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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fair and balanced. and sean hannity will talk about reince priebus. it's breaking news on fox. >> martha: good evening everybody. there's never a dull moment in the trump white house. the president ousts his chief of staff for john kelly. he is retired from the united states marine corps. and we will now have a new command at the white house. there is clear that there is division, and general kelly is not the sort to put up with too much of that. >> i want to congratulate john kelly who is donate incredible job. one of our real stars.
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truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. >> martha: that wasn't too long until he said this. >> john kelly will they do fantastic job. he has done an incredible job thus far and respected by everyone. a great american. reince priebus a good man. thank you very much. >> martha: it's been quite a roller coaster for reince priebus. today they both boarded air force one together. it's called a game of survivor between the president's big players. what happens now at the white house? here now, kelly and hot an end.
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what's different at the white house? >> i'm really glad everyone is taking the high road tonight. and there has been so much sacrifice in this administration and the president called him a good man. he also says that secretary kelly has served his country honorably. and i think everyone in this administration should know, if you don't see your name on the list, you should get with the program. why are we here, we are here because americans elected one person over the other based on the issues. they do want obamacare repealed
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and replaced. they do want less government. >> martha: let me ask you this this, my question is what changed since monday? this week has been pretty ugly. what's different? when john kelly walks in the door, is everyone going to have the same access to the president as before? will scaramucci be going through general kelly note? >> that's a pecking order question. we all serve the president and his country. they will decide what organizational structure and protocol will be. and i think people will respect that pecking order and protocols. i think with general kelly, he
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has selected a leader. that's not to say that reince priebus was not. it was a week ago that reince priebus said that there is a fresh start. i think people will look upon this the same way too. it's a pressure cooker environment. people want us to get it clouded up with the noise and not cover anything. >> martha: sometimes there is so much noise it makes things difficult. so you're saying that all of the difficult things that existed was because of reince priebus? that things will go away under general kelly and what's the advantage on the list?
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and the scathing comments made by anthony scaramucci. >> the only one to answer those questions are the president. let me repeat again for my third or fourth time for the viewers, i want to thank reince priebus. he also was part of our campaig campaign. just as i thanked spicer. every place of work, has to understand the rules, structure, protocol, pecking order and follow those rules. we all work in an unconventional president. he vanquished 16 opponents who were formidable.
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i would never bet against donald trump. he's not going to allow one miss vote by the senate to stop him to provide relief for all of the suffering americans. and pushing against ms-13 games like he did today. i think there will be a positive step forward and changes as president. i think those who respect that change and want to work for this chief of staff will continue on. those feel like the causes are elsewhere -- may i say that all of us, we are on the same team here. the team that believes in security and prosperity. and we are pushing the agenda through. >> martha: i understand and
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your points are well taken. there's been so much divisiveness in the white house and is very clear. what about general kelly at the president believes will calm that and i think the way the presidents way of doing things is why he was elected. i know there's an effort not to take away from that energy. and sometimes that looks like payoff. general kelly is a military man who will likely see in order to the way things are done. how do you anticipate when you go in there, how's it going to look and feel different with his manna charge? >> i will be very curious to see what general kelly does on monday. i'm sure he will be very interested to see what each of us is working on.
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what we think has worked and not worked, what the protocols are, and when you are in any place of work, you have to know what the structure and rules are. people are going to respect those. i think the white house knows what the structures and rules are. this helps the rest of the cabinet as well. general kelly was coming from the cabinet which is handpicked by president trump. he convinced many of them to work in his cabinet. >> martha: would you say that there is a relief among the staff tonight? >> i think there is a great deal of enthusiasm of what may be. whether reince priebus stays
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that's up to the president. once that decision was made, there is an enthusiasm and curiosity. what i want to emphasize to you is that, i said to him very clearly, there are dozens of talented men and women who work in the white house. who are not household names who work their tails off the first six months for the good of the country. they will continue under a new chief of staff. they saw that president trump was a fighter. >> martha: i think that's a message the american people would like to hear.
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i think personalities have been so strong coming from so me different areas in the white house that they have overwhelmed the agenda. do you hope that general kelly will say to everyone, you're all soldiers in his army and none of you is more important than the other and we are all here to serve the present. >> he may say that, but i want to go back to the day donald trump offered me the position. he went to erie, pennsylvania, and i said to him, i will never address you by your first name and i will never consider myself your peer. and he said okay. i do think it's important to set
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up that level of reference and humility. when you have people in positions, and there are clearly in his cabinet. and people should not treat the president and vice president as their peers. >> martha: they want that kind of relationship between the staff. >> you obviously liked the limelight and media. i would say that he is not being very effective. i think he got down here from new york and is very excited. i think is talking more than his
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thinking. he needs to slow down and learn the business. >> martha: what would you say to newt about that comment? >> i know anthony scaramucci very well. i think anthony would agree with some of that. he's been very forthcoming about his remarks. he regrets some of the language and how it was used. but he's also very passionate and the president likes passionate fighters. i think that role is one that is more long-term strategic thinking. where you can deploy men and women who are really terrific about taking the press questions and giving a briefing and
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constantly has to stop and say what will this look like to the country a month or two for now. how can we convey what the president said about ms-13? >> martha: i think that is what the job is. >> newt gingrich both possess these qualities that donald trump really appreciates. they are fighters and are passionate and articulate about the agenda and why they're ther there. the fact is this president should be respected and regarded as someone who was always welcomed a diversity of viewpoints, ideas and backgrounds. he will continue to do that and not because he wants a bunch of yes-men around.
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he wants input and ideas and is confident enough to make his own decisions and he was elected to do so. >> martha: i interviewed jeff sessions and kelly together. they seem to have a very good relationship. i wonder if general kelly might have said to the president that he would like to see jeff sessions keep his position. do you know whether or not this is a good sign for jeff sessions that general kelly will have this position in the white house? >> i can't divulge private conversations. i think it's a great time for anybody in the cabinet. the really doing their job. the president said the other day that he is disappointed and
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frustrated by this ridiculous russian investigation. and he wants everybody to do their job. and jeff sessions is down in el salvador this week as part of the crackdown on ms-13. anybody was doing their job will keep their job. for as long as the president and the individual agree on his views. when the president announces staff, i think people should stop reading into it as who's up and who's down. the fact that the stock market is up in the unemployment rate is down, that's why he is there. and that illegal border crossings are down.
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>> martha: i agree with you but i have to say that the president tweets about jeff sessions and reince priebus. this makes everything in the forefront and is hard to past that. >> i appreciate the fact that the president surrounds himself with strong personalities. it's this idea that the president has nobody around him to tell him no. that is simply not true. he invites disagreement. he also invites polite discussion, research and data. he's always willing to learn. he got elected on repealing and replacing obamacare and yet he's waiting for the senate to act.
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they've been talking about it for seven years. look at else would happen this week, is anybody talking about russia? 75% of the coverage is about russia. there's nothing there. >> martha: we pointed out the lack of balance on the things that were coverage. we'll talk about the ms-13. thank you very much. as you know, reince priebus is no longer the chief of staff. he did speak with seen in a few moments ago. let's listen right now. >> i'm always going to be a trump fan. i look forward to helping him achieve his goals and agenda for
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the american people. legal >> why did you resign? where they are a series of issues or just one thing? >> i think the president wanted to go a different direction. i support him in that. >> martha: joining is now fox news analysts, go to have you here tonight. what are your thoughts tonight? >> the president has set himself up for a pass fail test here. you have a guy like reince priebus will do whatever trump tells him to do. with kelly, trump has to be
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ready. one of two things will be true, either donald trump is ready to have discipline and order in the white house. this could be a turning point for an administration has been a chaotic mess most of the time or donald trump is not ready to follow rules and protect people. if he is not ready, this will be a sticky sticky situation. >> reince priebus whether it was his fault or not, this has been a white house at war with itsel itself. with backstabbing and leaks and making the president look bad. so he brings in a commander in
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war. so whether general kelly brings military precision, donald trump remains the commander in chief. i doubt he's going to completely change his style about tweeting his policy and saying things in the way he wants to save them. >> martha: mrs. president trump on novembey reince priebus. i never had a bad second with him. he's an unbelievable star. let me tell you about reince priebus, i know him, he is the superstar. he is really a start. he is hardest working guy.
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>> martha: he was a star for him in a lot of ways. and he had to navigate time and time again, he says i am on the side of whoever win's the republican nomination. why do you think he had a tough time making the transition to working in the trump white house? >> he was set up to fail. we are hearing tonight that anthony scaramucci is still going to be a direct report to the president. you can't be a successful chief of staff if you're not the chief of the staff. his daughter and son-in-law are top advisors. he plays favorites and has a new communications director.
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reince priebus was not in a position to win because he had those problems. it doesn't matter how good of a commander general kelly was, if he's not not given the requisites he needs to win. >> martha: no one will say a bad word about general kelly. he treats people equally. is put up some of his qualifications, retired four-star general, served three tours in iraq, former commander, well-versed in the ways of washington, and very comfortable on both sides of the aisle. i don't very much general kelly will put up if he feels like he
4:23 pm
has a difficult time corralling people that work there. >> john kelly is a straight shooter. he loves military men. and reince priebus was the epitome of the republican establishment. and they couldn't get the health care bill done. i think that's okay toll on how the president viewed reince priebus. if the president doesn't empower general kelly to run a tighter ship, we will still see a white house with internal divisions. >> martha: you guys are great, thank you. so general kelly released a statement, i have been fortunate to serve my country for more than 45 years first as a marine and secretary of homeland security.
4:24 pm
i am honored to be asked to serve as chief of staff to the president of the united states. how will his distinguished military career serve him in his new position? we bring in a fox news military analyst. good to have you here. it's my understanding that president trump is been a long admirer of general kelly. this is something he's had his eye on for the chief of staff position for quite some time. what do you think of all this? >> kelly by all information is the superstar among cabinet officials. in terms of his accomplishments
4:25 pm
and in charge of homeland security. his skill set in dealing with the media, problems and the white house. there is no doubt the president recognizes that he has a problem inside his white house. the fact that he reached out to a military guy, most military people like kelly, i was chief of staff three times myself, kelly has had all of that experience. we are talking about stuff that really doesn't matter. will ivanka and jared have access to the president? of course they will. the only thing they will tell him is keep me posted.
4:26 pm
the president as an operating style should never change. he's not going to be a gatekeeper. he wants to be included and what that is and keep him posted so we can make judgments. and execute the policy that comes out of that. that's the discipline and order he will bring to it. the major problem the white house has had is the leaks in the competition going on internally. it's absolutely dysfunctional. that's why the president has brought them in here. it's not an issue if he can control scaramucci or not. he will definitely be able to deal with that. he will bring order and discipline to the white house and stop the infighting and
4:27 pm
provide leadership. this is a good thing. is the best decision the present is made in some time. >> martha: we all know in the military is not about you it's about the mission. i would expect that would be part of the message he brings to this job. thank you so much. we are monitoring the white house tonight for reactions to all that has happened this afternoon. reince priebus is out and general kelly is in. we will bring you all of the breaking news, and the fight against violent gangs. plus some big stories fueled by immigration.
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this girl allegedly murdered by the worst of the worst in ms-13. the president addresses today and the parents were there. they join us exclusively tonigh tonight. ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me.
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>> martha: president trump was in new york today to cheer on law enforcement on their battle against the brutal gang ms-13 which originated in el salvador. they are in 42 states. they are controlled by a legal immigrants. >> they have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. they are animals. we cannot tolerate as a society the spilling of innocent, young, vibrant people. sons and daughters, even
4:33 pm
husbands and wives. we cannot accept this violence one day more. >> martha: very moving moments in long island today. we will be joined by the parents of one of the parent children y the scanning. we will provide some background on this deadly group. >> the tactics are so gruesome that detectives can identify their signature kills. the brutality of their methods have john the attention of a drug cartel who hires ms-13 members as enforcers. they became prominent in los angeles and spread across the country. the uptick in violence has risen because of more arrivals into
4:34 pm
america. authorities call it a long-term war with a revolving door. back in march, and ms-13 member arrested in new york for sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl has been deported four times. there are some 10,000 ms-13 members in the u.s. after being involved with several disputes on social medi media, in a fight at a high school, 16-year-old girl was targeted by the game to be murdered. and then her best friend were walking down together where they were spotted by ms-13 members were carrying baseball bats and machetes. they were savage killed.
4:35 pm
over a school dispute, and the parents were in the audience where the president gave a speech today. she told police that they were threatening her daughter two years prior before her murder. >> martha: thank you. the parents of this young lady kayla. a horrific story in our thoughts are with you and your family. you have been determined to turn it into a fight so that it doesn't happen to more families. how does this happen to your daughter? >> she's been having problems the last two years in school. i've been meaning to see if they could do something. they said they would take care of it and they didn't.
4:36 pm
it pursued, and i had my daughter home tutored. she could breathe but when she walked outside you could see her personality changing. she had to be tougher and watch her surroundings even more. it wasn't a good environment. >> she was sincere, outgoing. athletic, smart, caring. >> martha: did you look at this group as ms-13? >> i knew they existed and were within the school. i didn't know how bad it was.
4:37 pm
me and my daughter had an open relationship. she told me everything. when there was a problem, we contacted the school and they said they would take care of it. >> martha: when you were there today, when the president was speaking what message did it say to you? >> first and foremost, i admire him taking his time out from busy agenda and express himself in the manner that he did. and ensured us there was a plan in place and they would act on that plan and conquer it. as far as that's concerned, it
4:38 pm
felt like we are being heard and washington hears us. he let us know he was there for us. >> martha: there have been a lot of arrests under the new leadership. what stood out for you today for the president coming there and speaking about your daughter? >> i appreciate him acknowledging that we have a serious problem here in long island. he showed and said that this cannot be tolerated anymore. we cannot accept this behavior and that made us think somebody was listening to us.
4:39 pm
it was great hearing him speak. he was pretty much on point on everything i wanted to touch base on in terms of backing up our police and giving them to support the tools that our law enforcement needs to get this done. >> martha: i remember the president talking about the carnage in america. i am glad that you feel that something is being done because i know you are made it your life's mission. our thoughts are with you and your family, and our sympathy for the loss of your daughter. we hope that your hard work will save other children that are out there in this country. thank you. still ahead, the video then is
4:40 pm
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but it fine though? because, i would maybe be worried...really, really, really worried. you want me to go back and look for it? i will. i mean a lot of bad things could happen. you need to call the bank. i don't know how else to tell you, you need to shut that card off-- [woman 1] it's off. [woman 2] what? [woman 1] i can turn it on and off in my wells fargo app. [woman 2] huh! i feel better already. [woman 1] good. >> martha: and american family is demanding answers after release of an awful video. this attack started when the convoy pulled up and a jordanian guards standby and open fires killing two americans as bullets fly to other americans trying to
4:45 pm
signal that they are not the enemy. the jordanians ignore them in three americans lost their live lives. including our next guests who are the parents of one of the sons killed. this is sadly that is something that should never happen. >> what happened in jordan for those who analyze the video is an assassination. >> martha: explained to us what you were told when you were notified that your son was killed? >> as far as our government was
4:46 pm
concerned, our son was killed in action. when we went to go to the base and met the other families there, we were gathered in an area after the dignified transfer took place, we were told that we shouldn't pay attention to the falls narratives that were being advanced by the jordanian government. they alluded to the fact that they tried crashing the gate. that was a few weeks later. we were told initially that our guys didn't do anything wrong which we knew. these were professional army special forces. >> martha: in terms of the person who fired the shots, what was the ramifications for him?
4:47 pm
what was he doing? >> he was initially supposed to be located someplace further innovates. when the first guard opened the first gate and removed the spike strips, he remained in the guardhouse. and then the second guard came out, and when the second vehicle carrying my son came along side window to the guardhouse which is covered by camouflage net, the shooter opened up on them from point-blank range with an m-16 rifle killing my son and another. >> martha: we thank you for your sacrifice, we are going to
4:48 pm
continue digging into the story in learning more what happened. thank you for laying it out this evening, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. >> thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story. >> martha: who paid for the now debunked trumpet dossier? there's a lot of questions in the story line here. why is one senator saying the democrats don't want you to know who paid for it. an interesting story right after the this. where are we?
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>> martha: so that unverified trumpet dossier is now getting attention in the senate. yesterday someone testified that they were doing that for the russians.
4:53 pm
the suspects being blamed are democrats behind it. welcome and good to see you tonight. lay out your argument or interest in what really went on here. >> the center of the entire russia scare has been this dossier making allegations against trump. a lot of which has been discredited. the group was being funded on behalf of russian interests on this very issue that donald trump took unsettling sanctions against russia. who is paying to make this dossier against trump? and that it was being paid by russian interests, just makes
4:54 pm
something the media should be much more interested in. >> martha: very fascinating. you look at the investigative firm that has some involvement putting this dossier together. originally it was republicans who didn't want donald trump. but then somebody else picked up the funding. so who was that and was a democrats? >> i'm very impressed with molly's ability to spin a conspiracy theory out of this. there is no evidence on that. i would disagree with something, this dossier isn't what the russian investigations are about right now. they are about all of the
4:55 pm
meetings trump officials had with russians and possible ties. they are not based on that dossier. i have no idea who paid for it and where it came from. i expect there's some attempt in congress to use this dossier as a conspiracy theory. >> this dossier was used to secure a warrant and get this russian conspiracy going. >> that's not true. this was a funny, salacious thing. the russian investigations started because a bunch of other issues. >> we need to know much more. >> martha: thank you very much. we are going to take a quick break and be right back.
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>> martha: that was quite a story for tonight. the story goes on on monday. it is family vacation time but i will be back soon. dr. carlson is up next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." by the time we landed, things changed dramatically in washington. this is at least the fourth day in the road that is happened. everything we thought we knew about politics changed in just an instant. reince priebus was out to be replaced by general kelly. president trump tweeted out that i am pleased to inform


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