the process so that he can run everything himself. is that how you use twitter? to pack the court? >> juan: that doesn't make sense to me but what does make sense, this is a guy who fired
12:51 am
the acting attorney general by the fbi director, gone off on the intelligence community, fractured what's going on in congress right now. >> jesse: draining the swamp. >> juan: he's not taking responsibility. it sounds like he just wants to be the king. he wants to say here's what i want, let's do it. let's do it right now. we gotta get you out of here and i will bring out scaramucci, he's my guy. he's my executioner and we are going to cut heads. >> tom: everything he tries to do, he's got the court striking this down. it shows you that the system works. >> juan: the system works only to a point where people resist. i know there are a lot of republicans who hear the word "resist" and say terrible, they are trying to obstruct president trump. that's not what this should be. he's president, you respect the president and cooperate. i think that's just not what's going on. the way he's behaving and part of that is viewed by so many
12:52 am
americans as acting like an autocrat. >> jesse: not that many americans. he sure beat hillary. >> juan: not in the popular vote, let's not forget. >> jesse: that's not what we count, juan. >> tom: "what happened whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest,
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>> dana: welcome back to the five.
12:56 am
in lou of "one more thing," just responding to a tweet from anthony scaramucci about his interview with him, ryan lizza. he made a mistake in trusting a reporter, it won't happen again. blaming ryan lizza for publishing his quote. here is the reporter's. >> is not a matter of trust, it's a matter of we, reporters and journalists try to explain who these people are to the american people. when you do and on the record interview with someone, it is standard operating procedure that that interview then gets reported. >> dana: it's one of those things where you get on the phone with somebody and you just forget to say this is off the record or something or maybe you didn't think you had to, kimberly. i don't think it will happen again. >> kimberly: when you are director of communications, assume that everything is going to be recorded, et cetera. even if you stay off the record. when i used to be first lady or somebody at the d.a. office, i
12:57 am
would say ten times off the record, just keep saying it. i didn't have any trust and because i had been burned by reporters. they want to get their name out there. you've got to be extra, extra careful. when you think you are dealing with someone you've dealt with before and they are asking these questions and you are venting, in this day and age they are going to put it all up there. >> dana: to see. jesse, reporters are not your friends, you can be friendly with them but they have a job to do. if you give them something, they are going to run with it. >> jesse: i'm your friend. you can talk to me. i'm not going to burn you. i would like to trust scaramucci because i don't trust the new yorker magazine. they've done some vicious things against this channel for decades. he probably did get burned. but i don't know what happened so i don't want to speculate. who knows what went down. >> tom: jesse doesn't trust reporters. he puts his feet in people's garage doors to get the
12:58 am
interview. [laughter] >> dana: juan, the media has a low approval rating. the popularity is way down. can they afford to make any mistakes? i think the reporter is telling the truth. what do you think as a reporter? >> juan: my impression is that scaramucci said i didn't insult steve bannon. i did not offer my psychiatric diagnosis of reince priebus and say he's out. he basically said oh, well, maybe you should not have said it. he never said he set it off to record. he said he -- >> kimberly: he trusted that it was off the record. i don't think -- >> juan: he said i trusted the guy. he didn't say it was off the record. that's why i don't think he, he's talking about an image. the substance of what he said stands and is quite disturbing
12:59 am
that this is going on in the white house and this is the kind of relationship that is being bent and broken under president trump. >> dana: there is resentment among senior staffers and somebody's going to have to fix it and i think as the president said in the campaign, i alone can fix it. he's the commander in chief and of the white house. >> kimberly: i don't know if it's repairable or not, it will be up to the president to decide, he is the shot caller. we serve at his pleasure and we will see what happens. we've been hearing about white house shakeup, and the president not happy. let's see. >> jesse: spicer and reince might be doing "dancing with the stars" together. >> kimberly: yeah, i think he really wants spicer. >> dana: do you think spicer
1:00 am
should do "dancing with the stars"? >> tom: yes, he should do it. >> dana: would you do it? >> tom: are you kidding me? heather: you are watching a special early addition of "fox and friends" first this friday morning. >> we begin with a fox news alert, fiery debate coming to a conclusion the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> clearly a disappointing moment. our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under obamacare, a disappointment indeed. >> donald trump slamming the defeat, three republicans and 40 democrats let the american people d


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