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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 28, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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fitting with what we saw last night, senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> donald trump slamming the defeat is some democrats are celebrating, what happens next? >> reporter: good morning which after 7 years of promises math wasn't there. three republican senators, susan collins, lisa murkowski voting no. john mccain heroically returning to move the process forward could not get on board casting the deciding vote to kill it. the president took to twitter shortly after writing republicans and democrats let the american people down. let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. is it time to move on as majority leader mitch mcconnell said, do the democrats have to offer? >> time for our friends on the
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other side to tell us what they have in mind. we will see how the american people feel about their ideas. >> chuck schumer seemed open to working together. >> i would say we are not celebrating, we are relieved, millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the proposals put forward will at least retain their healthcare. >> the democrats were salivating like this tweet from diane feinstein, tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we get back to work to improve the affordable care act for all americans. the senate goes home to face voters indeed -- heated town halls, 74% of americans want the gop to reach across the aisle. this will be a campaign issue even if they move on to tax reform or other things. the special election for jeff
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sessions of alabama happens on august 16th, the first test to see how this is playing out politically. >> reaching across the aisle, senator chuck schumer says he is not celebrating but is he contradicting himself? moments after saying that, this happens, chuck schumer looked like he was celebrating taking this selfy with elizabeth warren. i wonder if that ended up on twitter or instagram. >> you heard him on the floor, just watching as an objective observer it gives the sense that maybe we can get some bipartisanship but that picture is celebrating. heather: the republicans have some issues to deal with as shown with this vote. they have to reach across the
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aisle. >> skinny repeal is done, we are not done with it. jeff sessions speaking out, public criticism from the president, telling tucker carlson although words can hurt the department is making tremendous progress. >> it is kind of hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader, determined to get the job done and he wants us to do our job and that is what i didn't do. >> sessions is in el salvador, place the violent devastating game terrorizing communities all over the us. heather: anthony scaramucci slamming reporters at the new yorker after they published in over the phone interview about white house staff. he is quoted as saying in that interview rights priebus, if he wants to leak something he will be asked to resign very shortly. he is a paranoid schizophrenic
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paranoiac, clearing the air later on twitter saying i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in this arena but not give up the passionate fight for donald trump's agenda. kellyanne conway defending him saying he is just trying to help the president. >> anthony said he uses colorful language, he is passionate about the president, it gets the best of him. heather: sarah huckabee sanders says it is time to focus on american jobs, not jobs in the white house. >> bottom line is most of us in the white house are focused on who has a job out in america, not who has a job here. that is what we are trying to put on the president's agenda. heather: anthony scaramucci promise to fire anyone behind damaging white house leaks. they call it colorful language. heather: i am an italian guy
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from the same area of new york but i talk like this from time to time. my wife and my mom get mad at me, take it for what it is worth. heather: everyone wants to talk about that drama but let's not talk about the president is doing big things. here's what newt gingrich had to say. >> this soap opera is unfortunate because trump is trying to do a lot of big things and is getting a lot of big things done and the soap opera blocks you from seeing the big things. this huge victory on deregulation, how do you see that with this soap opera going on? a relatively good statement about tax cuts, totally drowned by the soap opera. heather: it will be interesting to see what happens going
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forward. and the healthcare situation, you can see russia go away and all this noise the mainstream media likes to focus on will go away. heather: kellyanne conway says donald trump is really were doing his job. >> the loch ness monster of the swamp will try to get in the way of the president and his agenda. he said like all the senators said, i will repeal and replace obamacare, those who ran successfully on repealing and replacing obamacare. the one person keeping that promise is donald trump. he has been here six short month, pen in hand, they have been talking about this for seven use, four consecutive election cycles when he was being -- businessman around the globe, they were promising -- a moral imperative.
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heather: it is unbelievable when you think how long they are working on this. they still couldn't come to a decisional conclusion. todd: individuals in congress and we didn't think trump was going to win so we were not ready for this. a shocking statement. heather: hopefully we will move on to other things and get some work done. todd: we talked to these individuals, they don't care about what is going on in the white house, they care about their jobs, taxes or healthcare. it has to come down to taxes. heather: there is other news to talk about, a horrible story that happened, a police officer murdered by a person he was trying to save, someone inside the car opening fire killing the one time officer of the year. two suspect are in custody.
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>> the horrific stories there. a brand-new bombshell report accusing the obama administration of unmasking hundreds of americans for no reason. devon nunez raising the new concerns in a letter obtained by fox news, the request made during the 2016 election, including donald trump transition officials. fellow democrats think debbie wasserman schultz might have broken the law, the challenge of the florida house to see could have obstructed justice by threatening capital police. and what of consequences as police force, the turnover, compromised equipment collected to enron. >> the head of capital police,
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and a laptop or computer, at the very least it is a pattern of mismanagement. heather: shultz kept him on staff until the day after he was arrested. the white house is calling for an investigation. heather: said new details in the ohio state sarah accident, the young man who lost his life enlisted in the marines just last week. tyler gerald killed after plummeting 30 feet to the ground, then entire row of seats called the fireball just breaking apart in the air. and three survivors fighting for their lives at this hour, trying to figure out what went wrong and that could take these. a brutal murder on the high seas, utah woman, allegedly
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killed, witnesses claim kenneth, greg christie's buddy body, their daughter, watching in horror while this happen. if convicted could face life in prison. heather: it todd: the capacity of humans to do the most horrific things. heather: can you imagine? todd: 10 minutes after the hour donald trump has one message for the deadly gang members terrorizing american streets. >> we are throwing ms 13 out of here. todd: my next guest knows the horrors of ms 13. sheriff vincent the marco joins us live next. heather: a new book titled what
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>> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. getting druglords out, we are getting really bad dudes out of this country. we are throwing ms 13 out of here so fast. adequate todd: ms 13 has been terrorizing communities for years and enough is enough. donald trump sends the message loud and clear to crack down on gang violence, county sheriff vincent demarco will meet with the president later on but he joins us first and you are seeing results thanks to the trump administration. >> the trump administration has made a priority of arresting and
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dismantling ms 13. we have four horrific murders this past april and last week 12 people were arrested in connection with that and that is pretty fast, justice department working overtime on this, original fbi gang task force which we are part of, putting additional resources in that. todd: describe ms 13 and why the president is making it such a priority compared to gang violence in general. >> they kill, rape and control, very violent, young, mostly teenagers, extremely violent, desensitized to violence and hack people up with machetes and beat their brains out with baseball bats. laura: 5 can law-enforcement individuals put an end to ms 13? >> yes. it has to be a preventive approach and that is what we are doing. we are going after them or investigating them, making a difference, arresting them but we have to stop the recruitment,
2:16 am
they use the unaccompanied minor program to recruit people and when they arrest people, we have to put a cap on that, reevaluate the program in different communities. >> what do you want to see from the trump administration and get an opportunity to speak to the? >> speaking to law enforcement, a huge morale boost, for the last eight years blamed for being part of the problem but if i get the opportunity to speak to them i want to speak about resources for gang prevention and plug the justice department for prosecutors. >> the head of ice wants to charge the leaders of sanctuary cities, can that be done? >> i don't know. there is a section of the federal code that talks about
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harboring immigrants. i am not a justice department attorney but i understand the frustration. back into the community to do their job, it is a lot easier to put them in jail before they are released, and it is dangerous to send his people out there so i understand the frustration. heather: i will see you later when i head to suffolk county for donald trump's speech, thanks for being here. heather: troubling numbers. 17 minutes after the top of the hour, this will help the ms 13 problem. >> do not worry. we are going to build the wall. heather: a big down payment on the president's promise. a few hours ago the senate failed to pass the skinny obamacare appeal. my next guest is a doctor who has seen the problems with obamacare and explains why it
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go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. todd: one of donald trump's biggest campaign promises is closer to becoming reality. >> after spending billions of dollars defending other nations borders we are finally defending our borders. >> about giving tentative approval to a $1.6 billion down payment along the border with mexico, part of $800 billion spending bill, meeting democratic opposition. our senators, the russian sanctions bill which adds to donald trump's desk.
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the bipartisan proposal to slap consequences on iran, north korea and the kremlin. >> the united states of america needs to send a strong message to vladimir putin and any other aggressor that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. todd: the bipartisan bill gives congress the authority to block the president from using sanctions against moscow. he has 10 days to sign or veto the bill once it landed on his desk. heather: senate republicans failing to pass the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare. donald trump tweeting sweetie republicans and 40 democrats let the american people down. let obamacare in plug, then deal, then watch. millions of americans caught in the crossfire, joining us is nicole safire who has seen firsthand the problems with
2:23 am
obamacare. it would have repealed obamacare, individual and employment mandate defunding planned parenthood. what is the biggest problem to keep obamacare? >> the economic incentive to deliver high-quality and low-cost. we will maintain the status quo at this point, a lot of people against the affordable care act, patients and doctors alike has to do with affordability. it is unaffordable for a lot of people. financial responsibility for the patient, more financial burdens, narrow network, fewer physicians being involved as the physician deficit increases. you will not find a doctor you want to see and it will continue imploding. heather: the average individual market premiums across the
2:24 am
board, and individual stakes, 203% and it goes down from there, it is not manageable for people. >> healthcare is not good if you can't afford it is when it comes to our private sector it is important for people to have health coverage but what we have now is overutilization of the system. people have no idea what healthcare costs, they show up at the doctor for these tests, they only know they have a deductible and co-pay. they don't know the cost. the tax funded health savings account, patients have the responsibility, they know what they are spending and -- >> they are more confused than ever, three republican voted no.
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lisa murkowski, susan collins and john mccain, many people saying today that john mccain was the deciding factor in this. he came back, voted to move ahead, to proceed and basically ended it. none of the democrats came on board, no surprise, but should they be celebrating? some people say they are, here is chuck schumer. >> we are not celebrating. we are relieved, millions of people who would have been so drastically heard by the proposals put forward would at least retain their healthcare, be able to deal with preexisting conditions, deal with opioids that medicaid pay 4. we are relieved not for ourselves, for the american people. heather: moment later this was happening, selfys, senator
2:26 am
warren, with senator warren. is this a good thing or bad thing for americans? >> failure of the passage of the skinny repeal is more symbolic than anything. do i think we should be taking selfys? absolutely not. hillary clinton is asking what happened. you have a lot of patients, physicians, hospital administrators, and the healthcare system. the obstructionism is out of control right now. we need to go back to the drawing board. we need to continue with the same and focus on lowering health care costs and eliciting the administrative burden, trying to increase quality of care. >> thank you, appreciate it. todd: 26 minutes after the hour. while you were sleeping senate republicans suffered a crushing
2:27 am
blow on healthcare. a live report from the hill in minutes. what happened? you just heard doctor safire talk about it, the title of hillary clinton's new book but the internet has a few other suggestions. all morning long, rocking the plaza in the all-american summer concert series, a little sound check at 27 minutes after the hour. don't go anywhere, a lot more "fox and friends" first coming up. ♪ no matter how far i go ♪ i can't stop ♪ i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,
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so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? heather: you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: the 530 minutes after the hour, straight to a fox news alert, rejecting the skinny obamacare reveal. we 20 donald trump slamming the
2:31 am
defeat as some democrats are celebrating. what is happening next? >> reporter: healthcare was supposed to be pretty easy with republicans having the house and senate. in the end the math was in there. three republican senators, susan collins of maine, it was opposed from the beginning voting no and senator john mccain, heroically returning to move the process forward, casting the deciding vote to kill it. what happens next? time to move on as mitch mcconnell says. here is what democrats have to offer. >> time for our friends on the other side to tell us what they have in mind and we will see how the american people feel about their ideas. todd: donald trump took to twitter saying republicans and 40 democrats let the american people down. let obamacare implode, then deal, watch. minor leader chuck schumer said
2:32 am
democrats were not celebrating. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority leader we are not celebrating. we are relieved. millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals towing forward will at least retain their healthcare. >> some democrats were clearly celebrity like this tweet from dianne feinstein tonight we celebrate tomorrow we get back to work to improve the affordable care act. the senate goes home to face the voters after a few remaining items of business. there will be town halls, 74% of americans want the gop to reach across the aisle, they may get tax reform restructure going but all eyes will be on the primaries, just over two weeks, special election in alabama to replace jeff sessions, august 15th, we will see how it
2:33 am
plays out. todd: you said this was supposed to be easy, white house, senate, house of representatives, healthcare is never easy. >> there has been a lot of obstruction from a lot of people in the republican party, on the democratic side. we heard chuck schumer saying he wasn't celebrating but this picture moments after making that statement taking selfys with senator warren. looks like they are celebrating. ted cruz, one of the comments he made, they will take the victory laps but when it comes back down to what needs to happen there needs to be worked done on healthcare. >> trying to defend senator schumer, the camera was in warren's hands, maybe she forced him into it. they are celebrating because they love what obamacare stands for and don't like that
2:34 am
republicans were trying to bring some sense to the world. heather: that is what voters wanted and why they were voted into office. ted cruz said they will return home and those voters will be asking why did you lie to me? todd: they will not be easy for republicans. we 20 kellyanne conway said the president is the only one keeping his promise and the swamp is not. >> the loch ness monster's of the swamp will try to get in the way of this president, his agenda. i don't know what they were expecting. he said like all those senators that i will repeal and replace obamacare. if i show you all the senators and members of congress who ran successfully on repealing and replacing obamacare, now the one person keeping that promise is donald trump. he has been here six short month, pen in hand, they haven't talking about the 7 years while he was busy being a successful businessman in new york and around the globe they were
2:35 am
promising their constituents, not just the campaign promise, but a moral imperative. >> a lot of discussion will center on senator john mccain, he was a deciding factor in this vote be among the republicans who said no. todd: leading factor in deciding to proceed and in not letting the repeal bill go forward. heather: did he keep his promise to the american public or did he not? we will be baited. todd: the worst story of the day, a police officer murdered in cold blood by a person he was trying to save lose lieutenant aaron alan guns down responding to a rollover crash in indiana. someone in the car opening fire killing the one time officer of the year, two suspect in custody. lieutenant alan was a 6 year veteran of the force, he leaves behind a wife and children. heather: jeff sessions speaking out after so-called hurtful words from donald trump telling tucker carlson that despite the
2:36 am
president's criticism the department is making tremendous progress and he will continue to do his job. >> it is kind of hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader, steadfastly determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our job and that is what i'm going to do. heather: sessions is in el salvador, the birthplace of the violent ms 13 game that is terrorizing communities all over the us. and they are going to need a bigger boat, check this out. this massive shark jumping onto a fishing boat and gets stuck in the guard rail. >> look at that. heather: the shark 9 on the middle trying to get loose. on the coast of long island. fishermen tied a rope to its tail and lowered it back into the water.
2:37 am
what is going through your head if you're sitting on a boat going fishing, and oh my goodness, a shark. heather: it is funny we have that shark story in light of everything happening overnight and what is going on on capitol hill today. todd: the lovely and talented janice dean in the weather center. heather: no sharks in the weather center. >> shark on long island, not at all, don't watch the video. let's look at the forecast for the summer concert series, beautiful on the plasma. current temperature 72 in new york, cooler across the great lakes as well as northern plains, the low pressure develops across the mid-atlantic, south of new york city, the breezy conditions,
2:38 am
heavy rainfall, potential flooding as well. watching this area into saturday and sunday a better beach day across the northeast, but the coast of the southeast we will see potential for heavy rain. there is a look at your heavy rainfall saturday and sunday and a look at your forecast, very hot in the southern us and showers and thunderstorms for the southwest. happy friday. fry ea. heather: hillary clinton has a new book about the election called what happened. the internet, if you other title suggestions. todd: carly shimkus is here with some of the ideas twitter came up with. very creative. >> reporter: twitter users had a field day with this. hillary clinton's upcoming memoir is due out in november
2:39 am
and like you heard she revealed the title of it. it is called what happened and it will detail her thoughts on the 2016 presidential election but the title what happened, social media grabbed sat by the horns, dug in and came up with alternative titles, better name for hillary's book became the top trending topic on twitter last night. check out some alternative titles, what happened, you happened. this from julian assange, but it was my turn. then this from another twitter user saying green eggs and scam. that is a big. she says she is going to dig in and let her guard down. there will be some interesting
2:40 am
information from her. heather: is it a question? what happened or is it a statement, what happened. >> who knows if there will be anything new. thanks a lot. >> 40 minutes after the hour, senate democrats seem to be celebrated the republican healthcare failure, so what is their plan? that is coming up next. >> the publisher of hillary clinton's upcoming memoir announced the title of her book will be the statement what happened. that is the censored version. ♪ [boy] karma, danny... ...karma!
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voting against the measure. why are they not working with republicans to ease the burden of healthcare costs on the american people. adam goodman and executive editor of basel, julie out and. why are democrats not working with republicans? >> it is not an issue of democrats not working with republicans, it is an issue of republicans trying to pass this bill under cover of night without democrats or their fellow republicans knowing what is in it. the specifics of the skinny repeal, there were a couple hours of debate and they had to vote in the middle of the night and in order to pass the bill it is an enormous amount of the economy, there needs to be more time for consideration, and an issue of republicans not spending a good bill and trying to pass the bill for some shallow political victory and doing so without proper
2:45 am
leadtime. >> that is normal washington. first democrats sit on their hands and say we are ready to be involved in this discussion. america and americans are frustrated. they want good jobs, affordable healthcare. obamacare is unsustainable and the cost of obamacare are increasingly unaffordable for consumers and businesses. we can put our heads in the stand and play politics while we know with certainty what is ahead. what is ahead, the healthcare system with more federal and state budgets than ever before, to advance this, and assuring american there won't be a healthcare system it they can depend on when it counts. todd: three republican senators
2:46 am
voted against it. they are susan collins, lisa murkowski and john mccain. that was a surprise to many people when he issued that for. instead of looking at the past, let's go forward. what can be done going forward, you heard john mccain on the senate floor professing the desire for bipartisanship going forward. >> without bipartisan support, without aligning the factions of the republican party, have the republican party thought it was too liberal. there are issues with obamacare, some of the initial proposals with the first version of trumpcare, and to rollback medicaid and cost sharing reductions, and to talk about more affordable plans,
2:47 am
trumpcare, that would strip healthcare from 22 million people, a lot of democrats come together with republicans on fat, it seems so fractured. i don't know how that will happen. >> it can happen in the most important thing congress can do is restore its confidence in america to get healthcare reform passed. >> over to you. >> the effort to repeal and replace obamacare shot down over night. the disaster that was obamacare coming and went to washington to fight. this couple is blaming the president, stay with us. ♪ office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each.
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heather: three senate republicans joining 40 democrats to reject the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare. what does that mean for millions of americans still struggling with health care. joining me as a member of the independent women's forum board of directors doctor haworth. so you know firsthand the issues people have had with obamacare and we are still stuck with it. you left medicine to try to make some changes. >> i felt a sense of mission as i did when i was privileged to take care of patients are individuals that our nation would need expertise in healthcare, federal legislature to try to get these issues straightened out. they are enormous and we can fix
2:52 am
them. heather: we have had 7 years to come up with an alternative, democrats know, they know it is failing and prices are skyrocketing, the average individual market premium across the board, all states 2013-17 increased 105% and the individual states it gets worse. >> they are going up all the time, 40% plus have one insurer, 40 counties at this point have none and here is what we need to do. we need as citizens to demand of our senators that they break the filibuster to pass legislation in the senate. right now you need 50 votes in the senate to bring a bill to the floor but for reconciliation. once a year they can bring bills to vote with only 51 votes. the problem is the process. the american people shouldn't be
2:53 am
held back by process. they are desperate for relief, we can fix this and do it in a way that brings our democratic colleagues in, their concerns are legitimate but first we have to allow a broader bill to come to the senate floor with provisions that will empower the marketplace and allow greater choice and lower cost. heather: and protect folks that rely on medicaid. >> we can do it under terms of reconciliation. heather: some areas with one marketplace. heather: >> the affordable care act was structured to help the insurers, it was a trillion dollar gift to the bureaucracy of insurance companies. even with all the help, with premium support, taxpayer dollars and risk core doors, even with all of that, they are leaving the marketplace because the rules of obamacare do not allow us to have affordable
2:54 am
insurance. heather: what happens now? >> for patients across the country what is going to happen is in the fall the enrollment periods will start up again and people are going to find premiums are even higher. a lot of folks will find they can't afford to have insurance. some people will have to pay the penalty. millions of americans who could be going back to work if the employer mandate were lifted are not going to be going back to work. heather: the skinny repeal would have done that. and also cut funding to planned parenthood. >> exactly. there are good things we could have accomplished but obviously there was not enough in that
2:55 am
bill to provide the broad support we need. the only way to crack that kind of bill is to get out of reconciliation, get the senate process out of the picture. heather: there you have it. we appreciate it. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and breaking up is hard to do. this couple blaming the president. ♪ making you cry ♪ ♪ ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd.
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♪ ♪ i don't know what the hell went on around here last night ♪ but we must have had a good time. todd: love waving at the eye in the sky. we're getting ready for parmalee. firefighters in michigan coming to the rescue after someone swiped a little girl's fire truck from her own front yard. >> go ahead and get in. it's all yours. >> oh my josh. todd: how cool is that. firemen surprising the girl with a brand new toy. >> this miami dolphin's cheerleader dumped her husband for president trump. supporting the president makes her feel isolated from her democrat husband. so they are calling it quits after two years of marriage.
3:00 am
oh, that's sad. heather: maybe there are other issues there. finally the ugly, woman severely burned after a candle explodes in her face. minus a few burns she is expected to be okay. >> and we are too. we are outside on the plaza. heather: a great weekend. bye. >> bye. >> hours of fiery debate coming to a stuny conclusion. the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> this is clearly a disappointing moment. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. >> losers are the millions who have been hurt under obamacare. >> i want america to know not a single democrat is helping. they might as well been out to dinner because they were out for lunch. >> fighting at the white house. anthony


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