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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 28, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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oh, that's sad. heather: maybe there are other issues there. finally the ugly, woman severely burned after a candle explodes in her face. minus a few burns she is expected to be okay. >> and we are too. we are outside on the plaza. heather: a great weekend. bye. >> bye. >> hours of fiery debate coming to a stuny conclusion. the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> this is clearly a disappointing moment. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. >> losers are the millions who have been hurt under obamacare. >> i want america to know not a single democrat is helping. they might as well been out to dinner because they were out for lunch. >> fighting at the white house. anthony scaramucci goes
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against leaking in his first week in the job. >> most of us are fighting for who has a job in america not who has a job here. >> getting things done and the soap opera blocks have you seeing the big things. >> president trump is expected to make immigration speech in long island today where he will lay out the white house's plan to destroy and dismantle the dangerous ms-13 gang. you have seen the president's criticism of you. do you think it's fair. >> well, it's kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. i understand his mission. i understand his goals. that's why i supported him for president. ♪ ♪
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steve: good morning, folks. it's a fox news alert. we were wondering whether or not the skinny repeal would pass. and last night at 1:30 we discovered the answer was no by a vote of 49 to 51. it was essentially the last resort to pass something, to pass anything. and as you can see right there under democrats -- under the yes column you needed 51. but it's in the no column. so what happens next? nobody really knows. ainsley: do you want to know who voted no? you probably do if you live in their states. john mccape provided that crucial vote many would say. susan collins who has always been a no. she voted no. and lisa murkowski who has gone back and forth but recently continues to vote no. brian: here is the big moment with john mccain who must have listened to senator schumer. he could not be persuaded in this bill was going to be changed in conference. paul ryan says you get this to me, i will deal with it in conference.
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lindsey graham was a no. paul ryan picked up the phone and said lindsey we are going to redo this bill in conference. lindsey graham became a yes. for some reason senator john mccain wasn't buying it. this thing is not going to change. i don't like the frame it is right now which increases hsa contributions. repeels the employee mandate. repeels the medical device tax. funds community health centers, it does about six to eight things enough so they can go into conference behind closed doors and hack something out. but for some reason senator mccain wasn't buying it. steve: senator mccain, ron johnson and senator graham saw them live on air. essentially what they were saying okay, but we will vote for this. but it cannot get signed by the president. in other words, we hate this thing but it can't become law. and then paul ryan said don't worry about it. we're going to work on it president trump was watching all of this from the other end of pennsylvania avenue. and this is not the way he wanted it to work out. ainsley: he tweeted this out. three republicans and 48 democrats let the american
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people down. as i said from beginning let obamacare implode. then deal. watch. many people are saying all right. the republicans have had their chance. they are clearly not going to get on board. let's move on to tax reform and other things. then the democrats will have to figure this out. chuck schumer is say would he go are going to figure this out. we are not going to celebrate he said. we are relieved that americans can keep their healthcare. and i think we have a sound bite. listen to this. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their healthcare. brian: as i said last week, can you celebrate for nine seconds when we thought it was dead last week or two weeks ago. the democrats could say wow, this is great. they said they were going to do it and they can't do it. then you have to turn around and go oh my goodness there is a monstrosity on my left going
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to swallow us all. out of control blob that cannot be retained it has to be restructured. that's obamacare. they are not left with a good plan. this isn't revenge on barack obama. this is a plan that needs to be fixed. now what? ainsley: do you believe that the democrats can fix it? because he says. brian: not alone i will tell you that. ainsley: celebrating. he goes on in a tweet we just need to make improvement. ultimately that's what the american people need. premiums are too high. this thing is imploding. steve: so you heard chuck schumer say we are not celebrating. yet, you see some the images out of capitol hill last night in the middle of the night, people were taking selfies. a lot of happy faces. ainsley: there is chuck schumer saying he wasn't going to celebrate. steve: elizabeth warren outside taking selfies with reporters. brian: i laugh young people are out there celebrating. congratulations, you now will pay a fine or you will have to have insurance. congratulations to healthy
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people are paying for the sick people. ainsley: congratulations because now people who need healthcare can't afford it because these premiums are as strom no, ma'aastronomical. steve: the bill they vetted on last night was a tiny bit of what republicans promised. they couldn't even deliver that ultimately though was for the care to be better. and for the premiums to go down and the congressional budget office said under this plan, your premiums will actually go up 20%. it's a bad bill. brian: then they are supposed to drop down again after the next year. steve: they're not so sure about that. the good news is for president trump, whatever they were going to pass, if they would pass something, it would not be known as trump care. it's going to continue to be known as obamacare. the people who have been suffering will continue. what's going to happen going forward, don't know at this point. nonetheless, the republicans on the senate side in the u.s. congress have got to be broken hearted because for seven years they have promised us
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that they could do something, last night they failed. ainsley: woke up this morning. that's one of the biggest story. the scaramucci story is huge. we're going to talk about that. write us and let us know what you think about the healthcare thing and also weigh in on what we are going to talk about now. brian: some democrats like senator joe manchin chris coons who seem reasonable we wanted to be dealt in. you didn't deal us in. you are going to be dealt in. you know if you are going tore somebody who republicans can deal with tax reform show it by stepping up with whatever they are going to do healthcare. never seen mitch mcconnell so disheartened. i think he was totally stunned that this thing fell apart in the middle of the night. steve: couldn't do it. brian: let's talk about scaramucci. we know he is the communications director. this is really what is going on. yesterday he picked up the phone and talked to ryan liza of the new yorker magazine. at which time he thought, i believe, that his interview was off the record. it was on the record because according to ryan liza he never asked for it to be off the record.
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in it he blows up in using explicatives, reince priebus and steve bannon. steve: he does. he was very mad about a leak. scaramucci made it very clear and keep in mind we discovered that we were reminded of the fact that he is brand new to politics. keep in mind he has been a businessman. he is not a politician. and he got caught. i don't know if he wanted it "on the record" or off the record. there was a story out there that apparently the president of the united states himself gave him the okay to go ahead and unload on reince. nonetheless, he did it very stark language. the kind of language that you would not use at grandma's house. and then last night he tweeted this out. i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in this arena but not give up the passion to fight for real donald trump's agenda. he also had one other tweet where he talked a little bit about he had trusted -- i made a mistake in trusting a reporter. it won't happen again.
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ainsley: might not like the colorful language. most people can't condone the f word and language used. however he is determined to find out more about the deep state. who these leakers are. why everything the president does the deep state wants to go against them. no matter what it is, positive or negative. they tray to spin it and to wait drop stories at the right moment when something positive happens they drop a story and it involves leaking. he's saying i'm sick of this. the president has my back. i'll continue to have his back. this was the cover of the post today. i thought it was funny. survivor, the white house. because they are making it into a reality show, according to this article saying all the infighting looks like the reality show survivor. but, anthony scaramucci. steve: you mean mooch madness? >> i forgot there was a daily news. kellyanne conway they are tight, they have known each other for a while. listen. >> anthony says he uses colorful language.
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he is passionate about the president. sometimes it gets thest about of him. let me know when any of my colleagues in the west wing call half the country deplorable and irredeemable and we will talk. let me know when they look the american people in the eye and lie to them and say if you like you are doctor can you keep your doctor and. i'm happy with whatever he puts in the west wing with me. we have to serve the president's agenda. we weren't elected to anything. donald trump and mike pence were elected. the rest of us serve the country. brian: newt gingrich may be the most loyal outsider. my advice would be remember the white house should focus on solving real things and people should work together and recognize the primary opponents are outside the white house, not inside the white house. and there is a picture of them together. how they work together yesterday and today is tough with bannon, preebs, priebus and scaramucci knowing how
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they felt about each other. ainsley: reince priebus is the one who blocked him from getting into the white house. is it because he is mad at him because of that or is priebus really the leaker? we don't know. we don't know who the leaker is but we have to get to the bottom of it. steve: something has got to give as the expression goes. keep in mind reince priebus was installed as chief of staff to make sure the president could advance his agenda in congress. after last night's debacle for the republicans in the senate, you've got to figure hey, reince, you let me go. what happens to reince? stay tuned as they say in the soap operas. brian: the president did work hard behind the scenes and vice president front and center. jillian, how are you? jillian: i'm good. it's friday. how are you? are you exciting it's friday? brian: yes. jillian: i'm not getting a lot of enthusiasm. brian: we have a lot to do. jillian: let's get you caught up on what you need to know. we do start with a fox news alert now. a deadly day for indiana law enforcement. two police officers dying just hours apart. one of them murdered in cold
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blood by a person he was trying to save. lieutenant aaron allen gunned down by a suspect inside a crashed car as allen ran over to help. two people are in custody. the state of indiana also mourning the death of minneapolis deputy chief waters. the 23-year-old veteran of the force i doing from injuries after a car crash last weekend. sad new details in that deadly ohio state fair accident. the young man who lost his life enlisted in the marines just last week. tyler jerrell killed after plummeting 30 feet to the ground. entire row of seats on the ride called the fireball breaking apart in the air. the girlfriend also hurt is one of three survivors fighting for their lives at this hour. an amusement ride inspector says he had to shut down the same type of ride twice. he joins us live later in the hour to address safety questions. a brand new bombshell report accusing the obama administration of unmasking hundreds of americans for no reason. health intel committee
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chairman deba nunez raising new concerns in a letter obtained by fox news. request made during the 2016 election which included president trump transition officials without a specific reason about why the information was needed. and hillary clinton promising to let her guard down in her new memoir. it's called "what happened" and expected to explain just that what happened that led to her spectacular election loss. you folks at home had some other ideas for titles. and a lot of them coming. in lisa likes the biggest loser. someone else tweeting green eggs and scams. another person prefers 33,000 reasons why. what do you guys think? brian: i think it's one of those books that a lot of people have said to themselves i know this already. i don't need to buy it. steve: is it going to be in the fiction section? jillian: i don't know where it's going to be. it's coming out in september.
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brian: authors of that the terred. ainsley: second page says lost, the end. steve: after failing to repeal obamacare last night the chair woman of the rnc joining us next. you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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woman ronna mcdaniels. good morning, ronna. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: you bet. i know it's dark in austin. a lot of republicans are feeling betrayed. they heard for years their republicans and congressman were going to get rid of this thing but it lives. what do you say to them. >> it's a tough day for republicans. i think senator mcconnell expressed that last night when he said how disappointed he was and senator cruz spoke out about that. i mean, we campaigned on this for seven years and american people are hurting and they were looking for relief. and they didn't get it last night. but what i will say is republicans did fight for them. you had 217 republicans in the house who passed the repeal and replace. you had 49 senators last night. you saw the president and the vice president doing everything they could and three senators chose not to vote with us. and all the democrats sat on
3:19 am
their hands when this came to obamacare. something they put in place that is hurting the american people. so we're not done. we're going to keep fighting for the american people. brian: we hurricane for a while though. debbie wasserman shultz is not done. she did a terrible job for the dnc left them in debt and certainly didn't get themself many house or senate seats or the white house. now we understand she is going to testify before congress about why she kept on herrity guher it guywho has since been d and detained. >> this has not gotten a lot of coverage except fox. debbie wasserman shultz had it staff who we know destroyed hard drives. received over $4 million between he and his family members taxpayers. security clearances were caught off by the congressional committee in february. he wasn't allowed to have any access to computers because he was under investigation. but debbie wasserman shultz kept him on staff until the day after he tried to flee the
3:20 am
country. so we need to get answers as to why she was protecting this person. why did she keep him on staff. then what was he doing with this very confidential information that he had access to as he was serving congressional members in an it capacity. ainsley: they find hard drives destroyed in his garage. hillary clinton destroys 33,000 emails with classified information. the bleach bit hands over phones to the fbi without the sim card. also you have staff members taking a hammer to the phones. where is the obstruction of justice? why isn't the media reporting on it like you said? if this were happening to the republicans, what would be the outcome? >> if this were a republican staff who tried to flee the country on monday and was arrested, the news would be shutting down right now on this story. it would be 24/7. the hypocrisy is so blatant this story exemplifies that. to have a congressional staff ruin hard drives.
3:21 am
taking a hammer to them to be accused of fraud and to essentially have stolen data. steve: that's why you are calling on debbie wasserman shultz to testify before congress and let's see what happens. all right. thank you very much for joining us this morning from austin, texas. >> thank you. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. previously treated withd platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...?
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ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got?
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okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. brian: while you are getting dressed let me tell you the headlines. justice being served for special ice agent as jamie zabada two nationals found guilty tore for killing in mexico. both face mandatory life sentences. we could be one step closer to strengthening our borders. >> after spending billions of dollars defending other nations' borders, we are
3:25 am
finally defending our borders. [cheers and applause] brian: the house giving tentative approval to $1.6 billion down payment for wall along mexico. at least we will get it started. steve, anxiously. steve: first step. all right, brian. university uproar a popular ucla professor out in los angeles filing a formal complaint, grievance after he says he is conservative and has conservative views. ainsley: students protested in may saying they were being blocked from enrolling in his class on free speech before he was let go. joining us now is that former ucla professor and attorney mr. keith fink. thank you so much, professor, for joining us. >> good morning and thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. tell us why you were fired. >> just this year, there was a new chairperson a liberal ideologue with great disdain for conservative views.
3:26 am
she came in and the first day after my first class, she immediately slashed my class enrollment. i fought author the students saying it all wept down hill from there. when i say down hill, i think it was preordained from the day that she came in that the school was intent on getting rid of me. steve: okay. so the school, ucla, you say, is taking a left ward tilt. just out of curiosity, how many conservative, outward conservative professors do they have on the staff, do you think? >> you mean on the whole campus? steve: yeah. >> i can probably count them on my hand. steve: is that right? >> you say outward. coming outward. certainly nobody as vocal as i am. conservative professor in the law school named eugene. i will would say less than five. steve: this new person running the show out there, they just don't want the other side heard by those impressionable minds at ucla?
3:27 am
>> i would say it's two mold fold. one they don't like conservative thought and secondly they don't like students empowered knowing their rights and knowing that clay, for example, repeatedly violates the students' rights. when students not only know their rights and they have access to me, it's even worse for the university because, when students rights are trampled, they can come to me, in addition to being a teacher, i'm a lawyer, and i will fight for the students. there has been a number of instances in the last year or two in the context of title 9, where i have seen the university attempt to steam roll students who have done absolutely nothing. their entire future is on the line being branded a rapist or committing sexual assault where i have gone to bat as a faculty for the student. i know this hasn't scored me any political points with the administration. ainsley: professor, what do you think the reaction would be from this new leader at the school? what would be her reaction if you were a liberal?
3:28 am
>> she would hug me. take me in to her safe space. i would be beloved. ainsley: you would still have a job? >> there is no doubt i would have a job. steve: here's a statement regarding clay regarding you a standard comprehensive -- determining whether they meet academic standards to obtain status as a continuing lecturer has his teaching does not meet that standard of excellence and goes on to say you are not going to work there anymore. how do you respond to that? >> well, we don't have time for me to explain the french for rest which was this exhaustive investigation. but my simple response to that five sentence determination by dean gomez where she simply says in a statement that i don't meet the standard of excellence is it's a joke. she doesn't list a single reason, not one reason why i
3:29 am
don't meet the standard of excellence. i am the most popular teacher in the department, if not at the school. their own metrics have me as the best teacher in the department. steve: i have seen that. you are right. >> every single person that's reviewed me, that's watched my class previously has said i'm nothing but outstanding teacher. they have conceded i'm an excellent speaker which is not much of a concession since i won three national debates for the school. ainsley: i know a lot of people are protesting you being fired. i have got to ask you i don't wish this on my worst enemy. i hate it when people lose their jobs. what are you going to do now? >> well, now i'm continuing to practice law. i have a great life. i have my own law practice. i have cases around the entire country. i fight for people on a daily basis. i have many of my students that are interns in my office or work for me in my office. i continue to keep in contact with my students. there are many things that i do outside of teaching. ainsley: good.
3:30 am
you still have an income. >> yes. but the greatest reward to me individually is being a positive influence in these young people's lives. there is no amount of money that equals the joy i get out of steering someone in the right direction. teaching them a new thought. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: sounds like clay don't want to hear both sides of the story. keith fink thank you for telling your story from washington. coming up on this friday, remember the anti-cop protest breaking out in minneapolis. >> lock up out of this building. you can't lock us out of this building and we paying taxes. you can't hide for us and we put you in office. steve: one candidate from mayor plans to fix the police by teaching them not to use their guns. ainsley: attorney general jeff sessions plans to go after the leakers. brand new report says they are putting the plan in action with a brand new investigation. we're going to tell you about it first, happy birthday to
3:31 am
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trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> look, i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations of criminal leaks. we've already taken a number of steps. tucker, we will have multiple times -- we will have a press conference next week about it, but we already have multiple numbers of prosecutions compared to last year at this time. we're stepping up those cases. brian: this is the first time that jeff sessions, the attorney general really spoke up in an interview. he had a presser since the
3:35 am
series of tweets really challenging him came from president trump. and that last night was just a telling interview as he went to el salvador to follow up on really the genesis of ms-13. a lot of those people in el salvador gang members end up in places like brentwood, long island where the president will be today. jeff sessions spoke out yesterday loyalty to the president i will stay there as long as he wants me. i'm pretty confident i'm doing a good job. ainsley: i will go after these leakers. i will find out who is leaking. the top fbi guy, the top chief counsel, he was appointed under obama. is a leading leaker. she was on with sean hannity last night. listen to this. >> it appears that right now i have spoken to three sources with information who have direct knowledge of this that james a. baker, who is the general counsel for the fbi is allegedly under investigation for leaking national security
3:36 am
classified information to the media. i haven't been able to yet verify what that information was, but if these allegations sean, prove true, it is going to be devastating for the fbi whose morale has already been shook up. i have spoken to source that say even within the fbi right now, within the bureau, they are scouring through everything. they are looking for leakers. they really want to clean house. so, if these allegations prove to be true, this really will be devastating for them. steve: absolutely. when you think about it, as they crack down on leaks in the federal government, the fbi general counsel this guy james a. baker, the general counsel, the lead attorney for the fbi could be a leaker, according to her sources. he was, according to news accounts, a close confidante to then fbi director comey after comey apparently came back to work and said, you know, i was talking to the president and i put things in memo form and things like that according to news reports
3:37 am
suggested he was advising comey on legal matters after the between comey and the president. ainsley: we don't know whats would leaked. if he leaked he needs to be investigated. congressman who are going after james comey, loretta lynch trying to get to the bottom of colluding and leaking. brian: department of justice criminal investigation possibly happening and he was appointed by james comey in 2014. those two are tight. steve: as general counsel. we we will keep you posted. 23 minutes before the top of the hour jillian has headlines. jillian: we have a number of stories to get to this hour including this. horrifying new details of a brutal murder on the high seas a utah woman allegedly killed by her husband on a cruise ship because she wouldn't stop laughing at him. witnesses claim kenneth dragged his wife christie's bloody body out of their room and towards the balcony on the alaskan cruise as their young daughter watched in horror. if convicted, he could face life in prison. a minneapolis mayoral candidate is calling for all
3:38 am
police officers to disarm themselves. democrat raymond dean proposing policy changes in what he calls an effort to keep the community and police safe. >> i think that as we begin to look at how we change policing, and how we get officers to not react to use their gun in situations, but learning skills around deisca legs training and all of those types of things. >> dean is one of seven candidates running against current mayor betsy hodges in the fall. hodges recently came under fire after minneapolis police officer fatally shot a bride to be. a high school in virginia is getting a name change to be more p.c. the virginia school board voting to rename jeb stuart high school after some alumni including actress julian moore complained it was offensive. comforconfederate warrior. new name is expected within
3:39 am
two years. need a bigger boat for this one. massive shark jumps on to fishing boat and gets stuck in the guardrail. >> the shark thrashing around and that youing on the metal trying to free itself. this all happening off the coast of long island, new york. the fisherman tied a rope to its tail and lowerrerred the shark into the water. those are a look at your headlines on this friday. that's scary. steve: this looks like our brand new studio. studio f from the street. looks can be deceiving. janice: talking about good things coming in small little packages. scale model of our very own set made with a 3-d printer. brian: honey i shrunk my life. co-founder. featuring miniature versions of world famous land marks. this is the most famous.
3:40 am
good job. you are a patient man who understands detail. where does this come from? >> this amazing amount of detail came from a vision about building an amazing place where people can feel like they have traveled the world and seen places they have never been or be nostalgic about places that they know exist and are amazing and that they have seen before. it's a miniature world completely dynamic. permanent attraction. this is actually now three iconic places in new york. two old and one new. one is gulliver's gate that exists in the old times square building, 216 west 44th. in there you have the most amazing miniature world ever created on earth. dynamic, immersive. janice: tell us about the technology. >> really quite amazing. we use a lot of different versions of 3-d printing. air brushing. but a lot of what you see here and the detail some of which you will see looks exactly like your studio.
3:41 am
steve: over here have you got coney island. >> this is a lot of happened-made components. can you even see there is a freak show and mermaid parade and hot dog eating championship going on. steve: of course we would love to talk more about our brand new studio. >> newest iconic portion of new york here would be the "fox & friends" studio. steve: there we are. ainsley: you are raising your hand, steve, i'm pulling your hand down. janice: brian is not waving. why doesn't he wave? >> here is all of us here demonstrating the tiny "fox & friends" studio. brian: are you working from television? >> we came here. took hundreds of photos. look at the place. got a feel. watched the show here in the mornings. see how the camera people operate. see how everything works. and then we took that back. built a story around it, which is a story of "fox & friends," and turned that into this -- steve: that is awesome.
3:42 am
thank you for giving the people of the world something else to see when they come to new york city. i'm not talking about our studio. go to gulliver's gate in the heart of times square. see one square city block is filled with these miniature models. >> completely immersive experience. have yourself miniaturized and become a permanent citizen of our world. see a small example over there of where i am here with my fiancee. and we are now permanent residents. you can choose where in the world you want to live. get large version of yourself. janice: how dog this take to do. >> a second to scan: can you choose to live anywhere you want. gulliver's exciting. open. steve: wind up as a living doll. >> come see us in times square. brian: appreciate it. meanwhile today president trump will revia his push to crack down on illegal immigration with a place called long island. and the sheriff leading the
3:43 am
charge in suffolk county, new york, to rid us from that horrible gang joins us next. ainsley: hillary clinton promises to explain her historic election loss in a new book titled what happened. coming up, two authors who already wrote about her failed campaign are going to react ♪ radioactive. ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ i'm radioactive ♪ radioactive ♪ day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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3:46 am
brian: the trump administration continuing fight vicious fight against gang ms-13. >> we are stepping up prosecutions across the country. they are dealing with this transnational criminal organization and i think the partnership we've had for several months now is helping encourage him and support him in his very bold efforts that
3:47 am
are hurting ms-13 right here in el salvador. brian: president trump here heading to long island today. where they have seen increase in ms-13 gang activity. to show support for law enforcement officials who combat them every day and are making real progress. here to talk about that suffolk county sheriff vincent demarco set to meet with the president it at today's event. exciting time the president comes out to long island. sadly he is there because that's the heart of ms-13. what progress has been made in six months. >> well, about 17 people have been arrested recently. there were four murders in april. and those people were arrested last week and indicted by the department of justice. brian: i understand do a ride along about six weeks ago. and he says the sense of people on the street and the gang unit is that homeland security was got their back. ice has got their back. and they are starting to deport these kids some cases and these young adults right away.
3:48 am
>> yes. ms-13 is made up of primarily teenagers. and, as you know, they are very brutal. very desensitized to violence. most of them have come here through the unaccompanied minor program and are here illegally. they are not meeting the conditions of the program. and they are deportable. brian: they come over and oftentimes without parents. they're put in temporary homes. and they are running wild since then. they intimidate other kids to join them or they get pete up or killed. in fact, the four that were killed, you just solved a major murder in brentwood last week. >> yeah. the fbi long island gang task force which we are a member of worked that case. if you really think about it, you know, it's only been a couple of months. usually a case like that would take much longer to solve. it shows you the resolve and the priority that it is for the department of justice. brian: sheriff, the president is going to be there today. he tweeted this out big progress being made riding our country of ms-13 gang members. making our country safe again. guess what the message is
3:49 am
coming to el salvador, stop coming, you're going to be arrested or sent back immediately. there is a direct link between both. that's where the attorney general is today. >> i think it's very important that the president has sent this message and that the attorney general is in he will have a is a door to go see firsthand what is going on there. there is a civil war between ms-13 and the 18th street gang. bitter rivals. and ms-13 as you know is exploiting the unaccompanied minor program. the president is, you know, standing up to them, and backing up his words. brian: you know what's amazing is the average every day cop putting their lives on the line feels like the federal government has their back. that's the message i got when i visited your department. >> no doubt about it. for the past 8 years, cops have been made to feel like they were the problem. and you know, they are really the solution. and president trump has stood behind them. brian: what are you going to say to the president today? >> thank you. brian: sheriff, thank you. >> thank you. brian: it's going to be exciting day. all law enforcement, the president will be out on long island in brent wood helping out that working class
3:50 am
community. more questions after a teenager is thrown from a ride at ohio state fair and killed. we're not going to show you the video. how did that ride pass safety inspections? an expert will weigh in next. big show ha head. geraldo rivera will be here live. jeanine pirro the monster of the weekend. trey gowdy one of the most respected lawmakers will be with us. don't go anywhere. this is "fox & friends" for a friday ♪ she said play it again, play it again play it again ♪ i said play it again, play it again, play it again ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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3:53 am
ainsley: more questions this morning after a deadly accident at the ohio state fair. one person was killed. he was only 18 years old. seven others injured after
3:54 am
that ride right there. it's called the fireball ride. it broke apart, sending people flying so how does this ride pass safety checks? our next guest says he has had to shut down these same type of rides twice before. joining us now is amusement ride inspector and safety consultant walt reese. what happened here? >> it's hard for me to say based on the limited information that i have been able to see so far. it's really limited in scope to either fasteners failing or welds failing or maybe some sort of a metal fatigue but obviously there was some sort of a structure failure involved here. ainsley: you can see right here in this picture the whole cart falls so four people sitting this those schars it fault. not only did right side detach but left side did, too. would this have been inspected that morning or the beginning of the fair i guess? in my hometown the fair comes once a year and stays about two weeks.
3:55 am
i assume it's the same in every state. >> not every state. most states have laws. they have adopted the amts 24 that requires that every ride be inspected every day before it opens. ainsley: every day. >> and it be signed off by a person who is competent in that ride in maintaining that ride. okay. so, this, in theory, should have been inspected that same day and since the show had just recently opened it would have just supposedly passed a state inspection as well. ains apes i'm sure there are going to be lawsuits. who do they sue? do they sue the state? do they sue the fair owner? >> that really all would depend on the investigation and where that leads them as far as, you know, who to blame for what happened, whether it be the manufacturer, the ride owner/operator or whether it be the state or some private inspector. ainsley: what do inspector look for. you were inspecting this ride what would you do. >> if i were inspecting that ride if i hadn't seen it for more than a year or never seen it before, that would take a good eight hours to inspect
3:56 am
that ride. ainsley: they are supposed to do that every day? i guess if you haven't seen it before. i guess the first time it takes 8 hours. how long does it take you with each day? >> the more you learn that ride, the better you can inspect it in the future. but, like this ride, i think, may have been the one that was up here on 125th street in manhattan in 2003. i think that was the one that i looked at that i shut down. but i'm not sure. and it was probably-i think that was like an all-day inspection, really. i could spend 8 hours on that easily. here you have to understand in ohio they had over 70 rides at that job site. 70. i think they have 8 inspectors? if you do the math, that doesn't allow a whole lot of time. ainsley: quickly, "yes" or "no," would you let your kids get on rides at state fairs knowing what you know. >> as a general public, no. ainsley: you hesitated. >> i did hesitate. as an inspector i would have to look at it first. ainsley: okay. all right. i'm having second thoughts.
3:57 am
i love the fair but i also have a daughter that i love more than the fair. >> i understand. ainsley: thank you. republicans might have let down the american people when they taking selfies have some people outraged. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
3:58 am
it was always a dream of mine to become a professional soccer player, but i never imagined that i'd be playing in kansas city. when i was first elected mayor, they would talk about kansas city, kansas like... i can't wait to get out of here. through the years we lost over 30,000 people. we turned that obstacle into an opportunity. the speedway was the catalyst... and because of the speedway we now have a shopping area and a wonderful soccer stadium. and now we're starting to grow in population. it's extremely important to have financial partners such as citi® who believe in that same vision. this area is now a destination. there's people that come out here for entertainment. there's people that come out here to raise families. and before the stadium was built it wasn't like that at all.
3:59 am
i wouldn't trade playing in my hometown for anything.
4:00 am
>> hours of fiery debate coming to a stunning conclusion. the senate rejecting the skinny obamacare repeal. >> i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. >> the losers tonight are the millions of americans who have been hurt under obamacare. >> we campaigned on this for seven years and the american people are hurting. and they were looking for relief and they didn't get it last night. we're not done. we're going to keep fighting for the american people. >> infighting at the white house, anthony scaramucci goes to war against leaking in his first week on the job. >> the bottom line is most of us here at the white house are focused on who has a job out in america. not who has a job here.
4:01 am
>> he is actually getting a lot of big things done, and the soap opera belongs you from seeing the big things. >> president trump is slated to make a major immigration policy speech in long island today where he will lay out the white house's plan to destroy and dismantle the dangerous ms-13 gang. >> you have seen the president's criticism of you, do you think it's fair? >> well, it is kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. i understand his mission. i understand his goals. that's why i supported him for president. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 am
♪ ♪ steve: good morning, folks. live from 48th and sixth avenue, crossroads of the world. it is the all-american summer concert series starting one hour from now. today our featured entertainer is the group parmalee. and look at that, the ribs cooking up by famous dave. ainsley: they will start singing in about an hour on the plaza. calling mom and dad hey, look, i'm on tv. we can't wait to go out there and meet them. we will be out there throughout the day. brian: last night vote-o-rama. i know you probably slept. if you were a republican and thinking you were going to have a new healthcare plan at least in conference today, you are going to be heartily disappointed. the plan that the republican put forward has failed. it failed really by because three republicans did not go along with it, lisa murkowski, susan collins and the killer was senator john mccain. he would not be persuaded.
4:03 am
he voted to have the debate but he would not vote for the plan. he just was not convinced that paul ryan would get into conference and work on a better way because he didn't like what this contained. it contained the repeal the individual mandate. the repeal of the employer mandate. flexibility to states with a bunch of waivers, increase in health savings accounts and the repeal that everybody wanted of the medical device tax. he said i can't go along with that. ainsley: right threw saw john mccain on the floor of the senate thumbing down this healthcare plan saying i can't vote for it. and that was the crucial vote. ainsley: the irony the way the senate was able to get to even having a vote is to have john mccain to fly back to washington after his brain cancer surgery and ultimate lid last night, you know, obamacare is still the law of the land. listen, you know, a lot of people this morning are affixing blame clearly at mitch mcconnell has got to be feeling pretty bad. but president trump at the
4:04 am
same time, it's not his fault. it's the collective failure of republicans. they had seven years to do something. they couldn't get on the same page. president trump last night, about 2:30 in the morning tweeted out this. three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. then deal. watch. brian: and that's what he tweeted out. we don't know what he is going to tweet out today. i know he has to be just crushed because you want to get this done and move on to tax reform. they are already moving on to tax reform. they have big announcements today. they can't move on past this. i think it's also important to point out that senator dean heller ended up voting with it ted cruz voted with it rand paul voted with it and when senator lindsey graham and others and senator ron johnson said i just don't trust that they are going to have something better in conference with the house. paul ryan picked up the phone and constituency convinced graham and johnson that he was
4:05 am
sincere but he couldn't convince. ainsley: not one democrat voted for this. all it would have taken is one or two of them saying i want change. what's happening now, we heard a million stories of people saying that they cannot afford their premiums that this thing is dying. we have heard so many healthcare or insurance companies pull out of this. you have to think about the american people. and not just about politics. you have to think about what's best for our country. steve: sure. think about the people on obamacare. ultimately, the republicans said and this is the reason so many republicans voted for it over the last seven years they said, look, give us a chance, we will vote for it then you have these three republicans, two of which have said for a long time i will vote for it. and betrayed that confidence they had with their voters. look at this bill, it was not a good bill. in may the house of representatives passed sweeping reforms regarding obamacare. and last night the u.s. senate tried to do that much and they couldn't do it. why? because --
4:06 am
brian: couldn't pass the may bill either. steve: ultimately though it passed the house. ultimately they could not pass that much, the republicans while they're crying in their beer, the democrats are celebrating. ainsley: chuck schumer he was on the floor saying well, he was tweeting he wasn't going to celebrate like steve was saying. look at this, this was a selfie that he was taking right after the vote with a smile on his face. they were so excited. he did say that he was relieved but he said that -- he is relieved because americans can keep their healthcare. he said we just need to make improvements. this is what happened outside. can you see senator warren with a crowd of people excited at like 2:00 in the morning. brian: what you have to understand is they didn't preserve obamacare. they are preserving a plan that is almost flat on its back. you are going to need immediate action. so you have to wonder what's going to happen? is the president going to use marketing money to get people to sign up in november? because there is a new opportunity to sign up.
4:07 am
brian: with healthcare exchanges? the law mandates that you should do this. is the president going to say i'm not going to enforce the mandate for individuals or you pay the fine? because that would expedite the failure and will watch everything implode. the question is what john mccain said in his speech on monday or tuesday was i think it's time for us to do things the way we used to do it. he has been guilty before in the past like everybody else to try to get the victory instead of what was best for the people. it was a fox news poll that says if this fails over 70% of the people polled wants republicans and democrats to get together. is it at all possible? ainsley: an hour ago we asked to you weigh in on this. this is now 100 percent democratic problem. start putting microphones in their faces every day and asking obamacare is failing. how are you going to fix it? steve: grace 1990 on twitter wow i guess these three republicans want to keep obamacare, spineless wonder. what they will now tell their voters.
4:08 am
brian: robert says i cannot believe after seven years the g.o.p. cannot get it together. the american people are suffering under obamacare, period. it's unbelievable. and the bottom line is, if they had a sweeping plan. and let's say this was the plan. and they put it forward, it was brand new, they would need 60 votes. instead, they had to take obamacare and twisted it in a way that would allow them to make conservative principles in it and they were not able to nuances their way through a piece of legislation that people still are trying to unwind. that is 70 feet tall. steve: even the skinny bill last night though the cbo said if you got obamacare right now, your premiums would go up 20%. that was not a good bill. but you don't have to worry about it because, brian, you are talking about a sweeping bill that bill has been swept out. ainsley: that was one of the big stories. obviously waking up this morning. the other big one was reaction to what happened yesterday with anthony scaramucci. he is the new communications director at the white house. and is he upset because there are leakers inside the white house.
4:09 am
he says he's going to get to the bottom of it he was talking to ryan liza a reporter with the new yorker. he thought he was off the record. ryan says that's not true he never told me not to report any of this. it was a fiery conversation and ryan laza prointed it. brian: one the things that anthony scaramucci had wrong that we thought was correct he said his records were supposed to be secret or confidential until august 23rd. instead they were public records. so we assume that someone leaked that part of his background already. and something else that he did. so he immediately went after something that he already suspected and that was there were leakers in the white house. he really accuses steve bannon and reince priebus of doing that. steve: yeah. so anyway, he went on this tirade and, ainsley, you are absolutely right. he says he thought it was off the record. the new yorker says that actually they have clarified, they said he did ask for part of it to be off the record. but nonetheless, the rest he believed was on the record.
4:10 am
here's the interesting thing. apparently, according to axios the president of the united states loved the quotes. listen, they were tough quotes. not the kind of language used at grandma's sunday table. and mr. scaramucci himself came out and said this: i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in this arena but not give up the passion to fight for real donald trump's agenda. making america great again. and then he essentially took a shot at the reporter, ryan liza i made a mistake trusting a reporter it won't happen again. ainsley: you know, he is learning. he is learning who he can trust and can't trust. i'm surprised he would have that kind of a colorful conversation from someone from the new yorker. the new yorker has not been in favor of this administration. steve: this also exemplifies the dynamic problem between reince priebus who is the chief of staff and the new communications director. keep in mind we mentioned this in the first hour. given the fact that healthcare is now essentially dead on the republican side, reince priebus was brought in to get those guys.
4:11 am
he got elected up on capitol hill. get that through. now that it's dead, you have got to figure reince priebus could be on life support. brian: i would say. this what i like most that weekend repeat from the interview and i believe it's sincere. anthony scaramucci says i exist basically to forward the president's agenda. and i just don't see a day in which he can work with reince priebus and steve bannon again. but one thing is clear, he swamped almost -- almost all other news yesterday. and that's not good because the president had a lot of good news stories that got buried. ainsley: i would think most people wouldn't agree with the language but would agree with the message that the leaker needs to leave, whoever that might be. we don't know who it is. i do know that reince was blocking anthony scaramucci from getting into the white house and there is some bad blood there they did say they were like brothers. they also said we could be like kaine andably. didn't like each other. steve: is he a nonpolitician in a political world.
4:12 am
7/11 in new york city and jillian has a report. jillian: busy news morning. let's start now with a fox news alert. a police officer murdered in cold blood by a person he was trying to save. lieutenant aaron allen was responding to a call about a flipped car in indiana. as he approached the accident, one of the people inside began shooting. allen seen here receiving his officer of the year award in 2015 was nicknamed ted were ted. being a police officer was lifelong dream. two people are in custody. president trump will head to long island, new york today to make a major immigration policy speech. he is expected to lay out the administration's plan to take down ms-13. this comes just one week after more than a dozen members were charged with several murders on long island. suffolk county sheriff vincent demarco joined us earlier saying president trump's efforts helped them solve a recent case in brentwood. >> the fbi, long island gang task force worked that case. if you really think about it,
4:13 am
you know, it's only been a couple of months. usually a case like that would take much longer to solve. it shows you the resolve and the priority that it is for the department of justice. jillian: meanwhile attorney general jeff sessions is in el salvador working with lawmakers to prosecute the criminal network. and that's a quick look at your headlines on this friday. we have much more that we're following. see you in a little bit. steve: another busy news day. thank you very much. hillary clinton still playing the blame game following her historic november election loss. now she is promising to finally explain herself the new book, the authors who literally wrote the book on her failed campaign called shattered here to react to the new book next. ainsley: students not only forced to take classes on microaggression they have to pay for it, too. what they can and can't say. ♪ that you want me to ♪ yeah, but i can't go for that ♪ no, no can do i ♪ no can do ♪ i can't go for that teeth.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ >> coleman, misogyny. comey, fake news. that's how it happened. steve: blaming others has been a familiar theme for her following election loss in
4:18 am
november. new memoir called what happened coming out in september she is expected to blame russia and james comey of the fbi. inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign jonathan allen and amy patterns who join from us l.a. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> jonathan, let's start with you. there she is on tv blaming the fbi and james comey. but doesn't she -- she apparently still is not taking responsibility that she invited the fbi into her life. >> that's right. i mean, any depressio interprett james comey had affect on outcome. once the fbi was aware server they had to do an investigation. that's the thing that set off the chain reaction. to set there and saying james comey coming out a week before the election or whatever is the reason she lost without that email server explanation seems pretty i didn't know complete to me.
4:19 am
steve: amy, you have done some original reporting on this and you say from what have you heard it's unlike anything she has ever written before. it is a bombshell as well. why? >> yeah, i reported in the hill the other day, we kind of made news on this. you know, she feels like this is a book that because she is not going to run for office again, she has -- she can kind of let her hair down a little bit and kind of tell the full story. at least for her. and i think she feels a little bit of -- i think she feel as little bit of -- i think she is greater weight of the evidence by that and i think she feels, yeah, i think she thinks this is her time to tell her story. steve: amy, you feel that nobody is going to be happier about this book than donald trump. explain that. >> i think because, you know, the democrats, in particular, you've heard chuck schumer say she needs to take some
4:20 am
responsibility for what she did wrong. joe biden has come out and said the same thing. by her focusing on russia in particular. by her focusing on comey. is he going to be a little bit satisfied by that. steve: sure, jonathan, exit question, why doesn't she move on? the former president obama, chuck schumer, joe biden. she is kind of still replaying that, isn't she. >> she is absolutely replaying it. and i think democrats who are trying to focus on the 2018 mid terms figure out how they can win voters who voted for donald trump in this last election. you know, six weeks from now in september, only a little bit more than a year from next election, i think a lot of them are wondering why she is going to drag them back into that discussion. steve: yep. well, it's ultimately to sell books and make money, i guess. although she would be hard pressed to beat your book it sold a ba zillion copies. it's called shattered.
4:21 am
amy and jonathan, thanks for joining us from l.a. meanwhile, coming up next four congressman are acting on the president' word. they will join us live. partly cloudy run -- copd makes it hard to breathe.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. steve: all right. we have quick headlines for you on this friday. morning one of president trump's campaign promises is actually one step closer to becoming a reality. >> build that wall, build that wall. build that wall. steve: the house of representatives giving tentative approval to 1.6 billion-dollar payment to build that wall along our border with mexico. part of a nearly $800 billion spending bill. and the u.s. senate approving a bill of their own.
4:25 am
toughening sanctions on russia, iran, and north korea. it will now head to president trump's desk where he will have 10 days to sign it or veto it. the bipartisan legislation also gives congress the authority to block the president from lifting sanctions without going through them. all right. brian, ainsley, over to you. brian: more trouble in schools. this time at rutgers university where school officials are requiring that all new students attend a micro -- a microaggression workshop. >> ainsley: the training is called language matters and get this. the students have to foot the bill. it's 175 bucks. here to weigh in is campus correspondent and rutgers student andrea boccino. thanks for joining us. what did you think about this. >> thank you for having me. i think it's absolutely ridiculous. i had to take microaggression workshop when i was a freshman at my orientation. basically, what happens is that freshman have to pay $175
4:26 am
to attend a two-day summer orientation. and we're basically told never to use microaggressions and it basically just discourages students from exercising their first amendment right. and i was absolutely shocked that it was getting taxpayer money to fund it. brian: they said the one hour presentation is -- not making a bill deal out of -- this is making a big deal out of nothing. significant long-term harm like illness and decreased immune system comes from microaggression. so to stop microaggression in its tracks you have to have this seminar. >> yeah. it's absolutely ridiculous. i think it just does more harm to students by babiying them. and it doesn't prepare them for the real world at all. in the real world no one believes in microaggressions. it just makes students weaker. ainsley: andrea, what kind of things did you learn in the orientation?
4:27 am
what kind of things did they tell you can and can't say? >> they were saying things like you should never ask someone like what country they are from or if they speak a certain language. or to also shy away from assuming someone's nationality. like things like that. ainsley: you can't ask someone where they are from? >> yes. because it implies that they are not american or something like that. ainsley: wow. >> crazy. brian: do you think you are in the minority? am i allowed to say that? ainsley: not on that campus? brian: outraged about the attention, microaggression and the charge to this class? >> absolutely. even as an incoming freshman i was very outspoken and i gave my thoughts at the end of it. and my orientation leader just kind of glared at me like she resented me for speaking my views. i feel as though most students in the class were basically just indoctrinated like they didn't question it they didn't understand and at campus
4:28 am we see sessions like this from across the country. it's very widespread. ainsley: you are smart for standing up for this and for speaking out. i think if i were in that class i would be thinking about the next party. i wouldn't hear them. brian: people proud of their heritage and still are american. >> yeah, exactly. brian: what is it 23 and me? you are not even allowed to mention that i guess to know where you are from. it might make you seem unamerican. andrea, thank you so much. ainsley: thanks, andrea. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump has been pushing for a deeper investigation into hillary clinton and her emails. coming up next. four congressman are acting on the president's word. jim jordan, mark meadows, andy biggs and matt gets are all here. brian: did you hear janice dean is retiring? not the janice dean we know. someone that runs a lost faster on four legs. ♪ you broke my will ♪ goodness, gracious
4:29 am
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brian: 29 minutes before the top of the hour. joining us to react to last night's vote which is crushing for republicans are house republicans jim jordan of ohio, mark meadows of north carolina. andy biggs of arizona and matt gates of florida. thank you so much for joining us, congressman. >> great to be with you. >> thanks. steve: mr. meadows, let's start with you. there are a lot of republicans disappointed in your colleagues across the capitol over on the senate side that they were not able to get on the same page. the president is disappointed. have you already talked to the president this morning. where do you go from here? >> you know, it's certainly disappointing. it's not what we promised the american people. but, you know, honestly we were having to wait for a cbo score for the next two weeks anyways. what we need to really do is focus on delivering on the promise. and i can tell you the president, as you mentioned is already engaged in morning. we're going to go back to work
4:33 am
to make sure that we actually get a bill. really what we were talking about last night was passing something to allow us to bring up a bill in a couple of weeks. so now we just work on that perfect bill. make sure that we bring it forward. i'm optimistic we can still get it done people are losing faith but can i tell you we are still staying in. i can tell you who is staying. in the president is staying in on this fight. he is going to deliver. may made it clear this morning. brian: what's the way forward, congressman jordan? i understand they tried big. they tried skinny. they couldn't even get it to conference. i'm sure you weren't thrilled to go into conference because you gave them a bill didn't even vote on. you have to really compromise to get that forward. where do you go from here? >> there may have to be a little bit of a shift in how we approach it. some new ideas brought to the table as mark indicated. we were going to have to wait for a cbo score anyway. we will see. i think there is a way forward. because the pressure has been so much here we are one vote short last night. the other thing we're doing is
4:34 am
we started the discharge petition process last week where we think let's bring up the clean repeal in the house. let's show we have the votes for the clean repeal we can keep our word with what we told the voters last year when we voted for this when we put on president obama's desk. let's put the same things on president trump's desk. that's what we have shown all along. let's show we have the votes for that that may give more pressure and motivation for the senate to do the right thing and come together like mark had talked about. ainsley: congressman biggs you tweeted this we should not go home without making significant progress on obamacare repeal. tax reform, budget, and debt ceiling. #cancel august recess. is that going to happen? are you going to stick around and stay through august because a lot of the americans that are watching are frustrated because they think you all are spending so much time on healthcare and get it done and focus on other things that people care about, too. >> well, i -- unfortunately i think we are going to be gone in august which is mind boggling to me. there is so much work to be done.
4:35 am
i think mark and jim have carefully laid it out. we can get some things done. we have got the discharge petition going. we have got some other ideas that we need to work with on the healthcare. we also have the budget. we have got the tax reform. we have a debt ceiling argument coming. it blows my mind that we're probably not going to be here in august. i will tell you this. then we will come back in september for a week or so and then we will take another week off. this is just not what the american people want. ainsley: who is in favor of doing that when we have got so many pressing issues that effect families. >> not the freedom caucus. >> not us. i will tell you. >> i just keep pushing and hoping that maybe we'll get to do some work here in august. steve: there is some stuff many of you are united behind and congressman gates, let's talk about how the house freedom caucus is urging a probe of james comey and hillary clinton's emails wait a minute. i haven't heard much about that. what are you trying to get done. >> listen, for the last seven months it's felt like republicans have been bringing
4:36 am
a peace sign to a gun fight with democrats. each and every day democrats are talking about impeaching our president. meanwhile, there seems to be a double standard in justice. the 2016 elections was a rule of law election. and i don't think that the crimes that the prior administration, of hillary clinton, the collusion with james comey and loretta lynch should be forgotten just because hillary clinton lost the election. so, we are fighting in the judiciary committee to exercise our oversight authority and let's get to the bottom of what all the scandals that happened in the last administration. brian: congressman meadows i have got to ask you too i don't know how close you were following what was going on yesterday with fusion g.p.s. senator graham talking about the fact they directly were limping to going after trump. and this organization will not answer subpoenas, the people in charge. and behind the dossier. this is -- i mean, you want the russians involved? maybe they are involved. maybe they are involved too with this fusion g.p.s. what can you tell us? >> you are spot on. that's one of the interesting things, the work that the colleagues here have really
4:37 am
put forth. they sent a letter yesterday, signed by chairman goodlat to say let's go ahead and appoint a special counsel. we have got a resolution on the house floor to look at that very thing. you know, we don't know at this point but to be able to put arm block and say we are not going to look into it because, perhaps, it may go into areas of a previous administration. it's just not what the american people want. so i think it's time that the investigate the investigators and go ahead and get to the bottom of that. ainsley: congressman jordan -- go ahead. >> i was going to say fusion g.p.s. is part of what we should look into part of the crazy immunity deal cheryl mills got and question the attorney general of the united states told the fbi director of the united states go tell the american public something that is not true. go lie to the american people in the midst of an election. that should be investigated as matt has pointed out. >> we need the help of the american people. we need the american people to contact their members of congress. tell them to join news sponsoring house resolution 477.
4:38 am
and fusion g.p.s. is one of the areas we have identified for special counsel to get involved and investigate. we have got a special counsel investigating the trump administration for bogus charges. we need to investigate the real criminals for the real crimes. ainsley: what about loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac and uranium one deal. >> well now they were just talking about things with their family. that's all. i mean, it smells. and when we look at loretta lynch saying that it is a matter, not an investigation, my good friend jim jordan says it's not the federal bureau of matters, it's the federal bureau of investigation. and that's what it was. and we need to call it what it is. we need to call her out and hold her accountable. steve: all right. the freedom caucus on tv working on a friday in the summer. guys, thank you very much for joining us. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: begging to work in august. they want leadership to let them. so hopefully they will. ainsley: how do you put pressure on all of them to stay? they all need to stay. that's ridiculous. they have a job to do. brian: don't yell at me in
4:39 am
front of everybody, ainsley it wasn't my idea. do you know who is taking off all of august jillian? she put in for it. jillian: i'm too new for that are you kidding? i'm not taking a day off. jeez, all right, guys. let's get you caught up on your headlines on this friday. we do begin right now. sad new details in that deadly ohio state fair accident. the young man who lost his life enlist dollars in the marines just last week. tyler jerrell fell to the ground. the fireball breaking apart in the air. fire officials say it passed safety regulations. a ride inspector joined us earlier saying the math doesn't add up. >> that would take a good eight hours to inspect that ride. they had over 70 rides at that job site. 70 with i think they have 8 inspectors? if you do the math, that doesn't allow a whole lot of time. ains scril jill fairs nationwide shutting down similar rides while authorities investigate what went wrong.
4:40 am
russian headline news since president trump won the election until now. sarah huckabee sanders is calling out the media for ignoring juicy new details on the debunked dossier. >> you guys love to talk about russia and there has been nonstop coverage. and the one day that there might have been a question on russia, there wasn't. today there was public testimony that further discredited the phony dossier that's been the source of so much of the fake news and conspiracy theories and we learned that the firm that produced it was also being paid by the russians. jillian: sanders also says the testimony backs up the president's claim that the collusion investigation is a witch-hunt. all right, we all know janice dean is a champion meteorologist, right? but did you know she is also a big winner on the track? >> forecast for today is a huge win for the weather machine janice dean. jillian: that greyhound is named after our own janice dean.
4:41 am
but guess what, guys, we just learned the double stakes windsor retiring. the champion dog will spend her days relaxing in oklahoma where her owners say she will soon become a new mom. goodness, i need to learn how to speak. ainsley: janice, all happy today we got the email yesterday saying janice dean is retiring. japan january brian kilmeade thought it was true. he came up to me this morning are you retiring? brian: is this your last day? ainsley: oh my gosh, can't you read the emails, brian. janice dean had a good run. good job janice dean the weather machine. steve: retiring to tornado alley going to move out to oklahoma. janice: more importantly retiring to have some babies. brian: we always said the most important thing can you do as a mom is raise your litter. be a stay at home mom. janice: matthew and author door. ainsley: normally when we are retire we are 65. we can't start a litter there. dog world retire and start a family. janice: rest assured i won't be retiring for a long, long,
4:42 am
long time. are you guys excited? [cheers] janice: we have parmalee coming up. our summer concert series. i want to introduce you to a friend of mine. her name is angie varney. she is related to someone very famous in the building. aren't you, angie? >> i think i might be. janice: tell us who you are related to. >> stuart varney is my father. janice: stuart varney is her dad. >> i told him i would call security if he showed up. he is upstairs. janice: angie has been our college associate. she has been one of my favorites. she is going to do the weather for us today. are you ready, angie. >> i think so. janice: are you guys ready for angie. [cheers] janice: take it away. >> here is a look at current temps. 73 for summer concert series. partly cloudy skies. we are watching the threat of storms across the southeast and mid-atlantic with strong winds and heavy rain. flash flooding could also be a problem over the southwest and the heat continues. across the southern plains this weekend, that's a look for your current forecast,
4:43 am
back to you ainsley, steve, and brian. [cheers and applause] >> very nilesly done, angela. ainsley: you taught her well. the same guy that owns the dog janice dean doesn't very a dog named stuart varney. janice: i think he actually does. it's all in the family. although stuart isn't as fast as janice dean the weather machine. brian: stuart can't retire because angie needs to go to college. >> nicely done. steve: thank you, angela. coming up, geraldo rivera is going to join us live on this friday. brian: why is he tucking his chin? the band parmalee is getting ready to take the stage in summer concert series brought to you by keurig one cup at a time. ♪ when she looked back out behind her ♪ i'll always be there for her
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steve: fox news alert. a police officer shot and killed while trying to help somebody who is in need. ainsley: lieutenant aaron allen was killed while responding to a car crash in indiana nicknamed teddy bear. allen was a husband, a father and officer of the year. steve: oh my goodness. fox news mike tobin has more on this tragic story, mike? >> good morning, steve, good morning, ainsley. this is a tragic story. the southport police chief says they lost a brother the indianapolis mayor says this is a sad, shocking reminder of the difficult, often dangerous work of police. lieutenant aaron allen of the south fork police department a division of the indianapolis metro pd was responding to a car wreck with information that someone was trapped inside the vehicle. the wreck was south of indianapolis. for reasons we still don't know someone from inside the vehicle opened fire.
4:48 am
lieutenant allen was hit multiple times. he was taken to nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> we appreciate the community support as we continue to work through the loss of our brother. >> it was just unbelievable. and what was really sad is that shots were being fired. the police had to tell people to get back. i'm sure they were running to help the car accident victim. but when guns are drawn, drop. >> two officers at the scene returned fire. as many as 20 shots were fired. one person in the vehicle at the crash scene was struck. he was taken into custody as was a second person who was injured, possibly shot as well. it should be noted that lieutenant allen was named officer of the year back in 2015. he wanted to be a police officer since he was 5 years old. guys, back to you in new york. steve: what a story. mike, thank you very much with that live from chicago. meanwhile, straight ahead on this friday, republicans may have let the american people down when they failed to repeal obamacare.
4:49 am
this morning, these images of democrats celebrating, smiling, taking selfies, have some outraged. ainsley: geraldo rivera is going to weigh in on that. parmalee is here to perform live out on our plaza. ♪ ♪ is that so wrong ♪ ♪ why don't you say we do aal little day drinking ♪ girl, are you thinking what i'm thinking ♪ 844-234-2424. you woit's a good thing we brought the tablets huh?
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ainsley: so i'm from south carolina. this is great song and we all love it in the great state of north carolina and south carolina because we all want to be carolina. ainsley: did you write it for ainsley? ainsley: i'm from carolina. oh, what's your name? who are you? steve: of course that's just one of the songs. they have had a whole bunch of hits. now they are out with a brand new album titled 27861 which includes their latest single sunday morning. brian: joining us right now brothers matt and scott thomas their cousin barry knox and best friend they claim anyway. round of applause for parmalee, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] steve: by the way, how many people are from the carolinas who love that song. [cheers and applause] >> representing today. janice: when you wrote that song did you know it was going to be a huge success? >> we didn't until we got the -- i felt like we had something and we found our sound and i called the guys. i think we have something.
4:54 am
i think this is what we need to be doing right here. ainsley: why the name. >> it's the zip code for carolina where we are from. we rehearse in that barn spent five hours out every night rehearsing. where the band started. we figured we would give a shoutout to 27681. brian: bring us back to 2010 if you would. at that time something really challenging happened to you guys, right? >> yeah, we were victims of attempted robbery where scott was shot three times. him being a conceal carry protected us took care of both sail atlantas. one is in jail and one is not here. he had a 5% chance of living. spent 40 days in the hospital. brian: you said he had conceal carry. >> yes, he did. it was a horrible event. but our friends, our families and our fans came together and raised money for us and gave us the confidence to keep doing what we're doing.
4:55 am
so four months later we are in nashville and did our showcase and got our record deal. steve: that's fantastic. how are you now? ainsley: looking good. >> where were you shot, scott. >> one in the stomach and the chest. steve: oh my goodness. janice: you are a miracle. steve: you are indeed. i was looking online about the album and one of the things you said we love the music we have done so far. we are getting a little sick of singing the same song over and over and over. our fan fans have weighed a lite over three years to put out a new album. we felt like we needed to give them new material. we are very proud of the 12 songs. we felt like we got fun songs, uptempo songs. what we need for our fans and show and radio and all of the above. we excited that people can take it home with them. janice: you love to perform. >> love it. janice: glad you are here for "fox & friends." ainsley: where do you live now in nashville. >> in nashville. january.
4:56 am
jillian: did you do the music circuit are in bars. >> we actually didn't. we did our thing in the southeast version first. went to nashville once we got signed. it's been a different path for us. it's been great either way. janice: when are you officially on tour. >> we have been on tour. >> we have never thought been on tour. steve: singing the same songs. time for some new ones. you will officially be our big show today on the all-american summer concert series brought to folks by keurig starts in two minutes. >> janice: are you guys ready? [cheers and applause] janice: they are ready. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: what's better north carolina or south carolina? steve: don't answer that. okay. she says north carolina. coming up on this friday president trump vowing to rid the streets of violent gangs like ms-13. today he heads to long island to help do just that. brian: plus geraldo rivera who was never in a gang is here. he is coming up at the top of the hour. at least we don't think he is in a gang.
4:57 am
ainsley: you never know with him. ♪ might want to close your eyes for this ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am.
4:58 am
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for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah! goes to war against leaking on his first week on the job. >> the bottom line is most of us here at the white house are focused on who has a job out in america, not who has a job out here. >> he's actually getting a lot of big things done, and let soap opera blocks you from seeing the big things. >> president trump senior set
5:01 am
to make a long island speech today where he will lay out the white house's plan to destroy and dismantle the dangerous ms13 gang. >> we see the president's criminal of you. do you think it's fair. >> well, it kind of hurts but the president of the united states is a strong leader. i understand his mission. i understand his goals. that's why i've supported him for president. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ makes me feel like home now. ♪ makes me feel like carolina. brian: we're in new york city. does it really feel like carolina. ainsley: what does it mean she makes me feel like carolina but looks like california. what does that -- brian: solution. steve: this is the first time we've actually started to introduce our own summer concert series performers with an argument. so anyway, we are glad that they're with us. if you would like to watch the whole show, go to
5:03 am
they're streaming live this entire hour. brian: great to see you. a lot of things happen in the middle informant night. >> they do. brian: john mccain and murkowski, john mccain said "no." and when he put his ballot in, it killed the skinny repeal. he was not convinced the speaker was going to do redo this but i will conference. >> all i know the skinny repeal is stupid. steve: bad bill. >> a knuckle head idea. they were going to all of you the individual mandate, the employer mandate, which had young, healthy people basically subsidizing their sick people. when you took that prop out, the whole thing was destined to collapse two weeks from now. ainsley: yeah, but then they were going to go to conference. >> anyone that trusts any announcement of legislative intent from either side of the aisle. ainsley: so should they just move on then? >> absolutely. absolutely. the health care repeal idea was doomed from the moment
5:04 am
people realize that seven and a half years went by without them conjuring up an alternative plan that was reasonably acceptable to their caucus and maybe one or two democrats. steve: right they had seven years of republicans to get on the same page, and they couldn't do it. >> i'm sorry the president got into it. steve: what you know? i'm glad you mentioned the president because mark meadows was with us just about a half hour ago, and he has already talked to us on the phone this morning in the wake of this defeat health care republican style. and he says it is not over. listen to this. >> certainly, it's disappointing. it's not what we promised the american people. what we really need to do is focus on delivering on the promise. and i can tell you the president as you mentioned is already engaged this morning. we're going to go back to work to make sure that we actually get a bill. really, what we're talking about last night was passing something to allow us to bring up a bill in a couple of weeks. so now we just work on that perfect bill, make sure that we bring it forward.
5:05 am
i'm optimistic that we can still get it done. the people are losing faith, but we're staying in. i can tell you who's staying in. the president's going to stay in on this fight. brian: these four guys are loyal to this president. >> i don't think that's true at all. this is the house freedom caucus that torpedoed the effort that had it going from the get-go. finally -- brian, please, you cannot trust the sincerity -- brian: i do. >> these are the same people that sold us for seven years repeal, replace, didn't they ever sit down on a friday afternoon over beer. hey, i have that repeal part. what about that replace part? steve: it's the republicans in the senate that betrayed their -- the trust of the voters for many years. >> i don't disagree, steve. i just merely say this: these people on both sides of the
5:06 am
aisle have sold the american people goods. what is it? it's this. it's very simple. if you want benefits, you have to find a way to pay for them. you either pay for them with taxes or subsidies with sobbing poor people to buy the premiums. if you want coverage and benefits, you have to find a revenue source. and they never narrowing part out. steve: and, geraldo, because it looks like it's dead right now, ultimately, this could actually be good for the republicans. >> well, they -- if the mantra of the republican party right now is the democrats obstructed, the democrats zero votes, the democrats don't care about you, all they care about is making us look bad. if they take that as their mantle, i think you're right. however, what i would prefer donald trump that i know for 40 years as a businessman, he has helped benefit in his business. steve: sure. >> let the businessman quietly say this is what i would like to chuck schumer, you deal
5:07 am
with the devil, but that's the nature of a bipartisan split. ainsley: all right. let's talk about. brian: remember the polls. 72% of the american public want to see a bill. >> i agree with that. when i was growing up, it was common that you had -- you had the caucuses 50/50. one would go 30/20, the other 30/20, and then they end up at 50/50. steve: they had a congress in the olden days? ainsley: that's a big story today and of course everything that's happening in the white house and all the leaks as anthony scaramucci as the new director. anthony says it's off record or some of it was. the reporter still published it in an anyway and used some colorful words. >> colorful? ainsley: okay. he said the f word and a bunch of other stuff. i heard you say you think
5:08 am
reince priebus and steve bannon are out. >> well, if i can start with anthony scaramucci. we, o'reilly, hannity, howard stern, alec baldwin, we all come from ten miles of each other, so i get where anthony scaramucci is coming from. steve: where the language is coming from. >> where the slang coming from. that's truly the locker room banter. i filter it through. his big mistake was to be so naïve to talk to a new yorker who hates president trump versus talking to us. it was really a rookie mistake. he distracted from the president, and that was too bad. but having said that, he spoke exactly the truth. the west wing is absolutely riddled with rats. the president comes to work every day and the rats crawl over his polished shoes. everyone's a rat. the reason he surrounds
5:09 am
himself with jared kushner and ivanka and family, is because the family is the one that he won't trust in that building filled with rats. so scaramucci with this new york bomb bath lays it out, unfortunately. but if you translate -- if i could be simultaneously translating, what he said is absolute truth. priebus came from a deep state, a gop guy who was kicking and screaming after trump's nomination was inevitable. he's not a trump guy. i don't want to speak for the president, but i think that reince priebus and coming from the opposite side, the far right side, steve bannon. and both of them, i think scaramucci was right to suggest that they have their own agendas and their agendas aren't necessarily that of the president, and if the president wants to move forward, he has to get rid of these people and rely on people he can trust. who is that?
5:10 am
i think scaramucci, clearly. cory lewandowski. i think cory lewandowski would take a bullet for the president? he would never talk to a reporter. steve: another one. >> bossy, again, going back to the one beheaded. i think by the end of the weekend, maybe by the end of the day, maybe by lunchtime, i just priebus is going to have a one-way ticket to wisconsin. steve: i think you're right? >> ironically, the job that's safe right now is the attorney general. brian: let me ask you this. does this factor into it? if these two go, they become subtle enemies of the administration, does that figure into the calculus? >> well, let me ask you a question. would you prefer your enemy face to face i'm your enemy. let's go. let's scare off. or would you prefer the enemy gets you behind the back, bites you on the ass. steve: every day. >> paddles your biggest secret, actually reveals the
5:11 am
direction you're going. brian: so you're telling me that scaramucci is 100% right, that he identified two leakers. >> 100% right. i wish if you say off the record you say off the record over sentence, certainly if you say something as salty as awhat he said. but there was truth. if you wiggling down the nuggets between the expletives. steve: there's a lot of whittling. we understand most of it on the record he knew, and he asked for it to be taken off. nonetheless, you're absolutely right. the white house communications director should know how it works. >> and simple remedy. steve: right. >> you give an interview, you tape record also. so when you say off record, you tell the person you're talking to i'm recording this. brian: i don't know how much vacation you have, but you would be a great help to the president. >> i told the president
5:12 am
scaramucci job would be a great spot for me. steve: geraldo, have a great weekend. it is 11 minutes now after the top. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. >> a quick look at your headlines this friday. good morning. good morning to you at home as well. let's begin with a fox news alert now. russia sending a strong message to this morning, organized a reduction of u.s. diplomats. staff must be out of the country by september 1st. it comes just hours after the senate approved a bill toughening sanctions on the kremlin. staff by the moscow embassy by september 1st. president trump must sign off on the new sanctions. we'll keep you posted. also, breaking right now a police officer murdered in cold blood by a person he was trying to save. lieutenant aaron allen was responding to a car of a flipped car in indiana. as he approached the accident scene, one of the people involved began shooting. allen seen here receiving his officer of the year award in 2015 was nicknamed teddy bear.
5:13 am
being a police officer was his lifelong dream, we are told. allen was a husband and father. two people in custody. their motivate remains unclear. a massive power outage forcing 10,000 tourists to cut their summer vacation short along the outer banks in north carolina. authorities say contractors working on a new bridge drove through a steel post cutting an electrical transmission cable. it could take as long as a few weeks to get the electricity back up and running, prompting them to order nonresidents to evacuate. we'll see you guys back here in a bit. steve: we were just talking about carolina. that part of carolina has no juice. >> oh, yeah. thank you there, steve. ainsley: the president is promised to crack down on the dangerous gangs. listen. >> we are throwing ms13 the hell out of here so fast. ainsley: well, today he takes another step toward fulfilling that promise. details on that story next. brian: plus, this guy is going
5:14 am
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5:18 am
ainsley: cracking down. ms13, president trump heading to long island today to discuss how to take down the criminal network. brian: attorney general jeff sessions meets in el salvador to tackle the problem at its source. steve: right now, our correspondent brian is live in new york where the president is headed this afternoon. brian, good morning. >> good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian. the fbi says there could be as many as 10,000 ms gang members from los angeles to here on long island, new york. but the law enforcement will tell you it's less about their size and more about their savage brutality. they have a thirst for hyper violence that sets them apart and the president will speak here at 1:30 to a crowd of mostly law enforcement officials about his plan to crack down on the gang. he'll all it is thank them. this county is in the middle of an offensive with ms13. more than 240ms13 arrests have
5:19 am
been made here in the last ten months, including this responsible for the savage beating murders of two teenage girls september. now, the trump administration claims the obama administration's immigration policy, their support of sanctuary cities coupled with the flood of unaccompanied minors across the border has helped ms13 recruit. now, today the president will highlight initiatives to fight ms13. initiatives led principally by his attorney general jeff sessions like increasing collaboration with the government of el salvador. sessions visited that country. and yesterday they announced hundreds of arrests of ms13 members there and mr. trump ther will also hire more prosecutors. yesterday the white house, the acting ice director touted the deportation of gang members this year while blasting sanctuary cities. >> stop sending this message that if you don't commit yet another crime beyond the crime that you committed when you
5:20 am
came to this country that it's okay to be here. it's not okay to be here illegally. it's not okay to violate the laws of this country. we're going to enforce law. >> steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: all right. brian live in brentwood, new york where the president's headed. brian: that's a very grateful working class community that just wants to be able to make a living, and these gangs have been suffocating them. meanwhile, 20 minutes after the hour. next. plugging the leaks in washington. and now this word an fbi investigator may be one of the sources. steve: general. ainsley: judge is fired up about this. she's here to react. listen. steve: but first, here's performing like a photograph. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
steve: look at that logo we installed on the north lawn of the white house. joining us right now, we've got the host of justice jeanine pirro, the judge herself. >> good morning. steve: let's talk a little bit about anthony scaramucci. apparently he called a new york reporter and the report was called anthony scaramucci called me to rant about reince priebus. >> right. steve: used some rough
5:25 am
language, and nonetheless that's what people are talking about, but essentially the president is surrounded by people he can't trust. >> reince priebus -- sacred anthony scaramucci doesn't have any experience actually being in the press. everybody gets burnt once. and the way it happens is this: you say it's off the record, maybe they want some of it off the record or all of it off the record. you never have control over it. so for anyone to assume that everything isn't all on the record is, you know, it's naïve. but i'm sure something he won't do again. here's the thing. anthony is on a mission. what he knows his mission is. he knows what he has to do and how he's going to do it. and you know what i love about this article. it says i've got this sense that flows from trump. unlike other trump advisers, i had never heard him say a bad word about the president. now, that made me angry. trump advisers are bad-mouthing the president? this is why we need scaramucci.
5:26 am
this is why we need someone who's going to take no prisoners, and this is basically a, you know, it's a beginners mistake. but now going forward, he's got a job to do, he's got the president's support, let him do it. brian: so we'll see what's going to come out of this. we also know this: sarah carter was on with sean hannity last night and sarah carter of circa, she's able to find out using three separate sources that the fbi might be investigating -- might be investigating a key member of who james comey hired in 2014 of the fbi. and if this investigation's indeed through, it's going to be a mammoth story. >> it's going to be a big story because if you have a counsel for the fbi who is a friend of jim comey, someone who is counseling jim comey, someone that comey knew from the time that he was in the justice department, that tells me that there was a concerted effort on the part of the fbi to leak classified information.
5:27 am
we're talking about some stuff that is serious. and right now, we've got to get to the bottom of it. jeff sessions will do it. i believe that he will do it. we've got to get the leakers out of the white house stuff that's not classified. but the others as well. ainsley: the guy's name is james a baker. we just showed his picture. he's the head attorney for the fbi. steve: general counsel. ainsley: appointed by president obama. so he's a holdover. do you think that this president needs to get rid of all of the holdovers, especially the ones that are leaking? >> well, what you know? this president needs to get rid of all the holdovers because their job like the democratic party is to resist. you've got to iowa special counsel who's got a whole team of trump haters, pro hillary people who are part of this whole, you know, we have to obstruct. we're seeing it daily. that's why scaramucci is so important. he has intense loyalty to the president, he's a street fighter, and he knows what he has to do to protect.
5:28 am
steve: well, the allegation is that this man, james a baker, the general counsel reportedly according to circa under investigation for leaking classified information to the press. >> the press. which is what comey did. steve: i know. i know. and comey was his pal, and apparently they were -- >> they were colluding. steve: right. a media report suggests he was advising comey on legal matters after the meetings between and the president mr. comey. brian: so we'll see where this goes. >> yeah. brian: i also want to see. we know that 1.8 -- is $1.6 billion came out of the house. so hovel it's going to begin to build the wall. mostly in el paso, some to finish in san diego. where did you go? >> that's me interviewing a border patrol agent on a horse. i was with sheriff. let me tell you something about this border. brian: where? >> what you've got is a border that's partially protected. there are areas where people can just walk across.
5:29 am
and the big risk today are the drug smugglers. they are interested in satisfying america's opioid epidemic needs, and we're going to be confronted by even more serious invasion in terms of those crossing the border with drugs, you know? they're talking about marijuana, and i was in the middle of a bust. you'll see it. i mean, we saw 1,000 pounds of marijuana. ainsley: judge, i know you're going to be talking about it on your show this weekend. we have a clip, let's play it for our -- >> oh, you do? ainsley: yeah. >> i want our nation to be secure. i want a sovereign land where we can be free on our own property. >> we don't have enough agents on the border and anything and everybody can come, if they want to. >> as you sit in your house, do you see people coming across your ranch who are illegal? >> i have been -- had people walk in my utility room. i had a illegal confront me in my utility room. i had them try to break in. >> what do you want america to know? >> we're not giving up.
5:30 am
we're here for all of our communities here as you secure this border. >> just the enforcing of the law has done wonders just in deterring a lot. but the cartels are always two steps ahead of us, it seems like. >> what's your message to president trump? >> i want him to do what he promised to do. secure the border. >> i would say thank you. thank you because he's put attention and awareness and the right awareness on this border. steve: and, you know, and one of the other things,eninene, it's drug cartels behind human trafficking where all of this people died in that walmart truck. >> and talk about rape trees. there's horrific stories that i heard on the border. got to put an end to it. brian: all right. we're going to see over the weekend your very highly successful weekend show. >> at 9:00. brian: at 9:00. when are you going to cohost it with me? >> when come across at a true role at a bigger desk. all right. straight ahead. the senate countdown on
5:31 am
capitol hill ended last night with a "no" on repeal. so what's next for health care? congressman tray gowdy reacts just hours after the failed vote. he's live from dc. ainsley: but here's pardo performance by parmalee. ♪ ♪ ♪ girl in your hometown. ♪ ♪ if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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5:35 am
>> brand-new chairman of oversight committee on the house side. trey gowdy from south carolina and i'm not sure if he will be heading home this weekend. often time it's get away day for you. congressman, welcome back. but we were just talking about the border and the need to bulk up the border and get that wall going. one of the main reason is to stop the opioids going across the border because there's interest in getting it here. do you see the link? >> oh, of course. well, the nation has to have border security for lots of reasons and one of which is to fort the cartels. i will also tell your viewers that there are legal drugs that are dispensed or consumed illegally, these are prescription drugs, it's heroin but the opioids that are prescribed outside the course of
5:36 am
a professional practice and we need a strategy for both. one is border strategy and the other is interior strategy. steve: absolutely. i saw your hearing where you're talking about reorganizing. the fact that they don't have a strategy and we don't know where we are going right now. >> they have a statutory deadline by february 1st, that date has come and gone. it's still being authorized and still being funded but the opioid crisis is getting worse and it's not asking too much that you comply with statute and get us your national plan all related agencies, what is your plan to stop whether it's enforcement, whether it's prevention, treatment, give us your plan. he's committed to do it. i was happy, the hearing was incredibly bipartisan for washington but it was.
5:37 am
ainsley: you saw what happened in the senate overnight, 2:00 o'clock in the morning, how they voted no, john mccain was the crucial vote, three republicans who just said they were not going to support this and that meant the bill did not go back to the house for conference. they are saying they didn't trust you guys to fix it because they had a lot of problems with it. many people said they should have voted, yes, what's your thought? >> we do have a lot of problems but not trusting paul ryan is not one of them. you can agree with them or disagree with them but he's an incredibly honorably person. for seven years we have been telling people what we are against with and seven months to govern and the best we can come up with skinny plan on 24-hour's notice, we have to get better and persuading them that it's right for the country. we've had plenty of time to do it. we set unrealistic expectations.
5:38 am
it's a complicated issues. we've had seven years to figure it out and the best we came up with was something called skinny. brian: where do you go from here? it's only been six hours. should you just move on or go back? >> we have to go back. 20% of the economy. it was fundamental promise for the trump campaign. the affordable care act is failing. if you're going to fail, fail doing what you really fundamentally believe and the health care, i would propose changes that are transformational and require persuading fellow citizens including some independents and democrats that this is best for the country. it's not going to get done with 24-hour's notice and a bill that has the word skinny in it. it's hard to persuade people. i used to have to do it for a
5:39 am
living and i'm married. ainsley: former prosecutor, you have debbie wasserman schultz and her aide destroying the hard drives and found in garage and when you look at hillary clinton, she destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed emails and agents hammered blackberries and didn't have the sim card. steve: james comey. ainsley: james comey as well. they are going to investigate some of the individuals. how are the democrats still getting away with this when they are going after the republicans for having a meeting with some russian lawyer about adoption? >> well, because there's been more coverage of justin bieber canceling his tour than loretta lynch talking to comey about whether it's investigation or matter. it breaks my heart what's left of it as prosecutor to see the justice system politicized, criminalized or held up in subject to election cycles.
5:40 am
i have a lot higher expectations for our justice department and the women and men who have dedicated their careers to it, our decisions should be based on facts, not the calendar, not election outcomes, not who we are mad at, facts. bob mueller has his lane but everything that's not in his lane it's in the department of justice's lane and right now being run by jeff sessions. so there are better ways to communicate than a letter so, i didn't sign the letter but i understand the frustration of my colleagues that did. steve: absolutely. we hadn't heard the news of justin bieber. >> you're welcome. brian: he hit somebody yesterday. steve: thank you for joining us from hall. >> thank you. >> good morning to you, guys. i have other news, starting with fox news alert, we have learned iran so-called successful rocket launch may have just blown up in
5:41 am
their face. the mission to launch satellite in space with catastrophic failure. sad new details in the deadly ohio state fair accident, the young man who lost his life enlisted in the marines just last week, tyler gerald killed after plummeting 30 feet into the ground, an entire row of seats in fire preponderance ball break ago part in the air. it passed safety regulations but a ride inspector joined us earlier that math doesn't add up. >> it would take a good eight hours to inspect the ride. 70 rides at the job site. 70 with, i think, they had 8 inspectors. if you do that math, that doesn't allow a whole lot of time. >> authorities investigate exactly what went wrong. breaking overnight, more than 50 people are hurt after a train
5:42 am
comes to a grinding halt crashing into a commuter station in spain. incredibly impact tearing the front of the train. take a look at the video, throwing passengers to the floor. this all happening at the height of rush hour. the cause of the crash is still unknown. i think they are going to need a bigger boat. check this out. gets stuck in the guardrail. >> quick. [inaudible] >> can somebody go around? >> the shark thrashing around and you can see trying to free itself but not really able to do that. this all happening off the coast of long island new york. fishermen tied rope in tail and lowered the shark in the water. i don't know if i'd have the gut to tie a rope in the shark's
5:43 am
tail. ainsley: if you saw the video, he was trying to get in the water and he just can't. steve: the shark won't do that again. >> it learned a lesson. brien: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: hero in blue killed by a line of duty by someone who he was trying to help. live report coming up next. steve: performing close your eyes. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn, trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists
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5:47 am
steve: a quarter before the top of the hour. quick headlines, a man under arrest after slamming into police car. you can see the broken class in keen, texas, south of fort worth. the man has a mental illness and may have forgotten to take his medicine. a 200,000-dollar car gone in 60 minutes. a driver watched as brand-new ferrari went into flames after crashing lavish car an hour earlier. the burned out remains of the car on the grass. and that is headlines. offer shot and killed after trying to help somebody in need. ainsley: there's his picture. lieutenant alan was killed after responding to car crash in indiana. he's a husband, father, and officer of the year.
5:48 am
brian: mike with the details. hey, mike. >> he was doing his job on his way to help people and the life of police officer was ended by ambush, lieutenant aaron alan, responding to car wreck where people were inside. for reasons we still don't know, someone in a vehicle at the scene of the wreck opened fire. lieutenant alan was hit multiple times. taken to nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> we appreciate the community support as we continue to work through the loss of our brother. >> it was just unbelievable and what was really sad that shots were being fired. the people had to tell people to get back. i'm sure they were running to help the car accident victims but when guns are drawn, drop. >> police officer from nearby home returned fire.
5:49 am
a witness said as many 20 rounds were fired, two people were hit by the police gunfire, their wounds are not life-threatening. they were both taken into custody. they lost a brother yesterday, lieutenant allen was named officer of the year in 2015. guys, back to you. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: a prayer for his family. steve: no kidding. parmalee is back to perform their latest single that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business it's my decision to make it's nbeauty last.ix. roc® retinol started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc methods, not miracles.™ your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates.
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5:52 am
>> senate fails to advance any health care measure. gop later say, well, for now they are moving on. how is the president feeling this morning about senator john mccain, the man he called a hero just days ago turns out the one who cast the deciding vote against the senate health care
5:53 am
bill early this morning? meanwhile at the white house, epic internal battle. communications director versus chief of staff using salty language, how does this end? new threats from russia as congress passes tough sanctions package and we wait to see whether the president will sign it. with leave you at the top of the hour for america's newsroom. >> that's going to be a good show, shannon. are you guys ready for music? steve: and here is the reason why we are all gathered, parmelee performing from the new album, new single called sunday morning. [cheers and applause] [music]
5:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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5:56 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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5:59 am
>> all right, who who had fun today? >> so many people that love you guys, someone with a birthday today, they came all the way from texas. happy anniversary. >> where are my girls? >> oh, yes, back there. >> from south carolina two. >> tennessee, i heard you.
6:00 am
>> arizona. >> thank you so much for being our concert performance, you know how you can say thank you to them, folks? download some of their music. >> you wear that onto her. >> bill: good morning everybody, breaking news, republicans in the dead of night, the effort to repeal obamacare ends with a single moment on the senate floor. >> bill: john mccain was the deciding no vote, stretching into the late hours, so now the fundamental question to fixing health care, where do we go from here? good morning, i am bill hammer, this is "america's newsroom." >> shannon: it was an early morning or a late tonight, you can see mitch mcconnell has made a lot of


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