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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 30, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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email, we try to read all the emails. appreciate you joining us. back here next sunday. 11 eastern with the latest buzz. arthel: this is a fox news alittealerton action in the skie korean skies after the latest north korea missile test. eric: south korean fighter jets escorted our b-1 bombers before they flew back to guam. the icbm test by north korea that rattled the globe earlier this month. alison barber with what this means and the repercussions.
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reporter: they carried out another thaad test. the u.s. through two b-1 bombers. the mission lasted 10 hours and began on anderson air base in guam. all of it is in response to north korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile. the united states says it proves north korea is capable of hitting the u.s. and delivering a nuclear warhead. it flew 500 miles higher than the one launched july 4. in a statement the air force commander says diplomacy remains their primary goal when it comes to north korea. but they are prepared to do more.
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we showcase our unwavering commitment while planning for our worst case scenario. meanwhile, president trump is pointing the finger at china, tweeting he's disappointed and believes they could do more to stop the rogue regime. the u.s. defense agency says they shot down a medium-rank ballistic missile. it's designed to intercept short and medium-range ballistic missiles, not long-range missiles like the one north korea launched friday. they plan to deploy four he digital thanke thaad launchers.
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character * in a few moments we'll be talking more about this and that threat. arthel: president trump taking to twitter to air out his frustrations with china for not reining in north korea. reporter: there are many security analysts across this country who fear this is a precarious time in international relations. many of the world's bad actors may be seeking to take advantage of the domestic turmoil in the united states. rest figure nations at the white house. failure of the obamacare repeal bill and the pentagon's distraction with the president's new transgender policy. it may cause one of these bad actors to act out. president trump tweeted i'm disappointed in china. our past leaders have aloud them
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to make hundreds of billions in trade yet do nothing for us. china can easily solve this problem. he's referring to china's failure to rein in jim jong-un. it's capable of reaching mainland u.s. and cities as far away as chicago. the new south korean president was outraged to learn the u.s. had intentions to place more thaad missile batteries in south korea. the speculation was he was getting pressure china not to place the thaads there. the b-1 bombers from guam do south korea sent a message there are limits to the u.s. tolerance. arthel, back to you. arthel: thanks, doug.
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eric: governor john kasich was on "fox news sunday" saying he's glad the senate did not pass healthcare reform. senator lindsey graham is presenting a new option to give the states control over how to spend the healthcare money. >> reporter: it's still an open question on if the repeal effort heads anywhere from here. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said it's time to move on. but lawmakers say they plan to keep at it until they couple with something that will pass. president trump is urging them to do waste takes to repeal and replace obamacare.
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he tweeted, don't give up, republican senators. the world is watching. controls state lines and more. the president also suggests republicans let obamacare fail then find a way to replace it. susan collins of maine was one of the senators to vote against the skinny repeal bill. she says at this point it would be a mistake to not work with democrats to fix the healthcare system instead of trying to repeal it. >> we need to go through the norm process, entify the problems, have hearings, hear from experts and all the stakeholders and produce a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. first on my list would be to stabilize the insurance markets to make sure that people will access to insurance. reporter: democrats said they
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are more than ready for that process. house leader nancy pelosi conceded there are parts of the healthcare plan she can support. it's up to mitch mcconnell to decide which way the republicans go. eric? eric: we'll be talking to alabama senator luther strange about what he expects to happen. arthel: president trump is doing his best to try to force senators back to the bargaining table. threatening to cut off payments to insurance companies. joining me now, the editor aial director for the daily caller. and co-host of mornings on the mall. let's get right to it. if you would explain the congressional healthcare carve-out. will this latest threat by the
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president remove it, get the gop and democratic senators to open up debate on repealing the affordable care act? even if it's something different, a different bill from the skinny bill. >> you will recall that when obamacare was passed. they passed it specifically so members of congress had to join the healthcare exchanges the same way average americans in general would be joining once obamacare came into law. members of congress weren't happy about that. that meant they were not going to receive their federally funded healthcare. they spent time lobbying the obama administration and president trump himself until ultimately the obama office of management and budget ruled to extend the obamacare funds to members of congress. they classified congress as a small business when we know it's anything but. they have been benefiting from a
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half measure in the rules that aloud them to receive federal funds. that's in the direct control of the president of the united states. if he decides to cut off that funding to stop them from receiving federally funded healthcare, he can do that. he's holding that over their heads. say if you don't get back to the table i'll take back those funds. i'm not certain that will work. members of congress by and large have ignored the president so far. arthel: everyone agrees obamacare needs fixing. needs fixing. after the gop senators with everybody calling it epic failure and hoping to save face, it was the democrat looking to regain control. and not to mention the millions of americans wanting congress to do something.
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might this be the time for a bipartisan effort and solution to healthcare? >> mitch mcconnell said he wanted to move on to other pieces of legislation. chuck schumer suggests he does want to offer some ideas. the reality is less legislation will get done and more attacking one another will rule the day. but before we get there there is a chance democrats can come to the table. they are mostly defined as an anti-trump party. arthel: i think they have come to the table to say they want to work on something. arthel: president trump is tweeting about it. he met with lawmakers and made phone calls to get them repealing and replacing obamacare. he's still eight with this latest threat. should the president get more involved in healthcare policy
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specifics? reporter: to the extent he or anyone understands he should be involved, yes. the presidents voice is needed as an encouraging one. we know he called nevada governor brian sandoval, governors pressuring the senators within their own home states to go against anything that cut medicaid. the president's voice is an important one. you also have the vice president, mike pence, who was regularly talking with senators. it's important that the white house be involved in something that's so closely tied to the president's agenda. arthel: let's talk about the reimbursement to the insurance companies which you know totaled millions of dollars for insurers who have lower deductibles and other out of pocket costs for the poorest people who depend on obamacare. the next set of payments due in a few weeks. president trump is threatening
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to cut off those reimbursements. do you think it will come to that. >> kellyanne: said on "fox news sunday" that it could happen this week. that's an indication the president is thinking seriously about withholding these payment. you have seen the president mostly sustain on keeping funds going to people in poverty like this. my expectation is he probably won't touch that funding, not for now. that is a measure introduced after obamacare was already a law. the house challenged the legality of it. for now it's going to be sustained. payment will going to continue to go to people to bail out understand companies to help them lower the costs for the lowest income people in our country. arthel: not everybody in america depend on obamacare. but would you say most of of americans regardless if they are on it or not would want congress
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to do something about healthcare before they go on to tax reform or budget talks? or is there time for all of this right now? >> there seems to be bipartisan agreement obamacare is in a state of dramatic risk. the president's base got him there on a repeal and replace plan. they have seen their premiums rights dramatically under obamacare. and they want something done in the process. eric: there has been tough talk on russia. congress approving the bill for stiffer sanctions. and the president getting ready to sign it. but moscow is retaliating. ways your next move? arthel: rising tensions over the
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arthel: vice president mike pence overseas visiting three baltic nations bordering russia. he's getting ready to meet with our embassy staff in estonia. the former soviet republic along russia's western border. eric: the vice president is there with a message to our allies. a new bill slapping sanctions on russia is now headed to the president's desk it was passed overwhelmingly in the house and senate, veto proof. it prevent the president from imposing sanctions on russia without going to congress first.
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a tit for tat with us seizing their diplomatic residences here. form ear ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. ambassador, what is the message to vladimir putin with this bill? john: i think the sanctions are respect to russia are a clear political signal about congressional disapproval of russia's efforts to meddle in our election. but the form and approach the sanctions take are against individual or entities that would be designated as violating the terms of the sanctions, it's a weak way to approach sanctions. if you are going to use them you ought to use them in a big comprehensive, thorough way.
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i'm not looking for change in russian behavior as a result. >> you talk about broader, stronger sanctions, do you think something should have bench tougher? >> the energy area in particular, those sanctions have been further watered down. i think instead of talking about businesses that have in some sense affected conditions in the ukraine or might have been involved in tampering with our elections, you need to go after entire sectors. ban all russian banging institutions from doing business in the youth. when you target an individual or a specific business or specific government entity. a target nation just sets up the next day and cut out. instead of mr. jones they use mr. smith to do the same thing. this idea of targeted sanctions sound good. but in terms of the stated
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objectives, that is to say change the behavior of the target regime. i do not expect them to be effective in this case. eric: what do you think would be effective? john: you have to be much, much tougher. russian interference with our elect is unacceptable. the way to prevent it in the future is to make it clear if they ever try anything like that again they will pay a much greater price. eric: you are talk about cutting off the banks from the international monetary system, trade. really getting at the heart of oil and what is propping up putin? john: right. this is why targeted sanctions are so appealing. they don't have and adverse
9:22 am
effects on the american economy, but they don't have an adverse effect on russia's either it's a delusion. eric: what messages are there whether he will seen it. the white house said he's going to sign it. do you think this questions the collusion narrative or was he forced to do something he may not basically in his heart not want to do? john: i think the president should call the shots on sanctions. if he doesn't act congress is free to do so. apart from the substance of the sanctions, parts of this bill are unconstitutional. er efforts congress makes to retrain the president. a bill passed by an overwhelming majority could easily override a veto. the president will sign the bill. but in a signing statement he will identify the unconstitutional provisions and
9:23 am
say he won't be bound by them and he will confront that problem if and when it arrives. eric: what do you think is unconstitutional. john: the issue is an effort to prevent the president from acting with a certain amount of speed to lift the sanctions. those provisions violate what's called the presentment clause of the constitution. i have no doubt they are contrary to a supreme court decision and if litigated would be declared unconstitutional. the way the president handles that is to say i don't plan to pay any attention to them. he says that in a statement. eric: ambassador john bolton, thank you for joining us. arthel: a potentially deadly terror attack foiled stover seas.
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eric: fox news alert for you, police in australia break up an alleged terror attack that was aimed in bringing down airliner. officials arresting four men in sidney, security accept stepped up at airports across the country. kitty logan live in london with details. hi, kitty. >> the usa ral aib prime minister says he believes this plot is what he describes as islamic-inspired terrorism. the four suspects were arrested in counterterror rate raids in
9:29 am
what police describe major counterterror operation. authorities say they affected on intelligence about the possible terror plot using explosive device. now one of those suspects was taken away handcuffed with an injury to his head but none of those detained in today's raids has yet been charged. police say, though, they found materials in those homes whether -- where the raids took place and they are continuing the search to investigate further. they donet kw whathe target of the possible attack was or the time or specific location but they are looking into a link in aviation agency. the plan may have been to bring a device on board a plane in hand luggage and as a result of that security has been stepped up at australia's airports following the arrests for international and domestic flights, those increased security measures are causing some flight delays for travelers unfortunately with additional baggage screenings and other checks if you can imagine.
9:30 am
authorities in australia have been loan-wolf attacks which were successful but authorities say the terror threat in australia remain it is same following the terror plot and arrested to. eric. eric: sadly they have a target radical islamic terrorism too. kitty, thank you. arthel. arthel: now back to another top story, the u.s. responding to north korea's second intercontinental ballistic missile launch by flying two b-1 bombers over the korean peninsula today after president trump slammed china for fail to go restrain the rogue regime. so what can be done to defuse the crisis? jason is here, he's a former special operation counterterrorism operative and very nice to have you here and get your take on this, sir, so we start with this. here you have the scenario. reality where you've got two super sonic b-1 bombers taking
9:31 am
off from u.s. air base in guam, they are joined by japanese and south korean in flight over north korean peninsula. who is the signal for, pyongyang, beijing or both and what's the message? >> right, great, thanks for hang me. the message is a complex one. it's a presence patrolled by the united states and show of force and also show to our allies. we are -- we have great allies in south korea and japan and the entire pacific region needs understanding that the united states has a commitment to south korea, the commitment to japan, commitment to allies and we do that through consistent aggressive military presence and patrols. so it's a pretty consistent thing. we have to apply that pressure while military options are not good on the table, what we cannot show any sort of gap between commitment and willingness to back our partners and this is what this is part of. it has the effect that it's supposed to have. it's not the full solution by part of it.
9:32 am
arthel: ago you well know, kim jong un missile test came on friday, a day after the senate approved a package of sanctions on north korea, russia and iran, a bill that the white house is saying the president is ready to sign. so aside from more sanctions, jason, more military maneuvers as you say, the military action is not necessarily the best to take and twitter lashing and further sanctions on china, what is president trump's best most forceful option at this point? >> it's a great question. i think one of the questions that he's unfolded goes to not just sanctions but targeted sanctions at specific entities that are performing the bulk of sort of money laundry for the north koreans. there's ten companies identified by our intelligence asset and they do the majority to the financial system. so if the president trump can explain that to the people and go after those, keep in mind, this is going to upset beijing. it's kind of a tricky balance.
9:33 am
he has to be be willing to inform the people, this is why we are doing it, this is the effect it's going to have and then take the initti, take the leadership, lead congress through the process and go after the companies that are taking north korean currency but the sanctions leveled against them, they have to be tough and robust and it's got to be explained to the american people because make no mistake, there will be some turbulence from that, economic turbulence, china is a major competitor, major strategic xomp or thes, when they react it's going to hurt. there is a way through this but not a painless way. arthel: well, president trump is not the only person tweeting. un embassador nikki haley, i'm done with talking talking about north korea, china is aware that they must act if -- and japan
9:34 am
and south korea with u.s. pressure and would require international solution. so you know, china meanwhile is cautioning everyone to not escalate tensions. what is most effect i have to stop kim jong un and if little kim reaches la by the end of the year, this has got real. >> it's been real for a while. we got here over decades of in effective leadership. we slapped sanctions, backed them off to get north korea to six-party talks. they were in effective. we put the treasury department and justice department in the fall of this year, obama administration put sanctions on one of the ten major companies identified as the key money launderers for north korea, what the trump administration is doing to effect xi jinping is strangle hold the rest of the
9:35 am
companies and it's going to hurt beijing, beijing could be effective in this immediately if they wanted to but to be honest it's not in their interest, it's in their interest to have north korea sort of anage tenant to the united states -- arthel: why? >> the united states has to lead the effort but yes as nikki haley stated, we need allies, japan, south korea, by the way with japan in mind, they are a great ally in the region so it maybe time to remilitarizing them and allowing them to have some form of nuclear weapons in a region where we can put chinese on defense. right now we are playing defense. trump is probably the right president to actually do that because we are going to take some hits but this is what he was elected for. the people are looking for decisive action and that's something we are not going to see ouof the senate, we ar not going to see it out of congress and we haven't seen it for yein the administration and right now the person people put the president in office to put a bull work against competitors like china to get our jobs back and open up our
9:36 am
economy and and this is the for him to show the leadership. arthel: gordon said the same thing. i spoke with him. >> if they have a puppet of theirs, not quite a puppet but plays against us, that allows them to gain leverage. look at what they've done. they've been dumping steel, manipulating currency against the united states, so effectively they use north korea as kind of a political football against the u.s. if we want beijing involved and solving the problem, we have to give -- we have to leverage everything we can against them. that's again robust sanctions, rick has mentioned that in third-party countries that are trading with north korea, ten companies inside china right now that are laundering money for north koreans and time to cut them off and the man to do is the president of the united states.
9:37 am
he has to inform the american people of why he is doing it and what the result will be. and then he has to manage the sort of crisis between north and south korea. it's time to step aside, let the parties get to the table and deal with it. arthel: jason, i have to leave it there, thank you very much for your expertise. thanks so much. >> thank you, you bet. arthel: eric. eric: jimmy hoffa disappeared 42 years ago today, you know it's been enduring american mystery but our exclusive fox news investigation provides answer from official suspect who talked and tole me and biographer that he did indeed kill jimmy hoffa. hot july afternoon 1975 when the legendary labor leader got into the car add restaurant outside of detroit in michigan, he vanished never to be seen again. well, in 2004 rebroke the story about delaware local president and admitted hitman for the pennsylvania crime family, frank sharon.
9:38 am
told me in autobiographer that he shot hoffa in a house in detroit. the story told in this book, i heard you pain houses. he drove hoffa to this house in detroit for what hoffa thought it was a mob meeting. he wanted to run again and instead sheeran shot hoff and. fox news crew and i went to the house, we took up the floor boards along with fox producers ed barns, we found the blood evidence in a pattern what found what sheeron happened exactly. we alerted and they removed the floor boards and sent them to fbi lab but the bureau tested 50 specimens, 28 bloodstains and dna was recovered from bloodstains, one male and the other inconclusive but the specific pattern with the most evidence next to the closet where hoffa's head would have
9:39 am
hit the floor leading down the hallway, you can see, seven drops leading the narrow hallway where sheeran said hoffa's body was dragged out. that's consistent with sheeron's claim, evidence of what happened to jimmy hoffa. the story will soon live on in a netflix movie starring robert de niro as frank sheeran, that expected next year, iconic and maybe last mob movie. jimmy hoffa was 62 year's old. son remains president of the teamsters and yes, hoffa would have gotten into that car with sheeran, fascination for many that continues to this day. arthel. arthel: how did it feel being in the house? eric: creepy, an amazing
9:40 am
experience specially when i saw all the floor tags, blood evidence, the evidence tags on the floor, we were like, oh, my gosh, but it fit the pattern exactly with the way sheeran he said he killed jimmy hoffa. thel: fainatin when we come back a fire that break out in music festival and forcing tens of thousands of concert goers to run for their lives. and also gop efforts to rid of obamacare, they are not over yet, we will talk to republican senator on what lawmakers are working on now s - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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eric: new action no republican efforts to try to repeal and replace obamacare after president trump called, quote, total quitters. this one proposed by republican senator lindsey graham. it would block federal health
9:45 am
care fund to go states while keeping much of obamacare's levies but democratic leaders remain skeptical. >> what the republicans are putting forth put 17, 20, 23 million people off the rolls, diminish the benefits, increase the cost, undermine medicare and really was not a good proposal. eric: nancy pelosi on fox news sunday this morning, what could happen, republican from alabama who sits on the senate budget and arms services committee. do you feel like the quitter as the president said, are you guys ready to suit up and fight again? >> i'm not ready to quit yet. i haven't been in washington just as long as the president so i share frustration but we can't just because we came close, we can't give up now, we have to continue because the damage is continuing.
9:46 am
eric: what would you like to see? >> well, i like the idea of sending the power and the money back to the state and let them experiment, alabama handled medicaid expang the right way and we are focused on the most needy, poor, deserving people and the program needs to be sustainable. that's a good concept but i have to see what -- what the details are before i sign on anything. eric: do you think the republicans will be able to reach a consensus that could also pass senator mccain's? >> i'm not sure, i was very disappointed in the wee hours friday morning when senator mccain and two other republicans voted against moving forward, i don't understand that after commitments that were made over the last seven years. so that's frustrating. i think from what you heard from the democrats, they are not interested in cooperating, as a matter of fact any suggestion that we make, they're going to say it's the worst thing in the world, so that's disappointing as well, but we can't quit, we
9:47 am
have to -- just because it's hard doesn't mean that we shouldn't address it. we have to. eric: in light of that, do you think there could ever be democratic support, there was cause for maneuvering and efforts to reach that. what do you foresee happening this fall? >> you know what's going to happen, i'm in fear that the system is totally going to agitation, depressed mood
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arthel: update on the illegal immigrant accused of brutally attacking two women including senior citizen in portland, oregon, turns out he had been deported 20 times, also last year local authorities of the sanctuary city of portland released him from jail in defiance of federal immigration hold. will carl is following the story from los angeles, will. per hey, there arthel, sergio josé martínez is a career
9:54 am
criminal. he's been arrested almost two dozen times in the united states and has been deported 20 times, in fact, he was kicked out of the country in november of last year but he got back quickly and continued to break the law getting arrested again in december but that track record wasn't enough for authorities with sanctuary policies to honor ice detainer on martínez after december arrest, allowed back on the street fast-forward past week when authorities raped one women and stole her car and assaulted another woman with a knife in a parking garage. martínez admitted that he was on meth and uses drugs every day. advocates of sanctuary cities believe they increase trust between local law enforcement and illegal immigrants which makes it more likely that the report crime but critics say
9:55 am
this is just another example of how sanctuary cities allow dangerous criminals back on the streets. >> this is an outrage and political correctness is sometimes dumb but even deadly. it's an awful case of political correctness. >> the fight against sanctuary city exploded years ago when juan francisco lopez sánchez illegal immigrant who had been deported shot and killed kate stanley in san francisco, a judge is expected to set a trial for sánchez next week. in late june the house passed kate's law that would increase penalties for deported aliens coming back to the united states. hopefully the senate will follow and expected to take in the future. arthel: will carl, thank you very much, will. eric. eric: u.s. military responding to the latest missile test by north korea, president trump
9:56 am
takes aim at trump of how it's handled or not handled kim jong un regime. up next how beijing can rein pyongyang that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. arthel: 35th annual new jersey festival of ballooning underway with hundreds of balloons filling the skies near the president's new jersey golf course including one painted with the u.s. constitution on it.
10:00 am
eric: organizers did plan with the possibility that the president would be there and had flight restrictions and security concerns but they decided to stay at the white house. they flew the balloons. arthel: okay, we are back at 4:00 and 6:00, i hope you can join us. >> america is sending a message to north korea, u.s. missile defense agencies says the thaad weapon system took down medium-range missile system in a test over alaska. >> president trump warning republicans in congress that the world is watching when it comes to repealing and replacing obamacare. who america's hartland blame for health care failure and what they want their president to do about it. >> plus crack-down on ms13, whether he speak to texas congressman, one of many fighting the deadly drug cartel and what he thinks of president trump's new push to crush the gang. >> one-on-one with vice


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