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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 28, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> shannon: it appears someone tries to lasso the sharks tail. there may be some skeptics of this entire thing. the shark is looking right at the camera. >> bill: the shark just jumped on the boat? right. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert on this friday on the dramatic end to the latest republican efforts to repeal obamacare in the u.s. senate. it didn't go too far. a late-night vote fails to pass. welcome to speech when he on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: happy friday to you. >> jon: it's been a long week in washington. >> melissa: it certainly has. i melissa francis. in a 51-49 vote. how could you not like something called skinny? there were audible gasps when john mccain voted no.
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>> mr. portman, -- >> melissa: no leaders on both sides of the aisle say it's time to work together for the good of the country. >> it's time for our friends on the other side to tell us what they have in mind. we'll see how the american people feel about their ideas. >> i would say to my dear friend, the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who have been so drastically hurt by these proposals put forward will at least retain their health care. >> jon: how about you? or a relieved? we've got fox team coverage with kevin corke standing by the white house. first, let's go to peter doocy. he is live on capitol hill. >> john, this morning,
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republican house members got together behind closed doors in the room right here to talk about what happened last night and one republican representative from alabama emerge from that meeting calling for the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, to step aside. >> mitch mcconnell has been an abject failure and coming up with a plan that musters the 51 votes to proceed through the senate. at this point, if i were mitch mcconnell, i would resign and let somebody else see if they can provide the kind of leadership it is necessary to address health care now, tax reform next, and for infrastructure next, and on down the list. >> but another republican congressman thinks the blame for the early-morning failure of the senate's skinny repeal bill lies at the other end of pennsylvania avenue with president trump. >> it's pretty clear to me that this process was not going to be
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one. he didn't sell these principles to the american people. >> the next step for republicans in the house is to go on recess and it sounds like there are loose plans to resume repeal and replace and september, but at a different pace. >> i don't nag instead it all, we'll be happy with an opportunity to go forward and do this the right way. what i recommend as they go through the committee process. we take this pill and go through it piece by piece, but break it up by pieces and see what we can do with each part. >> but republicans know they are likely going to need to work with the democrats on a new health care plan. speaker pelosi said she has already reached out to speaker of the house paul ryan and other democrats saying they are ready for republican's to come calling asking them for help. >> we've always stood ready to work with three public and colleagues. we've stood ready with ideas and
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thoughts about how we can mend or improve the affordable care act. >> and among republicans in the house, there wasn't a lot of finger-pointing directly at senator john mccain for what happened early this morning, but people are very, very disappointed in the "skinny repeal" bills failure. >> jon: more on that in a moment. your ducey, thank you. >> melissa: is like they're mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors. president trump expressing his disappointment on twitter saying three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as a set from the beginning, let obamacare implode then deal. white house corresponding kevin corke is live from the north line. kevin, this has turned into an excruciatingly painful process. >> they're going to say we keep pressing forward despite the
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setbacks of obamacare. even as the "skinny repeal" went down last night, that tweet that you showed, the president sent this at 2: 25 this morning. let me share what he's tweeting about this morning, making his way back onto twitter despite a very late-night. the president saying if republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the senate, they must merely go to a 51 vote majority, not senseless 60 here and he also tweeted this. even though parts of health care could pass a 51, some really good things need 60. so many great future bills and budgets need 60 votes. that's true. so the setback on the hill last night to repeal replace obviously may be another lifetime or so it seems from the hugs and handshakes over in the rose garden when the house effort made its way over the finish line. last night as you pointed out, three republicans, there they are, lisa murkowski, collins, and mccain sending the
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"skinny repeal" effort down. i went to share an ad from may 2016, watch. >> john mccain is leading the fight to stop obamacare. >> i'm john mccain and i approve this message. >> okay, that was an ad then, so what happened last night? clearly, things has changed. obviously last night, that adds to the frustration for white house officials who are more candid in saying i understand that there's going to be back and forth on the hill, but the american people didn't send them into positions of power to nibble around the edges. listen to kellyanne conway. >> the "skinny repeal," i never heard that phrase from members in the house and senate when they ran on repealing her and placing obamacare. i never heard them say slim at the edges, cut and shave here and there, and this is why
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congress has such a low approval rating. >> outcome a low approval rating a deed we don't know yet if they're going to have a briefing. the president is traveling and he will have a gaggle aboard air force one depending on how they relate out, but as soon as we find out, we'll have that for you. another busy day at the white house. back to you. >> melissa: nibble around the edges, i'm not even sure qualifies as that. it's really pathetic. thank you, kevin. >> jon: mitch mcconnell threw in the towel around 2:00 a.m. this morning making a somber announcement that likely brings the seven year republican led quest to repeal and replace obamacare to a close. >> what we try to accomplish with the american people was the right of the country. our only regret tonight, our only regret, is that we didn't
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achieve what we had hoped we would accomplish. i think the american people are going to regret that we couldn't find a better way forward. as i said, we look forward to our colleagues on the other side suggesting what they have in mind. >> jon: let's talk it out with glenn hall, he is the u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal." a lot of republicans are sort of blaming john mccain, i guess because he cast a surprise no vote. a lot of people thought he would vote yes, but there are a lot of republicans who didn't like thi this. they voted for it to keep the process alive. >> that's right, that was the big press conference they had going into the vote where senator graham and senator mccain and others came
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forward and said, we don't like the "skinny repeal," but we want to get into conference with the house and work on the ranch of the legislation. as long as a house promises to do that, we'll move forward. senator mccain at that time said he was consulting with the arizona governor, he was concerned about the impact on arizonans and he didn't indicate which way he would vote. >> jon: here's part of the cement that president mccain -- senator mccain put out. he seems to want to bring democrats on board to fix this thing, but is anybody else in the republican party, is mitch mcconnell ready for that? >> you're exactly right, he was with democrats last night after he cast his vote. if you think back to the speech
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he made when he first returned after his brain surgery, he was talking about the way the senate had lost its way and needed to return to bipartisan government and i think he was voting to do that very thing. he said, look, i'm not just going with my party, i'm doing this for the betterment of the senate. >> jon: one of the questions is whether or not the president is on board without thinking. if you listen to that tweet that he sent out this morning, we can play it again, he wrote three republicans, john mccain being one of them, and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. seemingly suggesting that they'll just love this thing fall apart and then see if democrats come to him or republicans to do. >> that's the position he's taken a few times during this process. it's going to break apart and when it does, that's our opportunity to do what we want. i think keeping alive the idea
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that we can get this done one where the other because the system is going to force the hands of other senators on the democratic side to play along with republicans. >> jon: is obamacare and obamacare repeal and replacement, is that out of the headlines for now? are you writing about other things? >> taxes are the next big thing. we'll see if they can do health care one more time. the use of the big things that have been missed. >> jon: what about voters? republicans say they were sent to capitol hill to repeal and replace obamacare, they have tried and tried and tried and tried and they haven't gotten the job done. are they going to get punished in 2018? >> it depends on the district in some cases, but there may be some repercussions, certainly democrats will vote against the them. >> jon: as for the president, he has the power to do, i mean, to fund or not fund some of
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these exchanges. he could accelerate the demise of obamacare, could he not? speak out there are many things he can do administratively, and there are subsidies from the government that help insurers cover the cost for low earners to cover their premiums. if he were to pull the plug on that, no doubt, premiums would rise and you would probably see a lot of insurers pulling out of the market places and that would definitely accelerate. we don't know it is going to do on that front, he's allow them to continue so far, but that is a piece of his arsenal right now. >> jon: he's made it clear he is no fan of obamacare. that's going to be something to watch. i want to talk about something you touched on earlier, health care seems to be in the rearview mirror for now, tax reform moving to the top of the agenda on capitol hill and that could mean a bigger bill for wealthier americans. the president is saying it's okay to let wealthier americans pay more. >> yes, that's been one of his things recently where an interview he had with
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"the wall street journal," he said if there are going to be any increases in the tax rate, it's on the highest earners. he said many of my wealthy friends will have to pay more. the point was he's going to do everything he can to make sure the middle class gets a break because he feels like current tax policy has not been a friend of the middle class. >> jon: glenn hall from "the wall street journal," thanks very much. >> melissa: after the dust settles after a long night of drama on the floor, leadership saying it's time to move on. what is the next step for health care reform? >> it's not a loss for the republican party, and so lost for the american people. with ca. help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> melissa: reaction to the defeat of the latest senate health care bill ranged from disappointed to relief. >> there is freedom in this bill. there is the freedom to go bankrupt, there's the freedom to
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get sick and not be able to find a doctor. >> the democrats have been very clear, they don't want to help. we're going to get it done without their help because apparently they are not concerned that obamacare is imploding on everybody. >> it's not complicated, the special interests have taken over the chamber, we should be ashamed of ourselves. >> democrats will claim total victory for a collapsing and failing law that is obamacare. >> this is a radical idea that maybe we should do with the american people want us to do and not the special interests. >> this is clearly a disappointing moment. >> melissa: let's go to chuck schumer right now talking on capitol hill, it's listen in. >> at the top of the list are the three who showed a married encourage to resist the pressure and do what's good for the country.
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john mccain at the top of the list. he and i have been friends for a very long time, ever since the gang of eight which we put together. i have not seen a senator who speaks truth to power as strongly as well and as frequently as john mccain. the very same courage he showed as a naval aviator and vietnam. he showed it last night and has shown it time and time again. he's just a wonderful man, i treasure his friendship and just the fact of knowing him, i've known a few great men in the senate. i put ten kennedy and that in that category and i put john mccain in that category. certainly not to be forgotten, of equal praise are susan collins and lisa murkowski. they were amazing.
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women are in so many instances stronger than men. they brag less about it, but they are. and i approve that. as somebody who is in a family of strong women, i very much appreciate their strength, their courage, and their dedication to principle, despite the treaties. where do we go from here? john mccain said it all on tuesday night. i hope this is a turning point. his speech, when he returned to the senate, and his vote last night and his actions in the last few days. do i hear an echo? you know, we've got a shut that off. what is it? okay, thank you.
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on health care, i hope we can work together to make this system better in a bipartisan way. i'm optimistic that that can happen. i think at the very beginning, we should stabilize the system. we should make permanent the cost-sharing which keeps people's premiums down and keeps the counties that are covered u up. we should look at reinsurance. tom carper and tim kaine have a bell, susan collins and bill nelson have a bill and that would help stabilize the insurance markets. we should look at claire mccaskill's for the bear counties that offer real opportunities for health insurance for counties, a relatively small number of counties, almost rural that are not covered. then we should sit down and trade ideas. lamar alexander and patty murray
8:21 am
are already talking about doing that, and i'm hopeful that they can begin a series of hearings. nobody has said obamacare is perfect, nobody has said our health care system doesn't need fixing. the problem was, when they tried to pull the rug out from under the existing health care, change it, improve it, but don't just take a knife and tried to destroy it and put nothing in its place. we can work together and i said that on the floor last night, and a whole number of republicans were usually more quiet and conservative came over to me and thanked me and said they want to do it. so on health care, but also in the senate as a whole, i hope what john mccain did would be regarded in history as a turning point. where the senate turned back from its partisanship and
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started working together. we long for it, we year -- there are forces that get in the way, but sometimes you need a little spark that inspires the forces of coming together to outweigh the forces of pulling apart. john mccain may have done that. i intend to follow to the finis finish. two other things i would say -- >> melissa: that was chuck schumer they're talking about health care and where we stand. president trump weighing in on twitter. three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch. and he slab is former acting administrator for medicare and medicaid services under president obama, dr. marc siegel is professor of medicine and a member of the fox news medical aid team. dr. siegel, will start with you.
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everybody is a sort taking victory laps or wanting to lay down in the road and give up and they fixed nothing. what can they do to actually fix this mess? >> i think they should take a deep breath and start to look at what's actually going on in the doctor's office because i hear politicians debating this all day long. andy notwithstanding who i'm on with. in a doctor's office, as of 2009, we have electronic health records what's soaks up all of our time. face time is down, we don't have any reform, as we practice defensively. there is more and more insurance regulations and we are paid less. the problem is that everybody keeps mixing up the word insurance and health care. it is deliberate. if you have health insurance, you have health care, but if you come to see me, i might find there's a specialist i want to refer you to and they don't take the insurance that you have. i might not be able to get you into the hospital for the
8:24 am
treatment you want. it's getting harder and harder for doctors to practice. on the medicaid side which andy was in charge of, i want to hear one statistic. in 1986 when the new york mets won the world series, medicaid was 2.5% of the federal budget. today, it's 9.5% of the budget. it's skyrocketed up and yes, more people are covered, but it's a lot of wasted assistance. we have to cut back on waste and we have to improve the lives of physicians. >> melissa: andy, how do you do that? >> i think this has always been about how do we get better ideas so we can cover more people more affordably? 70% of the immigrant public or greater one both parties to work together. >> melissa: give me some of those ideas. they're not even nibbling around the edges, this whole thing is so ridiculous, i'm so frustrated, i know our audience is frustrated, what are some ideas for controlling cost? let's are there. >> sure, i think you're exactly
8:25 am
right and part of the reason people are frustrated is that we haven't had a chance to hear from the experts and i think people will tell you that in this country, we charged much for health care, we wait for people to get sick before we treat them, we don't invest in primary care, we don't invest in the positive health, we don't focus on wellness. not all of those are legislative things. when it comes to congress, i think at the very least, what we owe ourselves is a more open process, is a process where we can use regular order and committee hearings and we can do it the way we used to do it because there are ideas that challenge us -- >> melissa: i'm trying to make a little headway. dr. siegel, when you're talking about cutting costs and he sang wellness, if people were more focused on not getting sick in the first place, maybe you have to pay for more of the crisis when it comes your way in order to focus the mind on working
8:26 am
out, doing the things to make yourself healthier. what you think about that question work >> i love that idea. it's not one-size-fits-all because 5% of americans use up 50% of their health care costs. there should be incentives for exercising, eating better, losing weight. another thing, a mandate to buy insurance, but no mandate for insurers to provide it and no mandate for doctors to take it, slots by 6.5 billion people took the tax penalty. we don't want to have that kind of a system. that's against the american way. also, no choice. the one thing republicans had right here is what happened to choice? coverage for all was initially designed to be catastrophic so when so many goes to the hospital, they don't go bankrupt. that's a good place to start with universal coverage, not this idea of a policy that's overloaded with everything that a lot of people don't need and it gets more and more costly. the only people who benefit there are insurance companies. >> melissa: andy, if you have 5% of people he was 50% of their
8:27 am
health care, doesn't make sense to isolate these people in one spot? are they the ones where driving up the costs for everyone and as taxpayers, we are going to pay for them no matter what because of they don't have insurance, they're going to go to the hospital, the hospital will take that as a loss, write it off on their taxes, and all of us will pay for it. is that when idea? there's a giant pool of people using it. >> the point you made is important. we pay for it one way or another. we either need to pay for it when someone gets stage three or four cancer, can't pay for it and gets treatment. a better idea is to get as big a risk pool as possible. one sick person and a big risk will isn't an issue. we went through a big transition and our country where he asked
8:28 am
the american citizens, regardless of their health status, will try to get them affordable coverage. we are there yet. >> melissa: not even close. dr. siegel, -- hang on, hang on, let me ask you this. the problem is, we say were going to pay for it no matter what, but we put the government in charge of that and the government is the most wasteful body. they're the worst ones and allocating the resources. it's not their money, so they don't care about waste. the problem is we put someone in charge of this, even if you accept that we are all going to pay for everybody else in the matter what, taxpayers will pay for it, the person running the piggy bank is an idiot. >> there's no question about that. the government has many, many examples starting with the pony express of how they can't get it right for the large amount of people. why do you think you have fedex because of the post office?
8:29 am
the same thing here. i think andy was starting to get on something that goes to your idea which is what about risk pools? separate the sickest people. i'm not against government subsidies, but the idea of coursing young people to pay for older people who are secular, who may he doing some constructive things, that's what causes premiums to skyrocket and the government is mandating that. too many regulations also drive up costs. another thing, without the free market system involved, nobody knows what they're paying for. an echocardiogram on 30th street costs way more then on 80th street. i like health savings accounts, i would people paying out-of-pocket. let the government be where it belongs, to take care of the very sickest and make sure they get care. that also occurs in the federally subsidized clinics. the safety is already there to take their sickest, but don't make our young, healthy people pay for everyone. >> melissa: we have to go,
8:30 am
thanks to both of you, good sports. we appreciate it. >> jon: some ominous news and as fox news alert out of north korea. japan says north korea has fired what appears to be a muscle. it may have landed inside japanese territorial waters. our pentagon has confirmed a ballistic missile launch about 45 minutes ago. the pentagon says it is still assessing the results. again, ominous news out of north korea, will get more information about that and bring it to you. big concerns out of japan with the prime minister has convened an emergency meeting of the cabinet. also this, west wing and fighting going public and a big way as incoming communications director anthony scaramucci takes aim at two top white house staffers. our media panel weighs in. first, here's press secretary
8:31 am
sarah huckabee sanders. >> we are focused on the agenda, moving forward. sometimes people in the staff get pretty passionate about that. awfully they'll reel some of their language in. whoooo. going somewhere? here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more than 200 booking sites to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor.
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>> jon: some new information on anthony scaramucci as the incoming white house human occasions director a profanity laced interview. attacking reince priebus and stephen bannon using language we cannot repeat here.
8:35 am
he said "they'll all be fired by me. i fired one guy the other day, i have three have been for people all fired tomorrow. i'll get to the person who leaked that to you." press secretary sarah huckabee sanders address that issue. >> it takes about 30 seconds to make a statement like that. there's a lot more hours in the day and this isn't something that's all-consuming for us. the press and the media make it the focal point of their day, but we are not making the focal point of hours. >> jon: the press made it the focal point of "the new york post" cover today spoofing the war in the west wing with the president's top advisors depicted of as contestants.
8:36 am
let's begin our media panel. thanks both of you for being here. kind of curious. anthony scaramucci, the new yorker has not been kind to president trump. for anthony scaramucci to call up someone who writes for the new yorker, that was a strange call, wasn't it? >> not so much because don't forget, scaramucci is from new york and the new yorker is in new york, so i'm sure he believes that because he was from new york and this is a new york magazine, it was okay to call. he doesn't understand the culture of washington. >> jon: chris, what you think about it? >> he said this morning that he and scaramucci historically had a decent relationship, so the idea that he would call up somebody who perhaps is familiar and you want to use the verb discusses such things.
8:37 am
when it comes to something like this, this is really anthony scaramucci's ml from day one. he's talking but how he wants to put the clamps down on leaks and when he goes to such extreme extents to describe what he has in mind right now, we see the result of the coverage today. >> melissa: >> jon: somebody ine white house eddins leaked the dinner guest list for that nigh night. the president and the first lady were going to be dining with sean hannity from fox news and a former fox executive as well, when scaramucci found out that someday had leaked that message, he obviously went ballistic. i'm wondering, he's new to this job, did he think perhaps that he was going to be off the record? >> i don't know, you have to say you are on the record or off the record when you do press.
8:38 am
i also have to say that the president's schedule, although it is not put out and totaled to the press, it's fully available to many people within the white house. you don't know who leaked it and who talked about it. that's not a known fact because it's printed or at least it's written in a way that can be available to people now that things are done online. i think that we don't really know who leaked it and for mr. scaramucci to have accused somebody was not a smart move. again, washington has a very different culture. >> jon: chris, taking ellen's point, it could have been reince priebus who leaked to this and that's what scaramucci seems to think, it also could have been the white house chef. >> sure, sure. that's why the point has been made, not just with a profanity laced tirade stuff, but something that i think has been overlooked as part of the story that scaramucci was going on
8:39 am
about how he had these guys supposedly nailed, was his word, and he has the fingerprints and he's starting to mention something about lie detector tests before he jumped off onto another tangent. when you're in the white house chef or your people around the white house and you have the communications director talking and such strong language like this when you are, no matter where on the totem pole, this is going to give you pause about talking to people. >> jon: ellen, that seems to be what president trump wants. he hired scaramucci in part because of his take no prisoners attitude. >> perhaps, but something i tell our interns is don't say or write anything you don't want on the front page of "the washington post" ." that should be something that everybody understands about washington, washington is a place where people talk to each other. >> jon: from a media standpoint, is scaramucci getting the job done?
8:40 am
is he invoking fear and corners of the white house, or is he just looking like somebody who doesn't know the culture of washington? >> it's a little too early to tell him that first front, he is just settling into the job, but on the second front, him getting accustomed to the way things work in d.c., back to a point that ellen made and you two were discussing a moment ago about him being aware or on the record and off the record, it's not like he doesn't have any experience being in television or around reporters. he works in a very high stress and comes from a very high stress. i believe that one detail was he said at one point during the conversation, can this particular portion be off the record? i think a lot of this is he knows what he's doing, instilling fear with this kind of strong-arm mentality. >> jon: he clearly blamed, and
8:41 am
a conversation, the white house chief of staff with a leak and then backed away from it after he tweeted out. it seems like he feels he made a mistake in there somewhere. we'll see. chris and alan, thank you both. >> melissa: japan says north korea has fired what appears to be a missile. it could land and waters off of japan. we are joined lie from the pentagon, what are you learning there? >> the pentagon can confirm that korea launched a ballistic missile at about 1045 eastern time. it's a second launch since july 4th when north korea launched for the first time, and intercontinental ballistic missile which traveled about 1700 miles into outer space. astonishingly a seven times higher than the international space station. putting alaska and range. right now, the pentagon is still assessing the launch. and have been 45, so you can bet
8:42 am
that the officials do not know if this reentry vehicle reentered the earth's atmosphere. there also reports from japan that something splashed down and waters off of japan. what's noteworthy is north korea does not coordinate these launches with anyone, so if there's air pains or satellites, they don't send out a warning to stay out of the airspace like the u.s. air force would do if they were launching a muscle. >> melissa: we'll keep an eye on that story, thank you. >> jon: should a florida woman accused of cap trying to have her husband killed be allowed to go home under house arrest? our legal panel weighs in on the latest twist in a very long and fascinating legal battle.
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>> jon: fox news alert and for the second time this month, north korea has launched a ballistic missile. this one expected to land and the sea of japan or perhaps already has. it's a little unclear, the japanese are saying that it's believed to have splashed down in their territorial waters or at least in their economic zone of exclusion. they are not happy about this. the prime minister there, shinzo abe convening his national security council. the pentagon also confirms that the missile was launched, but other than that, as we just heard from lucas tomlinson, very little reaction. north korea is said to be on a path that could develop a missile that would hit the united states mainland within a year. there will certainly be some kind of words out of washington about this, we'll keep you updated.
8:47 am
>> melissa: new information on the murder case against robert durst. a start witness backing off their testimony from just the day before, which he said durst told her he was in los angeles around the time susan berman was killed nearly a decade ago. that one is admitting under cross-examination, she couldn't be sure where he was. here to talk about it, our legal panel. there are so many twists and turns in this case, would you think of it? >> looking at it globally, obviously, the shocking acquittal and galveston, texas, when he literally dismembered the body, through bags of body parts in the bag, was acquitted, and then after the disappearance of his wife, kathleen, and the murder of susan berman. on the theory, motive wise that she was about to be interviewed
8:48 am
by authorities in new york. the case has gone on and on. what i make of the new thing is that's why you have cross-examination. the witness testified that she placed him in that area. on cross, it was a little bit different, but there is going to be a lot more evidence. >> melissa: he chopped another witness up into bits and threw them in a garbage bag and he got away with it. i might recant my testimony against him as well. >> that's going on and that's why doug is a defense lawyer and i'm not. cross-examination is a search for the truth, but i'm not sure her testimony was so diametrically opposed as ari but he wants to think. she testified that he told her that he was in california. she doesn't know that for sure one way or the other which is what she said truthfully on cross examination. what she did not back off on is that durst is the one who told her this. she cried a mustang,
8:49 am
>> melissa: let me ask you, we are getting an update on dahlia dip alito. her attorneys are now asking a judge to allow her to post bond and return home pending the outcome. what's your take? >> bail pending appeal is little different than before a trial. after trial, if you been convicted, it's a risk of flight, plus one of the grounds you raise on appeal? here are some issues about a sleeping juror about the judge leading in some testimony about her trying to poison him, but at the end of the day, i don't think they're going to give her it. >> melissa: what do you think? >> i don't think she should get bail. her lawyer is a very good lawyer, but she pushed the edge of the envelope. i think the woman is guilty.
8:50 am
she's a terrible person and i don't think she could get bail under any circumstances. she made a mockery of the entire system. is now time for her to suffer the consequences of her own actions. off to prison she goes. >> melissa: gentlemen, thank you. if i can manage, calling one of you. >> called doug, he is a lot smarter. >> jon: serious news out of north korea were the north koreans launched another ballistic missile for the second time this month. they've made rapid progress and a program that could hit america within a year, the experts say. building analysis from gordon chang on the other side of this quick break. do you do the yoga? n-no, no sir you ever wanna dance on a reality tv show? i like to dance..... dad, come on. joining my family means he can join navy federal credit union. great rates, 24/7 support.
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>> jon: fox news alert and scary news out on north korea, the pentagon now confirms reports out of japan that north korea launched a ballistic missile. it happened just about an hour ago. apparently splashing down and waters that the japanese consider their own. let's talk about with gordon chang, a frequent guest on this program. he joins us on the phone. gordon, what's the message that pyongyang is trying to send? >> the message is that they're going to be defiant, they're going to continue to test, despite the will of the international community and clearly, china has their back. otherwise they wouldn't have done this. we don't know very much about this muscle, but it did land fairly close to japan because the japanese believe that within their exclusive economic zone, which is that band of water between 12-200 nautical miles. >> jon: is also a missile that apparently survived a reentry and that's part of the difficulty of launching a
8:55 am
ballistic missile and launching a warhead that can get back to earth without burning up the atmosphere. >> that's an important point because the last technological major hurdle they had was being able to master reentry and that's protecting the nose cone and therefore the weapon as it reenters the atmosphere. on may 14th and july 4th, they conducted two reentry tests and all that we can tell, those tests were successful. this means of the north koreans have some things they have to improve on, but basically, they have got all the technology they need. all they need to do now is refine it. we're talking about a year before they can put a nuke and hit the american homeland. >> jon: if you are advising the pentagon or the administration, how would you tell them to respond? >> the most important thing in response is with regard to beijing. we need to tell china that if you support north korea or they support united states, but they
8:56 am
can't do both. this has to be a point where we have very little margin for error. we need to tell the chinese that they've got to stop their support of paying to to to miko mac >> jon: thanks for your insights. this piece of a in the next hour of "happening now," president trump is said to speak at 1:40:00 p.m. eastern time we are going to bring that to you live just as soon as it happens. so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> jon: and appear as already in range of a north korean missile. the west coast within a year or so, will be talking about that with the california congressman. >> melissa: what this new missile launch, will keep an eye on it for sure.
9:00 am
>> jon: kim jong-un shows no signs of letting up. >> melissa: we're definitely going to drill down on that, we are also going to see the president and that hour of "happening now" as well. we will see you back here. >> jon: "outnumbered" search right now. >> harris: we begin with what we know about that north korean launch that's been confirmed by fox news and we know now from reuters that the prime minister shinzo abe is expected to call an emergency meeting of officials to talk about this. it's being reported by reuters that the missile that was launched by north korea came with a 230 miles of japan's coast. when you talk about military movement, that's pretty close. here's also it's being reported about this launch that happened just before midnight, their local time. according to public broadcasting in japan, citing government


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