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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 29, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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e. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. arthel: turbulent times in the west wing, departure capping a chaotic reports of administration infighting and the failure of the senate to make again any headway on health care. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric sean. the department of homeland security john kelly, you know, he's to replace reince priebus as white house chief of staff. that on monday will be a big meeting at the white house. retired general you know is more than four decades of military service to our country, but very
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little political experience but predecessor believes general kelly is up to the challenge. >> i'm feeling good about the fact that he's making a change that makes him comfortable moving forward. you know, we had a good talk yesterday i resigned and he accepted it and we started working together and talking quite a few times about who would be a great pick to come in here and be the chief of staff and i can't think of anyone better than a four-star general john kelly. arthel: let's go to doug that's live from the white house with more. >> hi, arthel, no doubt sure that president trump concurs with what reince priebus said there. fond of his generals, what's most important perhaps is disdainful of weakness. i'm reminded of what a senior administration official said that the one thing you do not do to president trump is show insecurity that jeff sessions showed that and reince priebus showed that.
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general kelly's record does not show any weakness. it's not just 40 years of military service, i'm reminded the death of his son, marine lieutenant robert kelly who died after stepping on a land mine in afghanistan, continued to receiver in the military after that and the department of homeland security and was credited to restore moral and immigration reform which is one of the administration's successes. >> he has a huge chief of staff and tens of thousands of people and what he's doing is he's giving all of that up to become a staff person himself and he's doing that out of loyalty and devotion to the president and that's testimony to who he is, i think, and i think he's going to receiver the president very well. >> kelly was a one-time liaison on capitol hill and whatever persuasive powers are badly needed where many are pulling
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away and have seen by many as impulsive and not strategic in thinking. >> you also have to hold these republicans who voted for seven years for repeal of obamacare and yet three of them go by the wayside, where is holding them to the fire? you need to be able to do this because the president plays it to the american people and we need to fulfill that promise. >> big question is whether kelly who has a reputation for impart discipline would be able to impart discipline not only below but to the one troop he's not in charge. arthel, back to you. arthel: thank you very much. live in front of the white house. eric. eric: the republicans senators have to pick themselves out of the bootstrap and kind of like their wounds after failed votes to repeal and replace obamacare but with the president now demanding they not give up on health care. you still get back to work, senators have other business to deal with because they are now spending an extra two weeks in washington blowing off some of the summer august recess.
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garrett tienney live in the nation's capitol. hi, garrett. >> backseat while they tried to get something passed on health care and nominations from the trump administration for position that is after seven months still had not been filled. that's expected to be a big focus over the senate in the next few weeks along with confirmation hearings along with christopher wray to be director of fbi. come september, congress has its work cut out for it when it returns from august recess and despite failing to repeal obamacare, republicans are still optimistic about moving ahead with their legislative agenda. >> we are not going to give up. we are even going to push harder. whether he come back after rez and regroup and pass appropriation bills, whether he pass budget, tax reform, we will take another -- we will continue to work on the health care reform. >> both the white house and republican leaderships say tax reform will be front and center when congress returns and it's
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an issue the administration has been actively working on behind the scenes over the last few months. passing a budget is also high on the to do list because without one the government will run out of money at the end of september and face a shutdown. lawmakers will also have to vote on raising the debt keeling from preventing from defaulting on loans and the problem with each of those items is its similar to health care, republicans are very divided on what to do meaning despite majorities, they will likely need to work with democrats to get anything passed, eric. eric: garret, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric, president trump focusing on the senate's filibuster rule during early morning tweet storm urging the chamber to change the rules to a simple majority to pass legislation. president trump taking aim at senate lawmakers tweeting republicans in the senate will never win if they don't go to 51-vote majority now. they look like fools and are just wasting time. but the president tweets follow the senate's failure to approve
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skinny repeal of obamacare which only needed the 51-vote majority. mr. trump also tweeting, quote, if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies and bail outs for members of congress will end very soon, joining me now for more on this editor in chief of the hill bob, what do you read on the tweets and how should congress interpret tweets . >> they won the senate and the white house. they have to govern. remember health care was supposed to be signed into law. they don't have either one. republican party has to decide what it's going to do and has to decide to work with democrats, the democrats and the president is understandably -- we will see
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with the new incoming chief of staff kelly, can he come in and really to pass legislation focus on policy, hammer home message and get votes. arthel: are you implying that general kelly can get president trump to stay on message? >> he can certainly bring some order to what has been a chaotic white house at times but we are going to see the relationship between kelly and trump and what kelly is recommending to the president. what's going to happen now, i think kelly has to assess the situation. arthel: how can congress get the president's policy making plan back on track? >> well, you are have to
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remember even though it was a devastating loss on health care it was by one vote that it lost in the senate. republicans can't just say, well, we are done with that. they've been promise to go repeal obamacare for seven years so they will have to continue to work at that. the problem is that the legislative calendar has to fund government, raise the debt ceiling and they had so much to do and not very good so far at doing one thing at a time and now do several things at a time. arthel: to be fair, everybody knew, most everybody knew that trying to repeal and replace obamacare was not going to be very easy to get on day one and replace it with trump care. maybe that's just dead for now or dead completely, what do you think? >> i don't think it's dead completely. we thought it was earlier when the house bill department -- didn't pas it the first time. i don't think it's dead completely but it is 2017. we have election year coming up. i think they are going to try to come up with something that can pass but they have to move to
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tax reform. tax cuts -- the republicans are better at cutting taxes than they are in passing health care legislation. arthel: okay, maybe we should not consider the health care outcome as a sign of what's to come when it comes time to fund the government and address the debt ceiling and tax reform? >> yes, funding the government they will need democratic support. that's been the case in the last couple of years. tax reform and health care they don't need democratic support. that's going to be the maybe work with democrats on this issue, fiscal issues, raising the debt ceiling and funding the government but on the other issues i don't see them working with democrats and democrats wanting to work with republicans. arthel: that's my next question, will they block in every turn hoping political gains in 2018 midterms, if that's the case, how might that backfire? >> that's what they are saying. they are looking at trump's polls, trying to win back the house and i just don't see a lot
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of incentive for them to get politically, to give the president legislative victories in an election year or in the fall of this year. so i think that remains to be seen as democrats are really going to work with republicans. arthel: okay, i know you will keep an eye on that progress and meanwhile bob, if you could stick around eric is going to have breaking news right now. we want you to address that. eric: the president issuing new tweets this afternoon about this issue half an hour ago. the president tweeted this, quote, unless the republican senators are total quitters, repeal and replace is not dead. demand another vote before voting on any other bill. in five minutes we will take a look at what could come to pass the successful bill next time with bob who is still with us. what do you make of this quote by saying, telling congress, don't vote on anything else, vote on another bill, they have to come up with something and
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they have about two weeks. >> they do have two weeks when the senate will be here and that would be a big win for the president as well as the republican senate. but how do you get there, how do you get the vote? how do you get john mccain or lisa murkowski or susan collins to back something -- the skinny bill was some of the more popular parts of the initial republican bill that couldn't pass, so how do you get there and i think honestly, you know, the president is going to leave lisa murkowski pretty hard. you have to use honey and not threatening and i think that's going -- that relationship is going to be one to watch. eric: you have to deal with the issues too, underlying in maine susan collins concern about medicate. arthel: bob, the president in latest tweet storm accusing congress of wasting time. the republicans in particular of wasting time, how do you -- this is going to be another waste of
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time if exactly what just happened continues to happen again. >> yeah, the other thing with this strategy of demanding a vote, remember that john mccain has gone back home for treatments for brain cancer so you are going to have him vote and you will have to have him on board with something and he clearly, i think it's going to take a while. that's not going to be done in a few days. that's going to be something that mitch mcconnell, majority leader, he wants to move on after vote went down. he didn't expect mccain to vote no. now it's time to move onto other things. this is the problem for the republican party. are you done with health care for the moment or are you going to move to taxes? there's -- they are split right now. arthel: if the president is making sure that he gets that win that he promised his base, then he's saying, look, get back to it, make that happen, i don't care how you do it but make that happen. >> i don't think the base is blaming president trump. trump's base is blaming congress, is blaming the senate because of those three
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republicans who could not vote for the skinny bill. so i don't think this is going to hurt him with the base at all. arthel: bob, thank you very much. we will keep following this. eric: right after the commercial break we will have more analysis. arthel: definitely, an exciting soccer game turns deadly as fans stampede while two top teams battle it out on the field, the latest on the tragic scene in south africa. eric: prime minister of pakistan is forced to step down as protests gather to support him. you know after the so-called skinny bill of obama care, what comes next, how do they go forward and who is to blame? >> it's pretty clear to me that this process was not a good one. i think one of the issues was that the president never layed out the core principles, didn't
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arthel: time now for a quick check of the headlines, protests in capitol of pakistan today. hundreds gathering to protest
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prime minister forced out of office yesterday when pakistan supreme court disqualified him over corruption probe involving his family. a soccer game in south africa turns deadly. two people killed and at least 17 injured as fans try today push through the gates at a stadium, police are still investigating that incident. four men allegedly planning a terror attack in australia arrested saturday as police raided several buildings in the suburbs of sidney. the suspects reportedly planned to use a bomb on a plane. >> it's time for our friends on the other side to tell us what they have in mind and we will see how the american people feel about their ideas. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating, we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so
2:19 pm
drastically hurt by the proposals put forward will at least retain their health care. eric: senate leadership from both sides of the aisle showing humility in late hours of the night after republican-led chamber failed to make good on promise to repeal and replace obamacare. but president trump is not taking that quite the same way, he's demanding all day today on twitter that the senators keep trying saying this, after seven years of talking repeal and replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to liver with imploding obamacare. so what could come next and what can we expect, former acting administrator for the centers of medicare and medicaid services, radiologist and physician. welcome to you both, andy, let me start with you. one of the president's most recent tweet this is morning threatened basically to withhold subsidies that are forked over to pay for low-income people to help them.
2:20 pm
he writes this, if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of congress will end soon, can you explain that it is within the administration power not to hand over these payments or 7 billion basically a year and it's due in three weeks, can he actually cut the payments to try to force legislators back to the bargaining table? >> well, he certainly can but i don't think he should. what this debate is all about or should be all about is how do we get better ideas from across both parties and by large number, by close to 70% america wants both parties to work together on the solutions. there's an opportunitiment holding hostage subsidies for low-income people to help them buy insurance would be a very big challenge because it would create higher premiums for the middle class which is exactly what republicans don't want to do.
2:21 pm
hopefully that's not where we are going to head. eric: what should the president do? >> i think the president should tell his team to come to him with the best deals possible and i think his senate, his team and the senate should say we are going to go for 60 votes. i think they should listen to senator mccain and say, we are only going look through ideas that go through committee process and push hard and make democrats try to come to the table on the things that we think are important but we are hearing the american people loud and clear and we are not going to rush something through that doesn't make sense. i do think the cost-sharing reduction payments ought to be made and appropriate bid the congress and hopefully they can see fit to do eric: you're a practices physician, what advice would you have, how can they get to what andy says 60 votes, how would you change john mccain's mind, is that even possible? >> you know, i don't want to change senator's mind, as a native from arizona i respect this man very much and he's not voting for his next campaign,
2:22 pm
he's not voting for his next election. he's voting from the heart. he wants a full repeal of the affordable care act but with that what the affordable care act initially said they value -- valiantly get insurance costs down and one thing the affordable care didn't do, they did nothing about health care reform. they did not improve the health care system and that's what senator mccain wants to see. the only way that he's going to get anywhere is he wants to see how we are getting a handle of our health care system, how are we going to stop inundating with burden and to provide better for our patients. eric: would you like to see in the bill in order to try to achieve that? >> how much time do we have? he's a very smart individual, he knows a lot about health care,
2:23 pm
you talk about tort reform when they began the affordable care act, where is tort reform? you still have defensive medicine. physicians are seeing millions more patients, we have less time with the patients, they're having to throw unnecessary testing and just overutilization of the system because we are seeing so many patients and there's no protection on our end. the malpractice is out of control, we are having to pay millions of dollars in malpractice. we have no -- no security when it comes to these lawsuits and that's just what it's doing. a terrible system right now and we are not protecting. tort reform is number one absolutely. eric: andy, do you see tort reform as one priority, what else would you see? you're a medicaid expert. you have the issue with medicaid expansion. a lot of people are thrown in the medicaid system and they don't necessarily have the doctors to cover them. >> look, i think -- i put out a paper with the republicans in the bush administration on how
2:24 pm
to look at medicaid reform and focus on medicaid reform. medicaid is reducing low-birthrate babies and carrying to term and nobody else in the country beside it is medicaid program is willing to take on and that's 40% of the expense goes. these are important programs. they are obviously important to senators like senator mccain but we do have to recognize that there are things about the aca that we need to make better, we need to fix and democrats need to be willing -- republicans -- specifically we should make sure that we are getting the health care more affordable for the middle class. eric: how do you do that? >> look at what they did in alaska is what i would recommend as great model. alaska put in place a reassurance pool, that reassurance pool cost several billion dollars, it would cost several billion dollars across the country and what it did brought insurance rates increase 50% to increase of under 10% and we just need a way to deal with
2:25 pm
sicker individuals in the risk pools particularly in smaller states. >> we need to adequately fund high-risk pools that doesn't necessarily mean cost-sharing for young and healthy individual who is are having to pay for older individual who is have chronic illnesses and many are self-inflicted. we need positive incentives for preventive medicine and healthy behaviors. i had a patient recently who came in, she had a mass, breast cancer, overweight, i didn't get my screening mammograms because i don't like the feeling of compression of a mem -- mammogram and she has no desire to quitting because she likes soda. eric: ten seconds, doctor, do you think whether he get some place with the health care bill, finally? >> i really don't know, i think the only way to get senator
2:26 pm
mccain to get on board is to change the way we are viewing health care and we have to stop just talking money. we have to talk about our health system. eric: andy? >> i'm feeling hopeful. i think we have to work together, i think both parties need to come together, if we don't do that the american public is going to be frustrated with all of us. eric: they are frustrated right now and we will see what happens in the next two weeks. mark meadows says he expects the bill by september so we will see. dr. and andy, thank you very much. >> thank you. arthel: close call for the u.s. navy in the persian gulf this week as a u.s. aircraft is forced to fire warning shots at iranian vessel coming why iran is to blame for the incident. plus now halt for actions after several terror attacks in israel. why families of those attackers to be held accountable. former israeli embassador is
2:27 pm
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ensure. always be you. >> it was a quiet day for a change in jerusalem today. after days of unrest after they installed and removed metal detectors at the most. israel responded to gunmen firing from inside of the site. since then, five israelis and four palestinians have died in different classes because of the violence. and more causes.the so-called mortar payments by the palestinian authority that from the so-called mortar fund goes to families of terrorists. at the united nations this week the ambassador invited -- to appear. iran lost five members of the family and 2003. that was when terrorists just as a pregnant woman killed 21
2:32 pm
people in the restaurant. they told the un that the palestinian payment must and. >> i think that anyone who believes in the value of human life should - i am calling all represented in this house, help in this necessary, force the president to make the right decision and to stop funding terrorists.>> palestinian president has vowed he will not stop the payments. joining us now we have the former israeli deputy defense minister and as we said israeli ambassador.welcome, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> that they start with the unrest. metal detectors have been removed.
2:33 pm
you have the chairman saying that israel wants the religious war. how to address those concerns? how to address the threats and the continued incitement continuing? >> it is unfortunate for the first time it is a time to insight. israel is committed to ensure that this is open to everybody and safe for all worshipers not only for muslims. christians, jews and all religions. you will not find this anywhere in the middle east only in israel. we are for freedom of religion. and people tend to forget that on july 14 two police officers were shot from the back. we need to make sure that you will not see more incidents like that. that you will see more incitement coming on the leaders. they care only about incitement but about calming the situation. >> finally on the subject to think that this can be detected appropriately and you think
2:34 pm
that their concerns can be addressed while at the same time ensuring the security of the israeli police? >> we will do whatever to protect the people. and by the way, speaking metal detectors. when you come to the un you have to go through a metal detector. when you go to the vatican in rome, even mecca, you go through a metal detector. but they do not care about security and safety. they care about instigating. will make sure that this will be saved and open. speaking of what you say is a political port. the administration has asked them to stop, that has not happened. >> this is outrageous. $300 million a year. the palestinian authority is paying for the families of convicted terrorists. seven percent of the budget. damaged the higher education? one percent. so why the us and european countries are giving money to invest to continue to support terrorists.this is
2:35 pm
verification of terror. he needs to stop and hope that the us and other will find a way to support the humanitarian need of the palestinians but not support terrorism. >> they say it is part of the system and he refused to stop the payments. click that lead to a victory perhaps by hamas in the west bank? can undermine the control? >> i think it is opposite. once we decide to stop with the verification of terrorism and to stay on the moral ground, do not support terrorists and educates for peace. while they support terrorist they cannot compete. >> people do not realize that america spends about 200 million. and 300 million or so goes to the so-called motor payments. which if you're a terrorist or convicted, you get the payments, families and the payments. and a man 20 years old went to
2:36 pm
west point and served in iraq and afghanistan and he was walking on the boardwalk in tel aviv last year when he was stabbed to death by a palestinian terrorist who was then shot by israeli police. the suspects family is getting the money. >> and another attacked three people were massacred in a friday night dinner and a terrorist was captured. now he is receiving $3000. >> said again. >> the man from the terror attack will receive knowledge of the end of his life $3000 a month payment. >> critics say that this is payment for terror. >> it is. it is. wes had to stop this? >> us and other countries have to make a choice. do you want to support or support terrorism? you cannot do both at the same time. >> have using progress with
2:37 pm
legislation in congress now? it is called the taylor force act. seems some members of congress support this. it is slowly getting steam but has not passed yet.>> it is an american issues. but we speak about the un the matter, an american boy from boston who was killed in a terrorist attack in jerusalem. also the families receive funding every month. it is an american issue. it is not a israeli issue. >> is it possible for the funds to be diverted away from that? would they then say that okay, we will not use american us funding. we can use our own money. and it would continue. >> i don't think they should be able to use a penny to pay terrorists. what is the message you are giving to the next generation? kill jews and you get paid for that? you cannot support the entity that is doing that. we need to stop with that initial money for other things. use the money for other things. >> for those that say it is
2:38 pm
israeli occupation and something needs to defend the payments, they call the martyr payments given their view the people that are killed are martyrs for their cause against israeli occupation. >> suicide bombers, people to stab people in the streets are not martyrs. their killers. they should be in jail and they should not be paid. >> sadly it is continuing. the payments are continuing and it is being addressed very slowly but the president with focus on legislation. i know you cannot comment on us domestic issues but in confidence, do you have hope? >> i think it will happen. it is a moral issue. it is supporting the palestinian or the israelis. it is taking a moral stand and the us knows where to stand. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us on this saturday. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. the is not condemning north korea's test buyer on a second intercontinental ballistic missile last night.
2:39 pm
the rogue regimes as the test proves it can strike the entire us mainland.kitty logan has the latest in london. >> hi arthel. there are concerns that north korea is improving a capability. certainly claiming their latest launch as a success. kim jong apparently overseeing a test of the launch site.the missile was launched an introductory and flip the height of 2300 miles for 47 minutes before landing the city. experts say this shows technical improvement and development from the earlier intercontinental missile launch which took place in july of this year. they believe that it is more powerful incident parts of the us could potentially be within reach if this type of missile work to fight at the lowest introductory period and the rhetoric from kim jong un appears to be escalating also.
2:40 pm
he says that the large 's" a stern warning to the us. but the president says that the test will further isolate north korea for the country has continued with their tests and the leadership appears the secretary of state rex tillerson: china and russia to do more to address the threat from north korea. >> kitty logan in london, thank you. >> man's best friend stranded in deep water. trying to stay afloat. a firefighter springs into action. we will show you the good news and how this all ended in just a moment. there we just told you about the new arms race on the korean peninsula and the threat of north korean intercontinental ballistic missiles possibly striking the us. they say they can hit california. something that they can hit chicago. we have more next on the north korean threat. what do we do?
2:41 pm
had to be address it? and how real it could be. ceries unclogging the sink, setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. >> one dogs a lucky day in
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florida. a firefighter springs into action to rescue his four-legged friend after he fell into the water in biscayne bay. he was trying to stay afloat. the miami beach fire rescue posted this video on twitter. and the follow-up was also posted. [video] they were reunited here in the video so it all ended well. that is why the miami beach fire and emilio sanchez, the firefighter that you saw saving him, firefighter sanchez says thank you. >> very nice. south korea, now on high alert after north korea testfired its second intercontinental
2:46 pm
ballistic missile last night. the south asking the us to consider letting it bolster the missile arsenal. something that the white house says it is willing to discuss. joining now we have gordon chang the author of the nuclear showdown. takes on the world. are we on the brink of another active korean war? >> we could be because the north koreans are making very fast-paced on their missiles. also in the nuclear weapons. what they did yesterday on the 4th of july was really past their technical hurdle which was heat shielding. to protect the atmosphere is one of the thing that the united states can do short of connecticut options. but we have not demonstrated for two or three decades. what does that mean and what what is preventing the flow toward the solution. what is the specific strategy that you have in mind?
2:47 pm
>> this has been china. the ministrations try to have concessions to china to develop goodwill and cooperation. what we have not done until at least the last week of last month to impose costs on china. what the trump administration did last not sure what to say to china look, these are small punishments. picking amp up the pressure if you're not going to cooperate. but the problem right now is north koreans have shortened the timeframe because in a year or maybe less able to new new york, washington d.c., key west. we do not have very much margin for error. you have to solve this now and if we don't this will be a horrible place. >> so talked of increasing south korea's military, does not seem to be deterring kim jong un but perhaps that might make china think twice about turning a blind eye to what they are seeing he is up to.
2:48 pm
>> right. this happened in 1970 the agreement with south korea restricts the least developed ballistic missiles. and we did that to try and encourage restraint on the part of the regime. as we have seen under kim jong un, the current roller there is no restraint in the weapons programs. what we need to do a strange office of korea. let it develop ballistic missiles, also the weapons. omit the chinese extremely nervous. just like they got nervous of the terminal high altitude area defense system which was deployed in south korea. it is an antiballistic missile system the chinese do not like it because it degrades their capabilities. we have to do things that really impose costs on china. so they understand that they can no longer support the north koreans and we will not respond. we have to respond. >> so it is time to reset the table. let's china, more focus on the allies. speaking of which, japan. what if they want to beef up their military in all of this? >> chore. that is another country as well which is taiwan. the united states has
2:49 pm
restrained these problems and taiwan because we wanted this in other places. right now, this is a system which is great for china and north korea. they get to do whatever they want and we restrain our allies. that has got to end. >> you are saying is time to change policy but is it too late at this point to change policy that would matter? >> well, it is pretty late but not too late. we do have some months in order to do this. the trumpet ministration has demonstrated it is going to change the focus of american policy. we are going to pivot after decades of misguided policies. that is a good thing but as you point out, we do not have very much time. >> in 30 seconds gordon if you could, if you were speaking to the president, what is the direction? what is it that he should do towards china? >> president trump should get on the phone or at least say this in public.tell the
2:50 pm
chinese look, you can support a? or do business with the united states. but you cannot do both.if the chinese believed him and we are on the road to a solution because probably north koreans anytime they want. >> and the president seems to take the bike behind his bar in terms of same military options on the table. gordon, thank you for your analysis. always very nice to talk to you. >> thank you arthel. >> closed on security forces in venezuela are now standing guard at this protesters continue to take to the streets again, head of that huge vote there tomorrow. many say it to jenna country's president into a castro style dictator. the democracy, is it dead in venezuela? we have that next. because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+
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2:53 pm
2:54 pm
line in venezuela as protesters are gearing up for tomorrow's controversial joke.that and it was simply that could rewrite the constitution and what critics say is a sham vote against democracy and toward dictatorship. we are keeping watch on this troubling developing story from miami. >> the two sides are gearing up for a vote but it is also clear that they are preparing for
2:55 pm
what could be a major bottle. they have been skirmishes between security forces and across venezuela. tomorrow could be a battle. security forces already taking up positions around polling stations and some reports also have some voting machines being burned by protesters outside of caracas. with the opposition says is happening in venezuela now is an assault on democracy. they say by trying to rewrite the constitution the president of venezuela is trying to install a cube of style dictatorship in venezuela. they say it is not a vote. they would abstain from taking part in it. you cannot even vote no on this ridiculous like between different candidates chosen by the government to rewrite the constitution. for four months protesters have been battling with rocks, hitting with water cannons, teargas and rubber bullets. protesters have been killed. the us has put in sanctions against top venezuelan officials. they have said that if this
2:56 pm
goes on sunday, if it does take place their promising strong economic action against venezuela. back to you. >> thank you steve. >> coming up in the next hour of "america's news headquarters" and another white house shakeup. >> and the battle to repeal and replace obamacare. more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's...
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♪ ...let's stay together... >> the countdown monday's
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
cabinet meeting at the white house. what will happen? that is where the homeland security secretary john kelly, is expected to be the new white house chief of staff. as you know he has replaced reince priebus after the mr. previous stormy six month tenure. ending with the feud between him the new white house communications director. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters". i am eric shawn. rex hello everyone i am arthel neville. with the president announcing bringing in kelly via twitter -- he will help the president of the policy agenda. reince priebus speaking highly of his replacement and the president's decision. >> i think actually going a different direction hitting the reset button is a good thing and the president did that. and so i think he is happy. i have to tell you even though
3:01 pm
i was a little mixed when things like this happen, i generally feel pretty good. >> the reset button worked. live on the white house lawn with the latest tonight. >> hello eric. two ways to look at this as the week comes to an end. first it is the low point in a pretty rocky administration though a young administration to date. second if our starting port as john kelly takes the rain as the white house chief of staff. it all started last friday with the resignation of sean spicer. in the appointment of the communications director. then his tirade to a new york reporter that they thought was off the record. then they said it was on the record. the devastating failure in the senate of the skinny repeal of obamacare. potentially jeopardizing other key parts of the donald trump agenda. then as it is a resignation under intense pressure reince priebus. he was as gracious as anyone could be under the circumstances. >> i'm feeling good about the
3:02 pm
fact that he is making a change that makes him comfortable with moving forward. we had a good talk yesterday. i resigned, he accepted it and we started working together and talking quite a few times about who would be a great pick to come in here and be the chief of staff. i cannot think of anyone better than the four-star general john kelly.>> is well-known that the president does not like indecision. in fact i have cited many times this week the senior administration official told me this week one thing you do not do it the president of the united states is show indecisiveness in decisions or insecurity. he says jeff sessions it showed insecurity, reince priebus showed insecurity. it is unlikely that john kelly will show that trait five the chief of staff job nevertheless, rings with it unique difficulty. >> is not a question of being a monitor or gatekeeper.
3:03 pm
it is a question of driving one, the agenda and making certain that the agenda is coordinated. driving the calendar to be sure. and it will always be people that need one-on-one access with the principal and you do not have to be there. if you're going to be there for all of that you will never get your own job done. >> the key to any future success is white house influence on capitol hill. some say it is unfair to blame the president for the failures on capitol hill that we saw this week that he ran as an outsider, not as someone with a nuanced understanding of parliamentary procedure. that said, he has a bully pulpit that he needs to earn his republicans before the doomed future legislation or even doom their own chances for a majority in the 2018 midterms. back to you. >> that is a challenge. in two minutes will analyze this to see what general kelly can bring to the white house. >> meanwhile the senate delaying the august recess so
3:04 pm
it can get more work done. after the so-called skinny repeal of obamacare failed in the senate early friday morning in the wee hours, the president urging the senate gop not to give up on seven years of promises. garrett tenney is live, what specifically is the president saying to congress? >> well arthel, mitch mcconnell has had for a while now that if republicans cannot repeal obama care on their own they will have to work with democrats to simply fix some of the problems. on friday at the latest of several failed votes this week they said it was time to move on. not everyone is ready to do that. including president trump who posted a series of tweets today criticizing gop efforts on healthcare. this afternoon he tweeted unless their critters this is not did. and there will be another vote before any other bill. the president is not alone. a number of conservative lawmakers say they plan to keep working on legislation to
3:05 pm
fulfill the campaign promise. >> we cannot give about healthcare. this thing is a disaster, is imploding and hurting americans across the nation. it may be that things have to get worse before they get better but we are not going to stop what we are doing. just because of one setback. >> healthcare is not the only thing on congress to do list. nearly 8 months into the year lawmakers are running out of time and gop leadership says it cannot afford to wait any longer. once congress returns from the august recess, tax reform will be the next big push for the administration agenda. a more pressing issue though is the passing of a budget since the government run on the money at the end of september. that is not accepted to be easy though given that republicans are very divided among conservatives and moderates over spending priorities. lawmakers will also have to once again, vote on raising the debt ceiling to prevent the us from defaulting on its loans and that is another issue that
3:06 pm
will likely need democratic votes to pass. one thing you will likely continue to see the reach of the debates is that most healthcare, there's a lot of division among republicans which make it extremely difficult to pass the major pieces of legislation. >> thank you garrett tenney. >> meanwhile the white house policies and proposals that he just told us about have been drowned out by the chaos hogging the headlines this week. reports of bickering among top administration officials, the white house medications director using some well, pretty colorful language to put it mildly. and some really unique anatomical phrases to send the former chief of staff in the new yorker article. this all the president has been struggling to lockdown legislative victories early in the presidency. despite the controversy over the last week, kellyanne conway counsel to the president, insists that the president is making progress on his agenda. >> we've accomplished a lot in the last six month even though
3:07 pm
we did not get credit in most places that and reince priebus's tenure, really set the table for this accessible 2016 republican nominee beating hillary clinton. >> locally expect going forward trenton with the political correspondent for the "washington post" with us. good to see you james. >> good to see you eric p request a cabinet meeting on monday. general kelly expected to be sworn in as the new chief of you think you will be able to crack the whip in the white house and bring stability and a steady hand? >> event and what can it is general john kelly. but it is not certain that he can. like donald trump lakes cast to some degree. if you look back at the business career when he ran the trump organization, he likes have a competing power centers. thanks different aids hold other aides accountable.
3:08 pm
he likes hearing conflicting advice before he makes decisions and it is not the way that john kelly rolls. his military guy, he did not retire until last year from the marines. he has military discipline. one of the problems that reince priebus had in the last couple of months was that typically, the white house chief of staff control who has access to the president. but he did not. there were a lot of people there including kellyanne conway that could report directly to the president. and the new communications director made a big deal this week about part of his agreement to come into the white house he reported directly to donald trump instead of reince priebus. >> do think that will change? >> we've been trying to figure that today. it is still unclear. people are telling us that john kelly was promised that he would have the traditional gatekeeper role to the president i think john kelly, if he gets that and it lasts, people are feeling like they can stroll into the oval office whenever to talk the president
3:09 pm
that john kelly could bring much-needed discipline to the white house. on the other hand, if donald trump lets this person or that person come in and chew his ear off during the day about this or that, it could be very hard. >> what if the president is comfortable with that? you to strong personalities. when general kelly and one in donald trump. the new york billionaire built his own business on that. i have been in his office as a reporter. you see it is very deferential to him he is used to getting his own way good how is he going to buck up against a four decade long top marine general? >> that is why i say i do not know. i think the jury really is still out. i don't think katie is better or less. you have to figure out how john kelly can manage to work with that. one of the takeaways for donald trump has been that he thinks the problem is staff. he thinks he went from? and reince priebus was trying to go from making it something he is not.
3:10 pm
and to say that now we are doing this reset, let donald trump be trump. and i think the impulse is that odds with letting john kelly be john kelly. let's see how it - >> i mean translate is he is. this is a shuffling of the staff furniture will not matter unless mr. trump accepts of the white house problem is not reince priebus. it is him. and the white house, the president gets what he wants. he likes putting faction against faction. advisors are -- this is a large undertaking than a family business and fighting competing in a dysfunctional white house. that is pretty sharp. the washington journal editorial photo taking on ivanka trump and jared kushner
3:11 pm
in editorial. cannot change? should not change? or was this what he was elected to do and why he was elected to the white house? >> i think it will not change. it might change for a little while. i think john kelly will have some honey. , a grace period where maybe he will be able to straighten things out. maybe they will be able to get leaks under control. navy anthony scaramucci will clean house in the munication department. the thing is, we talked about factions in the white house could jared kushner and ivanka trump our family for the president. they will always have a direct line. both senior advisors also. there will not be waiting for john kelly to let them get time with the president's schedule. there are the kids. that i think to some degree, donald trump feels like he has gotten this far. again, he feels like he let reince priebus try to run things and it did not work. every president has a shakeup at some point in their first 2 to 3 years as president. bill clinton has his probably a couple of months later than
3:12 pm
donald trump. reince priebus is the shortest chief of staff. a short serving chief of staff ever. but every president has a shakeup as they tried to get things under control and really, this is not uncommon. some of the chaos is uncommon. the question is, will this right the ship? bill clinton thought that his struggle in the first couple of months with staff, it turned out really to be bill clinton was the problem and presidents never want to admit that they are the one causing some of the turmoil in their own white house. >> and the best friend you know less than six months. one less than reince priebus. we'll see if john kelly can fix the leaks. when donald trump is gone to the white house is on with. james, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> at least a dozen people have been arrested by ice in tennessee. both tyler protesters claim
3:13 pm
that the arrests are ongoing. >> also a look at capitol hill gop leaders are regrouping after their latest effect in a long request to repeal and replace obamacare. straight ahead, look at where things may go now. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. it's a miracle. i can walk again. go back to your room, susan lucci. >> what we tried to accomplish
3:16 pm
3:17 pm
for the american people was the right thing for the country. our only regret tonight, the only regret - is that we did not achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. i think the american people are going to regret that we could not find a better way forward. as i said, we look forward to the colleagues on the other side adjusting what they had in mind. >> mitch mcconnell now calling on democratic senators to share their ideas about passing a healthcare bill. this after a skinny repeal failed in the senate early friday morning. the republican senators and all democrats voted no. generally not to discuss this
3:18 pm
we have the author of gop ts and a republican strategist. and we also have a democratic strategist with us and a former president of young democrats of america. welcome to you both. >> thank you for having us. >> admin, is repealing and replacing obamacare with trump care dead or will it get back on a bipartisan agenda soon? >> is a said -- i think this can come back after october 1 bc obamacare rates release for 2018. there will be double that is sometimes triple digit increases on the american people. there will be a two or three month window to get anything done as republicans or with democratic health which would be, it was sorely lacking last time around. question for the majority leader asking for the
3:19 pm
democratic senators help now. do you think you'll get it and you think they can get something done in the short window you pointed out? >> i think that there is hope and i think it is now time for democrats to show up and prove republicans are not always right and democrats are not always wrong. i'm sure they have an idea or two that many republicans can latch onto that can help civilize the insurance market and provide lower cost coverage and higher quality healthcare. >> and let me get you in here now following the political bickering, protocols tinkering sony how kippered can they successfully tackle reform? how can they change the approach to come up with new tax laws? >> i think right now they have to actually figure what they're going to do. another republicans were specifically betting on the aca repealing many of the taxes they wanted to get rid of. so donald trump has got to actually be at been very much involved on this. he was elected because people
3:20 pm
love the populace ideas and many of that was make sure that there was a border tax and rewarding those countries that make things in the us. there is right a discussion about dropping appeared and massive cuts to medicare and social security. a lot of trump voters that voted for him actually favor the programs. there's a lot to discuss. quest in the meantime i want to put up a graphic of the so-called big six. which we are talking of gop leaders. mitch mcconnell, the treasury secretary, on thursday the big six released a document containing principles of tax overhaul. in part saying that the top republicans and the president are not going to tax imports. and experts will be exempt from taxes. apart from those adjustments, the common goal is to reduce individual and corporate tax rate quote - as much as possible they say. but how much is not clear. and other republicans in agreements enough to successfully push through tax
3:21 pm
reform legislation?and where do the democrats fit in? >> well, i think on tax well, certainly for them tax reform or tax cuts however, they want to phrase it. they will definitely be in disagreement have the house real caucus who does not want to see some of the leaders and the border tax and part of their plans, some of them want some corporate tax cuts. there's a lot of disagreement on cuts. >> what about his of the democratic party? >> i would say ends of the democratic party it will be continuing to make sure that we are working to restore as many jobs in the economy as possible. antitax for the reform package actually takes into account not just a certain portion of society but across the socioeconomic status. republicans have got to pick up the phone. if there's any indication - >> why do we have to keep picking up the phone?
3:22 pm
they are all working for the people together. >> the three times a day worked in getting the healthcare pass without democrats, have actually worked to get things through committee this time there could actually be some bipartisan conversations. which i think we would all agree would be better for america. >> i want to get back to you now because something that atima omara touched on, we're talking about the president is the ultimate successful businessman in the republican party. will tax reform work without detailed guidelines from the president?and is what the president has presented so far a blueprint for success and sanctions by congress? >> percival atima omara said the president is again involved. the president has been involved. he is over 200 members of congress. 80 different trade associations to see what does and does not work in the american people. republicans have been putting together -
3:23 pm
>> should the president be more specific? so far we have seen a one-page report. >> he is good guidelines for people like congressman kevin brady to work with members within the republican caucus to figure things out. they did decide to drop the border adjustment tax because it is a $5 trillion tax on americans and american businesses. we have many different republicans coming together and ensuring that we finally get tax reform so everyone can file their taxes - >> part of why the president is the president is because he is a successful businessman and i think many in the country are relying on the president's expertise in terms of tax reform and how to get it done he says he knows how to work around taxes. he is the best person to present a plan that would work for the country. >> yes, part is raising the marginal tax rate on people that make $5 million a year or more to 44 percent from 39.6 percent. the president is actually offering an olive branch democrats to come to the table and say they want to work in.
3:24 pm
democrats have not been anything. they want to be part of the resistance and protest. >> i'm not talking about the democrats not doing anything. i'm talking about the president. he can pick up the phone and get anyone to come to his office to act right and this is what he has to say.i want to know that do you think the president can get the guys and girls, ladies and men in congress to come together, listen to what he has to say is the ultimate businessman in the room and come up with a tax plan that will work for the betterment of the country? >> certainly in the final days of the healthcare negotiations he brought his pointed to the white house to discuss how to get it passed. i think it will work a lot better if he calls on leaders from both sides of the aisle to really have the discussion about this and maybe we can move in some of the right direction. >> all right, i think everyone is counting on all of the people in congress including the president who is the executor and cheap to get things done to make our tax
3:25 pm
plans work for most of us. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank meanwhile, have you heard about with iran's revolutionary guards have been saying about us? they say a us aircraft carrier acted unprofessionally when they fired a shot at a vessel in the gulf and how the u.s. navy is responding. and north korea, one day after they successfully testfired their second intercontinental ballistic missile. some experts fear it could go as far as chicago. could it? we will tell you, coming up. (vo) when you wake up with
3:26 pm
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and it should not be given to children six to less than 18. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> and security concerns growing in north korea's latest provocation. kim jong un's regime wants to ballistic missile that experts say could potentially reach the us mainland. even something as far as chicago. south korea is nothing it will negotiate with the us about upgrading its own missile arsenal.
3:30 pm
it is a bit of a turnaround. we have more from london. >> hello eric. north korea remains defiant despite international criticism and is claiming the latest test missile to be a success. we have footage of kim jong un overseeing this.this was launched at a steep trajectory and fluid height of 2300 miles for 47 minutes before landing the sea. experts say that this launch appears to show technical improvement in the missile development from earlier missile launches in july. they believe that is more powerful and say that parts of the us could potentially be within reach if the type of missile were to buy at a lower trajectory. and the rhetoric from kim jong un appears to be escalating also. he says that the large says a stern warning to the us.
3:31 pm
but the president says that the test will further isolate north korea. the country has continued with the missile test and defiance of the un ban and the leadership undeterred by sanctions imposed as a consequence. the concerns are that the tests are not just becoming more frequent but also, more sophisticated.eric? >> thank you kitty logan. that was recorded earlier from london. arthel? >> andy fox news alert now has a u.s. navy aircraft carrier firing a warning shot near iranian ships according to iran's revolutionary guard. iran also claiming that the carrier, and another ship that you close to an offshore oil platform in the persian gulf yesterday. the navy saying that is sent out a warning when i ran did not respond to attempt a communication. john huddy has more from jerusalem. >> arthel, this could
3:32 pm
potentially have been a dangerous situation. the u.s. navy says one is a helicopters firing warning flares at a group of iranian naval vessels that were approaching american ships at a high rate of speed and that this was done professionally and safely after the chopper could not establish communications with the iranians. the revolutionary guard disagreed calling this a quote - provocative and unprofessional move. iran says the us ships were closed during iranian oil and gas platform in the middle part of the persian gulf. the navy says the iranians were conducting a done exercise friday the involved weapons being fired into the water away from american ships. both us and iranian ships went separate ways after establishing communication. this is the second such incident in a week. on tuesday the uss thunderbolt, navy patrol vessel, fired warning shots off the bow of an iranian patrol boat that navy officials say came within 150 yards of the thunderbolt.
3:33 pm
in the northern part of the persian gulf. u.s. navy officials said the shots were fired to avoid a potential collision. there is no damage. both incidents come as the us had more sanctions friday following successful launch of the most advanced satellite carrying rockets into space. that was on thursday. the sanctions applied to anyone or any company involved in iran's listed missile program. today, iran's deputy foreign minister said that his countries missile program will continue despite the us sanctions that he calls a quote - hostile ambitious act. arthel? >> john huddy in jerusalem, thank you. eric? >> well, will this be the end of democracy in venezuela tomorrow?protest in the country can socialist president over the chronic shortages and basic goods and goods and other items. demonstrators have been in the streets angrily protesting
3:34 pm
against the huge vote scheduled for tomorrow. a vote that could let him rewrite the country's constitution. some tonight are saying that it could lead to a complete dictatorship in the country. steve is live in miami with the troubling details. hi steve.>> eric, the stakes certainly are high and it is clear that both sides are preparing for what could be a violent battle of course venezuela tomorrow.already, government security forces are guarding several polling stations. there have been reports of voting machines being burned by the protesters. this is an attempt by the president of venezuela, a socialist harassing the economy fall and the lowest levels and decades trying to run through and rewriting the constitution. the opposition says it is simply a power grab and attempt to put up elections to establish a cuba style dictatorship inside of venezuela. they say this is not even a vote.
3:35 pm
you can all choose between candidates selected by the government. we have seen battles for the past four months across venezuela. by the 1000 people injured, more than 100 killed. people getting hit with rubber bullets and water cannons. for the us, have taken a strong stance against the vote. they are sanctioned 13 top venezuelan officials and said they will be more strong and swift economic action if this goes through. one possibility would be at least a partial embargo on venezuela oil. if this pans out exporting to the us, and easily the flow can be devastating for an economy already in trouble. back to you eric. >> thank you steve. we will follow this tomorrow here on fox news. >> eric, if you flown on an airline recently, you will want to hear this. they are called basic fares. and they are coming to an airplane near you. why that might change in the near future.
3:36 pm
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3:40 pm
passengers after a federal appeals court rules the faa must be considered the decision to not regulate airline seats. the case was first introduced when agency chose not to control the size of the seats. you know how far you can recline back before you have to go back in the upright position? how much legroom you get between rows? one group advocated for flyers write astrology agencies in a small seats are bunched to together and -- then they go back to the food, widening seeds and delays and safety. >> and dino, the friendly skies, american airlines is now planning to sell basic economy seats to the entire domestic network by the end of september. basic economy tickets are not actually lower price, they are
3:41 pm
just a new lowest fare with restrictions. their normal end of the plan often in the middle, tickets cannot be changed or refunded and some airlines will not even let you use the overhead bins. united and delta have already been selling these economy seats on all of their domestic flights. so what can we do about this? edward is here, trouble blogger and editor of pizza in motion. break this down for us. what does this mean for the next time someone goes to buy a plane ticket does this work? >> thank you for having that. i think the issue is they will see a lot more options when they tried to buy the cheapest. airlines are going to do a great job disclosing what they do not get. as you mentioned, things that you will not get a seat assignment until very close to the flight were at the gate. and if you are not going through their website a website like expedia might not show you
3:42 pm
all of this. >> and some people say i find going to get a discount i don't care where i am going to be and i do not need to use the overhead bin. so this might be a good thing for some travelers. what prompted this? what does american airlines have to gain? >> of extra revenue to gain. it is a way to get customers to buy. have been notching cheap fares with southwest, jetblue, spirit and frontier for a while. if you do want to save money but you do not want to get stuck in the middle seat the better bet might be to look at southwest or frontier. >> getting back to what we started talking about, these it seems that american is offering. you say it is better to go directly to their website, the american airlines website to get the deals. and how does this work? again, do i save money? >> well, you will save money over the more expensive bears. these are the same lowest
3:43 pm
fares. what you're saying is in exchange for not being able to pick your seat and exchange for not being able to get a full-size carry-on on board, you can save 20 or $30 per flight if you will for a round-trip ticket. >> so delta and united already made these changes that you are talking about. how is it working for those airlines? >> a little different for both. delta will let you bring a carry-on bag on board along with your personal items. so they are each approaching is a little differently. delta continues to grow with this. united has rolled out they are not thrilled with the initial results. i think the big thing here is that the customer needs to figure what is important. if you would like to bring a bag on board you might want to consider making sure you have the airlines credit card or choose delta over american. will you bring a carry-on bag on board without a fee. >> back to american. do the new changes apply only to domestic flights? >> for now they do.they also
3:44 pm
have this rolled out in a few canadian markets. i guess we'll start to see this in international funds as well because delta has started playing with that now. i think what you'll see that it will be on all domestic flights, a handful of canadian flights for the moment. i think it will take a few months to figure out to see how this is doing and make him internationally next year. >> would you take advantage of this to save $20 to sit in the middle and not be able to bring something on the plane? were using overhead bin?>> as a business traveler also doesn't he change. with plans changing so frequently, if there is a mechanical delay or weather delay, american airlines specifically says if one of the things happens, they will not will be to another airline. i think it is important to get to where you are going. you have to weigh what is important for the $20. >> pizza in motion? is that your blog? >> it is. >> pizza in motion, i will check it out. thank you. >> thank you arthel. >> and a horrible development.
3:45 pm
a police officer responded to an auto accident and was shot and killed in the line of duty. what investigators in indiana nothing about the incident that led to the cold-blooded murder as residents are trying to come to grips with the crime. >> pretty terrifying with the world is coming to. surprise! (vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) luckily, tidy cats lightweight with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that. what are all these different topped & loaded meals? it's an american favorite on top of an american favorite, alice. it's mozzarella sticks on top of grilled chicken. it's cajun shrimp on top of steak. it's labor day weekend on top of the fourth of july. hotdogs. it's abe lincoln on top of george washington. yonder.
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headlines. protests in memphis after i.c.e. arrested a dozen people presented will -- saying that they enter the us illegally. and they say that i.c.e. did not have criminal warrants. a man dies after being in police custody last week. riots are breaking out in east london overnight. the palestinian president is out of the hospital after what is being called a routine checkup today. the 82-year-old has a history of heart problems and had an emergency procedure last year after suffering chest pains. the man charged with carrying out the deadly knife attack in hamburg germany according to authorities is an islamic. two german security forces.
3:50 pm
german officials say that the 26 year old palestinian man who is not publicly identified was registered in intelligence systems as a radicalized islamic. authorities say had no known terrorist ties and was not considered an imminent threat. he allegedly killed one person and injured six others in a supermarket yesterday. he was arrested after being overpowered by bystanders. authorities still do not know the motive for the attack. it was a solemn ceremony in indiana today. a police procession escorting the body of a slain officer. it was a move from the corners office to a funeral home. the lieutenant was responding to a call that car had crashed and overturned. when he climbed into hell, police said that he was shot more than a dozen times and was killed. we are live in los angeles with the troubling and disturbing story.
3:51 pm
>> eric, important to note that the car involved in the crash was not being chased by police. and it was not on the run in any way.that is when the lieutenant arrived.he went to help. he raised to the credit click on its roof and it still had two people hanging upside down. wonderful for reasons we still do not understand unloaded on allen shooting the officer 14 times while the gunman was still in the corporate according to the police chief, the lieutenant of the nursing background and arrived on the scene in medic mode wanted to help instead of being in the sense of police mode. he was caught completely off guard. >> is with a heavy heart that i say this afternoon we lost a brother he responded to preserve life and tragically his was lost. >> two of the officers return fire entering one of the car. jason brown, the reported driver has since been arrested and will be charged with murder.
3:52 pm
the motivation behind this is being investigated. the car was not stolen and he did not have any warrants out for his arrest. they say nearby residents are more than disturbed. >> it is just disgusting. being a veteran, i was in the service and there is a brotherhood. i mean we can't walk down the street with our kids because of foolishness like this? >> the lieutenant's nickname was teddy bear with a six year veteran with the police department. he had more than 20 years of law enforcement experience and in 2015 he was named officer of the year after he saved a man's life at the state fair ground. he was also a husband and a father to two boys, 22 officers have never been shot and killed in the line of duty in the united states this year. this comes after we saw a spike in officer deaths in the last year compared to 2014 and 2015. eric. >> i think i speak for all of us here at fox news when we office our thoughts and prayers to his family and the police department.
3:53 pm
another poignant reminder of the sacrifices that the law enforcement officers and/or everyday to protect us. >> absolutely. >> that is a disturbing story for sure. we get back to politics now. on monday the former marine general john kelly is expected to be sworn in as the new white house chief of staff. for more on the general, this is ellison barber in washington. hello ellison. >> the retired general is not a new phase in the trump administration or washington d.c.. the senate overwhelmingly confirmed john kelly as secretary of homeland security. >> i profound respect for the law. >> not long after he issued new guidelines that would ramp up deportation efforts of undocumented immigrants. by hiring more border patrol agents, ending the so-called catch and release policy and expediting the removal process. that and other actions did not sit well with democrats.
3:54 pm
bob casey tweeting about the deportation of her mother and her young child writing quote - the target, this mother and her child the moment that they land in honduras. if the trump administration insists on this cool policy. john kelly responded at a speech in dc. >> sa this over and over again. if the laws are not good laws, then change them. >> john kelly enlisted in the marine corps in 1970. he served for two years and then went to college here he returned to the marines in 1976. by the time he retired in 2016, john kelly was a four-star general. he also served as an advisor to the former defense secretary leon panetta and the obama administration. >> i think a great deal of john kelly, it could be one of the best personnel changes that president trump has made. in six months. >> john kelly is married with three children paid one cent lieutenant robert kelly died in afghanistan in 2010.
3:55 pm
kelly unfortunately became the highest ranking military officer to lose a child in afghanistan or iraq. in washington, i am ellison barber, fox news. >> thank you ellison for that report. a military dog retires after serving in afghanistan. but something was missing. actually someone was his owner. but now the two are reunited ♪ ♪ for good. ♪ [music] ♪ [video] ♪
3:56 pm
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ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> after three long years and retired military dog reunites with his handler. there he is! he served in afghanistan with his owner chief petty officer salazar in 2011. salazar was reassigned three years later. the nine year old max retired and now that you are back together again in texas. salazar says quote - is perfect
4:00 pm
timing. he saved my life and kind of like i am saving his life and letting him retire just as a normal dog. >> just great! no they can retire in texas. >> i love it. we are back tomorrow at noon, 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock. hope you can join us. >> julie banderas is up next with "fox report". >> have a great evening! quite a dramatic exit of reince priebus capping off a chaotic week for the white house. as they tried to put the leakers on factum. you are watching "fox report". the white house dealing with yet another high-level shakeup as the president replaces reince priebus as chief of staff with john kelly. -- >> general secretary kelly will bring in discipline. and he will put out


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