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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 29, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we will have lots of details all next week, we hope you tune in. we will now go over to our friends at "the five" ." >> jesse: hello everybody, this is "the five." another night of breaking news in washington. the president ousted chief of staff reince priebus and replaced him with john kelly. and a new communications director anthony scaramucci in a
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fiery interview. >> reince priebus is a good man and john kelly will do a fantastic job. and is respected by everybody. a great american. reince priebus a good man. thank you very much. >> reince priebus gets some credit for helping getting president trump elected in the ground game. he's out near ours after a major failure on health care. when he urged the g.o.p. nominee to get out of the race because of that access hollywood tape. the president tweeted about that in private.
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and scaramucci comments against his strong comments against reince priebus. it was written in giant letters last night that an interview where he called reince priebus a bleeping schizophrenic. and as the president was getting off the plane, reince priebus secretly left the motorcade. tonight he put out a statement that said it was one of the greatest honors of his life to serve the president. and then he told sean hannity this. >> i think going a different direction and hitting the reset button is a good thing. the president did that and i think he's happy. i think it's always a little mixed when things like this happen. i generally feel pretty good.
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>> he will be preceded by john kelly. she was a senior aide to two secretaries of defense. reince priebus says he was fortunate to service country. john kelly says that he's honor to serve under the president of the united states. and he needs to control the flow of people in paper in the oval office. there will be a cabinet meeting as well to reboot things in the administration. >> jesse: thank you very much. it really brought them back from oblivion. as chief of staff, didn't really deliver on obamacare repeal and didn't stop the leaks. do you believe he deserves to be
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out? just this last week, the white house entered an anniversary. i think if you are it lands previously can look at it both ways. and the obamacare thing, that was a big marker for him. the fact that he did not have the full backing of the president or cabinet, then he was basically not able to function and do his job in the best thing for everybody is for him to move on. in the appointing of john kelly was a good job. he has the respect of the president and this is a white house that is facing an
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increasingly face a very hostile regime. you have a iran sending up a satellite into space. and he knows a lot of things about south america and venezuela. the fact that the chief of staff now has a great command of the issues is really good. >> jesse: president trump is firing more people than on the apprentice. is it working now? >> greg: the good news is that spicer and reince priebus can now do "dancing with the stars" as a pair. [laughs] i do think that donald trump
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reminds me of president obama, he had five chiefs of staff. i looked that up on wikipedia. i don't know these chief of staff's. and he was a ballet dancer. i always look to wikipedia. white house staffing changes are like football trades. we do this for a living but i don't think anyone will care about this. this is a guy who treats staffing as he always does. he uses you as a user zoo. he uses you.
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and then after a while, it's normal. the happiest person in washington is scaramucci. his language was saltier than a sweaty pretzel. and now we are talking about this. >> jesse: what do you think about kelly coming in, he will have a lot more discipline and authority. >> juan: i'm not speaking for democrats, i don't think makes much difference. president trump is in charge and i think he enjoys the chaos. how are you going to tell his son a lot you can go in there russian mark they ? they are operating in their own sphere in the white house.
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this is not like any other president switching eight chief of staff, this has been a week of dysfunction. i think this is about health care fails and reince priebus is out, and sessions basically says he's not leaving. if you want me to go than fire me. and then the transgender issue. and then you have the whole business with the boy scouts having to put out an apology. it's been a terrifically turbulent week. the scaramucci stuff was out of control.
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>> lisa: i'm actually disappointed that secretary kelly is leaving that post. i thought he was a perfect pick for homeland security secretary. and he served in central and south america. i'm really disappointed for him to leave that post. the turnover that we saw under president obama, i certainly hope that doesn't happen to someone who has so dutifully serve this country. i think the writing was on the wall for reince priebus. president trump felt like the establishment within his own party was there with him. and i think i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some more firings.
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>> i'm going to be on team trump all of the time. i'm going to help the president advances goal. that's the other part of the job that people don't realize, when you go through thick and thin together you know people really well. it was honor to be able to serve him. >> jesse: he's taking a classy way out there. so trumpet seems to be clearing out the political rnc people. he's bringing in military people and money men. he's feeling comfortable around the millionaires and billionaires. what does that say about trump? >> dana: i think they still have plenty of competition for ideas in the white house.
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you have steve bannon and kellyanne conway. i think what's really interesting is what's about to happen. i think this is all set up for a few weeks because the president has been so upset about jeff sessions and his recusal over the russian investigation. and the republicans came to jeff sessions defense this week. where can jeff sessions do even more on immigration, the secretary of homeland security. how can this conservatives complain? and then they fire mueller.
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>> greg: i think there's something about donald trump that plays a role in this president. he went to a military academy. he was getting into fights and what changed him is the military academy. and a general is someone who gives you order, discipline and routine. and hopefully that will work. i just don't know if that's possible. >> lisa: one of the big knocks against the president trump is that he wouldn't take advice of counsel and listen to advisors. he surrounded himself with people who were ceos or people that have run something successfully. i find that to be very interesting. it turned out to be the exact opposite in terms of surrounding
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himself with people and to some degree allowed him to do that role. >> juan: i don't think the blood letting is over. there is every indication that rex tillotson is not happy. and the security advisor was not plugged in to the transgender issue. you take that with the idea that steve bannon is drifting in the wind. scaramucci said awful things which seem to be physically impossible. and that he can't be in a good place with scaramucci there.
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i will say this about kelly, is a great deal of worry in the intelligence community in the country. with the white house dysfunctio dysfunction, and will they be able to handle it. >> jesse: president trump has a lot of praise on his new chief of staff. and his comments on combating ms-13 and his vows to ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> dana: today president trump spoke before law enforcement officers about the violent gain ms-13. >> we are going to destroy the violence cartel ms-13. they are particularly violent. they don't like shooting people because it is too quick and fas fast. they kidnap, extort, they rate
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and rob. and i have a message for these people that are so threatening and violent, will find you, arrest you, and deport you. >> dana: earlier tonight, there was an interview with the mother of a girl killed by ms-1 ms-13. she and the father came in and shared part of their story. this gives voice to what president trump was talking about. >> i knew they were within the school but i didn't know how bad it was. me and my daughter had an open relationship. she told me everything. when there was a problem i really contacted the school. they said they would take care
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of it. >> dana: there you have a girl girl, this is a ms-13 group that is terrible. >> jesse: what they do is they go into these communities, a lot of times hispanic communities and they threaten hispanics into coming into their cartels. they are very violent and gory. i think destroying ms-13 is pro-hispanic. when the president comes out and makes a grand statement like
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this, it forces democrats to sa say, we will vote for more resources for i.c.e. agents, immigration judges because if we don't there will be mayhem. we do a story this week, a guy that was deported 20 times and now he's back in portland which is a sanctuary city and always charged with rating two women at knife point. and the sanctuary cities did not protect these women. when you highlight this, it really resonates with the rest of the country. >> lisa: president trump is
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doing what the party does really well, giving a personal voice to issues. he's lent a voice to victims of illegal immigrants which is something we never saw under obama. in trump has cracked down on immigration and he has done tha that. 1300 gang members were detained. there's a big problem in virginia. if you look at maryland, they seen 16 homicides by ms-13. this is a big problem in the country and i'm really happy to see him cracking down on it. >> dana: they basically try to give the police there the
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go-ahead to get tough. >> juan: i don't know why the president of the united states was saying that to the police. i don't think it helps. i want to talk about what jesse was saying. he says the latino community feels threatened by ms-13. we know this is a reality. the problem is the greater fear of mass deportation in families being broken apart and people being picked up were not involved with any crime. you see this, it's like he's promoting fear of all illegal immigrants to justify his political agenda in the country. i thought it was stunning that
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you had attorney general sessions in el salvador, fighting ms-13 and he doesn't get one shot out when he is talking about fighting it was 13. >> dana: that may have been an oversight of a good. >> greg: this is a perfect example of the trump presidency, that's a big deal. what you just say, he's focusing on lines of the issue. the bigger issue obliterates the littler issue. you don't have to like him or the fact that he forgets about
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things. you come up with all of the stupid stuff and when you look at the bigger issue, the bigger issue matters. this is my advice to democrats, she took law enforcement and he beat the pants off of you. he made it okay to appreciate law enforcement again. now you can do it openly. we had media painting law enforcement is a problem. now the pendulum is swinging back to the point where you can say were proud that you do what you do. >> juan: you sent me something that was so impressed with, this podcast with two people. what you saw was the argument,
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trump managers to be persuasive by rolling things beyond a factual basis. he's playing a fear card that appeals to people. >> lisa: when 75% of illegal immigrants contained were convicted criminals of assault and drug related crimes. >> juan: you have more american citizens being killed in reality. >> greg: you can dislike american criminals and dislike illegal criminals. trump is anti-illegal
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immigrants. >> juan: he's trying to cut back on all kinds of immigratio immigration. >> dana: the gop's skinny obamacare repeal effort fails overnight with john mccain'sooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices.
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good luck finding a gym to train for that. if this guy isn't the toughest guy on the planet, then i don't know who is! caregiving is tougher than tough. find the care guides you need at >> breaking news, we are getting word tonight that president trump will sign the russian sanctions bill. it was a bleak morning for republicans in d.c. after they failed to repeal obamacare overnight. here's the president's reaction. >> we should have approved health care last night.
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but we can have everything. we've been working on that for seven years. the swamp. we will get it done. let obamacare implode and then we will do it. >> juan: wow. looking forward, tom price could sabotage it. he could not support some of the subsidies or mandates. >> jesse: or trump could fire price. he's failed the american people. there's a few lessons here.
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republicans don't have the policy chops that they've been bragging about. i don't even know if anything they put out there would lower premiums. there's a lot of so-called republicans that shows big government over small governmen government. once you put a lot of these senators on federal funding, very hard to take away. mitch mcconnell is not the master leader. mccain put the interests of his own constituents, and sacrifice it against the altar of the mysterious bipartisanship that never even existed. and he voted against obamacare. it doesn't make any sense.
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the only thing you can do or say at this point is term limits. >> juan: mccain had a promise from paul ryan that if this bill was passed, they wouldn't negotiate. mccain said that's not enough. >> dana: if you voted on the motion to proceed, why not then to voted into conference. if you don't like it then, then don't proceed it. mccain lent his choice be known early on. all the rest of the republicans stuck with mcconnell to vote on it. there's some sense of unity there.
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former speaker nancy pelosi sent a letter saying we the democrats are willing to work with you on the version you put forth. they were willing to come to the table at the time and now they want to do it. every decision going forward has some part of obamacare in it. when you talk about any budget issues, obamacare is inside. >> juan: won the big, big changes received during this period is that most americans supporting obamacare which includes most republicans. >> greg: is seen as a free thing and it's hard to take everything away.
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i would've voted no on this. there's nothing good in life that begins with the word skinn skinny. skinny margaritas are the worst thing on the planet. this should have been a morbidly obese repeal. it should have had something with substance. let me finish, i think mccain might have been given some people cover for doing it. obamacare is a big bucket of manure. this was a spoon that started around a little bit. the change was so small what they were effecting. they still act like you are committing murder.
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and for those who don't know what side you're on, this is an education. if you touch an entitlement, you are worse than isis and hitler combined. they will call you a murderer and evil. they also planned it because they knew they were going to wi win. there was no plan for this because no one thought troubled win. they showed have planned this out earlier. >> lisa: this is an embarrassment for the republican party. they been begging the american people for chance. the democratic party has egg on their face as well. they should have focused on
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issues that held the middle class. and now americans are stuck and trapped with a health care system that doesn't work. an estimated 44% of counties will not have any insurers. premiums increased on average by 105%. everyone has egg on her face. >> greg: that's high in cholesterol. >> juan: i think there's room for republicans and democrats to work on health care. and get the best possible plan for americans. republicans calling for a new republicans calling for a new special
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>> lisa: robert mueller is being continued to investigate into the russian matter. great, what do you think? she six >> greg: if you look ats latest stuff, russia is playing both sides apparently. if the media only focuses on one side, you have to ask yourself. >> jesse: the g.o.p. is learning to fight fire with fir fire. let's see who is more guilty, my money's on the democrats. they want to investigate lynch and the immunity given to the clinton foundation.
12:44 am
the illegal server and documents. there's a whole host of things they can look into. there's a lot of meat on that bone and people are hungry. >> dana: i think the problem is all of the things that jesse just listed. >> dana: the democratic party is concerned with obstruction, would this be a good place to look? >> juan: this is payback and an eye for an eye. there is a serious investigation that is bogging down the trump white house. that's out of the trump playbook. in americans are thinking this is petty and small.
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>> lisa: you don't think using the word matter instead of investigation is cause for concern? >> juan: >> lisa: stay right the because facebook friday is because facebook friday is coming up man: i wanted to start that i was passionate about. something i absolutely enjoyed and believed in. my name's steve allen. i run radcab in tulsa, oklahoma. starting a business can be incredibly confusing.
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>> greg: that's called rapid music dana. facebook friday, let's get started. when was your first tv appearance on tv and how nervous were you and why? >> juan: i will say this, i think i was playing basketball in upstate new york. i was interviewed after. >> jesse: they caught up with me at a shoe store in philly about a milli vanilli scandal. i was spooked the first time i was on television. >> lisa: i was working on a
12:50 am
senate race out of wisconsin. i made sure the campaign manage manager, gave him an out and ended up doing it and really enjoyed it and now i'm doing this. >> dana: in college i worked for a pbs station. it was called capital journal. >> greg: i was drunk my first time. question two, what is the one thing you always wanted to do but haven't and why haven't you? >> dana: i don't know, i've
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never been asked. you have to take time off. it's getting kind of hot in her here. i've never been to venice. >> jesse: i want to go to south america and i never want to come back. >> greg: just do something on the show that will make you go wait. >> juan: i want to take my family on safari. >> greg: i don't like safari, i don't want to be around animals. >> lisa: i want to go skydiving.
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>> greg: there's nothing i want to do because i don't like anything so i have no desire. everything that everyone mentions has some elevated risk. so i would want to eat a cheese sandwich every day until i die under the weight of the cheese wrappers. >> jesse: you most of it and vacation. >> greg: i'm never going away again, one more thing coming
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>>it's time now for one more thing. greg. >> all right, tomorrow night got a great show. saturday, 10 pm, it's going to be a lot of stuff. as you know, i went away. and it is time for greg's vacation pictures. you are going to love this. i went to greece and to italy. here's my first picture. i don't know if you can tell. apparently it's my foot. i think i'm walking to the terminal. let's go to my next picture. just sitting there. it's a picture of my thigh. i was waiting at the gate. and then here i was trying to take a picture of a building but i forgot to put the reverse in selfie mode, so it's just a
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picture of me. all right, dana. >> all right, i've got a great one i've said for you. chicago fire fighter found a great way to give back to his community. they're skipping class. and it's like why are you skipping class? i want you to stay in school. so he started a thing. if you bring your good report cards in, i'm going to give you a bicycle. and all the sudden, they all started coming in. attendance increased 45%. and they are looking to pass the torch and searching for someone to take over the bike program. so if you have anybody in mind. >> that's an excellent program. >> sad news tonight.
12:58 am
british baby charlie garr passed away today. little charlie was born with a rare illness. he couldn't breathe on his own. his parents held out hope for a cure. even tried to bring him to the us at one point. this is tough stuff. pope francis tweeted today, "i entrust little charlie to the father and pray for his parents and all those who love him." >>i'm up next. do people know anything about russia or putin or trump? we went out to the streets to find out. do you believe that russia enter -- interfered in the election? >> i do. >> how do you know that? >> i have no idea.
12:59 am
>> all right. so you'll see this whole thing saturday night at 8:00 eastern. >> touching and emotional moment out of michigan where hundreds of people showed their final respects to a bomb dog. she credits her with helping him through his post traumatic stress disorder after serving and it really underscores the connection between service members and the animals that serve alongside of them. >> did you again get dana's permission? >> it actually really does work... and there's lots of these organizations, if you can support them. if you mature up a rescue dog, you can save a lot of lives and bring a lot of joy >> but did you feel upstaged?
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>> no. i am proud of her. and i'm glad it wasn't a bobcat eating a dog. [laughter] >>never miss an episode. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been the star. he's done an incredible job thus far. respected by everybody. a great, great american. reince priebus, a good man. thank you very much. >> bret: a wild week in washington ending with a west wing shakeup announced late this afternoon. the president speaking about his new chief of staff, homeland security retired general john kelly. the press secretary resigning and a new white house chief of staff chief of staff. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. just before


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