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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 28, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> arizona. >> thank you so much for being our concert performance, you know how you can say thank you to them, folks? download some of their music. >> you wear that onto her. >> bill: good morning everybody, breaking news, republicans in the dead of night, the effort to repeal obamacare ends with a single moment on the senate floor. >> bill: john mccain was the deciding no vote, stretching into the late hours, so now the fundamental question to fixing health care, where do we go from here? good morning, i am bill hammer, this is "america's newsroom." >> shannon: it was an early morning or a late tonight, you can see mitch mcconnell has made a lot of his promises,
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sitting there almost paralyzed as he watches that vote. i am shannon bream, the senate floor is open for business, hitting their hopes on a slimmed-down skinny version of an obamacare repeal. >> bill: john mccain of arizona, susan collins of maine, joined all 40 democrats in opposing that notion. it texas senator ted cruz laid out that defeat like this. >> they are going to be a great many americans who tonight feel a sense of betrayal. if you stand up and say we are going to repeal obamacare, and you vote for obamacare, those are not consistent. and the american people are entirely justified in saying any politician told me that who voted the other way didn't tell me the truth. >> shannon: president trump is less than pleased as well this morning, we have chris stirewalt standing by, we begin with peter live on capitol hill. good morning, peter. i'm sure that you didn't get a
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lot of rest last night. so let's talk about senator mccain, talking about why he voted no. >> he is, mccain is basically saying that nobody ever convinced him that to the "skinny repeal" bill wouldn't become law as it is. mccain wanted to senate and house negotiators to sit down at a conference, and he explained after 2:00 a.m. that the speaker statements that the house would be willing to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and pass at any time. mccain's no vote had republicans gasping and it democrats struggling to keep their excitement quiet, it came after intense last-minute lobbying on the senate floor by the vice president, mike pence, himself, the mike pence motorcade came very late last night to deliver the tie-breaking vote, but the vp never got into position because leadership knew there wasn't going to be a tie. >> and our only regret tonight,
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our only regret is that we didn't achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. i think the american people are going to regret that we couldn't find a better way forward. >> i was outside mccain's office around midnight when he headed to the senate floor, and he wouldn't say how he was going to vote there, but i could hear him on the phone telling someone at the other end that it is very hard to do the right thing. shannon. >> shannon: okay, so what now? >> well, now what is going to happen is the thing that's mccain said he wanted to happen when he made that big speech when he returned from surgery earlier in the week, democrats and republicans are going to have to work together, chuck schumer says that is a relief to him, and house minority leader nancy pelosi says now congress will finally
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pivoted to the work to update and improve the affordable care act and to a lower american costs, but it sounds like that's makes republicans very nervous. >> i am very anxious to see what our friends on the democratic side have in mind. i am anxious to work with them, i can tell you right now, though, if the plan is to go to a single-payer system, just throw a bunch of money at health insurance companies, i am going to sit that one out. >> and republicans who had been told that they might have to stick around longer into their recess on the house side to work on health care, are walking into a meeting right now to find out they still have to do that. shannon. >> shannon: keep us updated. >> bill: meanwhile, down the road at the white house right now, president trump was up all night watching the drama, as tensions in the west wing boiled over in a rather public way, kevin, good morning. what is the response from the
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president on the unfolding drama only hope? >> yeah, white house officials are putting it this way, the president is just going to hammer away at the g.o.p. lawmakers, refused to do what they said they would do, and that is repeal and replace obamacare, meanwhile, as you saw there last night, the president it did it go to twitter, either he was waiting for the outcome or he had trouble sleeping like a lot of us, i'm going to but the former, he watched it all unfold there on capitol hill, the president tweeting this, at 2:25 in the morning, by the way: now that is interesting because you saw him right go, get there, after waiting there for seven years, give america great health care. not so much at least according to white house officials, and while many have been pushing for
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the "skinny repeal," kellyanne conway told fox news enough already, it's time for lawmakers to get to work, which didn't happen last night. here's what she said. >> i never heard that phrase when these members of the house and senate ran successfully on "repealing and replacing obamacare." i didn't hear them say swim at the edges, cut and shave here and there, and i think this is why this congress has such a low approval rating. >> you can sense the frustration in her comments, and you are going to probably hear a great deal more like that's because the white house really felt like this was their shots, and now they are going to have to essentially go back to the drawing board, or as he heard in peter's report, they are going to have to deal on capitol hill. >> bill: what is the white house thing after scaramucci's interview, loaded with vulgar codes, directed at steve manning. what did they say about that.
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>> reports this morning from mike allen, the president sort of like to the political is him that happened, it was salty. vulgar. and the comments that you read there from anthony scaramucci, i am going to sure if few, but we will clean these up for television, as he describes not only reince priebus, he also took some shots at steve bannon as well. he said that reince 316, you want to leak something, he will be asked to resign very shortly, he said he is a blank paranoid schizophrenic, he went on to say that he was actually blocking him from getting in the position that he got for six months, so it was awful, but the white house will obviously continue to push this narrative that you cannot get along personally but still work together for the betterment of the white house and the american people.
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>> bill: kevin, thanks. let's get an analysis now with our senator, chris stirewalt, chris, good morning to you. let's go back to health care. ted cruz calls it a betrayal. when you think about years ago, they voted for repeal, then they turn around and say it's not going to happen, how do they regroup? and to mike >> the repeals votes left to the dock for the republicans back in march or so. this has really been -- it has been a dishonest undertaking in a lot of ways because they want to be able to repeal, but they realize that having lacked the foresight to push the party together on an idea about what they think ought to be done about health insurance and the united states, they were selling things that were cut through obamacare, ted cruz -- to his credit or blame, depending on
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how you look at the issue, he had one of the most substantial changes that was offered to the legislation, but still, all in all, what republicans were selling the sign was something they could call repeal that wasn't so that they could try to get past this issue and move on. i think what john mccain did for his party and i think that whether you agree with him or disagree with him, he took the hit for the republicans, and this is kind of a first. >> bill: he took the hit for those who were really squishing on this? so he took it the hit for west virginia and ron johnson of wisconsin, was that what that was about? >> and for conservatives, not just for those moderates who didn't want to vote for it but for the conservatives, this was a dog's breakfast, they failed, the failure happened in march, the failure happened in april, this was a legislation that wouldn't die on its own, and because of the president and him saying you've got two passes,
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you've got two passes, , and the republican saying we don't like this, this is bad legislation, we can't do it, the last hope for something that was like a real repeal was then they talked about the plan of reviving -- you know it, let's repeal it right now, but have the effective date to be in two years, and then we will figure out a replacement between now and then. >> bill: the premiums go higher, i mean, you look at the rest of what they have in this "skinny repeal" on screen, repeal the mandate, the individual mandate, flexibilities for the state, repeal the medical stacks, they've been talking about this for more than half of a dozen years. it was all right there in paper. >> yeah, but no one wanted that to actually become law because it doesn't have the things that support -- you keep all the goodies in obamacare, but you get rid of the stuff that nobody likes, and you blow up the insurance industry in america. i will promise you this, and you take this one right to the bank,
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is that by november, these republicans and including their president are going to have to find a way to bail out the insurance industry to prop up the individual market. the president says let obamacare collapse, obamacare won't collapse for 80% of the country, what will happen is that for a half of the 12 million people who rely on obamacare now, by the way because the law forces them to because it says you have to buy insurance, whether you want to or not, those people are going to be bailed out, and the way that they will be billed out, is we will have to give a lot of money to insurance companies. >> bill: "the new york post" cover story today, a survivor in the west wing of the white house, after the tornado rolled through last night. >> how about this? we are very blessed that we get to work with good people, colleagues who we esteem, like it, admire, respect, all of that, imagine having to work out
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this white house. imagine this environment, a very stressful, hard work, short hours of sleep, long days, huge pressure, and on top of this is this toxic atmosphere, scaramucci, if he is up to the task, he will have to do what he promised in that article and just fire everybody, mass firings, because when you come in with this attitude, you are leaking on the people, you are trying to leak unsuccessfully on people, you are calling a reporter from the new yorker to try to put dirt out on your colleagues, you failed to say this is off the record, and now you show up today at work and say who wants coffee? >> bill: milk or sugar? thank you, chris stirewalt and washington. shannon, what's coming out? >> shannon: attorney general jeff sessions says he is staying put. >> had a lot of criticisms, and steadfastly determined to get his job done, and he wants all
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of us to do our jobs, and as that is what i'm here to do. >> shannon: can he do his job effectively amid all of the criticism from his boss? our panel will debate. >> bill: also, passing the russia sanctions bill will happen, adam kinzinger is coming up. >> shannon: cracking down on the notorious gang known as ms 13, how they are working together to get those criminals behind bars. >> the communities being victimized, they should be safe, reports the crime again, we don't don't target victims of the crime rink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. rink ensure. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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and crabfest is only happening at red lobster. now this is seafood. >> the pleasure of the president. >> he wants to make a change, he can certainly do so, and i would be glad to yield, no doubt about it. but i do believe that we are making tremendous progress. >> bill: jeff sessions with tucker carlson last night, putting the best face on an otherwise tense matter. he will stay on the job amid a storm of criticism from the president with his recusal on russia. adrienne elrod, welcome. rachel campos-duffy, welcome. i thought sessions pretty much took it like a man, rachel, and what he is saying is that i know where president trump comes
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from, and i'm okay with that. what did you think of his reaction? >> i mean first of all, when he said that it hurt him deeply when that happened, however, he did take it like a man, and he took it like a class act, this is why conservatives like him, and this is why there is a lot of controversy among conservatives when the president treated him this way. >> bill: it appears that he survives, is that your read? >> look, who knows, i agree with rachel, good for him for staying in this job, there are a lot of conservatives, especially those who have really rallied around him who are encouraging him to stay. he did the right thing by recusing himself from the russian investigation, there was simply know the way that he could oversee that's incredibly as attorney general with all the questions surrounding his role in collusion into our election. >> bill: so if that wasn't enough for one white house,
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you've got to this scaramucci interview that hits the limelight last night, he said in a tweet, i sometimes use colorful language, you think? and will not give up the passion or the fight for trump's agenda. he later sent out another fight, late in the evening, where he thought that he was trusting a reporter. the reporter, ryan, so that nothing was off the record, that request was never given. anyway, the point is is this the way that you want to start your first week in the west wing? >> he looks like such a rookie right now, and the truth is, the american people are just getting used to a president to is it brassy and pops off on twitter, and is a little bit unpredictable, i don't think there's enough room for two of them in the white house. and i think that he is making the white house look dysfunctional, i will tell you another thing, there's been a lot of talk about priebus, less about what he has said about
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steve bannon, which really rattles conservatives, they like having steve bannon in the white house, they think he is a conservative, and they trust him a lot more than they trust scaramucci. >> bill: he is rolling through like a tornado in week number one. i wonder how this has been received by his boss. >> well, exactly, i mean, donald trump obviously has made clear that he likes people to go out there and fight for him, but he doesn't like it when his staff of stages him, and scaramucci has gotten a lot of staff in the last week, self-inflicted, he has made a lot of mistakes, she rachel's point, i am not sure how donald trump will actually like this, going forward, as his communications director, he is getting a lot more press than the president at the moment. >> bill: i thought that newt gingrich had it great advice for reince priebus. keep your head down, and keep doing what you are paid to do.
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ladies, thanks to both of you. rachel from wisconsin, enjoy the weekend. thank you both for being here. >> shannon: in the middle of all the constant russian allegations against the trump administration, a new op-ed out of "the wall street journal" asks one big question, who paid to the behind the discredited anti-trump dossier? what we are learning about that man and his connections to vladimir putin? >> bill: a police officer shot to death while responding to a car accident. >> it is just disgusting, being a vet, i was in the service, we have a brotherhood, i can't walk the kids down the street because of things like this, it's horrible. one is a going to end dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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>> shannon: new questions surrounding the little-known firm called fusion gps and what role they may have played an russian election meddling, the firm was responsible for the unverified anti-trump dossier and its cofounder was set to testify before the judiciary committee, who paid to put that dossier together? an op-ed arguing it is a direction that the democrats do not want to go, it turns out they are willing to give up just about anything, including their manafort moment in order to protect mr. simpson from having to answer that question. what if all of that time, washington in the media have had the russian collusion story backwards? what if it wasn't the trump campaign, but to democrats? the more we learn about fusion, the more the seems like a possibility. chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor, and you were all over this hearing as well, good morning to you,
6:26 am
byron. now you say you are actually heartened a little bit by this because there were a couple of key democratic senators who asked some questions about this dossier, tell us about that. >> basically as far as this dossier is concerned, he a lot of republicans have suggested as he just read in the op-ed that it is a big, big part of the russian story, we need to needw more about it, a lot of democrats have shown zero interest in, they don't really want to know much about it, they think it is their version of the trump collusion, or obstruction of justice, so what we saw here yesterday was testimony that the russian government actually paid to this firm, fusion gps, to campaign against what is called this act, it is a sanctions bill, a united states sanctions bill against russia, which are russian it wanted to overturn, they had's campaign against it, so russia actually paid fusion gps for this campaign, at the
6:27 am
same time, extemporaneously in 2016, we also know that fusion gps was working on this trump dossier, the question is who was paying them for that? and we've heard a lot of stories, we have heard that early in the process, may be some anti-trump republicans during the primaries, then we heard it during the general election, democrats, pro-clinton democrats were paying for it, and we still don't know who it was. >> shannon: it is interesting that over on the house side, we now have this to push beyond where they believe that special counsel miller is currently investigating, they want to look in some of these investigations do you think that this will touch on this issue? >> that is the mystery on capitol hill, some people who know the most are trying to figure out this it fusion gps.cs thing, don't know if robert mueller is looking into it as well, they want to be assured
6:28 am
that somebody is, he needs to be somebody with more power than a congressional committee, it needs to be somebody in the congressional department, so we did see this outlining a need for a second special investigator to be investigating all kinds of stuff, one of which was the dossier. >> shannon: we are also following the story that some say has a lot of these same elements, foreign actors, access to u.s. technology, and i and t that kind of thing, this technology guy who was working for several democrats on the house side, but most recently for chill someone she was touring the dnc, she didn't fire him until he was trying to leave the country after scamming a bank loan, and then wiring almost this money to pakistan, where he may be intended to flee, what do you think of that story? >> this is something we need to know a lot more about, i think something that really makes
6:29 am
people curious is the representative from florida, seems to have a real loyalty to this employee, even after it was clear that they were breaking house rules and apparently trying to skip the country, after having wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to pakistan. so i think that it is very curious what was going on, and why congresswoman chisholm was so dedicated to these employees. >> for about 25 different democrats there, they may have been failing to access information, sharing information, do you think anything will gain speed into that particular issue? because it does contain so many of these same accusations, but against democrats and not republicans? >> you hit the nail on the head
6:30 am
when he said accessing information, we just worry that if the i.t. guy is a cricket, what all does he have access to? he can see everything. so the capitol police have actually been pursuing this quite a bit, so there is no indication that they are going to stop, we don't hear a lot about it, they have a real police force, and they really do an investigation into this, so i think that is where you look for any future breakthroughs. >> shannon: understanding that she pushed back very hard because she didn't like it. good to see you. >> bill: one man who was quite familiar with the evils of putin's government, what he knows about that same organization behind that trump dossier and perhaps where it came from and who paid for it. >> shannon: plus, the senate fails in its latest attempt to replace obamacare, begging the question what now? congressman weighs in on the possibility of a bipartisan
6:31 am
effort. >> bill: efforts to crack down on gang violence, and how he plans to tackle this issue head-on. >> we are stepping up prosecutions across the country, directed executive order, he gave to us, so we are stepping it up, this is ms-13 gang, criminal violence. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> to suggest that we have been doing all of our legislative options is to ignore what has actually been happening over the last couple of days, i can tell you behind the scenes in the upper chamber, there has been meaningful dialogue between people who normally don't work together on the republican side of things to get a solution, we just ran out of time. the artificial deadline, but i can tell you just like what happened in the house, in the end, we will perform. >> shannon: that was a congressman mark meadows just moments ago outside, and freedom
6:35 am
caucus refusing to give up the dream of dismantling obamacare, even though right now, it is over, it seems like, after a big-time setback in the senate. now back to square one, after three republicans voted for it known as the "skinny repeal." joining me now, congressman from florida. good morning. >> so after all this time campaigning, what do you go home until your constituents now about what has happened in washington? >> and also after spending millions and millions of dollars on all of these political campaigns, talking about how you are going to repeal obamacare, so i think what happened last night and this morning is a big disappearing disappointment to millions of republican voters who wanted to repeal, to see the burdens that obamacare has placed on them and their families go away, i don't think there's any way to spend
6:36 am
that, having said that, i don't think you can just quit, they have gotten votes, 48 or 49 votes were some of the stuff, they've got to figure out in the senate how you get to these votes, and i am confident that if they can do that with the product of answering what we told the american people we would do, the house of representatives will be able to work with our product and deliver some results for the american people. >> shannon: and it seemed like that was one of the big concerns for senator mccain, he said that he was worried that it was not ideal, it could start the conference, he said he wasn't convinced that they would not just pass it and send it to the white house, there are plenty of skeptics who said listen, paul ryan has promised they are going to conference, he said he wasn't convinced. what do you make of that argument about explain his vote? >> well, the thing is, shannon, nothing was preventing senators who had concerns from offering amendments to address those
6:37 am
concerns, so i think they should have tried to create a product that they would have been happy with if it had been signed into law, but you didn't really see that dorsey had done successfully, so at the end of the day of we are committed to doing this, and i think we cannot vote for the senate, they have to get 50 votes, it's been a long time, as he said, seven years, and to just quit now i think would be a huge mistake. >> shannon: i am surprise that we don't have more from the present, this is what he said, what do you make of that proposal? >> well, am glad he mention those 40 democrats because they don't have journalist backing them, there is really no heat on them to do anything, even though they were responsible for enacting this law, so you look around the country, you see the markets that have imploded, premiums and deductibles that have gone up, you see some of
6:38 am
the havoc from state budget, and it is almost like they are given a free pass and it is all in the republicans, so i appreciate the president romantic the american people that not only the democrats put us in this mess, they have offered zero solutions to get us out of the mess. >> shannon: but what happens to the american people if you follow his advice and let obamacare continued to disintegrate? >> here's the thing, you're not letting you do it, it is doing it on its own, and it is our job to repeal and replace it, so that we can bring relief to the american people, and that is why i say you can't you have to do some products that the democrats in the senate would fight, and filibuster, so in some respects, they are one of the reason such obamacare will continue to implode. >> shannon: well, senator mccain says it's time to get back to regular order, open committee hearings, ideas from both sides, listening to state governors, that is a lengthy process, whether or not you think it is the right one, how do you see that playing out?
6:39 am
>> the problem and i am not opposed to that, but the house and senate passed the bill last congress and put it on obama's desk it, there was all kinds of work that went into that product, and then we said to the american people you give us a present to us on that, we'll put the exact same bill on the new president's desk, here we are with an opportunity to do that, and you have some of the senators who voted for allows congress now won't fort for it this congress, even after campaigning for it, so that it's very frustrating when the american people see that kind of double talk. >> shannon: it looks like maybe you will have your august recess more than you thought, who knows what happens next? thanks for making time for us. >> always a pleasure. >> bill: the crackdown against a violent street gang known as ms-13 is a priority for this administration. president trump traveling this morning, the acting head of ice yesterday just saying that ms-13 will find no refuge on u.s. soi
6:40 am
soil. >> targeting, arresting, and removing members of gangs such as ms-13 sends a clear message to criminal enterprises around the world, you are not welcome in the united states, and you will find no harbor here. >> bill: live in brentwood new york it, awaiting that event later today. brian, good morning. >> the president is upset to speak in long island, new york, ad to 1:30 to a crowd of mostly law enforcement officials, not open to the public, he will talk about his plan to crack down on ms-13, he will also think law enforcement for all of the work that they have done, they have been on an offensive over ms-13, over 240 ms-13 arrests in the last ten months in this county, and the trump administration claims that the obama administration's immigration policy were supportive, unaccompanied minors across the border, they help ms-13 recruit recently. no today, the present will
6:41 am
highlight initiatives to fight the game, initiatives led principally by his attorney general, jeff sessions, like increasing collaboration with the government of el salvador. sessions visited there yesterday where they announced hundreds of arrests of ms-13 members in the country. now mr. trump will also mention efforts to hire more federal prosecutors, and i.c.e. officers, and yesterday, at the white house, the acting ice director spoke about the increasing number of deportations under president trump, and he also had this to say, blessing century cities. >> sanctuary city policies only make it more difficult, if not impossible, for ice to remove known gang members, without the opportunity for additional crimes. >> this gang is known for their savage brutality, a 16-year-old was beaten to death with a bat along side of her friend by ms-13 last year in long island,
6:42 am
law enforcement cited ms-13 members for her murder, and her presence welcome the president's visit. listen. >> he has to attack this with a numeracy type of outlook because they are attacking our children with a "no" mercy outlook. >> i want him to take every step. >> this administration says that the president is overhyping ms-13 as a threat as a means to go over all undocumented immigrants. >> bill: we will watch that event today. they are long island, new york. >> shannon: near why a father f one of the victims believes there has been a cover-up and how he says the video proves that jordan lied to the u.s. >> bill: now heading to the president's desk, will he sign
6:43 am
this bill? it's already this morning, moscow is responding, and we will speak with adam kinzinger in a moment, as we send a clear message to vladimir putin. >> we are already to speak to what russia has done to our country into others, it has been my goal as chairman, working with a ranking member of congress, continues to be more and more relevant. this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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>> the united states of america needs to send a strong message to vladimir putin and any other aggressor that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy. that's what this bill is all about, and that is also part of the reason it came back to washington, senator mccain last night, sounding off on the sanctions bill against north korea, iran, and russia, that bill now goes to the present stuff, he has not
6:47 am
committed publicly to whether or not she will sign it. sir, welcome back. will he sign it or not? >> yes, i think so. he has no choice, and i think he understands that. >> bill: is that because it is a veto-proof, or because he is going to change his mind? >> i think a, it is veto-proof, but i also think that he understands what we have heard sometimes they question whether it was russia, we know it was, try to interfere with our election, and there needs to be consequences. >> bill: so moscow is responding already, they say that they will retaliate, so where does this go? >> i think you will see a couple of things that they dearly tolerate, they have already talked about the number of deployments that they have here, i assume that they will start expelling some diplomats, i don't think they have a lot of leverage outside of that, when we think of russia, we often think of the old soviet union, this is an economy about a one
6:48 am
15th the size of the united states, and they don't have quite the leverage, in fact they don't have it all the leverage that we do. >> bill: okay, so the extension into north korea and iran, had been debated as well, those countries are included in this. how much more can you sanction them in order to change their behavior, if they haven't done it already? >> well, that is a good question, i think the answer is more, especially with iran, you look at the issue of their development of ballistic missiles, which was kind of an area untouched by the iran nuclear deal, but once they get those to deliver, the same situation exists with north korea, there is no doubt that the sanctions are going to have to extend it to chinese companies, that is something the administration is going to take into account, and really you have to be tough on some of that. on all these fronts. >> bill: i just don't see behavior changing, and if that is the case, you go to more serious options.
6:49 am
>> yeah. >> bill: and what are those discussions all about? >> even if it doesn't compel different behavior, it has in economic impact, and when you have that in certain sectors of a country, it makes them a less effective antagonist because now they don't have the resources to do it, i think it is incumbent on us, where north korea threatens the world, frankly, it is essential that we do everything as peacefully as we can before we look at those next options because none of them are really that good. a >> bill: thank you for your time. republican from illinois, none the sanctions bill goes to the white house, we will see what gets there. shannon. >> shannon: approaching a boiling point, they say now it is time for america to get out before the violence gets any worse. details out of the state department. straight ahead. >> bill: rushing to the scene of a serious car crash, only to lose his own life in the proces
6:50 am
process. >> he responded to a crash to reserve lives, tragically, his was lost, we appreciate the community support, as we continue to work the through the loss of our brother. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru.
6:51 am
i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> bill: we have new developments now of a woman onboard an alaska cruise ship, they are arresting the woman's husband and charging him with murder, he was allegedly found with the blood all over his hands and clothing, according to the fbi, the victim's husband claimed that he killed his wife because she laughed at him repeatedly. the killer was in court yesterday, no bail has been set, as he awaits the preliminary hearing in the month of august. >> shannon: at a tragic scene in indiana, a police officer gone down while responding to a
6:54 am
traffic accident. lieutenant aaron allen suffered multiple gunshot wounds, one person witnessed the whole thing. >> i heard all kinds of shots, and i got up, and i witnessed the shooting. officers trying to defend themselves. and arms flailing in the car, someone was pulled out, they tried to give him cpr, frantically. and the next moment, they were gone. >> shannon: live in chicago, make it, responding to a crash, and a lot of people were saying this looks like an ambush. >> it really fits the definition, lieutenant alan thought he was going to help people, that is what he had dedicated his life to doing, and he walked right into this ambush, 20 year police veteran, responded to a car wreck, just outside of indianapolis, and we still don't know, one of the people in an overturned vehicle just open fire, he was
6:55 am
pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i woke up in the morning, gave my kids a kiss. >> we are heartbroken. >> police officer returned fire, two people were hit, their injuries are not life-threatening, and they are now in custody, shannon. >> what can you tell us about this brave officer? >> well it was his lifelong ambition, he once told the newspaper that he wanted to be an officer since he was five years old, in 2015, he was named officer of the year for saving a man's life at the indiana state fairgrounds, we have the police chief of southport until wheree worked, the chief said it we lost brother yesterday, lieutenant allan survived by his wife and children. >> shannon: thank you very much for that update. >> bill: we learn now that the
6:56 am
republican senate, asking already today, we will be live in a moment. also, russia responding to the sanctions, passed overwhelmingly by congress, coming up in the next hour, we will >> shannon: the key witness in the investigation of russian meddling in the u.s. election, bill browder is his name, he was tough to find, had some stunning information about what he believes vladimir putin is responsible for. office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> shannon: the battle inside the white house raging on, it is a new communications director, makes it clear how he really feels, meanwhile, president trump is back added, tweeting. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i am shannon bream. i can feel the energy. >> bill: moments ago the president tweeting this: if the republicans are going to pass
7:00 am
great future legislation in the senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority. the presence of course less than pleased after they came up short late last night health care. here is how congressman desantis characterized it earlier today. >> the house and senate passed a bill last congress and put it on obama's desk, there was all kinds of work that went into that product, and then we said to the american people, you give us a president who will sign that, we will put the exact same bill on the presence us, here we are with an opportunity to do that, and you have some of the senators who voted for less congress, now 1 foot forward this congress, even after campaigning on us, so that is very, very frustrating, when the american people see that kind of double talk. >> bill: and that sentiment is going to be debated for a long time to come, chris wallace live in washington, feud between anthony scaramucci, and reince
7:01 am
priebus, but we begin with mike on the hill on the morning after. really just a few hours later. make it, good morning. >> good morning, majority leader mitch mcconnell said when the moment came, most republicans voted to give their constituents really, they could only afford to no votes, and there were three, susan collins, lisa, were votes from the very beginning, and then senator john mccain killed the bill. >> so, yes, this is a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. our friends over in the house, we think them as well. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough. this time. >> mccain did not answer reporter questions after the vote, and a statement, he said that the amendment would have repealed some of the most burden some stipulations, but it did
7:02 am
not offer enough. there was relief. >> obamacare was hardly perfect. it did a lot of good things, but it needs improvement. and i hope one part of turning that page is that we go back to regular order, working the committees to gather to improve obamacare. >> improve obamacare, that is what democrats want, republicans are dealing with not being able to deliver on a campaign promise so far. >> you know, it is not over until it's over. and being defeated is temporary. what is permanent is giving up. and i can tell you i'm not going to give up. >> most folks on both sides of the aisle, they had the votes or would get there, they came up one vote short. make it, thanks, after a long night last night. >> shannon: our coverage
7:03 am
continues on a fox news sunday, morning to you, chris. i would like to start with a couple of tweaks not coming out from the white house, the president saying that if republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority, even though parts of health care could pass at 51, some really good things need 60, so many great future bills coming and budgets need 60 votes. let's break that down, talking about the legislative filibuste filibuster, without needing 60, it is something that folks on both sides of the aisle, they have said that they do not want to do, what do you think? >> they do not want to do it, and this has gotten slightly turned down from mitch mcconnell, when the president has suggested it before, i can understand his frustration, you get a majority in the senate, 52 votes to four days, but it is not a super majority, and on a lot of the big issues, for instance, in the case of health care, being able to sell
7:04 am
insurance across state lines, that would take 60 votes, not 51, the flip side of this, is that you will not always be in the majority, you are not always going to have a president in the white house, and it wasn't so long ago that barack obama was present, and they had a democratic majority in the senate, there were a lot of times that republicans were able to stop obama and democratic legislation because of the 60 votes, both sides remember that, and the ability of the senate, this is part of what the founders wanted to be the democracy, it takes a bipartisan majority to get things done. i think a lot of senators of both parties would be very reluctant to give that up. >> shannon: the other part of that question is that they did not get to 50 or 51 last night, this would not have solved that problem. >> no, that is exactly right, they got to 49, and even with the vice president, it would have been 50, so it would not have made a difference in this particular vote, i think that the president is expressing
7:05 am
frustration with a more general process, it would not have made a difference plus nitro this morning when john mccain cast his vote, let me just say one thing about john mccain, man, for a guy that people were writing off after that terrible diagnosis of brain cancer, he certainly has come back and made a splash, and i think that we are going to see john mccain unplug in his time here in the senate now, he is not going to play any political games, he is going to do what he wants to do, what he thinks is best for the country. >> shannon: it is interesting that the president tweeted about him being a here just a few days ago, the debate about health care, guess he may be will be seeing something different about that right now, i also want to talk about this shakeup within the white house. we have talked a lot about the very salty language that the new communication director has used, here is how "the new york times" is assessing this, they say in part, mr. trump appears to relish the swagger and in your
7:06 am
face approach of fellow new yorkers, and the article talks about scaramucci being one of them, he does not discourage it. what do you think he thinks about this? does he like it or encourage her? >> well, competition yes, and i think he likes scaramucci is manner, he would not have made him the communication director if he hadn't, this is all before this broke in the new yorker, and salty is really an understatement, this was extremely, extremely vulgar language, i am no choir boy, and i have never heard anybody talk in private, sang some of the things that scaramucci said in public about reince priebus steve bannon, and sarah huckabee sanders said it was like open warfare among his people, i don't know, we'll find out today, either through the present directly or from sarah huckabee sanders whether the president is happy with this or
7:07 am
whether he wants it to stop, i can't imagine that it is very good, yes, there is always a power struggle inside of a white house, you have smart people with strong convictions, but to have it play out like this, where scaramucci was basically declaring where on bannon and priebus, they have to all be pulling together, and that is not true. >> shannon: i wonder how the coffee is going over there at the white house. we have a lot to talk about on sunday, we'll see you then on fox news sunday. >> you bet. >> shannon: there are folks that are out there who are unmistakably trump valleys and have been for months who say that they do not think this is helpful. >> shannon: i thought your interview with ron desantis really hit the nail on the head. hey, we voted on this, we put it on president obama's desk. but this is only two years ago, and now you have a couple senators who voted for refueling betsy and then voted against it now, that is really going to get
7:08 am
some traffic it, and another thing to consider is that ted cruz last night, we will get to it eventually, we wonder when that time is, or whether that time comes when they made this promise over and over again, to get it done. so far nothing. 8 minutes past the hour, here we go, breaking news, responding to new u.s. sanctions approved by the senate, by ordering a reduction in the number of u.s. diplomats allowed in the country, and closing down several american facilities there, watching that fly from the state department, and it is a response right to the obama administration. >> russia has been warning for weeks that it would respond and retaliate, and it now has. the obama administration kicked about three dozen russian diplomats out of the country, these two russian compounds, one in maryland and one in new york as retaliation for russian modeling, they have been asking for weeks to get taxes to those
7:09 am
compounds, the u.s. has continually denied to that axis, and now russia has done so, in a statement, the foreign ministry has warned as part of our reciprocal stops, we reserve the right for other measures, which also have an impact on the interest of the united states. state department officials now say that the u.s. government has protested this, this is also after the russian government is noting that the u.s. congress has passed a sanctions bill, that targets russia along with iran in north korea, that's bill heading to the president's desk, which he has not said whether or not he will sign. >> bill: in venezuela, what is happening there today? >> there is a political and economic crisis, food and medical shortages, this is just a couple days ahead of a vote in the country where the president wants to rewrite the constitution, he is going to have the votes that would enable that, the trump administration is running venezuela. >> we are prepared to continue taking a strong and swift
7:10 am
economic action, if the government of venezuela keeps on holding those july 30th constituent assembly elections, we see these elections as just a way to further the regime, and we see what has happened it to the people of venezuela. >> the state department has also just ordered all diplomats family members of the country. if you want something to watch there, all over the map. thank you, from the state department. >> shannon: jeff session says that criticism from the president is not going to stop him from getting his job done. >> prosecution is going to be u up, no new resources, not a single new united states attorney on board, we are going to leave this department effectively, he believes that we should adjust these laws for immigration, as do i. >> shannon: ice is targeting brutal country who are in this country illegally. >> unmasking this matter,
7:11 am
showing that obama air official on most americans in the final years of the administration, so what was going on there? >> shannon: so we will talk about a man who testified yesterday about the evils of putin's government. what she knows about an organization that is responsible for the dossier. >> what i'm saying with 100% certainty is that they were working to undermine the magnitsky act. >> the russians are behind fusion gps, they are going after trump. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in.
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>> shannon: president trump heading to a community plagued by her for get gang violence to talk about the brutal transnational gang, ms-13, as they crackdown on illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. >> i will say it once again, sanctuary cities are the criminals biggest friend. if you are an alien smuggler, and you are smuggling people into this country for a living, that is one sales pitch, we can get you to a sanctuary city, where that city helps you with immigration. so, i have set us, every time i speak it, i say that they need to help us. >> shannon: fox news political analyst, fox news contributor, i brought you both from d.c. to new york. we love it. let's talk about jeff sessions,
7:16 am
talk about the fact that a listen, i am going to forge ahead with the job i'm doing, full criticism to the president, nose to the grindstone, he is getting it done, when i get comments and emails from groups on the left all the time, they are furious with the things that he is doing, deporting and all the stuff, he has been pretty busy. >> oh, no question, it is what we see, and the idea is a more aggressive enforcement of existing laws, including, targeting century cities, and saying that in some cases, they could lose grant money, continuing to pursue those policies. the response from the left, shanna, has been this is a demonization of immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, and in large part, and you have increased the deportation of people who have not committed felonies or multiple misdemeanors, that is the standard under the obama administration, but now you have a breath of enforcement that is sweeping up people and in some
7:17 am
cases breaking up families, and this is so curious, given all that is going on with the president and mr. sessions, is he is in fact pursuing the president's policy. >> shannon: that is the thing, mercedes, that is exactly what the presents that he would do, sessions is carrying out so much of his agenda, but the president is not focused on that. >> i can't believe i'm going to agree with juan williams, but i am. definitely, sessions has been one of the most successful cabinet members so far, and putting into place the president's agenda, when you're looking at the fact of him on the crime initiative, whether it be on the sanctuary cities, cracking down on illegal immigration, also sending a very clear message to the rest of the world, that this is a nation of laws, that we want people to come here legally, not illegally, it's really has been working, and so i think four sessions, he has been now also looking into the lake for example, so you are seeing sessions be an incredibly effective leader of his
7:18 am
department, and i think dealing with the century cities issues is an incredibly important for the president. >> just quickly note here that much in the way that you see on this topic it, at the left really does not like sessions, because he is going for so many heart rate policies, you have people not just on immigration, but on reviving the war on drugs, and all of a sudden, those people are like at least he obeys the law, why is trump pushing him out? >> no question, i think that has been one of the things, members of the senate coming out in favor of sessions, they are not even going to go there. >> shannon: grandma said it would be a holy hell. >> so he has a lot of back up. so i hope he is listening to what senators are saying. >> he is also talking about
7:19 am
lease, which is another thing that the president has been very angry about. here is jeff sessions on that. >> i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations of criminal leaks, we have already taken a number of stops, tucker, we will have multiple conversations, a press conversation about it next week, but we have already had many numbers of those compared to last year this time. we are stepping up those cases, they cannot continue. >> shannon: do you think anyone is nervous about that? big announcement coming out next week. >> there is a lot to talk about what you might be going on, especially with key members of the fbi. and the problem here is that it looks like if this is directed as part of a payback against the fbi for the russia probe -- >> shannon: but if there is proof that they have committed criminal work. >> leaks are a part of life, i mean, people talk it, but in
7:20 am
this case, are we talking about national security leaks, or are we talking about lease that impacts the white house, the kind of thing that anthony scaramucci says he is going to eliminate at the white house, just to say that i don't want to embarrassing information release. >> shannon: >> i think the focun the national security part of things, we have seen "the new york times," several other news outlets, they have received this very sensitive information, that we know his criminal activity, it's a felony, so this is an imperative for substance to take on these lakers, because at the end of the day, it does impact the work of the president and national security. >> shannon: all right, good to see you both. >> good to be her. >> shannon: we will hug during the commercial. back to you. >> bill: will tweet that out. 20 minutes not pass the hour, and a moment, why were three american green berets killed by a jordanian soldier? how did this happen, and was there a cover-up involved?
7:21 am
one of the fathers believes that there is a cover-up, and we will speak to him later. open hostility getting in the way of president trump's agenda? >> every time you get into one of the supper was, you take away energy, you weaken the team -- >> it is demoralizing to the people involved. >> if this was a football team and you end up fighting in the huddle, it is not helpful.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: iran a falling short in its mission to send a satellite into space, u.s. officials confirming a rocket launch from the country, citing catastrophic failure shortly after takeoff, likely blew up before reaching space, calling the launch a violation of a u.n. resolution, they fear that the
7:25 am
same technology could be used to produce long-range missiles, capable of hitting the u.s. >> bill: at white house, it is coming from all angles, as obamacare, republican senator john mccain casting the deciding no vote. meanwhile, more reports reporting fighting among top administration officials, the cover of "the new york post" today encapsulates the issue. bernie goldberg is with us now, bernie, good day to you on a friday morning. you can look at that a number of ways. a reality show, perhaps survivor being the west wing, you are on the island, and you do not want to get kicked off of this island. how do you see? >> yeah, he promised that if we elected him president, it wouldn't be business as usual, right? well, that is one of the few things that is actually true.
7:26 am
everybody knows that a good leader praises his people publicly, but criticizes them privately, not donald trump. he thinks loyalty is a one-way street, you are supposed to be loyal to him, he owes you nothing. if you don't believe me, ask jeff sessions, and by the way, bill, it is just jeff sessions at this moment, it is going to be somebody else in 10 minutes. maybe reince priebus or steve bannon or someone, survivor, whatever it is -- >> bill: my sense is that the activity that's on the outside many of us are not used to, friendly, and many folks in washington are not used to, i think it is trump's speed and his face, and he is quite comfortable with it, bernie. >> yeah, i think it is, it may be a political reason, which is to distract from real issues. they may be some of that, but i think it is something else in
7:27 am
addition to that. he is a narcissist. i don't think anybody would argue with us, except his most loyal supporters, who thinks that he walks on water, he is a narcissist, and stuff that would bother you and me another regular people, i think you are right, i don't think it bothers him at all, because he is the center of attraction, even if it is crazy negative survivor on the cover of "the new york post" getting about attention. he needs that. he craves attention. he goes to rallies, you know, not just to sell a program, he goes to rallies because he needs with the people at his rallies give him. they give him applause, that is his oxygen. >> bill: his presidency is measured on results, and you can talk about his personality all day long, but if he gets results, that'll be the proof of his presidency, i would submit that to you. >> i would agree with that.
7:28 am
>> bill: conversely, what gingrich would argue is get back to the concepts of team, i think that he knows what that is all about. >> my advice would be, let's go back to remembering the white house should focus on actually solving real things, and people should work together and recognize that the primary opponents are outside the white house and not inside the white house. >> i think that is logical. if you enemies are outside the white house, not inside the white house, what the president might argue is that he is being betrayed by his own team, and that is what we have heard. go ahead. >> well, he may be, but i think that the results will be how we determine his presidency, but as long as this chaos goes on, he is not going to get any results. do you think g.o.p. senators and congressmen and women, do you think they are going to stick their necks out for the sky? his popularity stinks.
7:29 am
that is a technical term, it stinks. he has got his space, and that is all that he has, he is losing people who voted for him. they held their nose and voted for him, but they voted for him, if you're popularity is as low as his, congressman and senators aren't going to stick their necks out for him, and he is not going to get any of the stuff done, so if, as you say, his presidency will be determined by the results of what he gets done, he's not going to get anything done. with this chaos going on. >> bill: we will see in time, great to have you back. bernie goldberg. his speed to a top obama official made hundreds of masking attempts. will have the next. >> bill: bill browder is our guest necks on what he knows about an organization that is responsible for a discredited
7:30 am
anti-trump dossier. what he is saying about that. >> the russians were involved on both sides, the fusion gps organization that was trying to gets in on donald trump was hired by the russians. to me, this just shows how deep the russians are. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> shannon: series new allegations, claiming toppings for president obama made hundreds of requests to unmask the names of americans in national security documents, possibly to undermined to the upcoming trump administration, live in washington with more on the story, good morning, catherine. >> republican chairman of the house intelligence administration, devon nunez, on the status of the unmasking investigation. three of the nation's intelligence the agency received subpoenas in may, naming three top officials of the obama
7:34 am
administration, susan rice, and a former u.n. ambassador, samantha power, and what appears to be a reference to power, one official who had no appearance related tasks, made many requests during the obama administration. obama it era officials sops the identity with an intelligence report, however, there was no meaningful expo nations offered by these officials as to how they would use this information. in a written statement to fox, adding master power was also a member of the council, responsible for advising the president about the united states. any insinuation that the investor was involved in leaking classified information is absolutely false, the spokeswoman for rice referred us back to this april interview.
7:35 am
>> this is not anything political has been alleged, the allegation is that somehow the obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes, that is absolutely false. >> there is no immediate response from the former cia director. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> bill: breaking news, congress approving beefed up sanctions on north korea, iran, and russia, sending that the measure to the president's desk, retaliating already, comes as a senate investigation of election meddling turns up evidence of the media might have the story backwards, a key witness is testifying that the gentleman by the name of bill browder, sir, thank you for your time into being with us here today. you were the largest investigator in russia, you were blacklisted, you were allegedly threatened, and you find
7:36 am
vladimir putin to be behind all of this, you have stunning testimony and even more beyond that. so thank you for coming back. i want to share a clip of this yesterday from lindsey graham, we have been trying to figure out what has been going on with the russians in the election, and how widespread this was. >> you believe that fusion gps should have registered, because they are acting on behalf of the russians. >> that is correct. >> these are the people who are trying to undermine donald trum donald trump. by showing that he had nefarious ties to russia, is that we are saying? >> what i am saying with 100% certainty is that they are working to undermine the magnitsky act, and the timing of that -- >> the russians are behind fusion gps, they were going after trump. is it common for russia to play both sides against the middle? >> yes. >> bill: was not the revelation from all of this now, that we need to get our heads
7:37 am
around on this? >> well, what i can speak very competently about is that this firm, fusion gps, run by former "wall street journal" reporter, glenn simpson, was taking money and directly from a senior russian family official, in order to try to repeal something called the magnitsky act, which is a bit of legislation, which sanctions russian torturers and killers, from coming into america, and using the american banking system, so the guy who you are referring to, fusion gps, he was taking money from the russians, last year, to go against the magnitsky act and to go against me. >> bill: and fusion gps, by the way, they said that they did not spread any false information about you, that is what they have set on the record, but to come back to the point, fusion gps was funded by pugin, in
7:38 am
order to acquire or achieve or put together that's dossier. >> they were funded by a family, on my case, i don't know about the dossier, but in my case, they are funded by a family headed by a person who is in the governments of russia, a very rich guy, and they were funded by that family, to do this project against me and against -- >> bill: so they look for dirt? i mean, that is -- >> no, that would be sort of -- no, what they do is they effectively spread misinformation, that is what they did about me, and about sergei, my lawyer, who was killed in russia, they contacted a number of newspapers, and basically tried to take the russian pugin line, that's my lawyer had not been murdered,
7:39 am
but said he just died of natural causes, that is the putin line. when in fact, the evidence is conclusive that my lawyer was murdered, and i have been fighting for justice for him for the last seven and a half years, so what glenn simpson was doing was spreading misinformation. >> writes for "the wall street journal," she has this to say today, titled who paid for the trump dossier? in her paper, she says this, what if we headed backwards, what if it wasn't in the trump campaign, but democrats, the more that we learned about fusion, the more that this seems a possibility. it do you see that as a possibility, more than ever know? >> you know, it is very difficult for me to speculate beyond the area of where i had an experience with these people, but what i can say is that this man, glenn simpson, is a
7:40 am
professional smear campaign or, i am not the only victim of his smear campaign, he was also working for the venezuelan oligarchs, trying to cover up some venezuelan crimes, and as we all know, that country has now gone down the tea was. >> bill: this runs deep. this sanctions bill that i mentioned a moment ago, you believe that the president has no choice but to sign this, and that has been your position for some time, correct, sir? sir, can you hear me still? bill browder? our apologies, just hang with me a moment here, i just want to see if i can get this last answer here. sir, if you still have me on the connection here, do you believe that the president must assign this sanctions bill that was just placed in congress in the past 24 hours? okay, our apologies to our audience, that is bill browder, he had stunning testimony from yesterday, with which he believes is the evils of
7:41 am
vladimir putin's government, on how he believes that he is responsible directly for taking his friend's life. it is a stunning admission, we will post it online so that you may check it out there. apologies on that. sheena, what do you have? >> shannon: we will talk to the father of one of the green berets, who believes such as may have been an assassination or something else, he says that jordan was involved in a cover-up. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in. tripadvisor.
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>> shannon: newly released video raising questions about the murders of three u.s. green berets in it jordan, a jordanian security shooting them dead at a checkpoint, the father of one of these points thinks that jordan is hiding something about the events that led to his son's death, joining us now, ryan mcenroe, the father of the
7:45 am
green beret, who was killed. our thoughts and prayers are with you, we can't imagine what you have suffered, and now to go through the initial explanations that you got, this video now tells a different story, what do you think about what happened the day? >> well, i think that what happened that day was misrepresentative from the very beginning by the jordanians for which reasons, we are not sure, i don't know that we ever will be sure, but i do know that they continue to advance one false narrative after the other, as to what happened that day, and even without the benefit of audio, it is very clear, if you watch the entire video, that those narratives were patently false, and we can't understand why, other than the fact that they must be hiding something. >> shannon: so initially the story was something about the men who apparently lived on the space as part of their assignment there and were known to come and go, they knew these
7:46 am
people often at these checkpoints, they somehow did not follow proper article there, at the gates, and then what it became, that was in the truth, someone had accidentally fired a gun on the u.s. side, then there was a loud noise was a story, the person got spooked and was trying to defend the base, does any of that make sense to you? >> no, not at all, these were professional soldiers, all very experience, and there was no panic involved, the initial shooting, where my son, kevin, and the other were killed, it was an absolute ambush, from point-blank range before the camouflaged note, with no provocation whatsoever, they followed it protocols you enter the base, and everything was going according to normal, the first vehicle passed, and as kevins vehicle came alongside the open window, to the guardhouse, mark opened fire, with an m-16 rifle from 6 feet
7:47 am
away. and you know, at that particular point in time, those soldiers were not supposed to have magazines in their weapons were rounds in the chamber, at that point, so you can see the guard at the first gate, he does not flinch, jump, or move around in any way, shape, or form, and till you see the smoke and the debris coming from kevin's vehicle, which is almost not in the video, but he doesn't move or jump, and he didn't hear any loud sound, until he heard the sound of that m-16. >> shannon: will come of the men no convicted of killing your son has been sentenced to life in prison, here's what they defense department is telling us, we consider jordan an ally, and yet this has created elective tensions, we will see the perpetrator be brought to justice, we appreciate the access given to us, and as well as the expedience of court
7:48 am
procedures, consistent with jordanian law, jordan remains a strategic partner. so you may now have more, given the video, more information about heaven, and i know you are still searching for the why. >> the investigations have ruled out for the most part, they have ruled out terrorism, because they have found no connections at all to any terrorist organizations, with the shooter, the other narratives that have advanced have been proven beyond my doubts, or the doubts of the other families, that those are false, as well, so you are left with very few possibilities, and we believe that he was acting under orders from someone, who? we don't know, we are not blaming anyone, in particular, but we don't believe that he acted alone. >> shannon: i also want to read a statement from the other victim's father, he says my
7:49 am
family very much appreciates what the army and fbi have done to help us understand what has happened, what we do not know is why it happened or when jordan will be held accountable. we sense that more than $1 billion in foreign aid every year, we do have important partnerships with them, on critical issues in terrorism and other issues in the region, what would you like to see the u.s. do in this case? >> well, you know, the politics of the middle east and the things that have happened in the middle east, they are against the byzantine would be the word that i would use, it is hard to tell who is your friend and who is your enemy over there, there have been several disturbing stories about things that have transpired in jordan, as it relates to buying oil from isis, as it relates to vehicles and weapons, and other assets, that have been sent to jordan, to help fight terrorism, and they end up in the hands of the enem
7:50 am
enemy. that is very strange, and it leads me to believe that the jordanians don't have complete control over their own people. as it relates to you know, the armed forces and so on, so what what i like to see happen? i would like to see our investigators, the fbi, and the department of defense, have access to the shooter, without the presence of jordanian security people in the room, so that we can question the sky, and try to determine exactly why he did what he did. >> shannon: brian is mcenroe, father of the sleigh and it. you are in our thoughts and prayers, thank you, sir. >> thank you. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
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>> bill: that is just part of a clip from a new movie called "detroit," about the city 50 years ago, quite to the team on this movie, and now i am joined by one of them. oscar-winning screenwriter, market, congratulations on this, and thanks for the time now, 1967 is a setting, i often think about it detroit and it's downhill fall, was that the beginning of it that left the city hollered for decades? >> as you say, it was a great american city, it still is, it was the arsenal of democracy, the manufacturing power was a large part of why we were victorious in world war ii, and in 1967, you see this widespread social unrest, and this unrest that lasted for five days,
7:55 am
leaving 43 people dead, i think it is safe to say that the city has never really fully recovered from that. >> bill: i have seen a good portion of it already, what do you want people to take away from the film? >> well, it is a powerful story, and it is a true story, and so i wrote this story based on interviews i had done with people who survived the unrest in 1967, specifically the incident at the motel, so i was moved by hearing their stories and moved by their resilience, and the emotional journey that people went through. so i hope that that is an emotionally powerful experience, it is a powerful story. >> bill: three years ago, he went on the hunt for cleveland, it took you long time to find him, but you did in the end, and you pasted the story to go. i think about your resume, market, and your work with kathryn bigelow on "the hurt locker," that is truly unique,
7:56 am
how would you describe that? >> welcome of that is nice of you to say, catherine does a really nice job of kind of putting you and the audience in the position of not so much watching the movie but feeling like you are actually there. and she did that so well on "zero dark thirty,," and i think she has done it again here. >> bill: congratulations to you. it traveled on. movie "detroit" takes us back to 1967, and mark boal is the screenwriter. congratulations. >> shannon: failure of the republicans to repeal obamacare, how can lawmakers on the hill move forward hi.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. >> shannon: caught on camera! a huge shark apparently jumped into a fishing boat near long island, new york, and gets stuck. >> oh, my gosh, !
8:00 am
>> shannon: it appears someone tries to lasso the sharks tail. there may be some skeptics of this entire thing. the shark is looking right at the camera. >> bill: the shark just jumped on the boat? right. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert on this friday on the dramatic end to the latest republican efforts to repeal obamacare in the u.s. senate. it didn't go too far. a late-night vote fails to pass. welcome to speech when he on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: happy friday to you. >> jon: it's been a long week in washington. >> melissa: it certainly has. i melissa francis. in a 51-49 vote. how could you not like something called skinny? there were audible gasps when


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