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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 28, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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stars"? >> tom: yes, he should do it. >> dana: would you do it? >> tom: are you kidding me? heather: you are watching a special early addition of "fox and friends" first this friday morning. >> we begin with a fox news alert, fiery debate coming to a conclusion the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> clearly a disappointing moment. our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under obamacare, a disappointment indeed. >> donald trump slamming the defeat, three republicans and 40 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning let obamacare implant, then watch.
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todd: chad was there all night, what happened? >> reporter: they couldn't get the votes, they came up three short. susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska and john mccain who flew back for the procedural vote the other day to start a debate with a no. one of the main criticisms from john mccain was he wanted this to go through the committee process, even before he got sick and took leave of absence for his cancer surgery he indicated he was not pleased with one of the earlier versions of the healthcare bill and said he would try to work with his governor to put something then and he did not think there were any needs -- nuts and butts to
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the bill. they go back to the drawing board, one wonders if this is the ultimate campaign issue like tax reform. every year they campaign, reveal and replace obamacare but still can't. >> under obamacare. todd: the first big test is early this morning in five hours, house republicans conference, the house of representatives will have its last day on capitol hill, the senate comes back next week but house republicans will go into a room and be very angry, a lot of recriminations, they will yell at the senate. it is typical you have this back and forth, this competition, this rivalry between the house and senate, so much easier to do things in the house of representatives compared to the
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senate. some people in the house republican conference, you look at moderate republicans like tom mccarthy of new jersey, they went out on a limb when they passed the other healthcare bill in may and if this never gets solved, that goes on their record. >> a very long night. >> what is coming up next? you were saying there was controversy, you heard background noise when mitch mcconnell tried to talk about that. >> talking about -- heather: what is next? >> the defense bill was objected to, there was a procedural vote monday evening on some nominations. mitch mcconnell said they would keep the senate in session for the first two week of the schedule recessed to deal with
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nominations and to have an agreement to move to the defense bill. todd: gop leaders back to the drawing board. heather: democrats are celebrating, at the nation's capital with what happens next. >> reporter: we heard chad talking about what happened next but we will talk about what happened immediately after republicans failed on that 7-year promise, the president took to twitter tweeting three republicans and four americans led the american people down. let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. the republicans are going to work with democrats if they are going to make any progress overhauling the healthcare system, mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, time to move on and let's hear what democrats
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have to offer. >> it was the right thing for the country. people will regret we couldn't find a better way forward so now, mister president, it is time to move on. >> reporter: chuck schumer seemed to open the door whether sincere or not to working with republicans saying let's turn the page and get back to bipartisanship. >> let's turn the page and work together to improve our health care system, to bring back the sense that some of us who have been here a while remember. >> reporter: some democrats were celebrating like diane feinstein, tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we get back to work to improve the affordable care act for all americans. they will eventually go home to heated town halls. we will see what happens. todd: it will be a rough next couple weeks for some people.
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heather: republicans ran on repeal and replace in 2016. why did the senate not get it done? todd: at the center of the debate, jim, the big question is what doomed this repeal? >> what doomed it was as john mccain said, having a regular order process, the problem is we waited too long and now we have to get something done. the american people are suffering, premiums are going up, deductibles are too high and we can't get back to regular order of process. it will take a year and a half to do. we have to get some things done and negotiated but i am disappointed. i do believe in regular order but i understand the american people are suffering. heather: you are running for governor in the state of ohio. how will this impact people there in your state of ohio and your future endeavor running for governor how will this impact
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you? >> medicaid expansion is unsustainable. i still believe it. i am on the ways and means and the budget committee. i can see the expenditures, the federal government cannot continue to spend this money so in the end we have to be willing and able to take the dollars we get from the federal government, take those back and use them in the best interests of constituents back home. i believe in giving the dollars to the state. let them deal with those people in the state that really need the medicaid program. we have to sustain it going forward. we have to use the resources wisely. todd: what is next for the american people in the immediate future, not 10 years down the line but tomorrow and in the months ahead? >> premiums will continue to go up, deductibles will continue to be a problem, when i go home i have constituents saying is
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there anyway you can stop this? i can't afford it anymore, can't afford the deductible and i don't think we can wait, the american people are hurting and we have to get something done. heather: were you surprised what senator mccain did with his no vote? people are saying that is the vote to swing it? >> i am so glad john mccain was able to come back and move the process forward. i wish we continued to move the process forward in conference because that is the next step. when i voted for the bill in the house i didn't like all the pieces of it but i knew the process has to work and we have to move forward. that is why i voted to move it to the senate. hopefully it will move to conference. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. a police officer murdered in
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cold blood, a person he was trying to save. a rollover crash in indiana, someone inside that car, killing the one time officer of the year. a 6 year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife and children. todd: jeff sessions speaking out after hurtful words from donald trump telling tucker carlson despite the president's criticism the department is making tremendous progress and he continues doing his job. >> it is hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader, steadfastly determined to get his job done and once all of us to do our job and that is what i did. todd: sessions has been at the
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birthplace of the violent ms 13 game that has been to rising communities all over the us. heather: one community feeling the effect of that gang in new york, donald trump will head there in a few hours where he is expected to announce a major announcement involving the ms 13 crackdown. jackie about years with more on the president's visit. you have been covering this healthcare from capitol hill. >> reporter: a very long night indeed, donald trump will make a major immigration policy speech in long island where he will lay out the white house plan to destroy and dismantle the dangerous ms 13 gang, this goes to 15 members of the organization, and according to a senior administration official the president will appeal to legislators, law enforcement officials at every level. they will 0 in on immigration enforcement and increasing policies in hopes of cutting off
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the primary source of recruiting. a stern warning to gang members, the press briefing. >> targeting, arresting and removing violent street gangs like ms 13 sent a clear message, you are not welcome in the united states and you will find no harbor here. >> reporter: jeff sessions tackling the problem at ground 0 during an exquisite interview with tucker carlson, sessions said he was making great progress on prosecuting ms 13 not only on american soil but in el salvador as well. >> stepping up prosecutions across the country, dealing with this transnational criminal organization. the partnership we had for several months now helping to encourage him and support him in bold efforts that are hurting ms 13 in el salvador.
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heather: vincent the marco will join us to discuss how the president's efforts are making a difference. heather: we had him recently on "fox and friends" first. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. just a few hours ago the senate as you may know failed to pass the skinny obamacare repeal. our next guest is a doctor who has seen firsthand the problems with obamacare and she will ask lane why it has to go. todd: a big down payment just made on the president's border wall. a lot more coming up, "fox and friends" first when we come back. ♪
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todd: one of donald trump's campaign promises becoming a reality. >> after spending billions of
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dollars defending other nations borders we are finally descending our borders. >> the house giving tentative approval to a down payment for a wall along the border with mexico as part of an $800 billion spending plan that is expected to meet democratic opposition in the senate. the russian sanctions bill overwhelmingly passing in the senate. the bipartisan legislation gives congress the authority from lifting sanctions. john mccain standing firm with the decision. >> the united states of america needs to send a strong message to vladimir putin and any other aggressor and we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. >> this includes sections on iran and north korea. donald trump left we 10 days to sign or read the bill once it arrives on the desk. >> that a republican failing to
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pass the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare, donald trump weighing an overnight weing three republican's and 48 democrats led the american people down. let obamacare implode and then deal, watch. does this mean for millions of americans caught in the crossfire, you and i? radiologist doctor nicole safire have seen firsthand the problems. what is the biggest problem we are facing? >> any effort for implementing the affordable care act everything with good intentions, insurance for more people and lowers the cost, sounds wonderful and i do applaud having those intentions but that is not what happened in the last eight years. we have seen more people have
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gained coverage but health insurance doesn't mean good health care. what we are seeing is i don't want to have health insurance costs not gone down, they have gone up. a lot of people are covered which is wonderful, however our healthcare system is not doing well. heather: you were referencing this specifically, average individual market premiums 2013-17 has increased 105% across the board in these specific states, 203%, 101%. the costs are not affordable for people. >> what patients are seeing is they are paying more out-of-pocket because of premiums going up. they have high deductibles. overutilization of care, people paying more out-of-pocket and everyone is upset, everyone is drowning everyone has coverage but is that a good thing? on the flipside you have hospitals and physicians inundated with administrative
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burdens costing millions of dollars to enforce this administrative burden -- >> doctors are supposed to be spending their time saving lives and they get bogged down in all of this. >> i don't agree with senator mcconnell on all his ideas but i share the sentiment that i'm disappointed we don't have progress happening. heather: what needs to happen to fix it? >> at this point anything. where at a status quo and i believe john mccain says we need a bipartisan solution. the biggest complaint with the passage of the formal care act was it was done on a unilateral side. we need bipartisan solutions, whether we do away with the rhetoric of repeal and replace and fix the system, that is what i'm concerned with. heather: is the solution what we saw the other night which is nothing can be done? >> it was more symbolic to move
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forward, to change the system, what can we do to fix it? heather: would that have been better than keeping obamacare? >> continued discussions to fix the problem would have gone forward. it is disappointing we are at a standstill. i hope we go back and continue these conversations. heather: appreciate it. todd: they put their lives on the line to stop a horrific targeted attack on republicans and donald trump making sure these heroes are being honored the right way. more trouble for debbie wasserman schultz this morning, even members of her own party think she may have broken the law. more when we come back. ♪
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heather: said new details in the deadly ohio state accident we told you about. the young man who lost his life enlisted in the marines just last week. tyler gerald killed after plummeting 30 feet to the ground. an entire row of seats on a ride called the fireball broke apart in midair. gerald's girlfriend also injured, three survivors fighting for their lives. authorities hunting for answers to figure out what went wrong and that could take days. horrifying new details of a brutal murder on the high seas with the use our woman killed by her husband on a cruise ship because she wouldn't stop laughing at him. kenneth dragged her bloodied body out of their room and tried to throw her overboard into the water off the coast of alaska.
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todd: justice being served for a murdered ice special agent, two mexican nationals charged with murder and weapons charges in connection with his death. he was ambushed by members of the data truck cartel in mexico in 2011. his partner injured in that attack, 5 other mexicans in that cartel pled guilty to federal charges. a bombshell report accusing the obama administration of unmasking hundred of americans for no reason. committee chairman devon nunez raising the concerns, the request allegedly in the 2016 election included donald trump transition officials without a specific reason why that information was needed.
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heather: fellow democrats think debbie wasserman schultz might have broken the law. she could have obstructed justice by threatening capital police in the investigation of her former aide. shultz warned of consequences of police forced her to turn over compromised equipment connected with banking fraud, trying to leave the us. >> she obstructed justice when making threats to the head of capital police. how the budget would be impeded if he didn't cooperate and hand over the laptop or computer she said was hers, at the least it shows a pattern of mismanagement. heather: he was accused of stealing tech equipment in 2014, shultz kept him on staff until the day after he was arrested. i thought it was the day he was arrested. the white house is calling for
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an investigation to that. todd: 26 after the hour. while you were sleeping senate republicans suffered a crushing blow on health care. what comes next in the fight to repeal and replace? live report from capitol hill. heather: just when you thought campus craziness and get worse which school is charging students for their own micro aggressions training.
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todd: you are watching an early hour of "fox and friends" first. heather: a busy night overnight, the senate rejecting the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare. we begin with senior capitol hill producer who was there all
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night. what in the world happened? >> this was a stunning defeat. the math didn't work for republicans, you can't change the congressional map. they came short by three votes, susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska and john mccain, who flew back, that made the difference right there. had john mccain or collins or murkowski voted yes it would've been 50/50 and mike pence could have come to capitol hill and anticipation of breaking a tie. he broke a tie to get on the bill earlier in the week. john mccain cast the decisive vote to make it 50/50, john mccain was not going to move this time and mike pence, there was no tie to break. that killed the bill right
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there. todd: you heard people talk about this wasn't a real bill, this didn't matter, just something to throw out there but the reaction from senators like ted cruz and mitch mcconnell, a different message from that. >> reporter: ted cruz ran for president talking about repealing obamacare, he was one of the main architects in 2015, the principal issue in the political life in washington dc, the press conference this evening, might have been the first presidential campaign event. bills have to fail before they pass. i could see a situation where republicans got to work this out. heather: there are accusations mitch mcconnell knew this would fail but even very emotional
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last evening. and something he wanted to move forward to conference. >> mitch mcconnell tried several other bills, mitch mcconnell, senior senate aid, kind of like wesley snipes, passenger 57, known for having a good inside game. when it came to passing something, it is harder to be for things. and doubling the resolve, that might be just as complicated. >> it is never complicated. heather: shocking defeat forcing gop leaders to go back to the drawing board.
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>> democrats are celebrating. back to what happens next. >> i'm not sure if mitch mcconnell will play the ball of passenger 57. to see what democrats have to offer. >> what we tried to accomplish, the american people are going to regret that we couldn't find a better way forward. it is time to move on. >> republicans failed to deliver on 7 years promises, 48 democrats, the american people, let obamacare implode, this deal, watch. it is clear republicans are going to have to try to work with democrats. if they do anything on healthcare chuck schumer seem to open the door to working together saying let's get back
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to bipartisanship. >> let's turn the page and work together to improve our health care system, bring the senate back to what some of us who have been here a while remember. >> reporter: democrats were celebrating like this tweet from dianne feinstein, tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we get back to work to improve the affordable care act for all americans. we will have some heated town halls in august. heather: easy to say let's work together now and see if that happens anyway. todd: you heard john mccain, he was the deciding vote. the motion to proceed one way and -- heather: he came back to vote to proceed and last night he votes to kill it and it is not a done deal. one of three, susan collins, murkowski and john mccain.
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todd: in a statement he said now is the time for bipartisanship, let's try to get both sides of the aisle, the question, is that going to get done? is anything going to get done? heather: is the president the only one doing his job? here is what kellyanne conway had to say about that. >> the loch ness monster's of the swamp will always try to get in the way of this president and his agenda. i don't know what they were expecting. he said like all those senators that i will repeal and replace obamacare. if i showed you all those members of congress who ran successfully and repealing and replacing obamacare, the one person keeping that promise is donald from. he has been here six short months, pen in hand, they have been talking about this for seven years, four consecutive election cycles. while he was being a successful businessman in new york and around the globe they were promising their constituents. it is not just the campaign
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promise, a moral imperative. heather: she was talking about donald trump tweeting three republican, 40 a democrat let the american people down. that is his opinion. let obamacare implode, then deal, watch. todd: we are going to watch. heather: cracking down on ms 13, donald trump is heading to new york today to talk about how to take down a dangerous criminal network. todd: jeff sessions meets with lawmakers in el salvador to tackle the problem at its source. >> reporter: donald trump will make a major immigration policy speech in long island where he will lay out the white house plan to destroy and dismantle a dangerous ms 13 game after 15 members of the transitional criminal organization were charged last week with murders on long island. according to a senior administration official the
1:38 am
president will appeal to legislators and offer support to law enforcement officials at every level. the trump administration is expected to 0 in on immigration and increasing policies like cutting off the gang's primary course of recruiting. jeff sessions is in el salvador tackling the problem at ground 0. during an exquisite interview with tucker carlson sessions says he is making great progress prosecuting ms 13 not only on american soil. >> stop sending this message, another crime beyond the crime you committed, it is okay to be here. it is not okay to be here illegally, not okay -- we are going to enforce the law. >> reporter: the acting ice director addressing reporter targeting thing to worry cities calling the criminal's best friend. >> stepping up prosecutions across the country dealing with this transnational criminal organization. the partnership we had for several months now helped
1:39 am
encourage him and support him in bold efforts, hurting ms 13 in el salvador. >> vincent the marco -- visiting the country today and the president's efforts making a difference. todd: i am headed there after the show to see what is going on. brave men and women who put their lives on the line hold metals of valid, the president presenting the award to two special agents and three police officers. >> they were awarded for heroic actions, the gunmen opened fire at a congressional baseball practice, donald trump applauded steve scalise's wife, after he was wounded. >> we applaud the strength and courage that she has shown
1:40 am
throughout this incredible ordeal, thank you. [applause] >> they did it with great courage and instinct. when our human instincts tell us to run, there is danger. our police and first responders run straight at it, standing in the breach, protecting the innocent and keeping our loved ones safe. >> reporter: representative scalise releasing a statement saying i am especially grateful to krystal and david who i have been blessed to have by my side day in and day out in my job as majority whip. i would not be here without the bravery of crystal and david, they saved my life and are my heroes. glad that he is okay or recovering. it is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, they are already paying tuition and students on one campus being forced to foot the bill for their own micro
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aggressions raining. todd: senate democrats celebrating republican healthcare failure. they did not live to figure to approve the measure, what do they do to help the american people? we have a debate for you coming up next.
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heather: obamacare repeal efforts shot down in the senate overnight with every democrat voting against the measure. why are they not working with republicans to ease the burden of healthcare costs on the american people. here's republican strategist adam goodman and julie out in this. thank you for joining us. you disagree with that statement. you think democrats are willing to work together. we heard chuck schumer saying now we will, do you believe him? >> i do.
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the republicans are not working with democrats and releasing these bills in the dark of night. when it came to what took place this week these votes were coming to the senate without having any idea what was in the bill, no idea what was happening with skinny replace until 10:00 pm last night. democrats not willing to work with republicans, republicans are coming at the last minute with these bills, democrats are not having time to review or put forth amendments and make substantive changes. a more transparent process, democrats would be much more able to work together with republicans, republicans are not allowing that. >> do you think they were willing to work with republicans, if there was something to read and go through? >> let's talk about what really happened. first democrats sit on their hands, now raising their hands to help. the normal washington two step which is why a lot of americans
1:46 am
are down on the way washington is operating these days but the fact remains the only way to get meaningful remedy that helps in the face of 77 million baby boomers going on medicare, doubling medicaid and spiraling deficit, the only way to get this is comes to the table and ways in, providers, pharmaceuticals, insurers and the public and the republican senate, what americans want to do, the spiraling cost bankrupting the country. heather: people want to change, democrats admit there are significant problems with rising costs in terms of premiums, the market, we showed it earlier. how much they increased 105% across the board. what do they need to do to fix it if they can come together.
1:47 am
>> various parts of trump care the did address these problems, high risk, raising premiums, something i never want to raise but it would be more commensurate, the cost of care. it potentially stopped there. and eliminate cost-sharing reduction and income tax credits, and healthcare is totally unaffordable to these people, certain things could have happened that could of lowered cost of care, kept on going, and create these different with potential law with the initial cbo score, left 26 million without health care and this skinny repeal, 26 million in your place.
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>> final word, the brakes are failing. obamacare, increasingly unaffordable. when you look in the rearview mirror we are seeing kids, got to do something, and the republican senate. and leaders in congress not following through on their promises. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. todd: 48 after the hour. our next guest is a doctor who left her practice to run for congress and won on repealing obamacare. what does she think? these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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todd: three senate republicans rejecting the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare, what does this mean for millions of americans struggling with healthcare? a member of the independent board of directors, thank you for being here at an early hour. tell us your story. >> i was a practicing physician for 16 years, when the 2008 election took place i got very concerned that there would be some development that would hurt the relationship of those who provide care, provide to our patientss, hospitals, you name it so i ran for congress in 2010 and was privileged to be the first female physician elected
1:53 am
to the house of representatives as a member and we worked very hard on trying to repeal the affordable care act and replace it even then and here we are. todd: what is your reaction to what happened last night? >> disappointment. millions of us share that reaction but here is the thing. i am one of many who talked about the fact that the senate has been constrained by the terms of reconciliation. the american people have been let down by senate process. they need to go big and bold, break the filibuster on legislation to craft a bill, a replacement bill that would have market empowering reforms, patients empowering reforms they can't do under the terms of reconciliation and if they can do that, they can provide the concerns of those from states where there are a lot of folks who rely on medicaid and the
1:54 am
concerns of those who want to see our insurance be more affordable and effective. todd: a number of calls on the senate floor. the few seconds we have remaining for those who are celebrating this morning, what do you say to them? >> obamacare is in a death spiral. millions and millions of americans need to have insurance they can afford. being where they are right now is not where we can stay. we need to move forward in a way that will actually empower patients in the marketplace. heather: t5 such an important perspective on not a historic -- there is still the possibility to move the ball forward. thank you very much. heather: it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour, chuck schumer insisting he is not celebrating after the skinny repeal health care bill failed
1:55 am
to pass so why was he spotted taking selfys with elizabeth warren? thank you for joining "fox and friends" first, coverage continues top of the hour.
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ultra-breathable support layers channel heat away from your body. purecool technology delivers cooling comfort you can feel. and the performance cover is cool to the touch. so you sleep cool and wake up feeling powerful. only exclusive retailers carry breeze. find yours at heather: this is a fox news alert. hours of fiery debate come to a conclusion, the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> clearly a disappointing moment our constituents have
1:59 am
suffered through an awful lot under obamacare. a disappointment indeed. >> what is next in the fight to repeal and replace? live report from washington. >> we will get ms 13 out of here so fast. >> gang members terrorizing american street, your days are numbered, the attorney general tackling the problem from ground 0. heather: you are going to need a bigger boat is a great white shark that jumped on board, the most insane thing you will see all day long. "fox and friends" first starts right now. todd: you're watching "fox and friends" first. heather: that shark video pretty
2:00 am
fitting with what we saw last night, senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> donald trump slamming the defeat is some democrats are celebrating, what happens next? >> reporter: good morning which after 7 years of promises math wasn't there. three republican senators, susan collins, lisa murkowski voting no. john mccain heroically returning to move the process forward could not get on board casting the deciding vote to kill it. the president took to twitter shortly after writing republicans and democrats let the american people down. let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. is it time to move on as majority leader mitch mcconnell said, do t