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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 28, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> no. i am proud of her. and i'm glad it wasn't a bobcat eating a dog. [laughter] >>never miss an episode. have a great weekend, everybody. hannity up next. >> and thanks from our friends. happy friday. change comes to the white house. dhs secretary don kelly with now replace reince priebus. reince priebus will be here. but first, the five forces that are working to destroy president trump have created an unprecedented environment of difficulty for any white house. it amounts to what i call political warfare. and that's tonight's monologue. >> it wasn't total surprise that there was a change earlier
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today. here's the thing when it comes to the trump white house. everyone working over there are beyond extraordinarily difficult. there are five forces working to destroy, damage, and delegitimize. they want to run the president out of office and overturn the election that you voted in. we start with the most dangerous. the most dangerous of all the actors against the president is the deep state. look at this headline from circa news. fbi lawyer, their chief counsel, allegedly under an investigation. their top attorney now under investigation for leaking national security information to the media. and then you have comey writing
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memos, removing that information and then having a friend leak it to the new york times. and there from the trump administration has to deal with leaks. the previous two administrations, the trump administration has faced, 125 deep state leaks in 126 days. and what we know right now is only the beginning of it. the intelligence community is filled with really great people in a that put their lives on the line. they love and protect our country. we give them these incredible tools so they can fight all these countries that want to bring us harm. these people, they do an amazing job and they are truly patriots. but there's 1/10th of 1% in the
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intel community that have turned the tools of the intelligence against you, the american people. they are leaking intelligence to the press. and it's taken so much time and so much attention for all these people that are working so hard to serve the president, the agenda, and to serve his country. and they've dealing with us from day one. this needs to come to an end. some people need to be diet indicted and put in jail. people in this white house, from day one, have faced an abusively biased press that is obsessed with theories. and it's taken up an enormous amount of time of people that work in the white house. the media has only advanced that
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false narrative and they have ignored -- of course, she was involved in putting emails, classified top-secret, special access information on a private server. and then of course she destroyed 33,000 emails and then she destroyed blackberries and iphones with a hammer and then she hands over to the fbi devices without sim cards. you have loretta lynch interfering in that email investigation. james comey leaking to the press his multitude of conflicts of interest. they don't want this president to succeed. not one of them, no matter how small the issue, even if it benefits you the american people, their singular goal is to resist at every single turn no matter what.
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they're actually giddy. they were giddy yesterday that healthcare failed last night, the very healthcare system that they sold to you on false and broken promises, that raised your premiums up to $8,000 on average. put that in the bin, scrap of history as one of the biggest lies ever told. what happened last night was a disgrace. look at the pathetic display this week. they couldn't even pass the skinny repeal. john mccain over and over and over again promising repeal and replace. they couldn't do it now. and then you've got the never trumpers. they never supported the president. their only hope in life is that he failed, the country fail s.
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>> this deck is stacked against the people that are working in the white house. and this onslaught of attacks from every part of the dc sewer and swamp, well, it has made it incredibly difficult for them in the white house to get their job done. and instead of focusing on the president's agenda, they spend 85% of their day fighting back against these five forces. those are the conditions that everyone in the white house has to endure every day from day one. it's a political war zone. now reince priebus has held high tonight. he's not responsible that they broke their promises. he served the country with honor and distinction, as the president said, under very gruelling and difficult circumstances. you critics can say whatever you want. what these people in this white house, what they are up against, it's unparalleled. and joining us now, former chief
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of staff reince priebus. how are you doing at this moment? how are you feeling? do you feel good about this, bad about this? has this been building? >> obviously, there's always mixed feelings, but generally good. number one, it was an honor and a privilege to serve president trump. i think he's doing an amazing job. i think he needs more credit for the great work he's doing. and i don't know obviously why he hasn't gotten more recognition around the country for the bills, the executive orders and this constant obsession over distractions. and so, look, he's doing a great job. but i'm feeling good about the fact that he's making a change that makes him comfortable with moving forward. we had a good talk yesterday. i resigned. he accepted it. and then we were sort of working together and talking quite a few times about who would be a great
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pick to come in here and be the chief of staff. and i can't think of anyone better than john kelly who is a good, decent, tough guy who's exactly the type of person the president needs. so i'm happy for him. i think actually going a different direction, hitting a reset button is a good thing... and the president did that. and so i think he's happy. i've got to tell you, although it's always a little mixed when things like this happen, i generally feel pretty good. >> the weird thing is, i know recent events with anthony scaramucci who recollects i also know and i've known you for many, many years. i was on the campaign trail with you. i saw you the days of the debate. i probably have more midnight to 1:00 am conversations with you than i care to admit and probably you care to acknowledge that you ever talked to me. but you guys got along. you guys were friends. you guys were going to work together.
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>> yeah. well, first of all, i will say and we'll always continue to talk. you're a great friend. we appreciate you very much. i'm not going to get into that subject. it's getting in the mud. and i think the palace intrigue stuff is annoying and i think it's a distraction. it takes away from the president's agenda. i think what everyone needs to do is just focus on the president, focus on the things that he wants to get done for the american people. you know what's in his heart. i know his heart. he's a genuine, decent, incredibly hard-working president that deserves the credit that he has coming for the incredible accomplishments that he's taken part of. and so those other things, some of that stuff this week, i just think it's an annoying distraction that it's just not right for people to talk about, especially employees of the west wing. >> why did you decide now, and you're saying you helped the president in offering up names
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for your replacement. so that tells me that this has gone on for some period of time. and you also told me you're going to stay around for a while. tell us more about that. >> well, we just started talking about this yesterday when i told you we had a conversation when i resigned yesterday privately. the future is -- i talked to general kelly tonight. obviously we talk often because he's a cabinet secretary. i've gotten to know him. he's a great man. i'm going to be involved in about a two-week transition here to help the general kind of get around and meet all the different employees that are doing great work here. and i'll because available. i'm going to be on team trump all the time. i'll always be out there trying to help the president advance his goals, support him as a friend, too. and that's the other part of the job that people don't realize. you actually become friends. when you go through thick and
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thin together, you get to know people really well. and he's a good man. and i was honored to be able to serve him. >> listen, reince, i can attest to it. i saw it when i was there and the times that i've interviewed the president or interviewed the white house. i saw how close you were. and i guess that's the surprise. but i did say that i want to go through each challenge that i think is fairly unprecedented in the intensity of those that want to hurt the president, delegitimize his agenda. and that would get to the deep state. that would get to democrats from day one never accepted the results. that would get to the media has been obsessed with one issue with no evidence. overall, it seems like since day one there has been an unnatural,
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unprecedented, never-ending attacks on this white house. is that accurate? >> i think you're right. just look at the numbers and senate confirmations. they're debating people for 30 hours. that's an entire week on the senate floor. so in other words, it's unprecedented. you can look at the percentages of cabinet secretaries appointed. the minuscule amount of cooperation that this president gets from the democrats and the house and senate. the media feeding frenzy, the fact that people are trying to become famous in the press room. i can go on and on. the point is, hitting a reset button, it affects me. but put me aside. it doesn't matter. you've got to look at this objectively. the president hitting the reset button, saying, "let's say something different," i don't think that's a biad thing.
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everyone reports to general kelly. i think it's a good formula. that's how he will be successful. >> we go through these challenges that i think are unique more than the previous two administrations, the deep state has leaked intelligence on this president. we saw what happened yesterday. and then we also had the issue of james comey. but i want to specifically get to, there was one report of 125 leaks in 126 days. seven times the past two administrations. how much of your day was consumed with either that or russia with no evidence? did that hurt? >> we walked into the west wing with these challenges and they continue. the collusion story is a joke. i honestly don't believe there's
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a lot of people out there that actually believe that campaign people are sitting on telephones and having meetings and passing secret messages trying to figure out how to mess around with the election. it's ridiculous. but yet, if you look at headlines over the last six months, you would think that that's the only thing happening in the world. here's the good thing. it's for everyone out there that do love our president. the good thing is that when you go to rallies in youngstown, ohio like we did. there's not a politician anywhere on the planet that can go to any arena in the united states, fill it up, and have 10,000 people waiting outside, and by the way, go give a speech with everyone going bananas in the arena. and so you look at the numbers out in the midwest where i come from. the president's very popular.
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the problem with washington is you live in a little tiny bubble. and this bubble is very, very different than the rest of the country. and then you read all this stuff and you start thinking, "what in the world is going on?" i want to focus on the real issues. >> i want to get to that media in just a second. that also played a part in this. and that's one of the five big institutions that don't want the president to succeed and are trying to prevent his agenda from being enacted. you mention it had crowds. and i watched the speech. and my question to you is, you had a very successful run as the chairman of the rnc. you helped elect a lot of people in the house and the senate. they work hard and long. >> they got it done >> they got it done. all right. mitch mccollum didn't get it
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done. john mccain -- i did not like what he did last night. nor did any of them run of the skinny repeal bill. my question is this. to the extent that the republicans are in my view lacking the identity that the president says, he's saying, i'll build the law, i'll repeal and replace, tax cuts, energy independence, very definitive stances. i didn't see that with the republicans this week. and you helped elect those guys. were you as disappointed as i am? >> i was very disappointed. in the end, you've got to have 50 votes. and you can have a majority, but if you don't have a governing majority, they been you don't have a majority.
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getting john mccain back on board with our healthcare reform bill, i think it's still possible. here's the thing. i don't think it's over though, sean. i would not say that repealing and replacing obamacare before september is off the table >> you know what i didn't hear this week except for isn't that right ted cruz -- but i didn't hear about healthcare cooperatives, healthcare savings accounts. these are fundamental principles i've been talking about on air and you've been discussing for 15, 20 years, and they weren't even in the bill. >> well, they were in the original bill. but as they kept peeling things off of the bill, it became
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skinnier and skinnier. i think that the republicans can still get this thing done. they only need one more vote. now, lindsay graham and cassidy and others are talking about a straight up block grant and send it back to the states. maybe that's going to catch fire. i think it might. the point of this though is that i believe, like you, that it's president trump's agenda that won the election in november. it's the thing the president's been talking about for 30 years. so it's not like someone just came up with this. he's been talking about this stuff for decades. and that's the agenda that everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction on. i gave the speech that the president gave in youngstown to the senior staff the other day, and i said, this is the president's agenda. everyone should read this speech, learn it, and do everything you can to enact these promises that the
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president talks about has crowds coming out of the woodwork for. this is where the focus needs to be. >> all right. stay right there. we'll have more of reince priebus after the break straight ahead. ♪ so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what?
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priebus, this was the president earlier today. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been a star, done an incredible job thus far, respected by everybody, a great, great american. reince priebus, a good man. >> as we continue with reince priebus, who resigned late last evening. when you compare and contrast past administrations and they were able to get their appointments through the senate and the slow process, you're kind of kind to mitch mcconnell earlier, and i for the life of me don't understand why some of these people don't have their up or down vote, the president still doesn't have his full team on board. do we just need to get rid of the filibuster? >> i heard a rumor last week
7:24 pm
that the democrats may stop their blockade after obamacare. we're hoping that that's going to be the case with senator schumer. we have hundreds of nominees sitting in clearance or senate committees right now. senate rules are complicated. i think that the focus on the president's agenda, i think what you're doing every day is important. but i'm hoping that some of these folks in the senate come to their senses and see that they're hurting the country by not just blocking the president but doing it in a way that that is obnoxious and it injures the united states of america. they're injurying the country
7:25 pm
that they're elected to serve. i get that you want to have a robust debate. have the debate, but don't do it at the expense of the country. we actually need people appointed at the department of defense. we need people appointed at the department of state. get them on a committee and put them to work. >> and this goes to the heart. i know you know this. but it's august and i don't know -- the president, as you pointed out the, executive orders, everything that he could get rid of it >>our regulation, we're working on the calculation, but it's something like 15 or 16 to 1, meaning for every one regulation, we're kicking out 15 or 16. his executive order called a 2 for 1. look at what's happening with job, look at workforce productivity. he's doing a great job.
7:26 pm
>> the president's doing everything he can do within his power. but we have separation of powers. they asked for the senate in 2014. they wanted the presidency. they got it all. now they're saying, "we need senators to get healthcare done." and they are ticked off beyond measure, including me. >> yeah, no question about it. but you go back -- and i think the proof is what we talked about earlier, which is the president's very popular out across the country. and he's popular because he's not getting blamed for what's happening in not passing this legislation. people aren't waking up today and saying president trump is the guy to blame for the --
7:27 pm
we have a legislature that needs to come together quickly and come up with another idea. and the good news for everyone is i do believe that the leadership and the senate and people that are working with it, they are working hard. and let's be hopeful that something's going to get done. >> i'm just going to say one word. >> i'm an optimistic. >> you are. i've known you for all these years. and under the conditions that are unpres d unprecedented, he question. i'm just going to give you one word and you go anywhere you want to go. the media in this country.
7:28 pm
>> dishonest. >> you're trying to be nice. i can read your eyes. >> look, here's my problem. i don't even -- there's a lot of words to describe it. what i find to be amazing is how narratives are set and a lot of it's not true and facts get placed into stories that then get repeat in the a different setting. and if people knew what the actual truth was, whether it be palace intrigue, whether it be russia collusion, whether it be someone said something in the oval office, it's the most breath-taking thing for me has been the difference between what the truth is and what actually gets reported and what actually becomes a full-blown narrative and reported as fact. i don't know how to explain it any better than that, but it's
7:29 pm
very incredible. >> is the media dishonest? >> i don't think everyone in the media is dishonest. just like everyone in politics is dishonest, or lawyers. i think that there's enough though that have such incredible competition on their hands for information and movement and clicks online and profitability, that there's just -- people are shaving the honest nature of where they know in their hearts they need to be to just barely click away. >> is it fair to say that there is a very high level of misinformation, fake news, and dishonesty and the american public need to be very discerning because owe -- you know a lot of what they read and hear on television is fake. a lot of it is totally fake.
7:30 pm
the good news is that the president has done a great job of pointing it out to everybody. i mean, it has become an epidemic. but i also think there's such competition and such a drive for money, that it becomes dishonest. and so, luckily, the president's pretty tough and he punches through it left and right and fills up the arena and will be reelected in a few years. and it'll blow their minds away, and it'll happen. >> i do believe that the president is sending signals to the republicans and the house and senate. if they want that type of response, stand for the type of agenda he's standing for and keep your promises. all right, my last question. you've been through this process. you helped a lot of those guys in the washington and the house and senate get elected. you were there with the president helping him after the primary was over and with him
7:31 pm
every step of the way. what is your best, fondest, most proud achievement or something you want to let people know? >> well, look, i don't know if it's most proud. there's so many things that i think the president accomplished. and, number one, it's not about me or my accomplishments. but i just think maybe the first day that we came into the west wing together with the president and walking around, going into the oval office, signing that first executive order, and just the magnitude of that responsibility. and even president trump, who's larger than life, and a proud guy and a tough guy, i remember the moment -- it sort of just took his breath away when he walked in. i would also tell you that when he has to make tough decision s,
7:32 pm
the deliberation that he takes. he deliberated and cared so much about making a decision, and meeting again and meeting again, and thinking about it and talking to his generals and listening to them. if people knew the amount of care that this job takes in order to make those types of big decisions, they would be very much inspired. and our president does that >> last, last question. because you're saying something that i think is very revealing. you and the president have become very close is what you're saying. and more importantly, what is there about this president that you would want americans to know that maybe they don't know, a side of them that they will never see? >> i think they're seeing it now because he's done an incredible job getting out there
7:33 pm
across the country and had a lot of touching events. i think people need to see more of the human side of president trump, that he's a genuine, decent, caring person that engages people. he's also extremely funny. i know you know that. he can just crack you up all the time. and he is a good friend. but this is about not friendship. this is about making sure that everything's being run at the direction of the president. and i think, honestly, general kelly is a good man. we've gotten to know each other very well. we've talked tonight. i'm looking forward to working with him in the next couple of weeks on a good transition and making sure that everyone is focused on accomplishing the president's agenda moving forward. >> all right, reince priebus. i know for a fact how hard you've worked, how you have served your country, how difficult it has been with all of those forces against you and
7:34 pm
the president. and we owe you a debt of gratitude. >> up next, reaction to my interview with reince priebus. [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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♪go your own way get your first prescription free at >>welcome back to hannity. joining us now, salem radio nationally syndicated host. geraldo, i thought i just like people that are loyal and gracious. and i think reince priebus, as i said, under extraordinary circumstances, they've been under unprecedentd fire. thoughts? >> well, i think that first of all you are the person who was loyal and gracious in your interview with reince priebus. i would have been crueler.
7:39 pm
>> geraldo, i don't want to talk about that. >> then i would follow up -- no, i would follow up and say, "do you deny that you had anything or nothing to do with -- do you deny you had anything to do with it? >> wait, wait. you've got to give this guy credit, because he helped elect the republicans in the house and senate. it's not his fault these idiots broke their promise. he's not probabresponsible. number two, he had to thread the needle with 17 people and with honor and distinction. you cannot deny the unprecedented attacks that this white house has been under. that's what i was asking you >> then i would say, what is it? you describe this love affair you have with donald trump. what is it that turned the 45th president of the united states so hostile to you so suddenly.
7:40 pm
what was it? >> he resigned. >> what evidence was presented to donald trump? >> he resigned. larry. >> regarding all of this palace intrigue stuff, can we just have a little bit of perspective and have people calm the hell down? i was alive during the obama administration, john. he went through not one, two, three, but four secretaries of defense during his first five years. they had severe policy differences. the first secretary of state, gates, hammered him for the iran deal, said it was unrealistic. these were major policy differences. and his last one gave an
7:41 pm
interview to foreign policy magazine and said that the obama administration was trying to destroy him, and he was very angry about their style and policy differences. >> other administrations had a lot of big issues, clinton, even president reagan, later in their terms. this has been out of the box. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>>all right, as we continue with larry elder, geraldo rivera. greg, i apologize. i want to give you the floor. geraldo wants to pounce on the guy, and the guy's done so much good. i love you, but you've got to stop, geraldo. give the guy a five-second br k break. he was mean. >> he is a smart and talented guy, but he was in the wrong job. he had the position but he didn't have the power, sean. general kelly will likely change all of that. he has command experience. he's all about discipline and order. and i think the president came to realize that that's what he needed, especially after the scaramucci feud that began to resemble game of thrones. the power of struggle near the seat of power is not unusual.
7:46 pm
obama, for example, had five -- >>they love chaos. geraldo, but this is my point. a lot of these administrations had trouble -- look, you defended clinton to death and it drove me nuts. that was later in his administration. his first two years were rough, too. >> his popularity was very similar to president trump's in the first year of his tenure. but my point is that there is a structural problem. there has been in the trump administration, represented by reince priebus. this president is saddle window all of these establishment guys. let's call a spade a spade.
7:47 pm
why did scaramucci see what he saw so clearly so soon? and why did the president say, "okay, we've got to clean our house"? president trump has been fighting everywhere. you laid it out perfectly. five different -- the media and the deep state and all the rest of it. but he's also been fighting an internal war against his own staffers who have been leaking every secret he has. >> but no president faced the things i'm talking about >> for -- he was furious, launch into a profani profanity-laced tirade. nobody leaked. we didn't know about it until ann compton retired. this is what goes on in
7:48 pm
administrations, and donald trump is no different. so just lighten up. that's twice that i didn't get to you. i feel bad. i'll make it up to you, my friend. more reaction to our shakeup. thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, burnt-on gravy? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. chances are, the last time yoyou got, i know-- i got a loan 20 years ago, and i got robbed. that's why i started lendingtree-- the only place you can compare up to 5 real offers side by side, for free. it's like shopping for hotels online, but our average customer can save
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>>and as we continue on
7:52 pm
hannity, more reactions to today's shakeup. corey, we'll start with you. >> well, sean, let me say this. obviously, i respect the president's decision and think that bringing general kelly is, he's going to make a great team, a great combination. it's time for a fresh start. it's time that the agenda moves forward. he's a man who gets things done. he's going to make sure the president's agenda moves forward. and i would like to see a fresh start taking place. >> what do you think about me when i was arguing with geraldo? these are really unprecedented pressures that have been there from day one? >> yeah, no question. first of all, we've never had someone come into the presidency, maybe ronald reagan close, but not like this. who is taking on the media all at once, taking on all the
7:53 pm
entrenched power all at once. the second part is donald trump hasn't had -- he pull in the a bunch of outsiders. but he's a quick learner. and he realized after six months he doesn't want to stop having the fights. he just is figuring out how to retool around him to operationalize for success. you've just got to get a different team. and i think reince was classy as hell in his interview. i'm very excited about these changes. >> i thought he was classy, too. maybe because i just know his history a little more than others and i know the circumstances, i'm just a little more sympathetic. you've been through this yourself. >> look, i've been through it and it's a very tough thing. and i can tell you this. i think the president said it
7:54 pm
best. reince is a good man. he's been very good and done a good job for the president. he demands the best results all of the time. and this healthcare bill that went down, unfortunately, was not a good thing for the american people. the president said he's going to get it done. those republicans need to come together and they need to get it done. we need to repeal obamacare. and he demands results and he's now moving forward with a new team to get new results. >> i don't know where the leaks come from. none of us probably know where it's coming from. i have no idea. maybe it's multiple people. but whoever they are, they all need to go. >> i agree with this desire to clean it up. when i was made the political director for president bush, the chief of staff said, look, if you leak or if you step outside
7:55 pm
the trust of the president, there's going to be a cardboard box on your desk and you're going to fill it and you're going to lead. you have to have that kind of mentality on the west wing. and i'm glad that they're going to do it. >> yeah, it can't come soon enough. all right, guys. thank you both for being with us. we really appreciate it. we've got a lot more on hannity coming up right after this break straight ahead.
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>> all right, welcome back to hannity. this has been such a slow news week, this is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. we want to remind you, this show will because fair and balanced
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have a great weekend. back to the battle on monday. see you then. ♪ ♪ >>good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. we just landed from el salvador, pretty short flight. by the time we landed, things seem to have changed dramatically in washington. it was at least the fourth day in a row that has happened, where everything you thought you knew about politics in dc changed in just an instant. i am pleased to inform you that i have just named general