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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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official identification 159 years ago today. hope you have a fantastic weekend. see you back here on monday, if not before. >> let obamacare implode. and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> neil: all right. whether that happens or not, the hard thing to decide right now is what really does happen next. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." for republicans, a world of surprising hurt they didn't count on. a rejection of the slimmest of reworks on obamacare that we've ever seen. even with that, not enough votes in the end to get it done. if the markets were worried about this latest development, they had a funny way of showing this. it almost makes you think that they're going in their own direction regardless of the
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direction that washington is going. for the dow today, that was good enough for a record and for the s&p, its fourth straight weekly advance. there are some other things at play here, including a little bit of white house intrigue behind the scenes as to what to do next and how to go about doing it. blake burman with more. hi, blake. >> hi, neil. officials that i have spoken to throughout the day suggest that they feel there is a way forward on healthcare. the blinders are very much on still pointing in that direction. to that end, earlier today here at the white house, president trump met with senator lindsey graham to discuss graham's possible way forward in which he suggests that money should be taken from obamacare and put back to the states. last night in the 2:00 hour here on the east coast, when this latest iteration failed on the senate floor, president trump tweeted out the following. he said "let obamacare implode, then deal" as you played from the clip there. he reiterated that once again
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this afternoon in new york. while also expressing some frustration here with washington. >> they should have approved healthcare last night, but you can't have everything. boy, oh, boy. they've been working on that one for seven years. can you believe that? the swamp. we'll get it done. >> the surprise no vote came from senator john mccain who could not be swayed by the highest. the senator was lobbied on floor and away from the cameras by the president who put president trump on the phone. john mccain's office said that the senator will be returning back home to arizona to start radiation and chemotherapy on monday. he is not expected to return back here to washington until the conclusion of the august recess. neil, back to you. >> neil: was there any way to tell about mccain's no vote?
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he used it as a central theme in his own re-election in arizona. >> yeah, he was the hero returning to washington to let the motion to proceed go forward. yesterday the speaker of the house, paul ryan suggested that if republicans could get this skinny bill passed in the house, they would be able to conference together and hash things out after that. that was the play that republicans were leaning on. mccain was involved in that press conference. however, at 2:00 a.m., there he was on the senate floor and cast the no vote to only bring it to 49 and have this fall short. >> all right. thank you, buddy. great week for you. blake burman who has been on top of everything and chasing everyone. senator ted cruz says it's not only the three that voted against this in the republican party that will pay for this but maybe voters will put republicans on notice. >> they're going to have hard
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questions of people that look them in the eyes and say why did you lie to me? it's not just the senators that voted no. the senators that voted yes. they said you promised to do this and you failed. >> neil: he's right about that. this is a central theme of the republican party ever since obamacare came into being. the last seven years, they've been working tirelessly to kill it and they failed yet again with the run of the table. the white house, the house, the senate. now what? gop donors doug and leena join us. to senator cruz's point, that this is against all republicans. >> he's tapping to american sentiment. people are frustrated and disappointed. all elected officials, including those in our own party that failed to follow-through open promises made. of the seven people that voted
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no in the republican party, six of them voted in favor of this bill in 2015. i think there's no reason why these individuals should not be in favor of it now. i'd like to hold the democrats that put this terrible terrible bill of obamacare in the first place to blame first. debby stabenow forced americans to participate in a system that they didn't want to participate in. stymies the economic growth in this country. it is a broken system, and we all committed, especially those in the republican party, to repeal obamacare. i was president trump's co-chair in michigan along the campaign trail. he promised and he's doubling down on those promises to make sure that there's a clean repeal. it's very, very important for
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elected officials in both parties, but in particular the republican party to support that in favor of promises that they today made along their trail with their constituents. >> neil: it's not happening to your point. doug, as a big donor, a lot of people look to you. are you frustrated to the point on taking it out on vulnerable challengers. how would you survey it? >> i'd say right now we're -- i'm very frustrated in dallas. the republicans with the senate. at the same time, i think there's -- i'm in optimist. i still think there's a great chance. i think lindsey graham and cassie have a great bill that is similar to medicaid, takes the money that comes in and puts it in block grants back to the states. that's the whole point. i'm all over this repeal concept. i don't get the replace concept. i don't understand where the
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federal government is given the powers to regulate or to control healthcare in the united states of america. >> neil: your view is right. there's a concern among republicans about whether they're all on the same page on this. they want to re-visit healthcare, the president intimated as much today. but for the next battle on tax cuts, do you find there to be more unity or more -- same kind of thrust to this? in talking to a number of republicans, there's a chasm of moderates that say don't make the cuts too big, don't make them across the board and conservatives that are a little more fire and bridgestone, we need something reagan like. where do you stand? >> i'm optimistic that we'll have an easier time when it comes to tax reform. at the end of the day, i called on all senators to skip their summer recess and figure this out. we have states that are only going to have one at best option in the healthcare exchange.
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we're facing a crisis as a country when it comes to healthcare. >> neil: what did you make of the president's remarks, let the affordable care act implode? >> if he's stuck and stymied in the bondage of a broken electorate. >> neil: doug, do you agree with that? >> the president has every right to be frustrated with the senate and sit back and watch it. i think unfortunately he's going to end up with some ownership on this issue at this point. >> neil: yeah. all goes to the top. thank you both. very interesting reads on this. i talked to one republican strategist that said it's always darkest before the dawn. things can change. which is true. but right before the dawn, it's very dark. meanwhile, this from chuck schumerer earlier today after
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the vote. >> i'd is a to my dear friend, we're not celebrating. we're relieved. >> neil: wait a minute. you said you're not celebrating. how do you explain this? i don't know if you caught this picture. it's interesting. we don't have it. take my word for it. with elizabeth warren, they're taking a selfie over this congratulatory rallying point for democrats that the republicans had failed. for some, it gave the impression that this was a big victory for them. they were whooping it up in the early morning to do just that. so joe manchin on what signal that sends. if i'm a republican, i'm saying wait a minute. you said don't get celebratory about it but you're getting celebratory about it. can you hear me, senator? what do you think of that? >> oh, neil, i sure can. i didn't see a senator last night. there's nothing to celebrate about. if we don't get this fixed, we
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all lose. these markets will collapse as we know, the private markets. they're in a heck of a shape. we have to do something to stabilize that. but there needs to be reform. you can't have the premiums going up the way they are with people in the marketplace. and then have no restrictions whatsoever on the expansion that we did. if you want to be, look at something that has happened, look around the country and see which states have tried different things. alaska has the reinsurance. indiana has the medicaid expansion to control costs and show people how to be more responsible and use it in a more productive manner, a lot of good things can be done. john, everybody is saying about john mccain, john mccain came in there and john voted to proceed. let's get on the bill. if anybody has ever sat in on a committee, john has his markup
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on the national defense bill. everybody gets their chance. everybody can put an amendment in, everybody can debate it. he gives everybody a vote on it. john believes in democracy and he exercises it because he works harder. >> neil: were you surprised, whatever your view -- were you surprised and no one doubts the maverick that he is, he's his own man, certainly a hero in my book, but that he did campaign re-election to repeal obamacare, which has been a onerous issue for his state and a campaign theme. as tentative as this was, it was a vehicle to do that. did it look hypocritical? >> i didn't like at it as hypocritical. he said fine, repeal it. but give everybody a shot.
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john rebuffed the process or the lack of the process, i believe, neil. the patriot that he is, he just -- you weren't going to budge john when he said this is not fair. that's what the it was about. >> neil: it is what it is to your point. this is where we stand now. what bothers me is when there's a little bit of lecturing now on the part of both sides blaming the other for the collapse of this. when the democratic leadership, senator, is saying that it's not trying to rub the opponent's noses in the ground on this and yet they're taking selfies and whooping it up and all of that. how are republicans going to be working with them if they don't trust them? >> john, i'm sure that -- neil, i'm sure they did the same thing, you know, back -- i wasn't there. >> neil: you're right on this. everybody does this. i'm not minimizing -- hypocrisy
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knows no bounds. it's going to make it tough to work, right? >> not for me it's not. i understand human nature. the people that might have thought they won something last night, let me tell you one thing, that's ill-advised. you didn't win one thing. quit being democrats and republicans and be an american. it's time to come together. the republicans tried everything they could to fulfill the promise they made to repeal. they couldn't get there. okay? let's sit down and work through it. let's work through it. don't just throw it out. don't let it implode. i hope the president didn't really mean that. i'm sure that he's upset. i want the president to know we want to work and fix the thing. i don't want run-away costs. >> neil: republicans say that democrats have a funny way of showing that. in other words, maybe there's guys like you that want to work in the other side. i know we live in a polarized time. i get it. it was that way when they came up with obamacare.
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the fact of the matter is, there's an unwillingness now to get anything done on a consensual basis. >> well, i'm sure -- i can't tell you. i'm not used to this environment. it's frustrating as can be. i came there to do things. when i was governor of west virginia of my great state, we brought everybody together. we got things done because the people counted on it. the people are counting on us tremendously now. i'm going to work with everybody. if you look at my voting record, sometimes i'm the only democratic voting with republican friends. if i think it's right. if i can explain it, i'll vote for it. we have a group of former governors a group of senators, democratic -- >> neil: maybe something gets done. all right. senator. >> it's going to get done. we have to do it. >> neil: meantime, if this fails for the time being, i stress
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>> i feel much more confident that we're going to stick the landing on tax reform. we have said we have consensus, here's the frame work, let's get it done. >> we have more excitement and optimism within pro tax reform advocates that we can get this done. >> neil: all right. whatever to healthcare won't happen with tax reform. dagen, what do you think of that? >> i think paul ryan is living in a dream bubble. i think that little plan that they rolled out was thinner than what we heard a year ago from the republicans. it was thinner than what president trump was talking about on the campaign trail. it's thinner than what steve mnuchin rolled out earlier this year. we know that they have given up on the idea of a border adjustment tax, which would have taxed imports by 20%.
1:19 pm
why they were hanging on to that idea over a year into this is beyond comprehension. every republican i talked to would not get on board with that. that certainly indicates a deafness and blindness to the reality of getting this done. >> neil: but again, he did acknowledge that speaker ryan acknowledged that isn't going to happen now. >> goody! reality is setting in. >> neil: so erin, what is the prognosis and the time line you think? >> look, neil, yesterday there was a big meeting on capitol hill where lawmakers and republican officials were briefing lobbyists on what the tax reform plan would be. it turned into a joke. we heard from a number of lobbyists that said there's no details. there was nothing that came out of the meeting. paul ryan and others might be right that there's general excitement to do tax reform but there's no substance yet. it's almost august, which is
1:20 pm
shocking that they haven't done much. we might see more from the democrats on some of their proposals before we see anything from the republicans. >> neil, there's a way that these republican senators handled the tax reform bill. they really exposed themselves to being a tax and spend liberal where they would stand by these obamacare taxes on, say, investment income in order to pay for health insurance for able-bodied working adults. i think you'll see that play out where these individuals, these so-called conservatives are not willing to give up subsidies, whether it's the mortgage interest deduction, whether it's tax break for buying electric cars. everybody is working in their own self-interests. it's going to doom this potentially. >> what about the notion that in the end to that point in the early point that you raised, we end up seeing a tax cut but it won't be dramatic tax reform, corporate relief certainly but that will be the extent of it.
1:21 pm
some say better than nothing. >> we haven't seen much in the way of rates. we know that president trump has talked a lot about trying to get the corporate tax rate down to 15%. that would be hard. look, paul ryan said this morning the thing that they learned from the healthcare bill and that process, they have to have meetings, not behind closed doors. they need hearings. that's what he learned. i don't know how much that will change anything or how that will change the outcome but might make people feel better about what they're up to. >> eventually the republicans need to shut up and walk the talk. we need corporate tax reform. 20% at the very least. something that is permanent so businesses can make long-term decisions. >> neil: well-put. thanks for braving the rain down
1:22 pm
there, dagen. meantime, the north koreans launched another intercontinental ballistic missile. for this leader, the 89th time he's done this after this. tap one little bumper and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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1:26 pm
the launch today occurred at 10:41 eastern time, a rare nighttime launch for the rogue regime. north korea is 12 1/2 hours ahead. this afternoon, the pentagon says the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff could south korea's top officer to discuss "military response options." the missile was launched from an arms plant in northwest north korea near china. japanese officials say the missile flew for 45 minutes and landed over 600 miles away in the sea of japan. most concerning to the pentagon is how high the missile flew in space. the north korean icbm launched july 4 went over 1,700 miles into space or seven times higher than nasa's international space station orbiting the earth. this one flew even higher. general mark millie speak about the danger. >> we're at a point in time where choices will have to be
1:27 pm
made one way or the other. none of these choices are particularly palatable. none of them are good. >> officials say bad weather scrubbed yesterday's launched, which would have co insighted with the armistice ending the korean war. this came one day after a rocket launch from iran based on a north korean design. neil? >> neil: thanks, lucas. john bolton is here with us. how many times have you and i chatted right after a missile test, a missile launch. already was hearing someone say the son now has had, kim jong-un, has had more launches than his father and grandfather combined. so what is he getting at here? what is he rushing to do? >> look, their objective for 25 to 30 years has been to hit the united states with nuclear
1:28 pm
weapons hit by a ballistic missile. and they have gotten very close. this launch is one more indication of how close they are. i don't think this is conjecture. i think this is something that our military and south korean and japanese officials are concerned about. i have to tell you, it reflects the failure of american policy for 25 years over three administrations to deal with the reality that north korea was determined to get deliverable nuclear weapons and we have failed to stop them. >> neil: so what do we do? >> first, we learn the essence of state craft is finding threats and making sure they don't become real. we failed here. diplomatically, we have limited options. i indicated before, i won't go to details, we need to reunite the korean peninsula. that's the only real way. our military officials are increasingly saying, the military option now has to be
1:29 pm
looked at. i understand the devastation this could bring to the korean peninsula. nobody wants to be faced with this. if the other option is dead american civilians killed by a nuclear weapon launched by a regime, what is an american president supposed to do? >> neil: do you think the chinese or dragging their feet or they can't control north korea? >> they could. there's no doubt about that. the chinese have been jiving us for 25 years. they say they don't want the north to have a nuclear weapon but they haven't done what they have the unique capability of doing. that's why i think if we could start discussing reality instead of trying to change north korean behavior, which isn't going to happen, but start discussing a controlled elimination of the regime or a reunification of the south under the control's control with china's help because of their controlling economic power, there's a way to
1:30 pm
resolve this. we're running out of time. this is not a cassandra version of history, this is the reality. those missiles are getting close to the capability of hitting the continental united states. there's some question about their guidance systems. honestly, if the north koreans aimed at los angeles and hit san diego, would it make you feel better? >> neil: i'm worried about an accident. we heard this got the japanese economic zone or whatever. what if it hits japanese land or south korean land? something goes wrong? all bets are off. >> absolutely. that's why the japanese are worried. something else to worry about, north korean cooperation with iran with ballistic missile goes back a long way. i suspect there's cooperation on nuclear side. as north korea advances, those focused on the 2015 nuclear deal with i ran, focus on iran's bank accounts and the wire transfers that could take place to give
1:31 pm
tehran the capability that pong yong is about to get. >> neil: thanks, john. good seeing you. >> thank you. >> neil: scary stuff. scarey are the leaks at the white house. if you think they're going to ease up, we have the low down that says anything but. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business i have to tell you something. dad,
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>> neil: amazon just wants to help. drones to spy in your back yard to see if the old mower you've been using needs replacing.
1:34 pm
amazon out of their mind? we're on top of it after this.
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>> neil: all right. it just seems weird that complaining about leaks gets leaks. i mean, these are some doozies. you've heard everything about anthony scaramucci that you want to. i could repeat and show the leak material, but i won't be because this is a family show. i didn't think that would be appropriate. so i'll repeat word for word what he said. we have charlie gasparino here. no shrinking violet here and lauren is here also. lauren, this is all meant on the part of scaramucci to crack down on leaks. that conversation in its totality gets leaked, which was the case anyway because of the fair interview with a journalist who said there was no such guarantee that it would not be. >> correct. >> neil: where is this going now?
1:36 pm
i suspect we'll get more leaks. >> first, i should say the language that he used in that interview is not even polite language for a private conversation let alone an on-the-record interview with a reporter. i hope that that lesson has been learned at this point. i'm hopeful that this will stop the leaks, because you saw the backlash to this article coming out has been swift and severe. he has been forced to, you know, issue something of an apology tweet. so what my hope is -- >> neil: well, it wasn't really an apology. >> yeah, like half of one. but they can use this experience to evaluate playing fast and loose with the rules of journalism. they're in place for a reason. none of this would be happening if he said this is off the record -- >> neil: let's give him the benefit of the doubt. but charlie gasparino, the only guy you have to keep happy is your boss, the president. forget about what the media thinks or other people are saying. if the big guy is happy with
1:37 pm
you, he appears to be, you're okay. for now. is he? >> i think so. that's what i'm hearing, he's okay. by the way, i will say this. i'm not saying i condone this type of language, but -- >> neil: that would be a mighty glass house for you to be pitching stones at i'm sure. >> a bunch of guys get together and he was talking to a man. he was not talking to a woman. maybe that is sexist -- >> oh, charlie. >> neil: not at all. >> i'm just telling you that guys talk like this sometimes. >> doesn't make it right. >> i'm not saying it's right. >> neil: by the way, where do you get this idea that all guys talk like this? like the videotape that came out and said that everybody talks like that in the locker room. >> my dad was a construction worker, ex marine from the bronx. i've heard it all. >> neil: i know you're not offended. but let's say this is the big deal that it is, lauren has a very good point.
1:38 pm
i think however others are offended, if donald trump is not for now, that's okay. >> my only point with donald trump is this. this isn't what you shouldn't be wasting your time is, your white house communications director getting into leaks and petty leaks. we're not talking about what he said what to whom about a stupid dinner somewhere. >> neil: i think you're right. >> the other thing i would say, donald trump is volatile. his loyalty to you lasts about -- blows with the wind. i'm telling you. if he thinks -- if anthony thinks he can do this and stay in trump's graces -- >> neil: we don't know. but lauren, i'm wondering, there is a problems with leaks at the white house. >> undeniable. >> neil: is that going to get under control if people are still pointing fingers? you try to isolate where the leaks are coming from. you get ideas, brides paranoia.
1:39 pm
i don't see that environment changing. what do you think? >> these kind of conversations back and forth between staff, this is common for a political organization. what is not common is to have it play out in the press. that's the big difference here. >> you know why it doesn't? most white house press offices don't care about these incidental things that get leaked out. >> neil: unless they're out of control. unless they get out of control. >> which they are. >> this is not a malicious leak, that someone has a dinner is not bad. you'd rather have the press -- >> neil: this was not a leak. it was a genuine article where he's talking to the reporter. but lauren, do you see this escalating or do you see, you know, scaramucci and of course reince priebus were on the plane with the president going to long island. so obviously he told them to both come or suggested it. so where do you see this going? >> i'm an eternal optimist. i'm hoping they can learn from this situation and they learned
1:40 pm
the lesson the hard way. sometimes you have to. i'm hoping it will be better moving forward. >> neil: all right. thank you both for keeping your language in check. >> i didn't curse ones. >> neil: lauren, i had no doubt. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> neil: how do you survive in this -- what seems to be a reality show going on right now in the white house? after this. backpack, check. that's the family taking care of business. awesome notebook! check. but who takes care of them? office depot / office max. this week, these composition books are just 25 cents each. ♪ taking care of business
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decreased appetite and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may make existing kidney problems worse. once-weekly trulicity may help me reach my blood sugar goals. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> neil: all right. the scandal you're probably hearing less about, house intelligence committee chair, devin nunez is announcing an investigation into several obama administration officials. catherine herridge has more on that. >> this letter obtained by fox news, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee updates the chief on the status of the unmasking investigation. two of the nation's intelligence
1:44 pm
agencies received subpoenas in may explicitly naming three top officials of the obama administration. john brennan, susan rice and former u.n. ambassador samantha power in what appears to be a reference to power. nunez says that one had no intelligence related functions made hundreds of unmasking request in the final year of the administration. the letter continues. obama era officials sought the ideas of trump transition officials with a transition report. there was no meaningful explanation offered by the officials as to why they needed or use this u.s. person information. in a written statement to fox, a spokesman emphasized powers unambiguous support for unbipartisan russian investigationing adding that powers was part of the security council, responsible for advising the president on full range of threats confronting the united states. any insinuation that powers involved in leaking classified
1:45 pm
information is false. a spokesman for rice referred us back to this april interview. >> this is not anything political that has been alleged. the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes is false. >> there was no immediate response from the former cia director, neil. >> neil: thanks, catherine herridge. the drama on pennsylvania avenue had a lot of folks saying is the white house right now the reality show to beat on tv? after this. chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
1:46 pm
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> neil: have you seen this post? there it is. why am i holding this? so stupid.
1:49 pm
today showing a parody of the white house, the tv show "survivor." we're looking at the greatest reality show on tv right now. we have our panel here with us. all right. so madison, i'm looking at this and saying, is this the publicity you want? >> i think probably not the publicity they want but it's the "new york post." it's silly. people don't take it that seriously. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> i mean, it is what it is. it's a cover -- >> all part of our corporate umbrella. >> the white house is going on, as real as it gets. it's a little compliment. >> it's really not survivor. >> i'd feel better if it was scripted. the trump campaign got away with stuff like this because it was writing an office on the promise of competency. we're seeing the lack of
1:50 pm
professionalism coupled with the lack of achievement. >> neil: they've had some achievements. >> thankful for gorsuch. when you have republicans -- >> neil: $4 trillion in market value. >> obamacare is the most important thing. >> but you're looking at your prism of the hatred of the president. >> i don't think what we saw yesterday was professional. >> there's nothing about this white house that is professional. >> neil: now, now -- the language bothered you. you didn't like what scaramucci said what he said. >> it's not just the scaramucci thing. it's the speech in front of the bow scouts, the speech in front of the military. everything is a political speech. the campaign season is over. now -- >> neil: it's the language. the language bothers you. >> it's like the great estelle la novella i've ever seen. we've talked about how his
1:51 pm
tweeting doesn't help his agenda and stuff. the night before whatever he tweets out is like a reality show. it sets the next topic or task that we'll talk about. >> neil: you think the president likes what scaramucci said? >> oh, yeah. >> probably why he was brought in. >> this is going to make it tough, i think, coupled with what we've seen going on with sessions for him to get top level talent. it's just drama, drama. this is already a white house under siege. the white house the media doesn't like. >> neil: everyone wants to work in the white house. >> this is a morale killer. if you don't know that your president has your back -- it's brutal. >> you know, this is a soap opera. >> it's like a mini me for trump. like scaramucci is a -- >> neil: you're a hater, too. a new survey from career builder saying 61% think a 9-5 workday
1:52 pm
is a thing of the past. more people are working on vacation remotely. that doesn't surprise me. >> it does. i get to work from home. i think i'm more productive when i work from home. i wake up, go to the gym. >> do you work more hours or do you accept that? >> i do. when i'm in the office -- >> neil: cursing people out. >> you can't turn it off. like children getting bullied at school. now they can't leave it at school. you can't turn off -- >> neil: used to be before the devices, you could leave it. now you can't. >> i'm going to say for this one, blame millennials. i'm going out on a limb here. despite our bad reputation, we're hard working. two studies came out. one found we don't take vacations. another study, we put in longer hours. 45 hours a week on average. i will say blame the
1:53 pm
millennials. >> we're more productive at home -- >> neil: and what is hurting the age groups is paranoia. isn't that the case? >> one thing to keep in mind on, dependent forestry. for some, you can't change. and with people, too. some people work better at home, some don't. >> neil: but they're working more hours and 9:00 to 5:00 has gone the way of the dodo bird. >> and we don't need the phone. you have the internet -- >> neil: or on vacation -- >> i don't know what vacation is. >> neil: really? i don't believe that. >> you carry work with you? >> yes. >> neil: it's there. >> and living paycheck to paycheck and trying to show the boss that you're willing to do more, willing to put the time in, willing not to take sick days and vacation time, it gets to you. when you go home -- >> is that a new york thing? the rat race being in new york? >> it is. >> neil: amazon is filing a patent for drones. i couldn't believe it.
1:54 pm
can scan your back yard to see what products you might need. so you're mowing the lawn. realize hey, that mower is worse for wear. >> scariest thing. i don't want them looking in my back yard. put a tarp up. >> neil: yeah. i don't want to know what's going on there. how frightening me. it scared me when i learned that the times square billboards were collecting data. >> don't google boxers. >> honey, i swear, it wasn't me. >> if amazon can do this and people choose to opt in to this, the bigger issue here is privacy concerns legally. if you're in a criminal or civil case -- >> neil: that technology -- >> it may -- the companies may force you to do that because everyone else is doing it. >> neil: all right, guys. i don't want to interrupt. breaking news, but it's pretty
1:55 pm
important. we're getting worse on a chief of staff announcement. kevin corke has more on that. this does not strike me as shocking. again, guys, update me what they're going to do. anthony scaramucci is going to be made? all right. that john kelly is going to be made the white house chief of staff. of course, this comes via the president. can we show that tweet? this would take effect presumably immediately, a dust up. whether that was in response to this would instill order in the white house. the president saying i'm pleased to inform you that i just named general secretary john kelly as the white house chief of staff. he's a great american. he's been one of the so-called adults in the room through a lot of things happening with security, the nation's protection and what have you.
1:56 pm
very quick reaction here. this is in response to what you talked about. >> yeah, we heard rumors that president trump wanted a general or somebody with a military background as chief of staff. we knew priebus was out. >> this is it. a suspicion that reince priebus was in trouble. kevin corke, can you update me? >> i'm doing what you might imagine. i'm chasing this story. we did know that reince priebus was likely to be out as the chief of staff here. make no mistake about it, when you bring on somebody like anthony scaramucci and he reports to the president, the presumption was now you're looking at two guys that are basically operating on parallel tracks instead of having a linear direction inside the major staff here at the white house so from that perspective, we thought eventually it meant that reince priebus was moving on. i don't think the president particularly liked to have this
1:57 pm
un-chi -- upheaval. i think you made a great point though. bringing on general kelly, this speaks to the president's let's just call it his default position, which is let's get in as many military leaders as we can. these are women and men that are buttoned up. they know about the institutions inside washington. that's really what is needed in this white house. someone that is not only someone who understands washington, let's put it bluntly and shares his values. it would seem to me that general kelly would be an obvious choice. when you look across this, it's like he plucked generals from left and right to head most of the major agencies. now here at the white house. i'll make more calls. i've been on the phone here trying to button up a bit more information. as i get it, i'll pass it along, my friend. >> neil: thank you, kevin. two quick seconds. john kelly is a retired
1:58 pm
four-star general and running homeland security. he's known to be the least talkative cabinet member. very quiet, very serious, very deliberate. no one messes with him. like in a league with mad doing mattis that runs the defense department. president trump is just back from long island. he might talk to reporters. this had been suspected, that reince priebus days as chief of staff were numbered here. had nothing to do with the altercations with the new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci. i'm wondering if that dust-up sped things up. i guess he has. to follow up on that, that dust-up, people got involved with the language and the leaks, the question was whether it was just a matter of time not only before reince priebus was go but his replacement would be anthony scaramucci.
1:59 pm
that was considered there, that maybe this was a means by which scaramucci would move in not only to exact control over the communications department, but maybe the entire white house staff itself in a chief of staff role. in this capacity, this would mean that general kelly would run the show. that would include mr. scaramucci, that remains the communications director we're told for now. quick reaction to something like this i think might have been precipitated by recent events. >> i don't think he deserved to be treated like this. >> neil: reince priebus. >> and you can debate about him. >> neil: but chief of staffs come and go. >> nothing this brutal, this is a back-knifing. a sanctioned back-knifing if you assume that trump was behind this statement or endorsed it. >> neil: isn't that better than jeff sessions, leaving him stringing along? >> neither of these people need to be treated like that and tough tore get good people. >> the president has abandoned
2:00 pm
people that put their neck out for them. >> neil: guys, to bring you up to date, we have a new chief of staff of the white house. this was not a slow drawn-out affair with jeff sessions. >> hey, everybody. i'm ebony with brian and kat, this is the fox new specialists. breaking news right now, it's reported that reince priebus is out as the chief of stuff. president trump treated, i'm pleased to informed you that i named general secretary john f. kelly as the white house chief of staff. we're not going to bret baier in washington with more. bret, your take. >> we saw some of this in the cards as we saw the back and forth with anthony scaramucci and reince priebus and privately senior officials are


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