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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 31, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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. by 755. the state department responded in the statement saying, quote, this is a regrettable and uncalled for act. we are assessing the impact of such a limitation and how as vice president pence traveling in eastern europe turning on pressure on increasingly provocative russia. >> russia's destabilizing
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activities rogue ar regimes. activities in ukraine are unacceptable. as we make our intentions clear as we expect russian behavior to change, the president and i remain very hopeful. >> general kelly will be sworn in at 9:30 this morning and attend first cabinet meeting as the chief of staff. 10:00 a.m. and while many expect him to bring a marine order and discipline to a west wing clearly battered by chaos and crisis, it appears he will have much larger issues to deal with than leaks and infighting. hopes to move on issues like tax reform while not giving up on healthcare. possibly working with democrats this go around. house leader nancy pelosi is optimistic and looks forward to working with the general. >> i look forward to working with general kelly. i have worked with him -- well, secretary kelly. it's a very important position, the chief of staff to the president of the united states. and it has to be recognized as he is the chief of staff.
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>> so many will be watching to see how much authority he will have and what that chain of command will be in there. but, you know, if all of that wasn't enough, don't forget, guys, we had provocations over the weekend from north korea. tensions escalating there as well. it's going to be an interesting week for general kelly. guys? heather: certainly will. first week on the job. rob: griff was saying this is a key week. he has to hit the ground running. this is no time to drag your feet. he has so many issues facing him not the least of which are these leaks. heather: here is why brit hume seems to think that he will fit in well. >> the staff structure that exists in the white house traditionally, which was developed over many years and many administrations is that way for a reason. and the question really is not whether john kelly has the ability to be an effective chief of staff. i think he manifestly does. the question is whether donald trump will permit
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that, whether he will allow that whether when somebody utters into the oval office the words will be does kelly know you are here. he will have to reduce the drama and rereduce the sniping within and leaks. and brings discipline between the relationship of this white house which is at war with itself. i have never seen anything like it in my life. the white house so eager to leak on itself. heather: corey lewandowski had some advice if general kelly would like to take any. said that his ad vice was to not change president trump or not try to change him. he is a tough guy. he has a tough reputation. so that will fit in well. todd: i think the anthony scammer and john kelly you are definitely getting a no nonsense approach now. maybe before it was more lucy goosy. now you have kelly and scammer, there's going to be a path to the president and it's going to go through those two individuals. heather: moving on, we do
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have other news to talk about. todd: president trump calling on the senate to go nuclear replace obamacare. heather: the president rasping up pressure on congress to get something done as soon as possible. todd: kelly wright joins us now with the latest. >> good morning to you both. president trump is not giving up on his demand for repealing and replacing obamacare. he tweet add strong message to senate republicans telling them don't give up republican senators. the world is watching. repeal and replace. and go to 51 votes. nuke options. get cross state lines and more. the president is applying more pressure on through vice president mike pence and health secretary tom price. >> let me be very clear and as the president has made clear, we'll never give up on our commitment to keep our promises to the american people. whether it be on healthcare reform or getting the american economy rolling or our promise to reengage the world. >> this system has failed. that's what the president is saying.
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that's why he is demanding that congress act. >> senate republicans have failed to act. find any consensus on any measure to overhaul obamacare. senator susan collins explains why she voted against the so-called skinny bill. >> so we are talking about low income americans. it would be deficit stating if those payments were cut off. >> democrat senator dianne feinstein adds the full senate has learned a big lesson from all of this adding, perhaps, it's time now to take a bipartisan approach. >> my view is that we have to go regular order. have the hearings, enable and begin with some of the specifics where we know we need to change. >> so this is far from over. president trump says he wants a new healthcare bill quickly, tweeting, if not, then bailouts or insurance companies and congressional members, well, they will end very soon. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear what house minority leader nancy
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pelosi says about healthcare. heather: maybe she will say they are going to work together. >> possibly. >> possibly she will say that. todd: thanks, kelly. heather: we have a fox news alert for you now. president trump is trying to work out a solution with the japanese prime minister overnight. nuclear threat grows. the two speaking on the phone just hours ago. prime minister shinzo abe say they agree that further action must be taken. this comes after u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says she is done talking about north korea. telling china it needs to step up sanctions against the rogue nation saying this, quote: china must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step. the time for talk is over. new video showing the precautions the u.s. is taking, carrying out a successful antimissile defense test over alaska over the weekend. todd: u.s. can impose new sanctions as early as today on venezuela country's
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capital city. at least 10 people dead as government forces clash with protesters as venezuela's electoral council said 8 million people granted to grant the president unlimited power. that count being highly disputed this morning. another american is shot during an armed robbery in turks and caicos. michael jones was on vacation with his family when two men ambushed beachfront villa shooting his you were body and getting away with his laptop. he was flown to florida for treatment. still looking for the suspects. comes one month after alabama man was shot during armed robbery on that very same island. heather: to another fox news alert. a massive manhunt throughout the night after 12 inmates break out of prison. two of them are still on the loose. christopher smith and brady kilpatrick have not yet been captured after escaping
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overnight in alabama. smith was behind bars for attempted murder. look at them there. authorities telling people to stay in their homes as they try to track down the remaining prisoners. not clear how the dozen inmates were able to get out in the first place. horrific scene in los angeles to show you as a van plows into a group of people eating outside a restaurant. at least 9 people were injured. one of them critically. the white van blu blew through a red light. the driver appeared disoriented after the crash. the incident appears to be accidental and not terror-related. todd: rides are reopening at the ohio state surface-to-air today days after the tragic teen's death. fell apart midway last week killing tyler jerrell and injuring several others. officials say he died of blunt force trauma.
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his attorney hiring an attorney. state fair ends on sunday. heather: nashville mayor megan berry. max berry dying over the weekend from an apparent drug overdose. he graduated from college only last month and in a statement the berries ask for privacy as they mourn their loss. todd: senator john mccain continuing the fight against brain cache today. statement from his office saying he will undergo targeted radiation and chemotherapy in arizona. he plans to be back in washington though after the august recess. we are also learning the senator received a phone call from former vice president joe biden ahead of his stunning healthcare vote last week. biden reportedly begging him to go against the repeal. heather: history in the making today as an american hero becomes the first veteran to receive the medal of honor from president trump. todd: former army medic jim mclieuen saved 10 soldiers in vietnam.
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he was deep in the war zone but still ran through enemy fire to save those men. despite the honor and attention he stays humble. >> that's the biggest reward that i have. i would never demean the medal of honor but having saved those 10 lives, that's the biggest reward i have. my wife hates it when i say. this i'm not a hero, any veteran will tell you that the heros are no longer with us. heather: president trump will give him the highest valor award later today at the white house. todd: you hear that so often. those who passed on are the real heroes even though he saved 10 men he won't call himself a hero. we will. heather: time to check in with adam cloths for the weather headline. >> nice forecast across the temperatures. lots of folks waking up in the 60's. some cases still the 70's if you run across southern portions of the country. not too bad.
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out here early this morning the sunshine state going to be talking about a lot of rain here in the next couple of days. this is a slow moving low pressure system. not a tropical system but low nonetheless. that's going to drop a lot of rain in central florida over the next 48 hours or. so how much are we talking about you? start to see some of those pinks south of the tampa area that's as much as a foot of precipitation. story across the country, here is your high temperatures rung up obviously back in to the 80's and some cases the 90's. pay attention to the west coast here in the next couple of days. this is from monday tuesday. temperatures beginning to climb up into triple digits and only see these numbers run higher and higher. seattle by the end of the week getting up to close to triple digits. numbers that they don't typically see. a really warm stretch heading to the west coast in the next couple of days. heather: an introduction to
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august. >> it's not over yet. heather: thank you. time is 11 minutes after the hour. brand new details about alleged terror plot in us a stale i can't. how the suspects plan to use poisonous gas. and the steps that are now being taken to keep flights in the u.s. safe. todd: why was this illegal immigrant awill youd to walk the streets free and assault a 65-year-old woman. heather: film maker michael moore is back attacking the president, go figure, on twitter. until the internet quickly turns the tables. ♪ don't you care about me anymore? ♪ don't you care about me ♪ i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time.
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heather: welcome back to a fox news alert. dhs closely monitoring an investigation into a foiled terror plot in australia. terrifying new details begin
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to emerge. local newspapers reported that the islamic extremist planned to kill people on board airplane with poisonous gas and planned to set off homemade gun disguised as kitchen mencer, a knife, i think. more intense screening of luggage. manhunt intensifying for armed robbery suspect after a woman is found dead in a minnesota office building. police are looking for 44-year-old louver ginn. officers chasing him into a senior living center where he held up employees after robbing a woman nearby. police believe he left the senior center killing 47-year-old beverly cory in an office building next door while making his get away. the act appears to be random. todd: hernandez called terror, has been captured in virginia in connection with
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two murders in texas. they say he is illegal immigrant from el salvador and one of ms-13's most dangerous. the arrest comes after president trump promised to destroy that gang. and illegal immigrant deported 20 times now in trouble in trouble once again. this time sexually assaulting a woman. why was he still in the country to begin with? fox news will carr has more. >> there is no doubt sergio martinez is a career criminal. he was kicked out of the country for the 20th time last november. he quickly made it back to the u.s. and wound up behind bars a month later. that's when authorities in maltima county, obamacare chose to ignore an ice detainier and instead let him go. that forward to past week when authorities say martinez raped one woman. stole her car and assaulted another woman with a knife in a parking garage. martinez later admitted to the authorities that he was
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on meth that day and uses drugs all the time to. understand the mind set behind this, you have to go back to a statement from county leaders from the sheriff in january part of which says the sheriff's office does not hold people in county jails on ice detainierdetainers or conduct ay action. that's why martinez was back on the streets. >> this is outrage. political correctness sometimes isn't just dumb it can be down right dangerous or even deadly as we have seen in some cases. this is just -- it's often case of political correctness run amuck. >> sanctuary city advocates believe their policies incross trust between local law enforcement and illegal immigrants which leads to more crimes being reported. heather: well, major illegal immigrant smuggling operation is thwarted after find more than 100 central americans in an abandoned trailer. this coming just one week after 10 illegal immigrants died in a sweltering truck that was found at texas wal-mart.
2:19 am
mexico's national institute for migration now reportedly housing those immigrants. they were found 400 miles away from the u.s. border. todd: time now about 19 hence after the hour. nearly 100 people trapped kang gling feats in the air on a gong la. terrifying moment when a child gets rescued. >> how the network is now mining the past for its future. ♪ radio killed th video killed o star ♪ picture came and broke your heart ♪
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♪ todd: happening today, jurors beginning to weigh the fate of the pharmaceutical exec once called the most hated man in america. heather: fox business as jury deliberations get underway for martin shkreli. >> jurors in the case for pharma bro martin shkreli beginning to weigh in on charges today. telling jurors he mistakenly calculated he was quote above the law. he defrauded investigators into healthcare focused hedge funds. if convicted he could face 20 years in prison. you will remember shkreli gained national attention in 2015 as the touring pharmaceutical ceo who imposed 5,000% hike on h.i.v. medication. he hasn't been very nice so far. >> very interesting on social media as well. todd: mean is i believe the word you would want to use there. heather: big movies this weekend at the box office. dunkirk we have been talking about which is huge and apparently has not been
2:24 am
beaten. >> the emogi movie survived the negative reviews but couldn't conquer dunkirk which had enough fight to win the box office second week in a row. earned $21.8 million to. emogi 21.7. holding on to third place girl's trip atomic blond and spiderman homecoming. todd: there were a lot of smiley non-faces. >> kids don't care about reviews so they will still see the movie. heather: $25 million is not bad. nmtv. putting the m back in mtv. start playing music. it's an attempt to boost ratings and plans to relawrvelg their iconic music video countdown show, total request live. mtv is building a massive new studio in times square for this show to launch in october. it will be an hour long and feature five co-hosts.
2:25 am
carson daily the original host of trl is not one of them unfortunately. heather: he is doing another show. >> is he probably busy. heather: thank you, tracy. that's exciting new though. todd: psyched. heather: 25 minutes after the top of the hour. john kelly taking the position as white house chief of staff. >> you have to let trump be trump. that is what has made him successful over the last 30 years. that's what the american people voted for. heather: what former campaign manager corey lewandowski says he needs to do to be a success. todd: wow, they say children are our future. this is what we have to look forward to if that's the case. that's a teen to accepted a dare and got a hammer stuck in her mouth. it was hammer time for her and nobody else. ♪ don't you do it ♪ right back in ♪ right back in ♪ ,
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♪ than this place i'm living ♪ how far is heaven? ♪ i just got to -- todd: one avenue of the americas. big apple in new york city. good monday morning to you and yours. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd pirro in for rob schmidt. heather: hanging out in that building somewhere. i'm heather childers. john kelly will be sworn in as white house chief of staff. rob: first day on the job start of a busy week as tensions with russia intensify. griff jenkins in washington, d.c. with the very latest. >> he will actually get sworn in exactly 9:30 this morning. he inherits a situation with russia that rapidly
2:30 am
escalating as vladimir putin orders the united states to cut its diplomatic mission by 755 in response to the new sanctions. the state department responded in a statement saying, quote: this is a regrettable and uncalled for act. we are assessing the impact of such a limitation and how we will respond to it. vice president pence traveling in eastern europe also turning up the pressure on russia's latest provocations. >> russia's destabilizing activities support for rogue regimes. activities in ukraine are unacceptable. as we make our intentions clear. we expect russian behavior to change, the president and i remain very hopeful. >> that's not the only international crisis. general kelly will also have to address the escalating tensions with north korea as the rogue nation launching more missiles in recent days. while many expect him to bring a level of discipline west wing by infighting. he will also have to find ways to move forward on domestic issues like tax
2:31 am
reform and not giving up on healthcare that would likely involve working with democrats. house minority leader nancy pelosi indicates she is optimistic and looks forward to working with the general. >> i look forward to working with general kelly. i have worked with him as, well, secretary kelly. it's a very important position. the president -- chief of staff to the president of the united states. and it has to be recognized as he is the chief of staff. >> finally, perhaps, guys, an elephant in the room, many wonder if a marine general can tame the president's often undisciplined twitter habits. heather: we will so he if that can happen. all right. thank you, griff. well, that does bring us to our look who is talking this morning. we mentioned this earlier president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski says that the new chief of staff needs to successfully facilitate the white house agenda without stepping on the president's toes. >> the thing that general kelly should do is not try to change donald trump. let trump be trump. that is what has made him self over the last 30 years.
2:32 am
that's what the american people voted for. anybody who thinks they are going to change donald trump doesn't know donald trump. part of it, obviously, is that the president wants to bring a new direction and what that means is making sure his legislative agenda gets done. and what's very important to the president is fulfilling the campaign promises which he outlined and we saw this week legislative defeat in congress for the repeal and replace of obamacare. that's something that he campaigned on and reince was brought, in as you know, as someone who could work with the members of the house and the senate to get that legislative agenda done. and with that not being accomplished, the president made a decision to move in a new direction. heather: president trump calling on the senate meantime to go nuclear and repeal and replace obamacare. todd: but could a bipartisan solution be on the way? kelly wright joins us now with the very latest. >> todd, that is the question of the day. for president trump failure is not an option. he wants overhaul of obamacare. he is challenging senate
2:33 am
republicans right now to get the job done. the president sending that message loudly and clearly through twitter stating after seven years of talking repeal and replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding obamacare. unless the senators are total quitters repeal and replace is not dead. demand voting before voting on any other bill. >> the president's passion about this is that he understands that this system may be working for washington. it may be working for insurance companies, but it's not working for patients. that's where his passion is. >> so with the president laying down the gauntlet for senate republicans, senator mitch mcconnell will now have to return yet again to try helping senators find some consensus on how to move forward with a planned repeal and replace obamacare. mcconnell has already suggested that perhaps it's wise to engage with democrats to find a bipartisan path forward. democrats like house minority leader nancy pelosi
2:34 am
supports some aspects of mcconnell's healthcare plan. >> he had a provision that we can all embrace. and it was a provision to cover the cost sharing -- cost sharing reduction. it extends the reinsurance, which is very important. it has short-term stability, long-term stability. and i fully support that and hope that he would advance that. >> perhaps that's a starting place. president trump is urging republicans to get this bill done quickly before moving on to any other legislation. the question, todd and heather, is it time to that thaw the ice? heather: why didn't they say things like that before now before we got to this pointed. >> because they did things behind closed doors. todd: wasn't politically expedient as well: one of the senators maine senator susan collins one of three republicans to vote against the skinny repeal returned
2:35 am
from washington to a crowd giving her a round of applause at the airport. a photo of the slow clap moment going viral and collins loved every second of it along with fellow republican senators murkowski and mccain are credited with the so-called skinny repeal last week. >> heather: well, in just a few hours president trump will come face to face with attorney general jeff sessions for the first time since publicly criticizing him for recusing himself from the russia investigation. sessions expected at the white house this morning for a cabinet meeting led by the president. now, their warm relationship turning sort of icy after president trump said that he wouldn't have picked him for attorney general if he knew sessions was going to step away from the russia investigation. todd: more violence in chicago ends with a 4-year-old boy shot and injured and a woman with him being killed. at least 29 people were shot just this weekend alone. leaving two people dead.
2:36 am
there have been more than 400 homicides in the windy city this year with more than 2100 people shot. president trump sent federal agents to help police there trying to clean up those streets. heather: it's crazy. newly engaged couple dead after a small plane crash carrying san bernardino sheriff's deputy and fiance found n remote area after leaving big bear. they rented the plane for the weekend and heading to another airport in san bernardino county. the cause of the crash is still unknown. todd: check this out. daring rescue over 100 feet in the air. dozens of passengers trapped above the city of cologne after a cable car coalition. parents holding children tightly as they're brought to safely. look at that right there. that's scary. fire crews using a crane to get people down. fortunately, no injuries reported. >> wow, that's scary.
2:37 am
thousands of tourists were forced out and now a pair of islands in north carolina could be out of power for another two weeks. that's why they were forced out to begin with north carolina governor roy cooper will visit the outer banks bridge at the center of the outage as they try to work to restore those transadmissions. the island lost power last week when a construction company accidentally damaged three transmission cables. rob: look before you dig and do other things. 37 minutes after the hour. democrats refusing to work with republicans and stalling all the progress on the hill. nancy pelosi is patting herself on the back? >> i am a master ledge lay tore. i know the budget to the nnth degree. i feel very glad about the support i have in my caucus. caucus.rob. todd: when will america get to see that side of her. heather: taking violence against ms-13. did that really happen? a fair and balanced debate
2:38 am
coming up. todd: campus craziness taken to a whole new level. apparently being smart is now a microaggression? isn't that the point of college? i don't know anymore. carlie shimkus though she knows. she is here with the online backlash. ♪ got to keep your head up ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ let your hair down ♪ and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose
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up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. todd: you've got to hear this one. campus craziness taken to a whole new level. apparently being smart is now a microaggression. >> that is according to a student newspaper, carlie shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm 15 with the online backlash. todd: i got nothing. heather: dumb yourself down basically. >> yeah. i guess that's where we are at these days. so apparently you can no longer be proud of yourself for getting an a on a test or doing well at work.
2:42 am
a university of iowa professor, his name is dan williams, actually he is a columnist. he said being smart is a form of privilege that shouldn't be flaunted. so he writes: there are many kinds of privilege besides white privilege. cognitive privilege, for example. we now know that intelligence is not something we have significant control over but is something we are born with. now, this is my favorite part. william goes on to say you have nothing to be proud of for being smart. what? so, yeah, so social media is weighing in. a lot of reaction on this one. one person tweeting liberals denounce intelligence as cognitive privilege. if you are smart and white you are a racist and then s. cooper on twitter says according to liberals it is now unacceptable to be proud of your iq. it is cognitive privilege and it is bad. so, a sophomore at the university of iowa is actually going to be on "fox & friends" later. we're going to hear from
2:43 am
perspective on this. heather: must be bad professor. >> that's the whole follow of school is to do well and further yourself. todd: that just work really hard. >> absolutely. yeah. i completely agree. we will hear what that student has to say about this later on on "fox & friends." heather: in the meantime michael moore is back. >> michael moore has been very busy these days undermining trump's presidency. his new one man anti-trump prodway show actually just opened for preview. and in between acts he is attacking the president on twitter over the healthcare vote. he tweeted: hey, loser, you lost. you lost on november 8th and you lost on friday. you hold fake power that was not given to you by the majority of americans. loser. so, a lot of the president's supporters have taken to twitter to comment. say what you want about the president. the one thing you cannot call him is a loser. so one person on twitter
2:44 am
said white house republican, house republican, senate republican, special election republican, come again, who is the loser? so a lot of people talking about this. and are very, very fired up, of course. michael moore has a way of doing that. firing people up. heather: always. todd: we had this gentleman in the building a few weeks ago. joey chestnut, hot dog eating contest. which he won. but now you are telling me won something completely different which we can't wrap our heads around. >> apparently this guy has many talents. so joey chestnut is back with another eating contest. he actually ate 92 tacos in 8 minutes at the world's taco eating championship. i like tacos more than hot dogs. maybe i have a little bit of a better, you know, better chance at winning this one, who knows. sauce does give me heart burn. a lot of people on social media talking about this. one person said he is the
2:45 am
greatest athlete alive. >> how do they eat the tacos. hot dogs they dip the buns in water. >> this is interesting. i want to know if it's a hard or soft shell taco. if it's a hard shell tacos he deserves a medal of valor. heather: how do they train anyway. let's check in with pete hegseth to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." maybe he knows. pete: good morning, todd and heather. thank you very much. it is the last day of july. first day for general john kelly as white house chief of staff. we have a lot to cover there. we're going to ask general jakeenan. we're going to ask white house director of legislative affairs mark short he is in charge of their agenda on capitol hill. we will get his take as well as governor mike huckabee. you are going to want to hear this. man who just met his biological father 87-year-old air force vet. they messaged me on facebook. that is them meeting for the
2:46 am
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pelosi has faced repeated calls to step down. we know that from the leadership post since republicans took control of the house seven years ago. and while senate republicans started from scratch obamacare. bernie sanders wants to give medicare to everyone. as the vermont senator saying that he is finishing
2:50 am
up the legislation soon to introduce a single pair system. a similar system failed in his home state of vermont. and when questioned about that on cnn. sanders couldn't exactly give a straight earn. listen. >> why couldn't this happen in vermont then? what's the issue in vermont? vermont would seem to be a perfect test case. >> well, this is -- politically, this is difficult. look, taking on the insurance companies and the drug companies is not going to be easy. it's not going to be until millions get involved in the struggle. heather: not really an answer. if presented the bill could face significant hurdles in the republican controlled congress, todd? todd: heather, thanks. president trump accused of promoting police brew talings against the violent ms gang terrorizing the streets. >> we are going to restore safety to our community and peace to our communities. we are going to destroy the
2:51 am
vile criminal cartel ms-13 and many other gangs. ms-13 is particularly violent. these are animals. it is the policy of this administration to dismantle, disseminate and eradicate ms-13. todd: joining us now to debate former g.o.p. strategist noel nikpour and attorney evangeline gomez. good morning to you both. >> good morning to you. todd: i want to play the sound bite from friday's speech that is getting some people in an uproar. take a listen. >> when you guys put somebody in the car and you are protecting their head, you know, the way you put your hand -- like don't hit their head and they have just killed somebody. don't hit their head? i said you can take the hand away, okay? todd: noel, i will talk to you. isn't this tough talk to rally the troops. >> this is absolutely funny.
2:52 am
that's exactly what he is doing. he is giving a little tough talk. a little trump talk i like to say. you know, in reality, if you look at this, you know, there has been some backlash and the left is going crazy over. this but it's ironic because it actually -- what do they think? who is going to come out and protest on behalf of the gang members and it's almost like they are making the gang member the victim. todd: evangeline, you have a different response. >> the issue here is that this statement didn't just pertain to gang members. he said this following his speech about ms-13 and the issue here is that this is the commander-in-chief. this is our president who is saying, hey, police officers, break the law. it's okay to use excessive force against arrestees. people who have not been adjudicated by a court or by a jury to be guilty of anything. that's a problem. because, as you know, here in the united states and some states, you can be arrested for something as minor as not wearing a seat belt. is it okay then for a police
2:53 am
officer to bang your head because you have been arrested for not wearing a seat belt? that's the problem here. this is beyond irresponsible. it is actually dangerous. this is very serious. todd: let me let noel weigh in. is what the president advocated police brutality. >> no. not at all. look, this is taking it to the extreme. we he all know trump. we know that trump doesn't mean for someone that violates seat belts or whatever, you know, for someone, the police to be brutal and just shove them in there and back them up. look, they are just saying you don't have to be so gentle, white glove treatment. >> he could have used those words. there is another issue here. i'm an attorney. and i will tell you that this is the commander-in-chief it is an instruction it sounds like a directive in the way that he said it. some officer on trial for police brutality can invoke this as a defense saying
2:54 am
look our president said it was okay for me to do this. >> extreme. >> parts part of the men's rhea, it could be used. and that is a problem here. >> that's laughable. >> it's not to be taken lightly. >> you really think that trump is saying to invoke violence? >> i'm telling you when you talk you have to be concerned about what the recipient of the information, in this situation your audience, how they interpret this information. that's why this is more serious than it is being made out to be. todd: angela i'm going to jump in here and play lawyer with you for a second. how would the defense invoke presidential speech in a court of law i've never heard of that in this contest it? >> could be. this is our commander-in-chief. this policy initiative going on. the president said it's okay for me to go out and to bang someone's he would head. i'm not saying it would be successful. but it is something that a creative attorney could use.
2:55 am
todd: evangeline, no h no he el. heather: time is 6 minutes before the top of the hour, a dancing deputy caught on camera. something a little lighter for you. coming up the officer making light of a stressful situation. and this is not something that you see every day. how did this girl wind up stuck upside down between a pole and a wall? ♪ you turn me inside out ♪ and round, round ♪ upside down ♪ boy, you turn me ♪ inside out ♪ and ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand.
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todd: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. >> do some control. todd: he has got it. directing traffic during a power outage. sergeant tweeting video with the #cop humor. heather: like it. do not try this at home. a louisiana teenager shoving a hammer in her mouth after a dare from a friend. her predicament now going viral. she tweeted this picture with the caption how do you tell your mom that you got a hammer stuck in your mouth. luckily after 10 minutes of yanking that hammer they were able to get it free. todd: some questions. finally the ugly, something else you don't see every day.
3:00 am
that is a girl stuck upside down between a pole and a wall. this one happened in scotland. video of a friend lighting up the internet. not clear if she was hurt or if she was sober. heather: what in the world? don't try that hammer stunt at home. we repeat. do not. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> i think general kelly is going to restore order to the staff. his title is chief of staff, not chief of the president. >> he is going to have to reduce the drama, reduce both the sniping within and reduce the leaks. >> russia striking back against the threat of new u.s. sanctions on moscow. >> president vladimir putin now ordering the u.s. ambassador in moscow to cut its staff by an astounding 755 diplomats. >> president trump has been all over republicans on twitter, urging them to do whatever it takes to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president will not accept those and said it's time to quote move on. >> this system has failed. that's what the president is saying.


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